marcoceppiWhen's the next gathering in DC?16:28
macoin theory every saturday afternoon/evening16:29
macoi havent been to one in a while though and will be out of town the next two saturdays, so i dont know who'll be there16:30
ChinnoDogI'll go when maco goes.16:53
macothats gonna be a while16:53
macoi'm at pennsic the next two weekends, a wedding the one after that..16:53
ChinnoDogI don't have any confirmed reports that other people are going so I don't mind waiting.16:54
macothe mailing list is the best place to ask who's going16:54
macoas you can see only a tiny handful actually use irc16:54
* maco points at nick list, which contains 4 bots16:54
ChinnoDogoh. Is that where everyone is?16:54
macoer no... 5 bots16:55
ChinnoDog4? Who is a bot besides meting?16:55
macochanserv, lubotu1, ubuntulo12, ubuntulo1_16:55
ChinnoDogI didn't know. Too many bots.17:02
ChinnoDogI'm not going to be here this weekend anyway. I'll be in PA.17:04
marcoceppiinteresting, thanks17:33
marcoceppiI subscribe but man there are a lot of messages from the mailing list17:33
ChinnoDogok, I subscribed and joined loco on Launchpad17:39
macoChinnoDog: subscriptions approved17:46
macomarcoceppi: yeah thats a really new thing. i dont know what happened, but suddenly there's more than 3 emails a month17:46
maco(though still not what i'd call "a lot" relative to many of the other lists i'm on)17:47
macodebian-devel is like 70 messages a week17:48
maconow /that/ is a lot17:48
marcoceppimaco: Considering I don't typically do lists, it's a lot for me :)17:48
macoi was on about 75 lists last i counted17:48
marcoceppimaybe I should stop having it come in as volumes and instead to it piece by piece18:00
macoare you set to digest?18:01
macotrouble with digest is trying to reply to them breaks things18:01
macosooo much quotes to cut out and then the thread gets broken and rawr18:01
marcoceppiyeah, I haven't really replied because I typically read them on my phone18:01
marcoceppiNot sure how I change that18:05
macothe "unsubscribe or edit options"18:17
macoat the bottom18:17
macoput your email address and itll send you an edit link18:18
marcoceppiah, thanks18:33
marcoceppiwoo who18:34

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