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DoeNietWilHello Ubuntu user, I came to this irc to ask you a question. We are trying to release a new version of OpenTeacher, and because it is a tool that is very language specific I was wondering if any of you would like to take a couple of minutes and translate it. It really isn't that much work but it would help us a lot. https://translations.launchpad.net/openteacher12:07
DoeNietWilif you have questions about the project or the translation please go to http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=openteacher13:18
inetproDoeNietWil: sounds interesting, maybe you should also post this at #zaf13:23
inetproDoeNietWil: #zaf is the translate.org.za community IRC channel 13:24
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kbmonkeyevening all17:09
superflyhi kbmonkey17:12
superflykbmonkey: for the record, I prefer kbmonkey to just "monkey"17:12
kbmonkeyhi superfly!17:13
kbmonkeyoh you mean "apie"?17:13
superflykbmonkey: well, you stated once that you tried to get "monkey" but it was already taken, so you went with "kbmonkey"17:16
magespawnhowdy all.18:42
kbmonkeyevening magespawn 19:02
superflyevening magespawn19:06
kbmonkeysoz i was afk for a weekend and a half :)19:07
magespawnhow does that feel?19:20
superflywelcome back nuvolari20:02
kbmonkeywb :020:02
magespawnnight all.20:55

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