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didrocksgood morning05:26
RAOFsmspillaz: Around?  Do you take compiz merge requests from launchpad?06:03
smspillazRAOF: yes06:04
RAOFsmspillaz: Anything I need to do other than have you set as a reviewer?  (I'm patch-piloting https://code.launchpad.net/~hypodermia/ubuntu/oneiric/compiz/fix-for-bug-301174/+merge/64632 )06:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 64632 in mga-vid (Ubuntu) "mga-vid-source fails to compile" [Undecided,Fix released]06:04
RAOFHeh.  Poor, confused ubot5 :)06:04
smspillazRAOF: ah that one06:06
smspillazRAOF: yeah, I'll ACK it06:06
smspillaz(I approved this long ago but never got around to merging it)06:06
RAOFI've got something I'd like fixed in it ;)06:06
smspillazoh ok06:06
smspillazhit me06:06
RAOFIt should use an event sound from http://0pointer.de/public/sound-naming-spec.html rather than manually specifying a filename.  That way, sound themes will actually work.06:07
RAOFAlso, it becomes simpler.  Bonus!06:07
RAOF(I'd suggest bell-window-system)06:07
RAOFAh.  Alternatively, that spec could be a pack of lies, and there not actually _be_ a bell-window-system.  Superlative.  There is, however, a bell.  So the not-manually-specifying-a-filename thing stands.06:10
RAOFAh, again no.  bell-window-system should alledgedly fall back to just “bell”06:17
RAOFsmspillaz: Anyway, the summary is: don't specify a filename, so that it respects the system sound theme :)06:18
smspillazRAOF: ah, ok06:19
RAOFNote: this advice may need actual, you know, _testing_06:19
smspillazthat doesn't exist in compizland06:19
RAOFBut if everything works as advertised, that's what should happen!06:19
smspillazRAOF: so we need to specify bell-window-system06:21
smspillazand instead of CA_PROP_MEDIA_FILENAME ...06:21
RAOFAnd instead of CA_PROP_MEDIA_FILENAME, you *don't* specify CA_PROP_MEDIA_FILENAME, and libcanberra looks it up in the sound theme.06:22
smspillazI hope canberra uses gtkdoc ...06:22
RAOFWhy, yes it does.06:22
smspillazoh I see06:23
smspillazI think that the filename is actually inteded to be an override06:23
smspillazso I might just check for filename size06:23
RAOFIs there a desperate need for compiz's sounds to be configured differently to the sound theme?06:24
RAOFHm.  Actually, the gtkdoc doesn't make it clear whether or CA_PROP_EVENT_ID *overrides* CA_PROP_MEDIA_FILENAME…06:25
RAOFI guess empirical testing may be in order.  Worse than a superfluous configuration option is a superfluous configuration option that *doesn't even work* :)06:26
RAOFsmspillaz: So, it's possible my concern is actually ‘the option to set the bell sound filename doesn't work’ :)06:28
RAOFEither it works, and compiz won't follow the sound theme, or it doesn't, and compiz gains a non-functional option.  Score!06:30
smspillazRAOF: we just don't se CA_PROP_MEDIA_FILENAME if mFilename is empty06:32
RAOFsmspillaz: And you may need to *not* set CA_PROP_EVENT_ID if mFilename is not empty.  http://0pointer.de/lennart/projects/libcanberra/gtkdoc/libcanberra-canberra.html#ca-context-play suggests that it'll override MEDIA_FILENAME.06:33
RAOFBut relying on this crazy documentation thing is probably a bit ambitious.  There should be actual testing to confirm that libcanberra works that way.06:34
RAOFAnd I suspect that this testing could be asked of our intrepid branch submitterc.06:35
RAOFShall I paste this IRC snippet in as a review comment?06:36
smspillazI'll probably just fix it myself though06:37
RAOFOk.  I'll add that :)06:41
oSoMoNgood morning07:06
didrocksKaleo: hey, FYI bug #81789608:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 817896 in unity-2d (Ubuntu Oneiric) "unity-2d-places crashed with SIGSEGV in QDeclarativePropertyPrivate::initProperty()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81789608:10
didrocksKaleo: 10:06:22       jibel | on a fresh install, login to Unity-2d and click on the launcher in08:10
didrocksthis is before yesterday's version though08:10
didrocksjibel: let's wait for Kaleo to show up :)08:13
Kaleodidrocks: I'm here :)08:14
stylesennjpatel: ping08:20
njpatelstylesen, pong08:25
stylesennjpatel: private message?08:26
Amaranthhmm, nux seems to think all of its .tga files are invalid08:39
AmaranthWARN  2011-08-02 09:38:29 nux.image GdkGraphics.cpp:80 No pixbuf loaded08:39
AmaranthERROR 2011-08-02 09:38:29 nux.image GdkGraphics.cpp:68 Failed to load image '/home/travis/bin/compiz/share/nux/1.0/UITextures/TriangleLeft.tga': Icon has zero width08:39
didrocksAmaranth: yeah, I got that as well, please report it! didn't have time to report it already08:44
Andy80hi all08:44
ephanhey Andy8008:45
Andy80hi ephan08:46
lucazadedidrocks, I've seen you confirmed bug 818778 .. if need any info i'm here :)08:47
ubot5Launchpad bug 818778 in unity (Ubuntu) "Wrong resolution for unity interface (Intel GMA500 / EMGD drivers)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81877808:47
didrockslucazade: my script certainly confirmed it for me TBH (it syncs the status when someone else confirmed it) :-)08:49
didrockslucazade: but you can ping people here, not sure about that card (it's pulsebo, isn't it?), you should talk about it with jaytaoko when he's around08:49
lucazadedidrocks, ok.. yes it is poulsbo08:50
lucazadedidrocks, I'll ping jaytaoko then08:50
didrockshe's there in the us time generally08:50
lucazadedidrocks, perfect, good to know08:50
lucazadedidrocks, last thing.. bug 808849 is fixed08:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 808849 in unity-2d "Bold fonts in global menubar" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80884908:54
didrockslucazade: indeed, thanks! marking as such!08:55
Amaranthdidrocks: will try to fix it instead, blocking me right now08:59
Amaranthgdk_pixbuf_new_from_file is failing09:08
andyrockgood morning09:10
andyrockunity-panel-service not found... suggestions?09:11
didrockslucazade: the global menu isn't in fact09:21
didrockslucazade: look at the title in unity-2d09:21
mnieper__Hi... I am experiencing a Unity problem on an LTSP fat client. When I log in ldm, only nautilus and compiz are being started when I select the "Ubuntu" session. Afterwards I have to add the rest of Unity by running "unity" in a terminal.09:26
mnieper__The funny thing is that everything works with the "Classic Gnome" session, even in 3D.09:26
Amaranthhmm, I didn't know windows .ico files were the TGA format09:28
Amaranthgdk-pixbuf is trying to load the tgas with its ico loader09:28
Amaranthdidrocks: Do you know why some of the tga files have RLE and some don't?09:31
AmaranthThe ones with RLE load fine, the ones without go through gdk-pixbuf's ico loader for some reason09:31
didrocksAmaranth: not really, should be a question for the nux guys09:31
didrocksor maybe thumper as well09:31
didrockshe made some work there09:31
Amaranthdidrocks: the nux guys being DBO and jaytaoko?09:32
* Amaranth misses the times when DBO didn't sleep09:32
didrocksAmaranth: indeed09:35
Cimi_hey seb09:39
Amaranthdidrocks: So it looks like my choices are to fix gdk-pixbuf or compress all of the tga files since the compressed ones work09:48
AmaranthGoing to decide on compressing09:48
didrocksAmaranth: I would go for compression :)09:48
andyrockdidrocks, unity-panel-service non found... suggestions?09:49
didrocksandyrock: unity-services package is installed?09:49
andyrockdidrocks, yes... and /usr/lib/unity/unity-panel-service exist09:51
didrocksandyrock: check if you have a local version installed09:51
didrocksandyrock: like a .service file starting a local one09:51
andyrockand /usr/share/dbus-1/services/... is ok09:52
didrocksandyrock: in local?09:52
andyrockdidrocks, let me check09:52
Amaranthdidrocks: Or I could convert them all to PNG and reduce the size rather dramatically09:53
andyrockdidrocks,  I always installed unity using as prefix /usr09:54
andyrockdidrocks, i don't like /opt/unity :)09:54
didrocksandyrock: dunno then, if you don't have anything in /ussr/local… try starting it by hand for now at least09:54
didrocksAmaranth: talk maybe with jaytaoko before doing it?09:55
Amaranthdidrocks: i guess so09:55
Amaranthotherwise it looks like only the gimp knows how to save RLE targa files09:55
Amaranthso I'll need to manually open all of these in the gimp and resave them09:55
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lucazadedidrocks, I see the font issue in title in unity-2d10:43
didrockslucazade: yeah,same here, so not fixed10:44
lucazadedidrocks, yes, not fixed :)10:44
andyrockdidrocks, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/723866 for unity is marked as confirmed, but the problem is not unity, but unity files place11:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 723866 in unity "Dash file Lens – Rename “Favourite Folders” category header to “Folders”" [Low,Confirmed]11:02
andyrockand for unity file place it is marked as fix commited11:02
andyrockso this bug is a little messy...11:03
didrocksandyrock: seems to be fix committed only, not released, right ?11:03
didrocksandyrock: unity can be see there as "master task", but as someone opened a downstream task, it's not considered as such11:04
andyrockyes... someone should release a new  0.5.46-0ubuntu(7)11:04
didrocksandyrock: yeah, I'm just rollback the bug status then11:05
andyrockdidrocks, thx11:05
ephanWhy are people using systray for the notification applet? It's not like the process is called systray.exe11:23
njpatelephan, some people are just used to that (i.e. me)11:29
njpatelalso, it's much shorter than "notification area"11:30
ephannotification applet, that's not the correct way either, it's indicator applet. either way, it's sad people are using the Windows name in my opinion, but what can be done XD11:30
njpatelephan, oh, they are using it for the indicators?!11:31
njpatelthat's Not Cool. :)11:32
ephanyeah i've seen systray being used for the Indicator Applet of Ubuntu a few times in Launchpad11:32
ephanWell, IIRC Microsoft invented the Notificion Area some years ago, but the process was called "systray.exe". So people started using "system tray" for it.    Now ubuntu implemented this and people call it systray, Not Cool11:33
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om26erlatest update broke unity on my intel system works fine with nvidia, it does not start anymore. compiz without unity words fine11:55
ephanreport it11:55
om26erephan, no .crash file is created11:58
ephanThat doesn't mean the bug can't be reported11:58
om26erephan, saying "unity does not start" in a bug report is quite useless I believe11:59
ephanThere's a lot of information you can give besides the .crash fiel11:59
ephanAnd just as useless it may be to make a bug saying "unity does not start", it's even more useless to join the channel to say that12:00
om26erephan, no its not useless to say it here, atleast I don't think so.12:01
ephanI didn't say it was useless.12:01
ephanHowever, there are more changes the bug will be fixed if you report it12:01
ephanthe right way.12:02
andyrockephan, om26er is one of the most important unity contributors regarding unity bug :)12:02
didrocksephan: you should maybe know that om26er is doing some huge ubuntu triaging work for the past few years and I totally trust him for that task and his opinion is something worth reporting or not12:02
andyrockdidrocks, don't copy me :)12:03
didrocksandyrock: I typed a too long sentence! :-)12:03
andyrockom26er, btw you builded unity from sources?12:03
didrocksom26er: can it be: https://launchpad.net/bugs/819727 ?12:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 819727 in compiz (Ubuntu) "[Intel 945GME] Compiz crashes on startup" [Undecided,New]12:03
ephanom26er, then please tell us what U12:03
om26erandyrock, its from repos12:04
ephani'm so being ninja'd12:04
om26erjust to check if there was nothing wrong locally i reinstalled todays oneiric build12:04
andyrockom26er, mmm ok...12:04
om26er didrocks yes its seems thats the bug12:05
didrocksom26er: can you se that with jibel?12:05
didrocksnjpatel: ^^12:05
ephanom26er, sorry if my response was inadequate. I pictured you as yet another regular ubuntu user who had a bug. I thought this because you didn't mention your Ubuntu version, I thought it was "latest update of 11.04 broke my system". But it seems you were building from source, the latest version of Unity for Ubuntu 11.10. So I see, it is adequate to post it here, as you know for a long time. Sorry :$12:07
* om26er_ lost power :/12:09
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jibeldidrocks, Omega could bug 819739 be the same than brendan, also session fails to start on my test netbook after applying latest updates12:23
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 819739 could not be found12:23
jibelbug 81973912:23
didrocksjibel: what do you mean "after applygin latest updates"?12:23
didrocksjibel: the latest iso + latest updates,12:23
didrocksnjpatel: seems a jaytaoko's issue ^12:24
jibeldidrocks, not latest iso, I updated compiz/nux/unity to the version you pushed last night12:24
didrocksjibel: ok, let's wait for jaytaoko's and njpatel's to answer there12:24
didrocksseems the shader doesn't wok on intel12:25
jibelI get the same trace on my netbook. So if you need guinea pigs, count me in.12:28
didrocksdbarth: FYI ^12:29
jaytaokojibel: hello12:39
jibelHey jaytaoko12:39
jaytaokojibel: I have enable all system that supports it to use the GLSL shader code path, but there could be some special cases to handle12:40
jaytaokojibel: can you paste the glxinfo and lspci of your system that fails?12:40
jibeljaytaoko, http://paste.ubuntu.com/657156/12:44
jaytaokojibel: thanks12:44
didrocksnjpatel: jaytaoko: can rev 402 be the cause?12:50
didrocksthere are some shader's "mem leak fixes"12:50
didrocksdidn't see any other shader's code changes12:50
jaytaokojibel: I see that your system supports opengl 1.4, it also reports that it supports GLSL shaders (GL_ARB_vertex_shader and GL_ARB_fragment_shader). But it does not report that it supports a shader language version. No string with "OpenGL shading language version string". So something is off with the driver report I believe...12:51
jaytaokodidrocks: it is rev 401.12:53
jaytaokodidrocks: the code is ok, but it looks that some systems incorrectly reports supports for GLSL shaders... Or maybe it is because the driver are still being worked out...12:55
didrocksjaytaoko: one of the issue is that this intel card is the most popular netbook one12:55
jaytaokodidrocks: but its report of opengl capability seems off...12:56
didrocksjaytaoko: time for a workaround then?12:57
jaytaokodidrocks: jibel: I believe I have a fix for this... I will push in a few minutes...12:57
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Andy80a question that could be OT, so please if you can point me to the right person/channel it would be apreciated. Let's suppose a quite famous company would like to develop and distribute a game trough Ubuntu Software Center... who should contact exactly?13:06
mnieper__Does anyone know by chance where gdm selects the "unity" profile of compiz when I ask for a unity session?13:10
mnieper__Due to some error here, the Standard profile (which does not include the unity plugin) is always loaded regardless of session.13:10
mnieper__(In case this is the wrong channel to ask these kind of questions do you happen to know where I could ask?)13:13
om26ermnieper__, #ubuntu or #ubuntu+1 might be more related I believe13:14
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om26erHarryHaaren, Hi13:25
om26erHarryHaaren, you closed bug 778082 without any reason, seems like a valid bug13:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 778082 in unity (Ubuntu) "Sidebar display issue after system wake up " [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77808213:25
HarryHaarenom26er, I'll check which it is now, one sec13:29
HarryHaarenom26er, yes Its a duplicate of another, should have been marked as dup but that didn't happen, will do now13:31
om26erHarryHaaren, ah, ok ;)13:31
TrevinhoAndy80: try ask to Canonical guys...13:33
Andy80Trevinho: yeah thanks, I'll make sure both parts will get in touch :)13:34
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APIdidrocks, one question, does this:15:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 724093 in unity (Ubuntu Oneiric) "unity-window-decorator: When switching between windows, Orca does not speak the title of the focused window." [High,Triaged]15:49
APIstill applies?15:49
APIAFAIK, alt-tab is being15:49
didrocksAPI: not sure, better to ask to smspillaz15:49
APIimplemented on Unity itself,15:49
didrocksor TheMuso15:49
APIsmspillaz, ^15:49
APITheMuso, ^15:49
didrocksom26er_: thanks for confirming the fix :)15:59
smspillazAPI: we'll implement atk support in the new switcher16:00
om26er_didrocks, happy to ;)16:00
smspillazit's broken in the old one and I haven't yet had the time to fix it16:00
APIsmspillaz, so that bug doesn't apply anymore, right?16:01
smspillazAPI: yes and no16:02
smspillazAPI: it needs to be fixed in compiz proper16:02
APIsmspillaz, in compiz? I thought that new alt-tab was a unity thing16:02
wellarkjust hit a reproducable bug in unity-window-decorator on oneiric16:02
wellarktrying to get gdb backtrace right now16:02
smspillazwellark: I'm currently rewriting that ... but what is it?16:02
wellarksmspillaz: I opened VLC's "Convert / Export" dialog16:04
wellarkand that crashes uwd16:04
wellarkand the dialog shows empty16:04
smspillazwellark: sounds like some other application is not setting the wm_transient_for property correctly :(16:04
smspillazwe'll have to handle that case I guess16:04
wellarkand as long as the dialog is open uwd will crash every time it's launched16:05
APIdidrocks, one question, what means "NULL project", I'm doing some triagging of the a11y bugs and this:16:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 702672 in NULL Project "NuxUtilAccessible requires to implement support to key event listeners" [Undecided,New]16:05
wellarkbacktrace in a bit16:05
APIis still open due that NULL project, but was fixed a long time ago16:05
didrocksAPI: Null project is a way to remove a project from a bug16:05
didrocksAPI: it's a dummy one16:05
APIdidrocks,  so it is normal if that bug is still open due the dummy project, in spite of being solved on unity?16:06
didrocksAPI: yeah, please put it as Fix released16:08
APIdidrocks, on the NULL projecT?16:08
didrocksAPI: right16:10
APIdidrocks, ok, done, thanks16:10
didrocksAPI: it's a dummy launchpad project, but still a project :)16:10
didrocksAPI: thanks!16:10
didrocksthere is NULL2, NULL3 ;)16:10
wellarksmspillaz: double unref(), maybe?  http://pastebin.com/z5n6Jg5P16:13
wellarkthat backtrace isn't much of use16:14
smspillazwellark: these things are often race conditions16:15
smspillazwellark: hopefully you won't see that crash with my rewritten decorator16:16
wellarklet's hope :)16:16
wellarkwhen can I test? :)16:16
smspillazwhen its done16:17
wellarknaturally. ;p16:17
smspillazI don't usually give ETAs for these sorts of things because window managers are tricky16:17
wellarkreally (:p)16:17
smspillazyes :)16:17
wellarkronoc: hi!16:18
wellarksmspillaz: any idea how I could work around this?16:18
wellarkI would really need to use the dialog somehow16:18
wellarkIt's just pure graphicsbuffer garbage16:19
wellarksmspillaz: just give me a ping when you are about to release something. I would be happy to test your code. I even can use gdb if I have to ;)16:21
Trevinhosmspillaz: did you see the workaround I used to "solve" the problem we was talking about last time?18:41
fhdI'm working on a patch that adds a text - what do I have to do to get it translated?18:54
andyrockfhd ^^^18:55
fhdandyrock: No need to ping some translation team, generate po files or something like that?18:56
andyrockfhd, add the _ macro18:57
andyrockthen run cmake ...18:58
andyrockand it will generate po files for you18:58
andyrockno need to ping translation team18:58
andyrocklp will do it for you18:59
fhdandyrock: Okay, that's nice18:59
fhdandyrock: But aren't the po files in bzr?18:59
fhdandyrock: Don't I have to add them?18:59
andyrockfhd, cmake and make (i don't remember the exact one) will do it for you19:00
fhdandyrock: Fair enough, thanks :)19:00
wellarkcouldn't canonical move all it's components to Scons?19:01
* wellark hides19:01
andyrockfhd, yw19:02
Andy80AbsintheSyringe: hey :)19:48
AbsintheSyringeAndy80, hey :)19:49
Andy80AbsintheSyringe: I really missed the DebConf, but as you know I could not attend :(19:49
AbsintheSyringeAndy80, :( well we had fun! :)19:51
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Amaranthjaytaoko: you around?21:45
jaytaokoAmaranth: yes, hello21:46
Amaranthjaytaoko: so it seems half the tga files in nux are compressed and half aren't21:46
Amaranththe ones that aren't hit a bug in gdk-pixbuf that tries to load them as windows ico files21:46
jaytaokoAmaranth: so you mean some are RLE ?21:46
jaytaokoAmaranth: wow! so that is the problem we have been having for some time now...21:47
Amaranthso I can't actually run anything with nux right now because it can't load those files :)21:47
jaytaokoAmaranth: right, I can fix this for you21:47
jaytaokoAmaranth: or do you have something in mind?21:48
Amaranthwant to get a merge request to you as soon as I get this all up and running21:48
Amaranthjaytaoko: well ideally you'd just convert them all to PNG and be done with it ;)21:48
Amaranthsaves quite a bit of room, actually21:48
Amaranthbut saving them with RLE would be fine, I was going to but that would require opening them in gimp one by one21:49
Amaranthsince imagemagick doesn't support saving RLE targa, only reading21:49
Amarantheven though it appears to have an option to do RLE when saving21:49
jaytaokoAmaranth: ok, I can save them with RLE, I believe I have something for that...21:50
Amaranthxnconvert looked promising but I didn't try it21:50
jaytaokoAmaranth: alright, I will start withing an hour and I ping you as soon as it is done. Thanks for the tip!21:52
Amaranthjaytaoko: thanks21:52
Amaranthjaytaoko: btw why are you still changing the API after the 1.0 release :P22:10
jaytaokoAmaranth: yes22:10
jaytaokoAmaranth: we are making some changes... but they are necessary for unity22:11
Amaranthwhile I'm ranting, a commit to change the whitespace?22:11
Amaranththat may have been only unity, bit fuzzy on that22:11
jaytaokoAmaranth: whitespace to what?22:11
jaytaokoAmaranth: we are using white space instead of tab if that is what you mean...22:12
AmaranthI mean unity had one whitespace style and then suddenly had another one22:12
Amaranthso I had to basically manually rebase my changes on top of the new version22:13
Amaranthcan't remember if nux had the same problem or not, don't think so22:13
jaytaokoAmaranth: Nux use to be 4 whiye space but we are switching it to 2 spaces for tabs22:13
jaytaokoAmaranth: what if your Nux version was merged with ours, would that make it easier?22:14
Amaranthjaytaoko: If it was merged with yours I'd be done :P22:14
Amaranthafaik it's done, I've just been forward porting it as I chase down a weird blending issue with unity22:14
Amaranthwhich I'm about to give up on and see if you guys can figure out anyway :)22:15
jaytaokoAmaranth: yes, I would like to help you with that after we make the feature freeze...22:15
Amaranthyeah, my problem is I need to get all of this in for feature freeze or get an exception :)22:16
jaytaokoAmaranth: I have pushed the converted tga files. give it a try please22:56

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