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Bachstelzehey s-fox 08:32
s-foxHey Bachstelze , how are you doing?08:32
Bachstelzevery well08:33
s-foxGood to hear!08:33
Bachstelzejust got back from Tunisia yesterday08:33
Bachstelzeand dnow I must get ready to go to the States :p08:33
Bachstelzeyourself ?08:33
s-foxNot bad, just flew in from Tokyo at the weekend. Little jet lagged.08:34
s-foxTrip to USA work or pleasure?08:34
Bachstelzea little bit of both, I'll be an exchange student08:35
s-foxThat sounds like a lot of fun.08:36
Bachstelzeyeah, I'm really looking forward to it08:37
s-foxI would be too. Exciting.08:37
s-foxWhen do you fly? This week?08:37
Bachstelzeoh no, in September08:37
Bachstelzebut therer's a lot to do with visa stuff, etc.08:38
* s-fox nods. I remember getting my visa for USA. Bit of a pain ;)08:38
s-foxAt least you have plenty of time to get everything packed and sorted08:39
s-foxOh by the way, I have noticed your thread in the RC Bachstelze .  Not looked properly yet but will have a look soon.08:41
Bachstelzeokay, great08:43
s-foxHey nothingspecial  :)08:51
nothingspecials-fox: Hey:)09:00
s-foxHow are you?09:00
nothingspecialfine thanks, and you?09:00
s-foxA little tired, jet lagged. Also at work which sucks. ;)09:02

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