stephenmartyrhi i dropped my computer/and then on the windows side of partition an error about cooling fan noy runni9g camne on,then on ubuntu studio studio side o partition under disk utility it said some bad sectors on disk,please help06:16
stephenmartyr<holstein>you still at gig?06:17
stephenmartyranyone disk bad sectors and error?please im blessed even to have this computer,please help06:20
astraljavastephenmartyr: Heheh. :) Sometimes it just happens that every bad thing that can occur, occur almost at the same time. :) Well, I don't know much about that. Some suggestions say that you should download a tool from the disc manufacturer.06:47
orngjce223well, of course you have to first backup your data in case it's bad06:48
astraljavastephenmartyr: That will be able to do the needed diagnostics and whatnot, so that the bad sectors can be mapped, and that the data there are can be copied (if possible) to elsewhere on the disc.06:48
stephenmartyris it somin called smart i downloaded in terminal06:49
stephenmartyrsorry my girlfriend actual booted this comp for me and im a newb so i need help06:50
astraljavastephenmartyr: Yes, as orngjce223 said, backup immediately! Then there are guides on the 'net, that will tell you all the different ways to get around that in linux, but make one mistake and you can easily wipe both OSs. :)06:50
orngjce223hehe, yeah06:51
astraljavastephenmartyr: You're probably thinking of smartmontools.06:51
stephenmartyryea but the "guides"are written to people who have LOTS more knopwlegde of computer functions then me06:51
stephenmartyrim really not even sure how to backup my data06:52
astraljavastephenmartyr: Copy your documents and other important bits and pieces to a USB flash stick, external USB hard disc, or burn on CDs/DVDs.06:53
stephenmartyri have one cd06:53
stephenmartyrthen i should still do a partition or one system?06:53
astraljavastephenmartyr: Here's a good guide, and not at all directed to experienced people. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem06:54
stephenmartyrok thanks,sorry for the 100 questions06:55
astraljavastephenmartyr: Try the manufacturer diagnostic tool first, if that doesn't help, and you're ABSOLUTELY SURE you have ALL YOUR DATA BACKED-UP, then you could erase the whole disc, and install both operating systems again, BUT DON'T DO THIS unless you're sure you have a real INSTALLATION MEDIA of Windows with you in the first place.06:56
stephenmartyri think i have 2 maybe 3 hard drives06:56
stephenmartyrwhere do i find the diagnostic tool?06:57
astraljavaSorry for the caps, but these are really important things to keep in mind for, and sometimes people tend to forget some of them. :)06:57
astraljavastephenmartyr: Is this a laptop or a desktop?06:57
stephenmartyryea thats why i keep asking u questions,i know not much06:58
astraljavastephenmartyr: Usually there is only one hard disc, but we'll see about that.06:59
stephenmartyrok maybe my gf meant partitions07:00
astraljavastephenmartyr: Can you run this command: `sudo lshw -c disk` then go to http://paste.ubuntu.com, copy the output of the command there, and post the link here, please?07:00
astraljavastephenmartyr: Pretty sure, yes. :)07:00
astraljavagonna get some coffee and water, brb07:00
stephenmartyr<astrajave>let me know when ur back07:13
astraljavastephenmartyr: Okay so that's a Hitachi disk. You should go their website, look for the diagnostics tools, search by that id (product field in that output), download it, and see what options it has. But please, please, backup first!07:24
astraljavastephenmartyr: There's a situation here at work, so I need to go. Good luck, and ask on #ubuntu when you get stuck on some part.07:24
phaidrosby any chance, does ubuntustudio offer a live dvd image anywhere?13:35
astraljavaphaidros: No, not yet. But it's being worked on, so stay tuned. It might be there for 11.1013:58
astraljavaOr might not, might take until the next release.13:58
astraljavaI'm not 100% on the progress of it.13:58
phaidrosoh pity, a friend of mine is looking for such a thing for a project with kids in maroc next week13:59
phaidroswould it be easy to create a live dvd from a running/installed system?14:00
phaidrosor just go for artistix for now?14:00
astraljavaYou could have a look at the KxStudio or something like that. It's my understanding that the author is actually the developer for Ubuntu Studio's live DVD creator script, he should have it implemented for his own version.14:03
astraljavaUmm... at the moment, I'm not sure where you can actually get that, or how. But falkTX is online quite often, ask him when he gets here. Or try #opensourcemusicians, they should know more about it.14:06
phaidrosastraljava: kthx !14:13
stephenthemartyrdoes any one know about or have used disk utility?17:10
stephenthemartyrplease i really need helps17:13
holsteinstephenthemartyr: sure17:16
holsteinwhats up?17:16
holsteinyou dropped the machine?17:16
holsteini use a live CD http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/17:16
stephenthemartyrlast night17:16
holsteinthere are really nice vendor tools and other tools to really test the hardware17:17
holsteinyou can do it with the disk utility from the ubuntu LIVE CD too though17:17
stephenthemartyrthis explains it pretty well if u wanna read it17:17
stephenthemartyrthe tools are in bootc?17:17
holsteinok, you need help excepting the fact you broke your hard drive then?17:18
stephenthemartyrits not broken17:18
holsteinright, but you have bad sectors17:18
holsteinat some point, you get more bad sectors than the hard drive can deal with17:18
holsteinits common on laptop hardware17:18
stephenthemartyrit has 239 bad sectors17:18
holsteinusually, when i see a drive like that, i look for a vendor tool on that disc i linked17:19
stephenthemartyrat least disk utility thinks so,but iread on that and most people said that actuallu didnt mean anything17:19
holsteini format it, and run some tests17:19
holsteinyou can run some tests without formatting17:19
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you can run fsck17:20
holsteinyou'll want to do that with a live CD too17:20
stephenthemartyrok but the system is noty working that well,in jack and stuff,i have it set at the highest number and still have x-runs17:20
holsteinlet me rephrase... you'll *need* to do that from a live CD17:20
holsteinstephenthemartyr: i would *still* choose these battles one at a time17:21
holsteinif you want to talk xruns, we can17:21
stephenthemartyri was putting that tango studio on a dvd should i stop it and do this first?17:21
holsteinyou *should* try several different kernels17:21
holsteinthe RT ones available17:21
stephenthemartyri think weve tried everything i can17:21
holsteinstephenthemartyr: yeah?17:21
holsteinhows the AVlinux live CD run?17:21
stephenthemartyri dont know17:21
holsteinhow is falktx's kernel responding for you?17:22
holsteinstephenthemartyr: then you have *not* tried everything17:22
stephenthemartyrav linux didnt seem to have that many programs17:22
stephenthemartyrwhat about tango17:22
holsteinsure.. try a lot of live CD's17:22
stephenthemartyris this a normal amount of messing things up or am i way above average?17:22
holsteinim asking you to basically kernel shop17:22
holsteinand the live CD's are a way of testing that17:22
holsteinstephenthemartyr: depends17:23
holsteinyou seem to jump around a lot17:23
holsteini say, fix the drive17:23
holsteinthen move on to trying different kernels with your hardware17:23
holsteinbe that by installing them, or trying them from live CD's17:23
stephenthemartyri jump around cuz there are no definites17:24
stephenthemartyrand this dropping the cxomp completely hopfully not messed things upo17:24
holsteinim not sure why you jump around17:24
holsteinyou damaged the hard drive to some degree17:24
holsteinyou need to accept that, and run some tests and fix it if possible, or replace17:24
holsteinthat will just degrade into a bad issue17:25
holsteindoesnt really matter, hard drives are so cheap these days...17:25
stephenthemartyrno peiople either dont help or help a little then think i can do the rest on my own but i cant,some girl trtl or somin had me download some rt headers or somin and i changed the default number in a boot config file17:25
holsteinstephenthemartyr: right... i say, and have said, dont do anything you dont feel comfortable doing, and dont understand17:26
stephenthemartyrthen earlier the awesome dousdhes in ubuntu were getting mad and giving me complicated long links17:26
holsteinthere is always several ways to do what you need to do17:26
holsteinif you want to try kernels without following complicated links, i suggest using live CD's17:27
holsteinthat way, you *dont* break any part of your install,but you get to see how the kernel works17:27
holsteinand you get to see some other distros, which is educational17:27
stephenthemartyrok,so tango,av kinux,any others known to be jackl-awesome17:27
holsteini suggest that because you download the iso, burn it, and boot17:27
holsteinthen you eject it, and you are done17:27
stephenthemartyryea i got it17:28
holsteingnuguitarinux has a 3.0 verion17:28
stephenthemartyri just want to record and make my music,i wish i was rich(by rich i mean had any money and job)so i could buy nice computers17:28
holsteintheres dream linux, but i think he's using falks kernel17:28
stephenthemartyroph yea17:28
holsteinstephenthemartyr: thats *not* a reason to use linux17:29
holsteinthese tools are professional grade17:29
stephenthemartyri know17:29
stephenthemartyrim not dissing them17:29
holsteinif you are just using linux to save some $$, i dont think you'll get the best experience17:29
holsteinpersonally, i have issues on every OS with whatever software17:30
holsteinand whatever machine17:30
holsteinit doesnt matter really17:30
holsteinits all about education, and doing the most with what you have17:30
stephenthemartyryea well i havent gotten anything done much ata ll17:30
stephenthemartyrthats not the only reason,i like linux17:31
holsteinright... but you havent tested any other kernels with your hardware17:31
holsteini think that will tell you something17:31
stephenthemartyri dont like windows,and i am trying to learn harder than lots opf peoples i guarentee17:31
stephenthemartyreverytime i try something it seems to get worse17:31
holsteinright, so try them live17:32
stephenthemartyri am17:32
holsteinyou dont want to input a bunch of terminal commands you dont understand17:32
stephenthemartyrgoing to17:32
holsteinyou dont know how you broke whatever17:32
holsteinand you cant tell me what you did17:32
holsteinits challenging17:32
holsteinim really not that much of an expert linux user17:32
stephenthemartyrif it got jack working id be cool; with the commands,i cant learn everything in a few months17:32
holsteinbut, i use those live CDs as a tool17:33
holsteinand i use virtualbox installs when possible, to see what does what17:33
stephenthemartyroh yea what is that thing?17:33
holsteinhow about this.. google it, and let me know whats not clear17:34
holsteinthen, instead of me spoon feeding it to you, we can discuss it :)17:34
stephenthemartyrdude how long you been workin with computers and technologies?17:34
holsteini use it quite often, but its not cool for testing hardware for audio17:35
holsteinstephenthemartyr: im a musician, and ive been a computer hobbyist for years17:35
holsteinive been running linux exclusively for only 4 years or so i think17:35
stephenthemartyryea i have not,in fact 80%of my life was with very very little17:36
holsteinstephenthemartyr: did you look up virtualbox?17:39
holsteinthe last thing i want to do is discourage you, or send you away from this channel, or this community17:39
holsteinbut, at the same time, you really do need a healthy level of self discovery with this stuff i find17:40
holsteinthe issue is, no one else has your specific hardware, and i, nor anyone else, can definitively say 'do this'17:40
holsteinwe can only offer troubleshooting steps to gain information, and i feel like sometimes you dont follow through17:41
holsteini know another thing that really helped me transition as well...17:42
stephenthemartyryea i give up easy from years of failure and pain bnlah17:42
holsteini *didnt* transition my studio machine at the same time17:42
stephenthemartyrill go check it out17:42
holsteini got a laptop and put linux on it17:42
holsteini made myself learn how to do daily tasks on it17:42
holsteini had a windows machine for doing whatever i *had* to do17:43
holsteinwhen i had the time, or could make the time, i would look up how to do things in linux instead17:43
holsteinwhen i was able to surf, email, install software, manage the system, and join wifi networks.. moving on to transitioning the studio was much easier17:44
holsteini would not have made it though without some key helpers17:44
holsteinsame issue though... no one had my hardware, and it was not easy17:44
holsteinbut, im glad i did it17:44
holsteini had XP+cubase, all nice and legit and legal, with plugins i liked and knew how to use17:45
holsteinbut i wanted to transition to linux and FOSS tools17:45
stephenthemartyrcool so all os work in virtual?17:47
stephenthemartyrcoocl send me those17:47
holsteinstephenthemartyr: most OS's work well virtualized17:48
holsteintheres a hit in performance, and passing things through to the guest OS like firewire or USB, or running anything like JACK virtualized17:48
stephenthemartyrwhoa when did this happen?17:48
holsteinthat would *not* work well17:48
stephenthemartyrbuit are the programs free?17:48
holsteinstephenthemartyr: what programs?17:48
stephenthemartyri dont know17:49
=== saidinesh is now known as saidinesh5
holsteinstephenthemartyr: virtualbox has a free and non-free version17:53
holsteinboth of which dont cost anything for you to have17:53
holsteinthe non-free one includes some things they cannot include legally in the free version17:53
stephenthemartyrhows thsat?17:53
holsteinUSB support, and something else like remote desktop? RDP? something i dont use... i forget17:54
stephenthemartyrthere is one in accesories17:54
stephenthemartyri think17:54
holsteini mean, from a microsoft machine17:55
stephenthemartyrhmm i have to make virtual machines17:55
holsteinif you want to connect using that proprietary protocol, they (virtualbox) cant provide that in the free version17:56
stephenthemartyrso there really isnt a reason to dual boot anymore17:56
holsteinstephenthemartyr: thats what im getting at though17:56
holsteinyou cant do something things virtually17:56
holsteinand there is a hit in performance17:56
stephenthemartyrwhat would i have to pay for?17:56
stephenthemartyrlike how?17:56
holsteinyou wouldnt want to have XP in virtualbox for gaming or doing audio17:56
holsteinbut, for the casual windows program, it works great17:57
stephenthemartyrmicrosoft is cool with that?17:58
holsteinwhat do they care17:58
holsteinyou bought windows17:58
stephenthemartyrmy gf must have17:58
holsteinyou buy the disc/license, and they got their $$17:58
holsteinyou can run it where ever you want17:59
stephenthemartyrshe gave me this computer for my bday all set up cause my old one was not gunna cut it for recording17:59
holsteineven on an intel mac :)17:59
holsteinapple are the ones that like to dictate what hardware you install the macOS on17:59
stephenthemartyrhey in ur opinion is pre-sonus or saphire have better firewire a.i.'s?17:59
stephenthemartyrof course they do18:00
stephenthemartyrive never had one18:00
holsteinstephenthemartyr: i think it depends on what you want18:00
holsteinthe firepod is literally out of the box18:00
holsteinthe focusrite saphire pro40 is not that much more $$ though18:01
holsteinand probably better pre amps?18:01
holsteinnot sure about that18:01
holsteini heard it was a little tricky with the new stack rolling out18:01
stephenthemartyrwhat about presonus?18:01
holsteinbut i think its sorted out, and i have no way of checking18:01
holsteinstephenthemartyr: what about it?18:01
holsteinall i have is the firepod18:01
stephenthemartyrthats the firepod18:02
holsteinthe pres are OK18:02
holsteinthe support is great18:02
holsteinyou need a texas instruments firewire chip18:02
stephenthemartyrim gunna get either the pre-sonus studio firewire or a saffire18:02
holsteintheres also http://www.buydig.com/shop/product.aspx?sku=ECAF12&omid=106&ref=cag&CAWELAID=76153899118:03
holsteini hear the new ALSA firewire built in driver is almost working with that18:03
holsteinwhich is awesome :)18:03
holsteinno preamps though18:03
holsteinthat might not be what you are looking for18:03
holsteinthats more what im looking for18:03
holsteinnice A/D converters18:03
holsteinbalanced ins18:04
holsteinno pres18:04
stephenthemartyrwhoa cool18:04
stephenthemartyryea there is a page to check which work with linux and whiuch dont yea?18:04
holsteinsure, but i believe it when i see it running on my hardware18:04
holsteinall it takes is a kernel rev, or a stack rev... something changes in FFADO or alsa or whatever and it seems like its broken ;)18:05
stephenthemartyryea in the mic input on my laptop is no good18:05
stephenthemartyrwell im gunna try and boot this tango studio18:05
holsteingood idea18:05
stephenthemartyri just burn it on a dvd right18:06
holsteinrun fsck from it while you are in there18:06
holsteinstephenthemartyr: i havent tried tango... you'll need to copy18:06
stephenthemartyrok will do18:06
holsteinusing the downloaded iso as the source18:06
holsteinand the blank CD/DVD as the destination18:06
holsteindepending on the size18:07
stephenthemartyrill use brasewro18:07
stephenthemartyri cannot type18:07
holsteinyou can burn CD images to DVD's18:07
stephenthemartyrthat fsck checks harddrive18:07
holsteincheck and fixes18:07
holsteinread that wiki about it, it says how to run it18:08
holsteini reference it each time ;)18:08
stephenthemartyrawesome thanks for your patience and for not treating me like the uibuntu channel people did18:08
stephenthemartyri will18:08
stephenthemartyrthanks man18:08
holsteinwell, its challenging in that channel18:08
stephenthemartyryea im sure18:08
stephenthemartyrbut if ya aint up for it i guess u shouldnt,at least thats what i think18:09
stephenthemartyr<holstein>unfortunately my discs are too small18:15
stephenthemartyri cant do thwt coommand un studio?18:16
holsteinstephenthemartyr: ok18:18
holsteinone at a time...18:18
holsteinyour discs are too small?18:18
holsteinthe iso is bigger than the DVD's you have?18:18
holsteinthis should still work for running fsck on reboot18:19
stephenthemartyrno rewritable dvds18:34
stephenthemartyrcd's are re-writable but not big enough18:34
holsteinmost of the audio distros are going to be too large for CD18:36
holsteinthats another reason i suggested gnuguitarinux18:36
holsteinits smallish18:36
stephenthemartyri dont have money or friends18:36
stephenthemartyrthats why i havent been doing these btw18:36
stephenthemartyrdude i think i did that one but i dont remember which dvd it is18:38
holsteinshould be a CD18:38
holsteinyou dont have any DVD's?18:38
stephenthemartyri do have 11.0418:38
holsteinyou dont need a DVD18:38
stephenthemartyri dont know18:39
holsteinyou can use a USB stick18:39
stephenthemartyrdont have one18:39
stephenthemartyrguiatrgnu can be cd?18:39
holsteinshould be18:39
holsteinthe iso is smallish18:39
holsteini dont know what you burned it to though18:39
stephenthemartyrthe only way to find oput is to reboot right18:40
holsteinthats one way18:40
holsteinyou can look at the disc18:40
stephenthemartyrhow would that tell me18:41
stephenthemartyri didnt mark it,except 11.0418:41
holsteinyou should be able to see whats burned to the disc18:42
holsteinthe label might say something too18:42
holsteinprobably wont say gnuguitarinux, but im sure you can figure it out18:42
stephenthemartyrany old music player should be able tosee it ?18:46
holsteinwell, its not music18:48
holsteini would just put it in, and it should show up on the desktop18:48
holsteinyou should see the label there18:48

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