riddlerhey guys, any recommendation for lubuntu program/software that mounts .iso files02:44
stlsaintriddler: ark or archive mounter02:45
riddlerstlsaint, ok thnx for the tip02:46
KM0201riddler: or gmountiso.. it's deadnuts simple02:46
stlsaintriddler: brasero also but yes gmount is nice02:46
riddlerah alrite, ill check those out ty02:47
KM0201i think i'm gonna use Lubuntu to run my headless server... i tried to setup Ubuntu Server, but I'm just not competent enough w/ CLI... I can do it in about 15-20min w/ Lubuntu02:48
KM0201after i uninstalled all the apps I didn't need, installed a few I did (openssh, samba, .etc.).. the install takes less than 2gigs, completely updated.02:48
stlsaintKM0201: what issues are you having?02:48
KM0201stlsaint: no real "issues" i just have to google foor commands constantly while setting up, some of them work, some of them do not, so then i gotta start googling again, often coming across many of the commands that didn't work for me in the first place.02:49
stlsaintKM0201: making a headless server forward a gui takes up much unwarranted resources02:50
KM0201stlsaint: i guess i could disable X02:50
stlsaintKM0201: which puts you back at cli :D02:50
* KM0201 sighs... i know02:50
stlsaintsolution==learn command line02:50
KM0201yeah, thats a good solution, and honestly, as long as i've been using linux, i'm a little embarassed i'm not better at it than I am.02:51
KM0201i can't believe i can get the install under 2gigs though..lol02:51
stlsaintits due to my servers that i even learned command line and started preferring it over gui even on desktop installs02:52
stlsainthence i like irssi :D02:52
KM0201yeah, it's just that FreeNas has upset me.. so i gotta dump it.02:52
KM0201that's really all i use i tfor, is a NAS..02:52
KM0201besides that, most of the time, GUI will not even be "logged in".. as i'll just SSH in if i need to do something.02:53
KM0201it'll just be there if i ever need it.02:54
stlsaintKM0201: what are your server specs?02:55
KM02012x2tb, 1.4ghz procssor, 1.5gig of ram.02:55
Unit193Wait, what's a desktop? ;)02:55
KM0201like i said, it's just a NAS02:55
KM0201my main pc, is 2.3hz, my laptop.. i think its a 2ghz celeron02:56
KM0201i just got the laptop, about 2 weeks agoo.02:57
KM0201absolutely sucks w/ 7 (i knew it would, not enough ram), but it scorches the earth on Lubuntu02:57
stlsaintKM0201: yea at 1.5GB you are gonna want to take resource usage into consideration02:58
KM0201stlsaint: i think it will work fine02:59
KM0201if it's an issue, i'll adapt and overcome02:59
stlsaintKM0201: my primary server has 32GB ram and i still run ubuntu server with no X, not even webmin! :D02:59
Unit193stlsaint: Wow, nice server!02:59
KM0201i've not "rolled it out" yet, i've been testing it in Vbox this week (2 virtual drives, 10gigs, 512mb of ram).. too simulate my server on a smaller scale, and i think its gonna work fine03:00
stlsaintUnit193: oh yea! I it and two other servers ready for deployment for $40003:00
KM0201i think i have it about perfected03:00
KM0201stlsaint: i'm sure that fits your needs but for me, that is just freaking ridiculous.03:00
stlsaintKM0201: oh no dude i have no need for freaking 32GB ram, it just came with the server when i bought it!03:00
stlsainteven with virtualization/contextualization i still am not using 32GB ram!03:01
KM0201stlsaint: i can only imagine what that cost you, and like i said, totally ridiculous for my needs03:01
KM0201i was gonna buy a readyNas, but they seem a little limited, and i had all the stuff here to build one03:01
Unit193stlsaint: I should get a VPS from you then ;)03:01
KM0201i've been happy w/ FreeNas since 6, then i made the mistake of installing 8, which has given me nothing but issues.03:02
stlsaintKM0201: see my comment above man, i got that big server that is a 2xQuad core, 2TB drives, 32GB ram, plus two other smaller servers with spare parts all for $400!!03:02
KM0201and now i can't find my 6 cd, and they no longer have it for download..03:02
KM0201stlsaint: wow, good deal.03:02
KM0201the components are worth way more than that.03:02
stlsaintKM0201: heck yea, so you are right i have no need for it at this current time but i couldnt pass up a deal like that!!03:02
stlsaintUnit193: you should! :D03:03
stlsaintUnit193: when i get back to the states of course!03:03
Unit193stlsaint: Na, I was just kidding. I wouldn't fully know what to do with it to cover the price :P03:04
stlsaintUnit193: ha, i wouldnt charge ya man!03:05
Unit193Eh? Why not? You have the hardware to do it as long as you have the uptime, you can give Ubuntu folk discounts03:07
stlsaintUnit193: i offered to give some space out to those who just wanted to learn linux or programming databasing etc03:07
stlsaintUnit193: and you wouldnt much options like backups, reinstalls, etc as you would with a actual provider03:08
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Unit193jibel_: Thanks, I updated it (I wouldn't have noticed)06:40
w30I got my network printer setup and I can print a test page. I don't have any lpr and any buttons to tell lubuntu to print. What do I need to install. Install lpr didn't work.15:26
* w30 has to go for now16:20
w30I don't have any print choices in any apps and no lpr either. Adding lpr didn't fix it. What do I add?17:23
w30I have <file><save>, <save as>, etc. but no <print>17:25
w30I can print a test page but that is all I can print17:26
lxdevmhi guys, just testing out lubuntu in a vm; gotta say i'm impressed17:36
w30lxdevm, seems to be lean and mean, ha! I have just saved a useless HP Mini Netbook with Lubuntu. Worthless with XP17:39
w30XP took up the whole 8.6 solid state drive, I couldn't even get word installed.17:40
blackcatnekonegrHi, what is the command for lubuntu to reinstall using online packages in terminal mode?17:41
lxdevmw30: lxde seems to be a great fallback if xfce gets out of control17:43
w30lxdevm, you mean feature bloat?17:44
lxdevmw30: yeah, for now it's ok but i'm not sure if it will stay  that way17:45
w30blackcatnekonegr, I would guess apt-get. see man apt-get17:45
blackcatnekonegrblackcatnekonegr, apt-get +what?17:45
w30blackcatnekonegr, I don't see reinstall but I see purge, install,  etc. remove flags17:46
lxdevmw30: i'm a fan of the *bsds so hopefully xfce won't go the way of gnome17:46
blackcatnekonegralternateley, I have the image of the cd and an usb flash drive , how do I make the usb installer using only linux tools?17:47
w30blackcatnekonegr, I used Ubuntu 11.4's startup disc creator and put the Lubuntu iso on a flash drive, not a cd.17:49
blackcatnekonegrI do not use ubuntu 11.4, but 10.10, I need a generic tool17:50
blackcatnekonegron a way for the mounted cd image installer to boot in linux17:51
w30blackcatnekonegr, it allows 4 gig for configuration files like printer setups and other necessary drivers17:51
blackcatnekonegrthe lubuntu image is less than 800 mb, the usb installer should be more than fine in a 1 gb pendrive17:52
w30blackcatnekonegr, see if your synaptic has disc creator?17:52
blackcatnekonegrI seem to have it, but I need a usb installer not a cd17:53
blackcatnekonegrcds get screwed in my dvd drive after a few uses17:53
blackcatnekonegrI only use the lubuntu disk once and it alredy gives me errors, and I had checked it for errors just after I made it!17:54
w30blackcatnekonegr, not sure of the package name but the title bar application says Make Staerup Disk17:54
blackcatnekonegragain, I need a tool to burn the imagine on a usb flash drive, using linux17:55
blackcatnekonegris a shame lubuntu doesnt have a usb creator for linux17:56
blackcatnekonegrI can mount the iso in linux, but I cant start the installer program17:56
lxdevmblackcatnekonegr: search for unetbootin in synaptic17:57
blackcatnekonegrI am using ubuntu right know, any ubuntu tool that lets me make a usb flash installer so I boot fith that and install lubuntu in my other hard disk? because I dont want to waste another cd with the dvd rom that destroys cds17:59
lxdevmblackcatnekonegr: search for unetbootin in synaptic17:59
w30blackcatnekonegr, here ya go: usb-creator-gtk and usb-creator-common17:59
w30blackcatnekonegr, see if synaptic has that18:00
blackcatnekonegrplease stop18:01
w30this makes a bootable flash drive out of a linux iso. What is it that you want?18:03
w30usb-creator is a .deb package so maybe it would install on Ubuntu 10.10\18:05
blackcatnekonegras I said, please stop18:06
w30blackcatnekonegr, gladly done18:07
blackcatnekonegrwill come back later to say if it worked18:08
* w30 grrrr..............18:09
lxdevmhe was asking the same on #ubuntu18:11
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socratesxdwhat about the spanish channel?21:21
socratesxdis there any?21:22
bioterrormake one21:25
Unit193#lubuntu-es 221:27
socratesxdno no21:27
socratesxdi don't want21:27
Unit193There are two people in there, don't know anything about it21:27
socratesxdits me21:28
socratesxdand ChanServ21:28
socratesxdwho has a beautiful eyecandied desktop?21:28
socratesxdi want to see one...21:29
bioterrorsocratesxd, me ofcourse! http://ricecows.org/blaergggghhh.png21:32
Unit193bioterror! :P21:35
Unit193Does this count anyway? http://ubuntuone.com/p/17xT/21:39
Unit193(That's not my desktop or name, just a random VBox test)21:40
socratesxdthe composite21:41
socratesxdhow did you activate it?21:41
socratesxdhow did you enable it?21:41
bioterrorwhere's transparency?21:41
Unit193That's going to be the next version of Lubuntu (Not ready yet)21:41
bioterrorI would probably use cairo-composite21:41
bioterrorxcompmgr is not that great, to be quite honest21:42
Unit193Compiz ;)21:42
socratesxdi think that its the default desktop when you install the os, Unit19321:42
socratesxdam i right?21:42
socratesxdit's cool21:43
Unit193Aye, our artwork guy does well21:44
socratesxdi like your desktop, bioterror21:44
bioterrorI like it too21:45
bioterrorthanks ;)21:45
LostMyNasbioterror: your desktop is to dark.. (but it lookks good)21:51
socratesxdwell, but talk to me about the composite21:53
socratesxdhas you been used xfce?21:53
socratesxdi want shadows and transparency21:54
socratesxdand i want a dock too21:54
bioterroryou're so demanding21:55
bioterrorinstall cairo-dock, cairo-compositing21:55
socratesxdi wanted docky, but anyway21:56
bioterroras you wish21:56
socratesxdbut, cairo-compositing allows to configure it?21:56
bioterroryou can install dmenu if you want :D22:02
socratesxdwell, i will22:06
socratesxdbut when the download finish22:06
bioterrorhttps://sites.google.com/site/petertynan/dmenu-160408.jpg :D22:06
bioterrorgood night22:07
socratesxdnot even i've installed it ;P22:07
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w30I need the lpr command; what should I install in Lubuntu 11.04?23:08
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