MarkDudegrantbow, I am headed to Scala01:05
grantbownice, me too01:06
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MarkDudeHey there iheartubuntu01:51
iheartubuntuhey hey, whats new01:52
MarkDudeI have happy plants- they survived my trip to Portland01:52
MarkDudeLast 2 years they died during my absence01:52
iheartubuntuhas it been cooler there? its been for the most part, nice and comfortable down here01:52
MarkDudeHere too- I know it helped to not have 100+01:53
akkThe cape gooseberries (including the seedlings in pots) all did great while I was in LA.01:53
MarkDudeRight on akk01:53
iheartubuntumy dad is nursing my gooseberry01:53
MarkDudeSome of mine cut back on blooms01:53
akk2 weeks away, and I was afraid they wouldn't have enough water to last, but they look very healthy.01:53
MarkDudeThey are super tough01:53
iheartubuntuive leveled my garden01:53
MarkDudeThey can hold off flowering and wait til more water01:53
akkAlso, two of my spider plants are actually putting out spiders! Great excitement.01:54
sn9meeting night?01:55
akksn9: Aw, you mean you want us to talk about ubuntu and not gardening?01:56
sn9i have reduced relevance in a different category01:56
MarkDudeIts not meeting time yet01:57
sn9it's almost 8pm here01:57
MarkDudeYour relevance is rife with discussion possibilities sn901:57
MarkDude2 minutes and counting01:58
grantbowhorse shoes and hand grenades?01:58
MarkDudeSitting next to Dangerous MFing grantbow at moment01:58
pleia2hi everyone :)02:00
iheartubuntuhiya lyz02:00
pleia2Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/11July3102:00
pleia2who all is here for the meeting?02:00
epswith silver bells and cockle shells02:00
pleia2oh no, MarkDude and grantbow sitting together irl for the meeting02:00
pleia2ok, we'll jump right in then02:01
pleia2(we'll do announcements at the end)02:01
pleia2[TOPIC] Final review of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/ApprovalApplication201102:01
pleia2we've reviewed this a few times at meetings and on the mailing list so I think we're ready to submit it, but I just wanted to double-check no one else had comments02:01
akkoh, good, some red people. xchat was showing everybody else who's here as light blue or green.02:02
rwwpleia2: looks fine to me02:02
rww(and yes, I actually read it this time :P)02:03
pleia2thanks rww :)02:03
pleia2I'll add it to the council agenda and send a note to the list when the meeting is going to be02:03
pleia2[TOPIC] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Picnix20 planning02:04
epsakk: I see dim people02:04
pleia2we actually only have one more meeting before the end of august when this happens, but I'm not particularly worried - we've done this before :)02:04
pleia2I'll nudge aaditya for our table number, but we pretty much just need to get our list-of-stuff to bring sorted and we'll be good for the picnic02:04
epsI'm worried ... the last message I saw about the picnic was dated July 16 ...02:05
grantbowworry not :-)02:05
eps... it said the reservation database was supposed to open two weeks ago now02:06
epsIt hasn't happened. :-(02:06
pleia2eps: aaditya is the organizer this year, might nudge him about it02:06
epsTheir wiki looks like it hasn't been touched since March.02:06
MarkDudeAre there cookies on list again?02:06
* rww ponders pretending to be a mootbot to make pleia2 happy :P02:07
* MarkDude is cookie monster02:07
grantboweps: please talk to aditya with concerns. I would appreciate your effort on this temendously02:07
eps*I* am not the organizer.02:07
pleia2MarkDude: heather said she'd make ubuntu cookies :) and I'm making android cookies!02:07
grantboweps: aaditya is02:07
pleia2eps: our table is set for the picnic, so there aren't really organizational concerns for the california team specifically02:08
pleia2if you have personal questions about registration, aaditya is the one to talk to02:08
epsThe concern is whether there's even going to be a picnic, since there has been *nothing* online ... not on their wiki, facebook, mailing list, anything as far as I can see.02:09
pleia2there is02:09
MarkDudepleia2, fair enough- as long as cookies are represented02:09
pleia2MarkDude :)02:09
pleia2anyway, if anyone is bringing things they can add them to the wiki page (I also made a loco directory event, you can rsvp there if you want, I'll add the picnic rsvp to the site once it's active): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Picnix2002:10
pleia2[TOPIC] Announcements, comments, other topics02:10
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam is happening Sept 2-4, Labor day weekend02:11
pleia2no one has anything planned yet, but if you want to plan something now is the time to start :)02:11
pleia2(I'll be out of town)02:11
philipballewso cal will *probably have one02:12
pleia2I suspect jono will have one in walnut creek02:12
* philipballew needs to get his act together on it02:12
* MarkDude will be down south for wedding then, and OLF for the next02:12
rwwI'll be in college starting craziness then, so count me out :(02:13
pleia2oh, berkeleylug and partimus reserved a booth at solano stroll the OLF weekend (Sept 11th) so that's upcoming in september too02:13
grantbowI will be preparing for a trip but will attend.02:13
MarkDudeDamn, that is fun, I dont want to miss the stroll02:13
pleia2MarkDude: sorry :) I didn't realize it either until beth lynn pointed it out to me while we were planning the partimus bit02:14
pleia2so many events, so little time02:14
MarkDudeSpeaking in Ohio then02:14
grantbowmore clones02:14
philipballewi will be to rww , but if its on a saturday or something no class in session02:14
pleia2anyone else have announcements or other things?02:14
rwwphilipballew: gonna be my first semester there, so I'll be busy anyway :)02:15
philipballewoh nice :) good luck wherever it is rww02:15
MarkDudewhere is it rww?02:16
pleia2ok, I think we'll wrap up the meeting then02:16
pleia2going once..!02:16
* MarkDude had his penguin suit disappear at OSCON02:17
pleia2oh dear02:17
MarkDudekeep eye out for it02:17
MarkDudeI know02:17
MarkDudeI will email list-02:17
pleia2thanks everyone02:17
* philipballew will chase anyone down he sees in a penguin suit02:17
rwwMarkDude: How was the Fedora booth at OSCON?02:17
MarkDudeok thats all- its been a bit stressful02:17
akkDang! I never got to see MarkDude wearing the suit.02:17
grantbowthanks pleia202:18
* rww was chatting with someone else who went the other day02:18
MarkDudeit was great02:18
MarkDudeas was Ubuntu's02:18
MarkDudethey had full staff as well as Ryan Singer there02:18
MarkDudeOregon team will be official soon also02:18
pleia2woohoo oregon02:19
rwwMarkDude: nice02:20
MarkDudeIs nice not to be acting lead anymore02:21
rwwMarkDude: how on earth did you lose a penguin suit02:21
MarkDudewas kinda wierd02:21
MarkDuderww they had no coatrack02:21
epsWere you wearing it at the time? Is there video?02:21
MarkDudeso it was at entrance02:21
MarkDudethere are video before02:21
philipballew pleia2 does anyone have a global jam planned for so cal?02:24
pleia2philipballew: not currently02:25
iheartubuntuphil are you going to be down in socal with school again?02:26
philipballewwell If noone has any plan for one, I can easily find a place to do one at. yeah iheartubuntu i leave here in a few weeks02:26
iheartubuntuif there is one in SD i could make the trip02:27
philipballewi was thinking on say a saturday, because we all have work during the week02:27
iheartubuntuor we could plan something a bit more north if nathan would be avail02:27
philipballewthat would work. if nathan is down02:27
iheartubuntuim planning a new UbuntuOne to coincide with the claremont colleges starting up again.. right now its a ghost town02:28
pleia2Ubuntu Hour? :)02:28
iheartubuntuohh yah02:28
philipballewim not sure the type of place that the global jam should be held at02:29
pleia2philipballew: since people need to have computers and internet it has to be some place that's friendly to that sort of thing02:29
iheartubuntui think nathan is working on a new ubuntu one :)02:29
pleia2we do it at a pizzeria, but jdeslip knows the owners and are aware of frequent berkeleylug meetings02:29
iheartubuntui'll stick with ubuntu hours02:29
philipballewbut like how many people would you expect to show up?02:30
pleia21 or 100 :)02:30
pleia2depends on the venue, timing, area...02:30
pleia2the biggest one I've hosted was about 30 people, was in an office building back in philly02:30
iheartubuntuive been exploring downtown LA a bunch lately... seems like a ton of tech people around there... i think it might be an interesting experiment since a bunch of metro lines converge in downtown02:31
pleia2the berkeleylug ones tend to be standard berkeleylug turnout, 5-12 people02:31
pleia2if you don't have the space you can limit registration though02:31
philipballewhaha, true, so a coffee shop I have help host the ubuntu hours there might be to small02:31
pleia2depends on how friendly the coffee shop is to you taking up space with laptops and internet :)02:32
philipballewif i get there at a "non-meal" time and call ahead and say 10-20 people will be here and buying food, I dont see how they can turn that down02:33
philipballewunless nhaines has any global jam planes\02:34
pleia2jyo: are you editing the meeting agenda page?02:35
philipballewill email darkwing and kevin and see what their ideas are02:36
iheartubuntuphil, please keep me informed of any updates02:37
philipballewiheartubuntu, emails sent. ill tweet you if i get anything probably02:41
iheartubuntuok awesome thanks02:41
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pleia2g 10202:42
iheartubuntulike a g10202:46
iheartubuntuits better than a g602:46
MarkDudefly like that <<<< yep02:46
philipballewfeelin so fly!02:46
jyopleia2: Nay.02:48
iheartubuntuwait til its friday02:49
iheartubuntugotta have my cereal02:50
philipballewthat represents american consumerism02:50
philipballewand the back seat is a metaphor for American forgen policy02:51
iheartubuntucruisin so fast, i want time to fly (in my g6)02:51
philipballewmaybe the ubuntu ca group needs to go see them in concert02:52
philipballew...not Rebekkah black02:52
philipballewiheartubuntu, did you ever think about the game night thing?02:53
iheartubuntui have a list of a bunch of games some place, but the overall feel of my list is pointing to first person shooter multiplayer02:54
philipballewurben terror is nice02:55
philipballewwould somebody be running a server of the game someone picks?02:55
iheartubuntui think an MMORPG or whatever its called like Regnum Online would be a lot of fun since we can all see each other and we can all be on the same team. there are no limits to amount of players, etc02:55
philipballewseemes like a good idea02:57
iheartubuntuhow often should we do it? once a month? twice a month... for an hour or two after each meeting would be nice02:57
philipballewwe could go against other distros! haha02:58
philipballewit could just always be on and whoever wants to play can play and we also have planned nights02:58
iheartubuntuok, i'll clean up my list of games, and create a pro/con list for each game and have this ready for next team meeting here in two weeks02:59
philipballewill back you up on it02:59
iheartubuntufor anyone running an Ubuntu Hour, i recommend posting to forums, mailing list, etc 3 or 4 days before. I notice more people when i do this03:00
iheartubuntulast pasadena UH was 8 people because of this. when i sent these notes out the day of the UH it was just 4 people03:01
akkYeah, it's always kind of jarring to hear about an ubuntu hour happening in 3 hours that you never knew about before ...03:01
iheartubuntuok PB03:01
iheartubuntuakk - yah this way people can plan for it better03:02
philipballewi think the mailing list can be limiting somewhat due to not many people being on it iheartubuntu03:02
akkThe mailing list is the best way, for me -- if it's on twitter or facebook or something, I'll only see it if I happen to check in at the right time.03:02
pleia2twitter has over 1000 followers, far more than any of our other resources03:02
iheartubuntuits just one method. scribble out 10-15 ideas how to promote a UH and implement 3-5 of them.03:02
pleia2but anything we put in the loco directory is posted on twitter the day of03:03
rwwexcept it's twitter, so 99% of them are spammers or people who don't actually check their account :P03:04
pleia2maybe 10%03:04
MarkDudeHappy reminder for MLs day- its starting now03:04
pleia2lots of people are real :)03:04
pleia2MarkDude: hah, yeah, I was like "it's august!?"03:05
philipballewwhat about facebook? how often is that updated?03:05
rwwtwitter user retention after a month is about 40%03:05
pleia2rww: I was trying to balance your made up statistic with one of my own, in the other direction03:06
MarkDudeCoreboot is in Denmark- so they are 1st for me03:06
rwwpleia2: hehe03:06
rwwphilipballew: aiui, the team Facebook, Twitter, and identi.ca are all updated identically often03:06
pleia2yeah, it's automatically cross-posted03:06
akkJust remember, 78.6% of all statistics are made up.03:07
MarkDudeakk lol03:07
philipballewtwitter is the best social medium today imo03:07
rwwword of mouth is the best social medium :P03:07
akkI have no idea what % of twitter followers are bots/spammers; but even of the real people, not all of them will be monitoring at any given time.03:07
akkIRC is the best social medium. :)03:07
philipballewi get ubuntu ca tweets sent to my cell phone03:08
rwwphilipballew: nerd!03:08
* rww used to get IRC highlights sent to his cellphone >.>03:08
akkI see tweets if 1. I'm at the computer 2. I'm not busy working on stuff and 3. xchat hasn't forgotten its marker line again, so I can see where the new tweets start03:08
philipballewdo we have a g+ account yet?03:11
jyoThere's no org g+ accounts yet, right?03:11
akkI think that's right.03:12
rwwCompany g+ accounts are in closed don't-ask-us-we'll-ask-you trial.03:15
rwwe.g. https://plus.google.com/11427768754810333960903:15
pleia2ah :)03:15
jyoI think I'm going to organize my circles by affilation and geographical locations.03:16
philipballewmine are all in following myself i think03:16
philipballewdoes anyone know how I can tell what a program is written in so I can know how to complie the tarball?03:31
grantbowtry running strings on it03:33
rwwphilipballew: so you have some source code files and want to know what language it is? 'file' command.03:33
philipballewyeah. i downloaded the humblee inde bundle! and 2 of the games come in tar.bz03:34
rwwso extract them and run the files inside?03:40
iheartubuntuusually inside is an installer file... like cogs.bin or whatever03:41
philipballewthere is just a launcher to run the program03:42
jyoIs there a compile-it-yourself discount version? :)03:42
philipballewits really weird03:42
philipballewi ususlly only pay a penny to download them and pay more when i get them running.03:42
philipballewim thinking 10 dollars03:42
iheartubuntui paid $15 for bundle #1, $15 for #2 and eeeeekkkk only $5 for #3. im trying to budget my mulah these days03:48
philipballewi didnt have any money for 1 therefor didnt get it and never found a url for it03:48
philipballewiheartubuntu, how did you install the tarballs for 3?03:49
iheartubuntui  have only had time for Cogs so far.. and it had an installer03:49
iheartubuntuthese tar games though i have never figured out how to install... just run the game.03:50
iheartubuntuyou could put the extracted tar in a games directory and then create a desktop or menu link03:50
iheartubuntuthats my lazy way :)03:50
philipballewthe thing i dont understand is the tarballs dont have a way to make. check install like most tarballs03:51
nhainesThe Ubuntu Font Family now has a compressed font available.  (for a certain value of available.)18:24
nhainesI'm not really sure what I'd use it for.  :)  But it's not bad.18:25
* MarkDude plans to use it on a few Fedora items, want to see if anyone notices ;D18:28
* negronjl is away: out to lunch18:33
pleia2negronjl: please don't use public away messages here18:33
negronjlpleia2:  sorry...didn't know they'll get posted on _every_ channel.18:33
* MarkDude is watering garden, but is monitoring :)18:34
pleia2it'll get you kicked from -meeting18:34
pleia2and -classroom18:34
pleia2so you should probably turn it off :)18:34
negronjlpleia2:  will do18:34
* MarkDude got heads up a while ago on changing nicks18:34
MarkDudeHmmm, every channel.18:35
nhainesI was hoping for hinted Ubuntu Monospace.  :(  Unhinted is beautiful in Ubuntu and in PuTTY on Windows it *almost* makes that a pleasant experience except Windows XP apparently uses the Windows 3.0 font renderer or something because it is *ugly*.  :)18:35
MarkDudepleia2, is awesome. She is very helpful on cluing folks in18:35
* MarkDude included ;)18:35
akkThere's always a need for better monospace fonts. Especially sans-serif ones.18:36
* pleia2 nods18:36
akkEspecially if they have a wide selection of characters (accented, emdashes etc.)18:37
akkThat's still a problem with a lot of the monospace fonts.18:37
nhainesUbuntu Monospace is beautiful.  The difference in Evolution was instant.18:40
nhainesUnfortunately, the font size is annoying.  :)18:40
akkFonts are so frustrating -- they render so differently on every screen and distro, so I have to go through a long selection process with every machine+distro.18:42
akkI wish I could just pick a font that looks nice and has an aspect ratio I like, and use that everywhere, maybe just changing the size slightly18:42
akkbut with most fonts, changing the size drastically changes how it renders and what its aspect ratio is.18:43
bkerensaHi All18:50
pleia2g'day bkerensa18:50
* bkerensa used to be a Californian18:50
* bkerensa is now a Califoregonian 18:50
akkClose enough. :)18:52
* bkerensa was born in the Sac18:59
MarkDudebkerensa, is now lead for Oregon18:59
MarkDudeAnd also a badass18:59
pleia2oh good, I'm glad that got sorted :)19:00
MarkDudeYes, remote management is less than ideal at times19:01
bkerensaSpotufy needs to fix their repo19:06
bkerensaSpotify even19:06
bkerensapleia2: Your council? If so I wanna pick your brain sometime :)19:13
locodir-userhey all21:33
locodir-userI dont know if im in the right place but I need some help with a shell script21:33
locodir-userany volunteers21:34
philipballewhas anyone here ever installed ubuntu to a mac ever?23:16
akkI've seen the husband do it. Don't own a mac myself.23:17
philipballewfriend gave me a mac to install it on akk it doesnt install the typical way as i keep getting an error when i boot from the cd saying unable to find a medium containing a live file system” error when installing23:19
philipballewwhich seemes odd myself23:20
philipballewubuntu mac needs an irc haha23:21
MarkDudeIt depends on exact arch with it philipballew23:22
* MarkDude has seen it done23:22
MarkDudein a few ways- and am not talking about old PPC arch either23:23
philipballewMarkDude, well the laptop has 4 gigs ram so 64 bit seems the best way23:23
* MarkDude does not know how to do it however23:23
philipballewtheres a mac wiki on ubuntu.com i looked at for a few minutes23:23
pleia2I suspect MarkDude meant ppc vs x86 macs23:24
pleia2but if it has 4G of ram it's not ppc23:24
MarkDudeWell even with *86 - I have seen the tools vary23:25
MarkDudesexycatsin hats is expert on this23:25
pleia2we installed ubuntu on a macbook at an ubuntu hour once, it wasn't a problem23:25
pleia2but yeah, it uses that boot thing in the beginning which can be weird23:25
philipballeweffi or something i think it said pleia2 . i guess i have to boot into osx and install that probably23:26
pleia2I've only ever installed linux on old ppc macs23:27
jyoIs there some EFI funkiness with the install?23:28
philipballewme as well, done it 3 times this month. osx is way to locked down23:28
philipballewjyo, not sure. its different then pc instals haha23:28
kdub_philipballew: i dunno if i can do a full day bug jam23:29
kdub_maybe for a bit in the morning or something23:30
kdub_that, and i need to coordinate schedules, see if i can even do that :P23:30
philipballewI would assume morning is best time for anything haha23:30
philipballewdarkwing said he wants to do alot of that planning for it and get some people to come23:32
kdub_yeah, life's been hectic over here the last few months23:33
akkI think on macs you have to press a key (c?) to boot from a live cd.23:34
philipballewsorry bout that kdub_  work stressful?23:34
akkThere used to be severe EFI problems but supposedly those have been fixed with grub2.23:34
philipballewakk yeah, thats when i get the funky error. i might just try a different cd and see what i get with that23:34
akk(the one thing grub2 is better at than grub1 ...)23:34
kdub_philipballew: nah, lots of other things though. plus its summer in SD, outside calls23:35
philipballewi hear this summer is nice weather23:36
philipballewakk is it always gonna be the slowest speed is best on burning?23:36
philipballewi always do 10x23:36
akkI always try to use the slowest speed -- I have really bad luck with burning.23:42
akkBut mostly linux cd burning apps ignore anything you tell them about speed anyway, and do whatever they feel like doing.23:42
philipballewhaha, k3b is what i use. its good for most things i need23:44
akkk3b definitely did that, ignored what I told it about speed23:47
akkback when I could use it -- now it has a hundred requirements I don't want to install, so I quit using it23:47
philipballewwhat do you use? akk23:52
akkhonestly, I can't remember -- the last few times I burned CDs I used cdrecord, and before that, I think maybe I used the xfce one (xfburn?)23:53
akkbut I have such terrible luck with CDs, I've pretty much stopped even trying to burn them.23:53
akkI used to do it maybe once a year, and I would discover that my CD drive had stopped working since the last time23:53
akkand I'd either buy a new cable or a new cd drive, and it would work, and I'd be good for another 6-12 months 'til the next time.23:54
akkAnd they don't last long anyway, and USB sticks are so much smaller to carry around.23:54
philipballewcd's are becoming out of date in some regard23:55
kdub_cds are way out of date23:57

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