[08:31] A dry run rsync to a fresh location gives me a total size of 463GB, an accumulative rsync gives me 850GB. I'm using rsync -vtlrh source destination - any suggestions? [08:31] Oh and I've thrown a --delete in there as well to no avail. [09:21] For the record --ignore-errors did the trick. [09:24] head_victim: how long did it take to sync [09:25] It took bugger all (came back to the pc within 30 mins) and the extra 400GB was gone [09:26] The 850GB collection built up over months. [09:27] ah ok [09:28] I've noticed aarnet has slowed to about 2.2MB/s these days though. [09:28] First few seconds ramp up over 4 but within 5 - 10 seconds its back to 2.2 - 2.4 [09:34] yeah, i'm down to 1.5 [09:43] I'd say the speed is there because I haven't noticed any drop off anywhere else, maybe it's being throttled somewhere I'd say. [09:44] bigpond, i'd say [09:48] Or aarnet suddenly having a massive load of Telstra clients. [09:50] yeah, maybe [11:17] I wonder how back "a few bad sectors" is on a SMART test for a 2tb drive. [11:29] head_victim: I'd be backing up the drive and replacing it. But that's more my level of paranoia. [11:30] Yeah, I'm working on backing it up now. [11:31] It's showing a bad sector count of 79 on a 2tb drive [11:31] It's only been powered on 1.2 years [11:32] gorilla: would a fsck help at all? [11:32] Just researching the topic on google and working out if it is worth using the drive at all [11:54] head_victim, is it your ubuntu archive drive? [11:54] sagaci: that's one of the things on it. No real problem with that though, I can get that again any time I need it. [11:54] It's also my primary network drive for documents, etc. [11:55] I wouldn't share that kinda stuff on the same drive [11:55] I do semi-regular backups so just doing a manual rsync of everything I can't replace elsewhere to put my mind at ease. [11:55] It's only shared across the lan. No security threat. [11:56] On a side note, I'm getting almost as much linked in spam on mailing lists as I'm getting other spam on my email account :/ [11:59] like I mean, I know for myself, I'd have separate drives for ubuntu backup/archive and a separate one for personal stuff [12:00] I was meant to, but that got sidetracked learning how to correctly build the server to run it all. [12:00] So the personal data sits on raid 10 and the mirror on an external drive. [12:01] ah ok [12:01] And then anything not easily replaceable rsynced on a weekly cron to another network drive. [12:02] And then I also burn some DVDs for semi-static data like photos, etc. [12:02] I think that's a decent enough backup plan for a home network, just don't want to ever have to test it. [12:03] i'm going to see if I can hack around on testdrive to include sync/launches of lubuntu daily isos [12:03] I would but that's metered data :/ [12:04] Unless you can convince aarnet to mirror dailies as well ;) [12:04] well it's 700mb straight up but then it just sync the changes [12:04] which is convenient [12:04] Ah zsync the changes? [12:06] yeah, zsync [12:06] otherwise falls back to curl/wget [12:09] Nice work. I'm concentrating on getting the basics right. My previous approach was leaving gaps in my knowledge so now I'm sticking strictly to a book to work through. [12:10] Trying to plug the holes so I can do things right instead of just the quickest way I could find on google [12:21] head_victim, is an email saying sunday week too confusing to send out now [12:22] Nah just give the time and date and a shortlist of topics to try and generate conversation on them