Davieyjibel: Have you had a chance to smoketest the alternate/server installation today?13:55
jibelDaviey, alternate is broken, desktop build failed -> no desktop. Server looks good but I'll check manually13:56
Davieyjibel: Thanks!13:57
Davieyjibel: I probably need to work with you, or someone on your team, to rip out the UEC test cases13:57
jibelDaviey, sure. Tell me your needs and I'll tell you if there is something I can do.14:08
jibeloh, I found a release critical bug in the debian installer.14:09
jibelIf the user enters a wrong password confirmation, the background changes from purple to blue !14:09
charlie-tcaThat's nothing, everytime you boot the Xubuntu Desktop image now, you get a different color at lightdm login screen14:12
Davieyjibel: eeeeek!14:12
Davieyjibel: we'll get our UI engineer on that straight away.14:13
Davieyjibel: Well UEC (eucalyptus & co) is no longer on the cd (and should hopefully be in universe by A3 release)14:13
DavieyThis means that all the UEC test cases do not need testing.14:13
Davieyso it's really a slash and burn.14:14
DavieyBut for the next milestone, there will be other things to test.. but won't be on the ISO for A314:14
jibelDaviey, Ok, so I remove UEC install (minimal topology)http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Install/ServerUECTopology1 from the test plan14:16
jibelDaviey, And you'll update the wiki for B114:17
Davieyjibel: yeah, the stuff to replace it with will be largely be Orchestra deployment.14:19
DavieySo a cobbler server, and check registraion and it instals.14:19
Davieybut we have some time to crack out suitable tests for that14:19
hggdhDaviey: no openstack testing?14:20
Davieyhggdh: well, ideally - the cobbler deployment is a pre-requiste.14:21
DavieyI think really it'll have to be tested in the DC, rather than in vm's/spare hardware.14:22
Davieywhich makes the barrier for contribution higher.14:22
hggdhsort of14:25
hggdhthis will be a mix, where cobbler is both being tested *and* testing14:26
Davieywell yes.. i guess. cobbler will still need manual installation to test it, rather than just a preseed14:27
Davieybut when it's testing something else, it can be preseeded14:27
hggdhyes. Is there preseed support for cobbler install?14:28
DavieyTBH, i hope we get more contributions in developing the testing framework.. that is a good area people can contribute.14:28
Davieyhggdh: not for A3, but for B1 there will be14:28
Davieywell i'm sure you could get it to work for A3.. but we are not expecting it to be tested.14:28
Daviey(still in universe aswell)14:28
hggdhyeah, this might be a blocker14:29
hggdhbut there is an udeb being written, right?14:29
DavieyTODO :)14:29
Davieyhggdh: fancy helping? :)14:29
hggdhDaviey: I was considering it, yeah14:30
jibelDaviey, server images are ok.14:37
Davieyjibel: *r* *o* *c* *k* *i* *n* *g*14:37
davmor2Daviey: your spelling is atrocious sir there are no stars in ROCKING!!!!!! ;)14:43
Davieydavmor2: you need a new dictionary. :)14:44
davmor2Daviey: haha :)14:46
skaetA3 soft freeze is now in effect,   images will start going up as they emerge from the builder.20:20
NCommanderHey all, first set of ISOs fresh off the press20:59
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
xdatap1hi jibel_ , still awake?21:50
jibel_Hey xdatap1 , sort of, how are you ?21:50
xdatap1jibel_, I'm fine thanks21:50
xdatap1jibel_, just to let you know that the iso link in the tracker still point to the lucid images21:51
xdatap1jibel_, http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/info/609321:51
xdatap1jibel_, sorry to deliver always this kind of news :)21:52
jibel_xdatap1, urgh. give me time to find a system with the right access. I'm fixing that right now.21:52
jibel_xdatap1, thanks for noticing it.21:52
jibel_xdatap1, I must not be totally awake then :)21:52
xdatap1jibel_, :)21:53
xdatap1jibel_, I'm leaving. Good work and good night!21:55
charlie-tcajibel_: accessibible installs are still broken22:12
charlie-tcaAll the pieces are not quite ready yet22:12
charlie-tcaThey won't be in until after alpha322:24

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