thewrathyes they do00:13
thewrathbut i like to ask here first00:13
thewrathsnort is an ids00:13
pointydripHello, I'm trying to install opencl and nvidia-dev drivers for a program. I was following a guide and I entered sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia-*00:43
pointydripI've tried a bunch of things using apt-get but I still only have command line functionality at boot (no desktop)00:44
pointydripplz help00:45
philipballew_I need help getting wifi configured on a laptop.00:57
philipballew_I need help getting wifi configured on a laptop.00:57
ubot2For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages00:58
charlie-tcapointydrip: if you had nvidia proprietary drivers installed, you should either rename or remove /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:01
pointydripIt's not there...01:05
pointydripcharlie-tca: I install from .run that I had downloaded a while back, much more noobie frienldy than using apt01:17
charlie-tcaI see. The problem with that is now you can't remove it easily, and are having problems.01:18
charlie-tcaApparently the removal is not quite as "noobie friendly" as the installation, huh?01:18
pointydripcharlie-tca: nope01:18
charlie-tcaI have no idea how to remove the files, either01:19
pointydripcharlie-tca: I do its apt-get --purge remove nvidia-*01:19
pointydripcharlie-tca: but it removes everything01:19
charlie-tcaIf that will remove whatever the .run file installed, yes01:20
pointydripcharlie-tca:have you installed the nvidia-dev?01:26
charlie-tcaI don't install what is not in the repositories, and if you used a .run file, it won't be the same.01:26
pointydripcharlie-tca: cool, well at least I know how to undo any damage I will most likely end up doing01:28
teddy1hello world! A question: I have updated compiz to 0.9.2, but it works in a very strange way. Firstly, no window borders etc, I managed this (by upgrading from 0.9.0 to 0.9.2) but now there are no effects working and ccsm does not open anymore, so I removed it. Is there a way to reinstall whole compiz to version 0.8.6, which worked fine?17:09
holsteinteddy1: i would suggest opening synaptic, and searching in there17:10
holsteinyou can force older versions or whatever17:10
holsteinif you added a PPA, you might want to purge it17:11
teddy1I tried that. I purged all ppa regarding compiz. Now I can't reinstall it anmyore, because it wrties error: can't download17:12
teddy1what I need is good 0.8.6 ppa and just reinstall. It sounds so easy17:13
holsteini would double check the purge method... i would look at my sources17:13
holsteini would make sure i run sudo apt-get update, or hit a refresh button17:13
holsteinteddy1: im suggesting *not* using a PPA actually17:14
holsteinjust reverting back to the default one17:14
teddy1I deleted ppa from my sources17:14
teddy1what else can I use for reinstall'?17:14
holsteinteddy1: thats not enough17:14
holsteinyou need to purge it17:14
holsteinyou can use literally any package manager17:15
holsteinbut i suspect you have some dependencies causing issues17:15
holsteinmaybe you should re-anable the PPA, and trouble shoot the issues...17:16
teddy1thansk for the hint!! I'll give it a try17:17
teddy1So i purged launchpad ppa for compiz but is till getting 0.9.2 version at reinstall. What's wrong?17:41
holsteindid you refresh? or run sudo apt-get update?17:42
teddy1Yes I did, no change in compiz17:44
holsteinwhats the problem?17:45
holsteini would try and get back to as default as possible, and look at whats going on with compiz17:46
holsteinyou could have a graphics driver issue that is effecting compiz17:46
holsteinyou used something like http://www.webupd8.org/2010/11/install-compiz-0921-in-ubuntu-1010.html teddy1 ?17:49
teddy1yes I did use this and some more when it was not working17:50
holsteinright.. its the 'some more' im concered about17:50
holsteinyou'll need to undo everything youve done properly17:50
holsteinor, troubleshoot compiz17:50
teddy1Oh I see, there amore ppa:)17:50
teddy1so messy17:50
holsteinyeah, *dont* add that ppa17:51
holsteini was more asking if that was the PPA you used17:52
holsteinif you added multiple PPA's, you'll need to purge them too17:52
teddy1Yes, that is gonna take a while. I think I added three, purge it all17:53
teddy1Well I deleted all (hopefuly) but now I can't reinstall compiz because "failed to download"18:05
holsteinteddy1: you can give me the entire error18:18
kristian-aalborgholstein, care to weigh in on a hack I'm scheming on?18:22
kristian-aalborghack is in three parts... one: http://www.memorydepot.com/ssd/listcat.asp?catid=edc40004418:35
kristian-aalborgtwo: http://www.cablesonline.com/44pinmalidc2.html --- three: http://www.cablesonline.com/44pinfemidcr.html18:35
kristian-aalborgas a cheap SSD that is actually an SSD... I've had it with the CF hacks18:35
kristian-aalborgfor ye olde thinkpads18:36
holsteinkristian-aalborg: sorry... i got busy and i need to run :/18:50
holsteinnext time :)18:50
kristian-aalborgif anyone wants to comment on this HW, feel free to do so18:51
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Error404NotFoundcan someone tell me how to fixgrub? im at a prompt that says grub rescue>23:55

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