benjigary_poster: Dublin expense report comin' atcha12:13
gary_posterbenji, could you give me a summary of how you calculated your per diem--what days got what meals?  This makes it easier for me to see where the money is coming from and if it matches up with the schedule I know about.  I'll paste whatever yu give me in the expense claim12:29
gary_posterbac benji danilos call momentarily12:30
benjigary_poster: sure: 1st Saturday: 1 dinner; Sunday: lunch & dinner; M T W F: dinner; last saturday: lunch and dinner12:31
benjiplease double-check me, but I think that's "right"12:31
benjithe hotel per diem is 80 euro per night, six nights12:32
gary_posterbenji, when was yellow team dinner?  I paid for that for everybody else, and I think for you too?12:32
benjiyou're right12:32
benjithanks for catching that12:32
benjiif you can fix it, please do, if not reject it and I'll take care of it12:33
gary_posterbenji, (1) that was Wed., right?  (2) what was our dinner per diem again? :-P12:45
benji1) IIRC, 2) 20 euro12:45
benjigary_poster: I can't find the no downtime deploy instructions, do you have a pointer12:56
danilosbenji, it's something like ProductionChangePolicy12:56
gary_posterbenji https://wiki.canonical.com/Launchpad/PolicyandProcess/ProductionChange12:56
benjithanks guys12:57
gary_posterbenji, please no rush to answer this, but for https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpadlib/+bug/752282, would the change in comment 7 be sufficient?15:02
_mup_Bug #752282: terminates python with "cannot connect to X server" <regression> <launchpadlib :Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/752282 >15:02
* benji looks15:03
gary_posterbenji, also, would that be a super easy one to fix?  Would you like me to try to do it, with your guidance, so that you feel someone is helping with that stuff, or would you rather just fix it yourself for speed's sake?15:04
benjigary_poster: for the life of me, I don't see a fix suggested in comment 715:05
gary_posterbenji sorry :-( comment 6 from Markus Korn15:06
gary_posterI guess that's actually a modification of your comment 515:07
gary_posterso it would be comment 5 + 615:07
benjire. ease of fix: the "sniff the environment" fix shouldn't be too bad15:07
gary_posterthen we have to roll it out though, right?15:08
benjigary_poster: re. comment 6: I don't think it'll be that easy.  keyringlib is structured in a stupid way, the client has no choice over which backend will be chosen and is given no notice of which will be chosen either, so backend-specific bits like that will have to be done in the keyring library itself (i.e., not in launchpadlib)15:09
gary_posterbenji, yeah, that's what I understood.  Make small change in keyring library; publish it to Ubuntu; declare success15:10
benjiright, once we change keyringlib we'll have to get that revision into Ubuntu; I don't think that'll be hard, just prolonged15:10
* gary_poster wonders when oneiric closes15:10
gary_posterbenji, if you'll coach me on this, I'll do it; or I can leave it for you.15:11
benjigo get'em tiger! (that's me coaching)15:12
benjigary_poster: to check it out you do hg clone https://bitbucket.org/kang/python-keyring-lib15:15
gary_posterbenji, wow, so this is easy but annoying, eh?  Yeah, I was just working that out15:15
gary_posterbenji, tests are very noisy with lots of tests that seem like they are spewing failures, but end with "Ran 34 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 0.255 seconds."  That's as you expect?15:19
benjithere will be lots of noise, and several skipped tests (unless you have the right crypto libraries installed (or KDE) for example)15:21
gary_posterok benji, cool.  So...can I do this with TDD?  Looking at keyring/tests/test_backend.py no15:21
benjiyep, you should be able to TDD it; I added some test infrastructure that should make that route not too painful15:22
benjino downtime deploy done15:23
gary_posterbenji, great15:23
benjithat was really easy; more people should be forced to do that, a little aversion therapy for deployments15:24
gary_posterbenji, :-)  it's nice if you go through the bugs you deployed and change their statuses15:24
benjiok; is that something I should add to the procedure?15:25
gary_posterbenji, dunno.  wgrant did it and I appreciated it, so I was reciprocating.  uh, pay it forward, uh.15:26
benjiI'll add it then.15:26
benjiok, 19 bugs marked Fix Released15:28
benjigary_poster: I just realized that that probably wouldn't be a good policy; a single revision might not actually fix a bug, we could prematurly mark them as fix released15:30
benjiI doubt I just marked any prematurely because they were all "Fix Comitted" before I marked them, but I don't think this is actually something we should do15:31
gary_posterbenji, we have different statuses for this15:31
* gary_poster doesn't recall off-hand15:32
gary_posterbut in theory it should be something we can do deterministically and correctly, if the people working on the branch have done the right thing.15:32
benjiso the rule should be: mark all fix-committed bugs as fix-released and leave the rest alone?15:32
benjiit'd really be nice if the qa bot (or similar) did this15:32
gary_posterbenji, I think so.  I'm not sure if qa bot moves bugs to fix-committed if the commit is regarded as partial, but I don't think so...  So, "yes" :-)  people can correct it later if needed15:33
benjik, I'll add that rule15:34
benjiI'm hungry.15:38
gary_posterbenji, kwalitee:15:49
gary_poster    def test_supported(self):15:49
gary_poster        """Test the keyring's supported value.15:49
gary_poster        """15:49
gary_poster        self.assertEqual(self.keyring.supported(), self.supported())15:49
gary_poster        return self.keyring.supported()15:49
gary_postersorry that last line was supposed to be two15:50
gary_poster    def supported(self):15:50
gary_poster        return self.keyring.supported()15:50
gary_posterso IOW for gnome keyring, we are asserting that self.keyring.supported() == self.keyring.supported() .  Mm, yeah, I'm keen to use this. :-P15:51
benjiheh, I hadn't noticed that one; unfortunately I'm not surprised16:36
gary_posterbenji, I'm confused about bitbucket.  I have a mercurial branch with changes I want.  I now have an account at bitbucket.  What now?  I've tried various incantations, most recently "hg push ssh://garyposter@bitbucket.org/garyposter/python-keyring-lib"18:47
gary_posterAlso tried "hg push ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/garyposter/python-keyring-lib"18:48
benjitwo things: first, this is the command you want: hg push ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/kang/python-keyring-lib (it took me *forever* to figure that out)18:48
gary_posterbenji, even though I don't want to mutate his branch yet?18:49
benjisecond, unless you've been given committer access that won't work18:49
gary_posterbenji I just wanted to put the branch up somewhere for review18:49
gary_posterand then make a pull request and all that18:49
benjiI've never done that.  I just got committer privaleges. ;)18:49
benjiIf you can figure it out, I can act on your pull request.18:50
gary_posterok cool benji thx18:51
gary_posterbenji https://bitbucket.org/kang/python-keyring-lib/pull-request/3/do-not-try-to-connect-to-the-gnome-keyring19:02
benjigary_poster: did you note what Markus Korn said about DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS and DISPLAY?  Some values of DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS are valid even if there is no DISPLAY.19:05
benjiso... hmm; we might just leave out the DISPLAY check and be good19:06
gary_posterbenji, I must have misread.  I thought he was saying that DBUS... will only be true of DISPLAY is true, so this was overkill19:06
* gary_poster goes to reread19:06
gary_posterbenji, "some value in DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS implies a non empty DISPLAY."19:07
gary_posterbenji, so my inclusion of DISPLAY is paranoia from his perspective19:07
gary_posterwhich was my intent :-)19:07
benjiright, and it's not logically required, but implies to me that some other values of DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS are still fine even though DISPLAY is empty19:08
benjiin other words a non-empty DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS is all we need to check for (and can ignore DISPLAY alltogether)19:08
gary_posterbenji, what implies to you?  his message, or my code?19:08
benjihis message19:08
gary_posterbenji, I agree, but my intent was to be paranoid.19:09
gary_posterbenji, I have no personal knowledge that what he said is correct19:09
benjiwe can relax the requirement for DISPLAY later if need be I guess19:09
gary_posterbenji, I am pretty comfortable saying, on a personal knowledge basis, that DISPLAY is necessary19:09
gary_posterbenji, I don't feel strongly about it actually, but I am clarifying that this was my intent19:10
gary_posterif you feel strongly the other way, eh, I can remove it19:10
gary_posterobviously I prefer it the way it is19:10
gary_posterbut...eh. :-)19:10
benjigary_poster: here's an experiment that shows that what I read through the lines seems to be true: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/657425/19:13
benjisince we are talking about server systems, I can't decide if it is more or less important to allow the gnome keyring stuff to work without a DISPLAY19:14
gary_posterbenji...that implies to me that what I've done is what we want, yeah?  We don't want the gnome keyring to pop up in that case, right?19:14
benjisee above, I can't decide :)19:14
gary_posterbenji, does the gnome keyring work on server systems?19:14
benjithat's a good question19:15
gary_posterI would think not19:15
gary_posterwhat with the GUI and all19:15
benjiI'm persuaded that the code as you have it is the way to go.19:15
benjiheh, Tarek beat me to accepting your pull request19:46
gary_posterbenji, they call me Firstname Lastname around these parts19:50
benjigary_poster: what?19:51
gary_posterbenji, see https://bitbucket.org/kang/python-keyring-lib/overview19:51
gary_posterpretty clearly I didn't set up hg properly somehow19:51
benjithat is hilarious19:51
gary_posterbenji, yeah I think I was glazing over some of the set up instructions--this is my .hgrc:19:52
gary_posterusername = Firstname Lastname <firstname.lastname@example.net>19:52
gary_posterverbose = True19:52
benjiI figured it was something like that.  I bet that happens a lot.  They should have code to reject that user name.19:53
benjiI'm still laughing about that.19:53
gary_posterbenji, what do I do to get that python-keyring change in oneiric?20:08
benjihmm, let me check my notes20:08
benjigary_poster: The Debian maintainer/packager of python-keyring is Carl Chenet <chaica@ohmytux.com>20:08
benjialso, Barry maintains the launchpadlib packages in Debian, so he might be useful at some point20:09
benjiCarl was very helpful last time I communicated with him (although Debian was frozen at the time so there wasn't much he could do for me).20:10
benjialso, I can do a keyring release, which I think Carl will want to feed into the packaging machinery20:11
gary_posterbenji, so I just write him a nice email saying, hey, could you please get this in Debian?  And then hope that...oh ok20:11
gary_posterbenji, if it is not in Debian then Ubuntu can't get it, or at least it is a much bigger pain?20:11
bacgary_poster: i'm trying to find where an event gets handled but can't find the registration.20:12
bacnotify(BugBecameQuestionEvent(self, question, person))20:12
benjithat's my understanding; last time Leonard suggested/encouraged/something the Debian to Ubuntu route20:12
gary_posterack benji20:12
gary_posterbac, ok lemme look20:13
bacgary_poster: i expected to find a <subscriber> in the zcml for  IBugBecameQuestionEvent but don't see one20:13
benjibac: notifications to subscribers are handled synchronously, so you can pdb into the notify call and the looping over and calling the actual subscribers isn't too far down that rabbit hole20:13
bacbenji: i've done that in the past...but figured this should be discoverable by looking in the zcml20:14
gary_posterbac, this doesn't look there is a listener, I agree20:15
benjisome times inheritance stymies the grep-the-zcml approach20:15
bacurgh.  i guess rabbit hole diving it is20:15
gary_posterbac, I would be paranoid enough to do what benji describes, I must admit20:15
gary_posterbut my guess is that it is a no-op20:16
bacgary_poster: really?  that's hard to believe20:16
bacb/c i don't see the actions wired elsewhere20:16
benjiand very few admit to being as paranoid as I20:16
bacbut let me go pdb-ing20:16
bacgary_poster:  i told you benji would say that!20:16
bacgary_poster: looks like it is a noop20:23
bacwe've got considerable code supporting that no-op20:24
gary_posterrip it out!20:35
benjiI really want to get ec2 land chugging on this branch, anyone want a small (and possibly even slightly fun) JS review? https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/launchpad/bug-809511/+merge/7021920:36
gary_posterI'll do it benji20:52
benjigary_poster: great, thanks20:53
gary_posterbenji, feel free to ignore this bikeshed color, but I suggest that you make the digit limit for a bug number 5, not 6.  We do have branches to fix older bugs.  Launchpad has three five digit bugs that are still open (https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bugs).20:57
gary_posterhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs has 1 (not counting bug 1).20:57
gary_posterIt's not a big deal, but my suggestion.20:57
_mup_Bug #1: Microsoft has a majority market share <iso-testing> <ubuntu> <Clubdistro:Confirmed> <Computer Science Ubuntu:Confirmed for compscibuntu-bugs> <dylan.NET.Reflection:Invalid> <dylan.NET:Invalid> <EasyPeasy Overview:Invalid by ramvi> <GenOS:In Progress by gen-os> <GNOME Screensaver:Won't Fix> <Ichthux:Invalid by raphink> <JAK LINUX:Invalid> <LibreOffice:In Progress by bjoern-michaelsen> <The Linux OS Project:In Progress> <metacity:In P20:57
gary_postermm, I got the branch to try and look at it locally, but I'd have to hack the code to make that two20:58
gary_posterbenji, is there a way to check it out locally, or should I just stare at code? :-)20:58
gary_posterby "check it out" in this case I mean "look at it"20:59
gary_poster...in action...20:59
benjigary_poster: unfortunately the test data isn't condusive to actually trying it20:59
benjiyou could hack it just a little and see it work20:59
gary_postereh, it's about EoD and I'm tired.  I'll see it on qastaging :-)21:00
gary_posterbenji, did you consider updating "Y.DOM.byId('field.bug')" to "Y.one('#field.bug")"?21:02
gary_posterbenji, approved, with the two questions I asked.  Answer them as you see fit. :-)21:06
* gary_poster runs away now. Bye!21:06
benjigary_poster: I did, but it didn't work; I was too lazy to figure out why21:06

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