madnickUnit193: do you want to test it?00:01
madnickit would be great help00:01
Unit193The point is that I'm not sure if it will even work00:02
Unit193It takes way too many reboots to get this working and when I do, I only reboot for power outages (And now it's on an old UPS)00:04
Unit193I'll still try if I can get a mostly working Oneiric install00:05
GridCubecharlie-tca, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Specifications/Oneiric/DefaultImageEditor00:31
charlie-tcaGridCube: thank you00:42
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charlie-tcaOkay, got the meeting minutes out. Good night01:57
astraljavamadnick: If you need something to be tested on real hardware, I should get most of my machines up and running this evening (meaning in 6 to 7 hours)08:56
madnickastraljava: sweet :) would be great10:26
astraljavamadnick: Okay, gonna have to push it forward a few hours. I had forgotten jussi wants us to go to a soccer game tonight. But it's only some 3 hours delay, so we'll talk again in... UTC 1800-1900?11:32
madnickokay :>11:33
knomeastraljava, lol, you go watching a game with leather ball(s) with jussi?11:37
madnickThat sorta keeps the same theme all the way to the desktop :P12:41
madnickplymouth->lightdm->user session12:41
astraljavaknome: Leather balls is what it's all about. Seriously, when you think about it. That's where life begins. :D13:09
madnickIs it a bug that you must first set properities of the screenshot utility for the panel, then click it?13:50
madnick!bug help13:54
charlie-tcamicahg, mr_pouit : found a few more mb to save in Xubuntu. We are installing gwibber and gwibber-service by default. This is both images and updates.13:56
madnickI don't think Im gonna file a bug report, it might be a "feature" :P13:56
madnickcharlie-tca: cannot do much more than this with the current configuration: http://www.madnick.se/~madnick/xubuntu/lightdm.png14:00
astraljavamadnick: Not following you. Do you mean there's an applet for the screenshot utility, and it sits in the panel? How can you set the properties, if not by clicking on it?14:00
madnickastraljava: currently, 11.0414:00
madnickyou can simply click it14:01
madnickBut on Oneiric you need to right click -> properites, set mode14:01
madnickthen click it again, and do the thing you selected by right clicking14:01
charlie-tcamadnick: right, until Ubuntu straightens out the configuration files first, we get blocked14:01
astraljavamadnick: Every time?!14:01
madnickastraljava: yes14:01
* astraljava faints14:01
charlie-tcaWe will want to remove "Guest" before we release14:01
madnickastraljava: try it out :)14:01
astraljavamadnick: Don't have it installed, yet, but will do later in the evening/night.14:02
madnickcharlie-tca: yep, i was just testing how much there could be done :P14:02
charlie-tcaI had that on my machine until they messed with the files14:03
charlie-tcaI like that better then the pink I get now14:03
madnickpink hurts peoples eyes :P 14:03
madnickIt was like rule #1 in website14:03
madnickastraljava: do you think i should file it as a bug?14:04
davmor2madnick: it does mostly cause I poke the designers eyes out for using pink :D14:04
charlie-tcaWell, I think it is supposed to be purple, but it depends on your monitor and video as to the actual color you see14:04
madnickdavmor2: :D14:04
astraljavamadnick: It depends on whether it's against the user experience specs or not (don't really think there are any.)14:06
astraljavamadnick: File it away, it'll be marked as a wishlist if it is.14:07
madnickWell, it breaks current behavior14:07
astraljavaOkay, I'm off for a couple of hours. I'll ping ya when I get back, so we can talk about what it was I promised to test. :)14:08
madnicksweet 14:08
madnickhave fun! :)14:08
madnickill get on making a package for easier testing14:10
charlie-tcagreat! I need issues with staying connected today14:31
madnickdh_make sure is not explianitory :D14:43
micahgcharlie-tca: are you be facetious?14:45
micahgcharlie-tca: that's going away, it's temporary, but bad timing14:45
charlie-tcaabout the connection?14:46
charlie-tcaabout gwibber?14:46
charlie-tcaIt pulled in today with updates 14:46
charlie-tcaand it installed today with a fresh install14:47
micahgyes, it's now a recommends of indicator-messages14:50
micahgthat will be fixed right after alpha3, but it was bad timing14:50
charlie-tcaI don't know what happened, but Xubuntu images are working and Ubuntu images are broken for now15:10
charlie-tcaThanks, micahg. I knew you would be on top of ti15:10
micahgcharlie-tca: we're ok space wise, is it ok to release w/gwibber in alpha3 and release note it as unintentional?15:11
charlie-tcaThat's not a problem15:11
charlie-tcaIt just bothered me that the update on this system pulled it in15:11
* micahg wonders if kenvandine was trying to get wider testing for gwibber15:11
* charlie-tca nods15:12
micahgcharlie-tca: well, it's a recommends of indicator-messages which is a depends on indicator-messages-gtk2, which is a recommends of xfce4-indicator-plugin15:12
charlie-tcabut it shouldn't be a recommends, should it?15:13
charlie-tcaindicator-messages does not need gwibber15:13
charlie-tcaeven if gwibber needs it15:13
charlie-tcaThat's the kind of thing that makes it hard for all of us "official" derivatives15:14
micahgno, it should've just been seeded15:15
micahgand it will be after alpha3 (I have no idea why he didn't just seed it properly now)15:15
charlie-tcaoh, right15:15
charlie-tcaI can think of a lot of reasons, all of which I will keep to myself ;)15:16
micahgsame with xdiagnose, it was a recommends, then a depends, then it got seeded15:16
micahgBTW, do we want that :)15:16
charlie-tcaIt does make troubleshooting xorg easier, doesn't it?15:16
charlie-tcaOtherwise, we have to have users install it, then gather the information and attach it to their bugs15:17
charlie-tcaI forgot why they removed it though15:17
charlie-tcait messes something up, for some users15:17
micahgno, it's seeded on the Desktop CD now15:17
charlie-tcaIf it doesn't cause problems, yes, we want it15:18
charlie-tcaMakes bug work much easier15:18
micahgk, well, I can add it after alpha3 and you can tell me if it breaks anything15:18
charlie-tcahm, I have it already on this system15:19
charlie-tcaDoes that mess with plymouth, by chance?15:19
micahgI don't think so, but no idea really15:20
charlie-tcathat's not the problem15:23
charlie-tcaI will keep trying15:23
micahgBTW, mythbuntu has their own greeter 15:29
charlie-tcaAre they using lightdm?15:33
charlie-tcamadnick: might be worth looking at?15:33
micahgstill in Unapproved15:34
charlie-tcamakes it harder, then15:34
micahgerr, new15:34
charlie-tcaI have my fingers crossed that when they fix Ubuntu images today, they don't mess up ours15:34
madnicksure, but I thought you wanted to go with the default greeter?15:43
charlie-tcamadnick is working on one for us. I didn't care if we stayed with the default or customize it, myself. If we had a nice customized version, that would be great.15:46
madnickah okay :>15:46
charlie-tcaWe are going to have a custom plymouth screen that is fantastic! a new greeter would be nice, but is not a necessity15:47
madnickwith lightdm we could really do something unique15:51
madnickno idea what tho :D15:52
charlie-tcaWe have time to think about it16:01
charlie-tcaMaybe take a look at the wallpapers in Settings -> Desktop, and also on the wiki in16:02
charlie-tcahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork/Natty and the other artwork pages there16:03
madnickI read a bit online about dm's, and a often requested feature is to use their own background, but that sortra breaks with multiuser systems16:04
charlie-tcayes, we can work towards that as a long range goal, but for oneiric, it may not happen16:05
charlie-tcatime is growing short now16:05
madnickhehe, ubuntu is writing their theme in vala16:06
TheSheepthey only want one or two of them, ever16:07
micahgthat's because the person writing it loves vala16:07
TheSheepI can understand that customizability is actually against ubuntu's goals16:08
TheSheepespecially with their mac complex16:08
TheSheepvala is a pretty awesome language for programming16:08
TheSheepnot sure how it works for design though16:09
charlie-tcaYeah, I would rather we don't follow that lead16:09
TheSheepthey have been stripping customizability and hardcoding things since quite a while16:09
TheSheepit's hard to stop once you move in that direction16:10
charlie-tcaWhich, in reality, is not a bad thing for beginners in linux16:10
charlie-tcabut, Xfce is about being able to customize, isn't it?16:10
* micahg thought the was KDE16:10
madnickprivate bool background_animate_cb () <- This I dont think we can do without rewriting source, if we would like to add such things16:10
TheSheepat some point you realize that your new tablet pc cannot have higher resolution because all your ui would need remaking16:10
* charlie-tca thinks "modular", for customisation16:10
TheSheepeven if xfce wanted to go down that path, we can't, because we need to rely on user-provided content and designs16:11
TheSheepthe punk approach16:12
charlie-tcaI understand, I like the direction we take16:12
charlie-tcamadnick: is that line from the source for lightdm or a config file?16:12
madnickcharlie-tca: well, its not from lightdm, its from a theme, you supply a "binary", the config file however, you cannot do much with16:13
micahgwe will provide our own config file as well16:13
charlie-tcaThis is why I don't do coding today16:13
madnickThats what I said about C/GTK last nite16:13
madnickAnd you said "don't" :P16:14
charlie-tcaI test, if you give me instructions. It is easier on my poor old brain16:14
charlie-tcamicahg knows more than I do about it. 16:14
madnickmicahg: are you working on this?16:14
charlie-tcawhat did I say 'don't' to?16:15
madnickcharlie-tca: to modifying lightdm-gtk-greeter.c16:15
charlie-tcais that the theme or config or ??16:15
madnickIt is the theme kinda16:16
charlie-tcaIf that is the source itself, we should not need to modify it, but if that is the theme, we do.16:16
madnickI see16:16
charlie-tcamicahg: should we just tell madnick to do what he sees fit now to make it work for Xubuntu?16:16
madnickI was acctually a bit scared that we were only allowed to modify the config file, because that did not provide much to configure 16:16
micahgcharlie-tca: well, anything in the greeter package is available for changing, anything in core lightdm would need approval16:17
charlie-tcathere, madnick ^ ^ ^\16:17
charlie-tcaIs that better?16:18
micahgwe will also have a custom config file as well for various options that we should override (like no guest session)16:18
madnickI'll try to produce something "mockup" like, but tomorrow I have to give a short lecture, so I wont be on until later, so maybe tomorrow night i will have something16:20
charlie-tcaTake your time.16:21
madnickUbuntus greeter can already hide guest session16:29
micahgindeed, we're just waiting for a config file we can modify16:37
charlie-tcamr_pouit appears to have pushed through a couple of changes for us in lightdm, giving us a .conf file and removing guest session. 17:51
charlie-tcamadnick: might have to wait until alpha3 releases to see it, but we are gaining17:54
madnickcool :)17:56
madnickIs there GTK3?17:56
charlie-tcawell, yes, GTK3 is out, but Xubuntu will not use it for Oneiric17:58
madnickokay, so we cannot costumize the current ubuntu theme, we either costumize the the default or make a brand new17:59
madnickIt depends on GTK317:59
charlie-tcaOh, goody17:59
charlie-tcamr_pouit: are we putting both gtk2 and gtk3 on the cd?18:00
charlie-tcaoh, make us a new one, for Xubuntu18:01
charlie-tcaif mr_pouit puts gtk3 on the images, we can use that, otherwise, can we use gtk2?18:01
madnickProblem is UI freeze18:02
madnickIts quite a big task18:02
madnick+ testing18:02
charlie-tcaWe will get a ffe for it. 18:02
charlie-tcaor, rather, a ui freeze exception if we have to18:02
madnickacctually, if i work on this constantly, i should be done before that18:02
madnickI think it will be fine18:03
charlie-tcaUI and Beta freeze are the 25th of august18:03
madnickoh 25th, not 15th18:03
madnicksorry i had misread18:03
madnickthen its cool18:03
charlie-tcaextra 10 days now, huh?18:03
madnickyeah :D18:03
charlie-tcamr_pouit: do I need to respin the images for lightdm?18:33
charlie-tcaThe images from this morning are the alpha3 candidates right now18:34
charlie-tcamicahg: any idea?18:34
charlie-tcaA little help please!18:35
micahgyeah, I think we do assuming what was uploaded actually works18:35
charlie-tcaHow will we know without spinning them?18:35
charlie-tcaI can't mr_pouit to respond at all today18:35
micahgcharlie-tca: upgrade an oneiric desktop?18:36
charlie-tcagot one here to try18:36
micahgif the guest session is hidden, it should mean it's working18:37
charlie-tcaupgrading now18:37
charlie-tca13 new packages, 62 upgrades, lightdm is not one of them18:40
charlie-tcadoesn't look to me like mr_pouit 's changes are in yet18:40
charlie-tcaI can have the images added to the tracker for us18:41
micahgno, lightdm wasn't uploaded, xubuntu-default-settings was18:41
micahgshould be 11.10.218:41
charlie-tcanot in the upgrades18:41
micahgpublished 37 minutes ago, so might not have hit the mirrors yet18:42
charlie-tcaWell, crap18:43
* micahg figures mr_pouit wanted that change in, but wasn't aware of the 12:00 UTC freeze18:45
charlie-tcawell, images will respin tonight18:48
charlie-tcareplacement pidgin in the upgrades18:48
micahg2.9.0 was uploaded last week18:49
charlie-tcaI just installed this one two days ago18:49
charlie-tcaimage dated 2011-07-2918:50
micahgit was uploaded that day :)18:51
charlie-tcaThat explains it18:51
charlie-tcaxubuntu-default-settings 11.10.118:53
micahgnope, you want .218:53
charlie-tcanot there yet18:53
charlie-tcaWish I could see madnick's new plymouth screens, too18:54
charlie-tcaOTOH, I can't see the old ones, either18:54
astraljavamadnick: I'm in, again. Just a heads-up. Will still fiddle with these machines for a bit, but just fire away if you got something. :)18:56
madnickastraljava: sweet18:57
madnickwell, the themes are at18:57
madnickhttp://www.madnick.se/~madnick/xubuntu <- however, its a "bit" outdated, but not in terms of what it shall do, just graphics + minor changes18:58
astraljavamadnick: Okay, so is that .tar.gz the one I need to fetch? And if yes, then where shall I unpack it?19:07
madnickastraljava: okay19:09
madnickLike this:19:09
madnickIts the tar file, put it in /lib/plymouth/themes/{here} then run:19:09
madnicksudo update-alternatives --install /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth /lib/plymouth/themes/xubuntu-plymouth/xubuntu-plymouth.plymouth 10019:11
madnickthen run sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth .. then run sudo update-initramfs -u 19:11
madnickYeap, that should be right (double checked)19:13
madnickastraljava: i need to reboot, i be back in 30 seconds19:16
astraljavaCool, thanks! I'll report back when I get to that stage.19:16
madnickastraljava: awesome, thanks for doing this :)19:18
charlie-tcamadnick: you changed the names?19:18
madnickcharlie-tca: yep, i put xubuntu in the name so people shall know what it is 19:19
charlie-tcaIs that why I can't make it work?19:19
madnickcharlie-tca: if you had the old files, it should work anyways19:19
madnickIf you mixed the new with the old, then it will not work19:19
charlie-tcaI had a folder named madnick instead of xubuntu-plymouth19:20
madnickokay, but you were using madnick.tar.gz right? then that should not be a conflic19:20
madnickcharlie-tca: i uploaded this last night, if you have not downloaded since last night, you are not effected 19:21
charlie-tcathat doesn't work with the update commands19:21
madnickcharlie-tca: if you installed the "Manual" way, and have not restored previous files, it will not work to use the update command19:22
charlie-tcaOh, I see19:22
madnicki need more screens :P Im testing the changes i made to the DM on a netbook :( 19:23
madnickcharlie-tca: hm, could you found out what version of the greeter we are using on the images?19:24
madnickI have no idea how to do that19:24
madnick(the ones with the config file)19:24
charlie-tcaHow do I make it go to auto mode?19:25
madnickcharlie-tca: you set a higher precedence19:26
madnickthan 10019:26
madnickor lower, i dont remmeber19:26
madnickLet me check19:26
madnickyeah lower, try 5019:26
charlie-tcaI will try it19:27
charlie-tcaUm, until they quit making changes, I don't what version it will end up as19:27
charlie-tcawell, at least we don't hang anymore if no session is entered. It just loops back to the login screen now19:28
madnickokay, well, i guess i could use the default greeter and build on that, shouldnt be too many changes19:29
madnickknome: do you have any ideas for a DM theme?19:30
charlie-tcaWonder if we should perhaps use an Xfce in the background ?19:33
madnickthe mouse?19:33
charlie-tcano, the letters "Xfce"19:34
madnickah 19:34
charlie-tcaIf you look in Sessions and Startup, there are 4 display manager screens listed that worked with GDM19:35
charlie-tcaNot sure they are still valid for us, but they give you an idea, anyway.19:35
charlie-tcaYou can preview them, maybe19:35
madnickShould be keep the position of the login in the middle? or something closer to this:19:37
madnickwe can also animate stuff19:38
madnickperhaps a detail of a background, like a bird in the current background for example19:38
charlie-tcaWe could put the mouse logo on the right?19:39
charlie-tcaThat ties it to us and Xfce at the same time19:39
charlie-tcaI like the offset19:39
charlie-tcabut I am not a good art critic, either.19:39
charlie-tcaI don't know what the reason for centering is. It used to be offset, centered towards the screen bottom19:40
charlie-tcaNow, they always put it centered on the screen19:41
madnickI can try some stuff out and get some comments19:42
madnickill look into a xfce logo19:42
astraljavaAaaahhhahahaha!!! I accidentally attempted to install Fluxbuntu. You know, the sole release from 2007. *sigh*19:43
charlie-tcamadnick: could always grab the logo from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork and blow it up19:44
astraljavaDamnit, so glad GNOME2 is going away. I _really really_ loathe it when newly-opened dialogs don't have focus in the only field that can receive input.19:44
madnickcharlie-tca: oh you meant like that, i thought you wanted a pure XFCE logo :P19:45
charlie-tcaDepends on what looks best19:51
* astraljava bursts out in tears19:57
astraljavaAll my .isos are x86_64, and the test hardware is a 32-bit system. :(19:57
astraljavamadnick: Busy? Can we do this tomorrow? I really can't waste 700MB of my 3GB montly quota...19:58
charlie-tcaWant me to mail one?19:59
astraljavaWell, maybe not. I have an older one on the desktop machine. It shouldn't have changed that much, so that a zsync would eat too much of that quota.19:59
charlie-tcacould be as much as 50%, though20:00
astraljavaYeah, well, I won't be making the decision on the landline in a week or so anyway, so I'm looking at buying 1GB additional packages anyway.20:01
astraljavaBut 700MB would eat one package almost totally, so...20:01
madnickNo rush 20:04
madnickcharlie-tca: http://www.madnick.se/~madnick/xubuntu/draft1.png something like that? (ofcourse, not at ALL like that, but that placement of stuff?)20:08
charlie-tcasomething like that, yeah. 20:15
charlie-tcaalthough the xubuntu bothers my eyes, for some reason20:15
madnickits "glowing220:15
charlie-tcaWhat if it was above the login prompt?20:15
charlie-tcaor maybe it is too bright?20:15
madnickyeah, we need the artists on this :P20:16
charlie-tcaI agree20:16
astraljavacharlie-tca: Target was 44.3% complete... :-/ Oh well, 1GB is only 1.90 €20:21
astraljavaIt's still 40+ % better than downloading the whole thing.20:22
* astraljava laughs at the censored version of Children of Bodom's In Your Face.20:22
knomemadnick, DM?20:31
madnickknome: display manager :) lightdm theme20:32
knomehmm, do you have a shot of what we have currently?20:32
madnickknome: i can fix that :)20:33
knomesure, but can i see what we have now? :)20:33
madnickyes i meant i can fix an iamge of that :D20:34
knomegood ;)20:34
knomethanks, that would be nice20:34
knomei think i'm having a not-working login20:34
knomethat's why i'm asking20:34
knomenot-working as in not looking as should20:34
madnickthats the current20:37
madnickacctually thats a bit costumized by me20:37
knomeare we sticking with the list-style?20:37
madnickto use the droid font20:37
madnickthats what it looks like now20:37
charlie-tcaWhat we have is a plain background with a login in the center20:38
madnickI changed to droids + background20:38
knomemadnick, what about the list?20:38
knomemadnick, sticking with that?20:38
madnicki dont know20:38
knomemadnick, what do you think?20:38
knomei personally might even prefer the textfield more, but for most users, i think the list is optimal20:38
madnickI think we should do a good version of this: http://www.madnick.se/~madnick/xubuntu/draft1.png20:38
madnickLike the logo20:39
madnickAnd to the left20:39
knomei'm wondering if it looks awkward to first have the plymouth theme aligned to centre, then changing it to this20:39
madnickdidnt think of that20:39
knomethat's not really consistent :)20:39
knomeso if we don't want to do something completely different, let's just center-align the stuff20:40
madnickif you have a nice idea, i could just implement whats needed to make that possible20:42
madnickI cannot do graphics20:42
madnickI dont think that the current box looks nice 20:42
madnickand the computer screen20:43
madnickit looks a bit "off"20:43
madnickMaybe we could use the mouse? :)20:43
knomewhy don't we just remove that20:43
knomewhy don't just use the logo as in the plymouth theme20:43
madnickdo you think that its too bright?20:44
madnickthe logotype*20:44
knomewhat we have in plymouth, no20:46
knomethat's how i originally designed it20:46
madnickSo basically, hide users, use the xubuntu logo instead of computer, and keep it in the middle?20:49
madnicknot animate anything?20:50
knomei don't know about list/textbox20:50
madnickI had a (maybe dumb) idea, that if we used the foresty image, we could animate a bird, rotation is not a problem programmatically20:50
madnickknome: okay20:50
knomemaybe use the list20:51
knomefor the password input screen, use the same style as in plymouth pw-input, but naturally lose the progress bar20:51
knomeabout the list itself, i'm not sure what would look best yet20:51
knomei'll have to look at that later today or tomorrow20:51
madnicksounds good20:52
micahgcharlie-tca: BTW, aisleriot will be broke in alpha320:56
charlie-tcayup, I figured that, since it is still broken20:59
micahgcharlie-tca: gilir filed a bug for the gwibber issue if you want to track it, bug 81951921:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 819519 in xubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Gwibber installed on Xubuntu/Lubuntu ISO (indicator-messages recommends)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81951921:55
astraljavaUhhh... now I understand the pink creepiness you guys were talking about.22:03
charlie-tcapretty, huh?22:03
charlie-tcaThanks, micahg 22:03
charlie-tcaI'm guessing they fixed the wiki again. It is very slow again22:04
astraljavawhee! Yay for wiki sluggishness!22:05
charlie-tcaIt was good for a few weeks now.22:07
charlie-tcaGot to give them credit, a few weeks of working right in 5+ years is something!22:08
madnickwow, i stumbled accross a really wierd error22:12
charlie-tcaReally? There is such a thing?22:13
madnick"No LIGHTDM_TO_SERVER_FD environment variable" <- see, should there be one?22:13
charlie-tcaI don't know22:13
astraljavamadnick: Not seeing the splash while booting, but there is a splash when going down. While coming up, my monitor clicks a few times, though, so it's definitely trying to do something.22:18
madnickastraljava: okay, alot of people reports this thing, but do you know if you had a boot splash before you tried my script?22:19
astraljavamadnick: Ahh... sadly, I don't. I didn't watch the screen when it booted up the first time. That should be an easy change, though, right? Just reverting the alternatives?22:21
astraljavaLet me try that.22:21
astraljavaNope, the same clicks, but no splash.22:23
madnickastraljava: what drivers are you using?22:24
astraljavamadnick: i91522:26
madnickand they are installed / supported?22:27
astraljavaThat's installed by the installer. No idea whether it's supported or not.22:27
astraljavaHmm... found a bug already. Can't assign a keyboard shortcut for a new command.22:28
madnickplymouth seem to be hard to get working in all cases22:29
madnickalot of people getting "blank" screens22:29
madnickIt requires fiddeling with settings to get stuff working :(22:30
astraljavaI can only imagine.22:33
charlie-tcaThat's been a problem for a long time with plymouth22:33
astraljavaToo many things still require a lot of fiddling. Like for one, spotify on my two-screen setup wants to be maximized all the time. Nothing I do makes a difference. It's either on this monitor or the other, but covering up the whole space. Even occupying the space normally used by the panels.22:34
madnickCannot get pass this error, i cant just random set an fd :D22:41
madnickThey dont have an IRC channel either22:42
charlie-tcathat in lightdm?22:48
astraljavaDid you try #ubuntu-devel yet? Could give some pointers. Seems like they've died down for the night, mostly, though.22:48
charlie-tcaTalk direct to rancell if he is in22:48
pleia2knome: *waves*22:49
micahgcharlie-tca: on vacation I think22:50
charlie-tcamadnick: Robert Ancell is the developer for lightdm, he hangs out in either #ubuntu-desktop or #ubuntu-devel, I can't remember which one22:50
madnickthanks, ill look that up tomorrow, for now: workaround :P22:54
madnickalot of environment variables are missing, not just lightdm's23:28
madnickIll investigate23:28
astraljavaGoddamn that thing is lightning fast!23:54
astraljavaOn a Pentium4 even!23:54
micahgwhat thing?23:55
astraljavaXubuntu oneiric.23:56
astraljavaSeriously, takes like 10 seconds to boot, and 2 to shutdown.23:57
astraljavaAnd we're talking ancient hardware.23:57
astraljavaI'm sooo going to convert all my other machines, except the Studio desktop. :)23:58
astraljavaAnd the test comps, for other dists.23:59

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