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ScottKperlqt built in ninjas01:25
ScottKclaydoh: Can haz release notes for Alpha 3 by Wed?02:49
ScottKkdepim binaries accepted.02:51
ScottKperlkde built too.02:53
ScottKIt'd be good if someone could upload perlqt and perlkde.02:53
claydohScottK: yes, I will do them tomorrow, any highlights (other than 4.7) ? I am a little out of the loop I think04:27
ScottKclaydoh: The big news is KDEpim 4.7.0.  It's our first update to the new KDEpim.04:27
ScottKBut yes,
claydohkdepim 04:27
ScottKOthers will know stuff too.04:27
claydohkdepim has been, well, fun04:28
ScottKNew amarok.04:34
ScottKNot sure what's in it.04:34
claydohgpodder mygpo support 04:35
Tm_Tand revolutionary new ... bug fixes04:48
rwwdoes kubuntu-backports get updates to fix odd bugginess, or is e.g. 4.7 pushed out the door and that's it?04:50
rww(don't have something specific in mind, just curious about the workflow)04:51
Tm_Trww: unless it's something that needs quick fix, it'll wait monthly bugfix release from upstream05:01
Tm_Tatleast AFAIK that's how it goes05:01
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markeyhey folks07:26
markeyThe following packages have unmet dependencies:07:26
markey kdelibs5-plugins : Breaks: kdevelop (< 4:4.2) but 4:4.0.2-0ubuntu2 is to be installed07:26
markeyI'm not even using KDevelop07:26
markeyhow to fix this?07:26
markeyI'd love to nuke KDevelop into orbit07:27
markeyapt-get remove kdevelop ?07:28
felimwhiteleyugh 4.7 ppa is either broken or there's some dolphin regressions :( takes about 3mins to open Dolphin up.. anyone else getting that?08:20
felimwhiteleyboth via quicklaunch and krunner and from the menu..08:23
felimwhiteleyhmm seems to be Soprano errors.. open bug? Soprano: "QLocalSocket::connectToServer: Invalid name"08:36
debfxScottK, yofel: perlqt and perlkde are in new08:49
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yofelrww: right, the bugfixes get in with kde point releases, but if you think there's something that needs fixing file a bug against the PPA09:32
yofelmarkey: try to purge it, maybe that'll help09:32
yofelfelimwhiteley: I haven't gotten any such errors on my system yet...09:33
felimwhiteleyyofel: hmm weird I don't know why.. I've seen this where people had virtuo-t using high CPU or nepomuk crashed but it is fine for me..09:34
yofelfelimwhiteley: feel free to file a bug on https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ - maybe someone else can take a look later09:35
felimwhiteleyok will do09:44
felimwhiteleyis there a way to double check nepomuk etc is running? Bar it saying it is inside the System Settings tool09:45
felimwhiteleyor bar the virtuoso process running09:48
felimwhiteleyget another error too Soprano: "QLocalSocket::connectToServer: Invalid name"09:49
felimwhiteleyI'll stick it all in a bug report09:49
apacheloggerQuintasan: Did you upload phonon vlc yet?09:55
felimwhiteleyI've added that in as https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/+bug/81972009:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 819720 in Kubuntu PPA "Dolphin Takes Long Time To Load Soprano/Dbus errors" [Undecided,New]09:58
felimwhiteleywhat he said ^09:58
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steveireScottK: I hope to be able to test out the packages of kdepim soon, yep11:02
steveireShould I test on 11.10?11:02
yofelsteveire: yes please, the natty packages will probably stay in experimental so oneiric has priority11:14
ScottKsteveire: It's in the archive for Oneiric, so we really need that tested.12:19
* yofel goes packaging prison12:39
yofelprison is missing COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS12:56
ScottKDid anyone here retry kmail on armel?13:09
ScottKdebfx: Can you sponsor perlqt and perlkde today?13:40
ScottKOh, wait.  Nevermind13:43
ScottKperlqt source accepted.13:50
shadeslayerScottK: actually i'm waiting for someone to upload kstars13:58
shadeslayerfrom ninjas13:58
ScottKCan't be me though, I need to put it through New.13:59
shadeslayerQuintasan: apachelogger yofel: ^14:02
yofelIIRC that'll be source new material, so I don't think I can upload that14:02
yofelbbiab, can someone review this in the meanwhile? It's been a while since I packaged something from scratch:14:04
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/prison] Philip Muškovac * 1 * (14 files in 4 dirs) Initial release14:04
_Groo_hi/2 all15:59
_Groo_anyone here uses basket?15:59
QuintasanScottK: Can you sync http://packages.debian.org/sid/libalure-dev ?16:42
Quintasanshadeslayer: kstars(4:4.6.90+repack-0ubuntu1) UNRELEASED16:43
QuintasanY U NO 4.7.0?16:43
shadeslayerQuintasan: check ninjas16:43
Quintasanbump bzr?16:43
shadeslayeroh, right, forgot to bump bzr16:43
shadeslayerQuintasan: pushed16:53
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CIA-52[kstars] Michal Zajac * 4 * debian/changelog Releasing version 4:4.7.0-0ubuntu117:42
yofelQuintasan: mind taking a look at prison?17:58
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CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/qtruby] Philip Muškovac * 6 * debian/ (4 files in 2 dirs) fix licensing of examples/ruboids18:07
yofelQuintasan: and re-upload qtruby please?18:07
_Groo_stupid question18:10
_Groo_im trying to compile a app with debug symbols18:10
yofelcompile or package?18:10
_Groo_so i did a dh_auto_configure -- -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug18:10
_Groo_isnt that enough to pick up from drkonki18:10
yofelpackage :)18:10
_Groo_yofel: compile and package18:11
yofel_Groo_: you _did_ override dh_strip, did you?18:11
_Groo_override_dh_auto_configure:         dh_auto_configure -- -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug18:11
yofelI'm talking about strip, not auto_configure18:11
_Groo_yofel: can you paste me a complete set? :P18:11
yofelwell, just read the manpage.... if you have a debug package it would look like this for example:18:12
yofel        dh_strip --dbg-package=libprison-dbg18:12
_Groo_no no, its a quick test, i just want the default package to have symbols18:12
_Groo_ah ok18:12
yofel_Groo_: then just leave my second line away and use an empty override18:13
Quintasanor install pkg-create-dbgsym18:13
yofelso that dh_strip is never run18:13
yofelor that18:13
* yofel didn't think of that one..18:13
_Groo_so just add override_dh_strip:  without anything to buyild in current package?18:14
_Groo_k testing, tks yofel18:14
Quintasanpersia told me about that one, it's neat stuff if you don't want to override half of the package just to get some dbg magic18:14
_Groo_basket is broken in 4.7 and im helping a basket dev to fix it18:14
Quintasanyofel: I can look at prison18:14
_Groo_gonna send a new one to ya guys when im done18:14
Quintasangimmie branch pls18:14
yofelQuintasan: lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/prison18:15
Quintasanapachelogger: I did not since you told me not to (yet)18:15
yofelp-vlc is in debian now though18:16
_Groo_ahh nice trick # Skipping dh_strip - empty override18:16
QuintasanScottK: Can you sync http://packages.debian.org/sid/libalure-dev and phonon-backend-vlc?18:16
* Quintasan thinks he asked but didn't get an answer or doesnt remember18:17
_Groo_its not stripping now.. why the stupid package doesnt show debug symbols :P18:17
_Groo_yofel: can you take a look at the rules file pls? http://paste.ubuntu.com/657383/18:18
Quintasanyofel: Did you try contacting upstream about the license?18:18
apacheloggerQuintasan: actually package has a bug ... vlc is a requirement not a recommendation18:19
Quintasanapachelogger: in Debian too?18:19
apacheloggerQuintasan: I reckon without vlc installed videowidget wont work18:20
QuintasanIf it uses vlc then no way :D18:21
Quintasanapachelogger: What is the "supported" backend for Phonon anyways?18:22
apacheloggergstreamer and vlc18:22
yofelQuintasan: what license?18:22
QuintasanBSD magic for CMake magic18:22
QuintasanI see a patch there to add the missing license18:23
yofelah, svuorela committed that a few hours ago18:23
yofelhe's upstream :P18:23
yofel_Groo_: --with quilt is a bit overkill if you use 3.0 (quilt)18:23
yofelor do you use native?18:24
_Groo_yofel: yeah i know, it was just a quick copy/paste18:24
_Groo_yofel: anyway i did the proper way, added to control, etc :P18:24
* Quintasan can never get quilt vs native right18:24
yofelyou wanted comments, otherwise fine IMO 18:24
Quintasanyofel: prison built with -j12 here18:25
yofeluh, does that even have 12 jobs it can spawn? ^^18:25
Quintasansudo -E ARCH=i386 DIST=o ninja=1 pbuilder create18:26
Quintasanwhat a nice command18:26
QuintasanScottK: kstars is in New somehow18:28
_Groo_yofel: let me get this straight. when i build a dbg package it gets my package.install and remakes it but with build symbols.. so i just need to declare the files in package.install and thats it?18:29
yofelQuintasan: it's the first upload, that's why18:29
QuintasanI see18:29
yofel_Groo_: er, not really, if you have a dbg package it'll put the debugging symbols of all binary files that are built into that18:30
Quintasan_Groo_: Usually dh_strip is called which strips debug information form libraries and discards them or puts them into separate package if you tell it to do so18:30
_Groo_this is my rules18:30
QuintasanIf you override it with no command then it won't get called and therefore won't strip debug info from files18:30
yofelEXCEPT if you are Quintasan and try to build Qt in neon :P18:30
_Groo_this is my control18:31
QuintasanYeah, that too18:31
Quintasan_Groo_: Why do you have them commented?18:31
_Groo_this is my basket.install18:31
_Groo_i still need to put debug=full? when i have declared a -dbg in control?18:32
yofel_Groo_: a) why are the overrides commented out b) if you have a -dbg package don't use an empty override18:32
yofeluse dh_strip --dbg-package=basket-dbg18:32
Quintasan_Groo_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/657395/18:33
QuintasanThat's how would I do it18:33
Quintasanwith the debian/control that is18:33
_Groo_Quintasan: and i still need to declare it in control, right?18:34
Quintasanbasket-dbg package? yes18:35
Quintasanyofel: I though I would catch you on some symbols on i386 in prison but that didn't happen ^_^18:36
Quintasankubotu: order cookies for yofel18:36
* kubotu slides a whole bunch of world's finest cookies down the bar to yofel.18:36
* Quintasan hands the Might Stick of apachelogger Poking to yofel18:36
Quintasanyofel: Since you are  -dev now you can have one18:36
* apachelogger is doing preps for DS18:36
_Groo_k it worked now, cookies to everyone :) but, if i declare a -dbg isnt dpkg smart enough to know what it is? or i always need to explictly say which files are there?18:37
Quintasanyofel: See, it works18:37
apacheloggerSO LEAVE ME ALONE *fist waving etc.etc.*18:37
Quintasan_Groo_: You need to tell debuild that there is a package which contains debug symbols if you want to strip them to separate package18:37
Quintasanand dpkg somehow has to know what to pull when installing dbg stuff, doesnt it?18:38
_Groo_still... drkonki still doesnt generated meaningfull stuff18:38
apacheloggerwhat great awesomness have we done that went upstream?18:38
Quintasan_Groo_: kdebugdialog18:38
Quintasan_Groo_: enable all18:39
Quintasanapachelogger: I did neon18:39
apacheloggermore upstreamy18:39
_Groo_Quintasan: basket is marked in kdebugdialog18:39
_Groo_Quintasan: i need to enable all of it? :P18:39
QuintasanI would if I were hoping to get any sensible debug18:40
kubotuQuintasan meant: "s/do/do"18:40
Quintasanyofel: prison uploadan18:41
_Groo_Quintasan: nope, same thing18:41
_Groo_Quintasan: i need to add the debugfull? 18:41
Quintasandpgk -X basket-dbg.deb /path/to/where/it/should/extract and see what's inside18:42
Quintasan_Groo_: hmm, try adding that to override_dh_auto_configure18:42
QuintasanMight work18:42
Quintasanyofel: Do we have to have prison now? I'd like someone else review it as well18:43
* _Groo_ raises hand! whats prison?18:44
* Quintasan goes playing games18:44
Quintasan_Groo_: QRCode generation library18:44
Quintasanyofel: hmm, you just had to remind me of Qt, didn't you?18:46
* Quintasan still blames LP for that18:47
_Groo_i have this http://paste.ubuntu.com/657406/ inside -dbg and installed along normal basket... and yet it doesnt generate symbols18:47
QuintasanHrm, no idea18:47
* yofel tries18:49
yofelthanks for the stick btw. :D18:49
claydohOk folks, whats new in Kubuntu for the next alpha, outside of KDE 4.7 and amarok? anything you want highlighted?18:50
claydohkdepim as well18:50
yofelQuintasan: well, it's needed for qrcode stuff in KDE, but as long as we get it in before FF it's fine18:50
_Groo_stupid question18:50
_Groo_when i activate all in kdebugdialog18:50
_Groo_its only used by drkonki?18:50
_Groo_or every single app in there is gonna start pew pewing debug symbols?18:51
yofel_Groo_: curious, can I see the trace?18:51
yofeland wait18:51
yofelkdebugdialog is about stderr output, isn't it?18:51
_Groo_yofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/657408/18:52
yofel_Groo_: erm18:52
yofelthe *basket* symbols are all there18:53
yofelyou're missing some dbus debug lib18:53
_Groo_drkonki still stays The packages containing debug information for the following application and libraries are missing:  /usr/bin/basket18:53
_Groo_well at least i was able to do the package correctly :P18:54
yofel_Groo_: well, it looked for basket-dbg in the archive I guess18:54
yofelis libdbus-1-3-dbgsym installed?18:54
_Groo_yofel: nope18:55
yofelgo install18:55
_Groo_yofel: theres none18:55
_Groo_root@hydra:/home/groo# apt-cache search libdbus-1-3 dbus - simple interprocess messaging system libdbus-1-3 - simple interprocess messaging system18:55
_Groo_no dbg18:55
yofel_Groo_: please read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash18:55
_Groo_yofel: i read it..18:56
_Groo_yofel: my fight was with dbg packages18:56
yofelok, so you enabled the dbgsym repository?18:56
_Groo_yofel: i learned it now :)18:56
danimowhat is the naming convention for software that has no version number but is generated from a snapshot?19:01
danimo(for deb packages)19:01
* danimo read foo-snapshot_YYYYMMDD, but dh_make doesn't like that19:02
_Groo_danimo: we usually call it phonon releases19:02
* _Groo_ ducks and hides19:02
danimo_Groo_: haha!19:02
_Groo_i lose a friend but i win a joke D:19:02
_Groo_try name~git20011122~ubuntu1~ppa119:03
yofeldanimo: no version number at all19:03
_Groo_danimo: use date19:03
danimoyofel: indeed, it's a project that has never ever been released19:03
danimo(google breakpad)19:03
danimoit only exists as trunk svn project19:04
yofeldate I think too19:04
_Groo_from rekonq for ex19:04
yofelor use date and svn rev, like DATE+rREV19:04
_Groo_put 0.1 then19:04
_Groo_cant miss with 0.119:04
yofelor rather ~19:04
yofelia32libs for example is date only19:04
yofel!info ia32libs19:04
ubottuPackage ia32libs does not exist in natty19:04
yofel!info ia32-libs19:04
ubottuPackage ia32-libs does not exist in natty19:04
yofelyeah, right19:05
danimoso if the source dir should be called google-breakpad_20110802 ?19:06
yofelno, google-breakpad-2011080219:06
_Groo_can someone hack freenode and delete what i said above, so apachelogger doesnt hunt me down and kill me?19:06
yofelthe source will be google-breakpad_20110802.orig.tar.xz19:06
danimowonderful :)19:07
danimoworks now19:07
danimothanks guys19:09
claydoh_Groo_: you would also have to track down everyone in here and bribe them to clear their history 19:22
* claydoh stands with his hand out.... :D19:22
_Groo_claydoh: yeah i know ;)19:22
_Groo_im lazy, ill just let him kill me19:25
_Groo_dont like to run19:25
ScottKQuintasan: I'll have a look.19:33
danimointeresting, there seems to be no documentation on how to pass "-jX" to debuild19:44
yofelthat's handled by dpkg-buildpackage, so read that manpage. debuild just passes it through19:45
yofeldebuild -j8 would actually be correct19:45
ScottKkstars source accepted.19:47
sheytan_apachelogger ping19:48
apacheloggersheytan_: yuz?19:49
sheytan_apachelogger i have a nice idea, just give me a minute19:49
apacheloggersheytan_: roger19:51
_Groo_ok, a basked developer fixed the crash19:54
_Groo_should i send a  package to you guys to put in backports? or?19:54
yofelhow severe is the crash?19:56
_Groo_yofel: open basket, see it crash19:57
* yofel tries19:57
_Groo_yofel: their implementation of KUrls is broken19:57
_Groo_if you open a empty basket it works19:57
_Groo_put a url in there... bang19:57
_Groo_yofel: you can get the temporary fix in https://git.gitorious.org/~robertm/basket/robertm-basket.git19:58
_Groo_yofel: ive been testing and send bug reports for hours... took 15 builds :P19:59
_Groo_but its working now :)19:59
_Groo_now i need to bug the fancy tasks devel19:59
_Groo_already sent email.. need to hunt him down in IRC19:59
yofel_Groo_: ok, more detailed please. I opened basket, put an url in the general tab, nothing crashed20:00
_Groo_backup your basketrc (you are in 4.7 correct?), and your .kde/share/apps/basket20:00
_Groo_let him make the default demonstration baskets20:01
_Groo_open the second sub folder from the top down20:01
_Groo_it will crash20:01
QuintasanScottK: Thanks, what about alure?20:01
QuintasanScottK: Needed by gluon20:01
yofelQuintasan: uploaded ruby?20:01
Quintasanyofel: ?20:01
QuintasanNot that I know anything about that20:02
yofelQuintasan: qtruby needs re-upload20:02
yofelI did ping you..20:02
ScottKQuintasan: Is it in New?20:02
QuintasanScottK: Thanks20:02
Quintasanyofel: uploading20:02
Quintasanyofel: qtruby (4:4.7.0-0ubuntu1)?20:03
yofelQuintasan: the one from bzr20:04
Quintasanit's that20:04
Quintasanqtruby (4:4.7.0-0ubuntu1)20:04
yofelstill named ubuntu1 since it wsa rejected20:04
QuintasanCan ScottK guide it through New?20:04
_Groo_gonna go home, seeya all tomorrow20:04
_Groo_yofel: did it crash?20:04
yofelsure, once it's up again20:04
ScottKQuintasan: Yes.  Once it's uploaded.20:04
yofel_Groo_: haven't gotten it to crash yet20:04
QuintasanScottK: Uploaded.20:04
_Groo_yofel: well the developer did reproduce the crashes20:05
_Groo_in the git i sent you its the fix20:05
_Groo_yofel: di you reseted it like i said?20:05
yofelwell, it's the first time I ever used it20:06
_Groo_yofel: its a killer app for me :)20:06
_Groo_anyway seeya all tomorrow20:07
apacheloggersheytan_: that is more than a minute now :P also please join #phonon20:12
sheytan_apachelogger already finished20:12
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claydohapachelogger: anything you feel needs highlighting for the release notes for alpha3?21:31
apacheloggerMy gigantic phonon.21:34
apacheloggerclaydoh: I am not in touch with development of the past couple of weeks.21:34
Mamarokany ETA for Amarok 2.4.3?21:35
claydohapachelogger: just trolling for items, Scott K already listed a couple21:35
claydohand no one else seems to have anything to add21:35
claydohMamarok: in oneiric now21:36
Mamaroknice :) What about Natty?21:37
* yofel tries to build amarok on natty21:47
yofeldebfx: why aren't the dbus interfaces for amarok installed again?22:09
claydohheh wiki.kubuntu.org goes down just when I log in, go figure22:18
DaskreechWhat's the term for a button that has been pushed in?22:44
LaserJockso I found that when running pidgin on 4.7 (natty) that if I start pidgin as a part of the session I get old GNOME notifications + KDE notifications  but if I start pidgin afterward I get only KDE's notifications23:01
LaserJockis that worth filing a bug and where would I do that?23:01
Daskreechclicked I guess23:06
Daskreechclicked works but I just want to describe it being down23:06
Daskreechclicked state23:06
ScottKLaserJock: Probably pidgin getting started before plasma.23:14
LaserJockis there a way to order that? I was just using the "restore session" thing23:14
ScottKNo, it's a bug.23:30
ScottKkstars binaries accepted.23:30
ScottKqtruby too23:31
claydohScottK: any known issues for a3? I am not seeing any here :)23:32
micahgthere should be a conflict on the KDE notification engine and the GNOME one23:32
ScottKmicahg: No.  They should be co-installable, but only one should be running.23:39
ScottKclaydoh: People need to be careful about kdepim issues for upgrades.23:40
micahgScottK: no, every other thing that provides notification-daemon conflicts/provides23:40
ScottKSo how does one have ubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-desktop co-installed?23:40
claydohScottK: agreed23:40
micahgScottK: technically, I agree with you, but they should all behave the same way23:40
micahgScottK: until recently, kubuntu hasn't provided a notification-daemon at a package level :), xubuntu/ubuntu co-installability ended in natty23:41
LaserJockScottK: sorry for being so dense, but what package would I file a bug against?23:57
ScottKLaserJock: I'm guessing kde-workspace, but it's better to file it upstream.23:58
LaserJockthat really stinks that *buntu become not con-installable :(23:59

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