ChinnoDog 03:45
andrew 04:29
JonathanDeek, I'm late :P10:35
JonathanDhi rmg5110:36
JonathanDChinnoDog, InHisName, andrew10:36
rmg510/ sleepyhead10:37
JonathanDI blame the swimming.10:38
rmg51just try not to fall asleep in the pool 8-)10:39
JonathanDheh :)10:39
rmg51breakfast time10:39
JonathanDI didn't10:39
JonathanDBut the pool makes the eyes tired :)10:39
rmg51and red10:39
JonathanDI don't have time for a full run but I'd like to get at least half a mile in... so I'll be back.10:40
* ChinnoDog yawns loudly12:54
teddy-dbearme hugs ChinnoDog :-[13:00
* teddy-dbear hugs ChinnoDog13:01
ChinnoDogI need some eggs.13:08
teddy-dbearI always needs some cookies :-D13:15
ChinnoDogfor breakfast?13:24
teddy-dbearfor anytime13:37
rhpot1991I need some tea13:38
teddy-dbearand what's wrong with cookies for breakfast?13:38
* rhpot1991 waits for ChinnoDog to be upset that rhpot1991 likes tea better than cookies13:39
teddy-dbeartea and cookies :-D13:39
rhpot1991teddy-dbear: as long as you don't dip sure13:40
rhpot1991I have cookies in my desk, but would rather not eat them for breakfast13:41
teddy-dbearI don't dip :P13:41
teddy-dbearI prefer them in my tummy 8-)13:41
ChinnoDogI like tea13:41
ChinnoDogI like cookies too but I'd rather not eat them for breakfast.13:42
teddy-dbearchocolate then :-[13:42
teddy-dbearmaybe cake13:43
teddy-dbeareven pie13:43
InHisNameI had a BIG bowl of slice fresh peaches and milk (with a dab of cereal) for breakfast.  YUM14:52
ChinnoDogmm, peaches14:53
ChinnoDogI want peaches14:53
waltmanno bacon?14:55
ChinnoDogI haz no bacon. I didn't go to the store this weekend. I need black pepper too. Eggs are better with pepper.14:55
waltmanand hot sauce14:56
ChinnoDogI did use my tabasco sauce14:57
ChinnoDogeggs, water, pepper, cheese, vegetables, tabasco sauce, done.14:57
ChinnoDogOh, and a source of fat if the cheese doesn't have any/enough14:58
ChinnoDogI used high fat cottage cheese though14:58
waltmanI picked up a jar of some french spices at Penzey's that are really good with eggs. It's mostly tarragon with some other stuff.14:58
waltmanI think it's this one -- http://www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzeys/p-penzeysparisienherb.html14:59
ChinnoDogI need a smaller keyboard15:09
ChinnoDogsomething that will minimize hand strain and either come with a mouse or built in pointer that fits on my keyboard tray15:15
ChinnoDogI have 24.5" of usable space. Any suggestions?15:19
ChinnoDogPutting the number pad on the left side would save a lot of space. hrm15:23
ChinnoDogBut then I wouldn't know how to type anymore15:24
ChinnoDogI could become a left handed mouser15:24
ChinnoDogI could become a trackball guy15:27
ChinnoDogSeems like after being annoyed by trackballs my entire life that it would be some kind of crime to start using one now.15:28
ChinnoDogNo, I hate the nubs15:29
ChinnoDogI have a Thinkpad and I don't use the nub on it15:29
JonathanDhow can you not use the nub?15:29
JonathanDIt's the only thing that works!15:30
ChinnoDogdeath to nubs15:30
JonathanDfingers stay on home row while you mouse.15:30
ChinnoDogI put a smaller tip on it so I don't accidentally touch it too15:30
ChinnoDogThat is true15:30
ChinnoDogBut, it is so imprecise15:30
JonathanDit's very precise.15:31
JonathanDI can close a window without even thinking about it now :P15:31
JonathanDor select a window15:31
ChinnoDogSo once you developed the motor control skills for it then it is as easy as a mouse?15:31
JonathanDI believe the muscle memory for them is much better than a normal mouse.15:32
JonathanDit becomes a sort of gesture instead of a thought-requiring motion.15:32
JonathanDflick top-right, then over to minimize15:32
JonathanD(I STILL move my window control buttons to the right. Every release moves them back to the left. Please stop :( )15:32
JonathanDChinnoDog: try it for a week or two on your thinkpad.15:33
ChinnoDogDoes clicking become a double thumb operation then?15:33
JonathanDI only use my left thumb15:33
ChinnoDogI think this will cause my thumb to develop a callus15:33
JonathanDHasn't for me, anyway :p15:34
JonathanDThe only issue I have is gaming that wants to use WASD15:34
JonathanDI remap to the arrows15:34
JonathanDand if it uses q,e I remap them to the back and forward keys.15:34
ChinnoDogBecause you use your left thumb. ic15:34
JonathanDI just realized I mouse left handed.15:35
JonathanDon my thinkpad.15:35
ChinnoDogWouldn't this be easier if I just learn to use the nub with my right thumb and space with my left?15:35
JonathanDI use the same thumb for both, I guess.15:35
ChinnoDogI space with my right thumb, but that is from habit. My left thumb is useless15:35
JonathanDbut yeah, you could mouse click with your right I suppose.15:35
ChinnoDogWhen I put my hands on my thinkpad my thumb doesn't reach far enough15:36
JonathanDWhich model do you have?15:36
ChinnoDogI think this is going to be a skill to teach my pointer15:36
ChinnoDogBut my hands are hand-made. :-)15:36
JonathanDthats basically the same layout as my T61, I think.15:36
JonathanDIt hasn't changed much.15:36
ChinnoDogIts too far away from my thumb when my fingers are on home row15:37
JonathanDI have a 41, 60, and 61, they're all basically the same layout. The 41 lacks the touchpad.15:37
JonathanDI have my touchpad disabled.15:37
ChinnoDogMy right pointer just got nominated. I use left handed passwords so I should use right pointer for mousing15:37
JonathanDthe other benefit is people try to use my laptop and I laugh at them.15:37
JonathanDFirst they try to use the touchpad, whcih doesn't do anything.15:38
ChinnoDogI should make changes all at once. Pointer use and dvorak.15:38
JonathanDThen they try to use the trackpoint, which yes, if you've not used it before, is imprecise as heck. The mouse goes flying around the screen.15:38
ChinnoDogActually, I just came up with a new awkward arrangmeent that will let me start practicing now by using my laptop to type. k, gotta reverse my Synergy roles.15:39
JonathanDI stopped using synergy at work.15:40
JonathanDI love it, but my laptop and desktop aren't on the same network now.15:40
ChinnoDogAWKWARD. This is going to be difficult15:46
ChinnoDogReaching for mouse buttons is difficult to do if I am only going to use one thumb to do it.15:46
JonathanDChinnoDog: I think I might use both, but I'm not 100% sure.15:47
JonathanDI'd have to watch myself clicking...15:47
ChinnoDogoh. "enable press to select". Does that work well?15:48
JonathanDI never really used it.15:48
JonathanDI don't know if it's different on the 40015:48
JonathanDBut on mine "press" is a very light movement in any direction.15:49
ChinnoDogproblem solved. Press to select emulates left click. I can reach the right mouse button with my right thumb.15:49
ChinnoDogIt requires a reasonable amount of force on my touchpad.15:50
ChinnoDogOk, maybe <3 Thinkpad.15:50
ChinnoDogdouble clicking might be a pita though15:51
ChinnoDogMy finger is going to be sore15:54
ChinnoDogI can already tell. Its going to be worse than gamer's thumb.15:54
ChinnoDogThis is an amazing setup. My laptop is on my keyboard tray and my large monitor is behind it. Both are in my field of vision but my higher density laptop monitor is closer so I can actually see it15:56
ChinnoDogThe next difficulty will be when I teach myself Dvorak. I'm going to come up with a whole new list of left handed passwords.15:57
jthanWhy are you going to learn Dvorak?16:07
ChinnoDogSo I can type faster with less strain.16:07
waltmanHe wants to level up :)16:07
jthanDo you know anyone who uses dvorak?16:07
ChinnoDogYes. No one else can use his computer because they can't type on it.16:08
jthanWhat's your plan to learn?16:08
jthanIf you have a solid one I'll try it with you16:08
ChinnoDogidk yet. Probably need a typing tutor.16:11
ChinnoDogI'll probably learn the same way I learned querty, it will jut be a lot faster because I already have the motor control.16:11
JonathanDThe boot order editor thing for 11.04 doesn't seem to work.17:18
JonathanDSomehow it's stuck on memtest17:23
JonathanDand changing it doesn't seem to actually do anything.17:23
JonathanDI tried editing the file by hand too (/etc/default/grub)17:25
JonathanDYeah, I'm reading that.17:37
JonathanDIs this supposed to be better than old grub? :)17:37
JonathanDI'm going to try quoting what I want instead of numbering17:38
JonathanDI think maybe my ordering is messing it up17:38
JonathanDit's putting a number in, and I don't think that number remains accurate if it's after the autoprobe stuff.17:39
JonathanDthat seems to work.17:40
JonathanDjedijf: ended up changing my ordering mostly back.17:50
JonathanDI had moved memtest and such up, but either the default option doesn't do what it should or... something. So I re-ordered /etc/grub.d to 10_linux, 20_os_prober, 30_memtest (not exact names) and that worked.17:51
ChinnoDogJonathanD: I have to admit that it is pretty handy being able to use the nub to move the pointer between screens faster than I could have with the mouse.17:51
JonathanDChinnoDog: yes, no mouse-relocating is a nice feature.17:52
JonathanDDo you have the scrollbar working in 11.04?17:52
JonathanDI've not bothered to fix that yet, but I need to.17:52
ChinnoDogI have not mastered the press-to-click yet. It is hard to keep the pointer steady while pressing.17:53
JonathanDpress-to-click is on the touchpad?17:53
ChinnoDogOn the nub17:55
JonathanDthought so17:55
ChinnoDogI enabled it in the touchpoint control panel applet17:55
JonathanDis this windows or buntu?17:56
ChinnoDogWindows. It is my work laptop.17:56
JonathanDI didn't think there was an applet for it for ubuntu17:56
JonathanDhow nice that would be.17:56
JonathanDChinnoDog: my 61 is win/ubuntu, my 60 is just ubuntu17:56
ChinnoDogYou could write an applet17:57
JonathanDI can't write a sandwich :/17:58
JonathanDChinnoDog: my leet hacking about ends at irssi scripts and very simple php.17:58
JonathanDI could probably make somethign that enables the scroll button :)17:59
rmg51look under mouse in Ubuntu17:59
ChinnoDogI haven't even used that. Is that the one in the middle?17:59
JonathanDChinnoDog: yah18:00
rmg51thereis a touchpad tab18:00
JonathanDyou ususally have to hack it in after every update.18:00
JonathanDrmg51: doesn't do the thinkpady stuff, though.18:00
ChinnoDogIt doesn't work through synergy. :-( It only scrolls in Windows.18:01
SamuraiAlbagood bacon to all!18:18
JonathanDChinnoDog: I never found a fix for that.18:18
SamuraiAlbaFix for bacons?18:18
ChinnoDogJonathanD: I don't think there is a fix. Synergy is not that intelligent.18:18
JonathanDscrolling bacons.18:18
ChinnoDogmm, scrolling bacons18:18
JonathanDturn the bacon wheel.18:19
ChinnoDoground and round it goes, where it will land, no one knows18:30
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SamuraiAlbasipgate+google voice FTW18:46
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