jmburgessBug 565543 can be marked as triaged I think. Importance medium11:25
ubot4Launchpad bug 565543 in linux (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Alps touchpad detected as ImPS/2 Generic Wheel Mouse(in VAIO E series) after the kernel upgrade (affects: 68) (dups: 1) (heat: 404)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56554311:25
micahgjmburgess1: have you read the kernel triage procedures?11:41
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evfoolwhere should a bug for archive.ubuntu.com be reported?14:40
PiciWhat sort of bug?14:40
xteejxHey guys, anoyone around?14:49
evfoolPici: a 404 not found for a link from changelogs.ubuntu.com14:52
evfoolPici : http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/dist-upgrader-all/current/DevelReleaseAnnouncement.html14:52
micahgevfool: there's usually a delay between the time something is uploaded and when it hits there14:52
evfoolmicahg: it's about a devel release announcement, so it's not that important14:53
micahgevfool: idk, maybe ask mvo14:54
evfooljibel: could you take a look at bug 775668, and check which solution you14:56
ubot4Launchpad bug 775668 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Release link on check-new-release-gtk dialog, points to the raw content of a wiki page (affects: 1) (heat: 39)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77566814:56
evfooljibel would prefer14:56
htorquehello everyone! should apport pop up for every .crash file in /var/crash? it doesn't for me. :(14:57
xteejxI know I should ask this in ubuntu+1, but no-one there,and besides this is my main room ;) BUT....I'm running Oneiric as an install. How do I get round the partial upgrade thing? I want to check all conflicts first though. HELP!15:01
xteejxShould I install aptitude?15:02
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hggdhxteejx: run from the command-line, for example: apt-get dist-upgrade -- do *not* reply Y, but look at the resolution proposed15:02
xteejxhggdh: That's the one....stupid me :)15:03
hggdhor, if you want to play safe (no packages removed) run apt-get upgrade15:03
xteejxCheers mate15:03
hggdhhtorque: apport will pop up if it is active, and if the crash (1) has not yet been processed; (2) has not reached the maximum reports15:04
xteejxhmmmm 127 upgrades, 110 new installs, 9 to remove; evince evolution-exchange indicator-me kdebase-runtime-data <<<WTF libbrasero-media libindicator3 plasma-scriptengine-declarative <again WTF python-gnomecanvas ubuntu-desktop  ...... how does that sound?15:05
mvojibel, evfool: I check #775668 out next15:05
htorquehggdh: ah, so it simply could have been reported tons of times already? great, thanks!15:05
xteejxI definitely don't see why ubuntu-desktop would be removed though....15:06
hggdhhtorque: reported from *your* machine15:06
htorquehggdh: oh, that's not the case then :(15:06
hggdhxteejx: if you do not use kde, no biggie ;-)15:06
xteejxhtorque: If you're running a stable Ubuntu version, apport won't kick in unless you've changed a certain option...if you haven't done that, that'll be why it doesn't kick in15:07
hggdhxteejx: this means there are packages in flux, and some of them are requiring newer versions than what is currently available15:07
xteejxhggdh: So just go ahead with it and write down the ones removed and try installing them again at a later date?15:08
htorquehggdh: no, i'm on +1. for instance, i cleaned the /var/crash directory yesterday and today there are new .crash files (thing i definitely haven't reported) but apport didn't show up at all15:08
hggdhhtorque: open nautilus, and click on the crash reports if you want to report them15:08
xteejxare .crash files handled by apport? I think you have to do it manually15:09
hggdhxteejx: I would be very, *very* cautious...15:09
xteejxahh ^^15:09
xteejxhggdh: I think it may be the gtk3 transition15:09
xteejxI'll try it...we're in A3 now should have settled enough to be stable15:10
hggdhxteejx: usually when that happened with me I would either do a apt-get upgrade, or manually select the packages that could be upgraded sanely (or run update-manager)15:10
hggdhxteejx: caveat emptor. You have been warned ;-)15:10
htorquehggdh: i know how to report them, but if i don't know what caused them, they are not that useful. ;-) the apport pop-up i usually got with earlier +1 versions was a big help in determining a test case to reproduce the bug.15:10
xteejxhggdh: Same, but update-manager doesn't want to know, and I'm pretty much Natty.025 at the mo lol15:10
xteejxhggdh: no prob :P If I blow up my PC I'm coming to find you haha :D15:11
* hggdh has just returned to Natty...15:11
micahgxteejx: Caribe Royal, Orlando, Oct 31 :)15:11
xteejxmicahg: Lmao, trust you to be an instigator :D15:11
xteejxUDS I assume?15:12
xteejxI will go one one day....don't think I'd bring much to the table (if anything), but would be good to see how it goes15:12
micahgxteejx: yes :)15:13
hggdhxteejx: I am about 5'8'', around 180 pounds, blue eyes, wear a kippa15:13
xteejxWhats a kippa? A fish?15:13
hggdhoh boy... a skullcap15:14
xteejxhead bandana thing?15:14
* hggdh tries to visualise someone wearing a fish on the top of their head15:14
charlie-tcano, a small brimmed floppy hat like thing15:15
xteejxHave you not seen american Dad? hehe15:15
paultagI love skullcaps15:15
charlie-tcaeasily recognized as the only person with that particular hat15:15
xteejxNow I'm thinking farmer type straw hats....15:15
paultagcharlie-tca: are you talking about a beanie?15:15
hggdha.k.a. yarmulke. xteejx -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kippah15:16
xteejxRight so a guy with some hat I've never heard of...should be easy to spot :D15:16
paultagwith the little brim on it?15:16
charlie-tcaAt least I have never seen a beanie with a brim15:16
paultagskullcaps don't have brims15:16
xteejxhggdh: I get it now :)15:17
charlie-tcaThat doesn't look like the one I remember.15:17
xteejxI didn't know they had a particular name, I called them Jewish prayer hat things15:17
xteejxPlease dont take offense btw!!!15:17
paultagcharlie-tca: this is a beanie http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Teepe4zvlDM/TOlHSxRKSLI/AAAAAAAAAic/qCMkf685pYE/s400/1719-large1.jpg15:17
paultagcharlie-tca: and this is a skullcap - http://www.tuques.com/images/skull_cap.jpg15:18
xteejxSo why "skullcap" then?15:18
paultaglast I checked :)15:18
hggdhno offense taken, xteejx15:18
paultagsorry for cruddy google pics, had to do a search15:18
hggdhxteejx: because it caps the skull? I really do not know, only in the US I heard it15:18
* charlie-tca must be losing his mind. None of those look right15:19
paultagcharlie-tca: are you in the USA?15:19
paultagI forget15:19
paultagcharlie-tca: long time no see, also :)15:19
charlie-tcayes, Idaho15:19
paultagoh, right right15:19
hggdhcharlie-tca: no, you are not losing your mind. kippahs tend to be, ah, hand-made15:19
hggdhand many colours15:20
hggdh(depending on the wearer)15:20
htorquehggdh: good, my last question: do you think i should report a bug against apport? it is running but not popping up and windows on new crashes.15:20
hggdhhtorque: remove all current crashes, and force a new one15:22
hggdhhtorque: after making sure apport is indeed active15:22
htorquethat's what i did last night15:22
htorque'sudo status apport' reports 'apport start/running'15:23
hggdhhtorque: look at /etc/apport/blacklist.d, see what is in there (do not change blindly)15:26
xteejxVERY nearly lost the system there, but it's ok15:26
hggdhxteejx: you may only find out after logging out/in, or rebooting...15:27
htorquehggdh: nope, not in there (those were compiz, unity-2d-places, libunity(-misc? i forgot) crashes)15:27
xteejxhggdh:  Have done, it seems relatively stable15:27
hggdhhtorque: and you are running a full up-to-date oneiric?15:27
xteejxhggdh: Would you mind copy and pasting my apt output line about 10 mins ago please? I forgot to take a note of it15:28
hggdhxteejx: 9 to remove; evince evolution-exchange indicator-me kdebase-runtime-data <<<WTF libbrasero-media libindicator3 plasma-scriptengine-declarative <again WTF python-gnomecanvas ubuntu-desktop15:28
xteejxhggdh: Brilliant! Thank you :)15:29
xteejxCan anyone go to UDS? Just wondered15:31
micahgxteejx: http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/07/15/ubuntu-developer-summit-sponsorship-now-open-2/15:34
xteejxmicahg: Oh cool15:35
xteejxI may need to renew my passport after all ;)15:36
xteejxlinux in general, and Ubuntu in particular needs a rollercoaster simulator of some sort :(15:37
htorquehggdh: i found a way to trigger a compiz crash, apport didn't do anything (except collecting the data). am i good to go reporting this against apport? (sorry for repeatedly bugging you ;))15:43
hggdhhtorque: it should have driven apport, yes. But I am out of Oneiric right now, and do not know what goes with apport there15:44
xteejxI haven't had any problems with apport. In fact I had a crash about 10 minutes ago and apport caught and filed it correctly15:45
xteejxIn Oneiric btw15:45
htorquexteejx: thanks, good to know15:49
xteejxhggdh: No prob :)15:52
jmburgessmicahg: still there? Sry I had to step out. Yes I did read the kernel triage procedures and followed them. It has been tested on the latest as well as mainline and been forwarded upstream15:56
micahgjmburgess: k, just wanted to make sure you saw they have a different procedure15:58
jmburgessmicahg: no problem. I understand its all very diff15:59
om26erseb128, Hi!17:03
om26erappmenu-gtk is not on the cd so gtk2 applications don't export their menus to the unity menubar e.g. shotwell17:04
om26erappmenu-gtk3 is installed though17:04
seb128om26er, thanks17:05
seb128hey ;-)17:05
seb128I'm wondering why17:06
om26ersomething to do with the seed ? seb12817:07
seb128no, those are not seeded17:07
om26eraha so they go in through recommends i guess17:08
seb128indicator-appmenu should recommend it17:09
jmburgessIn the apport info is there a way to find out which packages are installed?17:12
seb128jmburgess, only depends17:14
seb128which are in the Dependencies textfile17:14
hggdhjmburgess: you will find the depends of the failing packages17:14
hggdhjmburgess: to find out all installed packages, run 'dpkg --get-selections'17:16
jmburgessThanks guys17:18
jmburgesshggdh, I know about that. The reason I ask is because I was working on bug 818897 and he just mentioned when he unistalled virtualbox, suspend would work so this is a dup of bug 814323. Just making sure I didn't miss anything in the apport info17:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 818897 in linux (Ubuntu) "System doesn't suspend to RAM (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81889717:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 814323 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "Virtualbox 4.1 (vboxdrv) Blocks Machine Suspend (affects: 8) (dups: 1) (heat: 52)" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81432317:19
jmburgessI should have checked procmodules for vboxdrv17:20
ubot4Launchpad bug 776999 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Lenovo W520] laptop freezes on ACPI-related actions (affects: 18) (dups: 1) (heat: 93)" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:24
cprofittwould like to help move this from confirmed to triaged... but do not have a ton of experience with ACPI issues17:24
bdmurraypedro_: perhaps lightdm could use an apport package hook?17:46
seb128it should probably copy what gdm is doing17:47
seb128i.e adding the xorg config17:47
seb128or logs17:47
pedro_bdmurray, hello, yeah, will write one for it17:58
pedro_based on the same gdm is doing17:59
bdmurraypedro_: cool18:03
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bdmurrayThose Problem with MergeList apt bugs were when behind a proxy right?22:21
bdmurrayAnybody remember the master bug?22:21
bdmurrayanswering my question its bug 34638622:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 346386 in apt (Debian) (and 2 other projects) "[MASTER] Update fails with invalid package files with "Encountered a section with no Package: header" (affects: 234) (dups: 179) (heat: 1362)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34638622:44

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