raevinanyone know why times new roman isn't showing in librewriter?  i have ttmscorefonts installed but none of the ms core fonts are displaying as usable00:11
MaximLevitskyraevin: I know00:12
raevinMaximLevitsky: this wouldn't be an issue if i didn't need it for school, lol00:12
MaximLevitskyraevin: thats because ubuntu has totaly fucked-up fontconfig setting00:12
MaximLevitskyHonestly I didn't know how to fix it00:13
raevinMaximLevitsky: is there a way to fix it??00:13
MaximLevitskyI just removed the offending fonts00:13
raevini don't even know what's offending it tho o.o00:13
MaximLevitskyraevin: its hard to fix really00:13
MaximLevitskyme nether, I had that issue with PDFs00:14
MaximLevitskyand about o.o, really install ms office00:14
MaximLevitskyI had so much issues with O.O that I decided its not worth the pain00:14
raevinbut i got away from that, so i thought T_T lol00:14
raevini've found libre to be different in some aspects but i understand00:15
raevini might install office then00:15
MaximLevitskyin fact if the O.O were to be nuked, vaporized and relicensed under a draconic license Linux would benifit00:15
raevinMaximLevitsky: you really hate openoffice, don't you?00:16
MaximLevitskyraevin: Yep00:16
MaximLevitskyThe point with O.O is that is not just bug ridden, but is mess of the code so nobody touches it00:17
ppqraevin: you have to do a "sudo fc-cache" after installing fonts00:17
raevinppq: thanks, i'll try that00:17
raevinppq: any reason as to why?00:17
MaximLevitskyAnd yet its very hard competetior to other office suites cause it has lot of features that others has to cactch to00:17
MaximLevitskyppq: that won't help00:18
ppqif that doesn't help, try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig"00:18
MaximLevitskyI fought with that once all day00:18
MaximLevitskyfonconfig just insists to pick wrong fonts00:18
raevinppq: running fc-cache didn't do anything, trying dpkg now00:19
ppqraevin: you have to restart x or update the font cache manually after installing fonts. i don't know why it is like that..00:19
MaximLevitskyI rather use small but bug free office suite that officilly says it has NO doc support that use buggy as hell office suite like O.O00:19
ppqraevin: you have to restart openoffice/libreoffice, as well00:19
MaximLevitskyIt really sets Linux back00:19
MaximLevitskyLinux developer should really pick the time proven strategy, focus one one thing and do that well00:20
raevini've restarted X many times tho since i installed mscorefonts, and it still hasn't done anything :/  not even dpkg-reconfigure00:20
raevinppq: i've also restarted libreoffice after each command00:20
MaximLevitskyAnd rather improve Ofice support in wine00:21
raevinoffice 07 and 10 work just fine for me in wine MaximLevitsky00:21
MaximLevitskyLike iPad doesn't have office00:21
MaximLevitskyYet peoples buy it...00:21
MaximLevitskyraevin: good to know00:21
raevinMaximLevitsky: going to assume that wasn't a smartass response...00:22
MaximLevitskyraevin: sure00:22
ppqstrange.. libreoffice works for me. so does ttf-mscorefonts-installer00:22
raevinppq: is there a way to reinstall ttf?  maybe it got corrupt some how00:23
MaximLevitskyppq: what says 'fc-match "Times"'00:23
MaximLevitskyfc-match "Times"00:23
MaximLevitskyfc-match "Symbol"00:23
ppqgive me a minute, i have to boot my ubuntu machine00:23
MaximLevitskyEspecially harmfull was that Nimbus N9 font I remember00:24
raevinMaximLevitsky: that's what times shows for me00:24
MaximLevitskyraevin: then nuke it00:24
raevinMaximLevitsky: not exactly sure i can fit a 10-ton (if not more) weapon inside of a sata hard drive...00:25
MaximLevitskyraevin: :-)00:25
MaximLevitskyI moved /usr/share/fonts/type1/gsfonts to /usr/share/fonts/type1/.zrem/gsfonts00:26
MaximLevitskyThats a bit barbaric, but works fine00:26
MaximLevitskyits comes from gs-fonts package and its not removeable00:27
MaximLevitskyalso I removed 'ttf-symbol-repalcement'00:27
MaximLevitskythat thing has just wrong symbols00:27
MaximLevitskyeven without ms fonts other symbols fonts that kick it are better00:27
raevinfixed it a lot easier than doing that00:28
raevinuninstall/reinstall mscorefonts00:28
MaximLevitskyraevin: dunno, I tried that00:28
raevinMaximLevitsky: worked for me :D now to uninstall officeshit00:28
MaximLevitskyraevin: and what about fc-match "Times"00:29
raevinstill n021003l.pfb: "Nimbus Roman No9 L" "Regular"00:29
MaximLevitskySo, its still there to bite you, but anyway, it its works for you, its fine00:30
raevinMaximLevitsky: eh, if the teacher bitches i'll tell her it shows times new roman for me00:30
MaximLevitskyraevin: and about Office beeing shit, I won't disagree with you, its just better to use it and focus on better OS that to give users false sense of hope that eventually user reliazes that O.O isn't Office but very buggy program00:32
yuriyI'm trying to search for part of an attachment file name in KMail. anyone know how to do that?00:33
raevinyuriy: could try Edit->Find Messages00:33
raevinattachments show in the body of the e-mail so if you search the complete message it might work00:34
yuriyraevin: oh wow that works. too simple and obvious. i was tring to search in headers.. thanks00:36
raevinyuriy: no problem :D  glad i could help you00:36
sithlord48has anyone tried any ubuntu on UEFI board?00:42
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LinkmasterI'm trying to build the dependencies for koffice, but when I run 'sudo apt-get build-dep koffice' I get the error 'E: Unable to find a source package for koffice'00:48
rwwLinkmaster: System Settings -> Software Management -> Settings -> Edit Origins -> [X] Source Code00:51
Linkmasterthat was the first thing I checked for00:51
rww(technical comment: you need to add deb-src lines that match the existing deb lines for any repositories from which you want to pull source packages)00:51
rww(and then run apt-get update)00:51
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cyphahow do I make sure indexing is off?02:04
rwwcypha: assuming we mean the same indexing, System Settings -> Desktop Search -> uncheck both boxes on "Basic Settings" tab02:05
cyphathanks. my kubuntu is going slow as shit with desktop effects off. and apparently indexing is off too.02:06
cyphaany ideas?02:06
cyphaor else what do you think the fastest linux is on X?02:07
cyphawhat's the fastest linux using X?03:00
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ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:14
goodtimeit might be a setup05:15
bittin`rww, he left05:15
goodtimehe still can be traced05:16
goodtimeor she05:16
snarksterhi this may be OT. how do you compile a kernel on a machine when linux doesnt run on it?05:17
snarksterhi this may be OT. how do you compile a kernel on a machine when linux doesnt run on it?05:20
bittin`goodtime, ok05:20
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bittin`snarkster, i think ##kernel or ##linux is a better place for your question05:22
snarksterthank you05:22
cyphain kate, how to i make a line collapsable?05:54
janmaltei've searched through the bug tracking tools, but didn't found any solution or hint someone is lokking for it06:58
janmaltei changed to KDEPIM 4.7 and now my dual core is working most of the time on 100%06:58
janmaltevirtuoso-t is taking most of it06:58
Linkmastersame thing to me, though I dont know why07:03
Linkmasterits just CPU, none of my super swap I set up07:04
janmalteyes, it seems like many users have these issues07:07
janmaltei'm wondering if the devs didn't had it or if it is just a las call patch just before tagging and packaging07:08
janmalteliek this the notebook is very unusable07:08
janmalteeven with a completly new user and just one mailaccount his happens07:09
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James147janmalte: turn off the indexing ^^07:52
James147janmalte: or you could try and wait for it to finish indexing everything :) not sure if its buggy or just taking its time07:55
jemandHi all08:04
jemandsince I upg yesterday to KDE 4.7  amaroK can't stream anymore  ;-(08:05
alvinsince I upg yesterday to KDE 4.7 kmail can't move messages anymore :-(08:12
simplygadesHi everyone! I installed Kdepim from the ppa, however launching Kmail 2 displays a "KMail encountered a fatal error and will terminate now.08:24
simplygadesThe error was:08:24
simplygadesFailed to fetch the resource collection" dialog. Is that a known issue, or should I file a bug?08:24
simplygades...oh, the kmail windows is responsive, until I click ok at the dialog, then it terminates.08:25
James147simplygades: first try it on a new user... if it works for them then its a config error08:25
simplygadesJames147: thanks, I'll try and report.08:26
alvinI fear for installing kdepim2. The current kmail is actually able to read messages. I wonder what will break. According to many users, many things will break and kmail2 is not stable yet.08:27
gorgonizerkmail2 is working fine for me I must say..08:29
janmalteJames147: Its not nepomuk, its kmail2 and akonadi i think08:30
James147janmalte: virtuoso-t is the file indexer (and nepomuk is more then just the indexer)08:31
janmalteok, so i will try it08:31
simplygadesDo I have to launch User management as superuser to let me modify the accounts? what's the command pls?08:32
janmaltejust diasableing strigi? or how to disable the indexer?08:32
James147simplygades: dont think you need to08:32
simplygadesButtons are grayed-out..08:32
James147simplygades: if i remember it now prompts for a password when you try to save changes08:32
James147simplygades: hmm... then kdesudo kcmshell4 kcm_useraccount08:33
* James147 notes that kcmshell4 --list will list all the modules it can open :)08:33
simplygadesJames147: thanks a lot!08:34
janmalteJames147: I found this blog entry http://blogs.kde.org/node/4457 and it seems like it helped. thanks for your hint so i changed my search subjects08:43
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lenahere who says realties in Russian?08:59
janmalteJames147: Just one last update, this solved it just for one of my accounts, the new created one, the other, old one, has still 100%cpu load09:01
James147janmalte: possibally a issue with your configs as well then09:04
James147(or its still indexing files on your old user)09:04
lena /join #ubuntu-ru09:08
simplygadesJames147: I created new user, the dialog didn't appear, added my imap mail account, then Kmail crashed on opening the first unread message.09:11
simplygadesand I've got an "akonadi_agent_launcher crashed with SIGSEGV in typeinfo name for KStandardDirs()" too.09:13
simplygadestried again and seems to work now09:14
Whoare there any macbook users for kubuntu09:23
Whoi got macbook pro 8.1 few weeks back , i realized there is good guide on ubuntu for it (wiki)09:23
Whobut i feel kubuntu should have one as well09:23
goodtimewow i would have never tryed that09:23
Wholike synaptiks already provides most of multitouch functions in kubuntu09:24
goodtimeubuntu would work better09:24
Whoso i am thinking of writing a small guide09:24
Whoi mean09:24
Whoit will be inspired by ubuntu wiki of course and its forums09:24
goodtimekubuntu's desktop needs more ram than ubuntu09:24
Whobut since i will be trying it on kubuntu , the results might be more accurate09:25
Whowell the only thing is, how many macbook pro 8.1 users are there in first place09:25
goodtimeplus you can just install ubuntu and still get the kde desktop for it09:26
goodtimethen you can chose what you want to boot with09:26
goodtimeWho: in synaptic you can apply kdefull09:29
librohi all, does anybody know how I can get the latest version of Amarok (V.2.4.3)?09:29
goodtimeapt-get install amarok09:30
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James147libro: dont think its been packaged for kubuntu yet... it was only just released :S09:31
James147libro: http://www.kubuntu.org/news  << it will be announced there if/when it is packaged though its likly to end up in backports ppa  (like kde 4.7)09:32
simplygadeslibro: it's on the experimental ppa I think but not foor production machines. If you're just testing though it's ok09:33
simplygadeslibro: that's what I'm running now09:34
James147simplygades: its probally not in there yet... and if it is it would be best to wait for it to be placed somewhere else09:34
simplygadesJames147: I warned libro : ). But my version is 2.4.3 I can't think of elsewhere to have gotten it.09:35
James147simplygades: then it will probally be in a more stable repo soon if there are no problems with it :)09:36
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goodtimeJames147: so it needs to be tested09:36
James147goodtime: I would hope so... it was only released today :)09:37
goodtimeand thats why foss is the best09:37
James147(or according to the time stamp on the article in one hour :p...)09:38
* James147 wonders what timezone it was released in 09:38
simplygadesJames147: It updated yesterday (Build date Aug 1) so far seems fine, but I'm still testing it. By the way Kmail is really fast when it works09:38
James147or not... my clock seems to be wrong :P09:39
James147(and my date)09:39
goodtimeit happens09:39
* James147 blames windows... his time has never been accurate since he installed it)09:40
simplygadesmine too! I should have died 3 years ago! :P09:40
goodtimeof course09:40
goodtimehey if its still running ok then by all meens run it09:41
goodtimeprob soon linux might have a virus but its for sure for windows09:43
James147goodtime: ^^ linux already have viruses... they just dont tend to live long09:44
goodtimeoic ok i thought so i just wasnt sure because i just heard about it09:45
James147goodtime: they tend to get patched quickly... which is why you should start uptodate09:45
goodtimeah i see09:45
goodtimemakes sence09:45
Peace-James147: xD i don't upgrade09:46
goodtimewell if its lts dristro your good09:46
James147Peace-: even security updates?09:47
goodtimesome how i dont think so James14709:47
goodtimewell i gotta go i guess09:49
goodtime peace09:49
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FanfareQ:i added module atl1c to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ath-pci.conf but it still gets loaded after reboot? Kubuntu natty10:19
Incarus6I suppose it's the wrong blacklist file, try blacklist.conf, Fanfare10:26
FanfareIncarus6: shouldnt they all be read and used...? moving line to blacklist.conf...10:27
Incarus6Fanfare, I'm not sure if that makes a difference but things should allways be in the correct blacklist file10:28
Incarus6Fanfare, but "sudo modprobe -r atl1c" is working correctly?10:29
FanfareIncarus6: reasons: the atl1c module is the driver for the atheros lan adapter and that freezes system when not connected or gets disconnected... so i thought ath-pci might be the right place.10:31
Fanfaresudo rmmod atl1c works fine10:31
FanfareIncarus6: i dont  need a depmod run after editing blacklist files right?10:32
Incarus6Fanfare, I don't think so. What is the difference between atl1c and atl1e?10:33
FanfareIncarus6: eth0 was created by atl1c here atl1e was not loaded.10:34
Incarus6What version of Kubuntu are you using?10:35
Fanfarekubuntu natty10:35
Fanfare06:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications AR8152 v2.0 Fast Ethernet (rev c1)10:35
Fanfareatl1c 0000:06:00.0: atl1c: eth0 NIC Link is Up<100 Mbps Full Duplex> from dmesg10:36
Fanfarerebooting now...10:38
=== jutta is now known as Fanfare
Fanfarestill loading atl1c :-(10:42
caminofanfare, after replacing my MB I had problems with 8152 too. I follwed this tread  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9449490 (i'm still on Lucid.)10:43
Fanfarethe thing is i wnat to get rid of atl1c :-) it freezes system when not connected... this machine will most likely be online via wlan...10:46
Incarus6why don't just create an autostartscript with the content "sudo rmmod -f atl1c"?10:48
* Incarus6 will be right back10:48
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Fanfareok, so i placed rmmod atl1c in /etc/rc.local couse blacklist atl1c in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf didn't prevent loading...10:57
Fanfareseems to work fine now...10:57
Fanfarethx for your help Incarus6 & camino10:59
* Incarus6 is downloading Nivida's driver 280.1311:17
szal64bit driver was available yesterday11:19
* szal waits for Roberto Ferramosca to package it11:19
Incarus6szal, but the official site of nvidia returns 404 ;) http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=2462436&postcount=511:20
szalIncarus6: not for 64bit11:21
Incarus6szal, I also get a 404 error for http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-amd64-280.13-driver.html11:21
szalIncarus6: no problem here, downloading as we speak11:22
cherHi. Probably easy question. sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk tells me sun-java6-jdk could not be found. What do I need to do to make it found? I guess the repository from which this is installed is deactivated, but I don't konw how to activate it.11:23
szal!java | cher11:24
ubottucher: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.11:24
Incarus6szal, Iszal, inetresting, are you using the US server?11:24
szalIncarus6: no idea what server that was, I used your link11:25
szalhttp://www.abload.de/img/20110802_firefox-dlman6od3.png <- this for proof11:25
Incarus6nice connection speed. I used the direct link, it's working for me too. But the driver info site for 280.13 is 404 for me ;)11:26
cherSo in case of Kubuntu 11.04, I guess I have to do s/lucid/natty/, so that it would be sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ natty partner" right? (At least it seems to work)11:27
szalcher: no, read the factoid again11:28
szalcher: ah, my bad, yes, it's partner11:29
szalcher: no need to add it though, it's there already, you just need to enable it11:29
cherWell, then possibly I've two entries for that now, one enabled and one disabled. Now let's see what's faster right now, OpenJDK or SUN JDK.11:32
cherOh, SUN JDK is significantly faster.11:33
Incarus6cher, I prefer Sun too11:33
cherA benchmark for which OpenJDK takes 62 seconds, SUN JDK takes 51 seconds.11:35
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szaldoesn't sound like that much of a difference to me11:36
szalno pkg for Sun Java 7 yet, as far as it looks11:37
cherWell, it's more than 10% for something which I run multiple times a day, so for me it makes a difference. Saves a few minutes every day.11:39
cherszal: Thank you for helpinh me getting SUN JDK running on my kubuntu!11:41
cherIs there a kind of per-user-wrapper of alternatives? I.e. what if user X wants java to be openjdk and user Y wants java to be sunjdk?11:49
Incarus6cher, as browserplugin?11:52
cherNa just from the command line, i.e. for Ant etc.. I know one could simply put the desired JDK's bin directory prior to the other directories in PATH, but this approach might not work for all software that has alternatives.11:53
BluesKajhey folks11:55
yofelhey BluesKaj11:55
Incarus6cher, just install both11:55
BluesKajhey yofel , Incarus611:55
yofelIncarus6: you'll still only have one of them in your path11:56
GirlyGirlBluesKaj: hi11:56
BluesKajhi GirlyGirl11:56
cherIncarus6: I did, but update-alternatives works on a per-system-basis, not on a per-user-basis. Or maybe there is a way to get update-alternatives to create a per-user-wrapper in ~/bin or so which I don't know of, that's what I want to find out.11:57
=== andrei_c is now known as andrei_comandatu
yofelcher: not really, alternatives are done on a dpkg basis, so system level only currently11:57
yofelyou could write a script that does it on user level though I guess11:58
cherOkay, then I'll have to deal with changing PATH. No problem with that, afaik all software I'm interested in works fine with that.11:58
yofelafter all it's just switching symlinks11:58
Incarus6cher, why don't you use the specific full path of sun and open-thing java?11:58
cherIncarus6: because I don't invoke java myself. Ant invokes java for me. I can't use the full path without tampering with Ant.11:59
Incarus6cher, you can place a script in /usr/bin instead of the java script, which regocnizes the user who is logged in and starts the correct java version12:00
Incarus6BluesKaj, Nvidias 280.13 direct download link is now working for me ;)12:01
cherIncarus6: Yes I could, and then I have to take care that update-alternatives and apt-get upgrade don't mess with it. So in theory this definitely is an option, but I think I'm not yet experienced enough with debian / ubuntu / kubuntu to do this reliably.12:02
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Incarus6be right back, testing the new driver12:03
BluesKajIncarus6, glad to hear it ...which nvidia card, again ?12:04
Incarus6BluesKaj, I'm using GT 220, but it's a general driver for several cards12:04
yofelIncarus6: why are you installing it by hand again? ^^12:05
Incarus6yofel, because I'm not dependent from extra-ppas and can allways use the latest beta driver12:06
BluesKajIncarus6, the 270.41.06 still working well here , an entry level pci card 8400gs ..it's very good as an HD movie renderer.12:08
Incarus6BluesKaj, if I would want to use old, stable software I would use Debian12:09
BluesKajIncarus6, I tried the nvidia recommended driver for my card and it was seriously broken ...dunno why it's in the rec'd list12:10
szalBluesKaj: you don't have problems resizing windows w/ the 270?  I had, so I went for the 27512:10
szalBluesKaj: the 270 should be the recommended driver for that card12:11
* yofel goes installing 280.13 from x-updates12:11
BluesKajnot the default kubuntu rec'd driver...no i have no windows resizibgf probs ...using dvi to hdmi to a panasonic 42 plasma tv12:12
szalBluesKaj: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/76157512:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 761575 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "X-server hangs while starting some GTK programs" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:12
szalBluesKaj: see comment #412:12
yofelbug  760632 is funnier12:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 760632 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "Resizing Konsole crashes the whole system" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76063212:13
BluesKajerr I am using the default recommended driver..din't mean confuse anyone.... I mean i tried the nvidia driver from their site and it broke X12:13
szalyofel: then one should be a duplicate of the other, I noticed it w/ Konsole too12:13
GirlyGirlI have the Konsole issue too12:14
szalGirlyGirl: using a newer driver helps; I use the 275 from LffL PPA (280 should be available there soon)12:15
yofeland 280 is already in x-updates12:15
szalyofel: https://launchpad.net/~ferramroberto/+archive/nvidia12:15
GirlyGirlI know, I just used the driver from nvidia.com, problem is I have to reinstall every kernel update but I don't mind12:16
yofelbah, doesn't install right :/12:16
szalyofel: haven't heard of that yet, nice to know :)12:18
szalyofel: how doesn't it?12:18
yofelSetting up nvidia-current (280.13-0ubuntu1~natty~xup1) ...12:18
yofelupdate-alternatives: error: alternative link /usr/share/man/man1/nvidia-xconfig.1.gz is already managed by x86_64-linux-gnu_gl_conf.12:18
yofelI'm trying to install the natty driver on oneiric though, so that might have something to do with it :P12:19
yofelnobody uploaded it to the archive yet :/12:19
Incarus6I dislike 64bit12:19
szalIncarus6: why that?12:19
BluesKajszal, I have a few freezing probs , but it's due to my kde 4.7 stability IMO12:19
BluesKajyofel, the 275 ?12:20
yofelno, this was 280, I'm already running 27512:20
szalthe 280 for Oneiric, I guess12:20
Incarus6szal, nope, that one from nvidia.com12:21
Incarus6szal, several reasons speak against it - one main reason is the compatibility of 64bit in GNU/linux12:21
szalIncarus6: compatibility with what?12:21
BluesKajI can't experiment with this pc for a while...wife wanted to watch a movie when X broke after an oneiric update an wasn't happy that she had to wait  for 40 mins for me to reinstall natty :)12:23
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+112:23
szalIncarus6: don't be so nazi ;)12:24
* BluesKaj sticks with natty for the next coupole of months12:24
Incarus6I am sorry that I am German. :D12:24
* szal is German too ^^12:25
yofelas am I, but stay polite anyway ;)12:25
Incarus6szal, mehrere sachen sprechen gegen x64, zum beispiel wieviel pakete in den repos vorhanden sind oder wie buggy der flash player ist etc. But know lets talk English. :D12:26
* szal can't complain about 64bit Flash player & didn't miss anything yet, even proprietary software most of the time is available for 64bit natively12:26
szalof course if you use 32bit Flash player on 64bit, you're bound for headaches ^^12:28
=== |GuS| is now known as [GuS]
Incarus6Remind me to installl 280.13 in a couple of minutes12:30
BluesKajI havent had any issues with flash 64bit either12:34
rectec794613is the floodbot for long posts, spamming or both?12:37
PiciAll of the aboev.12:38
PiciIt doesn't do typos though, obviously.12:38
* BluesKaj is curious about the 280 driver .. Incarus6 are you running kde 4.7 ?12:38
rectec794613so what should i do with this long question?12:38
Incarus6BluesKaj, yes, and I'm going to test it now. But I wont come back after that because I have to go ;) cya, szal and yofel12:39
* szal is installing the 280 just now (KDE 4.6.5 still)12:40
rectec794613its long but it could have a simple answer, that's why i'm holding off on the forums as of yet12:40
szalyofel: same conflict, different message in Natty -> update-alternatives: warning: forcing reinstallation of alternative /usr/lib/nvidia-current/ld.so.conf because link group gl_conf is broken12:41
yofelbah, poke in #ubuntu-x12:42
rectec794613Hey guys. Hopefully this issue is small enough to handle on IRC. Anyway, I have a small network problem. If I logoff/restart x due to a freeze or glitch, and log back in, I can't connect to the internet. There's just a dot representing the Network Manager. Whenever I try to click on a network to connect, nothing happens and I have to restart to get back functionality. Is there a simple...12:42
rectec794613...solution for this?12:42
yofeltheir fault ^^12:42
rectec794613guess it worked12:42
rectec794613anyway there it is.12:42
rectec794613oh and sorry about the timing, yofel12:43
yofelrectec794613: that was only 1 line, floodbot triggers at 3 lines in rapid succ.12:43
rectec794613lol that guy said all of the aboev12:43
* BluesKaj curses network manager12:44
yofelif your post is *too* long it'll be split  over multiple lines12:44
szalrestarting now, bb (hopefully ;))12:44
szaldepending on your IRC client, that is12:44
BluesKajrectec794613, wifi or ethernet12:44
rectec794613i've got the dreaded realtek rt286012:45
rectec794613or is it rt280012:45
rectec794613anyway i had to blacklist some drivers12:45
rectec794613to get it to work right12:45
=== Kalidarn is now known as zz_Kalidarn
* BluesKaj thinks rectec794613 should be thankful wifi works at all ...my rt2870 is hoplessly non supported12:46
=== zz_Kalidarn is now known as Kalidarn
rectec794613that sucks12:46
yofelwhich is funny since the rt2860 is pretty well supported...12:46
yofel~works, usually12:47
rectec794613yeah if freezing ur whole pc is part of that support12:47
yofelhm, no. I have it in my eeePC 1000H and it usually works12:47
yofelbut I'm on oneiric there right now12:47
rectec794613so yeah, had problems from the start. us poor, poor realtek users12:47
BluesKajthe 2800 has to be blacklisted on most other ralinks12:47
szalseems to work as it's supposed to, everything's smooth :)12:47
rectec794613ok but whats the deal with my problem?12:48
rectec794613dont remember?12:48
rectec794613my problem is: if i try to relog into the pc, i cant connect to a network12:49
yofelnah, I've seen that occasionally, you could try to reload the kernel module 'sudo modprobe -r rt2800pci && sudo modprobe rt2800pci'12:50
rectec794613that might work12:51
yofellately with kernel 3.0 which I'm running the driver works mostly fine12:51
rectec794613restarting the drivers right?12:51
yofelrectec794613: that would be restarting the driver, right12:51
rectec794613well im looking forward to kernel 3.012:52
rectec794613or is it 3.0.1 or 3.1 now?12:52
=== sayakb_away is now known as sayakb
yofeluh, not sure, the ubuntu kernel got renamed to 3.0.0 in oneiric due to script issues, but linus wants to keep 3.X12:52
DragaanI got a few questions, if anyone thinks they can help.  Regarding Grub and a few other things.12:53
rectec794613yeah i don't blame him12:53
rectec794613the old version scheme is a bit confusing12:53
rectec794613go ahead Dragaan12:53
Dragaanok, well I installed ubuntu the other day for the first time.  I did the easy win7 installation12:54
Dragaanyea. I loaded it onto my D: drive (c: is boot for windows)12:55
Dragaanthat went smoothly, but I decided to uninstall and try out open SuSE12:55
DragaanI booted from the .iso I downloaded (burned to CD)12:55
Dragaanand installed it on the D drive12:55
Dragaanoh, first let me say that when I installed ubuntu with wubi, it didn't use grub12:56
Dragaanit used the windows one12:56
Dragaanok, so when i installed open suse, it put in grub12:56
Dragaani decided i liked kubuntu best, so i deleted the opensuse partition12:57
Dragaanthen installed kubuntu again12:57
Dragaanthe installation went okay, but now i have grub AND the windows OS selector12:57
Dragaanand in my kubuntu system options, it says grub is disabled12:57
cherWho needs grub... ;-)12:57
Dragaanbut it's still there. with 4 options (2 kubuntus and 2 safemode kubuntus)12:57
symbioticgood day12:58
Dragaanhow can i get rid of one of them?  I don't need both12:58
rectec794613hmm grub 2 deals with its menu differently than before12:58
Dragaanmeanint the windows OS selector or grub12:58
Dragaanthe first time i had kubuntu setup, i didnt need grub to load it12:58
GirlyGirlDragaan: Mine groups all ubuntu kernels in old version12:59
symbiotici have a quetion is there a good sound making program for linux?12:59
rectec794613honestly, I can't say i know how to edit the grub 2 list without looking it up first :P13:00
szalDragaan: the Wubi installation does NOT use Grub, if you want Grub, then do a real installation13:00
rectec794613he did13:00
Dragaanim assuming grub is left over from my openSuSE install.  maybe I didn't uninstall it correctly (all I did was delete the partition)13:00
Dragaani have grub, but i don't want it :p13:00
rectec794613what do you want?13:00
szalDragaan: then overwrite the MBR from the Windows installation medium13:00
Dragaanwell the first time i installed wubi, it didn't need grub.  the windows OS selection screen (kubunto or windows 7) was the only selection screen/program that came up.13:01
Dragaani don't want both the windows OS selection screen AND grub (which is what i have now)13:01
chersymbiotic: What exactly do you want? Roughly speaking, there are different types of programs, like Rosegarden for Composing, different kinds of sampling software, sound effect processors, software synthesizers, trackers... Do you have a Midi Synthesizer?13:01
rectec794613windows bootloader supports linux?13:01
Dragaanszal, so boot from the win7 disk?13:02
symbiotici have 2 pc 1 win and 1 linux for win i have fruity loops,is there a program for linux that functions the same_?13:02
Dragaanand  reset the mbr?13:02
szalDragaan: yes13:02
Dragaanhow will i get back into kubuntu?  will grub still be there?  or the windows OS selector?13:02
chersymbiotic: I don't know fruity loops, so I can't tell.13:02
szalrectec794613: the Wubi installer adds *buntu to the Windows bootloader13:02
Dragaansymbiotic, try reason13:02
Dragaanmight be available for linux13:02
szalrectec794613: and for XP you can even do that by hand13:02
rectec794613yeah but I thought he installed Ubuntu through wubi, then opensuse, then kubuntu13:03
Dragaanit's more complex than fruityloops, but WAY more powerful13:03
rectec794613he would have grub then13:03
Dragaanrectec, that's correct13:03
rectec794613oh wait13:03
symbioticthanks for your info cher!!!!!!13:03
Dragaanwell, i did wubi, then opensuse, then wubi again13:03
rectec794613you dont want ubuntu wubi in the windows bootloader menu?13:03
Dragaansorry if that wasnt clear13:04
szalas I suspected13:04
Dragaanso, yea, i shoudlnt need both grub AND the windows menu13:04
chersymbiotic: What info? ;-) Probably thank Dragaan instead :)13:04
Dragaanok, so i'll try the windows boot cd thing13:04
szalin that case the Grub is a remainder of the openSUSE installation; remedy: as I said above ^^13:04
Dragaanok thanks.  I have one moer question tho13:04
rectec794613yeah do the recover startup errors program from the cd13:05
Dragaanwhen I first installed kubuntu, i added a few widgets that showed my cpu temperature and load etc13:05
Dragaanafter a few restarts, they no longer show any info13:05
Dragaanthe widget is on my toolbar but it's blank13:05
symbioticyou can have multible user interfaces programs on 1 pc if the computer can handel it!!!13:05
Dragaanwhat would cause those programs to stop being able to read my hardware info?13:06
symbioticthanks dragaan!!!13:06
chersymbiotic: All I can tell is that I wanted to have something like OctaMED on Linux, but I couldn't find. The other programs I didn't like, so when I do music, I program the Midi interface with Java. But this is probably not what you're looking for ;-)13:06
symbioticyou can enter the bios and deactivate hardware channels!!!!!13:07
Dragaansymbiotic, i just looked up reason and it only works on mac and pc.  so that won't work  :/13:08
BluesKajDragaan, have you considered dual booting ?13:08
rectec794613some bios's may have those settings but not everybodies13:09
symbioticwhen the computer starts you get a option to enter the bios and can change the settings!!!13:09
Dragaanyou mean  running linux/windows w/o using wubi?13:09
=== Kalidarn is now known as zz_Kalidarn
BluesKajDragaan, yes13:09
rectec794613yeah plus a fresh installation usually fixes most problems13:10
DragaanI have.  I used to do it years ago... I used linux over 12 years ago, but i forgot almost everything lol.  I just the other day decided to try linux out again, so I wanted to test it out for a while13:10
symbioticgood day evryone!!!!!!13:10
rectec794613except, of course, mine...13:10
DragaanI'll probably do that eventually.  If I end up needing more than 30GB for linux13:10
Dragaandid you guys see my question above about the hardware widgets?  no one has any ideas what could have caused that?13:10
BluesKajDragaan, ok , that's exactly what wubi is about , to try kubuntu and familiarize oneself with it before doing a serious dual boot install13:11
Dragaanit's not a big deal.  I can live w/o them.  It's just odd that they worked fine after the installation, then a few hours later stopped showing any info13:11
Dragaanyea.  I probably will end up doing a real install soon.  Once I get enough experience so I can do a perfect installation.  I'm testing a lot of things out and being a little reckless with the wubi installation, lol13:12
BluesKajDragaan, do your updates/upgrades , there may be an update that fixes it13:13
Dragaanthe hardware widgets?  ok, i'll try.  still confused as to why they worked perfectly then stopped tho.  I haven't really done anything in the meantime.  :/13:14
Dragaanno new updates listed :(13:15
rectec794613is there a command that restarts the sensor drivers?13:16
rectec794613 /modules13:16
BluesKajDragaan, open the package manager and enable other software sources , including partners13:16
cherrectec794613: Well, what's the name of the kernel module that's responsible for providing sensors information?13:17
rectec794613no idea13:17
Dragaanhow do I get to that option BluesKaj?13:17
DragaanI'm in KPackageKit.  Are you talking about a different application?13:18
BluesKajDragaan, kmenu>apps>system>kpackagekit13:19
rectec794613what would a sensor module usually be named? we might be abled to find it with lsmod13:19
rectec794613i think he's running Ubuntu13:19
Dragaanme?  Kubuntu 11.413:20
BluesKajrectec794613, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart ..might work13:20
rectec794613yeah u said u installed Ubuntu with wubu before13:20
=== sebastiano is now known as tunabee
rectec794613BluesKaj: it's ok we already got that sorted out13:20
rectec794613i'm talking about Dragaan's problem with his hardware sensors13:21
BluesKajrectec794613, ok good , I should have paid closer attn13:21
rectec794613its ok. u got any idea what a sensor module might be namex?13:22
rectec794613or is there one in the first place?13:22
rectec794613hows it goin?13:24
rectec794613still there, Dragaan?13:25
Dragaanyea, I am.  I'm really not sure what else to do.13:26
Dragaanthe bubblemon seems to show info13:26
BluesKaj!info |xsensors13:26
ubottuxsensors (source: xsensors): A hardware health information viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.70-1.1ubuntu2 (natty), package size 16 kB, installed size 148 kB13:26
Dragaanbut the temp sensor, cpu monitor, system monitor are all blank (and they worked fine the first time i enabled them)13:26
rectec794613cant help you with KPackageKit since i dont use it13:26
rectec794613might be able to help u if u switch to Muon13:27
rectec794613which will be default starting with oneiric btw13:27
DragaanFor installing updates and other software?  I use whatever works, heh.13:27
Dragaanany way I can avoid doing the manual installations, lol.  those are confusing13:27
rectec794613not sure kde comes with a package manager (e.g. synaptic) by default13:28
BluesKajI still keep synaptic around for application reference and it has the fix broken packages option that works sometmes13:28
rectec794613manual installations? like compiling?13:28
Dragaanwell before I realized I could just use the kpackagekit program, i was trying to figure out how to get gcc installed and I had to type in some really long funky command that I got off a website13:29
rectec794613anybody know if sentelic touchpads will be supported by Touchegg?13:29
Dragaanand I'm not sure how all that works yet.  gonna be a while before I figure it out, I'm sure13:29
rectec794613yeah i suggest a package manager like muon to get all the available packages13:31
rectec794613i think things like KPackageKit and Ubuntu Software Center take out the extra packages and leave just the main programs13:31
DragaanYea, I'll try that one out.  I wanna find all the must-have programs before I decide to do a real installation13:32
DragaanI'm not sure if updates will fix this problem tho.... seems like a setting gone wrong13:32
Dragaanif i reinstalled kubuntu right now, i'm pertty sure they'd be working just fine13:32
rectec794613yeah i wouldnt worry about temp unless playing an intense game anyway13:33
* szal never uses the graphical pkg manager frontends13:33
Dragaanwell my comp is funny... if it's turned off for longer than like 10 minutes and i restart it, the cpu gets REALLY hot for a few minutes13:33
Dragaanit's like my cpu cooler waits a few min to activate13:34
Dragaangets to like 70 c and stays there. then a few minutes later, the temp plummetts really fast down to 3013:34
rectec794613unless its overheating, i wouldnt worry too much13:34
Dragaanso i use the sensor to know when im safe to start working :)13:34
rectec794613oh well that might be useful then13:34
Dragaanfor now ill just boot into windows if im starting it up after some downtime. then reboot to linux.13:35
Dragaanok well thanks guys, im off13:35
Dragaanmuon is the package manager?13:35
Dragaanliek the particle13:35
rectec794613muon-installer is the main thing13:35
rectec794613like software center13:36
Dragaanok, ill write it down.  thanks again.  gonna go fix my grub13:36
rectec794613k cheers13:36
rectec794613dont have too much fun13:36
BluesKajmuon is ok ..a bit slow and clunky but it works13:36
rectec794613works fine for me, integrates better with kde than synaptic atleast13:36
szalaptitude doesn't need to integrate :P13:37
rectec794613the experimental compiz plugin "dialog dim" doesnt work well with gtk apps13:37
rectec794613so u try to use kde alternatives like muon13:37
szalwho needs Compiz on KDE anyway?13:38
rectec794613i use command line whenever i know exactly what i'm tying to install, package managers when i dont13:38
rectec794613i do13:38
rectec794613well i want13:38
rectec794613more accostomed to it13:39
szalI'm pretty sure that KWin can do everything on its own that Compiz can13:39
BluesKajszal,  there's nothing wrong with usin aackage manager, as long as it works ..the cli is fine for installing and I use it all the time , but a package manager can give descriptions of what applications can do etc , so they can be a good source of info as well13:39
rectec794613ok lets try not to have the first ever window manager war here13:39
rectec794613nor a package installation method war13:40
rectec794613bottom line: gui package manager13:41
rectec794613is good for new users and people who want discriptions13:41
rectec794613aptitude: fast but less user-friendly13:42
cherOh I like holy wars :)13:42
BluesKajI think some ppl get affected by the purists as if it's some kind of  badge of honour and achievement to avoid guis as much as possible13:42
rectec794613aptitude is an athiest : P13:42
cherThe avoidance of GUIs has nothing to do with purism or honour.13:43
cherGUIs just suck at automation.13:43
alvinI updates to kmail2 (stable, but in experimental ppa)13:43
alvinNothing works at all. Migrator crashes, kmail crashes.13:43
rectec794613then why is it stable?13:43
BluesKajused aptitude for yrs when apt-get was falling behind , but apt-get is now the standard IMO13:44
alvinI don't often say it, but it's too buggy to report.13:44
cherAs long as something like ARexx doesn't come up again, I claim that GUIs for everything that is not inherently interactive are a crime ;-D13:44
cherBut then again, I'm someone who edits graphics files using vim.13:45
* szal can get any description out of aptitude13:46
rectec794613anybody else think the bouncy ball widget is a very useful and productive tool?13:46
BluesKajalvin, kmail went to dogs when kde4 was implemented ...it wrecked my email setup , and my ISP mails erver went with a hotmail derivative13:46
* szal migrated KMail from KDE3 to KDE4 with no issues13:47
BluesKajso i went with webmail whether I like d it ornot13:47
alvinBluesKaj: Unfortunately, I agree. The whole kontact suite was working perfectly in KDE3. I really, really like the akonadi idea, but it's buggy as hell.13:47
* rectec794613 looks at aptitude13:48
alvinNepomuk, well... as long as you can disable it, it's fine by me. Maybe I'll try it from time to time. As soon as I have a 16-core cpu and 256GB ram.13:48
rectec794613looks like synaptic and apt-get had a baby13:48
BluesKajakondai and nepomuk are hopeless on my setup ...they're turned off ,and if you remove kmail and kontact then akonadi is basically disabled13:48
szalrectec794613: aptitude even has a ncurses frontend, if you want a box to select things from13:48
cherWell, imo KDE4 sucks a lot more than KDE3. I mean, I use KDE myself, since KDE2 or even earlier, I don't really remember. But look: I do ssh -X onto another box, there I start kontact, then I quit kontact, and before I can successfully terminate my ssh session, I first have to ps -aef and kill lots of stupid KDE processes that I never wanted to hang around. That is NOT the way UNIX is supposed to work like.13:49
szalrectec794613: you call it by starting 'aptitude' with no arguments13:49
rectec794613yes thats how i13:49
* rectec794613 looked at aptitude13:49
cherAll the nice stuff on the GUI and the possibilities cannot hide that the architecture of KDE sucks and is a pain in the ass of every UNIX sysadmin that has to deal with it.13:50
Dragaanok, i have an update on my hardware sensor problem.  if you guys are still here13:50
rectec794613personally i dont think admins should use kde13:50
rectec794613i think its built more for regular users13:50
cherIt's not the point whether or not the admin uses KDE as long as users use KDE and then run to the admin asking "why does my ssh session hang" etc..13:51
rectec794613however i must say, the bouncy ball is something every admin should strive for13:51
alvinThat's no true guys. I AM an admin. Try gnome with XDMCP. It lost it.13:51
Dragaanthey DO work.  the hardware temperature one DOES show the temp when I scroll over it (shows it in a popup).  but instead of showing the temp in numbers (like it did the first time i turned it on), it just shows this gray bar that keeps growing til it fills the widget's space then stays there13:51
alvinThe biggest downside is that all these database-using technologies (Amarok, nepomuk, akonadi) are wrecking setups with NFS-mounted home13:52
alvinThen again, Ubuntu is probably the worst distro to use with NFS shares.13:52
cherWell, true, at least starting and running KDE sessions through xdmcp or ssh works reliably.13:52
rectec794613well this is completely out of my league. anyways, welcome back Dragaan13:52
Dragaanthanks.  so yea, it shows the temp when i scroll over it.  the widget's thumbnail is messed up tho... it makes no sense.  I'd like to get it back to showing the temp in numbers13:53
=== eatme is now known as queasyList
rectec794613i know this is a stupid question but, have you tried closing and adding the widget back?13:54
cherBut still, whether admin or user, if I do ssh -X machine2 program, and program terminates, the ssh session should terminate, too. With KDE apps, that's not the case :`(13:54
Dragaanyea, several times13:56
Dragaananother sensor addon has the same thumbnail/graphic13:56
Dragaanjust this gray line that slowly extends to the left.  makes no sense, lol13:56
Dragaanit extends a lil bit every 2sec (which is when i have them set to update)13:56
Dragaani'm using muon atm to look through some packages... maybe installing it again will fix it13:57
szalDragaan: lm-sensors13:57
Dragaanwhat's that ?13:57
Dragaanoh, nm.  i see it13:58
szalto my knowledge that's the backend to all programs that read sensor data13:58
BluesKajcher when using X in ssh like dolphin for example ..after closing the app , hit the enter key to get back to the prompt ..that should stop any apps still running13:58
Dragaanit's on the list in muon.  i'll download that one.  fyi, the one i have installed atm according to muon (the one that came with the installation) is called libsensors413:58
rectec794613yeah i got a reccomendation to install lm-sensors when i typed sensors into the terminal14:00
szalDragaan: judging from the description, libsensors4 is the shared library that comes with lm-sensors14:00
cherBluesKaj: Good joke ;-D Reminds me of the April fools joke in the Amiga Magazin 1992, where they suggested to press several specific keys at the same time (you would need 3 hands) to unlock the secret AGA features of an ECS chipset. I don't believe in Voodoo ;-)14:01
rectec794613yeah it's like DLLs to help it run14:01
BluesKajcher  sorry that you think it's a joke ...or am I somehow misinformed ?14:03
cherBluesKaj: I'm not talking of getting the prompt. The prompt already is there, and enter just makes readline in bash print the prompt again. But dolphin etc. all launch kdeinit4, and they don't terminate kdeinit4 if the last process that uses kdeinit4 terminates.14:04
rectec794613well i gotta get some sleep. later guys14:04
cherBluesKaj: So I do this: ssh -X zbox01 then ls then exit and the ssh session closes. I do this: ssh -X zbox01 then dolphin then quit dolphin then exit, and the ssh session stays open because of the dangling kdeinit4 processes.14:05
cherBluesKaj: So for my ssh session to terminate, I have to do ps -aef and kill all those dangling KDE processes.14:05
BluesKajcher, how do you know the kde's are still running after you exir ?14:07
BluesKajerr exit14:07
Dragaanis it sad that one of my top reasons for wanting linux over windows is the "wobbly windows" setting in kde14:10
Dragaanok, for muon - are there any settings i should change?  i forgot who suggested it.  was it rectec?14:11
cherBluesKaj: Because when I exit, the ssh session does not close. So I don't exit and do ps -aef and see lots of KDE processes althouth the last KDE app has quit.14:11
Buckyhi all. i have two issues with kde's panel. First: how do i add a place launcher (e.g. home launcher) to the panel? Second: how do i create empty space between items in the panel? thanks14:11
Dragaanthere's an "add space" setting i believe14:12
Dragaan"add spacer" in the panel toolbox14:13
Dragaannext to add widgets.  if that's what you're talking about14:13
BuckyDragaan: yes, it was that. i thought they meant the vertical bar with spacer.14:15
Buckydo you know regarding the home launcher, too?14:17
BluesKajcher, so you're saying the enter key doesn't stop any lower level kde processes ...odd because the enter key is what most tutorials advise.14:18
Dragaannot sure what you mean by a place/home launcher14:19
cherBluesKaj: That's definitely voodoo and not real :)14:19
BluesKajvoodoo, cher ?14:19
cherMeans people say it works but it doesn't.14:19
BluesKajcher, so what are the consequences ?14:20
Buckyi mean a shortcut to \home folder placed in the panel14:20
cherAs I described, I have to kill processes manually.14:20
Dragaanis there no widget for that?  i thought i saw one while scrolling through them.14:21
Dragaan"quick access" widget should do it14:22
Dragaani'm pretty new to all this, but can't you just drag+drop the folder down onto the panel from dolphin14:22
Buckyperfect. to be honest i meant something that immediately opens dolphin, but that's ok too14:23
Buckythank you Dragaan! bye14:23
Dragaanyou can probably drag dolphin's icon14:23
Dragaanto teh panel14:23
Buckyit's true! i was trying to do it with the panel locked, so it didn't worked14:24
Dragaanmy sensors must be messed up... and I did install lm-sensors.  the cpu monitor shows a % but it never changes.  Just realized that.  It always shows 27%.  :(14:24
szalDragaan: CPU load has nothing to do w/ sensors14:27
Dragaanoh, it gets that info from the os?14:29
Dragaanoh well, im just gonna give up on these for now.  not must-have apps. thanks14:30
GirlyGirlsometimes its the cpu load viewing app that uses more cpu!14:31
=== coaboa is now known as coaboa|afk
Incarus6BluesKaj, back. 280.13 is working ;)14:54
BluesKaj Incarus6 , are there any benefits over the default nvidia 270 ?14:59
guestGreets, everyone...15:02
Incarus6BluesKaj, some things renders faster in my oppinion, but that could be imagined too15:02
guestAm I missing something, or is the launcher support in Task Manager (and by extension, Smooth Tasks) broken to the point of being completely useless?15:03
Incarus6guest, ehm, that Ctrl+Esc taskmanager?15:04
guestIncarus6: No, the plasmoid ("taskbar"). Sorry for not clarifying.15:05
Incarus6guest, it is working perfectly for me. Have you upgraded to KDE 4.7?15:09
alvinBluesKaj: Is nvidia 270 the default in natty? Then yes, all newer versions will avoid the konsole resize crash15:11
guestIncarus6: Yep. And to be sure, I nuked the home directory on this account to test; still no joy.15:12
Incarus6!screenshot | guest, can you make a screenshot?15:12
ubottuguest, can you make a screenshot?: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.15:12
guestIncarus6: Well, not really. It's the functionality that's nonexistent (on my system, at least); no graphical glitches or anything like that. For example...15:14
Incarus6so can you explain the exact issue, guest?15:14
guestIncarus6: Right-clicking on a running program and checking "Show a launcher for <program> when it is not running" has no effect (i.e., no launcher is shown for the program after closing it) (even though, oddly enough the box is still checked for that program after closing and re-opening it)...15:17
Incarus6guest, you can fill a bug report on https://bugs.kde.org to get it fixed until the next version or you could ask in #kde they could know more about that15:18
Incarus6!zh | xzhx15:19
ubottuxzhx: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw15:19
guestIncarus6: Also, if I drag and drop a launcher onto the task manager, it disappears after I close the program it's for...15:21
guestIncarus6: Thanks... I was just curious; I thought I read somewhere that launcher support was supposed to be majorly improved in 4.7 (I experienced similar issues in 4.6 and I'm pretty sure the bugs were already reported).15:24
guestbrb, checking something...15:25
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Incarus6guest, are yoou using the 'default'-panel, so the prevonfigured panel with all the things like clock and kde-menu..?15:29
* BluesKaj joins the nvidia 280.13 club15:29
guestOk, so re-starting plasma-desktop causes the launchers to finally show up. And then, after closing their respective programs, they're gone again until the next time Plasma starts.15:30
Incarus6guest, those launchers aren't working for me either, it should be a known bug if someone reported it, one sec.15:31
guestIncarus6: Yeah, I left _everything_ at default settings (like I said, I started with a completely clean home directory on this account just to be sure).15:31
Incarus6one possible workaround here is that you create a new clean panel and add all those plasmoids manually - that _could_ fix the launcher issue15:32
guestIncarus6: Nope; on my main profile, the panel I initially had the problem on was clean.15:34
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guestHonestly, I think I just came in here to vent my disappointment with 4.7... It's supposed to be a feature release, yet the two features I was hearing the most buzz about months ago (launcher support in task managers and the ability to set a program to always start in a certain activity) appear to be MIA.15:38
Peace-4.7 rocks here.15:39
Peace-packagers no15:39
Peace-i have a lots of problem with some widget...15:39
Peace-but after that ... the other stuff work properly15:40
Incarus6guest, see https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27918115:41
ubottuKDE bug 279181 in general "Launcher-Icons aren't saved properly" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:41
guestPeace-: What big improvements have you noticed in 4.7? I'd love to be pointed in the direction of some redeeming qualities. ;-)15:41
Incarus6guest, if you have additional information - please add15:43
guestIncarus6: Thanks, will do...15:43
BluesKajyeah kde 4.7 kicker is disappointing , when choosing apps , there's no blue column that gives the option to select another group in the menu15:44
guest(I *do* file bug reports, for the record ;)15:44
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guestBluesKaj: 110% agreed. I'm sure KDE's UI designers are familiar with Fitt's Law; not sure why they decided to completely abandon it in that instance.15:45
Incarus6BluesKaj, you have to click on the category names under the search15:45
guestIncarus6: right, which is a much harder target than the left edge of the screen15:45
BluesKajIncarus6, got it , "all applications " ..it was greyed out before , now it seems to work , thanks :)15:46
Incarus6guest, I agree but I'm never using those category menus. It seems to be a feature which could be reverted soon. It's not obvious for new user where they could change the menu category15:46
Incarus6BluesKaj, yes. if you would read the changelog or at least look at the new-features-pictures you would know it :D15:47
BluesKajIncarus6, I'm lazy ... I justa sk in here  :)15:48
guestyeah, i launch pretty much everything via krunner or panel icons... i do like to browse through the programs in kickoff from time to time though.15:48
ematos815i like to know if anybody know how to download itunes15:49
BluesKajIncarus6, the 280 driver seems fine so far , btw15:49
Incarus6.______. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4077/4902774615_1dfe849113.jpg15:49
guestlancelot would be great if it gave the option to show applications by name. for all the options it has, i don't get why it's lacking one that kickoff has.15:49
Incarus6guest, it really slows down my computer (and I'm using a quad-core). Xorg consumpts more than 20% CPU when I activate lancelot. That's almost 100% on one CPU core15:51
guestIncarus6: are you using the default plasma theme (air)?15:51
Incarus6guest, nope, it was a random image. I'm using oxygen-air as window theme and glassified as plasma theme15:52
guestIncarus6: did you try just disabling blur altogether?15:53
Incarus6guest, no, because just lancelot isn't working properly and I'm not using that, so I don't care ;)15:54
guestxorg's cpu usage goes to ~11% for about a second when opening lancelot here (on an old 2.13GHz C2D), ~7% with blur turned off (same as kickoff)15:58
guestjesus christ... no more keyboard navigation in kickoff???16:00
Incarus6working for me16:01
guestin the Applications tab?16:02
guestah, nice - the new lancelot does show programs by name now (except favorites).16:04
Incarus6guest, no, just in the general menu. I have to go, bye ;)16:06
guesti'm out too. good chatting, BluesKaj. peace.16:06
maggojemand da16:22
matti__how can i install flash in 64-bit kubuntu?16:22
szal!flash | matti__16:23
ubottumatti__: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash16:23
BluesKajmatti__, install , kubuntu-restricted-extras16:23
BluesKajgawd , who uses gnash anymore ?16:25
matti__it is write that i have to update flash software16:26
BluesKajmatti__, in some setups you may need this : sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer16:31
matti__BluesKaj: i have it installed16:33
maheshnewbee in ubuntu16:33
matti__i found something what i trying16:45
matti__BluesKaj: http://www.fragles.eu/2011/07/14/adobe-flash-player-11-ubuntu-11-04-64bit/16:46
EagleScreenI have a small issue, on KDM the user image of the rest of users is well showed, but mine is not showed16:48
Daskreechhi EagleScreen16:56
EagleScreenthe difference I think is that my user is previous to KDE 4.7.0 upgrade, and the other users have been created after16:58
DaskreechEagleScreen: Reassign the icon?17:11
EagleScreenDaskreech: I have set it after upgrade17:13
DaskreechIt's the default user?17:15
cherI have installed Kubuntu on an SSD. I've used ext4 with noatime. I did not configure a swap partition as I have 8 GB RAM. Is this a good setup, or should I choose a different FS?17:15
DaskreechWell that's moot it shows the last logged out user as the default17:15
GirlyGirlcher: Hibernate does not work without swap17:18
cherGirlyGirl: Oh thanks that is good to know!17:19
GirlyGirlcher: I just learnt that, someone told me on #ubuntu-fr17:19
EagleScreenDaskreech: not sure if it is the defaut user17:20
cherI guess it is required for suspend to disk.17:20
Daskreechcher: it's where the RAM is dumped17:20
GirlyGirlcher: but you can use a swap file instead17:21
cherI don't need hibernate on these machines. But it's good to know because my next machine will actually get hibernate.17:21
EagleScreenit might be the default user, but I am affected by Bug LP: #79379217:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 793792 in user-setup (Ubuntu) "New users in admin group cannot use policykit" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:23
yofelcher: ext4 is ok for SSDs, if anything add the discard option to enable TRIM17:24
cheryofel: I guess discard sends trim so that sectors no longer in use can be erased asynchronously by the SSD, right?17:28
cherWhat do you think of 12.7 W idle power consumption?17:36
DaskreechEagleScreen: policykit bug?17:38
EagleScreenDaskreech: yes, but I dont see what relation may be between that bug and my user image issue17:39
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BluesKajgetting some strange behaviour with scp -r copying a folder to another linux machine on our network ...it's copying the whole /home/user directory rather than /home/user/folder that I want to copy18:41
DaskreechBluesKaj: what is the command?18:42
BluesKajDaskreech, scp -r ~/Pictures/folder kaj@192.168.x.x: /home/user18:44
DaskreechBluesKaj: scp -r ~/Pictures/folder/ doesn't work?18:46
BluesKajodd, because that command worked great previously..suddenly it's trying copy my whole home directory instead of a folder in the directory18:47
tsimpsonBluesKaj: was the space after the ':' a typo, or part of the command you typed?18:56
yofelthe : looks right, the space after it not18:58
BluesKajno space after the colon ?19:03
tsimpsonBluesKaj: in the "kaj@192.168.x.x: /home/user" part, the space is bad19:04
BluesKajyofel, ahh..ok now I see , space afer the IP is the problem19:05
BluesKajtsimpson, yeah , the command works properly now19:05
BluesKajok , errands to do ...BBL19:08
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kiki__is anyone talking ??19:51
kiki__it looks like I'm alone here19:51
BluesKajkiki__, ask your question19:52
kiki__is that how it works ??19:52
kiki__I have no question19:52
kiki__for now19:52
BluesKajthere's #kubuntu-offtopic for regular chatting19:53
kiki__going there19:54
BluesKajkiki__, this is ubuntu support19:54
BluesKajkubuntu support actually :)19:54
kiki__what is differences between kubuntu and ubuntu ??20:00
kiki__what is kubunty anyway20:00
ubottukubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde20:00
kiki__get it20:00
kiki__which one you have ??20:01
kiki__which one is better20:01
kiki__I mean, which one you have installed20:02
tsimpsonmost people in #kubuntu will have Kubuntu20:02
kiki__what is wrong with Gnome ?20:02
kiki__I have that one20:02
tsimpsondifferent people like different things, it preference20:02
kiki__just GUI20:03
kiki__or more than that20:03
tsimpsonthe only difference between "regular" Ubuntu and Kubuntu is the GUI20:03
kiki__then I assume Kubuntu needs more RAM20:04
tsimpsonyou assume incorrectly20:04
kiki__just a guess20:04
kiki__if it has better GUI20:04
kiki__then logically20:04
kiki__more RAM20:04
kiki__I installed KDE once20:05
kiki__and didn't like it20:05
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!20:06
tsimpsonkiki__: you've been told where the offtopic chat goes, or there is #ubuntu-offtopic if you want a more active room20:06
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systemclientdoes a nvidia 9500 GT work with 3D and all KWin (incl. wobble and cube)?20:50
draikHas anyone come into an issue in which the display size is a little bigger than the monitor size?21:05
Daskreechsystemclient: Should its' old enough to be covered by Free drivers21:06
Daskreechdraik: Not in quite a number of years21:06
systemclientDaskreech: I have no idea21:08
draikDaskreech: The display is slightly bigger than my TV. It's about the size of a window border in 1280x1024 resolution.21:09
Daskreechsystemclient: Sorry that was should be.21:09
DaskreechIt's old enough to be covered by free drivers in the kernel21:10
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
systemclientDaskreech: Debian Stable (Kernel 2.6.32) does not seem to carry it21:11
systemclientbut I guess the 3.0 in Kubuntu should do?21:11
Daskreechah probably21:11
DaskreechDebian is quite against blobs in the kernel21:11
systemclientI started using debian today and I already dislike it …21:11
systemclientbecause they are do dogmatic and strict21:12
systemclientubuntu seemed a little more real-life oriented21:12
=== hacked is now known as vinces
Daskreechsystemclient: Dogmatic and strict work. So does Real current life choose whichever you like :)21:17
systemclientDaskreech: well, in Kubuntu I can just install the nvidia driver and be done with. In debian, I am currently working with some wiki article21:19
LINKSWORD2Daskreech: What kind of trouble are you causing now?21:20
Daskreechsystemclient: That's by design on both sides.21:20
DaskreechLINKSWORD2: HOld on let me check my list21:21
newflac'è qualche italiano?21:26
LINKSWORD2!ubottu newfla | it21:30
LINKSWORD2!newfla | it21:30
newflai'm italian21:30
Unit193!it | LINKSWORD2 failed21:31
ubottuLINKSWORD2 failed: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:31
* LINKSWORD2 hitting self over head.21:31
* LINKSWORD2 reaches out and hits Unit193 for not telling me how....21:31
LINKSWORD2Hey, DarkwingDuck?21:32
DarkwingDuckHey LINKSWORD2?21:35
LINKSWORD2:) Sup?21:36
LINKSWORD2DarkwingDuck: May I query? I have a specific question.21:37
DarkwingDuckLINKSWORD2: Sure21:38
systemclientwell, nvidia now works good with Debian Stable now, just to let you know21:42
shane2peruok, quick question, when I try to ssh into my  computer from my laptop on the same network, I get port 22 refused, I don't think I have a firewall setup, but apparently something is blocking port 22??  Any ideas?22:05
=== sayakb is now known as sayakb_away
gomiboyshane2peru: that address replies to ping? sshd is running (ps ax | grep sshd)? also check the firewall: sudo iptables -L22:10
shane2peru13302 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep sshd22:11
shane2perugomiboy: ^^  that is ps ax | grep sshd, so appears it is running22:12
gomiboyshane2peru: no, that's your grep command :P22:12
shane2peruiptables seems pretty empty, Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT) target prot opt source destination, same for Chain Forward, and chain output22:12
shane2peruright, I see that now, so it isn't even runnin22:13
shane2perugomiboy: I was missing openssh-server I installed the client22:14
shane2peruthanks!!! gomiboy22:14
gomiboynp :)22:14
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lsvis it normal if iwconfig shows wifi0 and wlan0 but I only have one wireless card?22:21
paul__hi all23:03
paul__someone online ?23:03
paul__someone can help me ?23:05
cherI have a problem with WLAN on my kubuntu box. I tried to configure WLAN to start at bootup. But this fails. If I connect through RJ-45, then do ifdown wlan0 ifup wlan0 it works. Syslog contains entries like "wpa_supplicant[948]: Failed to initiate AP scan." But the AP definitely is not the cause of failure.23:08
cheris this a known problem?23:09
BsimsMy most recent apt-get update wants to remove kdebase... WHY?23:43
Bsimsastraljava: well its apt-get dist-update to get the ones held back23:45
Bsimshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/657553/ for the info23:52

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