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vuthi am a linux mint user trying out ubunutu04:17
vuthmint had a software manager...does ubuntu have?04:18
SergioMenesesvuth, yes...04:18
vuthplease enlighten me..sorry for not googling this i have ADD04:18
vuthit hard for me to read websites...unless it straight to the point04:19
SergioMenesesvuth, join to #ubuntu ...I'm working, but there can help you04:21
vuthsergiomeneses im in04:27
SergioMenesesvuth, make you question there! :D04:28
vuthits okay i found out04:31
SergioMenesesvuth, o.0904:31
vuthim soo dumb i just need to get used to the toolbars04:31
SergioMenesesvuth, linux mint is based in Ubuntu04:32
vuthwow wat a quiet room07:21
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crshbndcthey everyone10:35
crshbndcti have a question which is dd vs rsync10:35
head_victimcrshbndct: this is a channel for directed learning sessions, for general help you'll probably find more assistance in the main #ubuntu channel as that's where people monitor to give assistance.10:36
crshbndctok sorry10:36
mhall119nw 3612:32
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