MarkDudeWho is the lead for Ohio now?00:27
Unit193We have a council of Cheri703, Jacob and itsafork (IIRC)00:31
Cheri703nope, gilbert instead of jacob00:31
Unit193Eh, I knew one of those two didn't work (Jonathan Buckly or something like that)00:32
MarkDudeCool, the whole triumvirate thing can work well00:32
Unit193(Sorry for the ping jacob :/)\00:32
Cheri703jon buckley is itsafork00:32
MarkDudeCali has it also00:32
jacobnp ;00:32
Unit193Cheri703: I know00:32
* MarkDude will be in Ohio for OLF. Everyone should come see my talk on Friday00:32
MarkDudeLinux is a cult (but a good one)00:33
* Unit193 might not go to all of it and will foget :/00:33
Unit193I think I have to pick what day I would like to go00:33
Cheri703I'm planning/hoping to be there every day MarkDude :) are you still wanting a place to crash?00:34
Cheri703Unit193: if I go down, you can carpool00:34
MarkDudeCheri703, for at least a day or 2- i think I am getting room Friday00:35
MarkDudeSo what is fun to do in Ohio?00:35
Unit193Cheri703: Thanks. I'll find out what's going on when it gets a little closer00:36
Cheri703uhm....hehe, not much in central ohio MarkDude00:36
Cheri703my town has a carousel... >.>00:36
MarkDudeOk - that covers an hour or two :)00:36
Unit193The county has a good fair00:39
Cheri703heh, uhm, there are some food places that are good in columbus, as far as "things to do" I dunno...depends on what you want to do...00:39
MarkDudeExperience Ohio00:40
MarkDudeTry some good food- have heard some good things00:40
jacobGenji is a great japanese place to eat, it's in Dublin (~20-30 mins NW of columbus)00:44
jacoband all of the places on High St00:44
jacobooh! and BD's mongolian. but that's not all that uncommon. :D00:45
Cheri703if you want not super fancy, there's always raising cane's chicken fingers :)00:49
jacobmmm, yes, i had that friday :900:49
* Cheri703 misses tim horton's and raising cane's, there are none in mansfield00:49
jacobFive Guys also comes to mind00:49
Cheri703I've never had five guys00:49
Cheri703but I think they are more common in other areas00:50
jacobprobably some of the best burgers you'll ever have00:50
Cheri703I'm open to trying it :)00:50
jacoband fries, too00:50
Cheri703also jeni's ice cream00:50
Cheri703and/or graeter's00:52
Cheri703trying to think of anything that is fairly uniquely ohioan or at least midwestern :)00:52
jacobheh heh00:53
* MarkDude is allergic to dairy01:04
Unit193Anyone know if canthus is really busy or something?01:17
thafreakMorning Ohio13:32
thafreakanyone go to pyohio this weekend?13:32
thafreakHave I said recently that I hate java apps?13:33
Unit193itsafork: Howdy, nice to "see" you19:10
itsaforkUnit193: thanks!how;s it going?!?19:11
Unit193Not too bad, but I may have too many irssi windows open... How about you?19:12
Cheri703hola folks :)19:12
Unit193Cheri703: Howdy19:13
dzhoCheri703: get that gyro yet?19:39
Cheri703I did indeed :)19:39
Cheri703it was super tasty :)19:39
CosmicPizzahi there howdy ?19:41
Unit193CosmicPizza: Howdy19:41
CosmicPizzagreat !19:41
CosmicPizzasomeone has a simply howto' s to make my own ftp server on ubuntu desktop ?19:43
CosmicPizzai made my own apache' s server to have a blog but i can' t make a ftp' s server19:44
itsaforkhey CosmicPizza, i just want you to know that you're making me rather hungry19:45
CosmicPizzayeah i' m an ufo pizza19:46
CosmicPizzaa giant one19:46
Unit193More to eat? ;)19:47
CosmicPizzalike a celeb ufo in a certain 4 jullet film19:47
dzhoITYM "July"19:48
dzhoCosmicPizza: if you install openssh-server, then those with accounts will be able to use sftp to transfer files to the computer19:49
dzhomany "ftp" clients will handle sftp these days19:49
dzhofor even more security, one can set up a chroot jail, but it is far from simple19:50
CosmicPizzai trthx, i try19:51
CosmicPizzasorry, thx19:52
thafreakspeaking of plain old ftp servers, I've always prefered pureftp19:59
thafreakmakes setting up "virtual" ftp users really easy...19:59
thafreaki.e. ftp accounts without needing system accounts...19:59
thafreakaptitude show pure-ftpd20:00

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