lickalottgents has anyone seen leguin.acc.umu.se within a netstat on their rigs?  I did netstat -a | grep and that came up.00:10
patdk-laplickalott, why would we?00:13
KM0201does a user need to be logged in on the server, for samba to be running?  (i want to set samba to share /media/drive1, /media/drive2)00:13
patdk-lapI'm suprised that worked at all00:13
patdk-lapcause that means your rdns is broken that grep matched on any line00:14
patdk-lapkm0201, nope00:14
KM0201cuz freenas has irritated me for the last time, and i'm seriously considering putting ubuntu server on a flash drive, booting it and just using it as my file server.00:15
KM0201i'm pretty familiar w/ Ubuntu, and i've successfully done what I want to do, in Vbox, but I done it w/ a GUI... not sure I know how to do it w/ a CLI.00:16
KM0201i guess i'll practice doing it w/ ubuntu server in vbox now.. :)00:16
KM0201patdk-lap, the other question i have though... i have two drives on my NAS/File Server... (one is a mirror of the other).. i'm pretty sure i can figure out how to mirror them, but i don't need to be logged in, for those drives to auto mount (i'll add them to fstab) right?00:17
KM0201ya...  i don't need to log in, or ya.. i do... ?00:18
patdk-lapfor what?00:19
KM0201do i need to log in, for the drives to automount00:19
patdk-lapthe only reason to ever log in, is to perform mantaince00:19
KM0201well, i can ssh in and do maintenance right? (this will be headless)00:19
patdk-lapadd drives to fstab00:20
patdk-lapconfigure samba normally using smb.conf00:20
KM0201its smb.conf i'm not sure how to configure.00:20
patdk-lapnot hard, mainly depends on what kind of security your going for00:21
KM0201just basic stuff.. user login w/ a password.... i'm used to the easy way with Nautilus (right click, sharing options, )..00:21
KM0201never done it by CLI00:21
patdk-lapwith or without an AD server?00:21
KM0201AD server?00:22
patdk-lapguess without00:22
KM0201i guess i'll say w/o, cuz i don't know what that is.00:22
KM0201this is just a home file server, no outside access, etc.00:22
KM0201storage, etc.00:22
patdk-lapthen your going have to build a user database for samba, and users on the system00:22
patdk-lapthat is the most annoying mode I find00:22
KM0201what do you mean?.. using it as a file server is annoying?00:23
patdk-lapusing samba in user login mode00:23
KM0201oh ok... yeah, i'd like to have a user log in though, why.. i dunno.. but i would likee that00:23
KM0201i'll cross that bridge when i come to it.00:24
patdk-lapthe only point of it is if you want people to have different rights to different folders on a share00:24
KM0201and i don't.00:24
KM0201you're actually right, there's no real point to it, now that i think about it.00:24
patdk-lapyou want everyone to just have access to everything?00:24
KM0201well "everyone" is really only 2-3 people.00:24
patdk-lapdoesn't matter how many everyone is00:25
KM02012 adults, one teen, and there's nothing on there that is compromising... home movies, music, family pics, etc.00:25
KM0201i think thats what i'll do, is just allow anyone to access it.00:25
patdk-lapnormally that is easy then00:26
patdk-lapuse security=share00:26
patdk-lapand just use guest access on the shares00:26
KM0201well, i'll cross that bridge when i come to it.00:26
patdk-lapand everyone logs in as guest :)00:26
KM0201well, i'll cross that bridge when i come to it.00:26
KM0201right now, i'm perfecting my testing in Vbox (5gig install drive, 2x5gig virtual drives, basically my setup on a much smaller scale)...00:27
KM0201call me anal, i hate rolling stuff out w/ testing, i made that mistake going from freenas 6-800:28
Shaggy2I have been using ispcp, just done a format and installed 10.10. I done apt-cache search control | grep panel and found out that dtc is included in the apt-cache, how ever I can not find any help docs on this. could someone please point me in the right direction01:16
SpamapSlifeless: good point01:17
SpamapSlifeless: `~/.ensemble/$envname is probably a sane default..01:18
lifelessSpamapS: apt is bust in oneiric atm for debootstrapping :(01:19
lifelessSpamapS: also, that mail I sent you with friction - did you convert it to bugs, or should I, or are they all known ?01:19
SpamapSlifeless: I believe serge and I fixed that last Tuesday01:20
SpamapSlifeless: I fixed getall to be more sane...01:20
SpamapSlifeless: the rest I don't recall.. let me look it back up01:20
lifelessbug 81660601:20
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 816606 in apt "apt postinst failure if ubuntu-keyring not installed" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81660601:20
lifelessis the apt thing01:20
SpamapSlifeless: yeah we worked around it by adding ubuntu-keyring as an explicit package to debootstrap01:21
lifelessSpamapS: except ensemble-lxc doesn't seem to be nabbing it01:21
SpamapStho I think I'll mark our bug, 817233, as a dupe of that one01:22
SpamapSlifeless: you have to rm -rf /var/cache/lxc/oneiric01:22
lickalottsry patdk-lap got pulled away for a sec.01:22
lickalotti have no idea what that host is.  I saw "acc" and got a little worried.01:22
lifelessSpamapS: trying01:24
lifelessSpamapS: also, probably need to handle lxc containers already existing - e.g. ensemble-0 existing01:24
lifelessbbiab, gotta run cat to vey01:25
SpamapSlifeless: right.. I have thought about changing to use a UUID.01:26
lifelessSpamapS: or make it in  /tmp ? :P01:27
SpamapSlifeless: hm.. it does just have to store a tiny state yaml and the formula zips01:27
uvirtbotNew bug: #817233 in lxc (main) "oneiric containers need ubuntu-keyring package (dup-of: 816606)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81723301:31
KM0201patdk-lap, u still around?01:33
KM0201anybody know a halfway decent samba tutorial?01:33
ubottuThe Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/01:40
SpamapSKM0201: ^^01:40
KM0201SpamapS, thanks...01:41
KM0201i actually found that via google.. but it's telling me to find "security=user" in smb.conf  in the global section, and i don't see it.01:42
KM0201its not under global, its under authentication01:42
twbIf the documentation has a bug, you should report it01:43
SpamapSdoc bugs are arguably the worst kind01:43
KM0201yeah, they are... thats why i'm fed up w/ freenas01:44
SpamapSthey are viral.. copying themselves into peoples' memories01:44
KM0201my needs are minimal, and i don't know why i never considered just using Ubuntu server (i'm pretty famiiliar w/ the Ubuntu OS, but.. never ran a completley CLI system, so im testing it in Vbox right now... with a GUI..lol)01:44
SpamapSlifeless: btw, the last time I was messing with that branch.. I had problems with the oneiric bootup.. something was borking hard01:45
twbKM0201: you can run a GUI on a server, but we don't recommend it -- and that applies to ANY server, not just Ubuntu Server.01:46
KM0201twb, yeah, i know.. but.. i know my way around the various GUI's... so i'm setting it up w/ an LXDE front in Vbox now.. (total of 3 virtual drives, to simulate my NAS on a smaller scale)... once i've taken good notes on what i done in the GUI, etc.. I'll test it w/ the server ISO.01:47
KM0201honestly, as long as i've been using Linux, i should be a lot more comfortable in CLI than I am.. i've been spoiled by GUI tools.01:47
KM0201what is nmbd, by the way?.. never heard of that one01:49
twbnmbd is part of samba01:50
twbProbably stands for something like "netbios message bus daemon"01:51
KM0201oh ok.01:51
twbSee, Windows' filesharing was devised before TCP/IP and DNS had won01:51
twbSo Windows has its own alternative to DNS: netbios01:51
KM0201windows has its own alternative to everything01:52
twbAnd until XP, if not later, you need to have this complete replacement for netbios around, and what nmbd does is translate between NetBIOS and DNS01:52
Delerium_Is that still true with Win 2008 ?01:52
twbSMB2 is allegedly MUCH better, on par with NFSv4, but I haven't looked at it.01:52
twbDelerium_: I believe DNS is the default as at Vista or 7, but I don't know if netbios needs to still be there in the background01:53
twbDelerium_: ##windows probably knows01:53
twb"nmbd, which provides the NetBIOS-to-IP-address name service. NetBIOS over TCP/IP requires some method for mapping NetBIOS computer names to the IP addresses of a TCP/IP network."01:53
Delerium_twb, Thanks, I was just curious ;)01:54
Delerium_twb, didn't work with as a SysAdm on Windows for about 10 years...01:54
twbDelerium_: I haven't even *used* Windows for about eight years01:54
Delerium_twb, Lucky you... I still support WAS on a couple of Windows boxes, but I don't support windows itself01:55
Delerium_twb, and I'm force to use a WinXP Laptop for "Windows Only" software... puke01:56
cjohnstonI'm trying to setup a static ip on my server.. I'm curious on what a couple of the settings should be.. address is the IP address that I want it to set, subnet is the subnet of the network, what do I need to put into network, broadcast and gateway01:56
twbOn a trusted network, I would use DHCP for everything except the DHCP server itself.01:57
twb(And instruct the DHCP server to assign fixed addresses to other servers.)01:57
cjohnstontwb: I want to be able to ssh into the server not having to figure out what the ip address is01:58
twbcjohnston: 11:57 <twb> (And instruct the DHCP server to assign fixed addresses to other servers.)01:58
cjohnstonI'm not sure on my router how to do that01:59
twbWell, if the router isn't running Ubuntu, you'd turn it off and have your server handle DHCP01:59
twb(And DNS)01:59
twbBut if you want to go static, we can talk about that instead01:59
cjohnstontwb: I have some stupid router provided by the provider.. its a modem/router in one that takes care of the TVs and everything.. I think I may have just figured it out tho.. 1 sec02:00
KM0201what's a good tool to mirror a drive automatically.02:03
cjohnstontwb: I think I figured it out.. thanks02:03
KM0201is there a SWAT alternative? (since it doesn't seem to be supported anymore)02:12
twbAn alternative to what?02:12
twbSorry, misread.  IMO you should learn to manage samba from its config files.02:13
KM0201ok, i figured that would be your position, cuz thats what the FAQ said..lol02:14
KM0201i think i've about got it anyway, but it's all set up w/ a GUI front, so i'm gonna reboot, and set it up w/ server edition by my notes.02:14
KM0201only thing i need to figure out is mirroring 1 drive to another.02:16
KM0201back ina  few..02:18
Delerium_KM0201, One time deal?  Or live mirror on 2 drives?02:18
KM0201Delerium_, live mirror02:18
KM0201i think i read about rsync02:18
KM0201but thats the next thing i want to look ati.02:18
Delerium_KM0201, or use Software RAID 102:19
KM0201can you hoold that htought?.. i'll be back in about 2min02:19
Delerium_check this out: http://advosys.ca/viewpoints/2007/04/setting-up-software-raid-in-ubuntu-server/02:19
KM0201oh, awesome.02:19
Delerium_Not sure how complete it is .. but looks pretty good at first sigh02:19
KM0201well, i guarantee i will find errors..lol02:19
Delerium_KM0201, yeah ... Just found that this article date from 2007.. might be a bit old and maybe it has changes since then02:20
twbIf you want a live mirror you should be using either linux md RAID1, or a $500 raid card.02:20
KM0201well, i'm definitely not using a $500 raid card02:20
KM0201well, maybe "live raid".. isn't the exact word i was looking for.02:20
KM0201maybe something that sync's once a day?02:21
twbKM0201: if you want an archive of what the files were as at <date>, you want something more like rsnapshot02:21
KM0201hmm, ok.. well, hold that thought, i'll be back in 2min.02:21
twbWhich is the hard disk equivalent of rotating incremental tape archives.02:21
KM0201so... rsnapshot?02:28
twbIt depends whether your goal is disaster recovery or archival02:31
Delerium_or live redundancy02:32
twbDelerium_: I was folding that into DRP02:32
Delerium_twb, k ;) We often have our own wording depending of the infrastructes02:33
Delerium_er.. infrastructures02:33
twbWhat I would do would be something like md RAID1 a pair of disks, then on it have /boot md0, LVM PV md1, LV root filesystem and LV rsnapshot filesystem.  rsnapshot performs a nightly cp -al and rsync from the former two to the latter, you end up with incremental daily/weekly/monthly/yearly archives, and up to one disk can die.02:33
twbTo guard against *real* disasters (as oppose to SPOF of a HDD); I would probably also/instead have rsnapshot backing up to an offsite medium.02:34
patdk-lapoffsite or online backup is always good, incase of lightening strikes and other power issues02:35
twbI was thinking more "building burns down"02:36
KM0201twb: this is a simple file server man... lol, i just want a mirror of the drive in case of drive failure, i back up to a large USB drive once a week also, so..02:36
twbKM0201: well, that sounds more like RAID102:37
KM0201twb: ok, how would i set that up?02:37
patdk-lapya, but power issues taking out all drives is more common than buildings, I would think02:37
twbKM0201: you need to do it at install time02:37
KM0201oh really?02:37
twb(Technically you can probably do it post-facto, but it's a huge pain in the arse)02:37
patdk-lapit's easiest at install time :)02:37
twbMainly because grub is such a bastard02:37
KM0201gotcha, so when its asking all that install crazyness, choose a "raid"02:38
KM0201i remember seeing that during the install process.02:38
twbKM0201: when it asks you about HDD partitioning, you need to choose "manual" and set up the disks appropriately.02:38
KM0201i've done manual set up a lot.02:38
twbUnfortunately there is no "Automatic - use RAID1 entire hard disks" choice02:38
twbI should probably complain about that to the d-i maintainers -- surely 2×RAID1 and 3×RAID5 are common enough occurrences to automate02:39
Delerium_Speaking of HDD management, I didn't check lately, does ZFS makes its way to Linux!?02:40
twbZFS has the cuddle of death02:41
twbWait for BTRFS02:41
Delerium_hummm BTRFS is from Oracle, right?02:42
twbTechnically both zfs and btrfs are from oracle.02:42
KM0201well, other than rsnapshot, i think i got all this figured out02:42
twbKM0201: rsnapshot is not very complex; it basically just does a nightly cp -al, then rsync02:42
KM0201twb: and i can schedule that?02:43
KM0201i guss my final question is (and i'm pretty sure i know the answer..)..02:43
KM0201should i install Ubuntu Server, onto a Thumb drive, the way I did freenas... or knock off about 10-15gigs of one of my drives, and put the OS there02:44
twbrsnapshot is triggered by cron, so sure02:46
KM0201i know squat about cron02:46
twbUbuntu will run off a USB key, though not very fast for writes02:46
twbIt makes e.g. "apt-get update" a pain in the arse02:46
KM0201well, honestly, i dont plan on updating this, etc..02:47
KM0201i might even go through my router, and block the server from accessing the internet02:47
twbI would probably allocate 256MB /boot, 2 to 8GiB / and (to begin with) 128GiB /srv for your data02:47
KM0201ooh i'm not gonna do all that craziness02:47
twbAssuming you're using LVM, you can expand the latter two as needed.02:47
Delerium_twb, LVM can't expend /boot ?!02:48
Delerium_(just wondering...)02:48
twbDelerium_: not if it's not on LVM02:48
Delerium_twb, make sense02:49
twbAnd IMO it is more dangerous than helpful to put /boot on LVM, particularly since it should have negligible growth -- 256MB is enough for (say) a dozen kernels.02:49
Delerium_twb, but can Linux boot on a LV ?02:49
twbgrub2 can boot from a RAID1 LVM /boot, at least, but it's flaky and fugly.02:49
Delerium_twb, thanks ... I was a SysAdmin in the past, but I now mostly support Middleware product... I'm just trying to catch up with all those lost years..02:50
KM0201ok, downloading the server ISO02:53
twbA mini.iso will be faster, because it'll only download what you need02:53
KM0201hmm, good point02:53
cjohnstontwb: that doesnt seem to be working. i think i need to property setup static address.. i have the hdd right now in a machine that has a head, however the HDD will go to a headless machine when it starts working02:54
twbcjohnston: OK02:54
twbcjohnston: so what do you need help with?02:54
KM0201i'm gnna use 11.0402:54
twbKM0201: I recommend you deploy LTS in production02:54
KM0201twb: naa.02:54
twbShrug.  On your own head be it.02:55
KM0201i'll deploy LTS when 12.04 comes out.02:55
KM0201yeah, i won't hold you accountable.. :)02:55
KM0201i've been testing all this in vbox on 11.0402:55
cjohnstontwb: I have auto etho \ iface eth0 inet static \ address \ netmask
KM0201you know what though02:55
KM0201i think i'm gonna do a server install, cuz i'm gonna try to set up a raid i think02:55
cjohnstontwb: I guess there are network broadcast and gateway tha im not sure about02:55
twbcjohnston: one moment02:56
twbcjohnston: I think you only need address, netmask and gateway02:56
twb(gateway only if you want to be able to access other networks.)02:56
cjohnstonwhat would I put in gateway? the address of the router?02:56
cjohnstonok... let me switch the hdd to the other computer and see if itll work02:58
twbcjohnston: you should check /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules first03:00
twbcjohnston: make sure the MAC for (say) eth0 is right03:00
twbOr just delete that file entriely, which shoudl result in eth0 being the iface on next boot03:01
=== ejat- is now known as ejat
KM0201twb: if i install server in a Raid1, is there a way to verify it is working properly, and is being properly mirrored to the "second" drive?03:07
twbKM0201: cat /proc/mdstat03:08
twbhttp://paste.debian.net/124729/ shows a synced three-disk RAID1 array, md0 /boot, md1 LVM03:09
twbWhen the drives are out of sync, there will be a progress bar instead and an ETA.03:09
KM0201hmm, ok03:10
twbNote that immediately after install they *will* be syncing; this is because it has to sync even the unused blocks, because the md layer can't tell which blocks are important03:11
twb(an ATA TRIM-like syscall to md, or btrfs' built in RAID layer, would fix that.)03:11
KM0201hmm, ok.03:12
twbAlso, write-intent bitmaps are off, so if you reboot the box before the sync finishes, it'll start over again from scratch.03:12
KM0201well, i'm gonna try it in vbox first... i hope it works.03:12
twb*bitmaps are off _by default*03:12
KM0201ok, thats good info, thanks03:12
KM0201i think i'm gonna like this a lot better than FreeNas.03:13
KM0201should've done it a while ago, but Freenas 8 finally pushed me over the edge03:13
KM0201twb: and when i set up samba, i only need to set setup samba to see Drive 1, right? (since the server will handle syncing the two drives "behind the scenes")03:14
twbKM0201: md RAID will mean your system sees three drives -- the sda and sdb low-level drives, and the md0 RAID pseudo drive.03:15
twbOnly the md drives will be mounted.03:15
twbSamba itself doesn't care about that, because it just deals with the VFS layer -- i.e. files and directories, not drives.03:15
=== ejat- is now known as ejat
KM0201twb: got time for a quick question?03:36
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:36
KM0201i know, i know, i didn't know if you were still here..03:39
KM0201i've got scsi3     /swap, / and /media/Disk03:39
KM0201scsi4, is currently unformatted.03:40
KM0201i want scsi4, to be th emirror.03:40
KM0201so i go up to "configure software raid"03:40
KM0201then create MD device03:41
KM0201raid 1, which is mirror.03:41
KM0201now, this is where i get confused, its asking for "active devices in the raid1 array"...03:42
KM0201it's set to 2.. (which is minimum)03:42
KM0201i guess if i choose 3, then it will mirror the entire drive.. right?03:42
lifelessKM0201: what scsi drives do you have ?03:44
KM0201i'm testing this in vbox.03:44
twbKM0201: uh, the two nodes should be your two hard disks03:45
twbOr two partitions, one on each disk03:45
twbYou will need to move any data on those disks elsewhere before you do the install03:45
KM0201right, i understand that (the virtual disks are blank)03:45
=== cerber0s is now known as cerberos
KM0201twb: i don't ned to set up swap space to be mirroed do i?.. i just set my ext 4 / to mirror, and that was it. (but both drives have a swap partition)04:32
KM0201twb: it worked! (at least in vbox)04:36
KM0201now i just gotta do it again, and take detailed notes04:36
jane1hey guys. i want  a root shell. vps i think. where i can do anything with root acces. install apps. do anything.    do i need vps hosting . thats what i see always. i thing its just for hosting websites with some additional acces..?   so what do i need. and i want a cheap one. 15 dollars / mo ?05:46
greppyjane1: take a look at http://prgmr.com05:47
jane1greppy is it yours?05:49
defuncthi, does anyone know if I need udev (udevd) on a VPS?05:52
bkerensajanel: If you need root shell access a VPS will work... There are lots of providers Linode.com, MediaTemple.com, Prgmr.com, VPS.net the list is long :)05:52
jane1greppy is it yours?05:53
bkerensadefunct: I suggest you keep it... udevd handles events and such05:53
rwwI personally love Linode.05:53
jane1greppy ahem05:53
bkerensarww: I second that although MediaTemple gave me thousands of dollars in free hosting at OSCON :P05:53
bkerensaFree VPS even :P05:54
bkerensajanel: Probably not his and he is likely idling05:54
bkerensarww: Can I PM you?05:54
defunctbkerensa: hrmm. I was hoping I could free up some memory by removing it05:54
rwwbkerensa: about?05:54
bkerensarww: #ubuntu-server contributions :)05:55
rwwI've only been in here for four hours, but sure, why not.05:55
greppyjane1: no, but I am a customer of theirs :)05:55
bkerensadefunct: I would not suggest it... It does use a bit of memory but likely you can make other optimizations to reduce memory usage05:55
bkerensajanel: Linode has the best benchmarks and likely the most economical pricing model (Google)05:56
defunctbkerensa: alright, thank you :)05:56
jane1greppy if ineed 512 or ram. it will be?05:56
bkerensadefunct: Is your VPS for web stuff?05:57
greppyjane1: they offer that as an option, yes.05:57
jane1greppy 4 dollars + 512/64?05:57
defunctdefunct: I just have lighhttpd running on it, but mostly it's for irc and and a ts3 server05:58
defunctdefunct: but still, only 100mb ram free atm (from 512)05:59
defunctwhoops meant bkerensa :P05:59
bkerensadefunct: No MySQL?06:00
defunctbkerensa: not yet, no php or mysql06:00
defunctbkerensa: hrmm I can probably shut off getty06:00
bkerensadefunct: Well just make sure your swap is good so you dont thrash06:01
defunctdefunct: 1gb swap should do...06:02
defunctI'll just leave it all for now, until swamp is actually getting used, so far it hasn't06:06
defunctsyslog     439  0.0  0.2  34452  1476 ?        Sl   Jul30   0:00 rsyslogd -c406:07
defunctdoesn't syslog use like less than half of that normally06:07
lifelesshallyn: around ?06:49
SpamapSlifeless: still banging away on it?06:57
lifelessSpamapS: put ensemble on hold till apt is fixed (because ensemble wants oneiric)06:58
lifelessSpamapS: but I plan to nab mvo soon to talk about the apt-key postinst script call06:58
lifelessSpamapS: right now I'm running into06:58
lifelesslxc-start: Device or resource busy - failed to remove previous cgroup06:58
lifelesson start06:58
lifelessafter a clean vm boot06:58
SpamapSusing cgroup-bin?06:59
lifelessit is present, yes.06:59
SpamapSI have yet to be successful w/ that installed07:00
lifelessworked fine on natty. Will try removing it.07:00
lifelessit kindof sucks though, to have a nice helper and have it be incompatible.07:00
lifelessso the thing I was trying next was back to 'why does echo /dev/null | sudo lxc-start -n ,,, -d ' reset my sudo password ticket07:01
lifelesswhich I'm hoping oneiric fixes.07:01
=== smb` is now known as smb
blizzkidHi all, I have an udev rule: ACTION=="add", SYSFS{model}=="RD1000", NAME="RD1000%n" Now, when I insert the first RD1000 (internal), it becomes /dev/RD10001, I then insert the second RD1000 (usb), and it becomes... /dev/RD10001, while I was presuming the %n would make it RD10002. What am I grossly overlooking?07:52
=== jamespage1 is now known as jamespage
_rubenhmm, what takes care of displaying the motd on login via ssh? PrintMotd in /etc/ssh/sshd_config is set to "no", yet it is displayed on each *first* login, tho i'd like to show it on *all* logins09:36
lifelessSpamapS: yeah, removed cgroup-bin, works. >< >< >< >< >< >< ><10:21
_johnnyperhabs your keyboard is broken10:23
jane1why centos is considered a better server than ubuntu?10:51
_rubenask the centos ppl10:53
jane1whats your choice in ranking10:54
_ruben1. ubuntu10:55
_rubennever used centos10:55
jane1fedora ?11:02
_rubenin the past i've used slackware/debian/suse (roughly in that order)11:02
maxbThe question "why centos is considered a better server than ubuntu?" is essentially meaningless, since it fails to specify who is doing the considering11:03
maxbI doubt most of us would be on this channel if we upheld that opinion11:03
jane1any suggestions for a domain name that has music, education, videos, students , chating , bloging... video chats. text chats.. etc. multi purpose communication  .   ?11:12
Daviey_ruben: I suspect many people really appreciate the lack of predictable release schedule, and a not having much confidence in the future stability.11:14
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_rubenDaviey: agreed :)11:15
Ursinhabuenos dias11:15
DavieyUrsinha: Salem!11:17
jane1any suggestions for a domain name that has music, education, videos, students , chating , bloging... video chats. text chats.. etc. multi purpose communication  .   ?11:18
Davieyjane1: no11:18
Daviey(you don't need to keep asking, people will respond if they do... )11:19
jane1'no' is nice but it makes a negative sence11:19
jane1oh ok.11:19
DavieyAlthough, it is pretty Off Topic for here.11:19
jane1ya.. only the website is in ubuntu hosting11:23
Shaggy2apt-get update11:33
* _ruben redirects Shaggy2's terminal11:35
_rubenjane1: music-education-videos-students-chating-bloging-videochats-textchats-etc-mulit-purpose-communication.{org,net,com,...}11:36
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trapmax_i have a script which runs /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server. when running the script from roots crontab it fails to start.11:54
_rubentrapmax_: quite likely an environment varaible thing, like lack of /sbin in the path12:02
trapmax_k, thanks. i'll look into that12:06
Picitrapmax_: You may want to make sure that the cron line is running at all, check /var/log/syslog for an entry.12:07
trapmax_Pici: i used "0 * * * * /path/to/my/script > /path/to/script/log", and got nfs output as log, so i know it ran, but errors were sent via email concerning the modprobe and start-stop-daemons. it would make sense that env vars are not set properly12:10
Picitrapmax_: Put 2>&1 at the end of that.  That will ensure that anything that was sent to stderr will be redirected to stdout, which you've already directed to the logfile.12:12
jane1any suggestions for a domain name that has music, education, videos, students , chating , bloging... video chats. text chats.. etc. multi purpose communication  .   ? something that have hub or communications... gatway...12:19
Picijane1: no.  And I don't understand what that question has to do with Ubuntu either.12:20
jane1its offtopic12:20
jane1and thx12:20
Picijane1: Try #ubuntu-offtopic then12:21
jane1no response12:21
_rubenprobably noone cares there either :)12:22
alloCan someone help with krb5 and nfs4?12:51
allowhen i touch a file on the mount, it is owned by nobody, even when the user has his kerberos ticket and a ticket for the nfs-server principal12:51
jane1what is the ram and proccesor requirments for ubuntu server?12:53
smoserjane1, the base system will boot and run in 25612:54
smoserafter that, it really depends on what you're hoping to do with it.12:54
jane1gui . gnome or kde will run in 256 too ?12:55
jane1smoser ?12:56
smoserjane1, i dont really know.  gnome or kde are not really ubuntu server.12:56
jane1i only have 256 of ram at a vps.  need to run apache, mysql, and an ircd. will do ?12:56
smoserjane1, most certainly people do that.12:56
jane1jit wil run12:57
smoserthose people don't run cnn.com or slashdot.org12:57
smoserbut it will run.12:57
allojane1: yes, it will run12:58
alloif you expect high load, get a better server12:58
smoserjane1, i would suggest not running an X stack there though12:59
smoserthat is just going to waste precious memory12:59
jane1smoser x stack?13:00
smoser(you mentioned gnome and kde)13:00
jane1ya. but whats x11?13:00
hallynlifeless: i'm around now.   what's up?13:13
sw0rdfishhey is there a way to limit /home/user1 and /home/user2 each to a certain limit of size13:41
sw0rdfishex: each to 50GB in an OpenVZ vps?13:42
Jeeves_sw0rdfish: if you want it independent of the owners of the files13:56
Jeeves_xfs projectquota can do that13:56
Jeeves_Otherwise, normal kernel-quota stuff13:56
smoserlynxman, cloud-init test ?13:57
lynxmansmoser: looks okay here13:57
smoseryou tested ?13:57
smosertrunk for your changes13:57
maswanor two separate filesystems13:57
maswansw0rdfish: that was for you as another suggestion13:58
maswan(context was perfectly fine inside my head)13:58
mjeansonsw0rdfish, openvz supports user quotas inside a container, but it's global not path specific13:59
lynxmansmoser: yes sir I did14:00
sw0rdfishI see.14:00
lynxmansmoser: maybe the permissions could be an issue but tbh not too concerned14:00
smoserthe permissions in trunk on the private key are 600 or 40014:03
smoserno way should a file with credentials have 644 perms14:03
smoserSpamapS, ping when you're in14:04
lynxmansmoser: they should be 400 I do agree14:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #815504 in bind9 (main) "glibc double free when using postgres dlz" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81550414:37
uvirtbotNew bug: #819319 in lxc (main) "more lxc scripts are broken with multiple cgroup mounts" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81931914:42
uvirtbotNew bug: #817220 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-common 5.0.3-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: problèmes de dépendances - laissé non configuré" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81722014:47
uvirtbotNew bug: #817779 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package libmysqlclient16 (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/libmysqlclient.so.16.0.0', which is also in package mysql-cluster-client-5.1 0:7.0.9-1ubuntu7" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81777914:47
uvirtbotNew bug: #818105 in qemu-kvm (main) "package qemu-kvm 0.14.0 noroms-0ubuntu4.4 failed to install/upgrade: erro ao escrever para '<saída standard>': Arquivo ou diretório não encontrado" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81810514:47
patrickmwrobbiew: http://ubuntuqa.wordpress.com/15:06
robbiewpatrickmw: sorry, but what am I supposed to notice exactly :/15:08
patrickmwrobbiew: this is the qa automation status report. you had asked about the package testing.  its on the backlog at the moment15:09
patrickmwI will be adding dates soon15:09
robbiewpatrickmw: ah...so basically a wiki to tell me the same info...heh15:11
patrickmwrobbiew: yup.  but when we start on the package stuff, this will be the link that will show what packages have been "checked off".  I will keep you posted15:12
jj995I'm trying to find the users using the most disk space on a server -- is there a quick command to do this?  e.g. like "du /*/* -s --block-size=1G | sort -g" except for sorting by user instead of file15:51
SpamapSsmoser: pong, I'm in15:53
smoserSpamapS, updates to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/81004415:54
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 810044 in cloud-init "cloud-init will have race conditions for cloud-config with multiple network adapters" [Medium,Confirmed]15:54
patdk-lapthat is one big block15:56
luigiHey guys, I'm getting increasingly more angry with the dhcp3-server.15:57
SpamapSsmoser: so.. I've been thinking hard about how that works.. and I'm worried that the event will be too rigid for my eventual intended use (as a part of rc-sysinit)15:57
luigiIt's not reading any configuration files.15:57
smoserSpamapS, why to rigid?15:57
SpamapSsmoser: because one can have an interface in /etc/network/interfaces that comes and goes..15:58
luigiThere's no /etc/default/dhcp3 , first off, and all the guides I've seen tell me there should be...15:58
SpamapSsmoser: for instance, one could list a USB network interface as "auto" .. that just means "when its there, bring it up"15:58
SpamapSsmoser: its a bit of a corner case, but I think we can handle it gracefully15:58
smoseri think the implementation i have there is corredt for that16:00
smoseryour case is handled (i think) best by the user not using 'auto'16:00
smoserbut 'auto-hotplug'16:00
smoserin which case, the code i have there right now works correctly16:00
SpamapSsmoser: I was thinking after networking (ifup -a), if static-networking-up hasn't been emitted, we need to make some kind of call about the remaining interfaces.. not sure what though.16:00
smoseras it would be ignored as "auto" but still brought up on hotplug16:00
SpamapSsmoser: is auto-hotplug already a thing?16:01
smoseri am going off what i read in interfaces(5) only16:01
* SpamapS should read it again. ;)16:01
SpamapSRight, ok16:02
SpamapSthat makes sense.16:02
smoseryes, but whether or not it actually happens, i dont know16:02
smoserit makes for good doc16:02
SpamapSHow about a timeout that drops you to single user mode if the "auto" interfaces haven't all come up?16:02
smoserthe other thing is that your event will possibly fire multiple times in the lifetime of a sytem16:03
smoserie, if i : ifdown eth0 ; ifup eth016:03
smoserit will fire again16:03
SpamapS    exec ifup --allow auto $INTERFACE16:03
SpamapSThat is what happens *now* on net-device-added16:03
SpamapSwhich is basically "hotplug"16:03
smoserwell that sucks.16:04
SpamapSsmoser: I was thinking about using a job, 'static-networking' instead of the event.16:04
SpamapSsmoser: well we could do if ! ifup --allow auto $INTERFACE ; then ifup --allow hotplug $INTERFACE16:04
SpamapSsmoser: ifquery may help here tho16:05
smoserifquery is broken16:05
smoserfor mapping devices16:05
smoserso i dont trust it16:05
SpamapSsmoser: are you sure the mapping interfaces is a problem? Don't all mapped interfaces show up as real=mapped in ifquery --list ?16:06
SpamapSsmoser: ahh, reading the comment now16:07
smoserSpamapS, did you read what i wrote there?16:07
smoseri'll be back in 10 minues16:08
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=== oCean_ is now known as oCean
smoserSpamapS, so i suspect that in ubuntu 'allow-hotplug' would be difficult to implement.16:17
smoseras that is basically how *all* interfaces are brought up16:17
smoseron udev events at startup16:17
SpamapSsmoser: well ifup -a will try to bring up all that exist, in case they don't emit a udev event16:19
smoserSpamapS, probably not16:20
SpamapSsmoser: since that starts on stopped udevtrigger .. that should be sufficient for any servers.16:20
smoseror it could be considered a bug if it did16:20
SpamapSsmoser: it does. the point of /etc/init/networking.conf is a "last ditch" to bring up any critical networking pieces16:21
smosershould 'ifup -a' try to bring up a device that was listed in interfaces with 'allow-hotplug'16:21
smoserright. you said "all that exist", which is what i was confused by.16:21
smoserso anyway, i think what i have there in my branch should work for all cases other than the usb case.16:22
smoserand ofr my use, that is not a big deal.16:23
SpamapSFor the USB case I'm ok w/ release notes saying "use conman for usb interfaces that you want to bring up automatically"16:23
SpamapSsmoser: appreciate you completing my work.. I've been fretting over this for a week trying to think of all the error conditions16:24
smoserconnman or network-manager ?16:25
SpamapSnI guess network-manager --no-install-recommends won't bring in anything evil16:25
smoserSpamapS, i pinged slangasek in -devel hoping to ask about the intent of 'ifquery --list'16:26
smoserit generally seems broken to me16:26
SpamapSsmoser: ifupdown is *evil*16:26
SpamapSsmoser: did you try to read the code?16:26
smosermain.c ?16:26
SpamapSsmoser: that is not the code16:26
smoseryeah, and i thought WTH16:26
SpamapSsmoser: that is generated16:26
smoserwell, obviously.16:26
smoserbut it wasn't clear from where.16:26
SpamapSWhich is written in some weird "literate programming" language16:27
SpamapSSome crazy idea where you write code and a postscript doc together16:27
smoserwhat processes .nw -> main.c ?16:28
smoserso where do you think we are ?16:29
smoserth eothe rissue i had to talk to you about SpamapS in this regrad16:29
SpamapSsmoser: well I have oft wondered if we wouldn't be better off abandoning the ifupdown code base and just re-implementing it with C++ or python or something.16:30
smoseri *think* that my need for blocking is handled fine.16:31
smosera diff to cloud-init like:16:31
smoser http://paste.ubuntu.com/656489/16:31
smoserSpamapS, it can't be python16:31
smoserit has to be /bin or /sbin16:31
smoser(which my removal of 'cut' was good for that too)16:31
SpamapSsmoser: yeah I actually have a branch that cleaned that up too w/ shell only16:32
smoserSpamapS, in theory, would you tink my cloud-init-nonet would function the same with this change?16:32
SpamapSsmoser: but I was definitely relying on ifquery --list16:33
smoserie, it shoudl block for me16:33
SpamapSsmoser: and don't feel bad that we've been working in parallel. The amount of knowledge we've gained is enormously valuable. :)16:33
SpamapSsmoser: I'm not sure, what were you going to change the start on to?16:34
SpamapSsmoser: or wait, its the stop on that you want to change right?16:34
smoser(i just started looking at this this morning, hoping i could shove something in before alpha3)16:34
smosersee pastebin above.16:34
SpamapSon a single instance system that should be the same moment16:34
smoserbut i need to handle multiple interfaces16:35
SpamapSAnd if you have 3 interfaces and a bridge, then it would be a more correct version of the same moment. :)16:35
SpamapSsmoser: it would make your comment wrong.. you'd be blocking until all auto interfaces are up, not just a non lo interface16:35
smoseri'm concerned about blockign system boot16:36
smoserthats what i *want*16:36
smoseri think i get that because of cloud-init.conf is 'start on mounted MOUNTPOINT=/ and stopped cloud-init-nonet16:37
SpamapSsmoser: I'd like to see this accompanied by a test case in the build... I'm worried about weird /etc/network/interfaces files that work w/ ifupdown but not with your ghetto parser. ;)16:37
SpamapSsmoser: for your purposes though.. yes I think this solves your case.16:37
smoseri dont really  know how the parser could go wrong16:38
SpamapSsmoser: for the purpose of delaying rc-sysinit's switch to runlevel 2.. I'm not entirely sure about it.16:38
smoserwhite space delimited first field is "auto"16:38
smoser(or allow-auto)16:38
smoseranything after a '#' is stripped16:38
SpamapSsmoser: "       A line may be extended across multiple lines by making the last character a backslash.16:38
smosertake all the other tokens16:38
smoseractually, readline works then.16:39
SpamapSOH cool16:39
smoseri'm pretty sure. let me test that though.16:39
smoseri think i've beeen pissed off by that before16:39
SpamapSok reading the man page, I think you're covered if read line works16:39
SpamapSSo, I'm willing to upload this for A316:40
SpamapSlet me test it out on a VM tho. :)16:40
smoserSpamapS,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/656500/16:40
smoserjust run that, you get the 3 lines concat'd16:41
SpamapSyeah that makes sense16:41
smoserSpamapS, you build this, i'll build a cloud-init and give you a ec2 instance to play with16:42
smoserbuild for amd6416:42
SpamapSok, I'm also going to configure a VM with 3 interfaces and a bridge.. ;)16:43
SpamapShrm.. why haven't we dropped the size of the server iso yet?16:44
hallynRoAkSoAx: hey16:45
RoAkSoAxhallyn: hey16:48
RoAkSoAxhallyn: what's up16:48
SpamapSsmoser: built, seems to emit on my laptop which has only lo.. :)16:48
hallynRoAkSoAx: hey, cani get some sponsorin luv? :)16:48
hallynRoAkSoAx: http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc.debdiff16:48
RoAkSoAxhallyn: sure16:48
hallynRoAkSoAx: thanks16:49
SpamapSsmoser: were you thinking that we should touch a file in /var/run or something so we don't emit this twice?16:49
smoserSpamapS, i dont know. it seems like it may be ok to emit twice16:49
SpamapSsmoser: since its not waited on, it won't affect ifup/ifdown commands16:50
SpamapSsmoser: but it could cause issues for things that  'start on x and static-networking-up'16:50
smoserSpamapS, i can defer to you on that.16:52
smoserwhat will happen for my case?16:52
SpamapSsmoser: for yours nothing, because yours only runs at start16:52
SpamapSsmoser: I think the right thing to do is to view this as a singular event, much like mountall does.. and never emit it again16:52
SpamapSsmoser: Otherwise the system gets super reactive to any admin activity16:53
smoserwell, not so much, SpamapS16:54
smoseron 'start on x and static-network-up'16:54
smoserthose would not really fire more than once, right?16:54
SpamapSsmoser: ifdown eth0, ifup eth0 .. would emit it again on a system with auto eth016:54
SpamapSsmoser: so if thats a task, its now waiting for 'x' to happen again16:55
SpamapSI can't see a time where this needs to happene very time the static network comes up16:55
smoserso then, we can touch a file that said its been done16:55
SpamapSThis is an event to boot things.. the "state" we're looking for is runlevel 216:55
SpamapSsmoser: I'll actually touch a file before emitting.. as thats more atomically correct. :)16:56
SpamapSIt would be interesting to look at how ChromeOS is doing their upstart boot now..16:56
smoserSpamapS, http://paste.ubuntu.com/656507/16:57
smoserdon't touch16:57
smoseruse : >16:57
smoseror something else16:57
SpamapSKeybuk was saying they just have two jobs .. boot-services and services .. and everything follows those two jobs' starting and stopping events16:57
smosertouch is /usr/bin/touch16:57
SpamapSdamnit! ;)16:57
SpamapSno, no no no not return 116:58
RoAkSoAxhallyn: done!16:58
SpamapSsmoser: this is a racey lock..16:58
smoseryou want me to un-racify it ?16:59
smoser(i think return 1 is correct, htough)16:59
SpamapSits not an error17:00
SpamapSsmoser: we're just choosing not to emit17:00
SpamapS    : > /var/run/network/static-network-up-emitted || exit 017:00
SpamapSsomething like that17:01
smoserreturning 1 is not an error.17:01
SpamapSoh, you can't do it there. ;)17:01
smoseri'm confused.17:01
SpamapSthats the race17:01
smoseryes i can fix a race there.17:01
SpamapSyou check the lock in all_interfaces_up, but create it blindly later17:01
smoseri or you are missing something17:02
SpamapShmm.. : > doesn't error if the file exists already.. :-/17:02
smoserthere *is* a race condition there, you are correct17:02
smoserdoesn't matter.17:02
smoseryou dont get there unless you had the lock17:02
smoserbut we dont have a lock17:02
smoserfor a lock, the easiest thing to do is 'mkdir'17:02
SpamapSahh good point it is atomic17:03
SpamapS    mkdir /var/run/network/static-network-up-emitted || exit 017:03
hallynRoAkSoAx: thanks!17:03
SpamapS1/2 dozen17:05
SpamapShmmmm which is better?17:05
SpamapSI like the &&17:05
SpamapSone exit is simpler to read17:05
smoserthe only issue is that we're taking the lock before we've emitted the event17:06
smoserso at very least we should rmdir on failure of the event to emit17:06
smoserwe're kinda screwed in that scenario17:06
SpamapSall kinds of stuff breaks if initctl doesn't work right .. all over the place17:06
SpamapSwe've stipulated that it works17:07
SpamapSand its authors are careful to make it as reliable as possible17:07
SpamapSsmoser: push that, I'll merge it17:07
orudiewhen I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04, there was a bug with dovecot17:09
orudiewhat is a good way to reinstall dovecot on 10.0417:09
smoserSpamapS, pushed.17:09
orudieI want to completely whipe out the configs for it etc...17:09
orudieand start fresh on 10.0417:10
smoserSpamapS, lets test it a bit, and then go with it17:11
SpamapSorudie: apt-get purge name_of_package_to_remove17:11
SpamapSorudie: note that that will also remove all the *data* that belongs to said package17:11
orudieSpamapS, thanks it worked17:11
SpamapSorudie: so, just make a backup first :)17:11
orudieSpamapS, :)17:12
hallynSpamapS: I don't have write access to lxc tree yet.  Any chance I could convince you to do 'pull-lp-source lxc natty; bzr branch lp:ubuntu/natty/lxc; cd lxc; bzr import-dsc ../lxc*.dsc; bzr push' and do that for lucid, maveirck, and natty?  (when you get a chance)17:14
Davieyhallyn: importer not working?17:16
hallynDaviey: apparently17:19
hallynat least for natty it is one changelog entry behind17:20
Davieyhallyn: are you sure?17:20
Davieyhallyn: ahh, using the wrong pocket..17:21
Davieyhallyn: lp:ubuntu/natty-updates/lxc17:22
hallynDaviey: damn.  i was thinking bzr trees just tracked updates17:23
hallynDaviey: thx17:23
Davieyhallyn: it would make sense, would it not? :)17:25
hallynDaviey: how it's done makes sense :)17:26
roboshello: when doing a large file copy across a NFS mount I see around 80% of load (according to top) is in iowait. Does this sound right to you?17:53
patdk-laponly 80%, wonder why it's not 100%17:54
KM0201i've got two disks mounted under /media (Disk_1, Disk_2).. both are ext4, i can read/write them from the server, but not via samba, i always get permission denied.18:05
KM0201i've got two disks mounted under /media (Disk_1, Disk_2).. both are ext4, i can read/write them from the server, but not via samba, i always get permission denied.18:09
hggdhDaviey: there?18:10
Davieyhggdh: always18:28
* negronjl is away: out to lunch18:33
RoAkSoAxsmoser: any ideias? http://paste.ubuntu.com/656580/18:36
KM0201i've got two disks mounted under /media (Disk_1, Disk_2).. both are ext4, i can read/write them from the server, but not via samba, i always get permission denied.18:36
KM0201i'm assuming this is something i've done in smb.conf  , but i don't know what.18:37
smoserRoAkSoAx, looking18:38
KillMeNowKM0201:  I assume you have verified the Samba share permissions?18:38
smoserwhere do you see that ?18:38
smoserwhat is the metadata, RoAkSoAx18:38
KM0201KillMeNow: how would i check that? (no i don't think i have, i just followed a basic tutorial)18:39
KM0201obviously its a permission error, just.. not sure how to fix it.18:39
smoserRoAkSoAx, i suspect that you have a dict in the yaml that you gave it for cloud-config rather than a list18:40
KM0201i can do this no prob w/ NTFS..18:41
KM0201so it's obviously something i'm doing wrong18:41
RoAkSoAxsmoser give me a sec and ill send u the late command using that18:42
smoserRoAkSoAx, am i right in guessing it has 'ssh_authorized_keys'18:42
RoAkSoAxsmoser give me a.sec as im reinstalling should be done in ~418:43
RoAkSoAxsmoser: so this would be the error: not an array right?18:51
smoserright. i suspect that your meta-data or user-data is incorrectly formed18:51
RoAkSoAxsmoser: yeah I guess that came from changes made to ensemble18:52
KillMeNowKM0201:  IIRC it should be ls -la /path/to/share18:52
hallynDaviey: are you still around?18:52
smoserRoAkSoAx, note, that ssh keys is strange in metadata18:53
KM0201KillMeNow: what does that do?18:53
KillMeNowKM0201:  you should see the typical file permissions but instead of a drwx it should show srwx or something like that18:53
KillMeNowbeen a while since i dinked with samba18:53
KM0201oh ok.18:53
KillMeNowthen you can set up permissions like any other directory using chmod18:53
smoserRoAkSoAx, http://paste.ubuntu.com/656588/18:53
KillMeNowand chown if necessary18:54
josePhoenixhello all18:54
smoserif you're feeding it meta-data and putting ssh keys in it, you'll have to do like that18:54
KM0201KillMeNow: i have the directory right.. (like i said, i can create files in it from the server, and browse from a network machine).. wha ti can't figure out, is how to write from a network machine18:54
KM0201i've tried several chown/chmod commands18:54
RoAkSoAxsmoser: ok cool. I think it's just a change on the way of doing things cause it was working just fine18:54
smoserare you doing it in user-data or meta-data ?18:55
josePhoenixI was asked by #httpd to show the output of 'apache2 -S' but I get the error  "apache2: bad user name ${APACHE_RUN_USER}"18:55
RoAkSoAxsmoser: fwereade was working on some changes to convert stuff to twisted so he might have changed that18:55
RoAkSoAxsmoser: user-data18:55
josePhoenixHow can I get that to work?18:55
hallynRoAkSoAx: do you have a few more minutes?  (and are you sufficiently familiar with UDD?)18:57
hallynRoAkSoAx: if you'd be so inclined, there are two bzr trees linked to bug 753308.  they need to be pushed to -proposed.18:58
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 753308 in lxc "Restart containers on upgrade" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75330818:58
Davieyhallyn: i am indeed18:58
RoAkSoAxhallyn: i'm actually on my way out but can take a look at them when I get back unless someone beats me to it18:59
hallynRoAkSoAx: then i'll ask Daviey, thanks :)19:03
hallynDaviey: can I get 3 minutes of your time?  there are two bzr trees linked to bug 753308.  they need to be pushed to -proposed.19:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 753308 in lxc "Restart containers on upgrade" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75330819:03
hallynDaviey: and before complain, I'm working on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SergeHallyn/ServerDeveloperApplication  :-)19:06
Davieyhallyn: not to be a wet blanket, but wouldn't this be suitable to add to a future SRU?19:08
Davieyas in, it has no change except not restarting containers on package upgrade?19:08
Davieythe impact of the current packages is 0, it's a -security or -updates future issue?19:08
hallynDaviey: i dont' grok your last sentence?19:10
hallynas for 'future SRU', not to sound naive :) but I don't really expect any, especially for maverick (note it is as present the -unstable package)19:11
Davieyhallyn: this bug doesn't cause upset with packages *currently* in -updates, right?19:11
hallynlxc is not in -updates yet, is that what you mean?19:11
Davieyit's if the packages get upgraded in the future, the containers restart?19:11
hallynyes, or on a do-release-upgrade i guess19:12
hallynyour point makes sense;  only if osmeone upgrades to natty from maverick would they see this19:12
Davieyyou sort of expect to reboot following a do-release-upgrade19:13
Davieyinfact the user is prompted to19:13
hallynnatty might have more I suppose.19:13
hallynDaviey: do you have a good idea for how to make sure thi schange would make it into the next SRU?19:13
Davieyhallyn: funny you say that...19:14
hallynif we could be sure UDD was going to be used, we could just commit it to bzr but not push a package19:14
Davieytechnically, staging it in the udd branch *should* be enough19:14
hallynDaviey: i'm a comedian, you just didn't know it19:14
Davieybut nobody checks the udd branch before they upload their latest kick19:14
hallyneh, i do :)19:14
hallynwe can ask stgraber  and zul to.  tha tshould cover it19:14
KillMeNowKM0201:  here is a article for quick samba permissions:  http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/how-do-i-set-permissions-to-samba-shares.html19:14
Daviey-security do maintain a list of things they need to do when touching some packages.19:14
Davieyhallyn: good question.. trying to find it19:17
hallynDaviey: of course i still don't have write access to that tree.  I don't mind if you just remove the release tag and push to {maverick,natty}-proposed19:18
KM0201KillMeNow: thanms19:18
Davieyhallyn: if you still have the tree on your local machine, fancy changing the pocket to UNRELEASED and submitting a merge proposal? :)19:20
hallynDaviey: will do19:21
hallyn(in about 10 mins)  shoudl i assign to you?19:21
hallynassign the review to you, that is19:21
Davieythe default should be good19:21
hallynok, thanks.  ttyl19:22
axisys_i just upgrade the to the latest linux kernel on lucid and now I am getting this error19:24
axisys_[  402.925779] bonding: bond0: Warning: the permanent HWaddr of eth0 - 00:23:8b:11:22:10 - is still in use by bond0. Set the HWaddr of eth0 to a different address to avoid conflicts.19:25
axisys_do I need to revert to the prev linux kernel ?19:25
axisys_I did not see this alert before.. I have this bonding setup for a month now19:25
hallynDaviey: done19:26
Davieyhallyn: -security have added an alert to include this fix if they touch the package19:44
SpamapS     Subject: [ubuntu/oneiric] jenkins 1.409.1-0ubuntu1 (Accepted)19:45
DavieySpamapS: would be better if it wasin't in dep-wait :P19:46
SpamapSsomething get rejected or just many things in NEW?19:47
DavieyNEW queue :(19:47
hallynDaviey: cool, thanks19:47
lifelesshallyn: just more lxc shenanigans19:58
lifelesshallyn: e.g. on oneiric cgroups-bin does something to make lxc startup fail19:58
Davieyhallyn: https://code.launchpad.net/~serge-hallyn/ubuntu/natty/lxc/fix-restart/+merge/70064 .. is showing two commits, stgrabbers aswell?19:58
Davieystgraber rather19:58
Davieyhallyn: Ahhh!20:00
Davieyyour target is the release pocket, not -proposed20:00
skaetDaviey,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eucalyptus/+bug/791607,  any chance we'll have a fix for A3?20:00
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 791607 in eucalyptus "Oneiric Eucalyptus fails to start up" [High,Confirmed]20:00
Davieyskaet: with no doubt, no.20:01
Davieyskaet: That package should be in universe by then.20:01
skaetDaviey,  have the mandatory tests been updated?20:01
Davieyit's not something that will be tested as part of the A3 QA, skaet20:02
Davieyskaet: yus20:02
Davieyskaet: the A3 release will be an easy ride for us.. you read it here first!20:02
DavieyIf we come across difficult bugs, we just rip it off the cd.. that is how we roll.20:03
skaetDaviey, fingers crossed.20:03
Davieyskaet: bug #767225, is still of *major* concern to me tho.20:04
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 767225 in fortune-mod "Slightly incorrect attribution in a fortune" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76722520:04
jcastroDaviey: I've done one of those before: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fortune-mod/+bug/18482420:06
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 184824 in fortune-mod "Oxford Union rules out of date" [Undecided,Fix released]20:06
skaetThere's a couple of others that are still open reported with A2,  any of them likely to get fixed?20:07
Davieyjcastro: Looks like it was resolved promptly, but this Oneiric release critical issue is still unresolved. :(20:07
* skaet notes that Daviey considers a wishlist bug as release critical - hmm... could make for a rather long list for next agenda 20:13
hallynlifeless: are you sure you are fully uptodate?  (bc this weekend you reported a bug that i'd already worked around in the lxc package in archive)20:21
hallynDaviey: you want me to try an dtarget the merge request to -proposed?  (not sure it will let me as that doesn't exist right now)20:24
lifelesshallyn: yes, I'm sure.20:26
lifelesshallyn: the workaround you have doesn't work.20:26
hallynoh?  It worked on my system...20:27
hallynbut that's not what you're asking me about right now - what's gong on with cgroups-bin?20:27
lifelessyour adding of ubuntu-keyring to the install line? doesn't work if apt decides to do two runs, because its a recommends not a depends20:27
lifelessso it may work.20:27
lifelessIt may not.20:27
lifelessthe right fix (just discussed in ubuntu-devel now) is changing apt.20:28
hallynok.  (regardless it still would have needed to have a *real* fix, for non-lxc users)20:28
lifelesswell, I don't know whats up with cgroups-bin, on natty it didn't /stop/ lxc working, now it does. I haven't got a cause yet.20:28
hallyncan you list any variables from when it worked to now?20:29
lifelessit shows up as 'failure to remove previous cgroup' which appears to be a generic failure mode when something is messing with new namespaces20:29
hallynwith what commands?20:29
lifelesslxc-start -n foo20:29
hallynlemme try to reproduce on ec220:29
lifelessI have a clean oneiric vm; installed lxc, cgroups-bin, changed the conf file for it to be all ../cpu (carrying over the workaround from natty)20:30
lifelessand yeah, ENOTWORKY20:30
hallynwhat does 'all ../cpu' mean?20:31
hallyn(vaio overheated.  grr)20:32
lifelesshallyn: https://dev.launchpad.net/Running/LXC step 320:40
hallynlifeless: step 3 shouldn't be needed in oneiric...20:42
hallynlifeless: if you add freezer to that list, does it work?20:42
lifelesswill try later, have to run, sorry.20:43
lifelessI'll try skipping step 3 first in fact.20:43
uvirtbotNew bug: #819507 in cloud-init (main) "consume_userdata is only called once per instance" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81950720:46
hallynlifeless: yeah, i can reproduce with your step 3, not without.20:55
hallynlifeless: ttyl :)20:55
lifelesshallyn: awesome! thanks.20:55
r4__is there somewhere i can look to see if slapd is compiled with tcp wrappers support or not?21:04
r4__for 10.0421:05
r4__other than getting the source and digging thru it21:05
patdk-lapr4__ digging through debian/rules21:09
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Aleuckdoes anybody know a ncurses app to manage users and groups?21:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #819535 in mysql-5.1 (main) "mysqldumpslow looking for slow.log file on an incorrect directory" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81953521:52
sidneihow can i mount a folder from the host into an lxc container? seems like simply adding a bind mount to the container's fstab is not possible.21:59
sidneilifeless, ever tried that? ^^22:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #810731 in mysql-5.1 (main) "MySQL Server installation crashed, now unable to remove MySQL server and Client Binaries" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81073122:23
r4__can apt-get -o pass CFLAG options?22:30
r4__it seems so22:30
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bkerensaI wonder why neither cPanel or Plesk support Ubuntu Server :P23:50
JanCbkerensa: why do you want them?23:53
bkerensaJanC: Clients want panel :P you know how it goes ;)23:53
JanCwell, I have seens hosting providers offering cpanel & plesk on Ubuntu23:55
JanCbut I guess the issue is that in general, Debian/Ubuntu have more strict rules about how apps can change config files etc., and those panels often don't obey those rules, which might cause problems23:56
zoopsterand where Ubuntu Server is used in hosting environments, plesk and cpanel are not capable enough23:59
fosterdvHello all...23:59

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