vuthdirecthex u there?01:35
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ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Chris Anderson Confirmed For 2nd Ed. Foreword - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/08/01/chris-anderson-confirmed-for-2nd-ed-foreword/06:15
Nafallogood morning! :-D07:19
* Nafallo woke up to the news that UK is world champions again! :-D07:20
jpdsNafallo: Turn off the TV before going to bed next time.07:32
gordhappy mailman day all07:47
MooDoohello all07:50
MooDooNafallo: world champs?  what at?07:50
diploMorning all07:51
DJonesWas that in the international phone hacking competition?07:51
BigRedSwe'd have lost at that07:53
BigRedSsince in the UK 'hacking' = 'trying the default password'07:53
jpdsBigRedS: Well, how many times did you reboot it?07:55
MooDoothe only other one i know is darts.....07:56
BigRedSjpds: hm?07:56
Nafallojpds: haven't got a TV (at least not one that can view TV)08:09
NafalloMooDoo: street dance. http://www.plaguedance.com/2011/08/we-are-the-champions/08:10
MooDooah cool08:11
BigRedSAre we keeping you up?09:51
DJonesI recon its the stimulating conversation in the channel keeping MooDoo awake09:52
DavieyWill you lot be quiet, some of us are trying to sleep. Thanks.09:53
MooDoolol it must be that "it's monday it's busy" type of situation09:53
gordi wonder if i could set up a home office centred around my bed....10:01
gordwould make mondays easier10:01
BigRedSI wonder if that's based on w3schools' stats, too :)10:02
oimonaccording to statcounter10:02
davmor2morning all10:03
MooDoomorning davmor210:03
oimoncould be indicative of the type of sites that would use something like statcounter10:03
* davmor2 prods czajkowski to remind her it's Monday10:03
davmor2morning MooDoo dude10:03
MooDoohows it going davmor210:07
davmor2MooDoo: good thanks you?10:09
MooDoodavmor2: it's monday....so meh!10:09
oimonhehe :) http://www.emcartoons.com/July-2011/someone-has-a-secret10:20
davmor2MooDoo: I'll tell you about it once I wake up ;)10:23
MooDoodavmor2: WAKE UP!!!10:25
davmor2MooDoo: don't try waking me up then I'm just grumpy and blame the person that woke me ;)10:26
bastubishi - this is paula - I have Linda who was having problems with her laptop connecting to BT10:29
bastubisand I'm showing her how to access the right channel10:30
bastubisbecause I think she was in the wrong place10:30
DJonesHi paula/bastubis10:30
MooDoohello bastubis [paula]10:30
DJonesAlso, welcome to the channel Linda10:31
bastubisOK, we've checked her laptop and there's no problem in ubuntu10:31
bastubisshe's connected to our wifi no probs10:31
bastubiswe've deleted auto-logins for her BT hub10:31
bastubisI hope it'll just work when she gets home10:31
bastubisif not, we're configuring xchat so she can come back10:31
MooDoowe'll be here :)10:32
MooDoothat was quick ;)10:33
Apacheukbastubis: is it the latest BT hub? I have a home hub 2.0 and don't have any issues here10:33
AlanBellhi bastubis10:36
AlanBellwhat is Linda's IRC nick?10:36
AlanBellhi LindaDamerell :)10:36
MooDoohello LindaDamerell10:37
bastubisHi Linda10:37
bastubisOK, I think we're good here - thanks :)10:37
MooDooblimey it's quiet11:03
brobostigonafternoonings everyone.11:07
popeyMorning all!11:08
davmor2morning popey11:09
brobostigonhi popey and davmor211:10
davmor2morning brobostigon11:10
brobostigonit is 12:10, isnt it meant to be afternoon.11:10
MooDoohowdy popey and brobostigon11:12
brobostigonhi MooDoo11:12
BranCo_SCB_Hi everyone. Does anyone know if there's an E-magazine on Ubuntu UK.11:23
AlanBellhi BranCo_SCB_ there is the full circle mag11:23
AlanBellglobal focus but based in the UK11:23
BranCo_SCB_The Full Circle Mag?11:24
BranCo_SCB_I'll search. Thank you.11:24
BranCo_SCB_The magazine is great! What software do they use to make it?11:32
popeyBranCo_SCB_: dunno, scribus I think11:33
davmor2BranCo_SCB_: I think in issue 1 or 2 they give you a break down of what tools to use11:35
directhexvim and latex.11:35
BranCo_SCB_I'll check. Tnx.11:36
KrisDouglasHello, I am having a problem getting my ubuntu server to get it's hostname resolving on our network. We have a windows server as a DNS and the fqdn for the ubuntu server is setup to crm.domain.local11:40
KrisDouglasthe windows server is sbs.domain.local and that works11:40
KrisDouglasbut the ubuntu server won't resolve.11:41
AlanBellthe .local domain is special11:41
AlanBellworks with avahi11:41
KrisDouglasI don't like the sound of that11:41
directhex.local means something specific11:42
AlanBellI do, it just works!11:42
AlanBellhostname.local just resolves11:42
directhexit's auto-discovered domains found using mdns, aka zeroconf aka apple's bonjour11:42
AlanBellno need for DNS at all11:42
KrisDouglasSo I am going to assume I have to install Avahi?11:42
AlanBelldepends what you want to achieve11:43
directhexyou can change which domain avahi uses in /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf, i.e. tell it not to use .local, so there's no conflict11:44
directhexif a conflict is the issue11:44
KrisDouglasOk changing now11:46
KrisDouglasIs there anything (other than avahi-daemon) that i have to restart?11:46
directhexnot that i can think of11:49
KrisDouglasthis is the top of my config file, which is still not working =[ http://pastebin.com/Rpp2ESBD12:00
KrisDouglasI really need to study networking :)12:02
HazRPGheh, the "new" commodore 64 seems to have been released :P12:08
HazRPGalso, hi all \o12:08
brobostigonafternoonings HazRPG :)12:08
HazRPGbrobostigon: afternoon :)12:14
KrisDouglasOh no!12:14
KrisDouglasBE are withdrawing their bonded broadband servic12:14
HazRPGKrisDouglas: how come?12:18
KrisDouglasThey didn't say, but they are pursuing FTTC now so I am going to assume they are "re-aligning" resources12:19
KrisDouglasWe have a bonded connection from them in stone, absolutely flawless12:19
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bigcalmIf I were to buy an album of MP3s from Amazon, would they come DRM free?13:24
davmor2bigcalm: no idea why?13:25
KrisDouglasI have a windows vista machine in at the moment which doesn't have the driver for the hard drive that the OS is loading off..  yet it boots, logs in to a desktop and tells me such.13:26
gordbigcalm, if its listed as mp3, yeah13:26
gordKrisDouglas, what makes you think you need a driver for a hard-drive?13:27
bigcalmWe saw In Bruges last night. The OST is wonderful so I wanted to buy the album. On Amazon, £17.79 for the CD, £7.99 for the MP3s13:27
davmor2KrisDouglas: it'll use some ancient default driver that be optimised13:27
KrisDouglasgord, davmor2 it's not loading them :) I do this crap for a living, just thought it was a comical scenario.13:28
popeybigcalm: yes, mp3 on amazon is drm free13:28
KrisDouglasSeems like the registry has forgotten all these drivers were setup13:28
davmor2KrisDouglas: no the registry forgot something I don't believe you ;)13:29
bigcalmOh yay. The Amazon mp3 downloader .deb is for i38613:31
KrisDouglasfound a registry backup that the system generated, going to load that and see what happens.13:31
bigcalmWonder if wine will help13:31
directhexbigcalm, don't use it then.13:32
KrisDouglashttp://tinyurl.com/ubuntu1012 works13:32
directhexbigcalm, use clamz or bamz (provided with banshee)13:32
davmor2bigcalm: what version of ubuntu are you using?13:32
bigcalm11.04 64bit13:34
directhexamazon's amz files are encrypted. however, every amz file in the world is encrypted with the same key, which can be extracted easily from the amazon mp3 downloader binary. hence replacement downloader tools, like banshee13:35
bigcalmI see13:35
bigcalmI'll give it a go, ta13:36
directhexit's seamless if you use the amazon mp3 store directly within banshee, but bamz is a command-line download tool13:36
davmor2bigcalm: use banshee, and see if it is cheaper on ubuntumusic store too some are some aren't13:37
directhexi pay extra for u1ms. i like the cloud aspect13:38
gordcourse you also have the ability to download from amazon and store the music in u1 ;)13:39
directhexi wrote the first u1ms banshee plugin, i'm gonna damn well use it13:39
davmor2directhex: I found that the same album on u1ms was a pound cheaper than amazon but on the new releases I find amazon is normally cheaper but hey the 2 are in there so it's worth looking :)13:39
bigcalmThis is quite good :)13:40
directhexi've paid almost 3 quid for a single track on u1ms before13:40
bigcalmCouldn't find the album on U113:40
bigcalmNow downloading at 4.3K/s13:41
bigcalmSo, who got my money for buying MP3s via Banshee?13:42
directhexbigcalm, amazon got your money. amazon then pay affiliate revenue to canonical13:42
directhexcanonical then pay 25% of afiliate revenue from amazon and 7digital to gnome13:43
davmor2bigcalm: everyones a winner baby :)13:43
KrisDouglasThat sounds a lot better than the previous arrangement.13:43
directhexif you use a banshee PPA, the affiliate revenue from banshee goes to gnome & bypasses canonical13:43
bigcalmWhat if I had installed Banshee from a non-canonical source?13:44
bigcalmAh, there :)13:44
directhexaffiliate revenue is one or two pennies per track afaik13:44
bigcalmWell, considering that I've never given monies to Canonical before now and have been using Ubuntu for years...13:44
bigcalmNot too bothered :)13:45
popeyi donated to tuxpaint last night :D13:45
bigcalmpopey: who's donating to your printer fund?13:45
directhexi should get off my arse and update my mono PPAs. those are a good source of donations13:46
directhexi could do with a boost to clear the credit cards13:51
bigcalmI really shouldn't have bought that album, enjoying it though13:54
bigcalmDamn you Amazon for keeping my credit card details so handily13:54
* daubers just spent all his money on education :(13:55
bigcalmAnd what has that taught you?13:55
davmor2don't spend all your money on education13:56
directhexanyone want an updated libgdiplus for natty? only tuppence ha'penny!13:59
davmor2directhex: No?14:00
* hamitron directs directhex to "the source"14:01
davmor2may the source be with you14:01
lubotu3Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/110414:03
hamitronjust checking14:03
daubersshould be getting some video cameras this week \o/14:07
daubersNeed to go somewhere noisy and do an ambient noise test with them14:10
oimondaubers: oggcamp?14:21
daubersoimon: That's where they'll be destined, but I want to know if external mics would be appropriate14:23
oimonlast year's oggcamp video has been written off hasn't it?14:24
daubersIt may appear at some stage (the professionally filmed bits anyway)14:24
oimoni heard someone made an offer to grab the raw footage themselves but didn't gfet far14:24
daubersoimon: Either way, this year will be _awesome_14:26
oimonis everyone supposed to wear name tags featuring their irc nicks?14:26
popeyoimon: yes14:27
popey(as in video written off)14:27
oimonshame, would be nice to get an idea of what it's like14:28
daubersoimon: Can help you there!14:28
daubersoimon: http://blip.tv/daubers14:28
oimondaubers: can you record audio directly from the PA desk?14:30
daubersoimon: I'm not so worried about filming the talks. Thats kinda sorted, it's more for wandering around the exhibition bit and stuff14:31
oimoni guess you could take it to a wtherspoons pub for ambient chatter noise14:31
daubersoimon: I was going to go to the local shopping center :)14:32
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popeyhttp://twitpic.com/5zbuza   oops16:07
ascenseurpopey: what's occurin'? :)16:08
popeylots of it16:09
ascenseurand don't we know it!16:09
BigRedSthat's going to be annoying16:09
BigRedS(not for me, which is nice)16:09
ascenseurpopey: aha, and yes, that's bad :/ luckily my train ride skips croydon!16:09
gordits so hot :( i may melt16:10
ascenseuri am melting!16:10
* popey puts ice in the gord16:15
daubersWoot! New air conditioned office ftw16:15
BigRedSyeah, I'm now dreading going home after these stories16:15
popeybest decision ever, buying a fridge/freezer which makes ice16:15
BigRedSit's quite pleasant in my air conditioned office16:15
* daubers imagines popey shovelling ice from the fridge with his new snow shovel16:16
davmor2if it keeps up like this I may resort to the aircon unit over the fan :)16:16
davmor2popey: that mudslides really bad I mean I turn the picture upside down and it still didn't clear16:35
davmor2I forgot to ask who was installing sim city 2000 in dosbox did they do it and did it work?16:41
MartijnVdSit works fine17:12
MartijnVdSjust put the installtion files in some dir17:12
MartijnVdSmount that path in dosbox17:12
MartijnVdSand run it17:12
davmor2MartijnVdS: Cool glad it worked :)17:38
kvarleyUsing Quickly how do I add the deb icon? So when the deb is opened in the Software Centre the icon appears?17:57
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popeyEvening all18:47
gorddear ubuntu gods, can we just alias les to less already =\18:51
davmor2gord: NO! repent sinner for even thinking such a thing18:52
MartijnVdSgord: this is what ~/.bashrc is for19:01
gordMartijnVdS, no no no19:01
gordonce you start editing bashrc for your own lazyness, you end up not being able to use anyone elses computer19:02
MartijnVdSgord: ln -s it from ~/Ubuntu\ One/.bashrc19:02
daubersgord: I used to know someone who's bashrc ran into the thousands of lines19:05
* bigcalm slaps mc.net - let me log in!19:05
daubersmostly of typos to real commands19:05
MartijnVdSthere's also a shopt for that19:05
peng42phoneYawn, repeat (train,  change) until home19:06
MartijnVdScdspell If set, minor errors in the spelling of a directory com‐ ponent  in  a  cd command will be corrected.19:06
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MartijnVdSyou could also patch the command-not-found package to automatically RUN the first suggestion if it's already installed19:08
peng42phoneOoh dangerous19:09
MartijnVdSpeng42phone: as an option, of course19:09
MartijnVdSmr some_file19:09
MartijnVdSoops, didn't want rm anyway..19:09
MartijnVdSsomething like that ;)19:09
webpigeonMartijnVdS, you didn't need it anyway... right? :P19:10
MartijnVdSwebpigeon: probably not19:10
MartijnVdSwebpigeon: especially in the (very) long run19:10
MartijnVdSwebpigeon: (think geological time)19:11
webpigeonuniverse.sh ?19:11
peng42phoneStill 2 trains from. Home19:12
MartijnVdSpeng42phone: I'm always 2 trains from home when I'm at work :)19:13
MartijnVdSOn all 3 alternative routes :)19:13
peng42phoneThis is a 4 train route19:13
MartijnVdSEnglish trains too19:14
peng42phoneEastern English trains at that19:14
webpigeonpeng42phone, cd ~19:14
MartijnVdSwebpigeon: or just "cd"19:15
MartijnVdSwebpigeon: it defaults to ~19:15
MartijnVdS(also, it saves on keyboard wear)19:15
webpigeonMartijnVdS, this is true, but with your autocorrect script running, who knows ;)19:15
MartijnVdSwebpigeon: I have "oops.pl" running in irssi19:16
MartijnVdSso when I type just "ls" it does /names :)19:16
MartijnVdSor "whois" in a query19:17
peng42phoneMartijnvds: what happens when you type rm in your irc?19:24
MartijnVdSpeng42phone: nothing19:24
MartijnVdSpeng42phone: though linking it to /kick or /kickban would be nice ;)19:24
MartijnVdSpeng42phone: rm = kick, rm -rf = ban :)19:25
MartijnVdSpeng42phone: and sudo would be some command to nickserv19:25
MartijnVdSto get ops19:25
webpigeonsudo <cmd> = nickserv op <cmd> nickserv deop19:27
MartijnVdSwebpigeon: sudo -s = just nickserv op19:27
KartiHi any Thunderbird gurus on here? Having trouble saving settings19:28
MartijnVdSKarti: of what?19:28
MartijnVdSKarti: a single account, or "Preferences"?19:28
KartiMartijnVdS, Within my settings (all is working by the way) any time I change my junk settings they are "not remembered"19:29
MartijnVdSKarti: did you copy your profile from a different place, or did you create it "new"?19:30
KartiAll from new. Moved acros from Evolution19:30
MartijnVdSKarti: what are you setting the junk setting to?19:31
Kartias it looked like thunderbird was going to be the default on 11.1019:31
MartijnVdSit is19:31
Kartiall my accounts point to Global Local settings (I like to save on my HD rather than teh server) and teh junk should go to local settings Junk folder19:32
MartijnVdSI have no idea what could cause this19:33
MartijnVdSHave you tried looking on the Mozilla wiki, or in bug lists?19:33
KartiHa d a google look and seen some details but all some time ago.19:34
KartiI will search teh lists and see if any recent bugs have been accepted19:34
MartijnVdSif not, please file one yourself19:35
KartiMartijnVdS, Thanks for the assistance19:35
MartijnVdSthere should be an option to do that in the menu19:35
Kartiwill do19:35
ikoniapopey: I'll be interested in how your flash experiment goes and compare notes20:03
popeyHad my first video that wont play :D20:05
ikoniapopey: which site ?20:06
peng42phoneRight, on the last of the trains for today20:06
popeya youtube video20:06
ikoniainteresting, I had no problems with html5 youtube20:08
Davieypopey: I have had no sound on some html5 youtube videos20:13
DavieyIs it going to be a mistake if i try minecraft?20:18
webpigeon_laptopDaviey, productivity-wise, probably :P20:19
daubersDaviey: define "mistake"20:21
daubersAlso, the /topic should be updated :)20:21
* webpigeon_laptop hides20:27
=== AlanBell changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting 9th August 21:00 UK time #ubuntu-uk-meeting http://tinyurl.com/uukmeet
AlanBellyou can run but you can't hide20:28
DJonesDaviey: The mistake would be not trying minecraft :)20:29
oimon1evening chaps..having a video /dvd issue20:33
oimon1adding some m4v files to a dvd that i am combining to a single dvd20:33
oimon1first 3 files work fine, then the final file i am adding is reported at 125 fps instead of 25 and the preview in devede is playing wrongly..any ideas?20:34
ali1234convert everything into png sequence and wav with ffmpeg first20:35
ali1234then specify framerates by hand20:35
ali1234put it all back together as a nice editable format20:36
oimon1sounds like a lot of work20:36
ali1234then fix audio sync manually by skewing in a good video editor20:36
ali1234yeah, it's a lot of work20:36
ali1234but it pays well :)20:36
* Daviey ponders 13.95...20:37
Davieyanyone wanna buy me a gift certificate? :)20:37
oimon1ali1234: you have any experience with a gui editor? i'm a bit noob at video encolding20:39
ali1234oimon1: only adobe20:39
ali1234has anyone ever tried to buy a kindle off amazon.com? (instead of amazon.co.uk)20:44
popeyi did20:44
ali1234what happened?20:44
ali1234see, i have a gift balance on amazon.com20:45
popeyit arrived in the post shortly after20:45
ali1234it's in dollars, cannot be used on .co.uk20:45
popeyexactly what I had :D20:45
ikoniaso if you buy one from .com you can't use it to shop at .co.uk ?20:45
popeyit arrived and i used it via .com for some months20:45
popeythen they launched in teh uk20:45
popeyand there is a button on amazon.co.uk and it says "migrate your .com kindle"20:46
ali1234well, now you can buy them on .co.uk... .com redirects you20:46
popeyso its easy to migrate20:46
ikoniaahhh, I have that on mine20:46
ali1234maybe if i use a proxy20:47
peng42phone Better, back on the right side of the pennines20:48
hamitroncan you move a .co.uk kindle to .com?20:51
bigcalm[revo]I got the DisplayLink graphics adaptor working \o/21:35
bigcalm[revo]Only at the expense of the nvidia monitors not working at the same time /o\21:35
bigcalm[revo]It's not my night21:56
brobostigongood night, sleep well everyone.22:22
AlanBellhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/656714/ my / drive went read only22:36
AlanBelldoesn't seem to have affected much22:36
AlanBellwhat can I do about it?22:37
AlanBellthis is an ext4 partition running on an SD card22:39
dutchiehave you tried turning it off and on again?22:44
dutchie(perhaps with a fsck in the middle)22:44
AlanBellfunnily enough I have22:44
AlanBellit did it again, not sure an fsck happened though22:44
AlanBellis there a way to force that on boot?22:45
dutchienot sure, there it might be a kernel command option22:45
dutchieor just boot a live environment22:45
AlanBellright now the thing is receiving backups from other computers to an attached disk that is read/write still. I will try some other stuff tomorrow.22:46
AlanBellI can take the sd card out and plug it in my laptop to fsck22:46
AlanBellall servers should boot from SD cards22:46
AlanBelland all SD cards should not do silly faily things like this22:47
directhexmount -o remount,rw /22:48
directhexyou can force a fsck by writing a file called "forcefsck" to the root of a partition22:49
AlanBellcool, I will do that tomorrow, thanks directhex22:51
BomsterAnyone from the Lakes, spent much time up there? Sorry I'm always spamming this channel with random shit22:55
StevenRBomster: I grew up in that part of the world22:56
Bomsterme and a few friends want to plan a trip there. Do you think it will be possible to have a start point and an end point, about 3 days walking apart, and just set up our tent at oubs in between?22:57
StevenRat pubs?22:57
Bomsterjust somewhere to eat etc22:58
Bomsterand pitch up22:58
hamitronwill depend on the pub at a guess ;)22:58
StevenRhow do you intend to get from end back to start?22:58
StevenRleave one car at end?22:58
Bomsteryeah, we were hoping to hitch or taxi back to the car at point A22:59
StevenRBomster: you can't just camp anywhere, but there are campsites.22:59
StevenRyou might struggle to hitch22:59
StevenRyou could also do a circular route22:59
hamitronor choose locations with a train?22:59
Bomsteryeah, thats what I was asking really, is there enough places to camp for us to be able to find23:00
Bomsteryeah, a circular route is probably a batter idea23:00
StevenRhamitron: there's not a great deal of train in the lakes23:00
StevenRunless you could the L+H23:00
Bomstera circular route is no problem23:00
Bomsterjust want to incorporate Scafell Pike and Helvelyn23:00
Bomster(soz for bad spelling)23:01
StevenR(I assume you're sufficiently comfy with navigatin in fog, have all the appropriate kit, etc)23:01
BomsterGot quite alot of kit, done alot of travelling round Europe23:02
hamitron"yeh man, I got my smart phone"23:02
Bomsterand that ;)23:02
StevenR(I met a tourist once in the middle of the cairngorms once, with a pac-a-mac and some jaffa cakes, and a lonely planet guide to scotland for naviagational aid23:02
hamitronI don't like jaffa cakes23:03
StevenRit's ok. he walked past us that evening on the way out23:03
StevenRbut utterly ill prepared23:03
directhexi went to the lakes once or twice. in-laws used to have a flat there23:04
directhexspent my time at the pub.23:04
BomsterSounds goo23:04
directhexalso went to a wedding23:04
directhexand got stuck driving up a delightful local road called "the struggle" during a snowstorm23:05
BomsterIt's a beautiful place.23:05
hamitroncan I just ask.....23:05
hamitronwhat is wrong with a pac-a-mac?23:05
* hamitron doesn't wear pro gear23:06
* Bomster wears whatever he can find in charity shops.23:06
StevenRhamitron: in combination with other kit, nothing. But as his sole protection against the elements on a not-very-nice-day in a reasonably remote valley?23:07
hamitronwhen you get rescued by the fit blondes in mountain rescue, you really gotta make an effort man23:07
BomsterIt's not Baywatch, lol.23:07
StevenRwe were worried enough that if we hadn't seen him walk past us on the way out of the mountains, we'd have gone back to find him23:08
BomsterStevenR, can you reccomend anyone I could possibly ring for some more info on the area?23:08
StevenRhe asked if the bothy had a loo... he didn't like the response "Well, there's probably a spade"23:08
StevenRBomster: local TIC?23:09
StevenRmaybe Keswick or Ambleside23:09
BomsterWow, bothys look awesome23:09
BomsterYeah, will give 'em a call.23:09
StevenRmore common in Scotland23:10
StevenRbut it made us laugh alot.23:10
hamitronI got a good book on walks in North Yorkshire Moores23:10
Bomsterlooks amazing - http://www.bothy.com/BothyAld0001_25pc.jpg23:10
hamitronprob something for lakes too23:10
StevenRBomster: where is that?23:10
Bomsterjust saw it on Google Images23:10
BomsterIn Scotland23:11
StevenRBomster: it looks like one I stayed it23:11
BomsterAre they empty inside?23:11
StevenRsome have like... wooden raised bits23:12
StevenRsometimes a bench or a few chairs23:12
Bomsterand they're free?23:12
StevenRyeah. Some ask that you send some money on for upkeep and such23:13
StevenRthere are societys that maintain23:13
StevenRif you ever stay in one, hang any food up23:13
StevenRI had my rucksack liner chewed through once23:14
BomsterPro tip!23:14
StevenR(only a cheap one, so no biggie)23:14
StevenRwrite in the guest book too!23:14
Bomsterof course!23:14
StevenRdon't use all the firewood23:14
BomsterDo you just kip on the floor?23:14
BomsterAlos, do you often meet others in?23:15
StevenRsome have raised areas, like big 6x3 boxes, others have upper floors, varies so much.23:15
StevenRit's considered bad form to take large groups23:15
StevenRcos then you fill them23:16
BomsterOnly 3 of us23:16
StevenRno problems then23:16
StevenRsweep up when you leave and all that.23:16
Bomsterthey sound brilliant23:17
BomsterAre they on most maps?23:17
BomsterOS and the like?23:17
StevenRthe OS maps will show 'em23:17
StevenRusually like "Ryvoan Bothy" with little "building here" square23:17
Bomsterso you reckon there are only a few in the LAkes?23:18
StevenRI don't think there are many23:18
BomsterWhat about in bonnie Scotland?23:18
StevenRthey're more converted/abandonned steadings in Scotland23:18
hamitronbut no beer.....23:18
StevenRhamitron: you carry in whiskey.23:19
BomsterMulti puropse.23:19
StevenRor beer, but whiskey is "lighter"23:19
hamitronalso less filling23:19
* hamitron would plan a route with pubs and/or campsites23:20
BomsterBeer is a freat recovery drink though23:20
hamitronor maybe a farm23:20
Bomsteryeah, think my mates will want pubs and campsites23:20
StevenRBomster: some are marked as "Refuges" like "Fords of Avon Refuge"... and they're just that. That particular one is a tin shack with a cairn built over it in big rocks to hold it down... with just enough space for about 4 people to sit in discomfort rather than die of exposure23:21
Bomsterhaha, is that a bothy?23:22
BomsterRefuge = bothy?23:22
StevenRa bothy is an old house or steading that's a nice place to live23:22
StevenRor at least stay for a night23:22
BomsterSo Pub>Campsite>Bothy>Refuge, lol?23:23
StevenRa refuge is a place you hide for a little while because it's better than dieing in the mountains. Like if you had to drag yourself somewhere to wait for the mountain rescue to rock up and stretcher you out.23:23
hamitronB&B also23:24
StevenRBomster: is that the one? FoAR ?23:24
StevenRI thought it was (been about 5 years since I went there)23:24
StevenRit's at the join of 4 valleys in the cairngorms. It's got no floor, it probably leaks a bit, etc.23:25
StevenRit's litterally a refuge23:25
Bomsterapparantly it regurlaly has a few inches of water23:25
Bomsterthis is supposed to be a good read - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mountain-Days-Bothy-Nights-Luath/dp/094648715423:26
StevenRit's in a hugely accessible, but very exposed position23:26
BomsterCan you get OS maps from local libraries?23:26
BomsterAlso would you say Lake District > Peak District23:30
StevenRnot been to the PD enough to say23:30
BomsterThe Lakes are more mountainous I guess?23:31
BomsterNight guys, thanks alot for all the info and all your help. Cheers.23:40
Bomsternick Bomster|Away23:40
=== Bomster is now known as Bomsrer|Away
Bomsrer|AwayDef tired.23:40

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