g2bl33twhich method is best for learning python? Python documentation or From novice to professional00:00
JosePActionParsnip, you here?00:01
JosePgb2l33t: go on youtube, find the MIT channel and watch the lectures for course 6.0000:01
JosePthey teach Python00:02
Medjailol i used MIT lectures for my Electromagnetic Fields 1 class00:02
Medjaithey're good00:02
momslinuxActionParsnip: won't it overwrite the permissions when i create users?00:02
JosePit's MIT lol00:02
Medjaihaha yeah they have the money to hire great professors00:03
fowlwhere does one configure notifications for gnome00:03
g2bl33tI'd rather read tho can someone look through and tell me please00:03
Kre10shello. I made an app that uses gtk to draw to the screen in fullscreen. can I set this app as the screensaver?00:04
fowlwhere does one configure notifications for gnome00:06
ghostnik11can anyone tell me if something is wrong with my sda 3 and sda 1 from my boot script info results: http://paste.ubuntu.com/655955/00:10
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shadows090I was wondering if anyone could help with a strange networking problem. I can't ssh into my machine if I go through my external IP. I have a static IP on my server, ssh running on port 443, port 443 running to the static address, and I can ssh into my machine using my LAN IP. I have verified that port 443 is open with nmap (my external ip). I can also ping my server, and I can access the internet from my server. Any advice?00:10
Hyperbyteghostnik11:  see manpages for 'smartctl' and 'hdparm', harddisk diagnostics/benchmark00:11
th0rshadows090: is there a router or firewall between the server and the net?00:11
ghostnik11hyperbyte: manpages? is that on ubuntu forums00:12
rwwghostnik11: "man smartctl" (for example) on the commandline, or http://manpages.ubuntu.com00:12
Hyperbyteghostnik11:  type 'man <topic>' to view a manpage in a terminal, for example 'man smartctl', or use http://manpages.ubuntu.com/smartctl... 'man' is short for 'manual'00:12
shadows090th0r, yes. I've the ssh port (443) and verified that it is open with nmap. I'm having the same problem with port 80. My server runs a web site and ssh00:12
th0rshadows090: if there is a router or firewall, you will need to set up port forwarding from the external 443 to the internal 443. Another note, something in the back of my mind says 443 might be a bad choice00:13
belbo_227list /channels00:14
* stilia-johny hi everybody00:14
rwwth0r, shadows090: 443 is the port for HTTPS. If you have a router with a web interface, it wouldn't surprise me if it's getting confused and causing problems because of that.00:14
shadows090th0r, i've been using ssh on 443 on this same router for a few years. I have it forwarded from external 443 to internal 443, and haven't had a problem until the past few weeks. I use port 443 to get around firewalls, incase I Need to ssh from behind a different LAN00:14
th0rshadows090: right...443 is used for https00:15
Hyperbyteth0r, it's an excellent choice if you want to bypass proxy servers at work or school, but other than that it's a bad choice yes. ;-)00:15
rwwah, if it worked in the past, then nvm. *Shrugs800:15
th0rshadows090: no problem, just mentioned it as it was nagging at me <smile>00:15
th0rshadows090: as I said...you might need to forward the port in the router00:15
almoxarifeshadows090: you did something to create a firewall within the OS?00:16
shadows090th0r, rww I appreciate the concern. I have it port forwarded (port 80, and 443) to the static IP of the server. I've had this set up (same ip, same port for ssh) for at least a couple of years. I've tried rebooting the server, rebooting the router, reconfiguring the router from scratch, and still no dice00:16
shadows090almoxarife, yes it has a firewall, but it is just the default iptables rules (my server is debian)00:17
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almoxarifeshadows090: installed recent?00:18
NorthernenWhat is the problem if ffplayer can open a video file, but smplayer can not?00:18
bomba4kaghbtn ctv00:18
bomba4kaПриет сем00:18
shadows090almoxarife, fairly recent. a month ago maybe? I've also had some weird routing problems. I've had to flush ip route table main. I think it's something to do with hooking up a wireless AP through eth0. running iwconfig eth0 strangely says that eth0 is wireless...00:18
shadows090almoxarife, i have restarted networking and ensured that routing has fixed itself, but maybe that's related00:19
almoxarifeshadows090: look at the most recent changes, and then work back from there00:19
TeamColtraDoes anyone have an idea on how to put a dvdiso onto a usb stick (bootable)?00:20
shadows090almoxarife, changes from the ip route?00:20
TeamColtraI tried using usb-creator-gtk and it wouldn't accept the ISO, I also tried "portablelinux" and that said that the iso was "too large"00:20
shadows090almoxarife, and also, just to cover. I've also reset the known hosts, authorized keys, etc in ~/.ssh00:21
almoxarifeshadows090: I would examine the iptables, insure they are what you want them to be00:21
shadows090almoxarife, thanks a lot. i've never messed with iptables much. do i just iptables -l? (that's a lower case L)00:21
almoxarifeshadows090: -L00:21
shadows090almoxarife, thanks a ton00:22
tripelbthis theme has 3 black dots for box--X -- I want the normal or at least different colored dots. Help please. and they are --boxX in that order00:22
tripelbI want a timer that takes a time-interval not a clock-time. I also want it to "ring off".  Please help.00:22
tripelbI installed alarm-clock. why does it say "previously deselected package"? When did I deselect it?00:23
shadows090almoxarife, i added it to http://pastebin.com/UA3B2bkZ it looks like it accepts everything...00:23
shadows090almoxarife, also, that was from the server, not the one I'm trying to ssh from00:24
almoxarifeshadows090: "from" should not be the issue, unless there is a 'no out to 443' rule00:25
almoxarifeshadows090: from the paste, I usually see three chains in a clean iptable, I thought?00:27
shadows090almoxarife, yeah. it seems to be a little empty, but that's all of it.  i checked netstat -n to make sure routing is correct. besides running some unknown process at port 34858, i haven't any clue what could be wrong00:28
Frettahow would I uninstall a package I installed from source00:28
itaylor57Fretta, do a sudo make uninstall from the source00:29
shadows090almoxarife, my bad, i did miss the top line. it says chain input policy accept00:29
Frettaitaylor57 thanks will give that a shot00:29
almoxarifeshadows090: cool'00:29
shadows090almoxarife, i think i'll try resetting the router again. i really haven't any other clue what it could be00:31
almoxarifeshadows090: one thing that is not stopping you to get to the OS, the iptables, hardware?00:31
almoxarifeshadows090: there is a channel called networking, I don't know how friendly or alive they are00:32
shadows090almoxarife, lol ok. thanks a lot man. i appreciate your help. i may try setting up an ssh server on here (default port) and seeing if i can ssh from my server to this machine using the outside IP. we'll see. i'm not even using my domain name (so DNS settings shouldn't be a problem). I'm going to reset my router, reconfigure for port forwarding, and I'll probably be back once I'm connected again. thanks!00:34
elardcomo estamos00:39
palmiceno mames guey00:39
calwighi, is there an app to make business cards in ubuntu?00:40
ActionParsnipcalwig: libreoffice may00:40
elardquisiera hacer una consulta: ¿cada vez que intento conectar shotwell a facebook me aparece este mensaje "server redirect url contained no session description"?00:40
induz why i am failing to make my USB a bootable with linux00:41
ActionParsnipcalwig: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2009/06/11/printing-labels-and-business-cards-in-ubuntu/00:41
induzis there any commands to format my D: drive to make it bootable so that i can install mint00:41
ActionParsnipinduz: MD5 test the ISO, be sure the USB device is healthy00:41
induzusb is healthy00:42
ActionParsnipinduz: D: means nothing in Ubuntu00:42
induzhow can i do MD5 test00:42
ActionParsnip!md5 | induz00:42
ubottuinduz: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:42
ActionParsnipinduz: are you using windows currently?00:42
induzI used and tried on windows [MS] but00:43
induz its too confusing for me00:43
induzplease help00:43
induzdont send me links...I read from morning but failed00:43
induzI have this USB00:44
ActionParsnipinduz: unetbootin is in the ubuntu repos, you can use it to wipe the USB partition, then transfer the verified ISO00:44
induzits formatted in MS windows as FAT3200:44
induzI have UNEBootin00:44
ActionParsnipinduz: the formatting is moot, unetbootin should be used to wipe it00:44
induzI tried to download the live version of Mint but it fails too va UNEBootin00:45
chrometigercan you install gnomeshell ontop of 10.10 without breaking everything and easily go back ?00:45
ActionParsnipinduz: did you test the ISO?00:46
induzno not yet00:46
induzI am reading to Test it00:46
ActionParsnipinduz: then how did you know it was complete and consistent?00:46
induzI didt know00:47
induzIts in my desktop folder so i have CD00:47
ActionParsnipinduz: then md5 test it and get the hash and compare00:47
induzhow can i CD to my Home/Desktop directory00:47
ActionParsnipinduz: if they match the image is good00:47
ActionParsnipinduz: cd ~/Desktop00:48
induz now I am on Desktop directory and my ISO is there00:48
SoothsayerAnyone facing file corruption while using ntfs drives in ubuntu?00:49
YcareneIs there a version of ubuntu that defaults to using enlightenment as its' desktop environment?00:49
ActionParsnipSoothsayer: partition, not drive ;)00:49
ActionParsnipYcarene: not an offiail one00:50
SoothsayerActionParsnip, yup.00:50
induzActionParsnip, after running MD% command i get this 5341d0e3e692246c22ad7dd31c94c828  austrumi-1.8.5.iso00:51
induz  that means my iso is correct??00:51
ActionParsnipinduz: grab the md5sum file for the ISOs and check00:52
ActionParsnip!info enlightenment00:52
ubottuPackage enlightenment does not exist in natty00:52
SoothsayerI'm going to try out gnome 3 after all today. The mixed reviews have confused me.00:53
Logan_!gnome3 | Soothsayer00:53
ubottuSoothsayer: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.00:53
ActionParsnipYcarene: moonos seems to00:53
induzi  run MD5  susturmi.iso and get a line00:53
SoothsayerLogan what! but I can install KDE :-| damn. I was just going to use this - http://techhamlet.com/2011/05/how-to-install-gnome-3-on-ubuntu-11-04/00:53
induzActionParsnip, How can i grab the file00:54
Logan_Soothsayer: Kubuntu is an official supported Ubuntu distribution; there aren't currently any stable distributions running Gnome 3.00:54
induzI ran the command on terminal with MD5 and my directory[desktop]00:54
ActionParsnipinduz: from the site you downloaded it from. If you are still unsure ask in their support channel00:54
ActionParsnipYcarene: http://jeffhoogland.blogspot.com/2010/12/ten-linux-distros-that-use.html00:54
SoothsayerLogan_, ha damn. I don't use Unity though, only the Gnome Classic.00:54
Logan_Soothsayer: Same here.00:54
SoothsayerLogan_, so I can go ahead and try out Gnome 3 in this case?00:55
Logan_Soothsayer: Yes, but, as the automated message said, it is very experimental and unstable and could break your interface.  It is difficult to go back afterwards.00:55
SoothsayerLogan_, there's a chance it can break my existing interface (gnome classic?)?00:56
lucusoidhi everyone... Tried today to play on ScummVM but was impossible. Mouse resets position to the center of the screen. Running Natty 64 bit00:56
SoothsayerI guess I'll just wait for a month or two00:56
itaylor57Soothsayer, more than a chance, it most likely will require a reinstall to fix00:56
Logan_Soothsayer: I cannot guarantee that it will not do so.  Stick to the official ones, KDE, XFCE, and Gnome 2.00:56
Soothsayeritaylor57, damn.00:57
SoothsayerI don't like the official ones too much. I like some of the features in gnome300:58
Logan_Soothsayer: Then you could try another distro, like Fedora or openSUSE.00:59
SoothsayerLogan_, that's painful. It took me a while to understand the ubuntu/debian layout, features and server management.01:00
induz_ActionParsnip, I am back sorry01:00
induz_It failed again01:00
Logan_Soothsayer: If you wait until Oneiric is stable, you'll be able to install the Gnome 3 shell from the repository.01:00
SoothsayerLogan_, what are the big features in Oneiric?01:01
ActionParsnipinduz_: was the hash ok?01:02
Logan_Soothsayer: Honestly, I haven't been testing it.  You could ask someone in #ubuntu+101:02
induz_there is no hash on ,iso file01:03
ActionParsnipinduz_: if you websearch for the hash you generated, it should find pages01:03
induz_ Can I run UNetbootin and salect a Linux Mint LIVE can this be enough01:04
ActionParsnipinduz_: possibly01:04
bitcycleHey all.   I'm trying to list the available essid's with iwlist on the commandline... but its only listing the one that I"m connected to... Do I need to disconnect before it gives me a full list?01:04
induz_or I have to slect a version and then .iso too01:05
shadows090almoxarife, I wanted to let you know. I'm not sure what was causing it, but resetting the router worked. now I can access it again via external ip. i have no idea why, since I had it configured; but it works now01:05
itaylor57induz_, the has you listed earlier matches the iso hash sum01:05
jbhewitthey guys im trying to install the Virtual kernel in ubuntu 10.04.  I'm using apt-get install linux-image-virtual - however i do not see a virtual kernel put into /boot01:05
induz_ how can match the Hash01:05
induz_i downloaded the .iso01:05
almoxarifeshadows090: cool01:06
itaylor57induz_, http://download.polytechnic.edu.na/pub4/download.sourceforge.net/pub/sourceforge/a/project/au/austrumi/austrumi/austrumi-1.8.5/austrumi-1.8.5.md501:06
Logan_induz_: The MD5 hash checks the intended structure of the file against what you downloaded.  It is only significant if the original website had an MD5 hash to compare your downloaded file's hash to.01:06
ActionParsnipinduz_: if you search for the hash in a search engine, you should find results if it matches01:07
shadows090induz_, you can type "md5sum " followed by the full directory to the iso, and including the iso. ex: md5sum /home/$user/Downloads/thisIso.iso01:07
induz_I downloaded from here http://cyti.latgola.lv/ruuni/01:07
itaylor57induz_, you .iso md5 sum checks out , so you have a good download01:07
Soothsayerit's annoying me that I can't ping any host / ip in Ubuntu01:07
ActionParsnipinduz_: its clearly too taxing for you and this is getting really boring: http://duckduckgo.com/?q=5341d0e3e692246c22ad7dd31c94c828+austrumi-1.8.5.iso01:07
ActionParsnipinduz_: there is a hit, your file is fine01:08
dliSoothsayer, ping localhost01:08
Soothsayerdli, that works01:08
Soothsayerbut any external host/ip, I always get a 100% packet loss.01:08
dliSoothsayer, ping your router01:08
Soothsayerdli, yes that pings too.01:08
dliSoothsayer, ping your DNS01:08
ActionParsnipinduz_: your file is fine. I suggest you ask in the channel for your chosen distro01:08
ActionParsnipinduz_: the OS is also based on BSD, not mint01:09
Soothsayerdli, my primary dns does not ping, the secondary does.01:09
unomiHow can I change behavior to resize on alt+rightdrag ?01:09
shadows090Soothsayer, i normally ping if that works (which it does), i ping my static ip address. if that does, i ping router, if that does, i ping a dns (i ping since it's google's), and if that works i try pinging google.com. depending on which fails you can tell where the problem is01:09
induz_Ok now the .iso is fine but how can i burn it on my USB to make it bootabe;l01:10
ActionParsnipinduz_: I suggest you ask in the austumi irc channel for support, your issue is not with ubuntu01:10
dliSoothsayer, that might be the cause01:10
unomiinduz_: the simplest way is probably unetbootin01:10
Soothsayershadows090, I use opendns. But it looks you can't ping it.
ActionParsnipinduz_: unetbootin may use it, theremay be an issue with the OS and unetbootin which will be given in the austrumi channel;01:10
induz_I am using UNetbootin01:10
shadows090Soothsayer, i am getting responses from that ip01:10
ActionParsnipinduz_: yes, tahts why I gave the above01:10
Soothsayershadows090, hmm.. im not01:11
induz_I dont mind another Linux Ubuntu that can fit into my 1gb USB01:11
ActionParsnipinduz_: they all can, the ISO is 700Mb01:11
SoothsayerHere's my connection information: http://i.imgur.com/Bbu9W.png01:11
Soothsayerok I can't even ping
induz_this austrumi is 70 MB01:12
induz_sorry 92Mb01:12
shadows090Soothsayer, strange, i can ping both. and you *can* ping your secondary dns?01:12
ActionParsnipinduz_: ok...?01:12
Soothsayershadows090, yes. that's my ISP's DNS.01:12
induz_is there any documentaion for UNETBootin01:13
shadows090Soothsayer, strange. does it give any error message? or just no return pings?01:13
ActionParsnipSoothsayer: can you ping ?01:13
SoothsayerI'm not using DHCP. I configured a static ip01:13
Soothsayershadows090, no return pings. 71 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 70008ms01:13
ActionParsnipinduz_: there will be on the unetbooting page, I thought the GUI was pretty self explanatory01:13
SoothsayerActionParsnip, 64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=64 time=1.41 ms01:13
Soothsayerit works fine01:13
Cameron0x4dI don't know where to ask this but, How do I highlight text thats in a PDF file, the same way I would with a real book?01:13
induz_I am downloading MInt now via UNETBootin...let see if that works01:14
ActionParsnipSoothsayer: Soothsayer then you can ping your default gateway, just not beyond. Is the web connection behind the router ok?01:14
shadows090ActionParsnip, he can ping *his* ISP's DNS, but not opendns or google's01:14
induz_Thanks a lot ActionParsnip ....hope it works01:14
SoothsayerActionParsnip, well I'm connected to IRC, Gtalk and I can surf any website. So there's no issue with the internet.01:15
Cameron0x4dSoothsayer, whats your problem?01:15
ActionParsnipinduz_: just so you are aware, mint isnt supported here01:15
SoothsayerCameron0x4d, I can't ping any host/ip beyond my router's.01:15
Cameron0x4dhow are you on isp?01:15
SoothsayerI can ping on my windows devices though.01:15
Cameron0x4di mean IRC***01:15
SoothsayerCameron0x4d, connected via my router.01:15
induz_I tried Ubuntu too01:16
ActionParsnipSoothsayer: if you use your ISPs DNS is it all ok?01:16
SoothsayerCameron0x4d, oh, I'm on the same pc. The net works fine. It's just i can't ping01:16
SoothsayerActionParsnip, hmm.. so I should remove the google dns and try?01:16
Cameron0x4doh, tried to speed up your net, via going to googles dns?01:16
ActionParsnipSoothsayer: yes just change the DNS servers in network manager or /etc/resolv.conf01:16
SoothsayerAlso, I'm connected through a wireless network card. If that makes a difference.01:17
SoothsayerActionParsnip, ok trying it. I might get disconnected.01:17
syn-ackThanks ActionParsnip. Took a lot of choring around to get this thing to work again. Finally had to purge nm, reinstall it then unblock everything with rfkill01:17
ActionParsnipCameron0x4d: i'm fairly sure the ISP DNS will be faster than google's01:17
ActionParsnipsyn-ack: yikes01:17
seclm193hello all01:17
syn-ackOpenDNS is much quicker than your ISP DNS01:17
syn-ackActionParsnip, yeah, this thing locked up hard.01:17
Cameron0x4dActionParsnip: oh i know, because its a widely known thing now, so everyone does it.01:18
ActionParsnipif you install and configure dnsmasq you can make DNS take 0ms01:18
syn-ackCouldnt even get it to come up with a live session01:18
syn-ack'twas really odd01:18
Cameron0x4dWhat are you trying to ping?01:18
Cameron0x4dSoothsayer: can you repeat the entire question for me?01:18
SoothsayerCameron0x4d, any website, say google or bing or ...01:18
Cameron0x4dbut you can connect to google or bing?01:19
SoothsayerCameron0x4d, I can't ping any ip / host from my computer but I can connect to them, yes.01:19
SoothsayerActionParsnip, ok changed dns01:19
SoothsayerActionParsnip, still no ping.01:19
Soothsayernow I just have my ISP's dns configured01:19
syn-ackNow, to figure out why Banshee isnt wanting to poll CDDA info01:20
Cameron0x4dSoothsayer: is this a new thing? did you just set up a new router or something?01:20
SoothsayerCameron0x4d, nope, been happening since day 1 on Ubuntu.01:20
Cameron0x4dSoothsayer: ping
SoothsayerCameron0x4d, no reply.01:20
SoothsayerI'm going to try disabling static ip and use DHCP and try01:21
ActionParsnipSoothsayer: http://pastie.org/230147901:21
Cameron0x4dSoothsayer: lol i meant
Northernenhttp://pastebin.com/dbHpZgAj - why is mplayer not working?01:22
seclm193omegaforte, how ya doing/01:22
bacarhey the world01:23
MACscr_lappy10.4 live cd doesnt recongize my wireless. i found a workaround with modprobe's blacklist, but the tutorial recommends rebooting.  Is there something i can do instead for it to recongize the hardware?01:24
freemindsdoes anyone know why the tool "bitmap" doesn't work for me? I can't draw anything01:24
MACscr_lappyaka, instead of the reboot?01:24
Soothsayer_using dhcp doesn't help either01:24
Soothsayer_ ActionParsnip, doing a route.01:24
Soothsayer_ ActionParsnip, I get a - http://pastie.org/230148601:25
Soothsayer_ there's a link-local in between01:25
Soothsayer_ ping test01:25
FloodBot1Soothsayer_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:25
Soothsayer_FloodBot1, I timed out so I pasted my own messages :P bot-apology.01:25
Soothsayer_Everyone disappeared?01:25
Soothsayer_ActionParsnip, am I muzzled?01:26
aurillianceI've installed matlab and can run it from a terminal, but when I try to run it from a launcher I see the splash screen, but the actual program does not open.01:26
seclm193omegaforte:  think i've got my driver issue working01:28
SoothsayerActionParsnip, you here?01:31
freemindsdoes anyone know why the tool "bitmap" doesn't work for me? I can't draw anything01:31
seclm193Why does my cursor keep disappearing behind the active window/01:31
itaylor57KM0201, o/01:32
KM0201itaylor57, o/01:32
PolahIs there an ls option to display the number of files01:34
ActionParsnipSoothsayer: my network line in route has a metric of 0, yours is 201:35
SoothsayerActionParsnip, I wouldn't know what to make out of that.01:35
ActionParsnipSoothsayer: Soothsayer try making it 0, see if it helps01:36
nousePolah: 'ls | nl' should do it01:38
unomijesus this is frustrating.. how do I turn on window resize via alt+rightDrag?01:39
Polahnouse: Thank you very much01:39
karen_trying to use gnome-ppp I get this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/655998/ help?01:39
odie5533I ran an apt-get and it stalled, so I closed the console, but it's still running. so I tried to kill it in another console but the /usr/bin/dpkg thing won't die. How do I kill it since I can't get a lock to install anything else while it's running?01:40
bcessahi, a couple of days ago I start getting this error message http://pastebin.com/f82tEQqS I already dpkg-reconfigure locales but still can't fix it, any ideas?01:40
ActionParsnip!aptfix | odie553301:40
ubottuodie5533: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »01:40
karen_odie5533: sudo kill -9 $(pidof apt)01:40
odie5533karen_: kill -9 didn't kill it.01:41
ActionParsnipodie5533: the comamnd I made ubootu give will fix it01:41
odie5533that command returns "dpkg: error: dpkg status database is locked by another process"01:41
odie5533process still shows in ps, and can't use apt-get.01:42
seclm193Anyone know how to keep my cursor from disappearing when not in use in active window/01:42
odie5533is there a kill -10 or something?01:42
karen_odie5533: if you were root and -9 did not work then reboot01:43
karen_is the pid changing?01:44
unomimight want to try pkill, but apt shouldn't need it afaik01:44
ActionParsnipodie5533: kill -9 is the biggest hammer01:44
karen_it could be re-spawned by something else01:44
* GNUdog is away: busy01:44
ActionParsnipodie5533: do you have software centre open etc?01:44
odie5533I don't know what software center is01:45
ActionParsnipodie5533: its the pretty interface folks use to install software01:45
odie5533oh, no.01:45
ActionParsnipodie5533: another app which should be closed is synaptic01:45
odie5533I've always used apt-get since like... way earlier years of ubuntu so I never stopped01:45
karen_bcessa: use http://pastebin.ubuntu.com01:46
ActionParsnipodie5533: me too, new users will use the gui though01:47
ActionParsnipodie5533: does ubottu's command not work?01:47
odie5533ActionParsnip: It responded, "dpkg: error: dpkg status database is locked by another process"01:47
bcessakaren_ ok, this is the error message I'm getting http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/656005/01:47
odie5533ActionParsnip: so nope, didn't work.01:47
ActionParsnipodie5533: strange, that should clear that off. What is the output of:  ps -ef | grep dpkg01:49
odie5533heh, sorry, already rebooting01:49
ActionParsnipodie5533: probably easier ;)01:49
odie5533my 14 hour uptime! gone... :(01:50
JosePActionParsnip: you got a second?01:51
seanmc98can someone guide me on how to install a tar.gz on ubuntu 11.04 please01:52
mjj09Hello, can anyone help me debug my wireless connection problem?01:52
karen_bcessa: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime01:53
kermitmust gconfd eat 12% of my cpu constantly01:55
karen_seanmc98: read "man tar" and "man gzip" you have an archive like a zip, extract it then look inside01:56
mjj09Anyone good at debugging wireless problems? Connection was working fine, but a family member attempted to use Ndiswrapper and now the wireless card is not showing up.01:56
seanmc98karen_: what do you mean?01:56
karen_your tar.gz is like a .zip file01:56
karen_extract it using the GUI or CLI01:57
seanmc98if i double click it it opens with archive manager01:57
karen_that should do the trick01:57
bcessathnx anyway01:57
karen_mjj09: likely you need to change the driver back to the original, not sure how though..01:59
runicfoxmjj09, have you tried uninstalling ndiswrapper?01:59
mjj09the driver is showing in lspci, but it doesn't seem to be loading01:59
runicfoxmjj09, have you tried ifdown and ifup?02:01
runicfoxif memory serves, you'll have to sudo it, but try sudo ifdown [interface] && sudo ifup [interface]02:02
runicfoxwhere [interface] is the name of your networking device.02:02
mjj09runifox: sudo ifdown wloan0 ?02:02
ActionParsnipJoseP: sup02:03
mjj09runicfox:   ifdown: interface wlan0 not configured02:03
JosePok so the server is working fine and all until it goes idle. Then it's super slow. Once you enter your password and what not again, it's pretty decent02:03
runicfoxmjj09, okay try sudo ifup wlan002:03
JosePthat's what's going on ActionParsnip02:04
mjj09Ignoring unknown interface wlan0=wlan0.02:04
runicfoxhmm...  what is the output of ifconfig -a?02:05
runicfoxsee if wlan0 shows up in the resulting output.02:05
ActionParsnipJoseP: no idea, try asking the channel like everyone else02:05
mjj09runicfox: no, it's not listed02:05
JosePhmm ok02:06
JosePwhen trying to install 10.04 on another server, this is what I get02:06
dliJoseP, could it be powersaver? or cpufreq?02:06
FezzlerWhat is the site that lists the audio capture cards compatible with Ubuntu?  I want to record my guitar.  Does the Edirol UA-25 work?02:06
JosePI'm not sure dli02:06
JosePwhat should I try to do first?02:07
dliJoseP, first, try to get some idea, how it runs slow02:07
JosePI'm not sure though02:07
JosePit only runs slow when it goes idle02:07
dliJoseP, how do you find that out?02:08
JosePthen when you enter the password and log back into the desktop, it works perfectly fine02:08
JosePbecause it takes too long to respond02:08
JosePeven over SSH02:08
witesharkis thunderbird better at preventing bad code execution by default than evolution?02:08
seanmc98karen_: PM/02:09
dliJoseP, it happens to ssh only, or have tested other stuff02:09
JosePwell ssh is the only way of me accessing it remotely02:09
runicfoxmjj09, have you tried reinstalling the drivers for your wireless device?02:09
JosePdli picture this02:09
JosePyou don't move your mouse for a while and the computer idles02:09
mjj09runicfox, how would I do that?02:09
JosePwhen you start moving the mouse again, it takes a while for the password screen to come back02:09
JosePthen you enter your password, and log back in02:10
runicfoxmjj09, do you know what kind of wireless card you have?02:10
dliJoseP, if you keep your ssh session open, does it ever slow down?02:10
JosePafter that, it all goes back to normal02:10
JosePI don't think it will02:10
=== sheenobu is now known as sheenobu|z
JosePwhat I'm going to do, is put caffeine on it I guess02:10
runicfoxyou should be able to tell some basic information from the output of lspci02:10
mjj09runicfox, lspci lists: 00:1f.2 SATA controller: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset 6 port SATA AHCI Controller (rev 05)02:10
dliJoseP, it sounds like ssh login issue, rather than system02:10
JosePeven if I don't use the ssh02:10
JosePit's the actual computer02:10
JosePget rid of ssh for a while02:11
runicfoxmjj09, is that the only output from lspci?02:11
JosePto go into the actual computer physically02:11
JosePit still takes a while02:11
mjj09no, there are many lines02:11
JosePI'm aware it's not an ssh issue02:11
runicfoxcan you pastebin the output for me to look at?02:11
dliJoseP, do you run screensaver?02:11
JosePno it just goes black02:11
JosePscreensaver would take up a little more than I want to02:11
dliJoseP, I'm helping you on troubleshooting :(02:12
JosePso should I put a screensaver?02:12
dliJoseP, does screen goes blank currently?02:13
mjj09runicfox, http://pastebin.com/tBFG3ZwV02:13
JosePif you let it sit long enough it'll go black02:13
JosePI don't have a screensaver on it02:13
dliJoseP, if you want to test speed, you may simply run some cron job to measure speed by itself02:14
JosePhow would I do that?02:15
dliJoseP, disable power-manager powersaving, disable any cpufreq02:15
MACscr_lappywhats the default password for the live cd?02:15
dliMACscr_lappy, no, password, just press enter02:16
JosePdli, the computer doesn't go to sleep... The display does02:17
cmoixxxuser:ubuntu password:just press enter02:17
JosePwhen the display goes to sleep then is when bad stuff starts happening02:17
runicfoxmjj09, try getting the drivers off of this site: http://bit.ly/c9ERMD02:17
dliJoseP, disable all powersaving features, like hard drive to sleep02:18
JosePyea that wasn't even on in the first place02:18
runicfoxmjj09, you'll need to choose Wireless Networking in the first column, 'Intel Wifi Products' in the second, and then 'Intel Wifi Linkn 5300 and Intel Wifi Link 5100 Products' in the third.02:18
runicfoxmjj09, then select the Linux operating system and grab the driver from there.02:19
dliJoseP, again, I suggest you to enable public key login for ssh, disable UseDNS for ssh, and try again to check ssh login speed02:20
runicfoxor you could just grab: http://www.intellinuxwireless.org/iwlwifi/downloads/iwlwifi-5000-ucode-
JosePdli it's not just ssh02:20
JosePit's the actual machine02:21
mjj09runicfox, I'll download that link :)02:21
runicfoxthat archive has a Readme file in it that should help point you in the right direction.02:22
mjj09runicfox, finished downloading02:22
ogopogohow to run ubuntu from usb?02:23
chaituogopogo: you need to have the usb act as installer02:23
=== tum is now known as Guest98612
infobitogopogo, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download02:24
ogopogochaitu: do i need to partition my HDD02:24
ogopogosince i run win 702:24
chaituah infobit :)02:25
infobitogopogo, fallow link and click show me in side http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download02:25
heckmanIs there a way to get an Ubuntu LiveCD to boot with low-res graphics?02:25
heckmanI'm trying to boot 10.10 and all I get is artifacted video on screen.02:26
=== Totem-Schalter is now known as Toten-Schalter
mjj09grep \"^FIRMWARE_DIR\" /etc/hotplug/firmware.agent02:26
mjj09grep: /etc/hotplug/firmware.agent: No such file or directory02:26
chaituheckman: click on advance options and see if you can choose noapic?02:26
dliheckman, try safe graphic mode: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions02:26
heckmanty, it's bugging me.  11.04 disc loads fine.02:27
=== satellit_ is now known as satellit_afk
runicfoxmjj09, what version of Ubuntu are you running?02:27
* heckman tries now02:27
mjj09runicfox, 11.0402:27
ogopogois it possible to run ubuntu without mess my HDD, i want to try ubuntu02:28
heckmandli: that doesn't exist...02:28
JosePogopogo: run a VM02:28
chaituogopogo: yes..it will ask you if you want to install or try ubuntu02:28
infobitogopogo, DID YOU got it02:28
ogopogonot download yet02:28
chaituogopogo: download the iso and boot the cd. it will give you the options I specified02:29
infobitogopogo, got the instructions02:29
runicfoxmjj09, does your wirless device display in the output of sudo lshw -C network?02:31
mjj09runicfox, PCI (sysfs)02:31
mjj09runicfox, *-network UNCLAIMED02:32
mjj09       description: Network controller02:32
mjj09       product: PRO/Wireless 5100 AGN [Shiloh] Network Connection02:32
mjj09       vendor: Intel Corporation02:32
mjj09       physical id: 002:32
Stormx2Hi. For some reason I've got a blank terminal window that, when closed, re-launches itself saying "Welcome to orca, current desktop environment is classic gnome!" in a scary robot voice. How do I get rid of it?02:32
runicfoxyep, it'll take a few seconds to get the output.02:32
mjj09       bus info: pci@0000:02:00.002:32
mjj09       version: 0002:32
FloodBot1mjj09: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:32
mouseif i boot from a pen-drive a.k.a. (USB-ThumbDrive) does synaptic software center allow me to download onto the drive?02:33
heckmanWhy is 10.10 sucking.  Ugh02:33
chaitumouse: Are you saying you are booting into installed ubuntu?02:34
dlimouse, you want to use the storage left on it, or you want to modify the live system02:34
JosePheckman 11.04 is worse right now02:34
heckmanJoseP: Can't boot the LiveCD for 10.10.  Can boot the 11.04 one.02:34
szalmouse: the pkgs will download to wherever /var/cache/apt/ is located02:34
JosePthat sucks02:34
mouseno i want to download packages on the thumbdrive02:35
heckmanFor some reason it's pissed with my graphics.02:35
runicfoxmjj09, okay, just for giggles have you tried sudo service networking restart?02:35
szalmouse: and if the above mentioned dir is not on the thumbdrive, you can still copy the pkgs there02:35
mouseszal i don't know that's what im asking?02:36
mjj09runicfox, before we started doing anything, yes I think so (sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart)02:36
Ubuntu1104Sugarmouse: only if the USB has persistence....02:37
* Ubuntu1104Sugar otherwise it will load into memory02:37
mjj09runicfox, ran it again, didn't seem to change anything02:37
TrentonAdamsis there any sort of tool to continually display an alpha transparency of an image over my desktop at all times?  Either that, or an application that displays the current language keyboard over my desktop at all times. :D02:38
Ubuntu1104Sugaruse ubuntu startup disk creator and set persistence02:38
mousekk  i'll try that sometime02:38
heckmanAll I want is flipping Ubuntu 10.10.  Seems to be impossible02:38
Moral_where is my password stored?02:38
runicfoxcan you pastebin the contents of /etc/network/interfaces for me?02:38
runicfoxas well as the output from iwconfig?02:39
szalMoral_: most probably in /etc/passwd, but not in human-readable form02:39
ldrMoral_: /etc/shadow ;)02:39
szalah, right, /etc/passwd is an executable02:39
PhaseI'm having what I would consider to be a small issue with this bash script I'm writing, would anyone mind looking for me? http://sprunge.us/iacf02:39
szalnah, I'm talking sh**02:40
Moral_ldr, thanks02:40
Moral_what is this sha256 or salted md5?02:40
mjj09runicfox, http://pastebin.com/vBXf0smM02:40
ldrno /etc/password it consists of all infos besides passwort for user account02:40
szalldr: right02:41
runicfoxtry adding  these two lines to /etc/network/interfaces:02:42
runicfoxauto wlan002:42
runicfoxiface wlan0 inet dhcp02:42
=== optimus_ is now known as m1h0
runicfoxthen restart the networking service.02:42
ldrMoral_: "$id$salt$encrypted", where "$id" is the hashing algorithm used (On linux, "$1$" stands for MD5, "$2$" is Blowfish, "$5$" is SHA-256 and "$6$" is SHA-51202:42
=== david is now known as Guest77818
Moral_I got a $6$02:43
Moral_im fucked02:43
Moral_god damnit02:43
FloodBot1Moral_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:43
szal!language | Moral_02:43
ubottuMoral_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:43
ldrwhats your problem moral_?02:43
mjj09runicfox, wlan0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device02:43
ldrmaybe their is another solution02:43
Moral_well I have my old laptop, and I forgot my password. and there are like 250 movies that I want to transfer to my current laptop02:44
Moral_the only other way is to root it02:44
ldrone easy way is:02:44
runicfoxokay, back out that change and restart networking one more time.  that obviously didn't work.02:44
runicfoxand unfortunately, i've got to go (my infant daughter is starting to wake up).02:44
ldrboot some kind of live cd02:44
ldrone sec i query you02:44
Moral_yeah, I have access to the partition, via windows 702:44
mjj09tyvm for the help runic :)02:44
Hellscoffei think it is useful if u do waht ldr is saying..boot some kind of ubuntu live cd and try to acess them02:45
szalMoral_: then where's the problem?02:45
xrfangI am using syslog4j, it seems that my ubuntu's rsyslogd does not receive udp log message from the java program. I wonder if udp logging is supported by rsyslogd or not?02:45
Moral_szal, I still want to use the computer without formatting it.02:45
TrentonAdamshow do I re-assign my right control key to be the right control key?  I'm using a multilingual canadian keyboard, and that key doesn't do anything.02:47
soreauTrentonAdams: maybe xmodmap02:48
* szal hasn't heard of left and right Ctrl keys doing different things yet02:49
szalAlt keys, yes, in most keyboard layouts right Alt = AltGr, calling 3rd key layer (or 4th, in combination w/ Shift)02:49
jacob_whats up02:50
FloodBot1jacob_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:50
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest63667
szaljacob_: please clean your keyboard outside the channel02:50
cane99need help with how to configure email for a new domain with postfix02:54
cane99I would like to receive incoming emails from my domain on my home server02:55
cane99anyone still up-lol02:55
szal!patience | cane9902:55
ubottucane99: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:55
* wildbat is dead.02:55
Boomboycan someone please help me in figuring out how to have keyboard shortcuts in kubuntu? system settings ->keyboard shortcuts doesnt help02:57
Projekt2cane99,  try http://www.howtoforge.com/ lots of good stuff there02:58
ph3arr3thi all, does someone have time to help me as both eth0 and wlan0 are not connecting online02:58
ldrTrentonAdams: can you try run xev and see which codes are produced when you press left and right control?03:00
ldrph3arr3t did you need help?03:03
qincane99: Do you have static ip from isp?03:06
seclm193is anyone hanving my problem.  during certain times, my mouse just disappearing until i move it again.  how do i disable this?03:08
gamingdroidDoes anyone know what the version of modwsgi is in 11.04 and 10.04 LTS?03:08
TrentonAdamsldr: ISO_Level5_Shift for right control03:09
qingamingdroid: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/libapache2-mod-wsgi03:10
tman_how do you change openssh's default log file to something else. is it possible?03:10
ldrTrentonAdams: then try the following create a file in your home called .Xmodmap if their isnt one and write the following line in the file "add Control = Control_L ISO_Level5_Shift"  without the "" of course03:10
ldrTrentonAdams: then run xmodmap .Xmodmap and see if it has helped03:11
seclm193Anyone know how to fix this/03:11
TrentonAdamsldr: What are comments in that file?03:11
TrentonAdamsldr: I mean how to make them?03:11
ldr! i think03:11
gamingdroidqin: thanks. Does this mean it is version 3.3: "Package: libapache2-mod-wsgi (3.3-2ubuntu2) "03:11
qintman_: What do you want to log from ssh?03:12
qingamingdroid: Apparently.03:12
tman_all the login attempts succesful or not03:12
TrentonAdamsldr: vim agrees, it changes color03:12
ldrTrentonAdams: good to hear :)03:12
tman_basicly what its logging now but in another file03:12
qintman_: last and lastlog03:12
TrentonAdamsldr: X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)03:13
ldrhmm strange03:13
ldrone sec03:13
tman_i don't know how to use those programs can you teach me?03:13
ldrTrentonAdams: you have all blanks and omitted the ""03:13
qintman_: Both come to Ubuntu preconfigured, just: last && lastlog in terminal03:14
TrentonAdamsldr: YES03:14
tman_alright but how do i tell it where to log03:14
seclm193is anyone hanving my problem.  during certain times, my mouse just disappearing until i move it again.  how do i disable this?03:14
ldrTrentonAdams: was their some .xmodmap file already?03:14
rodhashHey guys.. I wanna try the xfce environment, so let me ask.. If I install that, will I loose my gnome environemnt & settings?03:15
rodhashDesktop / compiz / emerald / network manager will all be the same?03:15
TrentonAdamsldr: or, at least one space in between each thing that is.03:15
ldrTrentonAdams: yeah thats right03:15
ldrTrentonAdams: was their already a .Xmodmap file in your home?03:15
TrentonAdamsldr: made sure there was no .xmodmap, only .Xmodmap03:15
qintman_: Do not get it, what is wrong with /var/log/...03:15
TrentonAdamsldr: yes, ported from my old system, but I removed the lines03:15
ldronley "my line" remains?03:16
ldrcan you paste your whole .xmodmap in pastebin03:16
tman_just that i dont wanna have to go through it and find all my sshd logins i want just the logins in a seprate file.03:16
Hellscoffecan anyone please tell me why the GCC keeps giving me the warning that "warning: format '%s' expects type 'char *', but argument 2 has type 'char (*)[100]'"03:16
ldrTrentonAdams: normally xmodmap accepts a lot of crap so i am wondering what could produce this error message besides some syntax probs03:18
qintman_: grep ssh /var/log/auth* > your_log_file03:18
wildbatHellscoffe:  ##c or ##c++03:18
TrentonAdamsldr: http://pastebin.com/ue5cWABg03:19
Hellscoffewildbat: ok ok, thanks03:19
gamingdroidBeen trying to find a list of companies using Ubuntu Server as their web server, but unable to find it. Anyone know of a list?03:19
ldrTrentonAdams: and you run xmodmap .Xmodmap?03:19
IdleOnegamingdroid: perhaps email canonical, that is not really an Ubuntu support question03:19
* heckman wishes he could get Ubuntu to boot03:19
heckmanStarting to reall bother me.03:20
TrentonAdamsldr: yes, let me paste bin that03:20
tman_for some reason thats not working03:20
TrentonAdamsldr: ^^03:20
ldrTrentonAdams: lets query03:21
Carmeni cant dim mi laptop screen ligth,,is there a package that resolve that ?03:21
tman_never mind i was looking in the wrong place03:21
tman_thanks that works really good03:21
qintman_: This: grep ssh /var/log/auth* | less03:21
tman_and i could make a cron job to run that every so often.03:22
tman_why is the wildcard in the command i understand what it means but why is it needed03:24
Troy^I am trying to run a script from nautilus but i would also like to run a gnome-terminal with the code inside of it to see the process of the code being run, how would one do this with nautilus03:25
qintman_: cron, yes, but different command, ls /var/log to see how it is organized.03:25
unomiIf, by chance, you installed i686 on a x86_64 capable system, is there a way to change over?03:26
PsyCl0neHi all. I was wondering if there was a way that I could connect to my ubuntu ssh server and then connect to a windows share that is on the same network as the ssh server. This will also be done from another network03:26
tman_one sec what i was really trying to do is make ssh log into a different file in the first place? to make it easier to go through03:26
poi77Hi -- I have my host connected to a switch, then I shutdown the port on the switch, should I expect the kernel to notice and display something different in ifconfig03:26
unomiPsyCl0ne: yes.03:26
unomiPsyCl0ne: there are potentially many ways, really03:27
tman_i know it can be done but im not sure how03:27
SAChocoboHello, I am in desperate need of some help.03:27
PsyCl0neunomi: Ill honestly start off with an apology just because Im really new to doing anything remotely and honestly Ive just recently gotten my ssh server up and running. But apart from that how would I go about doing this?03:27
unomiPsyCl0ne: a fairly simple way would be to mount the windows share as smbfs on the system that you are ssh'ing into, then it will simply appear as any other directory03:28
qintman_: hm... moment.03:28
unomiPsyCl0ne: another way could be to let the computer you are ssh'ing into forward ports for the windows box03:29
tman_maybe im just being lazy cause thats really what i wanted to do03:29
PsyCl0neunomi: I have ubuntu server as my ssh, the latest version I believe as well. So how would I add these shares to the server?03:29
ldrPsyCl0ne: in one sentence: mount -t cifs \\AdressoftheWindowsBox\Sharename <mountpoint>03:30
unomiPsyCl0ne: google says: http://forum.visionopen.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=569903:30
SAChocoboI recently downloaded the "CompizConfig Settings Manager" from the Ubuntu Software Center, and after messing with it, my dock and top menubar no longer exist. How do I reset the compiz graphics settings (if possible)?03:31
tman_i need just the sshd login attempts to be logged into their own file how would i do that ive been racking my brain but i dont know how03:31
unomiPsyCl0ne: if that is complete gibberish to you, then go through this first: http://www.howtogeek.com/forum/topic/mount-an-smbfs-in-ubuntu03:31
PsyCl0neldr, unomi: Thank you both :)03:31
Troy^I have created a script that pulls the filename of the file i use the script into the code as a variable. Now the code being run is prefered to be viewed and has somewhat user input that would be prefered to view in gnome-terminal. So how does one get the script to run nautilus and as well run the code in a new gnome-terminal in order to view the code03:32
mecablazeIs it possible to install a .deb file to my home directory?03:32
unomiPsyCl0ne: note that you might want to have an entry for it in fstab, that way it tries to mount it on every boot03:32
Gaming4JCAnyone know if I can run command that can tell if a program died and relaunch it about every 60mins?03:33
unomiPsyCl0ne: otherwise ofcourse, you could have a lil script that does it for you on demand03:33
PsyCl0neunomi: fstab?03:33
qintman_: look at example 2 in man inotifywait, you will run script to monitor auth.log and make live update.03:33
Gaming4JCI need it for a server. I think cronjob might work...03:33
tman_one sec03:33
unomiPsyCl0ne: man fstab    and less /etc/fstab03:33
Gaming4JCit's a temp fix until we fix the bug causing the exe to die :P03:33
unomiPsyCl0ne: basically it is a file which lists the filesystems to attempt to mount03:33
ldrtman_: i just read your problem what about configuring your syslog?03:34
Gaming4JCnvm I'm googling it03:34
ldrtman_: if you are using rsyslog(standard on ubuntu afaik) have a look at this http://www.kiwilight.com/etc/rsyslog.conf03:34
PsyCl0neunomi: ok thank you, Ill have to read the howtogeek site though. If I have any questions mind if I hit you up again?03:34
unomildr: any hints on switching a system over from i686 to _64?03:35
ldrtman_: their you should find some pretty good example how to log stuff in diffrent files depending on programm03:35
unomiPsyCl0ne: that is what we are here for03:35
ldrunomi: sorry no i am pretty new to this 64bit stuff03:35
unomiPsyCl0ne: don't take references to `man something` as anything but an affirmation that I believe you deserve to know where to get the full information ;)03:35
qintman_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/656059/03:35
SAChocoboErm... I can haz halp?03:36
DangerOnTheRangrSure :)03:36
Guest87172I'd like to set up my desktop to run win7 on ssd/and a 500gb for storage, with another 500 for ubuntu03:36
Guest87172pretty simple, right? I imagine I just format the extra hdd03:37
Guest87172then install ubuntu over the top03:37
SAChocoboI recently downloaded the "CompizConfig Settings Manager" from the Ubuntu Software Center, and after messing with it, my dock and top menubar no longer exist. How do I reset the compiz graphics settings (if possible)?03:37
ldrtman_:if you have trouble using this tell me i really dont think messing around with cronjobs copying stuff out of log files is the best solution03:37
DangerOnTheRangrGuest87172: Make sure to install Windows first - Windows has a notorious record of erasing the MBR03:37
adubzhow can i specify to look for just two interfaces ifconfig wlan or eth03:38
adubzand not show loopback03:38
DangerOnTheRangrSAChocobo:  gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz in a terminal should do the trick 03:39
unomiSAChocobo: have a look in the compiz panel and see if you unticked "Ubuntu Unity Plugin"03:39
SAChocoboI tried that twice now...03:39
zeppelin101is it possible to unmap the 'super03:39
tman_ive never edited this before and i need help if you could03:39
qintman_: So for ssh this should work (you can this script to crontab with @boot): http://paste.ubuntu.com/656061/03:40
zeppelin101anyone know if it is possible to unmap the 'super' key (with Windows logo on it)?03:40
qintman_: Sorry @reboot03:40
unomiSAChocobo: in the settings manager there is also a "Preferences" section03:40
dlizeppelin101, xmodmap?03:40
unomiIn there there is a "Reset to defaults" button03:41
SAChocoboI pressed it03:41
goodtime does anybody know how to fstab a hdd03:41
unomigoodtime: in the face03:41
Carmenis there a package that help identify controllers on my pc,,i cant dim desktop03:41
zeppelin101actually all i dont want it to do is launch the window where i can type what app to launch03:41
zeppelin101i guess it's convenient for other purposes, though03:41
unomior 3 inches left of the sternum03:41
goodtimethe face?03:41
KruyKazehi everyone , how do i add another HDD and have the system treat the 2 as one filesystem?03:42
unomigoodtime: have a look at `man fstab`03:42
goodtimety unomi03:43
Troy^I am trying to run a script from nautilus but i would also like to run a gnome-terminal with the code inside of it to see the process of the code being run, how would one do this with nautilus03:43
tman_would the cron tab look like "@boot /home/tman/ssh_log.sh" ?03:43
ldrtman_: you see the query?03:43
unomigoodtime: it sometimes helps to have /etc/fstab open next to the man pages03:43
qintman_: @reboot03:43
unomigoodtime: makes it easier to create a link03:43
PsyCl0neldr: when you gave me this command "mount -t cifs \\AdressoftheWindowsBox\Sharename <mountpoint>" what exactly is the mount point?03:44
tman_so everytime i reboot it would pipe the auth.log into another file03:44
OmegaFortePsyCl0ne, The mount point is where you want the remote to link locally.03:44
ldrPsyCl0ne, whatever you want it to be03:44
tman_just greping the ssh logins03:44
SAChocobounomi: You were right. It was the checkbox...03:44
OmegaFortePsyCl0ne, Like /home/remote_box?03:44
ldrPsyCl0ne, make some folder like mkdir /mnt/windows103:44
ldrand use it03:44
SAChocoboomg, thank you soooooo much03:45
ldrtman_:you see the query i am wirting to you?03:45
tman_on pastebin03:45
* SAChocobo gives unomi a brohug and runs off03:46
PsyCl0neldr: Oh thank you.03:46
qintman_: Well, both. inotify trigger grep and pipe in case of modification auth.log, rest is simple, one more mistake, instead of > should be >>03:46
PsyCl0neOmegaForte: Thank you as well :)03:46
tman_oh ok03:46
K-Richy'all wanna see a cute pic of my kid?03:47
rahulubuntu user03:47
rahulhi k-rich03:47
qintman_: You also want to add, "if then" to limit number of lines in your file, or do it manually from time to time.03:47
tman_im gonna reboot and see if i put it in right ok03:50
Carmeni cant dim my laptop creen03:50
tman_ill be back on in a few minutes03:50
Carmenis there a cotroller that help me resolve this03:50
tman_qin ill be back on in a few minutes03:50
qintman_: Ok03:51
wadHi folks. I'm trying to work with a netbook running ubuntu, and it's got a file in the home directory that is making me go nuts. Apparently it has something to do with gnome desktop. ls -ls shows it like this:03:51
wadd?????????  ? ?     ?           ?                ? .gvfs03:51
ldrCarmen: what does "cat /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness" say?03:51
wadEr, I meant "ls -la". Sorry.03:51
wadI can't delete the file, move it, or anything. It's making it bear to try to backup the filesystem.03:52
qinwad: How do you back up?03:52
wadqin: This computer's display is dead. So I connected to it on the network, and tried a "scp -r" from the home directory. This file killed that effort completely.03:53
qinwad: rsync have --exclude option03:53
wadI can try that.03:53
PsyCl0neI made a directory on the ssh server /mnt/winmov, then I tried mounting the windows shares with the command "sudo mount -t cifs \\\Movies /mnt/winmov" , but I get the error out put of http://pastebin.com/eQrFu2jz what did I do wrong?03:53
lsvwould there be any explanation as to why my wireless card would disappear after rebooting?03:54
theadminPsyCl0ne: Put the share name in single quotes.03:54
theadminPsyCl0ne: i.e., mount -t cifs '\\\Movies' /mnt/winmov03:55
TrentonAdamslsv: Did someone steal it?03:55
PsyCl0netheadmin: I think I broke it my terminal has a > with a flashing cursor...03:55
TrentonAdamslsv: hehe03:56
theadminPsyCl0ne: Hit Ctrl+C03:56
TrentonAdamslsv: Sorry, just checking the obvious. lol03:56
theadminPsyCl0ne: And try again03:56
TrentonAdamslsv: Seriously though, what do you mean by "dissappear"?03:56
lsvTrentonAdams: I'm pretty sure, the card is still there03:56
theadminPsyCl0ne: Or actually you can try: mount -t cifs \\\\\\Movies /mnt/winmov03:56
PsyCl0netheadmin: it spat out the same error03:56
lsvthe computer wont find it03:57
TrentonAdamslsv: "ifconfig -a" show anything?03:57
theadminPsyCl0ne: \ is an escape character in bash you see03:57
adubzhow would i specify with one command ifconfig wlan and eth03:57
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
lsvI turn off the computer, let me boot it up03:57
PsyCl0netheadmin: same error with the command that you just gave me03:57
ldrhmm strange03:58
lsvTrentonAdams: It is back :D03:58
KijutsuIs there any software available for Ubunutu to host a streaming video webcam?03:58
theadminPsyCl0ne: Odd, I'm not sure cifs is the right filesystem type then03:58
TrentonAdamslsv: hmm, that is very odd.  Sounds almost like a driver bug or system bug of some sort.03:58
lsvthe problem now is I need to make it work03:58
qinKijutsu: vlc?03:58
TrentonAdamslsv: next time try restarting it in the connection applet03:58
ldrPsyCl0ne, y mistake you have to use // instead of \\03:58
ldrcifs is right btw03:59
Kijutsuqin: Long story short -- I'm looking to host a webcam strea m for others.03:59
TrentonAdamslsv: hopefully there won't be a next time though p)03:59
lsvTrentonAdams: I'm trying to set up the card, but I have no luck.03:59
PsyCl0netheadmin: Well Im not sure what file system you could be looking for, the shares are on an NTFS partition03:59
ldrPsyCl0ne in windows you use \\ in linux you use // my mistake as i said03:59
TrentonAdamslsv: oh, why not?03:59
theadminPsyCl0ne: Do how ldr said03:59
lsvTrentonAdams: I don't know, I get all sort of weird msg.04:00
TrentonAdamslsv: Hmm, probably can't help you there then.  I'm no expert on wirless cards in linux04:00
lsvTrentonAdams: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!  I mean, no problem, thanks :D04:01
TrentonAdamslsv: I was hoping it would just be a module not loading, which I could help you with. :P04:01
theadminlsv: There's a cool guide on configuring wireless in Linux here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Wireless_Setup (please ignore the Arch-specific bits, such as those refering to /etc/rc.conf or pacman)04:02
theadminlsv: If that helps at all.04:02
lsvTrentonAdams: thanks.04:02
dibblegohow do I change the text editor that .sh files open with?04:03
theadmindibblego: You right-click them, go to Properties and choose the "Open With" tab.04:04
dibblegotheadmin: will that setting persist?04:04
theadmindibblego: Yes.04:04
dibblegogreat thanks04:04
theadmindibblego: No problems.04:04
tman_qin i tried it but it didnt pipe it out to that file. do you have to edit roots crontab?04:05
lsvtheadmin: thanks, I'll give a look04:07
tman_qin still haven't gotten it to work04:10
tman_qin heres what i put in crontab @reboot /home/tman/scripts/ssh_log.sh thats where i put the script04:11
glissso, I had to reinstall the ubuntu-desktop to fix a user issue on my natty install04:12
glissand then deleted a problem user account with sudo userdel -rf username04:12
zeppelin101how can i obtain more information about a package? i tried apt-cache showpkg [pkg_name] but this wasn't very helpful04:12
glissand now when i try to run users-admin its hoarked...cant add a user, or do anything04:13
glissit never gives me the auth window, but I can see it flash with an authentication failed message of some sort04:13
qintman_: Script in path, run script (no reboot) and try to connect to ssh to check it.04:14
ldrsome totally stupid question how do i copy and paste out of xchat?04:15
tman_can i connect on my local loopback04:15
theadminldr: I think the usual way04:15
smegzorRecently my graphics shuts down (black screens) a short time into playing any game that uses accelerated graphics.  I'm running 10.04 with official NVidia drivers and 2 monitors.  What can I try that might fix this?  When it happens, programs still run and I can hear the game, but I can't get a display at all and I can't remote in.  It seems to knock out ssh as well.04:15
theadminldr: Or you can always use mousepaste04:15
ldrtheadmin: thanks i got it04:15
wolstman_: ssh listens on normally all interfaces, incl. loopback, so yes04:16
tman_turns out it cant find inotifywait04:16
tman_on my machine04:16
tman_qin is it in the inotify-tools package?04:16
tman_there it looks like it works ill log in04:17
PsyCl0neBack, netbook crapped out.04:17
qintman_: sudo apt-get install inotify-tools04:18
mecablazeIs there a way to install g++-multilib as non-root, i.e. to my home dir?04:18
glissis there a way to reinstall the users-admin tool, or repair the system settings applications?04:18
PsyCl0neOk so I think Ive gotten the share mounted, but now how do I access it?04:18
GasseusUmm... I'm trying to open an ssh tunnel, and it giving me an error "channel 3: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed"04:18
ldrPsyCl0ne: how to you want to access it? through ssh i thought this should be possible now04:19
PsyCl0neGasseus: I am also having this issue with my ssh server but it starts to spam various numbers instead of just 304:20
rwwGasseus: is the port on your local machine under 1024? if so, you need to be root04:20
rwwI think it's 1024 anyway. something around there.04:20
GasseusThe port on the local machine is 808004:20
Gasseus"ssh -D 8080"04:20
Gasseususing KBA04:20
PsyCl0neldr: I dont know what you mean exactly, Im speaking to you through the ssh server and the shares still dont show up04:21
GasseusPsyCl0ne what are you trying to do?04:21
KSHawkEyeDoes anyone know if there is a way to change the group of a file, without root access? chgrp seems to need root access04:21
centr0how do i turn off that LOUD computer beep when i shutdown?04:22
PsyCl0neGasseus: Access my win 7 shares through the ssh server04:22
NikolaiKorvanskyI'm installing openSSH right now. I'll message if I get the same problems.04:22
GasseusPsyCl0ne Umm.. do samba mount on the server then use SSHfs on the local machine?04:22
PsyCl0neGasseus: Im really new to all this so gonna have to google a ton of stuff lol04:23
blade_PsyCl0ne, samba has a gui that will make life so much easer for what your doing04:23
Gasseusblade_ He's on a server04:23
blade_Gasseus, ahh ok sorry04:23
glissis there a way to reinstall the users-admin tool from the system settings control center?04:24
GasseusPsycl0ne http://www.ubuntugeek.com/mount-network-file-systems-nfssamba-in-ubuntu.html04:24
wolsPsyCl0ne: why would CIFS work over ssh?04:24
Gasseusand then you can mount via sshfs04:24
PsyCl0neGasseus: Ive just completed that04:24
wolsPsyCl0ne: if you want to encrypt your connection, use a VPN04:24
GasseusPsyCl0ne so you can access the files on your server?04:24
PsyCl0newols: I dont know what Im doing I know what I have and want04:25
tman_qin thank you very much for putting up with my rambling. sorry if i started to annoy you a little.04:25
wolsit's your waste of time04:25
PsyCl0neGasseus: Actually Im connected to my ubuntu server that is my ssh tunnel and my win 7 shares are on the same network. Im actually doing this remotely04:25
GasseusWindows 7 shares are on same network as ubuntu server, and your on a different network?04:26
PsyCl0nethats why im going through SSH04:26
GasseusWhat you want to do is follow that guide I linked you on the server04:26
Gasseusnot on local machine, on server04:26
wolsPsyCl0ne: can you ping your windows host?04:26
Gasseusand then on your local machine, "sudo apt-get install sshfs"04:27
PsyCl0newols: through my server or from where I am currently?04:27
wolsfrom where you are currently04:27
wolsfor CIFS you need a working connection to the CIFS server obviously04:28
witesharkWhat windows email malware can lock Evolution and the whole GUI during preview?04:28
GasseusPsycl0ne Did you install sshfs?04:28
qintman_: Cool, a bit busy, does it work?04:28
blade_gliss, are you talking about the tab on the menu bar?04:29
tman_yeah at first it because i didnt have inotify-tools package installed04:29
PsyCl0neGasseus: it was unable to find the packeet04:29
wolsgliss: can you use sudo on the commandline or in a xterm?04:29
PsyCl0nepackage** fml04:29
tman_after i installed it the script worked like a charm04:29
wols!info sshfs04:30
ubottusshfs (source: sshfs-fuse): filesystem client based on SSH File Transfer Protocol. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2-1build1 (natty), package size 39 kB, installed size 140 kB04:30
tman_so thank you very much04:30
GasseusPsyCl0ne Its sshfs04:30
qintman_: Well, should tell you that it is not shipped with system.04:30
PsyCl0neyea got it now04:30
wolsPsyCl0ne: then your ubuntu is misconfigured04:30
tman_i figured that out04:30
PsyCl0newols: no no it was a typo04:31
glissblade: If you open System Settings, from the Indicator Applet on the panel...there is a utility called 'Users and Groups'04:31
Exodeusanyone have problems updating from 10.10 to 11.04??04:31
glissThe application is somehow hoarked on my Ubuntu 11.0404:31
PsyCl0newols: ok so I actually dont know much about these windows file systems and such like you were trying to ask me above. I do have access to my ssh server and my shares are available to all04:31
GasseusPsyCl0ne Once you're done with that, do "sudo sshfs username@host:/path/that/samba/share/is/mounted/on/server /path/to/mount/locally"04:32
glissI can't do anything at all with a user in that utility04:32
blade_gliss, have you right clicked on the menu and tried to "edit menu" to see if you can find it?04:32
wolsgliss: I asked you something04:32
glissblade: its there, it just doesn't work right04:32
blade_gliss, it may just be hidden and need to be checked again... wols knows way more about 11.4 than i04:32
glisswols: sorry, I missed it? what did you ask?04:33
=== jared is now known as Guest46436
glisswols: when i try to start it using 'sudo users-admin' it opens, and just sits there greyed out04:34
glissI can manage users in terminal using useradd and other commands, but not in the gui using the users-admin utility04:35
theadmingliss: There should be a button saying "unlock", or looking like a key, or like a lock. Press it.04:36
dr_willisyou may want to try  gksudo users-admin04:36
glisstheadmin: I don't see that button...I remember seeing it before...but its gone now04:37
xerxeslinshello. sorry my english. how i recover my password nickname? thank you04:37
theadminxerxeslins: Try booting Ubuntu in single-user mode, and run "passwd your_username" there.04:37
dr_willisgliss:  the window is maxamized? button may be off screen04:38
blade_xerxeslins, do you need to recover both your user name and your password?04:38
glissdrwillis: It does the same thing as when I sudo users-admin...just hangs greyed out and I have to force quit to close it04:38
glissand no...the window is not maximized04:38
dr_willisgliss:   odd. thats compiz's way of saying an app is not respondig.04:39
blade_dr_willis, is that different in 11.4 than in 10.10 as i have mine open and do not see the icon you and theadmin are talking about04:39
xerxeslinstheamin and blade: thank you. sorry but my question is about nickname IRC. i dont know where request help04:39
theadminxerxeslins: #freenode04:39
xerxeslinsoh thanx!04:39
glissso that utility is part of compiz? any idea how to maybe reinstall it?04:40
blade_dr_willis, would ubuntu tweeks help gliss on this?04:40
glissI tried apt-get install reinstall users-settings...but says package not found04:40
theadmingliss: No, that utility is not a part of compiz, compiz is the window manager. And by greying the window out it tells you that the app in this window hangs.04:40
dr_willisgliss:  its not part of compiz.  compiz greys out anythimg that  'dosenot respond'04:41
froeshi guys.... i am having a problem with ubuntu 10.10... i have edited something on visudo to ignore asking password that works perfectly if i run from tty2, but if insude gnome, it does not work. any ideas ????04:41
PsyCl0neGasseus: so Ive done what youve asked sudo sshfs robbie@sshserver:/mnt/winmov /mnt/winmov but then it spits out read: Connection reset by peer04:41
glissdr_willis: This is the output in terminal after I force quit..."Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0."04:42
GasseusPsyCl0ne The files are indeed actively mounted on your server?04:42
PsyCl0neGassues: would it make a difference if I were to be tunneling through the ssh server as we speak?04:42
dr_willisPsyCl0ne:  you dont need to do sshfs as root04:42
PsyCl0neGasseus: How can  i check ?04:42
GasseusPsyCl0ne it shouldn't make a difference04:42
GasseusTo check "ls /mnt/winmov"04:42
Gasseuson server04:43
dr_willisPsyCl0ne:  can you ssh to the server normally?04:43
PsyCl0neGassues: yea it comes up with a huge list of all the files04:43
GasseusPsycl0ne Umm...04:43
PsyCl0nedr_willis: I dont understand your question04:43
GasseusPsyCl0ne The tunneling might have something to do with it04:44
PsyCl0neok one sec brb04:44
GasseusPsyCl0ne Try making your ssh access restrictions to be 2 connections per user rather then 104:44
Roy__Hello everyone, I'm having trouble with sftp in Grsync (and other proggies) the sftp connection to remote computer does not show up in Places, but the sftp connection can be seen in a normal Nautilus (Places) window, how can I enable this in Grsync?04:45
PsyCl0neGasseus: through sshd_config correct?04:45
Viking667'llo. I'm having a fairly major problem - I've just installed fglrx-8.840, and now I don't have gdm, kdm, nor even xdm. And if I ask apt-get to install them, it tells me it'll have to remove fglrx and fglrx-amdcccle to do so, so it can install x11-utils and a few other things. What's going on here?04:46
GasseusPsyCl0ne Honestly i don't know I've always used a perl script for configuration04:46
ldrPsyCl0ne: have a look at this file /etc/security/limits.conf04:47
blade_Viking667, try fglxrinfo in terminal04:48
ldrPsyCl0ne,  it normally limits the parallel connections04:48
Viking667can't, I'm not yet in X.04:49
PsyCl0neldr: in this file I do not see a max parallel connections option04:51
PsyCl0neldr: would you like a pastebin of it??04:51
blade_Viking667, you can run that from the command line before you get into x.... you may need to run "sudo aticonfig --initial -f"04:51
Gasseusits in the ssh conf04:51
PsyCl0neGassues: kk04:52
blade_Viking667, that will let ati set up your xorg.conf04:52
Gasseusmax parallel connections or something04:52
ldrPsyCl0ne, no their normally is no limitation set04:52
ldrPsyCl0ne, maybe you just didnt have one04:52
Gasseusldr the default limit is 3 connections per ip simultaneously04:52
ldrPsyCl0ne, you can in theory limit it through iptables too, but i dont think you did that either04:52
Active_MancanoHello! I had a quick question. I just got a netbook, what would be the best linux version for it?04:53
ldrGasseus, really then i never needed more, hard to imagine but could be04:53
GasseusActive_Mancano I'm sure you can guess the answer to that question based on where you are04:53
theadminActive_Mancano: We only support Ubuntu here, PM me if you want my help, cause I wouldn't mind04:54
blade_Active_Mancano, best bet is to get a few different live cd's and try them out before you install anything and see what fits for you best04:54
zeppelin101random question: if i build a package from source using 'make', then 'makefile' and delete the extracted dir from which i installed (and thus the original makefile), then removal of the program will need to be done manually, piece by piece?04:54
theadmin!checkinstall | zeppelin10104:54
ubottuzeppelin101: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!04:54
Viking667anyhow, that gives me a xorg.conf, but I had one of those already. What I don't have is a gdm or kdm or even an Xdm.04:55
zeppelin101theadmin: very cool, thanks04:55
GasseusViking667 Are you online?04:55
Viking667that gave me four lines...04:56
blade_Gasseus, please tell me that is rhetorical question04:56
Viking667Gasseus: uh, yeah, what do you mean by "online"?04:56
GasseusOnline on the machine you lack the *dm on04:56
Gasseusblade_ No, just misworded04:56
PsyCl0neldr: I cant find a limit on connection in that file either04:56
blade_Viking667, have you ran xrandr ? from terminal04:57
GasseusPsycl0ne well somewhere is a limit and we can't do anything until its fixed... possibly isp04:57
blade_Viking667, what i am looking  for is the conflict....04:57
Gasseusif its ISP there's a solution04:57
ldrPsyCl0ne, then just put "*         hard    maxlogins       10" in the file limits.conf04:57
Gasseusalbeit messy04:57
ldrPsyCl0ne, should raise the limit to 1004:57
Viking667give me a moment...04:58
Gasseusldr if there's no config thing, then there's no limit on the machine, meaning its an ISP limit04:58
ldrPsyCl0ne, if Gasseus is right with his normally limit is 304:58
ldrno Gasseus sais if their is no option its is 3 which could very well be the case04:58
Viking667I'll drop out of X (as it's currently started up as root) and fire it up as the user. I'll have to tweak something at this end though.04:58
GasseusPsycl0ne There's a way to evade the ISP limit, should I dig it up for you?04:58
Viking667I'll be back in about a couple of minutes.04:58
Gasseusldr but if there's no conf option there's no limit04:59
PsyCl0neGasseus: hmm if you can but Im not sure I have this limit04:59
=== user0 is now known as Guest49408
GasseusPsycl0ne Well nothing can go wrong, except a mediocre degradation in preformance04:59
PsyCl0neok how about this05:00
ldrGasseus, i thought you wrote default limit is 3 okay05:00
PsyCl0nejust because Im so new at this is there a possibility that I have incorrectly setup my SSH server?05:00
GasseusPsyCl0ne its "ssh -L 22:localhost:2222 username@host"05:00
=== troy__ is now known as Troy^
Gasseusldr well yes, but there's no coded limit in openssh05:00
ldrno thats true05:00
Gasseuser wait... hard coded default is -1, or infinite05:01
ldrah thanks thats what i thought05:01
ldrso this ist not his problem05:01
GasseusPsycl0ne "ssh -L 2222:localhost:22 user@host"05:01
PsyCl0neGasseus I actually use ssh -p 23566 robbie@sshserver -D 808005:02
Gasseuspsycl0ne but you need to have ssh go over an ssh tunnel to evade the isp limitation05:02
PsyCl0neso we are gonna ssh tunnel an ssh tunnel?05:02
GasseusPsycl0ne Yep05:03
GasseusFirst, you do "ssh 2222:localhost:22 username@host"05:03
PsyCl0neis that on my laptop ?05:03
Gasseusthen "ssh -D 8080 localhost -p 2222"05:03
Gasseusyes its on your laptop05:03
Gasseusmake sure all other ssh connections are done before you start05:04
Gasseusthen you do "sshfs -p 2222 user@ /mnt/whatevlocally"05:04
TonyWanisAnyone nerd hosting?05:04
Gasseusnerd hosting? Whats nerding?05:05
PsyCl0neGasseus: ok just double checking so Im already tunneling and Ive got my "Network Proxy" setup as local host then I do what youre instructing me to do right now?05:05
TonyWanisGasseus: you Need hosting05:05
Gasseusoh ok, maybe, what cost?05:05
bazhang!ot | TonyWanis05:05
ldrTonyWanis, i take one ssh account for free if you want to give me one ;)05:05
ubottuTonyWanis: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:05
bazhangTonyWanis, no soliciting here05:05
TonyWanisGasseus: Ill pm you05:06
zambezi_Hello, i am new to Ubuntu, i have installed an ssh server, and i want to set up users, any ideas how i can go about this, thanks in advance05:07
Gasseuszambezi_ set up users on the machine via adduser05:07
ldroh so soliciting did work here okay: " i have this old lamp my grany used for reading and dont really need it anymore...."05:07
blade_hughes net has a daily download limit.... they make a monitor for windows but do not support Ubuntu has anyone heard of this and a possible solution to this problem?05:07
ldrzambezi_,  in short run adduser as root05:08
PsyCl0neGasseus: I got this ssh: Could not resolve hostname 2222:localhost:22: Name or service not known  with the first command you gave me05:08
zambezi_Thank you Gasseus, i am assuming that is a command, and would i also set up the password at the same time05:08
GasseusPsycl0ne ok, switch the numbers around05:08
zambezi_ldr, sounds good, i will give that a shot, thank05:08
ldrzambezi_, adduser <username> it aks for the password then05:08
ldrand other stuff05:08
Gasseuszambezi_ make sure to set up key based auth05:08
PsyCl0neGasseus: same thing05:09
GasseusPsycl0ne I'm too tired to think...05:09
zambezi_thank you, i will check my config files05:09
PsyCl0neGasseus: Its ok I understand kinda what youre trying to do but Im honestly confused as fuck05:09
blade_Gasseus, that's sad... if this is you tired... and you still have me lost... what does that say for me lol05:09
Gasseusit might be -R05:10
bazhangPsyCl0ne, no cursing05:10
Gasseusblade_ that you don't know all the intricities of ssh?05:10
blade_Gasseus, lol and then some05:10
Gasseusblade_ I just know this stuff because I've had to evade at least a few school proxies in my time05:11
blade_Gasseus, i'm learning a bit though :)05:11
Gasseusthats always good05:11
GasseusPsycl0ne you could just try putty05:11
Troy^what would be not allowing me to max my connection in linux?05:11
GasseusTroy^ Bandwidth or count?05:11
Troy^bandwidth wise05:12
Gasseusif its bandwidth, the answer is lag05:12
goddardhas anyone tried the sevenmachines/flash ?05:12
Troy^lag ? lol05:12
Gasseuslong story short, but thats your answer05:12
blade_Troy^, do you use a router?05:12
PsyCl0neok guys quick question when I first open up a terminal to connect to my ssh server it all goes good then when I begin to browse, that terminal window starts acting up with errors like channel nn: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed. is that normal?05:13
Troy^yes but i have no problem in windows maxing my connection05:13
alazare619i need some help with keyboard shortcuts i want to reenable the alt tab and alt f4 and alt f2 functions and xfce doesnt have them by default whats the command i need to add for changing windows closing windows and run command05:13
goddardanyone used this?05:13
GasseusPsyCl0ne Thats a bug in the latest version of openssh. Do ubuntu-bugs openssh on the local machine shell05:13
alazare619can someone go to system keyboards and copy the ones for alt f2 alt f4 and alt tab05:13
blade_Troy^, windows xp and up will hold back 20% of your bandwith for "windows use"05:13
theadminalazare619: Xfce does all that... You sure you're not running some awkward window manager on top of Xfce?05:13
Gasseusblade_ He's asking about linux05:14
blade_Gasseus, i understand that but he is also telling me that he gets "all" of his bandwith on windows05:14
alazare619theadmin:  well to be honest im on pclinuxos but i know ubuntu has them by default05:14
GasseusTroy^ TCP is set up so that if it detects congestion in any way (lag causes that to be detected), it will reduce the amount of throughput05:14
Gasseusblade_ Also, the 20% is a myth05:14
theadminalazare619: We can't support that...05:14
alazare619theadmin: so i just need someone to copy the name of the commands for alt f2 alt f4 and alt tab05:14
theadminalazare619: PM me, I'll be right back with those shortcuts :D05:15
blade_Gasseus, ahh ok... still learning :)05:15
Troy^? so how do i fix it05:15
mcurranAnyone here use pygooglevoice?05:15
GasseusTroy^ Give your ISP some B&M05:15
mcurranOr have any hints on how I can fix my microphone?05:16
Troy^ok no its not my isp05:16
frozenpacketI just installed Ubuntu on my other Desktop its a HP D530U install worked but the graphics are messed up any one know what i could do to fix it?05:16
GasseusTroy^ Its not your isp, your correct. Its lag from your isp that is mistaken as tcp congestion05:16
mcurranwhat's your graphics card or chipset frozenpacket?05:16
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
frozenpacketmcurran: its stalk had windows XP on it before that ran good but put Ubuntu on and the graphics are messed up05:17
GasseusTroy^ Theres absolutely nothing you can do about it05:17
Troy^well it works fine in windows 7 very easy to max my bandwidth05:17
GasseusTroy^ Please read the name of the channel, and tell me that again if you want to annoy me.05:18
GasseusI gave you the answer to your problem, you need to accept facts for facts.05:18
Troy^annoy you? well could it possibly be a driver issue? im sure there is more possibilities05:18
GasseusIts how the internet works. Get over it05:18
Troy^lol no05:19
Troy^im not getting near the speeds i should be05:19
blade_no matter your connection you will always have some lag... no matter the os too05:19
Troy^but its no problem in another OS05:19
frozenpacketMcPeter: AGP8X05:19
GasseusIf you want, go on google and search inurl:ietf.org intitle:"tcp slow start"05:19
mcurranfrozenpacket:  I will need to know the graphics card make/model in order to provide any help.05:19
GasseusMaybe you were having a good day while on windows05:19
frozenpacketmcurran: its AGP8X05:19
mcurranthat's irrelevant (ati, nvidia, intel?)  run the following command in terminal and paste the output here:  "lspci | grep video"05:20
Troy^blade_, i understand that things such as lag exists05:20
GasseusTroy^ I'm giving you homework. Look up and read up on "tcp slow start" and "tcp congestion avoidance"05:20
Troy^blade_, but im talking about big bandwidth capability differences05:20
frozenpacketit has intel05:21
aukCan someone give me a recommended settings for how I should format a harddrive, via, the "cfdisk /dev/sda" command? On a 2TB harddrive.05:21
mcurranactually type this "lspci | grep VGA05:21
GasseusTroy^ The best you can do is try rebooting05:21
Troy^Gasseus, alright its just i've never seen anything like it before05:22
GasseusTroy^ Then maybe you should turn bittorrent off and see if that helps you.05:22
GasseusSeriously, there is NO way to FIX it but giving your ISP the B&M05:23
Troy^Gasseus, hmm but i can get so much faster speed same site different OS05:23
Troy^like 3x05:23
mcurranfrozenpacket:  It seems there's a lot of other users having issues with your chipset and unity.  You should probably follow a ubuntu forum solution identified on the web.  Try searching for "ubuntu 865G solved" w/ google.05:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 865 in Baz (deprecated) "build-config fails when specified config file not in a subdirectory" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86505:23
blade_Troy^,  i have sat here for the last hour and read ... Gasseus knows what he is talking about ... i am humbled by what i have learned in the last hour05:23
GasseusTroy^ I have one word for you05:23
GasseusTroy^ Deal with it05:23
Troy^you're ridiculous05:24
Semitonesgasseus stop giving antagonistic advice :/ -- if the question is why does OS 1 have better bandwith than OS 2, the answer is between the router and the computer probably05:24
airtonixcan someone ban *!*@ from freenode please05:24
rwwairtonix: ask #freenode05:25
Troy^Semitones, and that is what im trying to find out if its a compatibility issue with WPA2 or a driver perhaps?05:25
GasseusSemitones: The answer is how much other people who live near him are using bittorrent, not the connection to the router05:25
SemitonesGasseus, a simple test would be run a speedtest, reboot, run it again on OS 2.05:25
Troy^Gasseus, but im talking about this is all the time not at one given moment05:25
blade_Troy^,  are you on wireless?05:25
Troy^blade_, yes05:25
curiousxwhois Troy^05:26
GasseusIts called you take the ups with the downs in all your choices. There's nothing that will make linux better or windows worse, unless you put the time in and code the fix.05:26
Semitonesthat's him over there :p05:26
blade_Troy^, hold on... i will have to find it.... can not remember the program name... you can install windows drivers in ubuntu.... for wireless....05:26
Gasseusblade_ Thats not necessary since 8.1005:26
Semitonesblade_, you're thinkging of ndiswrapper, and it is often buggy05:27
=== Unidentified6302 is now known as TheNull
frozenpacketmcurran: what was that command again?05:27
blade_Gasseus, Semitones yes that's the one.... and with 10.10 that is what i had to use....05:27
blade_worked for me... worth a try right?05:27
Semitonessometimes you have no recourse05:27
blade_Gasseus, or am i wrong?05:27
Gasseusblade_ If he's got the wireless working on linux, there's nothing that ndiswrapper can do better.05:28
Semitonesyou can try it, but windows drivers under ndiswrapper sometimes don't support things like multicast and wpa05:28
mcurranfrozenpacket:  The command was "lspci | grep VGA".  I think your chipset is 865G05:28
Semitonesthat's ok :p05:28
mcurrandon't you know how to scroll back?05:28
blade_just brain storming ... Troy^ did not seam to like the input he was getting ...05:28
Troy^well wpa2 is working fine, but i have had back in the old days where using the wrong driver for a network card in windows slowed down connection speeds..05:29
MIH1406Hi, Why the flash(es) in websites are flutering05:29
GasseusTroy^ There's only 4 linux wireless drivers in the ubuntu kernel. I'm sure it will select the right one.05:29
SemitonesTroy^, you could do the test I mentioned above, and then change your wifi to no security temporarily and run it again05:29
blade_Troy^, is it a usb wireless?05:29
aukCan someone give me a recommended settings for how I should format a harddrive, via, the "cfdisk /dev/sda" command? On a 2TB harddrive.05:29
frozenpacketmcurran: VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)05:29
blade_Troy^, or on board05:29
Troy^on board05:30
Vintagelol Romin: don't worry.  He wasnt telling you to exit or logout haha05:30
blade_Troy^, hmmm not sure then... if it was usb you could try lsusb ... and see what info it would give you on the card05:31
blade_Troy^,  maybe try lspci and see.... it may list on that one....05:31
Troy^03:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)05:32
frozenpacketmcurran: VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)05:32
GasseusTroy^ The ath driver is fully compatible with wireless n and wpa2 encryption05:33
Troy^how do i know which driver it is using05:33
GasseusTroy^ You're using ATH driver05:33
Gasseusits always either ath, broadcom, generic, or something else, which I can't remember the name of05:34
blade_Troy^,  try lspci in terminal and look for your wireless card...05:34
KM0201Troy^: are you having probs w/ that device?05:34
Troy^thats what i just did05:34
Troy^KM0201, no but im having bandwidth speed issues05:34
GasseusTroy^ Let me ask you this: What are you doing that is so bandwidth stringent?05:35
frozenpacketmcurran: so is this one of those cards thats not compatible?05:35
KM0201hmm, didn't have tha tproblem, but i had a LOT of random disconnects (lke ever 2-3min)... switching to wicd, fixed my problem (why i don't know, but it did.. i've not disconnected in 3 days)05:35
blade_what is your max bandwidth Troy^05:35
GasseusTroy^ And why can't you do it on your windows OS, because obviously it does "better"05:35
Troy^16mbit which is approx about 1.6MB/s05:35
mcurranfrozenpacket:  This looks like your best bet, here http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?ProductID=1044&DwnldID=8203&lang=eng05:36
Troy^Gasseus, thats not the point are not helpful or insightful05:36
mcurranfirst time I've seen a linux driver from intel, surprising...05:36
GasseusTroy^ Well, your thinking illogically05:36
Troy^so are you lol05:36
blade_Troy^,  1.6 mbps  and what is your max on Ubuntu?05:37
Troy^umm 1/3 of that05:37
Vintagenah jk05:37
GasseusTroy^ If your doing something that your impatiant with the bandwidth you get with linux, switch to windows, don't come complaining to us in here that "linux is worse, because i exhadderate how low of a speed I get on it."05:37
blade_Troy^, give me a number so i have something to work with here man05:37
Troy^Gasseus, obv there is some sort of hardware or software issue here not that this is faster then that05:38
GasseusTroy^ How much stuff do you have running right now?05:38
Troy^very little05:38
Gasseushow many programs?05:38
Troy^and this is the only comp actually turned on to the router05:38
GasseusHow many tabs do you have open in your web browser?05:38
Troy^this and chrome05:38
VintageGasseus:  Why are you being so defensive. Unless I seriously am missing something, seems he wants to use linux over windows.  That's a good thing :)05:38
GasseusTry wonderthrottle05:39
blade_Troy^,  what speed are you getting with Ubuntu... a number please05:39
GasseusVintage He's not accepting the facts of his situation05:40
Troy^blade_, like 500-700kilobytes/sec05:40
Gasseusprobably a slow speedtest server05:40
Troy^well i did the same server on windows05:40
VintageTroy, try my test file.05:40
VintageI pmed it05:40
Troy^and have done it multiple times05:40
blade_Troy^, what are your ping times from both tests...05:40
Vintageuse the speed test file I sent you.  It's a gigabit line heavily underused and located in usa05:41
HackNewtonWhen i plug my Pen Drive, and try to create folder or file in it, it says no permission for writing in this device, can anyone tell whats the problem05:42
Vintageremount it with write permissions?05:43
ubernerdHaudy folks!05:43
bazhangubernerd, hi05:43
Vintagedoes the device have a switch on it to prevent writing?05:43
HackNewtonno luck with that also :(05:43
HackNewtonVintage, no05:43
HackNewtoni can copy things in it05:43
HackNewtonbut cant create anything in it05:44
Vintagehmm interesting, dont have any information on why that is...05:44
Troy^Vintage, got 1.1MB/s on it05:44
ubernerdHackNewton is it a mac osx drive?05:44
VintageHave you tried aria2c05:44
Vintageits a linux app that will let you open multiple connections to a host and download faster usually.05:45
HackNewtonubernerd, no its ScanDisk05:45
HackNewtonubernerd, yes05:45
ubernerdHackNewton I can tell you why. Its formatted ExFat, which is a format not supported natively in linux05:46
Troy^Vintage, alright thanks05:46
ubernerdI don't know a solution to the issue05:46
=== Linda is now known as Carmen
HackNewtonubernerd, so what should i do it ? format it in NTFS ?05:46
aukFor a machine with: 2TB harddrive space, and 16Gb of ram, what would be recommended for SWAP size?05:46
ubernerdHackNewton That'd be advisable I guess :D05:46
ubernerdauk 16 gb05:47
blade_ubernerd, i have a 1tb drive that is Fat32 and use it on linux.... or is that not the same?05:47
aukOkies, thanks ubernerd.05:47
ubernerdblade_ thats not the same fat32 is 1999, exfat is 201005:47
goddardfor some reason when i move my windows around the screen it is kind of glitchy05:47
HackNewtonubernerd, well i have bad experince converting FAT to NTFS drive for Pen Drive05:47
blade_ubernerd, ahh ok thank you05:47
ubernerdHackNewton Just back up all your data you should be fine05:47
HackNewtonmy old pen drive after format into NTFS refuses to link with windows05:48
ubernerdHackNewton Format it in Windows, select NTFS05:48
blade_HackNewton, just convert it to fat with the disk utility05:48
blade_HackNewton, or just do like ubernerd  said lol05:48
ubernerdHackNewton you can do so by going into my computer, right clicking the drive, and click format05:48
ubernerdmake sure it says NTFS05:49
HackNewtonblade_, i think that should try05:49
HackNewtonubernerd, thanks i will try05:49
ubernerdShould work :D05:49
ubernerdHackNewton Make sure to back up data on it05:49
blade_HackNewton, if you cant find it on windows ... let me know i will show you how to find it05:50
Vintagenot on the same drive of course.05:50
HackNewtonubernerd, backup is in my blood ;)05:50
HackNewtonblade_, thanks will ask you05:50
Vintagehence why he owns a external drive hehe05:50
goddardi backup my backup's backup05:50
MIH1406Hi, Why the flash(es) in websites are flutering05:50
Vintagemy backup server is in raid505:50
jane1hey guys. i want  a root shell. vps i think. where i can do anything with root acces. install apps. do anything.    do i need vps hosting . thats what i see always. i thing its just for hosting websites with some additional acces..?   so what do i need. and i want a cheap one. 15 dollars / mo ?05:51
HackNewtonMIH1406, which browser you are using ?05:51
ubernerdmy backup server is 20 drives in sets of 3 raid 105:51
ubernerdJane1 wrong channel05:51
Vintagea cheap vps will do05:51
defuncthi, does anyone know if I need udev (udevd) on a VPS?05:51
=== t_GeorgeJ_t is now known as GeorgeJ
MIH1406HackNewton, firefox , opera and chromium05:51
goddarddoes nvidia have a problem with ubuntu?05:51
ubernerddefunct: #ubuntu-server05:51
defunctubernerd: k, thanks05:52
dr_willisgoddard:  mine dont05:52
ubernerdgoddard only the newer chips05:52
HackNewtonMIH1406, try to reinstall flash plug in05:52
ubernerdI don't know ottmh05:52
dr_willis360 m works here on my laptop05:52
lucentxis it possible to add subtitles to a video using pititv?05:53
MIH1406HackNewton, do you mean that there is not any known issues with flash player?05:53
HackNewtongoddard, i dont think GTX460M will have any problem with UBUNTU05:53
goddardwhen i move my windows around it lags05:53
HackNewtonMIH1406, no05:53
goddardand the screen some times flickers for a second05:53
ubernerdMIH1406 There's tons, but not what your talking about05:53
HackNewtonMIH1406, its absolutely fine05:53
ubernerdMIH1406 Its probably the code behind the applet05:54
dr_willisflash is one issue after another.. and it always se3ms to vary ;)05:54
VustomPuTTY is not accepting user@host as a Hostname on Linux/Ubuntu, I get this error message; Unable to open connection to user@host:Name or service not known, can anyone tell me how to fix this?05:54
ubernerdVustom Don't use user@host, use host and it will ask for user05:54
dr_willisVustom:  try by ip not hostname05:54
goddardwhy use putty on linux?05:54
einseenaiguys, is power consumption fixed in post 2.6.38 kernels? or not yet?05:54
ubernerdgoddard easier05:55
ubernerdeinseenai nope05:55
ubernerdeinseenai there's a patch that's going to be in the next alpha upstream kernel, but that will wait for oneiric05:55
HackNewtoneinseenai, no but 3 promises that05:55
Vustomgoddard: What else can I use..05:56
einseenaiubernerd, oneiric will use 3.0, right?05:56
goddardand a shell script05:56
ubernerdeinseenai yes05:56
goddardwith a shortcut05:56
einseenaiubernerd, or 3.105:56
ubernerddon't switch now tho05:56
wslayerhow do I paste a command at tty?05:56
einseenaiubernerd, ok05:56
Vustomdr_ willis, ubernerd: I changed it to the IP and I don't get the error but nothing happens..05:56
ubernerdeinseenai if 3.1 is available at release, 3.105:56
VustomThe terminal does nothing, just sits there and doesn't ask for a password. :/05:57
ubernerdVustom: Use HOST, not USER@HOST, Putty will ask for USER05:57
einseenaiubernerd, so patch will land in 3.0 or 3.1? it's upstream patch, right? or ubuntu only?05:57
ubernerdeinseenai upstream and 3.0 maybe05:57
Vustomubernerd, Thanks!05:57
ubernerdthey haven't started dev on 3.1 yet05:58
HackNewtoneinseenai, upstream05:58
einseenaithanks a lot, everybody.05:58
ubernerdactually, there's a patch in the proposed kernel05:58
ubernerdeinseenai I hate to suggest it, but enable proposed repositories, there's a fix in them05:59
john__hello i was wondering if there was a way to get a program to read the file you dubble click on if it is set to open the program05:59
bkerensaubernerd: Why would you hate to suggest enabling proposed? Proposed isnt so bad :)05:59
einseenaiubernerd, HackNewton, thx a lot.05:59
ubernerdbkerensa because it's prevented me from being able to get support in the past05:59
john__i want to make a script or somthing that would like mabe open a rom in somthing like mupen64plus just by dubble clicking on the roms06:00
dr_willisjohn__:  nautilus has a scripts menu feature you can use for special cases like that06:01
john__so when i dubble click the rom the script/program activated states the desired programe then the file to be used06:01
bkerensaubernerd: :) I see... Well I have been using it on Natty and Maverick and never had a hiccup yet06:01
wslayeri ctrl+v'd a long command and i want to start it on tty. How do I paste this long command on tty?06:02
ubernerdbkerensa someone refused to help me because I had an upstream kernel06:02
VustomWhen pasting a password into PuTTY once you've opened a connection it doesn't work, it says Access Denied..06:02
VustomBut the password is correct, and it works fine on Windows.06:02
ubernerdVustom it doesn't accept copy paste you need to type it by hand06:02
dr_williswslayer:  from x to the console? paste into a text file.06:02
VustomIt's a huge password. >.<06:02
ubernerdI use huge passwords too06:03
ubernerdI just set up key based auth on my ssh06:03
somsipdr_willis: middle click doesn't work? I nalways use .ppk myself, but surely...06:03
dr_willisi try to use keys. ;)06:03
ubernerddr_willis try?06:03
dr_willissomsip:  on console = not in x..06:03
ubernerdThe only reason I use keys is that I can use a weak password with my key and still be ub3r secure06:03
somsipdr_willis: ok - fairynuff06:04
dr_willisubernerd:  not figured it out on my adroid phone yet06:04
ubernerddr_willis what app?06:04
dr_willis'connectbot' for now.06:04
ubernerdgive me a sec and I can help with KBA06:05
wslayerdr_willis: hm i'm complete noob. so I just paste in text file but how do I execute it?06:05
dr_willisi got a guide on how to do it. just not had time06:05
mucI have a problem after updating ubuntu grub got another entery and now i cant set defult system in startup maneger06:05
mucany sugestions06:05
ubernerddr_willis oh ok06:05
dr_williswslayer:   sh  ./thefile   is one way06:05
ubernerdDO IT NAO!!! :D06:05
john__i guess it maybe to complex then?06:06
dr_willisjohn__:  nautilus scripting is not to complex06:06
dr_willistheres tones of examples of them06:07
ubernerddr_willis I love how connectbot is rated as "high maturity"06:07
blade_what is EnvyNG06:07
wslayerok how do I completely stop GDM, X? And how do i bring them up?06:07
dr_willisblade_:  an obsolete tweaking tool/script06:08
ndxtgdoes anyone know how to downmix 5.1 AC3 to 2.0 Stereo in VLC? I get really low volume playing MKV file :(06:08
enavblade_: is a program to install the nvidia drivers06:08
dr_williswslayer:  sudo service gdm stop06:08
jzjadWhat's the cmd create dir?06:08
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
dr_williswslayer:  sudo service gdm start06:08
blade_dr_willis, enav  thank  you06:08
GirlyGirlCTRL + ALT + Backspace used to restart X in the past, it has stopped working with newer releases any ideas?06:08
dr_willisGirlyGirl:  its been disabled for a long time. ;)06:09
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap06:09
enavCtrl + alt +F1206:09
wslayerdr_willis: thanks, and to stop X?06:09
GirlyGirlenav: Thank You!06:09
SwedeMikewslayer: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start (and stop)06:09
dr_williswslayer:  stoping gdm will stop x started by gdm06:09
ubernerddr_willis besides the keygen process, I'm already done with making a keypair on connectbot06:10
ubernerdyou just make excuses06:10
wslayerthank you06:10
VintageHow do you convince yourself to go to sleep when you dont want to do the things you have put off for a week already lol.06:11
jason_I've got a question06:13
ubernerdVintage Shoot a gun in the air (make sure there's no airplanes)06:13
jason_I want to view a file in binary and not hex ... anyone know of a flag for hexdump or another program I can use?06:14
stephenmartyrhi i dropped my computer/and then on the windows side of partition an error about cooling fan noy runni9g camne on,then on ubuntu studio studio side o partition under disk utility it said some bad sectors on disk,please help06:14
MrNazwhen installing python and wxpython, which packages are needed?06:14
ubernerdwait... are RSA keys better or DSA keys?06:14
stephenmartyr<mrnaz>synaptic or apt-get will tell u06:14
nsadminI want to install a package on my ubuntu that contains the firmware that debian package firmware-linux-nonfree has, including for my radeon card in my newish laptop06:15
nsadminwhat package is that?06:15
airtonixis there a plugin for banshee that lets me search for cover-art online?06:16
ubernerdairtonix ask in #gnome06:17
MrNazstephenmartyr there are a pile of them, and it is not obvious which ones will be needed... e.g., is it wxgtk2.8 or wx2.8 ?06:18
ubernerdnow to upload my new public key to my ssh server :D06:18
nsadminubernerd, do you have the password to the remote06:19
ubernerdnsadmin password to what remote?06:19
stephenmartyrgo to documkentation pages?06:19
nsadmin"ssh server"06:19
ubernerdyeah I have the password to it, why wouldn't I?06:19
ubernerdI just discovered something...06:20
ubernerdmy public key, as encoded in base64, has vulgarity in it06:20
nsadminok so it's convenient if you have two shells06:20
ubernerdnsadmin I don't understand what you're asking...06:21
godlywhizkenhey what's a good cvs client?06:21
nsadminI didn't ask anything yet06:21
ubernerdI just uploaded my phones public key to my server06:21
grigoriim using ubuntu 11.04 how to add 'thinks' to desktop panel?06:21
godlywhizkengrigori, drag and drop?06:21
ubernerdquote of the day06:22
DETERMINOLOGYHow well does wubi work with ubuntu linux?06:22
cryptodira_my wireless is greyed out....the daemon log reports:  NetworkManager[1273]: <info> WiFi disabled by radio killswitch; disabled by state file, so, the question now becomes.... where is this state file located and is it correctable?   amd64/06:22
godlywhizkenis 11.04 any good? i'06:22
godlywhizkeni'm still on 10.04 and in love with it06:22
GirlyGirlDETERMINOLOGY: It works but install to partition is more recommended06:22
ubernerdDETERMINOLOGY: It works by having a disk image in the windows partition and booting off of it when you want ubuntu, and booting off of the ntfs image when you want windows06:22
nsadmingodlywhizken, for the good ones, drive 99 miles straight south, turn left, then drive 99 more miles, pull into the gas station, find the attendant and say "where the heck am I"06:22
nsadminseriously... you have to decide which one is good by trying them out06:23
godlywhizkenhmmm, nsadmin06:23
grigori<godlywhizken> not to the side panel. i want to add the "force quit" application to the panel at the top of the desktop06:23
ubernerdgodlywhizken IMO, 11.04 is only good if you install gnome306:23
DETERMINOLOGYI wanna dual boot but whats the best way of going about it and whats the best way to del the ubuntu partition incase i dont want to dual boot any more06:23
godlywhizkenubernerd, that's exactly what i wanted to use gnome306:23
godlywhizkenI was actually going to try and install gnome3 on 10.04... but i've just been hella busy06:24
ubernerdDETERMINOLOGY There's plenty of guides on google06:24
ubernerdgodlywhizken the only thing with installing gnome 3 is you need to remove gnome-games-extras first06:24
godlywhizkennsadmin, where you answering my question about good ubuntu version or cvs clients?06:24
godlywhizkeni could just sudo apt-get remove gnome-games-extras; sudo apt-get install gnome3??06:25
ubernerdits gnome-shell06:25
ubernerdand you need the gnome3 ppa06:25
djjonexwhat are differences between gnome and unity06:25
ubernerdgnome is better06:25
godlywhizkendjjonex... seriously06:25
godlywhizkenunity is ffor the new lamers06:25
ubernerdwell... prettier06:25
djjonexlol yea seriously06:25
ubernerdGnome is a more... well developed software then unity06:25
stephenmartyrcan anyone help me with "bad sectors" on my hard drive??06:25
ubernerdstephenmartyr use a magnet06:26
djjonexu got a problem with my question godlywhizken ?06:26
godlywhizkenhmm for some reason i t hought unity was more a end user type of interface06:26
godlywhizkenas in no use in really command line interface06:26
godlywhizkenalthough same with gnome... but even more with unity06:26
godlywhizkendude anyone know any cvs clients?06:26
ubernerdgnome is a more well developed software set06:26
ubernerdgodlywhizken I don't suppose apt-get install cvs got you anywhere did it06:27
nsadmingodlywhizken, so have you found something good yet?06:27
godlywhizkenyeah i just like gnome better... it's funny i want to move to diff distro or even kubuntu06:27
aukAre there alternative commands I can use to download files? I'm messing with some weird set up that has no apt-get or wget.06:27
stephenmartyrubernerd a magnet?06:27
godlywhizkenbut i think i just like gnome more...06:27
ubernerdstephenmartyr Basically, what you need to do is back up your data and reformat06:27
dr_willisauk curl  perhaps06:27
aukcommand not found.06:27
djjonexi like the bar on the left...if gnome has it then ill switch to gnome06:27
godlywhizkennsadmin, i was wondering what you were referring to... the cvs or ubuntu versions?06:28
ubernerdstephenmartyr be happy you can at least save the drive :D06:28
stephenmartyrit looks like the problem is on one side of the p[artition not the other06:28
dr_willisauk  what distro are you on thats mising these ?06:28
stephenmartyrcan i just reformat that?06:28
ubernerdfull reformat06:28
nsadminversion of what?06:28
blade_djjonex, the bar on the left IS unity lol06:28
djjonexthats why im keeping unity06:28
ubernerddr_willis there was one time that i had an ssh server that only had python on it06:29
stephenmartyrhow can i save it?i have no dvd's to make boot cd but i do have recovery boots?06:29
nsadminI want to install a package on my ubuntu that contains the firmware that debian package firmware-linux-nonfree has, including for my radeon card in my newish laptop06:29
stephenmartyris that good?06:29
nsadminwhich package is that?06:29
ubernerdstephenmartyr how old of a ubuntu disk do you have?06:29
stephenmartyrhow do i do a full format06:29
ubernerdstephenmartyr with a disk06:29
stephenmartyri use 10.o4ubuntustudio/windowsxp06:29
stephenmartyra dvd or a cd06:30
djjonexI have Ubuntu 5.0406:30
ubernerdstephenmartyr do you have a disk for the ubuntu?06:30
ubernerddjjonex no trolling is necessary06:30
jzjadOmg djjonex  lol06:30
nsadminjust a sec, you need to slow down06:30
stephenmartyri have 11.0406:30
stephenmartyron disk06:30
godlywhizkenwhy does gnu have info pages and hate man pages?06:30
ubernerdstephenmartyr use that disk06:30
ubernerdbackup your data first tho06:30
aukdr_willis: I just realized it's Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 \n \l06:30
ubernerdgodlywhizken because gnu is gnu06:30
stephenmartyr'ok should i do a partition still?and what are the recovery modes for?06:31
godlywhizkenubernerd, they just have to be different?06:31
ubernerdgodlywhizken they just have to develop everything in house06:31
stephenmartyrhmm i can back it up on a cd right?06:31
godlywhizkeni swear linux is just a bunch of subgroups with different opinions creating different things accomplishing the same things06:31
ubernerdstephenmartyr if your windows partition works, you can back it up onto that06:31
ActionParsnipnsadmin: the hardware driver app will install the driver for the video chip. Possibly also the wifi depending on the chip it uses06:31
nsadminyou're talking about formatting and backing up almost in the same breath06:31
ubernerdgodlywhizken thats EXACTLY what it is06:31
godlywhizkeni still love gnu though06:32
ubernerdbut linux is just the kernel, linux OS is what your thinking of06:32
godlywhizkenwell linux/gnu06:32
stephenmartyrthats cuz i dont know the technical terms that well so im a tad confused06:32
dr_willisgodlywhizken:  gnu is for more then linux also.. linux is just another subgroup...06:32
godlywhizkenoh my... which sub group should i join or align myself with06:32
godlywhizkenand fight to the death for!06:32
ubernerdgodlywhizken fight to the death for minecraft06:32
dr_willisgodlywhizken:  for team 'vi'06:33
ActionParsnipgodlywhizken: different needs use different apps06:33
godlywhizkendr_willis, i actually really like vi06:33
aukgodlywhizken: So true. -.-              Maybe use freebsd?06:33
ubernerdI prefer nano06:33
godlywhizkenauk, i like freebsd too06:33
aukNano is better.06:33
ubernerdI'd like to use freebsd, but I've never figured out how to install it06:33
cryptodira_my wireless is greyed out....the daemon log reports:  NetworkManager[1273]: <info> WiFi disabled by radio killswitch; disabled by state file, so, the question now becomes.... where is this state file located and is it correctable?  10.10  amd64/06:33
godlywhizkenright now... my 3 distros that i'm choosing from are ubuntu(which is tarted) slackware and freebsd06:33
ubernerdI wish there was a livecd installer06:33
nsadminActionParsnip, hmm, that would be good, solve two at once. I suppose I'll reboot into it and see what happens... btw, if I'm going to look at unity, what flavor of xdm do I use and what package is it in06:33
ubernerdgodlywhizken freebsd isn't a distro its an os06:34
nsadminand thanks for the reply06:34
ActionParsnipgodlywhizken: its the same in every OS06:34
godlywhizkenubernerd, isn't a distro of unix?06:34
ubernerdgodlywhizken no its a derivitive06:34
godlywhizkenubernerd, yes you are the 'uber' nerd :)06:34
nsadminbsd does stand for berkeley standard DISTribution...06:34
ActionParsnipnsadmin: how do you mean "flavour of xdm"? xdm is xdm06:35
ubernerdnsadmin umm... no its berkeley schools distribution06:35
crackerjackzi thought bsd standed for berkley software distribution06:35
godlywhizkenlol... wow06:35
godlywhizkensee you guys are all from different sub groups06:35
ubernerdI'm just a video gamer06:35
nsadminbut there's other things that do xdmcp06:35
nsadmingdm, kdm, wdm, foodm06:36
ActionParsnipgodlywhizken: everyone is. Its the human condition06:36
ubernerdgdm is best :D06:36
aukI used to be a video gamer. Then yo uget annoyed that idiots put a virus on your computer, so you switch to linux to scare them away ._.06:36
stephenmartyr<ubernerd>ok but under each kernel at the grub there is "ubuntu generic(recovery mode)under every generuc kernel06:36
godlywhizken:) yes it is06:36
aukGdm, what the heck is that? O_O06:36
wslayerwhat is xdmcp?06:36
stephenmartyr<ubernerd>ill leave you alone soon,just a few more questions06:36
ubernerdstephenmartyr recovery mode won't help you in this case06:36
godlywhizkenisn't it the loader/login screen for gnome?06:37
ActionParsnipnsadmin: sure but those aren't flavours of xdm, gdm is its own ap06:37
stephenmartyrso how do i erase everything?06:37
ubernerdi dunno06:37
ActionParsnipLightdm rocks all my systems :-)06:37
nsadminthat's fine, we can use any semantics you want. which do you recommend for unity?06:37
godlywhizkengdm = gnome display manager -- a login screen06:37
ubernerdoh... which reminds me... i haven't made a commit to svn in like 2 or 3 weeks06:38
wslayeris xfce supported by Ubuntu?06:38
ubernerdwslayer Yes, thats why they call it xubuntu06:38
=== sean____5 is now known as updated
stephenmartyr<ubernerd>you dont know how i reboot with a new saystem,then how do you know i need to?06:39
ActionParsnipnsadmin: its not semantics at all. Its a different application altogether. I'd use gdm as it's default but one doesn't have any advantages over the other06:39
updatedwhats the best way for me to view my network and check and make sure no one is hacking my wifi06:39
ubernerdstephenmartyr bad sectors are something that can only be coped with via a repartitioning06:39
ubernerdI said I dunno because I need sleep06:39
godlywhizkeni'm not sure if it's supported directly by ubuntu but i think some guys took it and put xfce on it and called it xubuntu06:39
nsadminsemantics are best used to understand communication06:39
updatedon ubuntu06:39
ubernerdupdated: wireshark06:40
nsadminand to take responsibility for communication so that the other person understands06:40
wslayergnome is obviously supported by Ubuntu but I updated my kernel from update manager and it still uses the old kernel.06:40
nmvictorHow dow I know the com port to which my USB modem maps to, any command to reveal that?/06:40
ActionParsnipupdated: there is no single best method to achieve anything06:40
updatedubernerd:  im new to wireshark what exactly would i do?06:40
nsadminbut, ok. gdm it is06:40
ubernerdyou have to get it to listen in monitor mode, see if any ip addresses you can't explain are listed06:40
ActionParsnipnsadmin: xdm is an app, gdm is a different app. If you use terms incorrectly you will cause confusion06:41
godlywhizkeni was planning on moving to backtrack and learning every program in that distro06:41
godlywhizkeni just dled wireshark :D06:42
nmvictorAny way I could be able to send AT commands to my USB modem?06:42
ubernerdgodlywhizken backtrack is really intended for hackers...06:42
godlywhizkeni'm not a hacker!06:42
ubernerdnmvictor dial... up... modem?06:42
nsadmintechnically they are all X clients that also talk xdmcp06:42
ubernerdgodlywhizken don't worry, that's what I'll tell you about myself, but I'd be lieing if I did say I wasn't06:42
nsadmingodlywhizken, it's ok, you can be one if you practice a lot06:43
wslayerwhy hasn't my kernel updated? I installed it from update manager but my system still uses the
=== updated is now known as godrick
ubernerdgodlywhizken if you want I can give you my contact info and help you become one06:43
godrickubernerd help me become a hacker06:43
ActionParsnipgodlywhizken: if you get good, you can be hired as a security tester06:43
ubernerdgodrick ok pm me06:43
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:43
rww!latest | wslayer06:44
ubottuwslayer: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.06:44
godlywhizkenActionParsnip, that would be nice, very06:44
rumpe1wslayer, i guess you updated your kernel from 2.6.28-8 to 2.6.28-10...06:44
ActionParsnipWslayer: what is the output of: lsb_release -d06:45
nsadmingodrick, you would need to gain experience in some programming language, especially in debugging and determining and solving problems06:45
godricknsadmin i have some experience in python06:45
ubernerdeew... python06:45
nmvictorubernerd: yea, a dial up modem06:45
wslayerrumpe1: it's 2.6.38-10  ActionParsnip Description:Ubuntu 11.0406:45
ActionParsnipubernerd: a LOT of your OS uses python.06:46
godrickubernerd:  what language do u like....C?06:46
rumpe1wslayer, looks fine06:46
ubernerdgodrick perl06:46
ActionParsnip!info linux-image06:46
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)06:46
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:46
godrickubernerd: whats wrong with pyhton?06:46
ubernerdgodrick enforced formatting06:46
ActionParsnipWslayer: you have the latest official kernel06:47
nsadmincool, so then you need to cultivate curiousity as to how things work, and locate a python debugger to help you satisfy it06:47
stephenmartyrwhere c`an i get more detailed help on bad sectors on drive?06:47
wslayerActionParsnip: hmm... I swear I saw something related to 2.6.39 on update-manager i thought it would update my kernel.06:48
ActionParsnipubernerd: you use apps and other things coded in python just by using your OS (i assume desktop OS)06:48
mucanyone know how to solve dual boot problem after update. I have dual boot and now that there is old version in betven i cant defult load other OS. Startup maneger is not working as it should it dosent save or aplay change in defult boot order06:48
godricknsadmin:  what language do u prefer?06:48
ubernerdActionParsnip Yes, but I refuse to program in it06:48
ubernerdand I refuse to help others program in it06:49
nsadminc, lisp, scheme, c++, tcl, perl, some asm, forth06:49
ActionParsnipWslayer: the .29 kernel branch started in oneiric and it now uses kernel 3.006:49
nsadminI don't know python06:49
ActionParsnipubernerd: sure but eww for something you use every day is a bit rich, don't yo think?06:50
ubernerdActionParsnip Do you say eew for the people at the slaughterhouse that cut up your beef and remove the pooptube?06:50
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:50
FloodBot1asdjaputra: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:51
ActionParsnipubernerd: no i think its interesting06:51
Gabugood evening06:51
ActionParsnipMorning Gabu06:52
ubernerdGood evenmorn06:53
planeteveGood afternoon!06:53
ubernerdgood saterdaynightlive06:53
ActionParsnipGood morning Vietnam!06:53
asdjaputraGood noon (?) Indonesia06:54
nmvictorSo a whole ubuntu has no program to send AT commands to a modem06:54
nsadminActionParsnip, so how would I run this thing you mention that installs hardware drivers?06:54
ubernerdgood 2 in the morning (minnesota)06:54
nmvictorwhat a shame?06:54
planeteveI see. It is morning in Vietnam06:54
ubernerdnmvictor what does at do?06:54
goddardi have a .so file where does it go?06:54
ActionParsnipNsadmin: gksudo jockey-gtk06:54
nsadminany way to do the equiv at the command line?06:55
ActionParsnipgoddard: does its arch match your kernel's?06:55
dr_willisnmvictor:  you can do it with echo 'atdt'  To the right /dev/tty device06:55
nmvictorubernerd: man at does not say  anything about sending commands to a modem06:55
nsadminmaybe you could use minicom, very useful, very convenient06:56
ActionParsnipnsadmin: not sure. I know how to do what it does for nvidia chips06:57
goddardActionParsnip: not sure06:57
nmvictordr_willis: so whats the program, atdt?06:57
goddardActionParsnip:  it is the flash 64 bit beta i downloaded off their site06:57
nsadminok, thanks for the help/tips... I'll reboot into ubuntu in awhile06:57
goddardActionParsnip:  i was going to attempt to manually install06:58
dr_willisnmvictor:  atdt is a old modem command as a example of an 'at' command06:58
dr_willisnmvictor:  its just a modem command string06:58
ActionParsnipgoddard: run:  file /path/to/thing   obviously change the file to the actual file. Then run uname -m    i686 = 32bit   x86_64 = 64bit06:59
nmvictorany libraries I could use with Java's native interface to interact with my modem, I'd do with that06:59
dr_willisecho 'atdt 12345678' > /dev/modem06:59
goddardActionParsnip:  how did you know that seems obscure07:00
args[0]what is a cool SSH welcome banner? I'm thinking of changing mine to something cool, but no idea to what ...07:00
dr_williswould dial my old old old modem07:00
goddardActionParsnip:  thanks btw07:01
nmvictorThe javax.comm api can communicate with serial and parallel ports on my computer. Is their a way i can get the serial port to which my USB port map onto?07:01
ActionParsnipgoddard: if they are the same bitness, copy it to /usr/lib  if your OS is 64bit and the .so is 32 put it in /usr/lib32  if the .so is 64bit and you OS is 32bit it is of no use to you07:02
ActionParsnipgoddard: know what?07:03
goddardActionParsnip:  oh i see what you are saying07:04
goddardActionParsnip: I've never attempted to manually install flash07:04
Lexxhi all07:04
ActionParsnipgoddard: ahhhhh you should have said07:05
goddardActionParsnip:  hah sorry thought i did07:05
ActionParsnipgoddard: which browser do you use?07:05
cultavixgood morning everyone07:06
goddardActionParsnip:  Mozilla installed with 11.0407:06
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
LexxI have some boxen that i want to configure to use static ips, that are using ubuntu natty standard, through the console. Now I have found this guide but in the comments they say that it doesnt work for the standard edition. Can anyone confirm or deny?07:07
FlannelLexx: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/serverguide/C/network-configuration.html#static-ip-addressing07:08
Lexxthey are headless atm, and if it doesnt connect at startup it will be a few hours of work to get to them. Any suggestions?07:08
ActionParsnipgoddard: firefox plugins can be stored in ~/.mozilla/plugins   for per user plugins07:08
Lexxapparently connections manager that is on the standard edition prevents that from working as it should07:09
ActionParsnipgoddard: there is a folder to give it to all users but i don't know it. I haven't used firefox in years07:09
goddardActionParsnip: really? what do you use07:10
ActionParsnipgoddard: arora and in the last couple of years chromium daily build07:10
goddardActionParsnip:  the nightly build of FF 64bit was pretty fast I haven't tried Arora07:11
ActionParsnipgoddard: there are lots of browsers around people just have firefox blinkers on or think there are only 4 browsers. Try a few. You may find one you like07:13
JosePthere's Epiphany07:13
JosePit's really simple07:13
JosePActionParsnip, is there an app that limits ram on a program?07:14
=== mooperd_ is now known as mooperd
ActionParsnipJosep: not sure. What if it needs more ram than you allow it?07:15
ActionParsnipJosep: you can use nice to give it less cpu time07:15
TimeDudedoes anyone mind if i put a spam bot here07:16
ActionParsnipTimeDude: very07:17
JosePActionParsnip: I need to limit the RAM07:17
TimeDudeonly one person07:17
JosePif it needs more RAM than I allow it, then I donno \__(O.o)__/07:17
ActionParsnipTimeDude: I'm also very sure the ops would boot it too07:17
GirlyGirlTimeDude: as in catch spam or produce spam07:18
TimeDudea chatterbox07:18
TimeDudejust don't say SPAM07:18
ActionParsnipTimeDude: if you join a non existing channel you will be the op and you can do as you please07:18
TimeDudethats the keyword for spam07:18
TimeDudeno its SPAM07:19
JosePhas anyone here ever been ddos'd?07:19
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
TimeDudeand its not even here07:19
ActionParsnipGood, we  can all move on07:20
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
TimeDudeits coming07:20
FloodBot1BOT19981: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:20
JosePo damn07:20
ActionParsnip!ops dumb bot07:20
ubottuActionParsnip: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:20
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TimeDudehe's coming again07:21
JosePis that all that bot does?07:21
ActionParsnipgoddard: watch :)07:21
BOT19981you used the letter 'a' in that message ActionParsnip07:21
TimeDudebut this time don't say "SPAM"07:21
JosePwhy does it have the S*P*A*M thing?07:21
ActionParsnipThanks rww :)07:22
TimeDudei put it there07:22
JosePwhat for?07:22
JosePlol rww07:22
FloodBot1TimeDude: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:22
ActionParsnipJosep: rww has boots on07:22
rwwstompy boots07:23
JosePo btw, rww do you have any idea on how to fix this? (let me get the pic)07:23
GirlyGirlTimeDude: Please this is a support channel07:24
JayPro1st time setting up raid.. i have two 1TB harddrives in a raid 1 set up. if i install ubuntu on one of the harddrives, is the data automatically copied to the other harddrive? or should both drives show up as one drive in the ubuntu installation?07:24
ldrJayPro, normaly both devices show up as one device called md something afaik07:25
JayProahh okay.. soo.. i must have set up the raid 1 incorrectly then..07:26
fmauroJayPro: if you have a software raid setup, that is. if it's handled by your mainboard, then it should show as a regular drive07:26
ldrJayPro, but the other devices will still be their sda and adb07:26
ActionParsnipJosep: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?07:26
JayProfmauro ... your saying it should show up as ONE drive, right07:26
TaZeRhi i like ubuntu07:27
TaZeRsomtiems iwish i could make phyiscal lo3 5o i507:27
ActionParsnipTaZeR: join the club :)07:28
JayProahh okay.. thanks ldr and fmauro!... sounds like i need to go thru the raid 1 set up again.07:28
TaZeRim drunk now i wanna o to tsleep adnd dream of ubutun07:28
ActionParsnipTaZeR: do you have a support question?07:29
TaZeRyes my breasts needs support07:29
JosePno I didn't ActionParsnip07:29
JosePhow can I do that?07:29
ActionParsnipJosep: then the data you are using may be corrupted07:30
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:30
JosePActionParsnip, but two consecutive ISO's?07:32
ActionParsnipJosep: statistically its possible to download an infinite number of files and never get a good one07:33
JosePhmm ok07:33
JosePI'll do that tomorrow though07:33
ActionParsnipJosep: I've had the same message with a good image but its good to test07:34
JosePyea, I'm just trying to get 10.04 on my second box here07:35
JosePname it Ubuntu-server207:35
ActionParsnipJosep: i tend to get it with the cd iso so i either use minimal or dvd07:35
JosePI think I got the DVD which is not really a good thing07:36
stealzanyone good with xorg conf can help me set up some metamodes on multimonitor (NVidia Card) ?07:36
l33ocant find anything about the kernel in 10.04.3 LTS -can anyone tell me please?07:36
stealzmy problem is that my card shows up as two devices, but I only have one card07:36
ActionParsnip!info linux-image lucid07:37
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)07:37
l33othank you ubottu07:37
ldrit their a list of commands this bright ubottu bot understands?07:39
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots07:39
ActionParsnip!ubottu | ldr07:39
ubottuldr: please see above07:39
dr_willisyummy robot brainzs07:40
stealzDoes anyone know how to get compiz to work with xinearama in 10.04? I've read abotu fake xinearama but couldnt find anything about it07:40
dr_willisstealz:  what video chipset?07:41
stealzGTX 58007:41
dr_willisnvidia uses twinview, compiz works with that for me07:41
stealzyes but I have some issues with twinview07:41
dr_willisunity has issues with multi monitor support also.07:42
stealzdr_willis namely fullscreen apps tend to spread across both screens, but they start on the 2nd screen07:42
stealzso I get half of a window on the right monitor07:42
stealzand the 2nd half disappears07:42
dr_willisso it may be more of a unity issue then twinviews fault.07:43
stealzI read that I could set up metamodes in xorg.conf but I dont know which device to pick07:43
stealzI run 10.0407:43
stealzso no unity07:43
dr_willisnever had issues on normal gnome here with twinview07:43
stealzI have some games running across 2 screens, which I could fix for some, but some Flash videos still show that behaviour07:44
dr_williscompiz does have some plugins that can tweak window placement.07:44
stealzI tried that, with no effect07:44
stealzI'll play with it some more07:45
dr_willisonly apps ive had tthat used both when fullscreening were apps that were programmed badly. ;)07:45
stealzwell, its some flash vids, too07:45
dr_willisthey all did that when i was usign xinerama only. with twinview most all worked[ some java apps didet do it right07:45
stealzwhile others work fine07:46
stealzfor me with xinearama all worked fine, except compiz =)07:46
luaahey can someone help me :(07:46
blizzkidHi all, I have an udev rule: ACTION=="add", SYSFS{model}=="RD1000", NAME="RD1000%n" Now, when I insert the first RD1000 (internal), it becomes /dev/RD10001, I then insert the second RD1000 (usb), and it becomes... /dev/RD10001, while I was presuming the %n would make it RD10002. What am I grossly overlooking?07:46
luaaI am trying to configure hiawatha on my pc :(07:46
stealzI was gonna try setting the metamodes in xorg.conf but I dont know which device to pick as my card shows up as device 0 and 1, any ideas?07:47
dr_willisblizzkid:  %n is null for the first time. thus blank. perhaps07:47
dr_willisblizzkid:  then is 1 in 2nd case07:48
blizzkiddr_willis: nopes, only one RD1000 in /dev with 2 drives inserted, being RD1000107:48
blizzkid%n is 1 at first btw.07:48
blizzkid(cfr /dev/sde1)07:48
fmauroluaa: you are trying to configure a legendary Native American leader and founder of the Iroquois confederacy?07:49
idefixhi, changing my password doens't work, why is that? I get a please wait icon when I click on OK... :(07:50
stealzcan I pm you dr_willis07:50
luaawhats the difference?07:50
fmauroidefix: open a terminal and type passwd07:50
bkerensaidefix: have you tried passwd07:50
=== melissawa is now known as melissawade
bkerensamelissawade: hi07:51
fmauroluaa: what exactly is not working , please elaborate07:52
bullgard4_Why does Natty need a »NSPlugin Viewer«? I obtain a warning similar to http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=53036.07:52
melissawadecan anybody see my message?07:53
Flannelmelissawade: Nope.07:53
melissawadelol. great.07:53
stealzI can't see your message, either07:53
bullgard4_melissawade: No.07:53
luaafmauro: I am trying to let it work with lua07:53
melissawadei wasnt able to send messages earlier.07:53
bkerensabullgard4_: Should be for flash07:53
melissawadehold on, im reading the guidelines07:53
luaaand the manual is based on php/cgi07:53
idefixfmauro bkerensa thx!07:54
fmauroluaa: does it even have a lua backend?07:54
bkerensaidefix: No problem07:55
fmauroluaa: pls tell me exactly what you are trying to acheive, otherwise it is hard to help. maybe you could use another webserver07:55
bullgard4_bkerensa: Do you mean this? '~$ aptitude why nspluginwrapper; i flashplugin-installer depends on nspluginwrapper'07:56
bkerensabullgard4_: Yes07:56
luaaI would like to use POST in Hiawatha07:56
bullgard4_bkerensa: Thank you very much for your help.07:56
luaaalso to make a reverse proxy07:57
bkerensabullgard4_: Not a problem07:57
luaathat's my goal07:57
goddardmy ubuntu windows are kind of laggy07:57
theadmingoddard: Disable visual effects if any.07:58
goddardi have updated my nvidia drivers and they are still laggy07:58
bkerensagoddard: On Unity or Gnome?07:58
bkerensagoddard: What release of Ubuntu are you running?07:58
goddardthey shouldn't be if i have a GTX460M right?07:58
superdmpHi - I am trying out SpamAssassin, and this script here: http://advosys.ca/examples/filter-misc/sideline.sh has a line in it that I want to modify:07:59
superdmp$ANOMY/bin/sanitizer.pl $ANOMY_CONF < out.$$ 2>>$ANOMY_LOG | $SENDMAIL "$@"07:59
goddardbkerensa: running 11.0407:59
goddardbkerensa: Unity07:59
KVIrcFivehad Ubuntu 11.04 32bit clean version, latest updates running on my pc, same version running from the live cd on laptop, worked fine.07:59
GirlyGirlI have this problem, I reconfigured fancontrol on my eeepc as the fan vas a bit too fast by default , now when I shut down or restart, just as the computer goes off or to bios, the fan maxes out its speed. Its really anoying when I restart as the in windows the fan keeps spinning at 4300 rpm07:59
superdmpI want to remove the references to ANOMY07:59
bkerensagoddard: Some nvidia hardware is still having issues with Unity07:59
luaafmauro: so, do you know how to do this?07:59
superdmpbut I am not sure of the way that syntax works07:59
goddardbkerensa:  apparently07:59
fmauroluaa: the developer himself sais he does not plan on implementing proxy functionality: http://www.hiawatha-webserver.org/forum/topic/28007:59
KVIrcFiveNow did the 64 bit version and I can't seem to ping the pc from the laptop. :/ but I DO have internet07:59
KVIrcFivelike wtf08:00
bkerensagoddard: Yeah... If you live in Portland you should bring it to a LoCo meet and we can have a look08:00
goddardbkerensa:  whats that?08:00
GirlyGirl_sorry session quit any ideas I mist?08:00
GirlyGirl_edit missed08:00
bkerensagoddard: Ubuntu Oregon LoCo (Local Community Team)08:00
goddardbkerensa:  is this like a business or something?08:01
bkerensagoddard: Nope... Regional Community Team for Ubuntu08:01
goddardhmm nifty08:01
theadminGirlyGirl_: Not really, ghost your old nickname by the way08:01
goddardbkerensa: sounds cool when is the next one?08:02
bkerensagoddard: see PM :)08:02
goddardbkerensa: and i live in Salem08:02
GirlyGirl_theadmin: my old nickname was not ghost08:02
bkerensagoddard: We do Salem too :)08:02
theadminGirlyGirl_: I know, it was "GirlyGirl". Telling you to do "/msg nickserv ghost GirlyGirl <your password>"08:02
theadminGirlyGirl_: So it doesn't hang here08:02
GirlyGirl_theadmin: I don't have a pass just free join08:03
theadminGirlyGirl_: Ah okay08:03
GirlyGirl_theadmin: timed out08:03
stealzI am running dual monitors and have some flash issues: When going full screen, Flash Videos open on monitor A with resolution of Monitor B. Is there any way to have them use the appropriate resolution for the appropriate monitor08:05
JosePok I'm out. I'll be back tomorrow08:05
theadminstealz: It's Flash, nothing you can do, it's buggy08:06
theadminstealz: Wait for Adobe to fix it, unlikely though08:06
stealzAnyone found a way to fix the leaving fullscreen, like the HEX hack for windows?08:07
GirlyGirl_ldr: No, and it was fine before I configured fancontrol and on windows (if I don't use Ubuntu first) the fan speed adjusts fine08:08
=== davro is now known as nanslayer
TA5KHi, I'm trying to get my GLX libs back, but even reinstalling the packages don't show libGLXcore in /usr/libs/ What did I wrong?08:08
FlannelTA5K: What's the output of `dpkg -S /usr/libs/libGLXcore`08:08
theadminFlannel: ain't it dpkg-query -S?08:09
GirlyGirl_TA5K: Produce out put for "pkg -S /usr/libs/libGLXcore"08:09
GirlyGirl_sorry dpkg08:09
TA5KGirlyGirl_: no path found matching pattern /usr/libs/libGLXcore.08:09
HyperbyteGirlyGirl_, fancontrol has options to restore fan speed to 100% on exit08:09
GirlyGirl_Hyperbyte: So it can be changed from that how?08:10
HyperbyteGirlyGirl_, it has that to make sure it doesn't leave the fan sitting at 10%.  I'd say deinstall fan control, and use the fan speed control from your BIOS, if you have any.08:10
Flanneltheadmin: dpkg is sort of a catchall for a number of dpkg-* programs08:10
HyperbyteGirlyGirl_, not sure how, I used fan control once, then removed it for exactly this reason. :-)08:10
theadminFlannel: I think dpkg-query can search not-installed packages too though?08:10
GirlyGirl_Hyperbyte: No such think its a laptop bios08:10
theadminFlannel: Actually no, that's stupid to think08:11
Flanneltheadmin: That's apt-file08:11
Flanneltheadmin: dpkg knows nothing about repositories :)08:11
TA5KIs there an howto for reinstalling the default video drivers in Ubuntu 11.04 (clean reinstall)?08:11
HyperbyteGirlyGirl_, a laptop without fan control in the bios?  I'd check with your manufacturer to read the manual to make sure.  Probably you can enable some option to scale the processor down when you don't need it.  Performance vs. quiet.08:12
theadminFlannel: I'm used to "pacman -So" and "pacman -Qo" :P08:12
dr_willisTA5K:  for what chipset08:12
TA5Kdr_willis: I have a hybrid system INtel and NV08:12
MrokiiHello. Does anybdoy know a good app that takes a written sentence and translates it into spoken language?08:12
nfunhello can anyone help me about ubuntu boot loader?08:12
GirlyGirl_Hyperbyte: Its a netbook ASUS 1005ha the bios is very limited doesn't even have thermal monitor etc though sensors exist08:12
dessshi, could anyone help me to setup dual monitors? my 2nd monitor is properly plugged inn but gnome-display-properties seems not to recognize it08:12
TA5KDragnslcr: both available in lspci08:12
iceroot!grub2 | nfun08:12
ubottunfun: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)08:12
dr_willisTA5K:  oh  one of thoooose  problenatic things08:13
HyperbyteGirlyGirl_, like I said, check the manual of your laptop, contact your manufacturer, look through the options of Fan control.  This is definitely not an Ubuntu problem.08:13
TA5Kdr_willis: yes, but it worked welll08:13
nfunI have dual boot with windows and it worked fine with start up manager after I updated system I can't put default08:14
TA5Kdr_willis: maybe I only need to revert the hole gfx driver thing (clean) ... than it should work08:14
nfuni searched about grab I am new user08:14
nfunbut I can't fix it08:15
ministerdudeFF 5 update. please someone tell me how to get it08:16
theadminministerdude: Welcome back, and only from Firefox PPAs08:16
TA5Khmm purging everything with gfx, xorg, nv and intel might be like reinstalling the hole system08:17
ministerdudePlease help. hi olga :)08:17
fschneid!firefox | ministerdude08:17
ubottuministerdude: firefox is the default web browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion | To install plugins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins08:17
rumbaI've followed the instructions from this site https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RcLocalHowto and in my /etc/init.d/local file I put date >>/a/file and echo $* >>/a/file but after a reboot all I see is one timestamp and the parameter "stop". Shouldn't my file be executed at startup? I see S80local in rc{2,3,4,5}.d so why doesn't my script execute at boot time?08:19
dr_willisrumba:  its /etc/rc.local you edit08:20
TA5KI don't get why additional driver don't writes the GLXcore08:20
dr_willisand be sure  commands are above the exit 0 line rumba08:21
Hyperbytedr_willis, then I guess that wiki page needs fixing.08:21
rumbadr_willis: So I should create a file /etc/rc.local ?08:22
dr_willis rumba  its allready there08:22
Hyperbyterumba, it should already be there.  You're not an idiot by the way. ;-)08:22
rumbaI'm sorry, I'm not very good at this... I'm trying to write a startup script to create a reverse SSH tunnel.08:22
dr_willisand the /etc/init.d/whatever file should of been a script i imagine. with a lot of stuff in it08:23
TA5Kif I activated nvidia_current driver, there must be a driver libGLXcore* in /usr/lib/ I guess?!08:23
dr_willisyou normally just edit /etc/rc.local and thats it08:23
newbwhat program do i use to rip a dvd to my hard drive?08:24
rumbadr_willis: Thanks. Hyperbyte: Why do you say that?08:24
bullgard4_newb: Sound juicer08:24
dr_willisrumba:  say what?  i dot even have a /rtc/init.d/local here08:25
Hyperbyterumba, I misread. :(  Sorry.  I thought dr_willis said 'idiot', but he said 'edit'.  I thought it was a bit uncharacteristic for him, so me misreading makes a lot more sense.08:25
HyperbyteApologies all around.08:25
newbbullgard4, not music films08:25
dr_willisservice scripts are in /etc/init and /etc/init.d08:25
rumbadr_willis: I followed the guide in the URL I posted. It said to create that file and call update-rc.d08:26
bullgard4_newb: Your message is too short to be comprehensible.08:26
rumbaHyperbyte: Now worries :)08:26
newbbullgard4, not a music ripper a film ripper08:26
dr_willisrumba:  guide is wrong i guess. or very old08:26
dr_willisrumba:  that would be to make a new service..08:26
dr_willisfor simple commands.. add them to /etc/rc.local08:27
TA5Koki I purge the xserver-core08:28
fmaurorumba: if your just trying to log the startup date/time you could also use uptime. (end of blind suggestion)08:28
fmauroaww he quit.08:28
dr_willisbbl ;) gotta do some work08:28
bullgard4_newb: http://handbrake.fr/downloads.php08:29
dydhow to use the water effect on ubuntu? i just did it for mistake but dunno how to m ake it again08:30
theadmin!ccsm | dyd08:30
ubottudyd: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz08:30
dydtheadmin: i've already enabled it, i just want to know how to enable it08:30
theadmindyd: ...wut08:30
anygivennamefail2ban is blocking my access....I found a link that fixes the same error I have on my log but I can't understand it......can someone help me ?08:30
dydtheadmin: i've already enabled it on compiz, i just want to know how to do it -:_D08:30
theadmindyd: Ah. Well I dunno when that effect happens, sorry, not a fan of eyecandy myself08:31
dydtheadmin: ok google said ctrl+f908:31
newbbullgard4, tks08:31
Braid3rhi all08:33
bullgard4_newb: "WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa"08:33
Braid3rI need some help with mounting microsd card08:33
TA5KHere we are ... GLX is back again08:34
Braid3ranyone have any ideas?08:34
fmauroBraid3r: what exactly is failing. please be more specific08:34
Braid3ryour help would be appreciated08:34
Braid3rits failing to mount.08:34
TA5Kpurge and reinstall xserver-xorg-core to fix GLX probs ,)08:34
anygivennamefail2ban is blocking my access....I found a link that fixes the same error I have on my log but I can't understand it......can someone help me ?08:35
fmauroBraid3r: do you have some kind of integrated cardreader, or usb drive, or what is your setup exactly08:35
Braid3rfmauro, it is an intergrated  cardreader for an Acer travelmate 4230. I have googled a fairbit but with no luck08:36
TA5Kbtw is it possible to encrypt /home later without moving the files to another folder?08:37
fmauroBraid3r: okay, see if the card reader is listed when you type lsusb in a terminal08:37
=== Mud is now known as Guest79990
rumbaWell what do you know... It worked :D Thanks, dr_willis!08:38
gurkeeI am just wondering how dangerous it is to give someone sudo rights for aptitude..any estimations on this issue?08:38
Braid3rfmauro, it does not list when using lsusb08:39
TA5Kempathy chat doesn't connect on startup even if it's checked in prefs... any idea?08:39
fmauroBraid3r: okay, give me a minute, I think I have a laptop with a 5 in 1 card reader laying around somewhere. sec08:39
newbwhere would i get libdvdcss library08:40
gurkeeWill someone be able to install malicious software with sudo rights for aptitude?08:40
fmauroBraid3r: is it okay if I pm you so we can sort this out?08:40
=== themill_ is now known as themill
Braid3rfmauro, :cheers,08:41
Braid3rfmauro, :cheers, its all good08:41
GerozHi all. I have problem with PERL. Is here somebody which know some PERL ? thx08:42
theadminGeroz: I do know Perl, if you mean the language.08:42
theadminGeroz: However, if you mean the Paranoically Ecliptic Rubbish Lister, I do not.08:43
shomonhi, chromium browser has an illegal instruction. How do I deport it, I mean, fix it?08:43
shomonI just updated with apt-get today... ubuntu 10.1008:43
idefixI have received a message in my mailbox which has X-spam-status: Yes, how can that be?08:43
GirlyGirlshomon: send a bug report to google08:43
shomonit's already there GirlyGirl http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=9007 - I'm more interested in getting chromium running again in ubuntu though08:43
Geroztheadmin yes. I mean language. I installed svnnotify and when i run this program, get this mess:08:44
Geroz[Can't locate Net/SMTP_auth.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.1 ...08:44
GerozDo you know how fix it?08:44
llutzGeroz: youwant libnet-smtpauth-perl08:44
gurkeeIn other words: will "intelligent guy" + "root privileges for aptitude" + "some time" be able to compromise the system?08:44
HarryHirsch123can somebody help me with my problem08:44
DistroJockeygurkee: Don't see why not08:45
GirlyGirlshomon: Then you must wait for a fix, if it runs from GUI what's the big deal08:45
gurkeeDistroJockey, thanks08:45
shomondoes it run from gui?08:45
Gerozllutz try it ...thx08:45
shomonit doesn't08:45
acerzhey. what do I do to boot ubuntu straight to the logon scree skipping the options/mode menu #newtolinux08:46
Gerozllutz Now is error "No SASL mechanism found"08:46
idefixseriously I have in the junk tab "check custom headers for junk" header X-Spam-Flag contains value YES and X-Spam-Level contains value *****, what's wrong why won't it kick the spam from my inbox?08:46
dessshi, could anyone help me to setup dual monitors? my 2nd monitor is properly plugged inn but gnome-display-properties seems not to recognize it08:47
GirlyGirlshomon: Even if it doesn't work at all wait for a fix or use http://www.google.com/chrome?platform=linux chrome not chromium08:47
HarryHirsch123can somebody help me08:47
GirlyGirlHarryHirsch123: what is the issue08:47
llutzGeroz: try installing libauthen-sasl-perl08:48
shomonthanks, I'll try that. I was trying to figure out if the latest package had a problem or if I could try reverting to a previous version08:48
rumbaMy machine ("local") is behind NAT and I want to access it from another one ("remote"). I've tried to follow this guide http://www.howtoforge.com/reverse-ssh-tunneling with no success. Doing "ssh -R 19999: user@remote" connects me to the remote machine via SSH, opens a shell on the remote and the port 19999, but I can't ssh to it. I've tried to "telnet 19999" to check if the port is open and it is, but it is close08:48
idefixdo you guys want me having spam in my inbox or so? are you sabotaging me?08:48
GirlyGirlidefix: This is not an ubuntu issue08:48
Gerozllutz libauthen-sasl-perl is already the newest version.08:48
GirlyGirlidefix: maybe #ubuntu-offtopic08:49
shomonrumba you might get more help in other channels for that kind of thing. Maybe #security or something related to ssh08:49
idefixjoin #ubuntu-offtopic08:49
rumbashomon: Good idea. I'll try #linux first.08:49
acerzubuntu boot? anyone?08:49
HarryHirsch123i have make a link on my desktop from my home folder.... after the update to 11.04 i dont want to have this link.... i delete the link with the gconf editor08:49
HarryHirsch123but all things in the folder are delete too08:50
theadminHarryHirsch123: This makes close to no sense.08:51
theadminHarryHirsch123: Probably the upgrade broke something.08:51
ldracerzacerz what do you want disable the grub os select screen?08:51
ldracerz then just comment open /etc/default/grub08:52
ldrand comment timout out08:52
ldrcomment hidden timeout with 1 or something in08:52
ldrand run update-grub08:52
kill3rcami downloaded an emerald theme and found it was a .gz file of which i am unaware of how to extract can anyone help please?08:52
ldror set timeout simply to 0 should work too08:53
ldri mean GRUB_TIMEOUT=008:53
ldrand the update-grub08:53
HarryHirsch123sry for my very bad english08:53
acerzwill try that asap08:53
HarryHirsch123is here a chat in german to?08:53
acerzI thought htere were keyboard shortcuts like the windows F8 to view the extra boot options wehn needed08:54
ldracerz: yes it is its shift but the default beahvior is to show it anyway08:55
idefixI have tried another client but I'd like to keep on using this one08:55
idefixGirlyGirl ^08:55
Rapphi everybody!08:55
GirlyGirlidefix: Sorry can't help with evo but did the same issue occur or not08:55
jussiidefix: did you have the issue in the other client?08:55
shomonGirlyGirl, I installed chrome but then did an apt-get install --reinstall and now chromium works... so I guess something had got mixed up somewhere...08:55
Rappdoes the ubuntu live cd come with nvidia drivers included? i need a live cd with working 3D acceleration08:55
TA5Kin which folder should I install propritary software, which is not installed by software center?08:56
idefixI tried Thunderbird but I think I still got spam, I'm not 100% sure though08:56
shomonthanks very much for your help though08:56
ldrRapp, afaik no cause of law issues08:56
GirlyGirlshomon: dependency must be that was unpecifed while packaging chromium08:56
jussiTA5K: /opt is generally considered sane for "other" items08:56
TA5Kjussi: oki, thnaks08:56
idefixjussi yes I still got spam using the other client08:56
shareUbuntu 10.04 or 11.04?08:57
shareUnity sucks right08:57
ldrdepends unity has its moments ;)08:57
ldrits definitly good for touchscreen use08:57
shareldr: I want to dualboot in laptop08:58
shareldr: it has windows 7 with no encryption.. and I want to install ubuntu with encryption08:58
share(i dont use the windows 7 but other ppl do)08:58
idefixjussi what could that mean? do I need some sort of upgrade of ubuntu?08:58
ldrokay this should be no problem with any ubuntu definitly unity has nothing to do with that08:59
TA5Kshare: install it on a flash drive?08:59
shareTA5K: it's much slower08:59
sharei use that right now08:59
idefixwhat could cause a malfunction of inbox-spammer on two different e-mail clients?08:59
TA5Kencrypt /home is enough08:59
shareTA5K: I want full encryption08:59
nsadminsounds like fear to me09:00
shareno, sounds privacy to me09:00
sharei use config files outside /home09:00
idefixI'm sad09:00
TA5Klink them to /home/.config :)09:01
share!ot | idefix09:01
ubottuidefix: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:01
kill3rcamdownloaded a .gz file a am unaware of how to extract it any help would be appreciated. sorry for my newbishness09:01
theadminkill3rcam: Is it a .tar.gz?09:01
theadminkill3rcam: Or just a plain .gz?09:01
GirlyGirlkill3rcam: right click extract09:01
theadminkill3rcam: gzip -d file.gz09:01
nsadminhow would I install the equiv of debian's firmware-linux-nonfree09:02
theadminGirlyGirl: bleh, GUI extractors :D09:02
TA5Kshare: don't you want that someone watches the partition or is it because of tor surfing e.g09:02
GirlyGirltheadmin: well he did say he was new09:02
shareTA5K: I lol @ tor09:03
theadminGirlyGirl: A plain .gz is not something you see often these days though, hm?09:03
shareTA5K: do some research about encryption in laptops and youll find the reasons09:03
iceroottheadmin: Packages.gz :)09:04
GirlyGirltheadmin: true mainly zip, rar, tar.gz09:04
th0rnsadmin: that file is pretty generic. If you can't find the ubuntu equivalent I think you could get away with using the debian package09:04
kill3rcamdo i need to cd to the files directory before extracting?09:04
TA5Kshare: I guess, I missed the point that it's a laptop09:04
Spikehead777Hello everyone.09:04
theadminkill3rcam: duh.09:05
theadminGirlyGirl: Sorry, may I pm you?09:05
Spikehead777I'm having an issue with my Ubuntu partition. I got a USB551L 3G/4G device about a month ago, and I can't get it to connect to the Internet. I'm on my Windows partition at the moment.09:06
sharensadmin: and btw swap should also be encrypted :)09:07
theadminSpikehead777: How is that related to the *partition*?09:07
theadminSpikehead777: Either way, you are looking for usb_modeswitch.09:07
=== nanslayer is now known as davro
theadminSpikehead777: That's the thing which lets one connect to the Internet using USB devices09:08
theadminSpikehead777: e.g. phones, 3g modems, ...09:08
Spikehead777I see.09:08
nsadminI don't necessarily mind getting away with stuff... but, I'm wanting to try ubuntu. I installed it in kind of a weird way, that stopped at several points, and didn't allow for a full moreorless automated thing. I might throw it away and reinstall if I can figure how to get it to run to completion09:08
nsadminshare: you like the idea of being so slow you have to get out and push? :)09:09
Spikehead777Hmm... I didn't have to do anything before when I had my old USB727.09:09
nsadminI guess one school of thought holds that's what cpu and ram is for09:10
Spikehead777I will say that using "partition" was a bad choice of words, though I wanted to make clear that I'm currently on the Internet with the same modem that I want to connect on Ubuntu with.09:11
Spikehead777So, I'll give that command a try and if it doesn't work, then I'll be back in about 10-15 minutes.09:11
theadminSpikehead777: There is no command as such. Google around.09:12
nsadminshare, having said all that, certain applications need to keep data private, such as medical records and billing09:12
theadminSpikehead777: Boot your Ubuntu install with VirtualBox if you want to work with Windows and Ubuntu at the same time, if that helps09:13
MraenHello there folks. I have a question, If i wanted to maybe help with some bite size bugs in ubuntu, what coding programming language should I learn?09:15
theadminMraen: C, C++, Python.09:16
Lasers!contribute | Mraen09:16
ubottuMraen: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate09:16
nsadminMraen: to start with, c, c++, sh, bash (yes, know the difference), perl, python09:16
nsadminthose are the languages used in the minimal possible install09:17
Spikehead777I'll give both of those a try.09:17
GirlyGirltheadmin: ok09:17
nsadminwhat languages do you want to use/learn?09:17
GirlyGirltheadmin: yes you may, sorry was away09:18
MraenWell, im trying to learn python right now.09:18
nsadmingood start09:18
nsadminwhat do you know already?09:18
Mraennot much really just started yesterday.09:19
nsadminoh, ok...09:19
theadminMraen: Python and Ruby are great for starters09:19
nsadminso, you're starting on a path that's going to take you through abiliby to script, and increase that ability09:20
=== Anthony is now known as Anthony25
MraenYeah okey, Well thanks for your time folks! have a great day!09:22
nsadminif you're just now starting,09:22
nsadminmaybe that's just as well... he'll find out himself how much effort/time it will take, and he wants to do it, so... just as well he left right at that point09:23
Lion-Oi have this logged error: Main -> Error opening /etc/bopm.pid: Permission denied i run bopm on ubuntu , what should i do?09:23
nsadminfirst find out why the permission is denied09:24
GerozSomebody know what is wrong ? Somebody know what is wrong ? No SASL mechanism found ...............................lib libauthen-sasl-perl is installed09:24
Lion-Oubuntu deny the access09:24
nsadminLion-O: why?09:25
_rubenpid files dont belong in /etc so bopm is misbehaving09:25
Lion-OI Don't Know :\09:25
nsadminso then, the next thing to do is find out09:25
Lion-Oshould i move the location?09:25
nsadmin(just so you know, in the process of finding out why permission is denied, maybe you'll find out more about permissions)09:26
=== Msh100 is now known as MSHughes
Lion-Oi tried to search and look how to change permissions09:26
=== MSHughes is now known as Msh100
nsadminthat's good09:27
Lion-Othere is only change use permissions09:27
Tom^hai /b of linux irc channels09:27
nsadmindid you gain additional knowledge when you did that?09:27
Lion-O(nsadmin) no09:28
Lion-Oi know that are alot of things that ubuntu need password for , how do i disable that?09:28
nsadminthat's a different question09:28
Lion-Ono , thats what prevent my bopm from funning correctly09:29
nsadminI'm a debian user trying out ubuntu pretty much for first time, I heard you can do something with configuring sudo09:29
jpdsLion-O: check your configuration? Why is it putting a PID file in /etc ?09:29
Lion-O(jpds) i have an answer for that Q , ill go get it :)09:30
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo09:31
nsadminoh, didn't notice that, good point09:31
nsadminpid files are supposed to go in /var/run09:31
Lion-O(JGJones_) bopm.pid is for storing the process ID of the running BOPM09:31
jpdsLion-O: Yes, but it's going to the wrong place.09:32
Lion-O(jpds) (JGJones_) bopm.pid is for storing the process ID of the running BOPM09:32
Lion-Ooh -.-09:32
jpdsLion-O: Check your /etc/bopm/bopm.conf file.09:32
jpdsOr wherever your configuration file is.09:32
Lion-Omy conf is on etc folder09:33
Lion-Owhat should i check?09:33
nsadminthis is also sounding like you're putting the binary executable on the machine by hand... and not installing a package of it09:33
nsadminwhat's bopm do?09:34
jpdsnsadmin: apt-cache show bopm09:34
theadmin!info bopm09:34
Lion-Oi installed bopm.when i saw it have permission problems i brought "bopm.pid" because i thought it has a problem with creating the file09:34
ubottubopm (source: bopm): Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.3-2 (natty), package size 108 kB, installed size 292 kB09:34
Lion-Obut that didn't work at all09:34
nsadminjpds: do you think he's using the package of bopm?09:35
Lion-Oi compiled it09:35
nsadminoh, ok... anything wrong with the packaged one?09:36
Lion-Oin the conf it says the location of the file is : "/etc/bopm.pid"09:36
Lion-Opackeged one?09:36
Lion-Oi don't follow09:37
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
Lion-Opackeged is pre-compiled?09:37
nsadminthere should be a ubuntu package of it09:37
Lion-Oof bopm?09:37
nsadminand the config gets automatically written (yes) and it starts up09:37
nsadminall as a resuolt of installing the package09:38
Lion-Otell me nsadmin...09:38
Lion-Ohow does it know what to put in the config?09:38
Lion-Oip port password09:38
nsadminthe person who packaged it makes decisions about that09:39
Lion-Oso it wouldn't work for me unless i change it accordingly09:39
nsadminwell compiling it yourself should work once you adjust things09:40
ThinkT510!find bopm09:40
ubottuFound: bopm09:40
th0rLion-O: do you know what this program does?09:40
Lion-Oi do09:40
theadmin!info bopm | ThinkT51009:41
ubottuThinkT510: bopm (source: bopm): Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.3-2 (natty), package size 108 kB, installed size 292 kB09:41
nsadmin!find nsadmin09:41
ubottuPackage/file nsadmin does not exist in natty09:41
th0rso much for installing nsadmin <smile>09:41
Lion-Ono deal? :(09:41
nsadmincan't even find me09:41
ThinkT510theadmin: sorry, i should have directed that at Lion-O09:41
theadmin!botabuse | nsadmin09:41
ubottunsadmin: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".09:41
theadminThinkT510: Oh oops09:42
DistroJockey!package | Lion-O  Most packages that require variables will give instructions on how to change those09:42
ubottuLion-O  Most packages that require variables will give instructions on how to change those: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!09:42
* Lion-O is searching...09:43
Lion-Oi found the package but i dont know how to dowmload it :\09:45
Lion-Odownload* -.-09:46
nsadminLion-O: you could pursue info about unix-style permissions... this would be the first day in a basic, beginning unix indroduction class, and is essential if you're going to deal with these things09:46
nsadminand, you could try the padkaged version09:46
DistroJockeyLion-O: One way from a terminal is:  sudo apt-get install package-name09:47
luaafmauro: I am now using lighttpd09:48
Lion-Osudo apt-get , what is sudo apt-get? nsadmin , where can i begin?09:48
nsadminhow would I open a terminal in the classic ubuntu gui?09:48
Lion-OBe Back Later09:48
luaai got the problem I cant start any service in lighttpd09:48
DistroJockeynsadmin: Click Applications - Accessories - Terminal09:49
nsadminDistroJockey: thanks for replying. that slot has only two items: help and time/date09:50
DistroJockeynsadmin: Not sure what you are looking at then. Can you provide a screenshot?09:51
nsadminI don't think I have a screenshot app at this moment. this is a new install of ubuntu base that I added unity, xorg and a few other minor things to, that I added packages to09:54
=== EyesIsMine is now known as EyesIsServer
DistroJockeynsadmin: ahh, yeah, looks like you have a very minimal install09:54
DistroJockeynsadmin: You could install  gnome-terminal  to add that menu entry09:55
DarsVaedahi I could need some help configuring postfix...I got it all setup but when I try to testmail I get: "postdrop: warning: unable to look up public/pickup: No such file or directory"09:55
nsadminI didn't actually intend to do things this way... and once I can figure out how to have it install completely in one shot, I nay replace and redo09:55
th0rnsadmin: used to be able to install ubuntu-desktop09:56
nsadminok, and to get it in the menu system, update-menus?09:56
DistroJockeynsadmin: Installing  ubuntu-desktop  should do all09:56
DistroJockeynsadmin: nope, it will be done for you09:56
th0rnsadmin: that meta-package installed a full gnome desktop system09:56
nsadminok, I'll start that09:56
nsadminth0r: in 11.4?09:57
DistroJockeynsadmin: yep :)09:57
th0rnsadmin: I moved to debian after 10.04, that is why I said 'used to' <smile>09:57
DistroJockeyth0r, nsadmin: I'm running Debian with Ubuntu 11.04 in a VM atm :)09:58
nsadminit's downloading 540 pkgs09:59
DistroJockeynsadmin: sounds about right09:59
th0rDistroJockey: I usually have the same thing...just haven't gotten around to installing ubuntu yet09:59
nsadminhmm, I have 4g in /usr, that enough?09:59
VustomHas anyone used Turntable.fm before?09:59
th0rnsadmin: that should be plenty09:59
DistroJockeynsadmin: There are many options. There is also the  ubuntu-minimal  package10:01
stevethepirateHi, I'm only getting output on 1 of my 2 screens.10:01
fylefouhello all!10:01
nsadminI have about 16 g in about 201g of storage10:02
fylefoua question about service/multiservice/application system10:02
nsadminI can expand everything but /10:02
DistroJockeynsadmin: plenty10:02
fylefoua first , it seem's very powerfull and the twistd very help full10:02
nsadminon separate LVs are /home, /tmp. /var, /usr10:03
th0rnsadmin: how large is /10:03
matus_learning  python through Laby, somebody has time for tutorial - 'while loop' combination with 'def10:03
DistroJockeynsadmin: that won't work10:03
nsadminand it's in a primary partition10:03
th0rnsadmin: that could be a problem. I have a debian install with just xfce and lxde, and use about 7G10:03
fylefoumy question is , after inspect the source, it's seem's that startService don't return a deferred10:04
nsadminin /?!10:04
DistroJockeynsadmin, th0r: need atleast 4GB (more is better)10:04
DistroJockeynsadmin: for / yeah10:04
th0ragreed....4GB minimumm10:04
omar_How to make the size of dah smaller in nity10:04
fylefouooop s soory bad chanel ;)10:04
nsadminremember /var and /usr are separate10:04
nsadminand /tmp10:05
omar_Is it possible to make the size of dash smaller in Ubuntu Unity?10:05
nsadminhaving said all that, I may throw this inst away and do it again10:05
DistroJockeynsadmin: most packages go outside /usr, usually in /sbin I think, which will be under / in your setup10:05
shishiri wnat  to make my pendrive bootable10:06
nsadminright, and /lib I suppose10:06
shishirhow can i do so ?10:06
th0rnsadmin: I would set aside 15GB or so for / and then the rest in /home10:06
htpchi does anyone here use FreeNAS for there htpc server?10:06
DistroJockeynsadmin: yeah, /lib10:06
DistroJockeyth0r, nsadmin: I concur10:07
nsadminubuntu shoudl be careful about that :)10:07
Stormshadowhi all - is there a quick fix regarding bootchart crashing in 10.04 with messages of the type  --- File "/usr/bin/bootchart", line 23, in <module>10:07
Stormshadow    sys.exit(main())10:07
Stormshadow ---10:07
DistroJockeynsadmin: It does not do good atomatic partitioning on small drives I've found10:07
nsadminshould prefer /usr/lib, /usr/bin and /usr/sbin for most things, only very critical stuff like fdisk and partition repair stuff should go on /10:07
nsadminwell thats ok for me, this is 500g internal plus 2tb external10:08
nsadminand the 201g is on the ext10:08
shishiri want to make my usb drive bootable  how can i do it from ubuntu plx help i am new at ubuntu10:09
DistroJockeynsadmin: Installing Ubuntu on an 8GB drive using the auto / and /home option fails for instance (with no errors)10:09
nsadminI could put /boot on the 1g and put / in the volume group10:09
DistroJockeynsadmin: that's probably the better way to go10:09
nsadminI pretty much guessed for this install10:10
=== jrib is now known as Guest13824
nsadminlet's see how it's doing10:10
DistroJockeynsadmin: Pretty sure the reason your menus are mostly empty is because you ran out of space to install them10:11
nsadminit's finished downloading the pkgs10:11
nsadminno, that's not the reason10:11
DistroJockeynsadmin: the cached downloads will be in the /var partition, but no room in / to install them10:11
nsadminthis is a fairly special case10:11
nsadminwell let's see, it's done, so let's see where we;re at10:12
nsadminso, / has about .73g, /var has 3.something10:13
nsadminthis is after downloading the packages and before installing them10:14
DistroJockeynsadmin: so far so good :)10:14
nsadminI'll have it install them now10:15
nsadminit's going10:15
nsadminI guess it's going to check hardware at some point in the install?10:17
dessshi, could anyone help me to setup dual monitors? my 2nd monitor is properly plugged inn but gnome-display-properties seems not to recognize it10:17
theadmindesss: Does it show up if you run "xrandr" in terminal?10:17
niklasfihi, my user does not show up on the logon screen. i guess this has to do with me changing the uid to 500 since i had that in fedora. is there a file i can add my name to?10:18
DistroJockeynsadmin: Don't think so10:18
theadminniklasfi: I suggest you don't change your UIDs... But yeah, there should be some setup tool for GDM allowing to configure that.10:18
dessstheadmin: how can I find out? it shows "*+" only at one monitor\10:18
theadminniklasfi: iirc it was called "gdm2-setup"10:19
dessstheadmin: Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1280 x 1024, maximum 4096 x 409610:19
desssVGA2 connected 1280x1024+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 340mm x 270mm10:19
theadmindesss: Okay, so seriously only one screen found, hm10:20
theadmindesss: I dunno then xD Not really into hardware10:20
dessstheadmin: well strange thing is hapenning: when i logout/login (restart X I guess), the 2nd screen "blinks" and an Ubuntu boot screen appears - it stays there till I turn the PC off, so somehow Ubuntu has to "see" the 2nd monitor10:21
DistroJockeydesss: If you installed Nvidia or Ati drivers, there is usually a config utility under System - Preferences10:22
desssDistroJockey: there is no such utility, the next problem is that I use internal video card (Intel) and extern video card (nVidia) - both only have 1 VGA output, so I have to use both of them at the same time10:22
DistroJockeydesss: ahh, that makes things tricky10:23
desssDistroJockey: 2 monitors are working in Windows XP though (I tested in this very PC)10:24
Mark-sketchingHi! < Ubuntu 11.04 on a Lenovo X200 Tablet PC> I'm attempting to make shortcut keys for changing display brightness, so that I can change brightness while in tablet mode using a mini bluetooth keyboard. FN + HOME/END keys work, but I haven't been able to find the right command to bind the same function to other keys.10:24
niklasfitheadmin: the problem is that gdmsetup does not list my username10:25
theadminniklasfi: Odd...10:26
DistroJockeydesss: Not sure I can help much, but maybe this thread will give some ideas:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=138765510:26
_ravehi guys10:26
niklasfitheadmin: is there a group a user needs to be in in order to show up or something?10:26
ldrMark-sketching, one second i got nearly the same laptop i will have a look into it10:27
theadminniklasfi: I think it just shows UIDs with 1000 and above10:27
niklasfitheadmin: :(10:28
airtonixtheadmin: there might be other factors10:28
dessstheadmin: thank you very much, I will have a look at it10:28
airtonixniklasfi: theadmin: since this week after i installed natty, i created a user called "administrator" with the "users and groups" gui tool and changed it's uid to 999, it shows up on the login screen.10:29
Mark-sketchingldr:  cheers :)10:29
DistroJockeyniklasfi: See point 5.5 at http://projects.gnome.org/gdm/docs/2.18/gdmsetupusage.html10:29
niklasfithere seems to be /etc/gdm/custom.conf: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/GDM if there is an Exclude directive, there certainly must be an Include as well10:29
=== sean is now known as Guest71805
niklasfioops. now i know that if i restart gdm i get logged out :)10:31
tryggvibCan anybody explain to me the difference between /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf (and the other /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-*.conf)?10:35
ldrMark-sketching, so: if you do setkeycodes 6b 224 and setkeycodes 66 22510:35
ldrMark-sketching, you should be able to turn brightnes down with rotate and up with toolbox10:35
Mark-sketchingldr: ooh cheers, I'll try10:36
Laserstryggvib: I'm guessing that blacklist is old and you should be using blacklist.conf instead.10:36
ldrMark-sketching, http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Tablet_Hardware_Buttons here you can find you hexadecimal codes for diffrent buttons mapping to 225 always is brightness up to 224 is down10:36
tryggvibLasers: thanks, so it's a legacy thing :)10:37
Mark-sketchingldr: Right. Here goes :)10:37
Laserstryggvib: Sure. New standards, I suppose. Also, the other *conf thing? It's just their own lines -- Makes it easy to read (and it looks nice). I think.10:38
ldrthe same system you can use to map it to the buttons of your bluetooth keyboard as well10:38
tryggvibLasers: ok, thanks10:38
niklasfihey! it works. added "[greeter]\nInclude=username\n" to /etc/gdm/custom.conf10:38
nsadminso, / has about .70g, /var still has 3.something10:38
nsadminand /usr is using about 2g10:39
theadminniklasfi: Glad you figured it out10:39
theadminniklasfi: Just a suggestion, LXDM is easier to configure.10:39
ChessTeachis there a program that will take an arguement and display the arguement as a popup notification?10:40
FuchsChessTeach: notify-send10:40
nsadminwhich is about what I expected...10:40
Fuchstakes two arguments, though10:40
nsadminlet's see what it does not10:40
nsadminn ow10:40
DistroJockeyniklasfi: Nice one :)10:40
Mark-sketchingldr: I know I'm being dumb here, but I get "$ setkeycodes 66 22510:40
Mark-sketchingCouldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console" Am I missing something?10:40
Guest13824Mark-sketching: are you doing that in a tty?10:41
Guest13824guest.. what the..10:41
ChessTeachcool thanks Fuchs10:41
DistroJockeynsadmin: Looks good :)10:41
Fuchsno problem10:41
Mark-sketchingGuest13824: in a terminal, yeah...10:41
ldrjust do setkeycodes 66 225 in some terminal10:41
ldrshould work10:42
sharewhat's the preferable option to create space for ubuntu installation in a windows installation?10:42
=== Guest13824 is now known as jrib
shareI have to resize windows partition right?10:42
ldrshare, yes if you have no unpartitioned space left10:42
ChessTeachhmm that didn't work as expected, I want to redirect output to this program. notify send doesn't seem to be able to handle this10:42
niklasfiis there a way to make the notification a little more prominent?10:42
jribMark-sketching: not in a terminal... are you doing it in a tty?  (ctrl-alt-f1)10:42
shareldr: it's windows installation from factory it uses 1 partition for windows system and another for data.. no space left10:43
ldrshare then oyu have to shrink one this can even the ubuntu installer10:43
shareldr: with gparted right10:43
ChessTeachanyone know a program that will take redirected output and display it as a notification?10:43
DistroJockeyniklasfi: Which notification?10:43
Mark-sketchingldr: Ooh it's half working - it's just not quite the keys you mentioned10:43
ldrthats one way10:43
ldroh okay10:44
ldrthen i read the list wrong10:44
theadminMark-sketching: What exactly were you trying to do, again?10:44
ldrMark-sketching, have a look in the list i sended you the link for10:44
Mark-sketchingldr: if it were the keys you mentioned that would be ideal, but it's actually come out as brightness + on the lock button, and I don't know where brightness- has gone to ;)10:44
shareldr: so first I make a backup of files in windows, then boot with livecd and resize with gparted?10:44
Mark-sketchingtheadmin: I'm attempting to bind brightness keys to the keys on the face of my Lenovo X200 tablet10:45
Mark-sketchingtheadmin: and ldr has very nearly sorted it out for me :)10:45
ldrMark-sketching, sure you have a x200?10:45
theadminMark-sketching: Ah, I see.10:45
Mark-sketchingldr: hehe yeah. It's a UK model though10:45
Mark-sketchingfor what it's worth10:45
niklasfiDistroJockey: notify-send, which was just suggested... i would like to put something similar in my chronjobs file which reminds me to create a backup10:45
ldrMark-sketching, i think uk shpuldnt make a diffrence10:46
ldrdid you opened the link i send to you?10:46
Mark-sketchingldr: can I use xev or something to find the right input?10:46
ldrxev no10:46
ldri am trying to find the sae thing out right now10:46
ldrmaybe someone here knows how to get scancodes for specific keys?10:47
AdvoWorkhi there, whats up with: du -csh * --max-depth=1 /  im trying to find out disk usage, but with max-depth10:47
DistroJockeyniklasfi: ohh. Sorry, no idea.10:47
ldrbut you can just play around with the values in the link i send you maybe some other are the right buttons10:47
ldri got the x201 and the scancodes are allright for me10:47
ldrMark-sketching, i mean try something like setkeycodes e0 255,  or setkeycodes 12 255 and see where brightness up is10:48
shareldr: so I defrag windows first..10:48
sharemake backup files10:48
shareand resize10:48
Mark-sketchingldr sudo setkeycodes 66 225 worked for the lock screen button10:49
ldrMark-sketching, try something like setkeycodes e012 254 and see if the arrow button is then brihghtness down10:50
ldri mean the butto with the clockwise arrow10:50
jane1ubuntu is debian?10:50
ldrjane1, no  but it uses debians packet management system10:50
jane1ldr why centos is considered a better server than ubuntu?10:51
ldrjane1, no idea maybe software more stable10:52
ldrjane1, debian is considered good cause the software is very well tested which means its relativly old of course10:52
jane1ldr whats your recomendation10:52
jane1for a server os.10:52
ldrjane1, if you dont want to got through the trouble of building your own linux use debian10:52
szaljane1: what answer do you expect in #ubuntu? ;)10:53
jane1ldr szal  i mean amoungst ubuntu centos and fedora.      dont be ubuntu only coz you are in #ubuntu10:53
ldrMark-sketching, how is it?10:53
stephenthemartyrcan somone help me set up and reinstall10:53
Mark-sketchingsetkeycodes 6c 224 is the rotate key!10:54
ldrjane1, hey jane i recommended debian cause i dont think a server needs or should run the most recent packages10:54
ldrjane1, not ubuntu10:54
szaljane1: this is an Ubuntu support channel; comparison talk is in #ubuntu-offtopic10:54
ldrMark-sketching, nice10:54
jane1ldr why not ubuntu. and which one then10:54
ldrMark-sketching, sounds like x201 then try using the map of the x201 then10:54
jane1szal ok10:54
Mark-sketchingldr: the buttons aren't next to eachother, but short of knowing the codes for each key, I can live with that; both commands on the face of the tablet. Result! thanks.10:55
ldrjane1, use the debian stable release, why not ubuntu i already said ubuntu takes new software version way faster in the rpos than debian10:55
ldrMark-sketching, i would still say try the x201 list and find the right buttons10:55
=== darek is now known as Guest294
ldrMark-sketching, which is 68 and 6c then10:56
szalldr: you too, the *buntu-vs-whatever discussion in -offtopic, please10:56
Mark-sketchingldr: ok, will do. Thanks for your help :)10:56
Mark-sketchingldr: Is it possible to re-set the ones I changed before?10:56
stephenthemartyri have a ubuntu help need?10:56
ldrszal, sorry didnt get your message10:56
Mark-sketchingnot actually knowing what or where they are...10:56
AdvoWorkhi there, whats up with: du -csh * --max-depth=1 /  im trying to find out disk usage, but with max-depth10:57
stephenthemartyri have ubuntustudio 10.04 and windows xp dual boot,how to i replace those?10:57
jribAdvoWork: don't summarize?10:57
ldrMark-sketching, i think a reboot should take care of this10:57
ThinkT510stephenthemartyr: replace in what way? wipe both off the harddrive?10:58
ldrMark-sketching, which means you ave to run these commands every time you start your computer of course put it in something like rc.local10:58
jribAdvoWork: and doesn't using * and / seem a bit strange to you?10:58
ldrMark-sketching, so it runs everytime you boot the computer10:58
Mark-sketchingldr: aah right. Sudo gedit rc.local?10:58
ldrsudo gedit /etc/rc.local10:59
theadminMark-sketching: Don't run graphical apps with sudo.10:59
iszakSo I have this ubuntu box that has a GUI, now all I have is SSH and I want to setup remote desktop via SSH so I can access the GUI, any guides?10:59
theadminldr: You too.10:59
ThinkT510!gksudo | Mark-sketching10:59
ubottuMark-sketching: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)10:59
ldrtheadmin, is right10:59
wildbatstephenthemartyr: just format and install ~ what you need?10:59
jribAdvoWork: if you just want disk usage, use: df -h10:59
Mark-sketchingtheadmin: ThinkT510, aah thanks10:59
jrib!vnc | iszak11:00
ubottuiszak: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX11:00
ldrtheadmin, i deinstalled sudo , nearly the first thing i did after installing ubuntu11:00
Ristovskihello If I use Live CD will something screw up?11:00
ThinkT510ldr: what? why?11:00
Lasersldr: Just use aliases + turn off password using visudo.11:01
Lasersldr: Or "sudo -i" and never log out.11:01
theadminldr: So you just use su?11:01
ThinkT510Ristovski: don't worry the livecd won't touch your harddrive unless you tell it to (by trying to install)11:01
ldrldr, maybe just a matter of taste but i prefer su to normal root konsole11:01
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX11:02
RistovskiThinkT510 : can I install small version of ubuntu along with my Windows?11:02
ThinkT510Ristovski: sure11:02
ThinkT510!mini | Ristovski11:02
ubottuRistovski: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD11:02
Mark-sketchingldr, so to sum up, if I make a file called rc.local and put the commands in there it'll run at startup?11:02
Ristovskiwont it screw up?11:02
ldrMark-sketching, no the file /etc/rc.local already exists11:02
ThinkT510Ristovski: why would it?11:03
ldrMark-sketching, their you put the two commands in11:03
ldrrc.local runs intself at startup11:03
DistroJockey!wubi | Ristovski, ThinkT51011:03
ubottuRistovski, ThinkT510: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe11:03
RistovskiThinkT50 : many ppl say that Linux and Windows dont like each other on same machine11:03
Ristovskithanks I dont like wubi11:03
RistovskiIts hard to uninstall¨11:03
DistroJockeynp, me either11:03
Mark-sketchingldr: oh, so it does :)11:03
ThinkT510DistroJockey: i can't stand wubi and i wouldn't recommend it to others11:04
wildbatWUBI just suck ~11:04
DistroJockeyThinkT510: nods, just throwing it out there ;)11:04
lotuspsychjecan a truecrypted folder be cracked/readed if you remove the pyshical harddrive?11:04
ThinkT510Ristovski: if you are nervous about it, you could always try installing in a vm (virtualbox)11:05
RistovskiThinkT510 : ok So I download the iso burn it , put it in the cd rom , reboot and get in linux right? Now How do I connect to wifi?11:05
ldrMark-sketching, you can use rc.local for a lot of stuff i use it for exmaple to rfkill bluetooth and wwan at every boot cause i didnt found a more elegant solution11:05
suboneRunning natty off usb drive boots to blank screen. Any help?11:06
ThinkT510Ristovski: there should be an applet (depending on what desktop environment you are in) that will let you choose the wireless network11:06
Mark-sketchingldr: I see, that is neat, thanks for the tip. I'm going to reboot and test.11:06
glebihanMark-sketching, in order for the rc.local file to be executed, don't forget to make it executable11:06
ldrMark-sketching, no need would be to write a upstart script for this stuff ;)11:06
ldri mean neat would be....11:07
ThinkT510Ristovski: make sure to change the boot order in the bios so that it boots the cd before the harddrive too11:07
RistovskiI want to install in VM11:07
RistovskiOnly if it is safe though11:07
fmaurolotuspsychje: no11:07
ThinkT510Ristovski: yeah, thats even easier11:07
RistovskiI dont wanna screw up my PC11:07
RistovskiThinkT510 : Wont it lagg?11:08
ThinkT510Ristovski: installing it in a vm is perfectly safe11:08
Ristovskiwill it lagg?11:08
lotuspsychjefmauro: even when using the disk on external hd case or something?11:08
RistovskiOr like freeze?11:08
ThinkT510Ristovski: depends on your hardware and how you set up your vm11:08
VxQeRistovski, not if your PC is modern.11:08
Ristovskiwell my PC specs are : 4gb RAm , Amd Athlon II m320 x64 , 500GB hdd11:09
ThinkT510Ristovski: that is plenty powerful enough11:09
fmaurolotuspsychje: if you created a truecrypt folder and secured it with a sufficiently secure password, haven't stored the password anywhere on the disk, it is virtually impossible to decrypt that folder. no matter where you open it11:09
tryggvibcan anybody point me to a place where I can see why "lshw -C network" marks *-network:1 as DISABLED?11:10
ThinkT510Ristovski: you may need to check if the vm settings for your processor are activated in the bios though11:10
Mark-sketchingldr: in the file it says "# In order to enable or disable this script just change the execution bits" Do I need to change something to make it active?11:10
lotuspsychjefmauro: would the folder be visible on external hd case saying its content is unreadable?11:10
RistovskiI hate going in the BIOS11:10
Ristovskilast time I was there I screwed my PC11:10
DistroJockeyRistovski: I give my Linux VM's 768MB of RAM and turn on 3D acceleration. They run fine on a 4GB RAM host.11:10
DerekKeyDid you have a solution to mount USB disk secure with Windows 7 bitlocker partition?11:10
DistroJockeyRistovski: No need to go into BIOS11:11
fmaurolotuspsychje: it depends on how you created the truecrypt volume: did you make a partition, did you just create a truecrypt file?11:11
ThinkT510Ristovski: you might already have it activated anyway, but you won't be able to tell untill you run the vm11:11
ldrMark-sketching, if you dont already yes11:11
glebihanMark-sketching, as I told you, the file needs to be executable11:11
ldrMark-sketching, make it executable chmod +x /etc/rc.local11:11
lotuspsychjefmauro: truecrypt partition11:11
DistroJockeyRistovski, ThinkT510: Ohh, yeah, those settings are nice :)11:12
Mark-sketchingglebihan: Make it executable? Oo-er, it's not that by default? How?11:12
ldrMark-sketching,  someone already metioned that so i thought you got it11:12
jane1any suggestions for a domain name that has music, education, videos, students , chating , bloging... video chats. text chats.. etc. multi purpose communication  .   ?11:12
wildbatDerekKey: BitLock is M$ properity technology ~ i doubt you will find linux version.11:12
basncyexcuse me, where could i find the function which i used in Device Driver Programing like down_interruptible()?   As i know, if i want to get help of a function in application programing like select(), i just type "man select", then i could get the help.11:12
Mark-sketchingldr: glebihan aah thanks, great.11:12
* Mark-sketching is a filthy newbie11:12
DerekKeyI fount on net kernel module only for read-mode... :(11:13
Ristovskiok Ill do it11:13
fmaurolotuspsychje: I have never tried that, but my gut says that the OS would only see regular partitions until truecrypt is installed. (but I don't know for sure)11:13
AdvoWorkjrib, how can i use max-depth then?11:14
* jane1 ahem11:14
ThinkT510Ristovski: good, vms are great for practicing in :)11:14
jribAdvoWork: du -h --max-depth=N DIRECTORY11:14
suboneOk now it is frozen at [    5.979275] Lite-On Technology Corp. USB Multimedia Keyboard] on usb-0000:00:02.0-4/input1   any help would be greatly appreciated11:14
Ristovskiok brb11:14
lotuspsychjefmauro: ok tnx for support mate, im already happy no known other software could break the encryption...11:14
fmaurolotuspsychje: np , glad to help11:15
AdvoWorkjrib, thanks11:15
stephenthemartyr<ThinkT510>I think so,there is a bad spot on the drive somewherte,and people on here kast night said to reinstall11:16
borishow to get work epson sx125 to scan , i can print but i cant scan11:16
ThinkT510stephenthemartyr: if it is a hardware fault a reinstall won't make a difference11:17
stephenthemartyrwell i dont know what it is actuially11:18
stephenthemartyrbut ive been having problems in ubuntustudio anyway11:18
StravHi. I'm trying to install linuxant hsf drivers but the .deb fails because of an error related to insserv (missing LSB tags and overrides). I have found the following bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/insserv/+bug/467000, and patched upstart-job accordingly but I still get the issue (on 11.04). Anyone knows about this bug on natty?11:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 467000 in insserv (Ubuntu) "insserv doesn't work with upstart" [Undecided,Fix committed]11:18
stephenthemartyrcannot get jack working right with other stuff11:18
Strav(btw, compiling the driver manually also fails when it comes to hsf-config)11:19
ThinkT510stephenthemartyr: sorry, i'm not good at troubleshooting sound problems, perhaps somebody else here can help11:20
=== Eitsew is now known as Westie
Strav... a workaround would be appreciated too.11:20
stephenthemartyr<ThinkT510>under disk utility it says disk has a few bad s3ectors under master boot record11:20
tryggvibwith one wireless card, should I be seeing two interfaces (eth1 and wifi0)? Is that normal?11:20
* Lion-O is back :)11:21
stephenthemartyrdont need troubleshooting,i need to replace my systems11:21
ThinkT510stephenthemartyr: yeah, it does sound like you need a new harddrive11:21
stephenthemartyr<ThinkT510>no i dont think so11:22
stephenthemartyrits working right now11:22
ThinkT510stephenthemartyr: then you need to determine whether it is a hardware fault11:22
stephenthemartyrand unless your going to buy me one then positive positive pleasei11:23
fedora_newbCan anyone tell me how to change the channel while messing with aircrack on mac80211 driver? Keep getting mon0 is on channel -1, while it should be on 9.11:23
stephenthemartyrok how?11:23
szal[12:57:30] <stephenthemartyr> i have ubuntustudio 10.04 and windows xp dual boot,how to i replace those? <- replace with what?11:23
stephenthemartyrtando studio11:24
szalwhatever that is..11:24
stephenthemartyrmaybe windows again too11:24
sbarcteamI need to connect to a dozen sftp hosts several times a day.11:24
fmaurofedora_newb: i can help you11:24
stephenthemartyrlook it up http://tangostudio.tuxfamily.org/en/tangostudio11:24
sbarcteamis there a graphical SFTP/SCP client with bookmarking ?11:24
ldrsbarcteam,  filezilla can do sftp afaik11:25
jribsbarcteam: why not just use ~/.ssh/config to setup some nice, easy names for your hosts11:25
fmaurofedora_newb: this is a bug in compat-wireless. I have written a tutorial about how to patch it on my blog. http://www.admindojo.com/patching-fixed-channel-mon0-1-in-aircrack-ng-suite/11:25
Stravsbarcteam: and bookmarking11:25
szalstephenthemartyr: my guess is that that falls under 'derivative that is not supported here'11:25
fedora_newbThanks fmaura. :)11:25
ThinkT510stephenthemartyr: if you want to replace it then i'm not sure why you've come to the #ubuntu channel11:25
UbuntuGNULinuxsbarcteam: You can use nautilus11:25
ldrsbarcteam, yes it can do it jsut tested11:26
stephenthemartyri dont know ok uh ubuntu stuidio again11:26
jribsbarcteam: but to answer your question, you can use nautilus or gftp (not sure about bookmarking in gftp but my guess is yes)11:26
stephenthemartyrbecause its not working11:26
stephenthemartyrthe audio part11:26
sbarcteamjrib I want it to be able to remember passwords.11:27
sbarcteamssh config does not (AFAIR) allow passwords.11:27
ldrsbarcteam, filezilla ...11:27
jribsbarcteam: that's what ssh keys are for11:27
sbarcteamand if the passwords are remembered, I prefer it to be done with gnome keyring or some hash.11:27
sbarcteamjrib, for some reason our net admin don't allow ssh keys.11:27
glebihansbarcteam, nautilus will user gnome keyring to save ssh passwords11:29
harshadahttp://dpaste.com/583482/ -- m getting pdftk error kindly advice...11:29
jribsbarcteam: good luck with that then11:30
fmaurofedora_newb: the line offsets do no longer coincide with the ones in my tutorial but it should succeed patching anyhow.11:31
sbarcteamglebihan, I don't see I can group the sftp bookmarks into a folder. can you ?11:31
stephenthemartyrso how can i just reboot with a new ubuntu system?11:31
stephenthemartyrwatevr u call it11:31
sbarcteami.e. to have a folder-like for bookmarks named "dev servers", etc.11:31
ThinkT510!intall | stephenthemartyr11:31
ThinkT510!install | stephenthemartyr11:32
ubottustephenthemartyr: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:32
szalstephenthemartyr: 'reboot' and 'reinstall' are two totally different things11:32
stephenthemartyrnah i am getting such friendly advice from you guys11:32
stephenthemartyri read all night still dont understand11:32
harshadahttp://dpaste.com/583482/ -- m getting pdftk error kindly advice...11:32
szal!repeat | harshada11:33
ubottuharshada: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:33
stephenthemartyrok reinstall and make sure my hard drive isnt ruined11:33
jribsbarcteam: you might check out "sshpass"11:33
fmauroharshada: can you provide the input files as well? this way I can see if it produces the error here as well11:35
murlidharhow can i auto mount partitions using a gui application ?11:35
ThinkT510murlidhar: best to add them to fstab11:36
=== Mud is now known as Guest9175
ThinkT510!fstab | murlidhar11:36
ubottumurlidhar: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions11:36
murlidharThinkT510: isn't there an gui app to do it ?11:36
ThinkT510murlidhar: you can edit fstab with a text editor11:37
ThinkT510murlidhar: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab11:37
murlidharThinkT510: i was expecting a bit more :)11:37
murlidharthnks though11:38
ThinkT510murlidhar: just make sure to know what you are doing by reading the documentation11:38
ThinkT510murlidhar: no worries :)11:38
OerHeksThinkT510, there is a graphical tool to edit fstab, called Pysdm11:38
ThinkT510OerHeks: i don't trust those types of tools11:39
ThinkT510!info pysdm11:40
ubottupysdm (source: pysdm): Graphical Storage Device Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.1-0ubuntu3 (natty), package size 28 kB, installed size 292 kB11:40
OerHeksoh ? oke11:40
ThinkT510OerHeks: thanks for the info though11:40
=== vega is now known as Guest30346
theadminI only trust one way to edit configs, the allmighty Vim.11:44
MrPopinjayI'm trying to make a java directory executable but every time I tick the box and click OK it just goes back to not being ticked. I also tried sudo chmod +x11:44
=== Guest30346 is now known as vega-
MrPopinjayWhat's going on here?11:45
theadminMrPopinjay: Is it on a FAT/NTFS filesystem?11:45
stephenthemartyrhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation thats very thorough but to someone like me its too much and I either dont know what I need nor do I have some things like usb thing11:45
MrPopinjaytheadmin, Uh yes I think it might be. Is that a problem?11:45
theadminMrPopinjay: Yes, it is, NTFS/FAT do not preserve UNIX permissions.11:45
MrPopinjaytheadmin, Ok, thank you! :)11:46
murlidharThinkT510: how good is pysdm you think for automounting partitions ?11:46
ThinkT510murlidhar: never heard of it until today, but i wouldn't trust it11:47
murlidharThinkT510: well its in the official repos.11:47
OerHeksmurlidhar, as good as the values you put into it, you still need a little knowledge of mounting.11:47
ThinkT510murlidhar: i'm more of a nano guy myself, very straightforward11:47
=== bazhang__ is now known as bazhang
G00053this is the first rel stab I've taken at running linux, and things are going great. but i realize that as time goes by. i might be a bit dis-organized , have things in wrong places , have some stuff that could be deleted. any good reads ?11:47
stephenthemartyrooh give him a bunch of links with a snotty attitude thatll bhelp11:48
ThinkT510murlidhar: there is nothing better than knowing what you are doing and an editor to do it in11:48
ThinkT510!attitude | stephenthemartyr11:48
ubottustephenthemartyr: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines11:48
GodFather16как взломать рамблер почтУ?11:48
murlidharThinkT510: :) yes but i don't want to mess my ubuntu setup11:48
Pici!ru | GodFather1611:48
ubottuGodFather16: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:48
stephenthemartyrjust because you know how to do something and others dont does not p[ut u in some position asbove them11:49
stephenthemartyrbut i do appreciate the help11:49
stephenthemartyrand the volunteers much11:49
stephenthemartyri just dont learn well by myself and a bunch of text to read11:50
ThinkT510stephenthemartyr: if people are willing to learn how to do things instead of just following instructions then that is the best help you can give11:50
GodFather16how to hack em@il without brut?11:50
* szal doesn't see stephenthemartyr's problem.. burn CD, pop in CD, install, have fun11:50
theadminGodFather16: That's illegal, we can't support that.11:50
stephenthemartyrsometimes not all the time11:50
bazhangGodFather16, offtopic on this network11:50
bazhangGodFather16, dont ask again11:50
stephenthemartyrim a musician and a pretty damn good one,but i never l;earned computers im 31 and ive only had one of my own for like 2 years11:51
stephenthemartyrand i cant read all that text,its too much11:51
stephenthemartyrhow bout checking my system make sure its not bropke11:51
stephenthemartyrgot a link?11:51
G00053stephenthemartyr: http://www.apple.com11:52
stephenthemartyrim tryin the best i can im not lazy11:52
bazhangG00053, not helpful11:52
ThinkT510stephenthemartyr: like szal said: burn CD, pop in CD, install, have fun11:52
stephenthemartyri dont care make fun,there is always thosw who have and those who dont,ive always been in latter,11:52
dr_williswas there a specific instalation issue?  I dident notice it mentioned.11:52
PiciOn one line please.11:53
dr_willisguess it wasent much of an issue..11:53
Stavaapt-get gives me "1 not fully installed or removed.", which is mysql-server. How can I completely remove mysql-server?11:54
carandraugStava, aptitude purge mysql-server ?11:55
jribStava: you have no knowledge as to why it does this?11:55
Stavajrib, I interrupted the initial installation11:55
jribStava: pastebin what happens when you attempt to remove it11:55
dr_willisStava:   the initial install of the mysql-server package you mean?11:56
Stavajrib, It tries to install mysql-server (from where i stopped it i assume), but then fails11:56
harshadafmauro, sorry i ll just send u d files11:56
Stavadr_willis, yes11:56
jribStava: please pastebin the full output (it's easier to refer to)11:56
fedora_newbfmauro, i followed your guide and still getting 'mon0 is on channel -1, but the AP uses channel 9'11:56
Stavajrib, dr_willis http://pastie.org/230338311:57
fmaurofedora_newb: so the compilation and installation of the modules worked all without errors?11:57
harshadafmauro, did u received d files??11:58
jribStava: pastebin /var/lib/dpkg/info/mysql-server*.postinst11:58
fedora_newbfmauro, that I know of11:58
fmauroharshada: no, you will have to post them somewhere for me to download. My client will not accept dcc11:58
fedora_newbshould i go back through and try again?11:59
harshadafmauro, ok plz suggest me some sites..11:59
mattiaciao a tuti12:00
obert!it > mattia12:00
ubottumattia, please see my private message12:00
pratzmattia: what language is that ??12:00
obertpratz: .it12:01
fmaurofedora_newb: okay , yes I see the problem. it builds the modules for an older kernel. you have to adjust the file scripts/update-initramfs12:01
obertpratz: aka 'hello to all'12:01
fedora_newbHave no idea what you mean, fmauro?12:01
fmaurofedora_newb: find the line: KLIB=/lib/modules/2.6.31-wl/build and replace it with KLIB=/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build12:02
pratzobert: it - italy ??12:02
obertpratz: sure12:02
fmaurofedora_newb: the file is in the compat_wireless folder you extracted, subfolder scripts12:02
pratzobert: you too aka12:02
obertpratz: me too aka??12:02
pratzobert: means hello to you12:02
DistroJockeycan't even say hello here without being redirected it seems12:03
obertpratz: :)12:03
fmauroharshada: mediafire for example12:03
obertpratz: i was translating mattia's phrase :P12:03
fedora_newbfmauro, the line "KLIB=/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build" is already there12:04
fmaurofedora_newb: can I pm you real quick?12:04
Saikhey all. I need some help in setting up apache andmysql, if anyone cn help with that12:05
PiciSaik: What part of the install/setup are you having difficulty with?12:06
icerootSaik: just installing or special configuration-tasks?12:06
harshadafmauro, http://www.mediafire.com/?hlh9828f9aa4f9r12:07
harshadafmauro, http://www.mediafire.com/?5bcwkrpuyp2jdj612:07
harshadapratz, http://www.mediafire.com/?5bcwkrpuyp2jdj612:07
harshadapratz, http://www.mediafire.com/?hlh9828f9aa4f9r12:08
fmauroharshada: got 'em12:08
theadmin!enter | harshada12:08
ubottuharshada: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:08
somethinginteresHi all, I have Japanese language support installed alongside English. Sometimes when I am typing the language swaps to Japanese12:10
pratzfmauro: hey i am harshada's friend , the pdftk is working fine on my machine , but not on her machine12:10
fmauropratz harshada: I get the same error so far.12:10
somethinginteresI am wanting to work out how to change it back. There's no icon anywhere. Thanks12:10
Saikpici, iceroot : I cannot get it to allow a connection from my PC12:10
fmauropratz harshada: so it's not just you harshada12:11
Saikpici, iceroot : someone told me I need to set up listens for  the machine's address is
ldrsomethinginteres, alt+alt or alt+shift lets you switch the layout on most systems12:11
pratzfmauro: harshada seems libgcj.so.1112:12
ldrsomethinginteres, maybe that is what you accendentially doing when you are typing12:12
pratzfmauro: hey how do i check the version of libgcj on my machine ??12:12
icerootSaik: who? mysql or apache?12:12
somethinginteresldr: yeah, it probably is. thanks! I will try that next time it occurs.12:12
icerootSaik: what is the ip of your server, with what ip you are trying to connect?12:12
Saikiceroot: both12:12
Saikiceroot: my server is on a VM, and I'm trying to connect with the host machine12:13
icerootSaik: can you ping the server?12:13
somethinginteresldr: ok just tried it then. It did swap the language to Japanese but the same key combo wouldn't swap it back to English.12:13
Saikiceroot: the Ip on that pc is ; yes, I can works fine12:13
evantonIs it possible to grab the sources of ubuntu one client and build it for further use on another Linux distribution? I'm trying to figure it out by browsing the official site without success12:13
theadminevanton: Unfortunately not, it's only for Ubuntu.12:14
theadminevanton: Try Dropbox.12:14
bazhangtheadmin, thats not correct12:14
icerootSaik: mysql cant connect by default from a remote-machine but apache can12:14
bazhangevanton, try #ubuntuone12:14
evantontheadmin: actually I've just got rid of dropbox and wuala and now I'm looking for alternatives :-)12:14
theadminevanton: Ah.12:14
Crash03can some one tell me how to set my wlan usb adaptor to multicast please12:14
Saikiceroot: apache is refusing it too12:15
theadminevanton: Spideroak?12:15
icerootSaik: apache is up and running? can be reached from the server (lynx, w3m) but can not be reached from the host-system?12:15
nsadminso I have run jockey-gtk (also note the existance of jockey-text) and it installed fglrx... after restartimg the machine, it no longer complained about the hardware not suitable for unity. then, it painted the background screen and... nothing12:15
icerootSaik: apache is running on the ips which can be found in /etc/hosts12:15
evantontheadmin: it's even worse, I know a horror story about spideroak :)12:15
pratzfmauro: any clue dude12:15
Saikiceroot: restate the question please?12:15
ldrsomethinginteres, hmm it should sec12:15
icerootSaik: if i am correct12:15
Saikiceroot: theyare set to
icerootSaik: can you reach the apache-server when sending a request from the server? e.g. with the cli browsers lynx and w3m12:16
nsadmin10* is unroutable address12:16
Saiknsadmin: from lcalhost?12:17
Crash03can any one help me i dont know how to set my wlan to multicast may some one ofer advise please12:17
Saikiceroot: Error 102 (net::ERR_CONECTION_REFUSED): The server refused the connection.  < on my windows PC, which he VM ishosted on12:17
ldrsomethinginteres, okay do the following go to system->preferences->kexyboard12:17
ldrsomethinginteres, Layout Options12:17
icerootnsadmin: why should 10.x.x.x be unroutable in a lan?12:17
harshadafmauro, any idea?12:17
norrohey guys. I try to do debugging of a running process on ubuntu natty using gdb. it always says "ptrace: operation not permitted". I already tried https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Roadmap/KernelHardening#ptrace_Protection but it doesn`t help. Any suggestions what to do?12:17
ldrsomethinginteres, expand group shift lock behavior their you can define your own switch key or i think completly deactivate it12:17
norrothe command I use is gdb --pid={PID}12:18
jane1Pici hi12:18
Saikiceroot: ca you give me a command?12:18
icerootSaik: lynx localhost12:19
icerootSaik: w3m localhost12:19
icerootSaik: nmap -p 80 localhost12:19
fmauroharshada: the thing is, I get a NullPointerException concerning fdfread, yours is in NameFinder. they are not related. I'm gonna grab pdftk from source and see if it works there. are you sure these input parameters are correct?12:19
Saikiceroot: yes12:19
Crash03im new to ubuntu i neew help seting my multicasting on please12:20
somethinginteresldr: OK I am in layout --> Options can't find "shift lock behaviour" group12:20
ldrone sec12:20
somethinginteresldr: no problem12:20
ldrsomethinginteres, Group shift?12:20
nsadminif the server is on the same 10* net as the machine that's contacting it, that should work like any other, and, unless you make special arrangements on the edge device the server won't be available from outside on the wild n wooly net12:20
Saikiceroot: I fell really stupid asking this,but how do I exit w3m?12:20
ldror something i didnt have the same system here actually12:20
icerootSaik: q12:21
Saikiceroot: I don't have nmap installed12:22
Crash03hello may some one help me please12:22
Saikiceroot: is it on the server cd?12:22
icerootSaik: no need. w3m was showing you the apache default site?12:22
ldrsomethinginteres,  what desktop/ubuntu are you using?12:22
icerootSaik: its in the repos12:22
somethinginteresldr: Ubuntu 11.04 Unity 64 bit12:22
=== satellit_afk is now known as satellit_
Saikiceroot: apache was showing me what SHOULD be  (the page that is set to index)12:23
icerootSaik: fine12:23
icerootSaik: can you run "nmap -p 80 server-address" from the hsot-system?12:23
icerootSaik: you can install nmap with "sudo apt-get install nmap"12:23
Saikiceroot: sur, one sec12:23
ldrsomethinginteres, maybe accesibility?12:23
Crash03can any one help me?12:24
PolahCrash03: Perhaps12:24
Saikiceroot: he host is windows12:24
ldrsomethinginteres, got it choose your layout, and then lcik keyboard preferences12:24
icerootSaik: .(12:24
alex--I want LAMP + FTP + Samba + Bittorent + a nice user interface + synchronisation + NAS features + some gameservers + synchronisation between some folders/files + backup-system. What do you suggest then, FreeNAS, Ubuntu or something else?12:24
Crash03polah im trying to set my multicasting for my wlan usb driver installed dev is showing12:24
Saikiceroot: it's a game server, game runs on windows12:25
ldrsomethinginteres, then options and then their is a key to change layout option12:25
icerootSaik: when you access the linux-system from the windows-system, is there something in /var/log/apache2/error.log or /var/log/apache2/access.log?12:25
nsadminalex--: something you're very familiar with12:25
jpdsdnp: The mini.iso is probably not want you want.12:25
Saikiceroot: lemme check12:25
nsadminso that you can do the work necessary to get what you want12:25
somethinginteresldr: hmm I just can't seem to find it. I'll see if I can do a screenshot12:26
alex--nsadmin: none of them12:26
nsadminthen something else12:26
jpdsdnp: Download the server CD: http://gb.releases.ubuntu.com/11.04/ and when it loads press 'F4' and select 'install minimum virtual environment'.12:26
KrisDouglasUbuntu is a good start, freenas is almost entirely just used for sharing files12:26
Saikiceroot: I thinl those logs are stored elsewhere on my server, those are both "new file"12:27
nsadminbut if that's the case and you choose to use one of them, you'll have things to learn and read up on12:27
=== david is now known as Guest12766
go8765432hello. can anybody help me wit znc  ? I have it runing on freeshell, but i can join to it with my client :( help me please12:27
jpdsdnp: The mini.iso will probably install the full desktop environment.12:27
icerootSaik: the server is ubuntu? and you are using apache2?12:27
DynetraxI've got a question about using Lynx (Command line browser) in ubuntu 11.04 server can anyone tell me why when i try to download .rar files it renames them to rar.gz???12:27
somethinginteresldr: found it selected Alt + Shift didn't seem to make a difference, I've exited the app and will try again12:28
=== chaz is now known as chazza
alex--nsadmin: Which things of my list can Ubuntu do?12:28
KrisDouglasDynetrax, Just a theory, but perhaps the server is providing content with gzip compression? I may be completely wrong, but that is a possibility, and lynx isnt detecting this12:28
Crash03you still with me pola12:28
nsadminall of them12:29
KrisDouglasalex--, all of the above really.12:29
nsadminbut so can all of the others12:29
norroHey guys. I try to debug a running process with gdb on ubuntu natty. It keeps telling me "ptrace: operation not permitted". I already tried to remove the kernel ptrace protection (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Roadmap/KernelHardening#ptrace_Protection) but it doesn`t work. Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions.12:29
alex--nsadmin: the others?12:29
DynetraxKrisDouglas, the file is hosted on my ubuntu one account have you heard of any complications with certain filetypes on ubuntu ones free websapce?12:29
Saikiceroot: yes12:30
nsadminall the other operating systems you mentioned can meet most of your requirements; the remainder you haven't specified exactly12:30
Saikiceroot: it came with a "setup.sh"12:30
icerootSaik: wrong way to install software on debian-based systems like ubuntu12:30
iceroot!repo | Saik12:30
ubottuSaik: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories12:30
Saikiceroot: let me look around a littlebit, I have an idea where those logs are12:30
icerootSaik: please dont download software from websites and run install-scripts. always use the repos (with apt-get install)12:31
nsadminthere's not a wrong way... but there are ways he can get support for and ways he can't12:31
babuhow to connect remote database in mysql12:31
go8765432cam anybody help me winth znc &12:31
Saikiceroot: well.. yea.. bit ti was SUPPOSED to be noob-frendly lol12:31
Polahbabu: Do you already have mysql-server set up and running?12:31
icerootSaik: have a look at the links ubottu mentioned12:31
Crash03polah any ideas12:32
PolahCrash03: No, sorry.12:32
Polahbabu: By remote you mean connecting from your computer to a MySQL server running on another system, yes?12:32
Crash03iceroot can you tell me how to set my wlan usb to multicast pls12:32
Saikiceroot: I founda bunch of logs in/opt/apache-tomcat-5.5.28/logs12:32
pratzfmauro: any success dude, even i am trying but no solution yet ??12:33
icerootSaik: you know that tomcat is not apache2?12:33
icerootSaik: what you do want? apache2 or tomcat?12:33
nsadminif you choose to install things yourself, then (a) you get to answer all your own questions about it, and (b) there is a small chance that something you install that way could interfere/overwrite something that ubuntu packaging thinks it owns12:33
=== HarryHaaren is now known as HarryHaaren|lunc
nsadmin(it doesn't own it, you do if you own the machine)12:33
go8765432how i can join my irc-client to my znc that running on freeshell...?12:34
Saikiceroot: I am going to assume tomcat then12:34
icerootSaik: ok12:34
Saikiceroot: I was told it was apache. sorry12:34
th0rCrash03: lose the caps12:34
jpds!caps | Crash0312:34
ubottuCrash03: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.12:34
icerootSaik: but please remove your tomcat installation and use apt-get to install tomcat12:34
icerootSaik: its called "apache tomcat"12:34
icerootSaik: which is different to "apache2 webserver"12:35
Crash03i didnt mean to im 600lbs i have big figers  and lok at keyboard12:35
Saikiceroot: I do not have internet access on that VM, just local stuff12:35
icerootSaik: tomcat is for strange java-things and so on. apache2 is for normal websites with php and so on12:35
nsadminif you're 600lbs you better get some exercise :P12:35
evanton!ban Crash03 trolling :>12:35
TheBig0neneed help about install ubuntu ... but I have some hardware problem12:35
ubottuevanton: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:35
Saikiceroot: this has lots of java things, I've been throgh the dirs12:35
Crash03whats trolling12:35
TheBig0nefirst of all I was tyring to install windows and I have 3 partition disks12:36
icerootSaik: have a look at apache.org about tomcat and apache2 and then make your choose what you need. i guess you dont need tomcat12:36
TheBig0neafter formating of the disks... the formating stop in 100%12:36
TheBig0nethen I restart my pc .. and now 2 of the disks are hidden12:36
fmauropratz: still on it12:36
ThinkT510TheBig0ne: 3 partitions or 3 disks?12:36
TheBig0ne3 disks12:36
Saikiceroot: everything is se up to use tomcat12:36
Crash03fuck you you fat natsy basterds im 75 lbs and im 16 kiss my asss you prick12:37
TheBig0neso now there is only 1 disk with 1500 MB / MBR /12:37
pratzfmauro: does the gcc version matter here ??12:37
TheBig0neIf I want to install Ubuntu.. how I can do it ?12:37
Dynetraxlol wow12:37
ThinkT510!install | TheBig0ne12:37
ubottuTheBig0ne: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate12:37
theadminThat was hilarious just now12:37
Dynetraxthat was interesting12:37
TheBig0neThinkT510 but How I`ll isntall it .. after there is no space for installing ?12:37
raven10.04 + tb7300 digitize tablet: pen freezes every tap. different driver available?12:38
Incarus6Come on, know he doesn't know that he needs a multicast-capable router12:38
fmauropratz: no but the version of the dependant libs12:38
ThinkT510TheBig0ne: you make space by partitioning12:38
ThinkT510!partition | TheBig0ne12:38
ubottuTheBig0ne: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap12:38
Polahbabu: You can install mysql-client and use "mysql -h < host> -u <user> -p" and then enter your password when prompted to connect. However, I'm not sure if that's a secure connection so I'd recommend connecting via SSH and then doing "mysql -u <user> -p" on that machine. Unless someone can confirm whether or not it is secure.12:38
TheBig0neth0r it is impossible .. there no free space for creating a new disk12:38
pratzfmauro: but how can we find what dependecy version is giving the error ??12:38
ThinkT510TheBig0ne: read the link ubottu gave you, you make space by repartitioning12:39
Saikiceroot: and all of those logs are empty12:39
mujunhi all12:40
mujuni have some troubles while using dynagen12:40
mujunwhile starting ,error :errors during loading of the topology file, please correct them12:40
mujunand waring:  Could not connect to dynamips server localhost12:40
mujunhow should i do to solve the problem12:40
TheBig0neThinkT510: this information can`t help me ..12:40
fmauropratz: no idea. I'll just compile it. gimme a sec.12:40
ThinkT510TheBig0ne: why?12:41
TheBig0neI've explained why.. cuz first I was installing windows.. no there no space for installing whatever operation system12:41
TheBig0neand in that information there is only general things which I know12:41
ThinkT510TheBig0ne: i don't think you understand what partitioning is, you need to understand12:42
pratzfmauro: i frist tried compiling with source, but got an error, i can not remember the error now. but then i used apt-get to isntall it and it is running successfully12:42
aetasif he runs out of space he can still use wubi12:42
Incarus6TheBigOne, you can use the remaining free space of the windows partition for a new linux partition12:42
pratzfmauro: might be a different case with your machine12:42
nsadminTheBig0ne, so you can't install linux because you have no space for it?12:42
TheBig0neIncarus6 but you don`t understand me. The only 1 disk which is now it is only with 1600 mb12:42
TheBig0nensadmin I had space before I was trying to reinstall windows12:42
TheBig0nenow 2 of the disks are hidden12:42
fmauropratz: are you running 32 or 64 bit?12:42
TheBig0neonly 1 I can see.. and it isn`t all the space of my hd12:43
pratzfmauro: 32 bit12:43
fmauroharshada: and you? 32 or 64 bit?12:43
harshadafmauro, 32 bit12:43
ldrTheBig0ne, what about unhiding the partitions with parted or something? just a guess without really reading anything12:44
fmauropratz harshada: so am I12:44
Incarus6TheBig0ne, you are in Windows currently and using the windows partition tool, correct?12:44
=== S4nD3r_ is now known as S4nD3r
pratzfmauro: but i have 10.04 and harshada has 11.04  ubuntu12:44
TheBig0neit is correct... so many people told me to move into Ubuntu12:45
bazhangTheBig0ne, you're trying to install ubuntu ?12:45
fmauropratz: 10.04 here, it's still compiling. I'll let you know when it's done12:45
Incarus6TheBigOne, Windows doesn't recognize linux partition - try to open the disk with a software which is more compatible12:45
pratzfmauro: k, dude12:45
icerootSaik: please install tomcat from the repos instead of a setup.sh12:46
Incarus6bazhang, he is. I think he is trying to say that he was running out of space after he tried to install ubuntu and the built-in partiton software in windows doesn't show the linux partitions12:46
Saikiceroot: then I would have to resetup everything, from scratch, which I have NO CLUE how to do12:47
DynetraxThebigone look for a windows program called Ext2Read if you need to access linux partitions from a windows environment12:47
PolahSaik: That's why we're here (:12:48
icerootSaik: and i dont have a clue about the configs which the setup.sh installation is generating12:48
ubuntu_userI have a question about wireless support in Ubuntu.12:48
fmauropratz harshada__: okay the compiled pdftk produces yet another error. http://paste.ubuntu.com/656377/12:48
Incarus6TheBig0ne, have you allready installed ubuntu succesfull one time but you couldn't access it doring reboot?12:49
BluesKajDynetrax, does ext2read actually work ? Never had much luck with it.12:49
Dynetraxalways works for me as long as i run as admin12:49
dr_willisBluesKaj,  ive had those tools work with mixxed success.. and often some data loss..  :)12:50
Dynetraxtheres also Ext2fsd12:50
Saikiceroot: well,  have a idea of where it's being sent12:50
icerootSaik: use a portscanner on windows and try to reach the tomcat port, if that is working, its a tomcat issue, its not its a network-issue12:50
go8765432can anybody help me to join my irc-client to my znc please ?12:50
kruxhe is long gone12:50
pratzfmauro: even i had similar kind of error, but when i tried with apt-get it was successfully installed12:51
icerootgo8765432: #your-irc-client +znc12:51
Saikiceroot: could I juat ping with a port?12:51
icerootSaik: no12:51
fmauroI have both. I have the regular install and the compiled one, the regular install produces a NullPointerException and the compiled one a ClassCastException12:51
BluesKajwell, as admin , of course , but  no problems Dynetrax ...I would add a caveat to that recommendation next time as dr_willis noted.12:51
nsadminping is actually ICMP echo12:52
dr_willisgo8765432,  you run znc and connect to the 'localhost' server at the port you defined in the znc config.12:52
go8765432iceroot, you say that i go to channel of my client or znc - right ?12:52
raven10.04 + tb7300 digitize tablet: pen freezes every tap. different driver available?12:52
fmauropratz: are you using the same files and parameters as I am?12:52
nsadminICMP doesn't have ports12:52
ubuntu_userI need help on getting the Netgear WNA1000 to work in Ubuntu 11.0412:52
icerootgo8765432: correct12:52
Saikiceroot: I know those pots (that I need) work, because this is a diferent variation of the same server I wasrunningearlier12:52
icerootgo8765432: doesnt sound like an ubuntu-issue12:52
pratzfmauro: what do you mean by files and parameters here ??12:52
Saikiceroot: rather.. i's an updated version that hey wanted installed from scratch. (theholenot-upgradabe thing)12:53
icerootSaik: so general you can access the system from "outside"?12:53
Cust0mist jemand da der sich mit dem netzwerk auskennt ?12:53
Pici!de | Cust0m12:53
ubottuCust0m: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!12:53
iceroot!de | Cust0m12:53
dr_willisgo8765432,  the znc docs/faq often tell you how to configure specific clients.12:53
Saikiceroot: I can access the ports inwindes for sure12:53
ubuntu_userI can connect but I cannot download or access any webpages12:53
go8765432iceroot, ok. english not my native and so asked to make shure :)12:54
icerootSaik: ok, then tomcat is not listening on the public-ip12:54
icerootSaik: just on the lo-device as it seems12:54
Saikiceroot: rght, how do I fix that?12:54
Saikthe server.xml?12:54
icerootSaik:  i would suggest to have a look at #tomcat to setup tomcat to listen on eth0 instead of lo12:54
go8765432dr_willis, port that i show in config - whin i skan it - say that is close... so i cant join on this port...12:55
dr_willisgo8765432,  hes saying see the #ZNC channel and/or your IRC clients support channel..  its always a good idea  to check their docs also.12:55
dr_willisgo8765432,  you are connecting to localhost and some port# ?12:55
Saikiceroot: you mea ask in thechannel?12:55
icerootSaik: correct12:55
Saikiceroot: will do12:56
nsadminI'd also suggest reading the tomcat docs12:56
babucan't able to access mysql -h < host> -u <user> -p12:56
dnpjpds: please check #Ubuntu+112:56
jane1what is the ram and proccesor requirments for ubuntu12:56
dnpjpds: i was able to set it with Natty mini.iso........mini.iso cmd line install + xorg + kde in a vm on vista12:57
go8765432dr_willis, not localhost. znc is on freeshell, so i conneck to freshell adress and port from znc config. and i shan on web-port-scanner znc port on free shell adress and it say that port is close...12:57
bazhang!requirements > jane112:57
ubottujane1, please see my private message12:57
dr_willisgo8765432,  then you need touse a port that the firewall is not blocking i guess. I only run znc on my local machine.12:57
evanton!requirements > evanton12:57
ubottuevanton, please see my private message12:57
nsadminI'd say 500mb ram and at least a 68612:57
nsadminthat's more for a server that doesn't have to do display12:58
babucan't able to access mysql -h < host> -u <user> -p12:59
babuwat to do12:59
szalbabu: firstly, produce a meaningful error message12:59
Saikiceroot: I appriciate the help. this server just wants to be annoying to me lol12:59
go8765432dr_willis, how i can do this ?13:00
Polahbabu: What's it giving you as an error?13:00
babuszal, when i typed mysql -h < host> -u <user> -p,it shows the error Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111)13:00
BluesKajdr_willis, what's the purpose of running znc on your local machine ? I thought znc was meant to run as a server for irc clients on a network13:02
Incarus6babu, try --password[=password] instead of -p13:02
go8765432BluesKaj, :) i go the same at first :)13:02
babuIncarus6, same error13:03
=== chazza is now known as lpchaz
kruxznc is a bouncer13:04
go8765432krux, so?13:04
yashi-_anyone here playing heroes of newerth?13:04
BluesKajgo8765432, is this for workstations ?13:05
fmauropratz: the files are those from mediafire right? what exactly are you typing in terminal to run pdftk13:05
kruxso he googles it up.. and find out what znc is and does...13:05
go8765432BluesKaj, freeshell :)13:05
go8765432BluesKaj, if i right udertand your question.... O_O13:06
Incarus6babu, seems to be a mysql server configuration issue (error code 111)13:07
dr_willisSilly IRC hung up on me.13:07
yashi-_anyone here using heroes of newerth with linux?13:08
babuIncarus6, but when i logonto remote sys using ssh, i can able to access,13:08
dr_willisyashi-_,  just saw it mentioned at --->>    DotA Clone ‘Heroes of Newerth’ Now Free To Play  http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/?p=1824213:09
go8765432BluesKaj, i asked right on your question ?13:09
evantonbabu: your mysql daemon may be listening only locally13:09
babuevanton, how to change it13:10
evantonsee how it's launched13:10
allu2anyone need help?13:10
BluesKajgo8765432, your answer is understood13:10
icerootSaik: :)13:10
=== raven is now known as Guest54402
aminehi all13:11
evantonbabu: the behavior of a daemon is controlled by boot scripts that launch it at startup and by its own config files13:11
go8765432BluesKaj, so whot i need to do now ?13:11
Tipp_hello. I got a intel gma945 chipset in my machine, but its clock is only 33Mhz. how can I increase it?13:12
=== lazlo is now known as cownose
cownoseok there it is13:12
BluesKajgo8765432, I have an idea how freeshell works , thanks13:13
aminewaw nerds here13:13
=== Guest54402 is now known as _raven
aminei'm a new user waht's the best documentation of ubuntu13:14
yashi-_anyone here using heroes of newerth with linux? ive got a scroll problem :/13:14
cownosei need someone who experiments with wifi mesh13:14
bazhang!manual > amine13:14
ubottuamine, please see my private message13:14
go8765432BluesKaj, thanks. try to asked in znc channel :)13:14
bazhang!wiki | amine13:14
ubottuamine: http://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.13:14
Incarus6dr_willis, nice, an 500mb sh file13:15
_raven10.04 + tb7300 digitize tablet: pen freezes every tap. different driver available?13:15
Saikiceroot: check your pms13:15
icerootSaik: blocked for freenode13:15
evantonamine: would you accept an excentric answer to your question?13:16
Saikiceroot: figures.. lol13:16
Saikiceroot: notice work? lol13:16
hx_Hello, I've got an Asus P53E and I installed Ubuntu 11.04, the problem i have is that my touchpad is recognized as a "PS/2 Logitech Wheel Mouse" and therefore the multitouch functionality doesn't work. I found out that this is could be a bug in the Kernel, so I installed the newest one (3.0 rc7) but still the problem is the same.. Is there a patch for this issue?13:16
WarOpHaving problem with Ubuntu 10.10, I have 10.10 & 8.10 Installed on one machine, the 8.10 system runs fine for days with no problems, 10.10 seems to freeze if left on overnight, but doesnt do it all the time, 10.10 has more services running like ssh server and things like that. so would it just be that with my old computer system then it's freezing, or is there a bug in 10.10 that needs a update13:17
dr_willisIncarus6,  rather small for a game these days,,13:17
Incarus6dr_willis, yeah, because most games includes textures, music and things like that, but it is just one SH file :D13:18
somethinginteresis there something I can do to make swapping to a second instance or open window of a program easier? ATM on 11.04 Unity I have to click the icon and be present with an expose style overview of my workspaces/windows and select the one I'm after. Any way to make this more fluid?13:18
yashi-_anyone here using heroes of newerth with linux? ive got a scrolling problem :/13:18
cownoseHON kewl13:19
=== hacked is now known as vinces
bazhangcownose, stop that13:19
qinIncarus6: head -n 200 your_bigge_sh file, also file file.sh may help13:19
WarOpSo has anyone else had a problem with 10.10 freezing, or having screen go black and not being able to recover from it13:20
Incarus6qin, ehm, thank you. Download finished in 30 minutes ;)13:20
dr_willisyashi-_,  perhaps check their support forums and stuff?13:21
qinIncarus6: So run read, since it do not have impact on file or download.13:21
=== himcesjf2 is now known as himcesjf
Mario_Blatteroh hi its first tim for me using IRC.13:25
yashi-_dr_willis: ya im trying to get an answer from them too ofc. but not much luck so far :/.I thought a few hon player are running around here13:25
Incarus6qin, seems to be some kind of binary file after line 19. It would be pointless to paste 400 lines of ""13:25
wolsMario_Blatter: my condolences. do you have a ubuntu related problem?13:26
Mario_Blattersry no. I looking for a physic channal. I was on #physic. but nobody talked to me then I tryed here to ask some questions about IRC or is There a special channel for it?13:28
bazhangMario_Blatter, #freenode13:28
evantonMario_Blatter: probably you may try #help13:28
evantonif you use a free IRC client and have questions about the client, it may have its own channel here on freenode13:29
Pici~/wii Mario_Blatter13:29
dr_willisMario_Blatter,  theres always -->  http://physics.stackexchange.com/13:29
ghostnik11hi, does anyone else have a problem with opening docx files in libre office and seeing some of the paragraphs discombobulated13:30
Saikiceroot: and it'squite as a curchmouse in there lol13:30
ghostnik11or is it just me13:30
share20gb for full encrypted ubuntu is enough?13:30
ThinkT510ghostnik11: i wouldn't be suprised, docx is a closed standard13:30
wols!alis | Mario_Blatter13:31
ubottuMario_Blatter: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*13:31
Mario_Blatterah ok thank you. then bb13:31
ThinkT510share: sure, thats plenty, unless you plan on installing big things like a few vms13:31
shareoh yea ThinkT510 i forgot about that13:31
shareim thinking of 250mb for uncrypted boot, 8gb root, left for home13:32
ThinkT510sounds fine to me13:32
shareand dunno about swap.. i have 4gb13:32
sharewhat should I use13:33
sharei dont use hibernate13:33
pratzfmauro: hey dude are you there ?? really sorry was away from my desk13:33
ThinkT510if you want to be able to hibernate/suspend it is recommended to have about 1.5 times size of ram13:33
evantonshare: 8 GB root may be not enough if you install some big packages13:33
evantonsome IDEs are reasonably big, some games as well13:34
evantonalso big databases like dictionaries etc13:34
ghostnik11thinkt510: are you serious? thats some load of bull**** stupid *** microcrap is pulling, I am trying to use libre office which opens up the docx file but its discombobulated and paragraphs don't look like paragraphs should as there are spacing and line errors, and its b/c micro crap file format of docx isn't complying13:34
wolsshare: then I'd skip swap altogether. if you really need swap once in a while you can create a swapfile on the fly13:34
shareevanton: im using 5gb right now13:34
WarOpDoes anyone know how to edit /etc/apt/source.list to where it will ignore gpg key13:35
WarOpI found it once but cant remember how to do it13:35
sharewols: what happens if I exceed 4gb of ram and dont have swap13:35
ThinkT510ghostnik11: calm down, docx is incredibly difficult to implement, even microsoft isn't in compliance with it13:36
ThinkT510ghostnik11: if you can, stick to better document formats13:36
shareevanton: no, I dont use that stuff only small programs and stuff13:36
yashi-_anyone here using heroes of newerth with linux? ive got a scrolling issue13:36
fmauropratz: I am here.13:36
sipiorwols: you want swap to hold unallocated memory reservations, else you will be wasting ram. sparing €0.10/GB hard drive space for €20/GB RAM is a false economy, to put it mildly.13:37
sharesipior: im gonna use 1gb for swap13:37
sw0rdfishhey is there a way to limit directories to certain sizes?13:37
Incarus6yashi-_, wait 10 minutes ;)13:37
sw0rdfishlike /home/sw0rdfish and /home/user2 EACH to be limit say to 100GB?13:38
dr_willisIncarus6,  it wouldent run for me on 11.10 :() heh.13:38
wolssipior: what is unallocated memory reservations? I know allocated and I know committed13:38
dr_willisbut its my bed time. Night all.13:38
evantonsw0rdfish: I know an ugly hack, but I wouldn't dare to seriously suggest it. filesystem inside a file container of given size, mount to certain directory13:39
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
wolsshare: OOM killer (out of memory killer) hits. basically the process trying to allocate more memory gets forcibly terminated13:39
sipiorwols: memory allocations made by processes at initialisation. the reservation is typically quite a bit larger than what the process expects to allocate, and so you get sections of RAM which can't be recycled (they are still reserved), but aren't being used by the process that requested them.13:40
sw0rdfishhmmmm I see, its a openvz ubuntu 10.04 VPS....don't think it might work13:40
sharewols: i'll just use 1gb just in case13:40
=== HarryHaaren|lunc is now known as HarryHaaren
sipiorwols: linux memory allocation is fairly aggressive :-)13:40
wolssipior: makes no sense. there is no need to put anything on disk (which means writing which is slow) when a page is not dirty13:41
pratzfmauro: do you know python ??13:41
wolssipior: and if you don't put it on disk then there is no need for the swap13:41
ghostnik11thinkt510: its not me, its a bunch of text files someone sent me for studying tips and practice exams for a exam i will be taking in september and i am just appalled that microsoft docx file standard is the reason why the text files come up the way they do, from what you say its not libre office's fault its microsofts fault, so libre office does its job and microsoft doesn't b/c they want to be difficult13:41
sipiorwols: if you have swap, those reservations are swapped directly. there's no performance hit, because nothing is actually being written to disk. the reservations do need to exist.13:41
sharehow much space for boot?13:41
evantonsw0rdfish: basically, having hard limits like that gives you white hair as soon as you hit the limit. An alternative is just to watch for data growth, set some notification triggers so you could deal with the problem when it appears13:41
pratzfmauro: this is what i do in my code http://paste.ubuntu.com/656396/13:42
wolssipior: basically, if I malloc 2GB then the kernel should do some bookeeping but shouldn't give me a single byte. only when I calloc 2GB (or otherwise wirte to my allocated pages), only then it should matter for the VM and swap13:42
sw0rdfishevanton, yeah a notification trigger sounds good13:42
hendrickjosephQuelqun parle francais ici ?13:42
share250mb for boot is enough?13:42
sw0rdfishhendrickjoseph, there probably is #ubuntu-fr (just guessing)13:43
shareuses a lot less13:43
ThinkT510ghostnik11: that way microsoft can "persuade" you to use a "proper" office suite that costs a lot, but this is getting offtopic13:43
Pici!fr | hendrickjoseph13:43
ubottuhendrickjoseph: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:43
evantonsw0rdfish: if you manage hundreds of servers, prepare yourself to get tons of notifications. that's not good as well :-)13:43
ThinkT510ghostnik11: you can always try looking for a libreoffice channel13:43
sw0rdfishevanton, I'm actually just trying to share my own vps with a friend13:43
share"If you are tight on disk space, you can go as low as 50 BM, but keep in mind that disk usage on /boot will grow with each upgrade." distro upgrade?13:43
sw0rdfishnothing else13:43
lardmanHi, I've just upgraded to Natty and seem to have some sort of Multi-arch dependency loop, any suggestions?: http://pastebin.com/P5bv0xdX13:44
evantonsw0rdfish: a RL friend? do you have physical access to your friend?13:44
fmauropratz: yes I got it. but are we using the same files?. harshada__ provided some over mediafire . and i get exceptions using your syntax13:44
sw0rdfishevanton, lol, no does that matter? ....online friend13:45
evantonsw0rdfish: it matters just like physical access to computers matter a lot, as in "watch for the size yourself, if you hit the quota, I'll beat you with the n00b stick"13:46
Incarus6lardman, remove scratchbox-libs:i386 1.0.1613:46
sharewhy do I need 200mb for /boot  if it only uses 21mb13:46
sw0rdfishevanton, hahaha....yeah nice one13:46
lardmanIncarus6: how does one do that though?13:46
sw0rdfishoh well its not that much of a big deal13:46
evantonsw0rdfish: see, you're trying to find a technical solution for a purely social issue :D13:46
szalshare: why do you need a separate /boot partition anyway?13:47
Incarus6lardman, wait, it said it isn't installed. Have you tried to use the --force-all option together with dpkg -i?13:47
lardmanIncarus6: I can certainly give that a go13:48
Incarus6lardman, the files /var/cache/apt/archives/scratchbox-libs_1.0.26_amd64.deb and /var/cache/apt/archives/scratchbox-core_1.0.26_amd64.deb13:48
shareszal: because ill use encryption13:48
ghostnik11ThinkT510: I already tried libre office channel, it was only me and channelserv there and went to #documentfoundation in freenode as i am there right now and voiced my question to see if there is a way to fix the issue, and also did two image bins and put in there channel but got no replys from searching on google just now it seems the problem is on microsoft end like you said so I will either have to just go into each file13:49
ghostnik11individually and edit them to make paragraphs look proper or use google docs view from my gmail, which i didn't want to do.  But i don't get it if it shows up in google docs view properly why doesn't it show up in libre office properly13:49
lardmanIncarus6: still no luck: http://pastebin.com/Vf7WCbK313:49
ghostnik11here is an example how the paragraph structure comes up in a preview in google docs: http://imagebin.org/16591713:49
ghostnik11here is an example of how the same paragraph that i showed in the above image looks while in libre office: http://imagebin.org/16592213:50
yashi-_Incarus6: ? waiting for what?13:50
silverarrowdoes anyone know if lubuntu can get messed up with time, like having multiple browsers, using transmission file share, installing software, ...13:50
ThinkT510ghostnik11: hopefully you can persuade the person who gave you the files to use a different format in the future13:51
Incarus6yashi-_, until the download has finished13:52
silverarrowmy computer have become a bit slow at responding on some online links, and have a tendency towards freezing13:52
silverarrowany idea what it might be?13:52
silverarrowI am Lyn Gordon really13:52
szalghostnik11: fwiw, you haven't been in #libreoffice13:53
Incarus6yashi-_, can't get it running, sry. some kind of gtk error13:53
silverarrowI am Flash Gordon really13:53
share!ot | silverarrow13:53
ubottusilverarrow: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:53
szalghostnik11: and that MS XML support leaves a lot to be desired is known, just avoid the format if you can13:53
silverarrowlibre office can mess up the system?13:53
silverarrowI have libre office13:54
evantonsilverarrow: from my experience slow response to online links usually means slow DNS servers (unless you have hardware issues)13:54
* lardman wonders if his problem is the same as Launchpad bug #76924113:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 769241 in brother-lpr-drivers-laser (Ubuntu) "package brother-lpr-drivers-laser 2.0.1-3-0ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/brprintconfiglpr2', which is also in package brdcp7040lpr:i386 2.0.2-1 (dup-of: 425172)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76924113:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 425172 in brother-lpr-drivers-laser (Ubuntu) "Add support of new printers" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42517213:54
ghostnik11thinkt510: don't think thats going to happen as its a medical doctor and a teacher who works at a university in the city, and the fact that he is using docx means thats the university standard, i guess.  plus don't think its proper if i tell someone helping me that he needs to change, don't think i am at same level to tell him that, szal yeah i am in #documentfoundation and i asked the question and when to #libreoffice and i13:54
ghostnik11t was just me and channelserv and seen no one else must have been empathy problem then, will go back into room and see if people appear and ask question13:54
silverarrowevanton, no it is the computer I think because the troulbe is only some links, and it's like computer fails not notice this is acutally a link13:55
sw0rdfishevanton, the thing you suggest first had to do with quotas? right13:56
evantonsw0rdfish: the filesystem inside the container?13:56
sw0rdfisherm yes13:56
ThinkT510ghostnik11: shouldn't they give you a stufent license for ms office? (not that thats a perminant solution)13:56
ghostnik11szal: okay now people appear in my window that shows people in empathy are in #libreoffice13:57
sipiorwols: sorry, had to see a man about a dog. here's a link which may be of interest: http://www.linux.com/news/software/applications/8208-all-about-linux-swap-space (the comment by "Tony" is of particular relevance).13:57
Ssnthe flashplugin from software center (65.3 MB to download, 213 MB when installed), is it the same from adobe's site(Adobe Flash Player version Linux | 3.83 MB)?13:57
evantonsw0rdfish: actually, it's a way to avoid fiddling with quotas. You create a file of given size, fill it with zeros using dd, create a filesystem inside that file, using it as container, then mount that one to a given directory13:57
silverarrowso I should't worry too much about weird unresponsiveness?13:59
Incarus6Ssn, http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/flashplugin-installer13:59
FrEaKmAn_how to use grep for top command list to filter by user and by command?14:00
ghostnik11thinkt510: its not the university i went to as an undergrad, i actually graduated undergrad but am trying to pursue professional schooling, but i had a copy of microsoft office when a long time ago i was blinded like everyone else around me who only knows microsoft, but was awakened when a friend showed me ubuntu, i have never looked back as i have seen the truth and refuse to use microsoft products as it is not beneficial t14:00
ghostnik11o collectivity  humanity14:00
maiconpHello everyone14:00
sw0rdfishwhats the command to check dir size again14:01
maiconpI'm problem with my nautilus and xserver14:01
wolssipior: while I agree with the unpredictability of what gets killed by OOM, I don't follow his other argument: as he says: there is no real I/O taking place. hence I don't need it since it's not actually used. except in the (rare) happening of the overcommit which is actually needed14:01
evantonghostnik11: if you need the data read-only, those office apps can print to pdf14:01
sw0rdfishdu -h?14:01
SsnIncarus6, thanks, so that will take 213mb when it's all installed right?14:01
wolssipior: ie I don#t have any negative results unless OOM actually hits14:01
Picisw0rdfish: du -hs14:01
evantonsw0rdfish: simplest one is du, I also like ncdu14:01
Incarus6Ssn, normally not. Paste?14:02
ThinkT510ghostnik11: i see, still you could ask for the documents in an alternative format (i think somebody just suggested pdf)14:02
sw0rdfishthanks Pici & evanton14:02
wolssipior: the memory which is allocated and not used internally isn't simply kept free "in case I need it", it's still used as cache normally. as I said: all internal bookkeeping14:02
maiconpwhen I run nautilus smb://my_IP_Server appear an messange about haven't been connected14:03
sipiorwols: his (the commenter's) point is that the VM subsystem *must* guarantee that the space exists, whether or not that's a good idea. writing those allocations to swap keeps them from wasting your ram. they can't be used for cache, because they are still tied up by the process that reserved them.14:03
SsnIncarus6, well that's what the software center and synaptic told me...14:04
yashi-_Incarus6: aww 2bad..thx for trying :(14:04
maiconpwhy I don't use my nautilus ?14:05
Incarus6Ssn, maybe because of some dependencies, but usually it would take 184 kB installed14:05
helpneededhey, i have a problem getting opengl to work with kubuntu, anyone can help me? I am using an ati hd4850 matrix card14:05
maiconpwhy can't use my nautilus14:05
ghostnik11thinkt510: i will try and hopefully the doctor won't get mad or anything but the thing with pdf is that its can't be edited so easy, but when it comes to presenting research papers I know pdf is the preferred standard b/c thats what I had to use when I was conducting research for summer internships14:05
Incarus6Ssn, try "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer". This command usually returns how much space something will take14:06
UbuntuGNULinuxDoes anyone know whether Gnome Shell will be available on the default CD for Ubuntu 11.10?14:06
mneptokghostnik11: actually, in the hard sciences, TeX is the preferred markup for research papers.14:06
wolssipior: no. allocation is never commit. linux _always_ overcommits cause it's the sensible thing to do. with swap, the overcommit just happens later, that is all. but performance wise there is no difference. The kernel doesn't have to guarantee anything. if it would guarantee, there would be no OOM killer needed. but it's obviously there14:06
ThinkT510ghostnik11: he should at the very least be able to give the same doc to you in the older .doc format14:06
ldrUbuntuGNULinux GNOME Shell is now available in the official Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot repositories, along with most of the GNOME 3 applications (Gedit 3, Nautilus 3 Evolution and so on; some of them are available for quite some time - like Nautilus, while some were uploaded recently - like Gedit or Evolution)14:07
UbuntuGNULinuxldr: Will it be on the default live CD?14:07
evantonsw0rdfish: you can watch a directory size by monitoring write access to it with incron14:07
ThinkT510!11.10 | UbuntuGNULinux14:07
ubottuUbuntuGNULinux: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+114:07
SsnIncarus6, yes, I've tried it before, it'll download 66mb  worth of file, but after all installation is done, software center will say it takes only a couple hundred kb, that's why I feel weird14:07
UbuntuGNULinuxThinkT510: That doesn't help in the slightest...14:08
ldrUbuntuGNULinux i think their will be at least 2 live cds one will have it14:08
Incarus6Ssn, are you using a special mirror server for packages?14:08
VervaHi can I get help in this IRC or is there a dedicated help IRC?14:08
PiciUbuntuGNULinux: Best to ask in #ubuntu+114:08
UbuntuGNULinuxldr: Thanks14:08
PiciSsn: Because its not a normal package, as the post-isntall script downloads a separate file from adobe's website.14:08
ThinkT510UbuntuGNULinux: the factoid is telling you to discuss it in #ubuntu+114:08
wolssipior: the only stuff you could put into swap is the binaries' "dead ends". code that is never ever used or data that is never accessed. you can swap that out and make room for more useful cache. that's about it. but with big memory sizes, this is not really needed anymore since the amount is so small. at least in linux where we have proper systemwide shared libs, unlike windows...14:08
PiciVerva: This channel is for Ubuntu support. If you're just looking for a general support channel #freenode can help you find it.14:09
UbuntuGNULinuxThinkT510: I disagree14:09
wolssipior: and for the kernel to actually do that you ahve to do that andrew morton thing and set swappiness to 100%14:09
Ssnno, just a brand new install 11.04, should i paste the whole detail from synaptic?14:09
maiconpwhen I run nautilus smb://ip_server is appear a messenge error: the naultiulus can't handle smb14:09
maiconpsomeone help me?14:10
ghostnik11mneptok, okay thats for letting me know, if i decide to do any personal research on my own then i will use Tex, but don't understand why professors, doctors and other individuals don't just use odt or simple open source when it comes to there works, feel they can just tell student download libre office for free and use that, making everything one standard across all disciplinary, thinkt510: yeah i figured he and a lot of oth14:10
ghostnik11ers still used .doc as standard, as thats what i use when i have to send some one a text, i use .doc and not docx14:10
sipiorwols: yes, i said that badly. the kernel makes no guarantees, and so having plentiful swap space is a way of ensuring *reliability* in the face of an unpredictable environment. that's why we need swap.14:10
cdavisAnyone have a spotify invite?14:10
szalUbuntuGNULinux: as long as Oneiric isn't released, all discussion related to it goes in #ubuntu+1.  Period.14:10
Picimaiconp: I think that method of connecting to servers i deprecated.  Use the Bookmarks or Places menu to connect to a server.14:10
Pici!ot | cdavis14:10
ubottucdavis: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:10
sipiorwols: and as i said earlier, trading off cheap hard drive space for expansive ram is not very clever.14:10
SsnPici, so that still means flash will take 200+mb anyway right?14:11
wolssipior: I wouldn't say "need" :P  but these are the differences in approach I guess :)14:11
PiciSsn: 200+mb seems exceptionally big.14:11
UbuntuGNULinuxszal: That's not my experience, we'll have to agree to disagree14:11
maiconpwhere is the  bookmarks?14:11
maiconpor conection menu?14:12
Incarus6UbuntuGNULinux, Unity is the default desktop of Ubuntu. The next Ubuntu release will not ship gnome, I think Gubuntu will.14:12
SsnPici, that's why i feel weird, but I've tried twice before, it did download 60mb worth of something at least14:12
wolssipior: it all depends on workload. having seen how my systems never used swap, I just got pissed at all the wasted space and eliminated it. only times I had OOM killer hit was when e.g. my apache (or mysql) had some runaway memory leak. never in normal operation14:12
PiciSsn: I have a fast connection, so it is possible it downloaded something larger than what I thought.14:12
wolssipior: if I did more java dev for example I might have kept swap around. those java IDEs are just hogs for memory14:13
ghostnik11mneptok: meant to say thanks not thats, sorry about that14:14
Ssnia32-libs (version 20090808ubuntu13) will be installed14:14
Ssnlib32asound2 (version will be installed14:14
Ssnlib32bz2-1.0 (version 1.0.5-6ubuntu1) will be installed14:14
Ssnlib32gcc1 (version 1:4.5.2-8ubuntu4) will be installed14:14
Ssnlib32ncurses5 (version 5.7+20101128-1) will be installed14:14
Ssnlib32ncursesw5 (version 5.7+20101128-1) will be installed14:14
Ssnlib32stdc++6 (version 4.5.2-8ubuntu4) will be installed14:14
Ssnlib32v4l-0 (version 0.8.3-1) will be installed14:14
FloodBot1Ssn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:14
sipiorwols: i certainly won't argue there.14:14
ThinkT510ghostnik11: no worries :)14:14
PiciSsn: Then it depends on a number of things that you didn't have installed yet, that is normal.14:14
Ssnsorry , I didn't know how to paste, it says "please don't flood"14:15
lardmando the multi-arch changes mask some packages in the package db?14:15
ThinkT510!paste | ssn14:15
ubottussn: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:15
PiciSsn: "use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste"14:16
Ssnhere is what synaptic says http://paste.ubuntu.com/656411/14:16
Incarus6Ssn, as Pici said, it is not unusual in your case. I suppose you are running 64bit14:16
VervaI'm trying to set up a server for minecraft and I'm trying to get an init script set up. I've got it in init.d and rc.d has been updated. the next thing i need to do is mound a ramdisk. I have no idea how to do this.14:17
stevethepirateLol, my mysql root password is borked. I can't rest it using the traditional "--skip-grant-tables --skip-networking &", or by dpk-reconfiguring mysql-server5.014:17
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.14:18
lardmantalking of the wonders of 64bit, I installed a 32bit package before upgrading to Natty, now I'm trying to install a newer 64bit version, and apt-get remove doesn't recognise the 32bit package as installed, but apt-get install complains that it is installed. Any ideas?14:18
Ssnoh, right, so it's the 32bit dependency that's taking up all the space, thanks all14:18
Ssnone more thing, flash does have a 64bit beta version now, will that one be better for a 64bit system or I just shouldn't bother14:20
b0otI am trying to figure out what is the best way to capture my current running system so that I can quickly install it on computers of very similar or identical hardware. I have things like custom drivers that I have installed and my current method is a really long bash script.14:21
b0otAny suggestions?14:21
ikoniab0ot: from from a cdrom, take a dd block by block image of the disk, restore that image to other systems if the hardware is the same14:21
markamberwhat would be the ubuntu channel for making a package, or can someone just pm me here, I have quite a few questions14:21
markamberwell, maybe like 414:21
ikoniamarkamber: #ubuntu-packaging14:22
markamberikonia:  no kidding, thanks14:22
GirlyGirlb0ot: Or install ubiquity on the working system and use it to install to the hdd of other systems14:22
VervaSo can anyone here help me mount a ramdisk?14:22
Saikiceroot: ya still payn attention?14:23
b0otikonia, dd has tons of issues with it, mainly when you try to put it on multiple drives the UIDS get messed up... and my comps don't have cdrom14:23
briannonGood morning14:23
stevethepirateHi I need help resetting my MySQL password. I can't reset it using the traditional "--skip-grant-tables --skip-networking &", or by a dpk-reconfigure mysql-server5.114:23
ikoniab0ot the uuid's will be identical if your disk is identical as you suggested in the question14:23
ikoniastevethepirate: try #mysql for the grant table approach14:23
b0otikonia, sorry I want to take my current system and be able to "install" it on other computers14:24
stevethepirateI've tried both ikonia14:24
b0otwith very similar or identical hardware14:24
Guest18495Hello ppl14:24
dcgb0ot: there is a package called (from memory) partimage that should be able to do what you want. it is filesystem aware and handles empty space and sparse files correctly14:24
ikoniab0ot: yes, and dd will allow that14:24
Guest18495Can any body help me14:24
ikoniab0ot: failing that you'll have to look at making kickstart profiles, but that will be a profile driven build rather than a replica14:24
Guest18495Install mac on14:24
Guest18495My system14:25
Guest18495Hii irraya14:25
Incarus6!ubuntu | Guest1849514:25
b0otikonia, I have used dd before and it just causes issues when using it for anything other than a backup of that exact drive14:25
ubottuGuest18495: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com14:25
ikoniaGuest18495: you can only install mac OS on apple hardware, please see ##macosx14:25
ikoniab0ot: no it doesn't I've just pushed out a desktop to 10 idencial desktops last week14:25
lardmanfwiw, one needs to tack :i386 onto the end of the package names that are apparently installed when you try to install something else, and not installed when you try to remove them14:25
ikonia!packaging > markamber14:26
ubottumarkamber, please see my private message14:26
Guest18495No ikonia14:26
GirlyGirlb0ot: See my pm14:26
Guest18495I wanna do something of hackintosh types14:26
ikoniaGuest18495: that is not something we support here14:26
markamberthanks ikonia14:26
UbuntuGNULinuxGuest18495: sudo apt-get install hackintosh14:26
b0otikonia, that works assuming you only have one copy on your system14:27
ThinkT510Guest18495: you are in the wrong channel then14:27
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
ikoniab0ot: if you have special requirements, please statement, as it's hard to give suggestions if you change the goalposts14:28
Incarus6ikonia, Mac OS is running on intel hardware since 10.4.4. We just don't support it here14:28
dcgGirlyGirl: how about sharing here, I for one am always interested in new was to do things like this14:28
ikoniaIncarus6: no - it is licensed to apple hardware only,14:28
Guest18495Incarus6: can u help me install mac on my intel machine14:28
dcgb0ot: did you see my suggestion of partimage?14:28
Incarus6!ubuntu | Guest184914:28
ubottuGuest1849: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com14:28
GirlyGirldcg: Sorry14:29
ikoniaGuest18495: do not ask again , it is not something we discuss in this channel14:29
norroI don`t wanna spam, so I ask just one more time (sorry): I try to debug a running process with gdb on ubuntu natty. It keeps telling me "ptrace: operation not permitted". I already tried to remove the kernel ptrace protection (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Roadmap/KernelHardening#ptrace_Protection) but it doesn`t work. Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions.14:29
anadonI updated 11.10, and the system hangs after it checks the battery state (says its ok).  I cannot access GRUB either to use a different kernel.  SUggestions how to fix?  Do I need to report this?14:29
anadonubuntu+1 is dead-ish14:29
ikoniaanadon: thats where support is, sorry14:29
b0otdcg, checking it out now. How does something like partimage or fsarchiver work with drivers that you have installed? Would I be able to make a backup of hardware A and drop that on hardware B if A and B had the same or very similar components?14:30
GirlyGirlGuest18495: Refer to apple support, assuming your "intel machine" is an intel mac14:30
Incarus6norro, this issue seems to be related with permissions, "sudo chmod +s /usr/bin/gdb" could fix it14:30
tonussi#join automata14:31
m1d4si have a dual boot system (Zenwalk && Windows7) and i want to change my linux distro to xubuntu will ubuntu installation handle a simple switch ? i mean , don`t want to loose all of my data at zenwalk14:31
w00hi, is there a SAFE way of re-installing an Ubuntu 11.04 machine?14:31
ikoniam1d4s: if your data is seperate to teh zenwalk install, sure14:31
abhinav_singhthere is a game called solo sudoku in ubuntu software center..how to get source code of it? i searched in net but no real success14:31
log_nullits just me or someone else had troubles with init.d scripts in ubuntu?14:32
xanguaabhinav_singh: enabled the source repository¿14:32
dcgb0ot: it will depend on the exact hardware issues, but in general ubuntu (well linux actually) can handle significant hardware variation WITHOUT any issues these days.14:32
ThinkT510!upstart | log_null14:32
ubottulog_null: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/14:32
norroIncarus6: I`ll try. Thanks for the hint14:32
abhinav_singhhow xangua ...i dnt know it how do i get the source code14:32
xanguaabhinav_singh: software centre-edit-sources14:33
Incarus6w00, define safe. I prefer the command "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a". This will reconfigure all packages but use it cautious14:33
rumpe1abhinav_singh, terminal: "apt-get source gnome-sudoku"  *guessing*14:33
b0otdcg alright i'm going to start with fsarchiver and partimage and see how that works14:33
xangua!source | abhinav_singh14:33
ubottuabhinav_singh: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html14:33
m1d4sikonia: what about data (pic, codes, movies) at a specific location for example /user/m1d4s14:34
m1d4swill it stay ?14:34
dcgb0ot: no problem. partimage should do everything you need. I have used it many times in the past.14:34
ikoniam1d4s: if that is on a seperate partition as the OS, no problem14:34
Saikiceroot: ya there?14:34
dcgb0ot: just remember that it literally is cloneing the harddrive, so any "sensitive" data eg: "stored passwords" will be cloned too.14:35
b0otdcg thanks14:35
m1d4sikonia: its on the same partition don`t have it separately, thats what i`m asking about will it format the partition or just change all of system data and leave my personal data14:36
norroIncarus6: unfortunately that didn`t help. but thanks anyway14:36
ikoniam1d4s: back it up then14:36
dcgb0ot: one other thing. I would make sure that fstab uses UUID's instead of "/dev/sda" type references as different machines *may* assign drives differently14:36
m1d4sikonia: to much work and don`t have space14:36
Incarus6norro, try as root "echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope"14:36
ikoniam1d4s: then you can't do anything about it14:36
w00Incarus6, yeah my bad, forgot to mention it's remote so safe would mean not to get left out, beside the usual "don't hose my system" :)14:37
m1d4sikonia: if it would be the same os then the files would stay ?14:37
ikoniam1d4s: no, as the file system would still get formatted14:38
mmcjihowdee, got a weird issue.  i am connecting a external usb drive to backup a few files.  It is not showing the correct amount of space with df -h.  On my ubuntu laptop it is showing 110 of available space. On a windows laptop it shows the same thing, but on the linux server it is showing only 4.2GB of available space.  Is there a better command I should be using.  The external usb storage I am attaching is formated in fat32.14:38
norroIncarus6: I already tried, even setting this permanently (in the according conf file). sadly enough this doesn`t have any effect14:38
dcgm1d4s: in this day and age, a 2Terrabyt drive can be purchased for arround $100 australian. so really lack of space should only be an issue for a day or so.14:38
Incarus6norro, are you running debian?14:38
Incarus6w00, and why do you wan't to reinstall ubuntu?14:39
norroIncarus6: ubuntu natty14:39
Incarus6norro, you want to upgrade?14:39
soulalguien por ahi14:40
dcgmmcji: that is very strange! could you please pastebin the result of "sudo sfdisk -l /dev/sdb". don't forget to read the manpage first to make sure I am not telling you do wreck your machine :)14:40
dcgmmcji: btw change /dev/sdb to the right device for your usb drive14:40
mmcjisdb1 actually14:40
dcgmmcji: no do not use the partition, just the device, sdb is the device, sdb1 is the partition14:41
mmcjio, i bet that is it14:41
w00Incarus6, compromised system, i just got access to it and would like to clean it up with as low downtime as possible14:41
dcgw00: for a compromised system, I would not COMPRIMISE.....do a clean reinstall, and manually inspect any files that you bring in from the old system14:42
dcgw00: anything else is *risky* at best14:42
dcgw00: while you have access dump any data to an external device, and also take down the network, physically if possible.14:43
Saikdcg: perhaps t would be cleanable with a change of passwords and such?14:44
w00dcg, that's the issue :) don't have physical access to it14:44
Saikw00: did you set a root password?14:44
w00Saik, not while there are running rootkits :)14:44
soul_alguien por ahi14:44
w00And god knows what else14:44
Pici!es | soul_14:45
ubottusoul_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:45
dcgSaik: making the assumption that the breach was malicious, there is a VERY good chance that the evil one will have left something on the system to allow them to regain access after a password change etc.14:45
dcgcould be as simple as setting up ssh keys, or a hidden "root" telnet session14:45
dcgheck a simple bash script can enable a terminal on a network port that is easy enough to overlook14:46
Saikdcg: but woldn't that allow you to notice  any outgoing connections?14:46
mmcjidcg:  http://pastebin.com/XsFFFR5p14:47
norroIncarus6: you mean upgrade to the upcoming version?14:47
phillhelp requested with setting up openvpn connection...14:47
sudiptahow to set up LAN interface in ubuntu 11.04?14:47
Incarus6norro, nevermind, was confused for a second. It could be still some kind of security software like apparmor or selinux14:48
Saikw00: I'm no expert, just thowing out some ideas14:49
dcgmmcji: I think I know what is up....you need to empty the recycle bin on that device :) :) :)14:49
mmcjii will try that14:49
Tipp_hello. has anyone ran HoN on intel 945 with linux?14:49
odie5533How do I allow a user to use sudo from the terminal?14:50
chrome_is there any graeasemonkey script to open various blog pages into a single one?14:50
odie5533chrome_: yea it's some infinite pages plugin14:50
ThinkT510odie5533: your default user should  already be able to use sudo14:50
odie5533ThinkT510: Yes. But I want another too14:50
dcgSaik: no, there are ways to leave the connection dormant, until some other event occurs. so you would need to be monitoring constantly, and could miss a connection that only exists for a second or so. this brief connection could take you back to square one14:50
odie5533chrome_: autopager14:51
ThinkT510odie5533: you'd need to add that user to the wheel group14:51
odie5533chrome_: AutoPager @ https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/autopager/14:51
Saikdcg: if all other ports are closed?14:51
odie5533ThinkT510: so would sudo adduser odie5533 wheel, work then?14:51
chrome_odie5533: that's not greasemonkey. but I'll check it out though14:51
Piciodie5533, ThinkT510: Ubuntu doesn't use a wheel group.  We use 'admin'14:52
dcgThinkT510: odie5533: not sure about the "wheel" group but ubuntu uses the "sudo" group14:52
ThinkT510Pici: ahh, sorry, thats my arch knowledge kcking in14:53
Incarus6norro, or try running gdb as root?14:53
odie5533Pici: I saw group 'adm', but trying 'admin' did not work.14:53
dcgSaik: yes even if all ports are closed :(14:53
Saikdcg, w00: I'll just shut up now14:53
Piciodie5533: adm is for logfile stuff. Your user should be in the admin group. If not, then take a look at the contents of /etc/sudoers (use visudo)14:53
norroIncarus6: also fails :/ i try asking the gdb guys. but thanks again for your help14:53
dcgPici: odie5533: no for just allowing a user to use sudo it is the "sudo" group. look at /etc/sudoers14:54
odie5533dch: Thanks, yeah, adding my user to group sudo was a bad idea xD14:54
Incarus6norro, I can't help you with that, I'm never using gdb. But for additional information see: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2010-June/030940.html https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/PolicyKitIntegration14:54
Picidcg: No, not in Ubuntu by default. Its the 'admin' group.14:55
ikoniadcg: keep in mind that will give access to ALL(ALL)14:55
dcgPici: if you look at the sudoers file the default is "sudo" admin will potentially allow other privlidges (based on file permissions etc)14:56
Picidcg: I stand corrected.14:56
dcgikonia: yes that is correct. by default anyone in group sudo will have full root access. for anyother level of restriction, you would need to setup a user based restriction in sudoers14:57
ikoniadcg: that's fine, just checking you knew it would be a wide sudo rule set14:57
vendixwhat are the alternatives beside kde, gnome, xfce for ubuntu?14:57
ThinkT510vendix: lxde and enlightenment and fluxbox14:58
Incarus6vendix, E17, icewm14:58
evantonmost window managers are in repos, you'll have to compile some which are exotic14:58
dcgodie5533: please take note of what ikonia and myself have just said.14:58
evantonalso, don't you forget that whole bunch of tiling window managers14:58
dcgodie5533: you need to add the user to the sudo group but likely will want to "restrict" their use of sudo by adding additional rules to /etc/sudoers14:59
odie5533dcg: I want it to have the same level as my own account14:59
odie5533It's for my brother. I trust him :)14:59
dcgodie5533: btw. don't forget to use visudo, or simliar to edit /etc/sudoers as a mistake using other methods can prevent sudo from working at all :(15:00
dcgodie5533: in that case all you need to do is add him to the sudo group.15:00
odie5533dcg: you mean the admin group?15:00
odie5533I used visudo, but did not make any edits since I did not want any different restrictions.15:00
sudiptahow to set up LAN interface in ubuntu 11.04?15:01
dcgno, if you want him to have sudo access then add him to the sudo group. admin group has no effect on sudo. but can alter other things15:01
dcgodie5533: so maybe you would want to add him to admin and sudo.15:01
odie5533dcg: hmm, adding to admin seems to have done the trick though.15:02
dcgsudipta: it should be as simple as plug in the cable and it works. if not you may need to click on the detwork icon (near the clock. look for tooltips) and do some manual config15:02
dcgodie5533: that is strange. for a default sudo config admin should make no difference, unless there is something in the pam config that changes that?15:03
sudiptadcg::::about the manual configuration ,is there any manual available on net15:03
odie5533dcg: The user can use sudo being in the admin group.15:04
dcgodie5533: sorry, just reread the sudoers file, and currently the admin group is also configured to be the same as sudo group15:04
odie5533dcg: Adding a user to sudo would be a bad idea I think.15:05
odie5533like enabling the root account.15:05
dcgodie5533: I believe that this is a fairly recent addition, though I can't be to sure.15:05
dcgodie5533: actually no, it is only used (from what I can remember when I investigated some time ago) as a group for allowing a user to use sudo.15:06
Sancasi cant start my gdm :(15:06
dcgodie5533: conversely the admin group was used to allow various files to be accessed/modified as well as (currently) giving sudo access15:07
Sancasonly update and i cant start15:07
Sancasim trying with previos kernel but i cant :(15:07
Sancaswhat can i do?15:07
dcgsudipta: I am not sure if there is any manual for 11.04 net config. but ubuntu.com would be  agood place to look.15:07
dcgsudipta: generally you should be able to muddle your way through if you have a basic knowledge of network setup. it is fairly straight forward15:08
dcgSancas: what video card are you using, and what is coming up on your screen?15:09
Sancasim have ati hd radeon 575015:09
evantonsimplest way of net config is setting up ip/gateway, for proper internet access dns servers are also needed15:09
Saikanyone know how would I setup tomcat to listen on eth0 instead of lo  (tomcat version 5.5.28,  ubuntu 10.04 LTS3)15:10
Sancasand i have black screen :(15:10
evantonyou get those things automagically over dhcp or configure them manually15:10
dcgSancas: ok for ATI I am not the right person to help. sorry. hopefully someone has recent familiarity with ati.15:11
phillhow to create a ca.pem file for openvpn given the windows openvpn config files?15:12
Sancasok dcg :D15:12
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=== vendix is now known as VEndiX
VEndiXreinstalled ubuntu for 2 or 3 times, linux needs more development, than it is now15:16
dcgmmcji: did that solve your problem?15:17
sternaVEndiX: linux? :)15:17
yalkhello wrold15:17
yalk hiiiiiiiiiii15:17
f3bruaryCan someone help me with a problem I'm having with bluetooth ?15:18
yalki too wifi15:18
VEndiXsterna: yes15:18
mmcjibut reformted in gparted.  working fine now.  I think windows 7 had created system restore points and the linux sever was seeing that15:19
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prathambis ther a good app for creating flow charts??15:21
=== fairuz is now known as fairuz|away
prathambis ther a good app for creating flow charts??15:22
prathambguess not >_>15:23
Polahprathamb: Don't be impatient. LibreOffice's Draw can do flow charts.15:23
tjiggi_fomeh, children of today! Just lined up 4 homepage links for him and he leaves before I can post them15:25
f3bruaryCan someone help me with a problem I'm having with bluetooth ?15:26
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cheek2cheekhi, I'm new to ubuntu I just intalled it. I would like to install my printer HP Deskjet 5940. How should I do it? Help appreciated.15:30
xangua cheek2cheekif it's supported , just conect it and start printing15:31
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows15:31
zeyphrcheek2cheek check if tiz avaliable here www.hplipopensource.com15:32
prashant_123456cheek2cheek, http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareIndex.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&prodNameId=445463&prodTypeId=18972&prodSeriesId=445462&swLang=8&taskId=135&swEnvOID=202015:32
prashant_123456cheek2cheek, if u need linux drivers for ubuntu15:32
ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN15:33
cheek2cheekThe printer is connected to the pc by usb port... but when I try to print a document it says generic printer and when I press the print button nothing happens.15:33
cheek2cheekDoes that mean I perhaps need drivers for it to install?15:34
zeyphryea it does...15:34
mousefadTrying to install 11.04 on a machine with a "fakeraid" HDD, and it's failing at the grub install...15:35
mousefadfirst it defaulted to installing the boot loader in /dev/sda, which failed because the device is actually /dev/mapper/somecrazystuff15:35
prashant_123456cheek2cheek, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=184838 check this out15:35
mousefadthen when I set that in the ubiquity partition page, it still failed.  :s15:36
cheek2cheekthanks prashant_12345615:36
prashant_123456cheek2cheek, u r welcome15:36
dimmATwerk2anyone happen to be somewhat versed in pm-utils?  trying to figure out how parameters get passed to hooks, specifically the true/false15:36
dimmATwerk2for some hooks suspend/hibernate is passing false...  and i want it to be true specifically upon resume15:37
tru3fatecan anyone help im looking for a guide to setup the firewall on ubuntu 11.0415:38
b0otHow do I tell if my partitions are  LVM (Logical volume Manager) Logical-Volumes,15:38
_raven10.04 + tb7300 digitize tablet: pen freezes every tap. different driver available?15:39
mousefaddid anyone have success with fakeraid HDDs with 11.04?  The howto is not updated.15:39
dimmATwerk2been looking through the scripts for pm-utils, but no clue how true/false is passed to each hook...  help?15:41
cheek2cheekproblem solved with my printer. thanks15:41
aetasb0ot, by their name is pretty easy...do "fdisk -l" and what are the partitions named?15:41
ne2kmousefad: fakeraid is pretty pointless. you might as well just use software raid.15:41
evantontru3fate: this is a good starting point assuming you know general stuff about tcp/ip https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW15:42
ne2kmousefad: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto15:43
mousefadne2k yes, I've read that already.  It is not updated15:43
ne2kmousefad: have you determined that you actually need fakeraid? why can't you just use software raid?15:43
mousefadne2k problem is, I have a system which was set up with fakeraid before (several released ago), and I want to add a partition for a new install (so I can verify everything works before I nuke the old partition)15:44
mousefadne2k: the machine also has XP on it, and I cannot just scratch the whole thing and start again.15:44
ne2kmousefad: ok, fair enough. that is a good reason15:44
mousefadmuch as I would like to15:44
donerhello ,everyone15:45
mousefadIt's weird, the procedure seems to have stopped working since I did it before with jaunty15:45
bukowski-hi, can I ask tech questions here?15:46
=== jnovek_ is now known as jnovek
ne2kbukowski-: !askask15:46
ne2k!ask > bukowski-15:46
ubottubukowski-, please see my private message15:46
mousefadI guess the installer was changed a lot but nobody bothered to check the fake raid stuff was still working15:46
donerI am a new comer.Could you tell me what are you talking about ?15:46
mousefadpoor testing15:46
mousefadalthough I think these devices are anus15:46
bukowski-I have an acer with ubuntu and there is that feature in the mouse-prefs to freeze the trackpad while typing, which I like, but there is no way to set the duration.15:46
bukowski-that is -- I want my touchpad to freeze for longer15:47
bukowski-when I am typing.15:47
ne2kbukowski-: that's a cool feature! never heard of it15:47
bukowski-lol --- really?15:47
bukowski-most netbooks have it because your thumb tends to hit the trackpad when you type.15:47
bukowski-on account of tiny keyboard15:48
ne2kbukowski-: I always just turn off tap to click on notebooks15:48
bukowski-but I like tap-to-click15:48
dimmATwerk2anyone happen to be somewhat versed in pm-utils?  trying to figure out how parameters get passed to hooks, specifically the true/false15:48
bukowski-all I want is to set the freeze time to maybe 1 second instead of .515:48
dimmATwerk2for some hooks suspend/hibernate is passing false...  and i want it to be true15:49
dimmATwerk2been looking through the scripts for pm-utils, but no clue how true/false is passed to each hook...  help?15:49
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newPupanyone python?15:52
dimmATwerk2no one?15:52
ModestKdrhow do I install  lamp stack on Ubuntu ?15:52
ikonianewPup: what sort of question is "anyone python"15:52
ikonia!lamp > ModestKdr15:52
ubottuModestKdr, please see my private message15:53
ne2kdimmATwerk2: you might have better joy asking upstream15:53
dimmATwerk2ne2k: how do i do that?15:53
ne2kdimmATwerk2: the pm-utils project is here http://pm-utils.freedesktop.org/wiki/15:54
newPupmeaning: does anyone use or program in python?15:54
ikonianewPup: why ?15:54
dimmATwerk2ne2k: do they have an irc channel?15:54
ne2kdimmATwerk2: I don't know. they've definitely got a mailing list, though15:54
sipiornewPup: there's a #python here on freenode, as i recall. i'm sure they'd be happy to help.15:54
ne2knewPup: you'd better learn to actually ask questions using sentences, though15:55
jj995I'm trying to find the users using the most disk space on a server -- is there a quick command to do this?  e.g. like "du /*/* -s --block-size=1G | sort -g" except for sorting by user instead of file15:55
VampiR3hello there15:56
VampiR3any one free to help ?15:56
newPupI've read that ubu includes python by default, but was curious if it just had the interpreter, or what libraries it might have...15:56
RA_drcwell hello15:56
ne2kjj995: that would be a useful tool. don't know if it exists, though15:56
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:56
ikonianewPup: python is included by default with the standard base python libraries15:57
ikonianewPup: there are applications installed that have their own specific python based libaries15:57
VampiR3i want to past some files in my installed app directory but i can't find app directory15:57
VampiR3paste or extract15:58
sipiorjj995: "du -sh /home" would likely give you what you want, sorted as you like.15:58
sipiorjj995: you'll likely want to preface that with "sudo", of course.15:58
VampiR3ne2k:i want to past OR extract some files in my installed app directory but i can't find app directory15:59
saliakI've got an embedded system with a wireless and wired interface.  for some reason i can only ssh to the wireless interface when the wired interface is up (plugged in).  any idea why?15:59
jj995sipior: thanks, but unfortunately I'm not looking in home directories.  I'm looking to find which users are using the most space outside of home directories15:59
astevewhat release is planned to use 3.0?16:00
ikoniaasteve: none at this time16:00
saliakor if the interface is down (ifdown eth0), while unplugged16:00
sipiorjj995: ah, i see the problem. if you have a quota system in place, you could consult that. otherwise, whip up a script which feeds off the output of a grepped file listing and does the sums.16:01
ne2kVampiR3: you can use dpkg -L to list the files in a package, or dpkg -S to find which package owns a certain file16:01
newbdoes anyone know an easy way to rip a dvd on ubuntu?16:02
newbI doesnt alow me to right click and copy16:02
ne2kjj995: you could use find with prinf %s and %u, and then parse with a quick perl script?16:05
RA_drchow can i search for a folder with a particular name?  should i use the find command?16:05
TetracommHow do I get back the mixer icon in the notification area?16:05
ne2kRA_drc: find -type d -name <name>16:06
eazyigzHello, can anybody tell me how I can set an external monitor (asus) in portrait mode orientation?16:06
newPupikonia: thanks much.  Do you know if the standard base python libraries can make a window or popup?  Generate a graph?  Get/retrieve info from a website?16:06
xanguaTetracomm: add indicator to the panel16:06
RA_drcne2k: why do i want to use -type d?16:06
fabianhjrCaptainkrtek, you there? I finally got Linux working. Now I need to update my BIOS for EFI support.(Gigabyte released it for all their boards, yeah <3) Though, I am having issues accessing a LVM2.16:07
ikonianewPup: I suggest asking in #python16:07
evantonnewPup: the last one is possible through urllib, but there are other http libraries, more complex16:07
stevethepiratehttp://pastebin.com/UuMNvkiR Having issues playing Clementine. I've grabbed a few of the packages various sites list, to no avail. Any ideas?16:08
nbest evanton  .. like what16:08
jj995ne2k, thanks, I think I found something similar at http://linuxgazette.net/18/disk_hog.html that I will try16:08
newbdoes anyone know an easy way to rip a dvd on ubuntu?16:08
Tetracommxangua: Indicator applet? Then what?16:08
evantonnbest: excuse me? do you want a list of python libraries that speak http?16:08
nbest  no i just meant an example is all16:09
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BluesKaj!rip |newb16:09
ubottunewb: For information about the Sound Juicer ripping application see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CDRipping. To rip an Audio CD in KDE, put it in and then put audiocd:// in the Konqueror URL bar16:09
evantonnbest: I still don't understand. what kind of example?16:09
G0Rnewb: dvd:rip16:09
nbest  oh , that's alright then nvm :) thanks anyway16:09
awoodlanddoes "started networking" in an upstart job actually imply that the machine should have got a dhcplease, or just that it might be thinking about getting one soon?16:10
BluesKajnewb, or k9copy16:10
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evantonnbest: just be more specific, there are chances I'll undestand your question16:10
TonyWanisAnyone need hosting?16:10
newbthanks people, I find dvd rip quite difficult to use16:10
sipiornewb: have a look at handbrake.16:11
xanguaTonyWanis: stop that , you were toldyesterday16:11
BluesKajnewb, make sure you have libdvdcss2 if you do a bit for bit copy like image or iso16:11
RA_drcif i want to find a folder within a folder (for example, a folder named bar within a folder named foo), should i use: find -whole foo/bar ?16:12
oCeanTonyWanis: stop spamming please16:12
newbBluesKaj, is this file in threpository because i couldnt find it16:12
xanguaTetracomm: the sound indicator should appear, is not¿16:12
ikoniaRA_drc: find /foo -name bar -print16:12
TonyWanisIm not spamming sp fuck off16:12
newPupikonia: yup, I have it open in another tab and was thinking of doing that.  Again, thanks much!16:12
BluesKaj!medibuntu | newb16:13
ubottunewb: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org16:13
ikonianewPup:  you are not in the #python channel16:13
newbBluesKaj, tks16:14
Tetracommxangua: I only see something about chat and something else. No sound.16:14
xanguaTetracomm: tath is the message indicator16:14
provWell, I have a problem. I have a small Sony memory stick pro duo and when I plug it into the appropriate port diskutility assigns it to /dev/sdb but says "no media detected." When I try and format it diskutility says that the error was caused because no medium was found. gparted does not even show the drive. What happend?16:14
xanguaTetracomm: try to reset the panels16:14
ubottuTo reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »16:14
xanguammm that above still works for unity¿16:15
newPupevanton: thanks!16:16
RA_drcikonia: i tried your command, it's not working for me.  would running find -wholename /contrib -name gumstix -print work better?16:17
RA_drcfind -wholename /foo -name bar -print work better?16:17
ikoniaRA_drc: no16:17
ikoniaRA_drc: I've given you the correct command16:17
newPupikonia: oops, looks like they dumped me into #python-unregistered since my nickname isn't registered.  that explains why the channel's totally quiet16:17
RA_drcikonia: i tried running your command, and it found nothing16:17
ikoniaRA_drc: then it's not there16:17
deven_i have installed ubuntu latest version alongside windows, i want search tool which can on the fly index my ntfs files also in linux so i can instantly find where is what?16:17
evantonnewPup: yes, you need to be registered to get into #python, but it's worth it16:18
ikoniadeven_: not going to happen16:18
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deven_sad to hear that ikonia16:18
RA_drcikonia: i tried it on a folder that is very much there, and it didn't show up16:19
evantondeven_: the really simple one is locate/slocate16:19
ikoniaRA_drc: what is the name of the folder16:19
sipiordeven_: i'm fairly certain tracker, et alia work just fine on ntfs volumes.16:19
evantonyou need to have your ntfs filesystems mounted at least read-only and tell locate to index those16:19
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BlaDe^Hi guys... I've setup git and i want to use authorized_keys to avoid logging in all the time16:20
deven_locate/slocate is name of software? i m new to ubuntu tell me plz16:20
BlaDe^I did ssh-keygen -t rsa16:20
BlaDe^then I took the ~/.ssh/ida_rsa.pub data and put it into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on my server16:20
deven_et alia? is name of software?16:20
BlaDe^but it still prompts me for a password.. why?16:20
evantondeven_: it is a tool that looks for files. you do "updatedb" to index the files, then "locate" to search for stuff16:20
ikoniaBlaDe^: because thats not how you setup ssh keys16:20
ikoniaBlaDe^: that's 1 of many steps16:20
Uchiha_Itachideven_:  there are coomands to find files16:21
evantonperhaps there are more modern/fancy alternatives16:21
bipolarI'm trying to install virtualbox packages (from virtualbox.org) as part of a preseeded install. The only thing I can't figure out is how to get the kernel modules built for the installed kernel rather then the installer's kernel. Right now after the install is done I still need to run /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup. Has anyone run into anything similar to this?16:21
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deven_ok thanks all i will see that now16:21
ikoniabipolar: pre-seeded install ?16:21
Uchiha_Itachideven_: you can also use de command "find"16:21
RA_drcikonia: they are called foo and bar - i made folders to test out the commands.  would it be a problem if the folder called foo wasn't in the same directory as the directory in which i ran the command?16:21
bipolarikonia: yes.16:21
ikoniabipolar: what is a pre-seeded install ?16:21
sipiorBlaDe^: try using "ssh-copy-id" to transfer the public key to your server.16:21
evantonUchiha_Itachi: find actualy searches, I don't think it indexes anything. but it is good for finding stuff of course16:22
bipolarikonia: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/appendix-preseed.html16:22
newPupevanton: I have a dumb question: how do I register?  I went to freenode.net but the only regis* is for registering a group.16:22
bastidrazorBlaDe^: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/152  i've used this guide several times16:22
sipiorBlaDe^: if it's still not working, try running ssh with the "-v" switch, and see if it prints any useful debugging information (you can keep adding more -v for greater verbosity)16:22
ikoniaRA_drc: then you are using it wrong, it works fine16:22
Uchiha_Itachievanton: yeap, it doesn't index files, but much easier to find files in my experience!16:22
ikoniaRA_drc: if foo is in the dir bar, "find bar/ -name foo -print"16:22
evantonnewPup: I think you can do it straight from the irc client16:23
BlaDe^thanks guys16:23
ikonia!register | newPup16:23
ubottunewPup: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:23
ikonianewPup: more info in the channel #freenode16:23
deven_ok uchiha thanks will try that too16:23
evantonnewPup: try /nickserv help register or /quote nickserv help register and follow those guidelines16:23
evantonUchiha_Itachi: it's not the best way if you search multiple times over the same big set of files, because it's slow16:24
psichasEasy like !2+216:25
Uchiha_Itachievanton: hahaha, you are right... it takes a little bit longer, but when you have 32gb RAM you stop carrying!!!16:27
RA_drcikonia: i created a series of folders, so that the structure is like so:  test/foo/bar, and i ran "~$find /foo -name bar -print" and it is not finding those folders16:27
S4nD3rhow to add envelop in panel16:27
S4nD3rit disapeared16:27
S4nD3ron my system16:27
xangua!panels | S4nD3r16:28
ubottuS4nD3r: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »16:28
xanguai don't know if it still works for unity16:28
S4nD3rNot to reset16:29
S4nD3rjust to add envelop16:29
ratkinsonmorning all!16:29
PolahS4nD3r, the envelope icon for email and suchlike?16:29
ratkinsonHad a quick question about touchscreen calibration on ubuntu 11.04 cfresh install16:29
PolahS4nD3r: Right Click > Add to Panel > Notification Area16:30
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xanguaS4nD3r: add indicator stuff16:30
trismS4nD3r: is this in classic or unity? in classic, right click and add to panel Indicator Applet, otherwise make sure indicator-messages is installed16:30
xanguaPolah: there is no notification area no more16:30
trismxangua: it is still there in natty, but unity hides most items in it by default16:32
PolahS4nD3r I meant indicator applet, not notification area.16:32
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_16BITBoy_Hello ! Is anyone using e17 on ubuntu 11.04?16:34
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Guest52402hello. I am running kubuntu 11.04-just installed it. I dual boot windows but my grub doesn't detect my windows partition when I run update-grub2. Any suggestions on how I could access windows?16:37
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gamingdroidAny specific reasons why I should go 32bit instead of 64bit on Ubuntu Server 11.04 for a webserver?16:40
Polahgamingdroid: Application compatibility perhaps.16:40
macogamingdroid: 32bit hardware?16:41
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gamingdroidmaco: I'm using linode.com and they offer 32 and 64 -bit.16:41
Polahgamingdroid: For a webserver just for that, i.e. Apache/MySQL/PHP there shouldn't be an issue with compabitility though16:41
tktiddlewhat happened to the "apt-add-repository" command?16:41
gamingdroidPolah: it's python/django + postgresql, etc16:41
Uchiha_Itachitktiddle: add-repository16:42
JeffJasskyHey, guys. I'm new to server admin and I'm trying to figure out how to intentionally run out of memory as a test. Basically an induced memory leak or something.. but i'm not sure how to start. Hoping to get some suggestions in here.16:42
macotktiddle: its not installed on servers by default, but other than that...i dont think anything happened to it16:42
Picitktiddle: Nothing, but you need to have the python-software-properties pacakge installed.16:42
gamingdroidDoes 64bit support more RAM?16:43
macogamingdroid: yes16:43
macogamingdroid: 32bit without PAE supports up to 4GB of RAM. with PAE, some huge number, and with 64bit an even huger number16:43
dnivrahello. I am running kubuntu 11.04-just installed it. I dual boot windows but my grub doesn't detect my windows partition when I run update-grub2. Any suggestions on how I could access windows?16:43
macogamingdroid: though with PAE each process can still only use up to 4gb16:43
gamingdroidand my guess is most software is compiled to support 64bit... seems like 64bit is the way to go16:43
Polahmaco, gamingdroid: 32-bit is ~3.2-4GB, PAE is 64GB, 64-bit is 16EB. What webserver are you using, gamingdroid?16:44
Tom^PAE is never an choiec16:44
Tom^and the one who thinks so is a moron16:44
gamingdroidplanning on using both apache/modwsgi and nginx16:44
ikoniaTom^: tone it down16:44
gamingdroidPolah: ^^16:44
ZolAnyone know how I can create a new user for svn? Do I need to create a new user in ubuntu as well?16:44
Tom^http://blog.linuxolution.org/archives/117 for those even considering PAE16:44
PolahgamingdroidL: django is a webserver?16:44
Tom^read and go 64bit16:45
Troy^im having troubles with my wireless internet, if i have a torrent open it takes about 5 mins and then my wirless seems to stop, but still shows im connected to router,i have to reconnect to router to get internet back again. what could the problem be16:45
gamingdroidPolah: no, it is a web framework using python16:45
S4nD3rIm back16:45
Picigamingdroid: It will run fine on either architecture.16:45
S4nD3rId like to add envelop at panel16:45
Polahgamingdroid: Yeah, so you need a web server to serve that. If you're using Python for coding and PostgreSQL for databasing16:45
S4nD3rIm running lucid 10.04(64 bits)16:45
PolahS4nD3r: Add Indicator Applet to your panel16:46
S4nD3rIts added16:46
Pici!enter | S4nD3r16:46
ubottuS4nD3r: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!16:46
gamingdroidPolah: I'm going to use both apache/modwsgi and nginx for webserving16:46
PolahS4nD3r: And it still doesn't show up?16:46
GirlyGirl64 bit servers tend to have high memory demands sometimes16:46
S4nD3rIm wrong16:46
Polahgamingdroid: nginx and Apache? Why would you use two webservers?16:46
xanguaS4nD3r: reset the panel¿16:46
gamingdroidGirlyGirl: ohhh... I didn't know that. I only have 512MB RAM for now16:47
S4nD3rno no16:47
S4nD3rIt was solved16:47
gamingdroidPolah: the reason is in django generally you run one server to handle all the dynamic stuff and another to handle static content.16:47
PolahGirlyGirl: Really?16:47
gamingdroidPolah: * webserver16:47
PiciGirlyGirl: I think we'd all like to see some documentation regarding your last comment.16:47
evantonPolah: yes, and 64 bit apps use more RAM16:48
evanton64 bit pointers are longer, that adds some16:48
Picigamingdroid: 64bits is the default architecture provided by Ubuntu for server installs. I've not seen any issues with small amounts of RAM causing issues.16:48
gamingdroidit seems reasonable, if each memory address takes up 64bit instead of 32bit it seems reasonable....16:48
evantongamingdroid: exactly16:48
Polahgamingdroid: That seems strange. Could be beneficial, though16:48
GirlyGirlPolah: Well anything 64 has more requirements on ram, see win7 for exaple 32 bit asks 1 gig and 64 2 gig, on servers doing database work I have experienced much higher memory consumsion on 64 bit, but 64 bit also supports more ram16:48
mediaworkanyone know of a command line utility for searching strings inside ms word documents?16:49
PiciGirlyGirl: Linux is not Windows16:49
gamingdroidPolah: it's because dynamic pages requires more heavy webserver processes, while static content is just a straight read from disk. sort of makes sense.16:49
Troy^im having troubles with my wireless internet, if i have a torrent open it takes about 5 mins and then my wirless seems to stop, but still shows im connected to router,i have to reconnect to router to get internet back again. what could the problem be16:49
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gnokhello. can anyone see this message?16:49
Picigamingdroid: Have you considered asking in #linode on OFTC?16:50
Picignok: yes16:50
GirlyGirlPici: Linux too uses higher mem on 64 bit, the dbms servers I refered to were Ubuntu server16:50
ikoniagnok: sure16:50
gnoki'm on a slow internet connection so unsure if it's reaching the channel.16:50
gamingdroidPici: I figured you guys are ubuntu specific, so no16:50
Polahgamingdroid: It would allow processing of dynamic and static content simultaneously from each process over multiple processing cores but you'd have to take into consideration communication between both processes.16:50
gnokPici: ikonia thanks :).16:50
Tom^GirlyGirl PAE is never a choice for any sort of computer if you got 1gb of ram or more16:51
Tom^GirlyGirl http://blog.linuxolution.org/archives/11716:51
gamingdroidPolah: nope, no intercommunication necessary. it is asking for a completely independent resource alas index.php and then something.jpg16:51
gamingdroidPolah: or am I misunderstanding16:51
sipiorTom^: i don't believe GirlyGirl was suggesting it was.16:52
PiciTom^: Not all computers can run 64 bits.16:52
gamingdroidPici: not to question you, but out of curiosity where did you find out that 64-bit is standard for servers? it makes sense though.16:52
gnokI just installed ubuntu and grub doesn't detect windows. any suggestions on how I could boot into windows?16:52
GirlyGirlOn 64 bit howerver processing speed is better, so go for 64 if you have enough ram16:52
Tom^Pici it costs about 100$ to get a dualcore  intel or amd with motherboard and ram that can handle it16:52
Polahgamingdroid: Of course there's communication between the two processes. The webserver sending the content, lets say Apache, would need to offload the dynamic parts for processing to nginx, then nginx would need to send the data back to Apache to be served to the client.16:52
JayProfirst time setting up raid here... i have two 1TB sata harddrives installed. i went into the bios and selected RAID as the configuration. when i rebooted, i pressed control-s to take me to the raid utility. i set up both harddrives to say raid 1, copied over contents of disk 1 to disk 2 (which should have been nothing), then rebooted to ubuntu installation. however, i was expecting see 1 harddrive, but ubuntu sees two. how do i fix this?16:53
Picigamingdroid: I'm just referring to what http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server/download offers16:53
PolahTom^: But that doesn't mean every system owner has or will spend $100 to get the hardware required to run 64-bit.16:53
Tom^Polah but they have to get over 4gb ram?16:53
PolahTom^: If they have <4GB then they might not. Anyone that has >4GB and has a 32-bit system I will agree is somewhat foolish.16:54
evantonmediawork: you could try antiword, but I don't know if it supports the newest doc formats16:54
JayProanyone? hrmm...16:54
gamingdroidPolah: The way it works is the browser requests www.domain.com, apache responds with a dynamically generated html file. the browser parses it, request the images, css files (all those are static)... unless you are talking about when an incoming request, how do you know which webserver it goes to?16:55
newPupevanton: I'm all signed up now, thanks.  And thank the other user, I don't recall their name.16:56
Polahgamingdroid: A client will request say a login form that uses Python for it's backend. Apache can serve the CSS and HTML itself to generate the form, but when the client then fills it out and sends it off and you have a second webserver for handling dynamic content, Apache would receive the client's data, send it to nginx which would then process that data and compare it to the data in a database. If it's correct then nginx will say it's oka16:57
Polahy, generate a login token and suchlike, pass that back to Apache which will then send that back to the client16:57
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gnokI just installed ubuntu and grub doesn't detect windows. any suggestions on how I could boot into windows?16:58
Polahgnok: Run grub-update16:59
gamingdroidPolah: when a request is for a login form, then the actual form page is generated by apache/modwsgi, but the css/images are requested (possibly through a different domain) are handled by nginx16:59
REK_007gnok, repair the windows bootloader using windows disk and then use easybcd to setup linux option. if thwat Polah said fails :)16:59
gamingdroidPolah: when the credentials is sent, apache processes the request, a success webpage is then presented to the user, but the images and css is still served by nginx17:00
gnokPolah: I tried that-doesn't work.17:00
shareafter choosing correct keyboard layout the keyboard is still in english im using alternate .iso!17:00
sharealternate install17:00
gnokREK_007: that would mean the windows bootloader will be used and not grub?17:00
REK_007gnok, yes.17:00
Polahgnok: You could try reinstalling GRUB entirely17:01
REK_007gnok, since grub 2 is easier to identify hence i specified that method . after you select linux on windows boot loader you will be directed to GRUB . you can choose to skip it by changing settings on ubuntu17:01
Polahshare: The keyboard layout you choose when intalling Ubuntu is for the install, not the LiveCD.17:01
gnokPolah: the command to install grub is "grub-install /dev/sda" right? the partition shouldn't be specified right?17:02
GirlyGirlgnok: There are two ways, install grub to device or to partition17:03
gnokREK_007: the windows bootloader is an option but I'd still like to use grub :). is that possible?17:03
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.17:03
Polahgnok: grub-install --root-directory=/boot /dev/sdX, change /boot to whatever the directory you want the files to go to, it's /boot by default and set sdX to whatever device you want to install GRUB to.##17:03
bukowskiis anyone using airfoil on ubuntu?17:03
gnokGirlyGirl: I though it's not recommended to install to a partition?17:03
GirlyGirlgnok: That is correct17:04
GirlyGirlgnok: Unless you have a special reason to do so of course17:04
Bilzhelp me please17:04
comfortsuiteswhat's the command to restore the panels to their original default state?17:05
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gnokGirlyGirl: under what circumstance would installing on a partition make sense?17:05
Bilzhttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/16658950/Screenshot-1.png <- the open windows are all at the top of the desktop, rather than the bottom. how do i move it17:05
Polah!reset | comfortsuites17:05
comfortsuitesand how do i prevent users from changing the panels ?17:05
xangua!panels | comfortsuites17:05
ubottucomfortsuites: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »17:05
xangualock them comfortsuites17:05
Pici!lockdown | comfortsuites some links of interest17:05
ubottucomfortsuites some links of interest: Looking to lockdown your users' GNOME environment? Check out http://library.gnome.org/admin/deployment-guide/ - GNOME's Sysadmin guide may also be helpful: http://library.gnome.org/admin/system-admin-guide/stable/17:05
GirlyGirlgnok: on a computer that has efi instead of bios17:05
xanguavia gconf editor or a tool called ubuntu tweak comfortsuites17:05
REK_007gnok, well then you need to add the windows option on grub on yourself17:05
IdleOnexangua: or by right clicking on them and selecting lock panel17:06
IdleOneno need for ubuntu tweak17:06
Bilzthanks xangua17:06
Bilzworked a charm17:06
gnokPolah: I tried that command. It didn't work. The windows partition wasn't detected.17:06
Bisu[Shield]im running ubuntu 11 whenever I type make I get an error: make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop., do i need to install anything to get make and make install to work?17:07
evantonBisu[Shield]: make looks for a Makefile in current directory17:08
xanguaBisu[Shield]: extract the source and to to the source directory17:08
glebihanBisu[Shield], you have to run the make command from the folder where you put the stuff you want to make17:08
xanguago to*17:08
Uchiha_Itachi ./configure first most of the times17:08
Bisu[Shield]I am doing that17:09
glebihanBisu[Shield], what are you trying to compile ?17:09
PiciBisu[Shield]: You'll need to install the build-essential package first, and read the README and/or INSTALL files that the source comes with.17:09
riddlerdoes anybody know where/how I can make AbiWord to view docx files? I tried searching for a plugin, even went to abiword website but all I see are the list of plugin available but not actually the d/l link. help.17:09
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xanguariddler: better use ODF format ;)17:10
S4nD3rhow discover my wireless card in my notebook?17:10