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davinci11does anyone tested/using EBS based instance ?02:32
flaccidi don't use instance-store02:33
davinci11does it work ?02:33
flaccidof course02:33
flaccidotherwise i wouldn't use it02:33
flaccidthough this in ec2 not UEC.02:34
flaccidi don't use eucalyptus/uec coz its buggy as02:34
davinci11<flaccid> : so u use ?02:35
davinci11u dont use eucalyptus/uec then what u using now02:36
flaccidflaccid: though this in ec2 not UEC.02:36
flaccidotherwise openstack or cloudstack for private cloud02:37
davinci11Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud ?02:38
davinci11need to pay though02:38
flaccidthere is the aws free tier though tm02:40
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davinci11<flaccid> : did u tested EBS based instance exercise ?02:43
flaccidflaccid: sure02:44
flaccidi build images too, that includes ebs AMIs.02:44
davinci11$ euca-run-instances -t m1.large -k <KEY> <EMI>02:44
flaccidflaccid: i don't use eucalyptus/uec coz its buggy as02:44
flaccidanything else i should repeat?02:44
davinci11Note: that the EMI used here cannot be the loader EMI provided in step 202:45
davinci11it say that EMI not the loader EMI provided in step 2, then what should i put02:46
flaccidif someone can help, they'll respond. please be patient.02:46
flaccidi can give a tip though, read the docs02:54
davinci11i'm confusing thats why i ask for help03:00
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davinci11cant execute this command [$ eval $(blkid lucid-server-uec-amd64.img | cut -f2- -dā€06:37
davinci11] what wrong ?06:37
flaccideeek, that looks dodgy06:40
flaccidalso most of it came through as incompatible encoding06:40
flaccidand i didn't see an error output or anything.06:40
davinci11then the execise give wrong command ??06:41
_etttx: hi. Was there at UCD. Got a clarification to make. good time?06:59
_etcan anyone please clarify how control flows when there is an API call to attach a volume to an instance?07:03
_etnova places a request for a volume on the queue and then does the control flow to the scheduler or to the nova-volume?07:03
davinci11eval $(blkid lucid-server-uec-amd64.img | cut -f2- -dā€07:14
davinci11 should i replace blkid with value ??07:14
flacciddavinci11: sounds more like pebkac to me. still i have no idea what you are following.07:43
davinci11another funny thing $ euca-attach-volume $vol -i <INSTANCEID> -d /dev/sdb07:50
davinci11 07:50
flaccidif you want help, you are may have to learn to ask better.07:50
davinci11  sdb doesn't show up in /dev07:50
flaccidits probably not in your block device mapping for the instance or image07:51
flaccidthis is to attach07:51
flaccidit won't be there until you attach..07:51
flaccidyou are telling it where to attach.07:51
davinci11alr attached07:51
davinci11as shown in hybridfox07:52
flacciddoesn't sound like the attachment was successful.07:52
flaccidif its not in fdisk -l or /dev/sdb it obviously didn't attach07:52
davinci11should i change sdb to other ?07:53
flaccidyou could try i guess07:53
flaccidand personally i wouldn't rely on hybridfox either07:54
flaccidthough i wouldn't rely on eucalyptus at all :)07:54
davinci11i tried /dev/vda07:55
davinci11but.... in /dev07:55
davinci11i found vdb07:55
TeTeTdavinci11: check the instances disks with $ sudo fdisk -l - the one without partition table should be the volume07:57
davinci11i attach /dev/vda again but this time show me vdc08:00
davinci11when sudo fdisk -l08:00
flaccidyeah it won't be in fdisk -l anyway if not in /dev or /proc/partitions08:00
davinci11Disk /dev/vdc doen't contain a valid partition table08:01
flaccidi'm not familiar with euca, but maybe try a xen virtual device such as /dev/xvdd08:01
flacciddavinci11: sweet it worked08:01
flaccidobviously you need to partition and format it to use it08:01
flaccidthink of if like a blank hard disk you just bought from the store08:01
davinci11why i put /dev/sdb(exercise)  it never show up ??08:02
flaccidwell xen doesn't use /dev/sd*08:02
flaccidso if you are not using a kernel on the instance that has it patched to support /dev/sd* it won't work08:02
flaccidthough i don't know how UEC/eucalyptus works in this respect with ubuntu EMIs etc.08:02
davinci11TeTeT: $ euca-run-instances -t m1.large -k <KEY> <EMI>08:08
davinci11 Note: that the EMI used here cannot be the loader EMI provided in step 2.08:08
flaccidi still don't know what you are following.08:11
davinci11the loader EMI on step2 is not real EMI right ? i tried to start it and try ssh but it wont work, so now i'm using intance downloaded from store08:11
flaccidsmoser: is this on your blog or something?08:11
flaccidwtf is step208:12
TeTeTdavinci11 + flaccid : I think the device id for euca-attach-volume was always only a hint, it could always be a differently named device08:12
TeTeTflaccid: it's from an exercise I handed over to him, http://people.canonical.com/~tspindler/UEC/ebs-based-instance.pdf08:12
flaccidoh right i referenced that earlier08:12
* flaccid goes to read08:12
davinci11flaccid : LOL step2 is one of the exercise08:12
TeTeTdavinci11: yeah, use one from the store or one from uec-images.ubuntu.com08:13
flacciddavinci11: learn to quote/reference resources so people know wtf you are going on about08:13
davinci11flaccid ur words flaccid08:13
davinci11watch ur words08:13
* flaccid watches his words08:14
flacciddavinci11: rght so i see no problem with that pdf.08:14
flaccidwe can help if you cite the errors from the commands you are using08:14
davinci11didnt u see i point to TeTeT: ?08:14
flaccidi.e. paste all teh commands and their response output on a pastebin otherwise we don't know where you failed08:14
davinci11no if just follow the pdf it wont work08:15
flaccidalso note that a $() is a subshell so you won't see the output from whats in it, so its better to run it manually08:15
flaccidi will see if i can find a euca cloud08:16
flaccidTeTeT: can you help him out to try to get the commands run individually so the output is not in a sub shell, hidden. its bad scripting to assume a command in a sub shell will always work08:17
davinci11see the step2 i mentioned above , pdf didnt tell beginner08:17
davinci11and the how to ssh too08:18
flaccidyeah, i didn't make the pdf. i would of done some better error handling here08:18
flaccidhmm i've only got cloudstacks available atm sorry08:20
flaccidso every command that uses $(), run manually08:20
flaccidthen if successful, assign it to the variable08:20
flaccidrunning in sh -x will also help08:20
davinci11 cloudstacks free ? may be i should try it later , after done with this UEC :P08:21
flaccidcloudstack and openstack both have free/oss versions08:21
flaccidRightScale also recently released myCloud though we are still in the transition to GA08:22
flaccidif you already have UEC setup, you only need to see why the commands are failing08:23
flaccidfor example08:23
flacciddo this08:23
flaccidfoo=$(echo bar)08:23
flaccidas you can see you won't see that echo because its in a sub shell.08:23
flaccidits also a good idea to learn sh/bash basics before using it.08:24
davinci11so what should i type08:24
davinci11echo bar ?08:24
flaccidmust be a language barrier here, not sure if i can help you sorry08:26
flaccidTeTeT: you wanna give it a try? this guy is always hard to help08:26
TeTeTflaccid + davinci11 : was afk. where are we at now?08:29
flaccidsee scrollback08:33
davinci11TeTeT: pls look pdf step 11 $ snapshot=$( euca-create-snapshot $vol | cut -f2 )08:45
TeTeTdavinci11: whats the output of euca-describe-snapshots?08:45
davinci11TeTeT this step should create snapshot right ?08:45
TeTeTdavinci11: yes08:46
TeTeTdavinci11: and the snap id stored in snapshot variable08:46
davinci11but in step 10 alr terminate instance so .....08:46
flaccidgood luck TeTeT08:46
davinci11TeTeT : can still create snapshot ?08:46
TeTeTdavinci11: did you create the volume the way it was meant to be? E.g. copied everything over?08:47
TeTeTdavinci11: so, is there a snapshot?08:48
davinci11but in step10 it ask to detach volume08:48
davinci11no snapshot08:49
davinci11<TeTeT> : isnt it should snapshot while volume attached ?08:50
TeTeTdavinci11: nope, you detach the volume and then create a snapshot08:50
davinci11instance need to terminate too ?08:51
TeTeTdavinci11: doesn't really matter, but we don't need the utility instance anymore once the volume has been populated08:51
davinci11doesnt show anything08:53
davinci11<TeTeT>: cant see in hybridfox too08:54
TeTeTdavinci11: what's the content of $vol?08:54
davinci11how to check ?08:55
TeTeTecho $vol08:56
TeTeTdavinci11: so what's the output of euca-describe-volumes?08:57
davinci11Volume vol-5A4C0637 1 cluster108:59
flaccidwell echo "$vol" good idea to quote :)09:02
TeTeTdavinci11: vol="vol-5A4C0637"09:03
TeTeTdavinci11: and then try the snapshot creation again09:03
TeTeTflaccid: yeah, I usually don't specify the quotes in the exercises as any additional character leads to a chance a student mistypes it09:04
flaccidyeah though if the returns chars that need escaping, you need it e.g. [ or ]09:06
flaccidgreybot: "USE MORE QUOTES!" They are vital. Also, learn the difference between ' and " and `. See <http://mywiki.wooledge.org/Quotes> and <http://wiki.bash-hackers.org/syntax/words>.09:07
davinci11TeTeT: how long need to take to create snapshot, because my PC's led keep blinking i'm not sure snapshot still in progress09:11
TeTeTdavinci11: check with euca-describe-snapshots09:12
TeTeTdavinci11: weird, the command should return soon, though the snapshot creation can take some time09:13
davinci11TeTeT: i know what is going wrong09:37
davinci11TeTeT: $ snapshot=$( euca-create-snapshot $vol | cut -f2 )09:38
davinci11 $vol should replace my own volid09:38
davinci11now i can how much %09:39
TeTeTdavinci11: ok, great to see progress09:44
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smoserSpamapS, we should have redirected stderr to /dev/null on 'mkdir /var/run/network/static-network-up-emitted'17:50
SpamapSsmoser: DOH I thought we did17:51
SpamapSsmoser: I have another small change I need to push up. I assume it can wait until after A317:52
smoseryou had it in yoru hunk but when we joined to the if we used mine which did not have it.17:52
smoseri think so17:52
smoseractually, yeah, it will never get seen17:53
SpamapSProbably only annoying messages on ifup at the cmdline17:53
smoseras upstart output does not go anywhere17:53
SpamapSit goes where good log messages go to die17:53
smoseroh yeah, on ifup on the command line it would i htin17:53
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