snap-ljrwren: Coolness.01:07
snap-ljrwren: Coming to CHC on Wednesday?01:07
jrwrenprobably not, but maybe i'll get away02:09
jrwrenwhen is mug? this week or next?02:10
rick_h_2nd tues02:10
jrwrenso next week. cool.02:10
rick_h_hmm, what was that speaker rating site that was going around for a while?02:19
snap-lNot sure.02:23
brouschi'm frickin tired. who has coffee for me?11:43
rick_h_no kidding....dragggggggging11:53
snap-lI have coffee, but it'll be a bitch to ship11:58
brouschrick_h_ and snap-l: you both missed out on winning a book at lightning talks11:58
snap-lWhich books?11:58
brouschthere was a tab;e full of them11:58
snap-lAh, so winner's choice?11:58
brouschwow, my typing is not good today11:59
brouschseemed like everything from apress and no starch11:59
snap-lYeah, they seemed pretty well represented.12:00
brouschi picked PYthon for android using sl4a12:00
rick_h_brousch: hah, oh well12:01
snap-lbrousch: Nice!12:02
snap-lDIdn't know that book existed.12:02
snap-lWill need a review. Expecially on Amazon, sice it isn't there. ;)12:02
snap-l(any reviews, that is)12:03
brouschwow, weird12:03
brouschbeen out almost a month according to the apress page12:04
snap-lWell, that too and I stopped getting their newsletter.12:04
snap-lfor a while they didn't have much in the way of Python coming out12:05
snap-land then they drop books like that, and the update to Foundations of Network Python Programming12:05
brouschi got home at midnight. i think the left side of my brain is still sleeping. that half of my head feels heavy12:12
* greg-g waves at all the PyOhio folks12:20
snap-lHey greg-g! Sorry we couldn't make your party last night12:21
greg-gno worries, bad timing/weekend for you pythonistas12:21
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rick_h_greg-g: you're up early post-party12:29
greg-grick_h_: you're telling me12:41
greg-gI about over slept. Was so tired that I set my alarm for 6:30pm. Woke up at 7:20 and rushed to go pay rent and get to the office by 8am12:41
ptenhoopenrick_h_:  I liked your SQLAlchemy presentation.  It was also fun trying to help out on the Bookie sprint even though we spent most of our time setting up!12:44
rick_h_ptenhoopen: awesome! Glad you liked the talk.12:44
rick_h_ptenhoopen: yea, but it was good. Even those that just set it up I think learned a little bit on some new things12:45
rick_h_not many people had done the virtualenv/bootstrap things and the fabric commands for helping to get things running12:45
rick_h_so hopefully it was useful for both me/them12:45
ptenhoopenIt was.12:45
rick_h_as I learned I have some very weak points in my setup12:45
rick_h_and I've already started to redo some docs and update some of the scripts12:45
ptenhoopenI'll be happy to test them.12:46
rick_h_really appreciate everyone that helped with it. I still had fun :)12:46
rick_h_awesome, thanks12:46
ptenhoopenI need to finish the SQLAlchemy homework you gave us.  It was too dang hot in that classroom for me to think!12:47
rick_h_ptenhoopen: yea no kidding12:47
rick_h_while it sucked to watch everyone leave, I couldn't blame anyone.12:47
rick_h_I didn't want to stay in there lol12:47
ptenhoopen85 degrees and climbing12:48
rick_h_feel free to ping me on any of that. I still hope some people try it and help with some of the poor reputation points12:48
brouschreputation points?13:26
jrwrenrick_h_: speakerrate13:26
ptenhoopenrick_h_:  Are you saying that some people didn't like that SQLAlchemy talk?13:29
ptenhoopenOr the reputation of SQLAlchemy?13:30
rick_h_the rep of sqlalchemy as a tool13:31
rick_h_because of all it can do, and the completeness, it's got a reputation as hard to get into, bloated, more than you need, etc13:31
rick_h_my goal was more to fight those initial pain points13:32
rick_h_jrwren: that's it13:32
brouschit is more than you need. every tool is. however the good tools don't let all the power get in the way of what you need it for13:32
rick_h_my sumnmary13:33
brouschhow the hell did you write a blog post already?13:34
rick_h_I got up, and started writing a post :)13:34
jrwrenhe is rick_h_13:34
brouschi'm still combing through my feeds/email13:34
rick_h_work will want a summary, so I'm doing it on day job time13:34
rick_h_ah, well I have a boy that gets up at 6:3013:34
jrwrenprune your feeds/email.13:34
rick_h_and I did most of that catch up when I got home last night13:34
snap-lHeh, I'm so far behind on feeds it's not even funny.13:50
snap-lBut I'll get back up to date ar some point. ;)13:50
snap-lrick_h_: Awesome summary.13:50
snap-lI'll be blogging mine sometime this weekn13:51
snap-lRight now, though, it is time to make a presentation for work.13:52
snap-lWhich is why I'm chatting on IRC. ;)13:52
jrwrendeclare feed bankruptcy. its easy.13:59
snap-lYeah, I will14:03
snap-lWow, the filenames generated by Ubuntu / GNOME's screenshot utility are actively Windows Hostile. ;)14:10
brouscharen't they just Screenshot1.png etc?14:12
snap-lNot with Chrome handling the titme.14:12
snap-ltitle, even14:12
brouschtalk to your wife. i will not tityou14:14
snap-lNot even a little twist?14:14
* greg-g walks away slowly14:19
brouschgreg-g: imagine what will happen here when you're no longer around to enforce manners ;)14:22
* greg-g shudders14:23
snap-lApparently I had a little glitch14:35
snap-lNeato, I think I blew up my fonts.14:39
snap-lAdded Tahoma via the easy to use font installer, and now Impress / Writer won't start.14:39
greg-gno one here happens to have a photo of me presenting anything, do they?14:53
locodir-user_hey whats up14:55
locodir-user_I need some help14:55
greg-ghello there14:55
greg-gplease ask your question14:55
snap-lgreg-g: I thought I had a picture of you presenting at MUG, but I'm not finding it at the moment14:56
greg-gyeah, weird14:56
greg-gI can't find any either14:56
snap-lI love when social sites (like the work social site) ask you to complete your user profile14:57
snap-las if the little bit that made me uncomfortable to enter in the first place wasn't enough14:57
snap-l"sure, here's my twitter, where I use naughty words, and have strong opinions"14:58
snap-l"And my blog, where I do more of the same in more than 140 characters"14:58
snap-lgreg-g: Uploading the one photo I took from that meeting.14:59
greg-galso, that IRC webchat thing on the LoCoDir might get annoying, though that was the first one I saw15:00
locodir-user_hey thats me again15:01
rick_h_snap-l: ooh, good find15:02
brouschgreg-g: if you have video, you can cut out a single frame of you presenting15:02
locodir-user_ok Im stucking in this 2 questions and I hope you guys help me15:02
locodir-user_1. Write a shell script that will give the user 5 chances to pick your favorite color.  2. Write a shell script that will continue to ask for words until the user types in quit. All of the words typed in should be stored in a file called words in the current directory.15:02
_stink_is this for a class assignment?15:03
brouschlocodir-user_: is this homework?15:03
locodir-user_the instructor is beyond good so thats why im here !!15:03
snap-lgreg-g: Got what you need?15:04
locodir-user_the script15:04
locodir-user_if you could15:04
brouschlocodir-user_: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/15:04
snap-llocodir-user_: That was directed at another user.15:04
snap-llocodir-user_: In IRC, if you're directing conversation at a user, it's polite to use their name when doing so. :)15:05
rick_h_locodir-user_: so, going to say this as nicely as possible. The guys/gals here are great and helpful. But no one is going to write your script for you15:05
greg-gsnap-l: hah, I look funny, thanks :)15:05
greg-gbrousch: good point, lemme see if I have anything good.15:05
rick_h_if you have a specific question about some aspect, or want help with a script you're writing, you can paste what you have so far in http://paste.mitechie.com15:05
rick_h_and people are very helpful15:06
snap-lgreg-g: I don't think I look anything like my pictures. ;)15:06
jrwrenthe ##csharp channel actually says NO HOMEWORK in the topic. we've never really need to spell it out here :)15:07
locodir-user_well the problem is I havent done nothing yet because idk where to start , like i know I gotta use the  if statment15:07
jrwrenwow, never programmed before eh?15:08
greg-glocodir-user_: does your teacher have a time you can meet with them to get help?15:08
rick_h_locodir-user_: what class/school is this?15:08
jrwrenand shell is your first language? sounds fun.15:08
_stink_yeah, gawd, shell as first language.15:08
locodir-user_the instructor never done a hands on15:08
locodir-user_in the class15:08
rick_h_right, but I'm going to guess that you've got a book, some lecture notes, "idk where to start" seems a bit of a stretch15:08
jrwrenI love shell. if you are a cmd person, its a great first lang15:09
_stink_locodir-user_: i'd suggest looking for a bash scripting tutorial, and combine that with the link brousch gave above: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/15:09
jrwrenlocodir-user_: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=bash+tutorial   :)15:09
locodir-user_I dont have notes because all what he do just open the book and go through the chapters like its a history class15:09
greg-gbrousch: what would you use to cut the single frame?15:10
brouschgreg-g: ffmpeg split to jpeg, lemme see if i can find it15:11
locodir-user_anyways thank you guys for your time and I dont blame ya15:11
greg-gbe sure to check out those links, locodir-user_ :)15:12
_stink_locodir-user_: learn about how to get user input; how to show the user output; how to use if statements, and how to use a for loop.15:12
_stink_with that, you should be able to get something started15:12
locodir-user_I'll try although my test is n 2 hrs15:13
brouschgreg-g: actually it looks pretty easy in openshot15:15
brouschtrim down the video to a few seconds, export video as image sequence15:15
* greg-g nods15:16
brouschit's in Export video, Advanced tab, Advanced options15:16
jrwrenpoor kid.15:16
snap-lAnd here's where I say "fuck presentations, it's a live demo"15:32
brouschsnap-l: eh?15:37
snap-lFighting with powerpoint is not something I particularly care to do. ;)15:38
snap-lSo I am better using the time to figure out LiveMeeting instead.15:39
snap-lWhich, of course, is proving to be the proverbial needle in haystack15:39
snap-lI swear, corporate web portals need to be abolished.15:40
brouschug, impress gave me fits so i used S515:41
brouschpdfs for presentations are good if they support the media you need15:41
snap-lYes, but our lovely company has a standard template for how PowerPoint should be used.15:42
BlazeixPDFs + Impressive are the way to go15:42
snap-lAnd sending out anything that looks like a collection of pages in a presentation format is likely to fall under the "PowerPoint" moniker.15:42
Blazeixthough S5 looks cool15:43
Blazeixit should add CSS3 transitions :)15:43
brouschBlazeix: i came up with a couple of ideas for s5 improvements due to my presentation saturday15:44
Blazeixthere are a ton of web-based presentation apps out there, I haven't had time to really look at them all.15:44
brouschusing notes was hard. i had to alt-tab back and forth to advance the slide, scroll my notes15:49
brouschi was thinking of making the browser stretch across both monitors, then have a vertical divider you can position where you want it. slides on the projector side, notes on the screen side. then they'd advance together15:50
rick_h_brousch: I think as you do more presentations15:51
rick_h_you tend to get more into a story a slide and can recall/do it on the fly vs notes like that15:51
jrwrenthe github founder wrote and s5 replacement/killer15:51
brouschrick_h_: i can't speak without a script. i am horrible15:52
rick_h_one of the pains of the html presentations are the ones that don't support working via the presentation remote15:52
jrwrenbrousch: just use 2 browser windows and script their sync15:52
rick_h_where you need to use arrows vs click/etc15:52
Blazeixjrwren: do you recall the name/link to that s5 competitor? My searches are coming up dry15:53
jrwreni'll look15:55
jrwrenhttp://schacon.github.com/ wrote it15:58
jrwrennot really s5 since i see its a sinatra app15:59
brouscha whowha?15:59
brouschthere is some kind of weird disconnect between the title of this book and its description http://www.apress.com/978143023569916:06
jrwrenzomg https://code.google.com/p/ganeti/16:07
brouschthe title is Pro Python for android, the description is Pro Scripting, and includes oither languages16:07
snap-lrick_h_: Did we need to come back from pyOhio?18:19
snap-lI'm starting to think that was a mistake. ;)18:19
brouschsnap-l: my python/android book is on amazon http://www.amazon.com/Android-Python-SL4A-Paul-Ferrill/dp/143023569118:24
brouschwell, the book that i won, not my book18:24
brouschbah, but it has the wrong description, like the apress site18:26
brouschi submitted that bug to apress already18:26
snap-lbrousch: Yeah, I put it in my wishlist already.18:30
brouschrick_h_: I sense restraint in your description of my talk in your blog post. I'm sure I pushed at least 2 of your buttons18:50
snap-lwtf, wsgi lite?19:03
brouschsnap-l: wft. are you viewing my screen?19:04
brouschi just hit that article 1 minute ago19:05
snap-lGet off of reddit. ;)19:05
brouschit was in my google reader feed, python planet i think19:06
rick_h_bah, wsgi lite was so last night19:27
rick_h_brousch: what buttons? Thought it was fine19:27
rick_h_I think I'm mellowing in my old age19:28
jrwrenwsgi is already pretty lite isn't it?19:49
rick_h_jrwren: heh, you don't want to know20:02
brouschwhat we missed because we went to pyohio: https://plus.google.com/photos/105030465637303791249/albums/563551962358358952120:13
jrwrennah, that is just what rob saw. there was way cooler stuff than that at maker fair20:14
jrwrenalthough the bikes and the dragon were damned sweet.20:15
brouschyou went?20:15
brouschwhere's your giant photo gallery?20:15
jrwreni didn't take any pics.20:15
jrwrenwell, I took one.20:15
jrwreni was too busy seeing and doing than shooting photo20:15
brouschyeah, that happens at the best events20:16
brouschi took 1 photo at pyohio20:17
brouschautomated head-mounted cameras should help with that issue20:17
brouschsee any of those at makerfaire?20:17
brouschshould be able to embed it in a hat20:19
brouschcould just write an app and tape duct-tape an android phone to my head. snap pic, autoupload20:21
brouschheck, i have most of that code already written20:22
ptenhoopenbrousch:  It'd be handy to have a remote shutter switch.20:49
brouschsome sort of bluetooth thing20:50
ptenhoopenYea, sure20:50
ptenhoopenThat'd work20:50
brouschor you could get fancy and do some image recognition. when you hold up your middle finger where the cam can se it, it snaps a pic a second later20:51
ptenhoopenThat'd generate some interesting photos I suspect.20:52
locodir-userany cool ppl n here would help me in my test22:46
locodir-usercome on michiganders22:46
brouschi hate bash22:48
brouschcan you write it in python?22:48
Blazeixtoo much for him to handle, brousch :)22:53
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