holsteinScottL: not really a date00:46
holsteinwe are busy at different times00:47
holsteinmight be challenging to coordinate at first00:47
holsteinwe could just try for any late nite00:47
holsteinmaybe a wednesday?00:47
holsteini usually dont have gigs on wednesday00:47
ScottLholstein, sure :)01:24
ScottLastraljava, crap!  i have left my notes at work about the seeds :(  i will get it first thing in the morning (6:30 am CST)01:25
astraljavaScottL: No problem, I do have some actual work to do at work, you know. :)05:48
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scott-workokay astraljava , email sent, there are other changes to add new plugins but i would rather wait until we resolve the xfce transition12:49
scott-workabogani: the linux-meta package has built and no longer fails, thank you for the help :D !12:49
scott-worki'm surprise that the dash "-" seemed to be the culprit12:50
scott-workvery strange12:50
aboganiscott-work: don't mention it! :-)12:50
aboganiscott-work: 7.9 is building in my PPA.12:50
astraljavascott-work: Okay cool. It was a busy day at work, so I didn't get a look at it yet. Now I need to hurry home, take the dog for a walk, and rush to a soccer match, so it'll take another 3.5 hours until I get to the issue. I'll get back to you on that though once I'm home again.13:55
astraljavascott-work: Oh, didn't see it. Where did you send the email to?13:57
scott-workastraljava:   the email was sent to: Janne Jokitalo <janne.jokitalo@gmail.com>14:19
scott-workastraljava: would you prefer the ubuntu email address?  i can put that into my contacts then14:27
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astraljavascott-work: I guess you got my email. :) I would rather want ubuntu-related mail to that other one, just because I get all bug-mail and other similar stuff there. Sort of the logical place to go to, when discussing these matters. :) Thanks a bunch, appreciated!18:54
astraljavaI'm gonna get to work in a few minutes now, just need to sort out the issue of crashing applications on my desktop, so that I can listen to music from it while 'playing'. :)18:55
astraljavascott-work: Currently Xubuntu is shipping edpfview, but on last night's meeting it was pretty much agreed (didn't check the minutes yet) that it'd be switched to evince. Now I know you mentioned to replace ristretto with evince, but I don't think that's really an equivalent. Still, we want evince instead of epdfview?21:25
scott-workastraljava: ach, ja21:29
scott-workyou are correct, ristretto is a image viewer, isn't it?21:29
scott-workand epdfview would be replaced by evince21:29
astraljavaAlthough ristretto is being replaced, but we don't yet know with which.21:29
scott-worki think we currently ship eog (eye of gnome)21:33
astraljavaOh okay, but if we base if on Xubuntu, then we might have two by default.21:38
scott-workastraljava: oh, i'm not saying we stay with eog, just point it out21:40
astraljavaSure, sure.21:41
astraljavaWill just make a note, so that I won't forget anything, and can ask about them in the meeting.21:41
astraljavaSo far, I'm not seeing evolution nor gnumeric explicitly marked in the seeds, so I will have hunt them down to see where they're coming from.21:43
astraljavaErrr... sorry, gnumeric's there. Now what was the other one?21:44
scott-workactually it might not be there21:47
astraljavaYou had that listed. Hang on, I'll check Luke's pastebin.21:47
astraljavaYeah, it's not there.21:48
astraljavabrasero seems to be included already, so no need to add that, I just removed xfburn.21:50
astraljavaOkay, I'll push this one to LP. It would be good if someone looked at it, before we ask Luke to push it.21:51
astraljavaI removed all that we wanted to get rid of, instead of just commenting them out. We can fetch them from previous revisions, if needed (highly doubt it, though.) Should be in LP now.21:58

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