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RenatoSilvabug 670870 is fixed in LP but not in the hg plugin?? Does that mean LP is using the repo plugin? Anyway, why can't I still import this branch? https://code.launchpad.net/~renatosilva/purple-plugin-pack/trunk02:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 670870 in Bazaar Hg Plugin "bzr crashed with ValueError in convert_converted_from()" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67087002:26
RenatoSilvas/fixed in LP not plugin/released in LP committed in plugin02:27
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StevenKRenatoSilva: It imported successfully 13 minutes ago?02:40
RenatoSilvaStevenK: oh, after several trials. Just because I entered this channel03:10
RenatoSilvacomputers have mood!03:10
RenatoSilvaStevenK: thanks for unlinking03:14
RenatoSilvawhat would explain this?03:15
StevenKRenatoSilva: I'm not sure -- I just saw the import was successful.03:16
RenatoSilvaok thanks StevenK03:17
wgrantRenatoSilva: Well, it looks like it hasn't been tried in 1.5 months.03:17
wgrantbzr-hg has probably been upgraded since then.03:17
RenatoSilvaok wgrant03:18
RenatoSilvawhat if source repo moves? I don't see an option to set the source03:28
wgrantRenatoSilva: You can either create a new import or poke one of us to move it.03:28
RenatoSilvaah ok, thanks03:29
diwic"Failed to fetch package details. Retry" <- is this a known launchpad bug?06:57
Arch1medeis there a launchpad gui like app?08:05
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adeuringhenninge: ^^^12:29
henningeadeuring: cool, thanks12:30
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dobeyArch1mede: not exactly. there are various apps that use LP API for certain things.13:55
hallyncan someone tell me how to get the vcs import at https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/qemu-kvm/git un-suspended?14:51
maxbAccording to the whiteboard, it requires nested tree support in bzr, which hasn't been written yet14:52
hallynah, is that what that meant :)14:52
hallynso i'll have to keep doing it manually14:52
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abentleyadeuring: I relieve you.16:01
adeuringabentley: thanks!16:01
mneptokabentley: you should also add "shell rc defined $DEITY" as a support contact. unless it's OpenBSD.16:06
cgreganHello Launchpad team! I was wondering who is the contact for having PPAs made private within private projects?16:07
ogra_heya ... i just ran across an odd list on LP i cant make any sense of, probably someone here can elaborate ...16:22
ogra_looking at the table at the bottom of https://launchpad.net/project-rootstock/trunk/+ubuntupkg i dont get what the "by" field is supposed to mean, these peaople are totally unrelated to the package16:22
dobeyogra_: that is the last person to have uploaded that package into ubuntu for that series?16:31
ogra_dobey, given that neither of the two is ubuntu developer i would highly doubt it :)16:32
ogra_thats why i'm so confused, they are both completely unrelated to the package too16:32
dobeythat is weird16:33
persiaThat they aren't developers isn't the key bit: lots of folk get sponsored.  More importantly, they aren't listed at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rootstock/+changelog16:33
persiamaverick, natty, oneiric ought be ~rsalveti and lucid, karmic ought be ~ogra16:34
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dobeyif you try to expand any of the entries on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rootstock it fails; that might be related16:38
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abentleycgregan: I'm not sure, but I'm looking into it.17:15
cgreganthanks abentley17:16
baccgregan: generally mrevell does private PPAs but i can help you out since he isn't around17:17
cgreganbac: I think vanhoof was able to create one....not sure how....can you please review it to be sure? https://launchpad.net/~hwe-lowell-team/+archive/checkbox17:18
baccgregan: looks good to me!  vanhoof has super powers -- be nice to him!17:19
cgreganbac: heh...good to know! thanks bac17:19
abentleybenji: I'm getting some strange behaviour from launchpadlib 1.9.7: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/657376/ Any ideas?18:09
* benji looks.18:09
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benjiabentley: I don't see a license_reviewed attribute defined anywhere in LP but that doesn't make any sense because of the dir() behavior18:13
abentleybenji: project_reviewed used to be license_reviewed, IIRC.18:13
benjiabentley: my guess would be that your cached wadl is out of date and it says that there is a license_reviewed attribute when there isn't; a deeper problem seems to be that license_reviewed wasn't left in pre-devel versions of the API, breaking backward compatability18:17
benjiyou can clear the cache by nuking ~/.launchpadlib/api.WHATEVER.launchpad.net (or .dev if this is a dev instance)18:18
benji(and we apparently are doing a poor job of validating the cached WADL)18:18
abentleybenji: Yes, nuking the cache fixed it.18:28
abentleybenji: Since 1.0 and beta are supposed to be stable, ISTM we shouldn't be re-generating them anymore.  They should be set in stone, and we should assert that Launchpad matches them.18:31
abentleybenji: shouldn't be re-generating the WADL, I mean.18:31
benjiwell, it's not /quite/ that simple; we do add things that are backward compatible (whether or not we should is an interesting question) and we occasionally find things that are simply broken and unfixable in a backward-compatible way (or another way to look at it is that the existing thing was so broken that there isn't anything to be backward compatible with)18:34
benjiwe've actually tried something along the lines of a test that would fail when the WADL changed and would require a human to inspect the differences to be sure everything was still OK, it didn't work out for reasons I can't bring to mind at the moment18:35
benjithis particular issue certainly deserves a bug though18:35
X3lectrichi so I thought that FTP upload was fixed but having tried it just now it hangs at last byte18:36
jdobrien do:18:41
X3lectricso anyone able to use ftp to launchpad without it failing on last byte like 6 months ago when a new ftp backed was introduced19:02
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cndis it possible to have custom bug states for projects on launchpad.net?20:55
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lifelesscnd: not at the moment; but see some design concepts on https://dev.launchpad.net/IssueTracker21:51
cndlifeless, ok, thanks21:52
lifelessyou can use tags21:52
lifelessand that might let you emulate what you need21:52
cndlifeless, is there a way to limit who can add or remove specific tags?21:52
lifelessthey are very freeform today. We don't see much vandalism issues with tags though21:54
lifeless(vs official statuses which we have had to implement permissions for)21:55
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X3lectricso no one has a clew why ftp upload still fails at one byte to go22:37
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TheEvilPhoenixi just pushed to a bzr branch... how long will it take for code.launchpad.net to recognize the branch which now exists in a project's code branch?23:05
lifelessshould be there now23:06
TheEvilPhoenixsystem isnt reading it23:06
lifelesswhat do you mean ?23:06
TheEvilPhoenixbzr push lp:~trekcaptainusa-tw/addgpg-apt/2.0.0  <-- that would push to the addgpg-apt project's 2.0.0 branch, right?23:06
TheEvilPhoenixconsidering that's my user and that's what the code page said to do23:07
TheEvilPhoenixsystem on my end says it pushed23:07
TheEvilPhoenixcode.lp doesnt reflect it23:07
TheEvilPhoenixnor can i find the branch23:07
lifelesslooks fine to me23:07
lifelessits visible here - https://code.launchpad.net/addgpg-apt23:07
TheEvilPhoenixthen wth is my system on about23:08
TheEvilPhoenixbut there's more than one branch23:08
TheEvilPhoenixwhich branch is that main code area focusing on?>23:08
lifelessYou'll have to give me urls or be more detailed. There are many things you might mean.23:09
TheEvilPhoenixah there we go23:09
TheEvilPhoenixi see... i need to manually specify where the branch was...23:10
TheEvilPhoenixah i see23:12
TheEvilPhoenixi specified my own area as the first one... lp:~trekcaptainusa-tw23:12
TheEvilPhoenixby pushing to lp:addgpg-apt/2.0.0 instead of starting wtih myself...23:13
TheEvilPhoenixit worked.23:13
lifelessok, so you do need to link them23:14
lifelessnow they are linked, lp:addgpg-apt/2.0.0 is an alias23:15
TheEvilPhoenixyeah i should have known that... having system implosions since i last used bzr screwed with that...23:16
TheEvilPhoenix*facedesks again*23:16
slughi, what's the launchpad ppa configuration? I get failed build for i386, works for amd64 and if I run the build on a local machine it works for both using pbuilder23:55
wgrantslug: Do you have a link to the build log?23:56
slugthis is the failed https://launchpad.net/~slug-debian/+archive/ppa/+build/266154323:57
slugfor i386. for the successful amd64 build: https://launchpad.net/~slug-debian/+archive/ppa/+build/266154223:57
slugand my i386 build: http://slug.aeminium.org/software/ubuntu/ppa/deal.ii/23:58
wgrantmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `/build/buildd/deal.ii-7.0.0/common/Make.global_options'.  Stop.23:58
wgrantThis is while building docs, it seems.23:58
wgrantWhich probably only happens on i386.23:58
slugwgrant: yeah, i saw that. but why does amd64 and my i386 build with the exact same thing works?23:59
wgrantAs binary-indep is only called on i386.23:59
wgrant(so the arch-indep packages are only built once)23:59

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