Duke`I wonder why when using xorg-edgers, vertical scrolling with my touchpad has been broken for years, but every Ubuntu release, it works fine with official packages. Any idea?10:27
tjaaltonDuke`: which kernel do you use?10:33
tjaaltonstock ubuntu or something else10:33
Duke`something else (kernel from ppa)10:35
tjaaltonso you have an alps device and the kernel doesn't have a patch to add the scrolling functionality..10:36
tjaaltonxinput list10:36
Duke`and I thought that the kernel-ppa delivered futur "ubuntu official" kernels, with all patchs10:37
tjaaltonno, probably some vanilla rc10:38
tjaaltonboot with the stock kernel and test10:38
Amaranthtjaalton: why would such a patch remain out of upstream for so long?10:45
tjaaltonAmaranth: never got accepted10:45
Amaranthtjaalton: ever try again?10:45
tjaaltonAmaranth: not my patch :)10:46
tjaaltonmaybe there is a thread somewhere about it, Sarvatt might know10:46
Duke`I'll try to boot an official ubuntu kernel in a moment, to see if it works again10:53
Duke`now running official natty kernel (2.6.38-11), vertical scrolling is still broken. It worked before installing xorg-edgers (it works if I run a live-cd). It doesn't seem to be a kernel issue.11:40
tjaaltonok then11:42
ricotztseliot, hello16:16
tseliothi ricotz16:16
ricotztseliot, do you like to update the nvidia-blob?16:16
ricotz280.13 got released16:16
tseliotricotz: it's not a stable release, is it?16:17
ricotzit is16:17
tseliotricotz: ok, then I'll update it. I'm still working on -96 though16:19
ricotztseliot, here is the info16:20
tseliotricotz: thanks16:20
ricotztseliot, i could upload it to xedgers though16:20
tseliotricotz: or you can wait until tomorrow. As you prefer..16:21
ricotzi think i will do it, you can take the tarball from there if you like16:23
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