DamianosI was trying to get a dual screen thing going on the teacher's computer and it hosed italc. I updated keys but clients are not showing up in italc master (even if I manually put the station on the list by ip address)15:47
frank_i was trying to install inssider but i got this error    :   Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libgtk2.0-cil (>= 2.12.10)15:47
frank_any idea hoe to fix it ?15:48
Damianos 15:48
Damianoshow do I safely uninstall and reinstall italc?16:45
Damianosanybody have any idea how to set keys properly with italc and ltsp? I've gone through every walk through and done the ica commands and it still won't work. I try the launcher command and it throws an error saying that keys are not installed correctly18:26
DamianosCould somebody help me configure italc? I tried to launch it from terminal but it says that keys are not correctly installed21:12

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