cyberangerorangeninja: are you looking at a 10/100 or 10/100/100002:17
* cyberanger wants a 10GigE, and a nice fat wallet, unfortunately I have neither02:17
wrsthowdy cyberanger02:26
Unit193Howja wrst02:27
cyberangerhey wrst & Unit19302:28
Unit193Howdy to you too, cyberanger02:28
wrstgreetings Unit19302:28
wrstcyberanger,Unit193 all going well?02:28
Unit193Wow... That highlight worked well actually... Sure, why not..02:29
Unit193wrst: How you doing?02:31
* Unit193 tried to setup oidentd to his liking and failed02:31
cyberangerI'm doing fairly well, massive backup complete02:34
cyberanger(anything to keep my mind going lately ;-))02:35
wrstcool cyberanger, I'm doing well Unit19302:35
cyberangerand about to reinstall all my systems02:35
wrstwow cyberanger02:36
cyberangeryeah, yesterday I did some router optimizations02:38
cyberangerand firewall upgrades02:38
* cyberanger is getting bored with sitting around on weekends & looking for work is getting old too02:39
cyberanger(that's not me giving up, just saying something different needed to happen yesterday & today)02:39
cyberangergot a test for a job on tuesday, and I think I'll get that job02:40
cyberangerfederal job, which is my concern lately, as far as staying in tennessee, idk if that's likely02:41
cyberangerI put willing to travel, and seems the open positions are elsewhere02:41
orangeninjacyberanger: it doesent matter I guess...02:46
cyberangerorangeninja: the difference is speed on the lan, but I've come to the same conclusion a few times myself (a fast lan is nice, the wan is too slow though)02:48
cyberangerin that case, I really would look at a switch, >$3002:48
cyberangersomething that old, made by microsoft, no longer supported (and there is alot of MS networking that just seems to fail for me)02:49
cyberangerand comcast is a mild improvement02:49
orangeninjaI am on Xfinity so my WAN is pretty fast. I am using a Dlink dgl-4500 wired/wirless N 5Ghz band02:50
cyberangerbut not over 100MB fast I'd bet02:51
cyberangeryour WAN I mean02:52
orangeninjaOh No....02:52
cyberangerWireless N should be capable of it, but I've learned wifi is more effective at a lower rate02:52
cyberangerless packet drop, less retransmit, lower signal to noise02:53
cyberangermakes it effectively a higer rate, due to that02:53
* cyberanger wishes he could have explained that better02:53
orangeninjalol you're fine. All wired ports are filled so if I had a small switch it would open the door to a few more machines for when I am messing around02:54
cyberangeryeah, that'd be worthwhile02:57
orangeninjawhat yall think about getting a linux distro that would run on an old IBM Thinkpad T42 1.6Ghz 512MB ram....LOL03:11
cyberangerorangeninja: worthwhile03:12
Unit193Shouldn't be hard03:14
orangeninjawas thinking about a USB drive type like http://spi.dod.mil/lipose.htm03:17
Unit193I'm guessing cyberanger is going to say something about that ;)03:18
cyberangerUnit193: we have two logbots here, why repeat03:20
cyberanger(plus my comments were more towards the DoD using it than us)03:20
Unit193I do understand that...03:20
orangeninjawhoops I must have missed something good... how do I use a log bot? lol03:29
cyberangerorangeninja: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/08/01/%23ubuntu-us-tn.txt03:35
cyberangerthere, it's used ;-)03:35
orangeninjalol nice03:59
Unit193Anyone happen to know oident?04:00
* Unit193 ponders asking a dumb question...04:16
Unit193Alright, I have two computers running something to do with IRC (one bot), I installed oidentd on the one with the bot ( and I'm running irssi on What I'm trying to do is get the bot to answer JITBot (done) but irssi to answer Ukikie, can I do this? (irssi has it set in it's config for that name) Here are my config files http://paste.ubuntu.com/656086/04:23
Juzzyfrom the same user? no04:24
Juzzyrun the bot under a different user.04:24
Unit193Different computers and forwarding doesn't help either? Dang.04:25
JuzzyThe $HOME/.oidentd.conf file allows a user to specify what ident response will be returned for specific connections.04:25
Juzzyman oidentd.conf04:25
Juzzywhat I just do is start it using -r04:26
Juzzy-r Xinu04:26
Juzzythen any unknown gets returned as Xinu, and any local accounts get resolved as whatever I tell it to04:26
Unit193Thanks. Looks like I'll just idnore it for now :/04:34
Juzzyeh ok04:34
Unit193From what I understood, I'm not that bright and I would have to make another user for the bot04:35
Juzzyya, so?04:35
Juzzyyou should anyways04:35
Unit193That's very true, but it's not really a fully used bot (Not really in any big channels) Making another user is the only idea I really had too04:37
Unit193I guess that's on the projects todo list (And getting the cleaning up after it)04:40
wrsthowdy Xpistos13:13
wrstXpistos: good monday?13:22
wrstbusy also, I guess that is good :)13:35
* cyberanger wishes he was busy in the same manner14:32
wrstcyberanger: any luck on that front?14:32
cyberangerI'm just going through all my computer parts, looking for another project (I'd be looking if I wasn't planning on burning about 4 gallons of gas tommorow)14:37
cyberangerso I think I have some luck, gotta pass this test & the rest is easy14:38
cyberanger(I've gotta pass the drug test, they aren't looking for vodka or advil, gotta mention I take Claritan-D though, migitate a false positive, and pass a credit check)14:39
wrstahh yes good ol' claritan d i take that on occasion also :)14:40
cyberanger(my credit isn't pretty, but thankfully they set the bar higher than all my debts, and their only counting deliquent debt above 7500 as a disqualifer, student loans are my biggest issue, and their not dilquent and their not that high)14:41
cyberangerafter that, it's training in Oklahoma City (I think) and from there idk14:42
wrstI have to say I've always felt checking someone's credit history seems a little obtrusive, while I understand they why14:42
wrstoh wow cyberanger14:42
cyberangerwell, I'm not a fan of that practice either, but it is an effective anti-bribery measure14:45
wrstcyberanger: will you be working in the area still?14:46
cyberangerand hence why I've done that before (However I think they are more worried about theives, either way, the check will be clean enough, and it'll start looking cleaner once they hire me & I earn some paychecks)14:46
wrstpaychecks are a wonderful thing!14:46
cyberangerI'm hoping I'll get the huntsville job, closest open position to TN14:48
cyberangerand in a way, I'll have priority if another opens up putting me back in TN, since I'd have already taken at least some of the tests & passed some of the checks14:49
cyberangerGives me priority to another federal job too14:50
cyberangerso do this for 6 months, look at my options, if they stink, keep doing this14:51
cyberangerthe fact I've made it this far in the process means I'll likely get it14:52
cyberangerbut until then, I keep looking14:54
cyberangerI keep working on my systems, my radios14:54
cyberangeranything to keep my mind busy & positive14:54
wrsthuntsville wouldn't be too bad15:04
cyberangeryeah, and so close to the state line, I could live in TN still15:09
cyberangerbut I applied willing to relocate for any position, so idk15:10
cyberangerif I'm lucky, I'll get huntsville or North Syracuse, NY15:14
cyberanger(close proximity to some family, North Syracuse would be nice)15:15
cyberangernone of TN has a position, if chattanooga did, I'd be happy15:16
cyberangerone hour's pay covers gas & the next saved up for maintance15:17
cyberangerand the rest can pay off debts15:17
cyberangerno moving15:17
wrstmoving stinks :)15:18
cyberangerand you'll be reminded of that soon enough15:23
cyberangerif you haven't already15:23
cyberangerthe nice bit is I can move out of here fairly quickly, I moved single handedly in 2 hours15:24
cyberangerI think this time I could cut that in half15:24
cyberangerI've gotten used to moving from boarding school (at least twice each year for 4 years, that's not counting moving dorms & dorm rooms, which easily make it double)15:27
cyberangerI've been in this apartment nearly two months, the other unit was just shy of three years, the last time I stayed in one place that long, ended in 200215:29
cyberangerI can see myself going back to that lifestyle, but I'm not wishing for that15:30
cyberangerwrst: has your move happened yet?15:32
wrstin a couple of weeks, we have someone coming to look at our house today hopefully they will bite15:33
cyberangerso you've not moved into the new place then15:33
wrstno closing next week I do beleive15:34
cyberangerclosing on the new home, I thought that closed already?15:39
wrstno gotta go next week, after title searches, appraisals etc etc are all complete15:50
wrstor atleast in theory cyberanger16:00
cyberangerintresting moves for us ahead then16:03
wrstsounds more so for you16:09
wrsti'm just moving 5 minutes cyberanger16:09
cyberangerwrst: you sure? I was thinking it was 5 minutes away, 5 minutes driving time16:10
cyberangeronly people I know who move that quick live out of footlockers & suitcases16:11
cyberanger(and since I don't know about myself literally moving, I was seaking figuratively, like a chess game move)16:12
cyberangerlooking at what lies ahead16:12
wrstha ha yes driving time... probably take several hours... probably days to get everything moved by everthing I mean piddly junk :)16:15
Xpistosany body heard from pace_t_zulu lately?18:40

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