systemclientjelmer: thanks, I forgot the commit part …00:02
bob2hah, awesome, google code is using dulwich for their git support00:06
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lifelessbob2: interesting00:23
kgoetzjelmer: awesome. thakns for that (that being what you told systemclient) - i've been wondering that too00:56
poolieo/ thomi02:57
RenatoSilvais it possible to merge changes from a specific file?04:39
RenatoSilvaof a different branch?04:40
RenatoSilvaexample branch 1 is a tree of dirs and files and one of them is foo. Branch 2 is contains only foo and I want to merge changes from branch 1, but only the foo file04:41
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Noldorinhey jelmer07:29
Noldorinso co-located branches...what's the point?07:32
jelmerNoldorin: hi07:37
jelmerNoldorin: how do you mean?07:37
Noldorinjelmer, i mean i am quite happy (prefer?) having all my branches in separate dirs07:38
Noldorinis there any real reason to have co-located branches?07:38
Noldorinappart from Git interop07:38
jelmerNoldorin: you only need a single working tree for multiple branches07:41
jelmerwhich means less disk space, and potentially having to recompile fewer files if you're in a C project07:42
Noldorinjelmer, good point, i suppose.07:42
Noldorinjelmer, will bzr-git allow pushing to co-located branches from separate local branches though?07:43
jelmerNoldorin: sure07:58
jelmer'morning Riddell07:58
Noldorinjelmer, oh great. :-) but that still requires bzr to get co-located brnaches support eh?07:58
RiddellI can't find my headphone/microphone :(08:00
jelmerRiddell: it looks like it's just the two of us today, don't hurry08:05
Riddellhmm, mumble freezes when I try to reconfigure it to my internal microphone08:06
jelmerRiddell: please ping when you're ready, I'm putting down my headset for a bit, not sure how much battery it still has left08:21
jelmerRiddell: we can also do skype if you prefer08:21
Noldorinjelmer, which version is it on the roadmap of bzr for anyway?08:21
jelmerNoldorin: probably 2.508:21
jelmerwell, almost certainly 2.508:22
Noldorinjelmer, right, so i'll have everything i need then08:23
Noldorini'm guessing that will happen by end of 2011?08:23
jelmeryeah, though the first 2.5 beta release is only a few months away08:24
Noldorinoh cool08:25
Noldorinand that will have co-located branches support in?08:25
Noldorinofficial bzr-git integration would be nice heh.08:25
jelmerNoldorin: official in what regard? what would that add?08:26
Noldorinjelmer, well bzr-svn is. it would make it easier for everyone to push to git without going through the installation process08:27
Noldorinsaying that however...08:27
Noldorinsince bzr-windows got the site-packages/ dir everything is MUCH easier08:27
jelmerNoldorin: bzr-svn is no more official than bzr-git08:28
jelmer(or less official)08:28
jelmerdo you mean inclusion in the windows installer?08:28
Noldorinjelmer, well official in the sense that it's included as standard with bzr installations08:28
jelmerNoldorin: That's only really relevant for the windows installer08:30
jelmerNoldorin: Once the kinks with running bzr-git on windows are ironed out, I think it would be a good idea to propose it for inclusion in the windows installer.08:31
Riddelljelmer: let's do skype, I'm jriddell08:32
Noldorinjelmer, oh right, i see now08:32
Noldorinjelmer, that's good to know. :-)08:32
Noldorinjelmer, btw sorry i haven't had much time...will be looking into that issue i'm having soon08:33
jelmerNoldorin: in that regard, it would also be useful if you can write down your experiences so the bzr-windows-installer folks can use them when adding bzr-git support08:33
Noldorinjelmer, definitely. will do that blog post once all is working. remind me if i forget :-)08:34
Riddelljelmer: bug 81637608:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 816376 in bzr-builddeb "bzr bd-do for full source packages" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81637608:37
maxbjelmer: fyi a retry of that bzr-svn 'lost connection' build succeeded. So now all I have to do is backport debhelper 8.1.0 to <<natty, and the beta ppa should be in sync with sid08:50
maxboh, no, I forgot the bzr-builddeb fail08:50
jelmermaxb: which fail?08:51
jelmermissing python-lzma?08:52
maxbbzr-builddeb 2.7.7 FTBFS on <= maverick due to test failures due to missing pristine-tar lzma support.08:52
maxbis what I wrote down about it when investigated08:52
maxbShould just be a matter of guarding tests with an appropriate feature, I hope08:53
jelmerhmm, hanging up skype calls with "pkill -9 skype" is sort of suboptimal08:53
jelmermaxb: pristine-tar doesn't have lzma support nowadays either08:54
jelmerthough it may have some way of dealing with unknown formats (such as lzma)08:54
bigjoolsguys, is there a way to remove orphan revisions in a shared repo?09:54
jelmerbigjools: not really, there are plans for a "bzr gc" command. Until then, the best way is to create a new shared repo and cloning the branches you care about into that.09:58
bigjoolsjelmer: ok thanks09:58
bigjoolsI think that's what I did last time :)09:59
jelmerRiddell: did you still need a review of that qbzr branch?10:06
jelmerI can't find it in the +activereviews queue10:06
Riddelljelmer: no alex did it10:06
lifelessjelmer: hi10:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 819604 in Bazaar "when an idle ssh transport is interrupted, bzrlib errors" [Undecided,New]10:06
lifelessok, internet fail10:07
jelmerRiddell: cool10:07
lifelessjelmer: hi10:07
jelmerlifeless: thanks though, I got the bug #10:07
lifelessjelmer: any chance that can get prioritised ?10:43
jelmerlifeless: yep10:46
jelmer(wrapping up some Launchpad QA at the moment, but I'm following what's happening on -ops)10:46
lifelessjelmer: awesome, cool10:52
Riddellwould be good to have a review of this https://code.launchpad.net/~jr/bzr-explorer/814408-lock-contention/+merge/6965312:51
* jelmer looks13:00
exarkunWhat's going on here?  $ bzr branch dummy a13:06
exarkunbzr: ERROR: The branch dummy has no revision None.13:06
exarkunSomething about shared repositories13:07
jelmerexarkun: branch moved out of a shared repo manually?13:20
jelmerhey mwhudson13:21
exarkunYes, that was it13:21
mwhudsonjelmer: hello13:21
jelmermwhudson: you're up late :)13:21
mwhudsonjelmer: i'm in the uk :)13:21
jelmerRiddell: reviewed; I'm not sure about what the right thing is to do when refresh() is hit instead.13:21
jelmerRiddell: what do you think?13:22
jelmermwhudson: ahh13:22
Riddelljelmer: I'm not sure we have better options, on the other hand I don't think it happens much, this is a long standing problem but people only noticed it when I added the auto-refresh feature13:29
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jelmerRiddell: ah13:44
jelmerRiddell: for auto-refresh I certainly think it makes sense to silently ignore lock retention problems13:45
Riddellwhere would be the best place to put out a notice about bug 814408 ?  I think it's important enough to notify the bzr explorer packagers14:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 814408 in Bazaar Explorer "Exception "bzr: ERROR: Could not acquire lock" occurs very often. " [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81440814:19
Riddellon the qbzr mailing list?14:19
jelmerRiddell: there is also a bzr-packagers list, that might be most appropriate if you want to inform the packagers14:22
Riddellso there is14:25
Riddellif I have a trivial change to bzr that doesn't need approval what's the easiest way to get it into trunk?14:54
Riddelldo I have to do a merge proposal and self approve and send to pqm?14:54
mgzthat's what I generally do.14:55
mgzI find pushing lp:~gz/bzr/trivial_whatever and proposing, accepting, and running feed-pqm is easy enough I've never looked into the hydrazine bypassing methods14:56
henningeHow do I fix a pipeline after I removed a pipe (not remove-pipe but removed the directory) ?14:57
henningeI now get "Not a branch: " errors when I do a  show-pipeline.14:58
mgzno idea, I'll try searching the mailing list archives15:02
jelmerabentley: ^15:06
abentleyhenninge: You edit .bzr/branch/branch.conf in the neighbouring pipes to remove references to the missing pipe.15:07
henningeabentley: thanks!15:09
abentleyhenninge: if the pipe was in the middle, you'll need to fix the remaining pipes to point to each other, or else you'll have two disconnected pipelines.15:10
henningeit was at the end but thanks15:10
abentleyhenninge: were you deliberately avoiding remove-pipe?15:11
henningeno, I was cleaning out unsused branches from my repository and forgot that this one was part of a pipeline.15:12
henningeabentley: now that you mention it, I don't think remove-pipe --branch ever worked for me - the branch always remained.15:13
abentleyhenninge: Odd.  I don't use it much, but I'll check it.15:13
henningeabentley: worked now. Dunno what I was remembering there ...15:18
abentleyhenninge: Cool.  I imagine you'd still prefer if there was a "repair" command?15:19
mwhudson_if i want to list the files in a directory in a tree, what's the easiest api to use?  list_files(recursive=False)?15:22
mwhudson_there is also iter_children15:22
henningeabentley: yes, that is really missing.15:37
abentleymwhudson_: I would say list_files(recursive=False)15:37
mwhudson_abentley: ta15:37
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exarkunI want to try the bzr beta but apt wants to uninstall bzr-svn in order to upgrade to bzr from the beta ppa18:18
exarkunjust a fact of life?  or what?18:24
exarkunokay, out of time.  filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/819964 sort of relatedly.18:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 819964 in Bazaar "bzr: ERROR: No such file: .../.bzr/repository/indices/...rix" [Undecided,New]18:27
ablmf333I tried to use bzr to merge 2 svn branches.  And something went wrong.  Now I can't use "bzr branch/checkout" to get a new copy from svn.19:38
ablmf333The error is : InvalidBzrSvnRevision: Revision id xxx@gmail.com-20110801193839-e85w184hqg35dxjy was added incorrectly19:39
ablmf333Is there any way to clean up bzr's local cache of svn and let me get a fresh new checkout from svn?19:40
ablmf333nvm, I found it.19:58
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SpamapSI'm having trouble with bzr import-dsc in Oneiric.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/657500/21:14
krowAre nested repositories (i.e. hg sub repositories) working at this point? The website is confusing on this point.21:19
thumperkrow: I don't think they are21:27
RenatoSilvais it possible to merge a single file?21:36
AnAntHello, I lost a couple of .pack files, how can I fetch them from repository ?21:39
systemclientis it a problem if I use bzr 2.1.2 (debian stable) on Branches created with 2.3.1 (ubuntu natty)?21:44
beunosystemclient, no, it should be fine21:44
systemclientbeuno: where can I find the striking differences between the version?21:45
beunosystemclient, not sure, but in the source tree, the NEWS file keeps track of all the changes21:46
beunotoo fine-grained for what you're looking for, I'm sure21:47
systemclientbeuno: I just care for my commits to be safe, that is all21:47
beunosystemclient, there haven't been any format changes since 2.0, so you can safely use those 2 versions21:47
beunoand even if there are format changes, nothing will break21:47
systemclientbeuno: even going down?21:48
beunosystemclient, yeap, bzr won't break things. Ever.21:48
systemclientbeuno: +1 for bazaar then!21:48
systemclientit would be intersting if git behaves the same way21:48
systemclientso bzr would just say "I do not know this typo of repo, exiting"?21:49
jelmersystemclient: yeah22:08
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pooliehi all23:42
pooliehi jelmer?23:42
jelmerhi poolie23:50
pooliehi there23:54
RenatoSilva~offtopic: how can this *diff between pacthes* result in *the same* patched file? http://pastie.org/pastes/2311489/text23:56

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