MartynHey ...01:48
MartynPenny came out of surgery today, in good shape01:48
Martynthe docs had to clear 10 times as much tissue from her spinal cord as they expected to find, but it went okay.  She's asleep now, and scheduled for her second bout of surgeries tomorrow.01:49
nigelbMartyn: Thank you!03:41
Martynyou're welcome03:42
MartynI'll keep passing along info as I need it03:42
Martynher second bout of surgery will be to fuse C1/C2 to her skull to stabilize her neck03:42
jussijono: ping!06:20
jonohowdy jussi06:21
jussiheya jono. PM :)06:22
dpmgood morning all07:25
kim0good morning everyone07:36
dpmmorning kim007:42
dpmand nigelb07:42
dpmand everyone else07:43
dpmmaco, are you around?07:43
huatsmorning everyone07:43
nigelbdpm: I'm fairly sure she's asleep07:44
kim0dpm: nigelb huats Howdy all o/08:14
huatshello kim0!08:14
kim0hey there08:15
* kim0 reboots again08:15
dpmgood morning AlanBell, popey. are you around?09:17
dpmhey :)09:18
dpmAlanBell, did you have a chance to look at the e-mail I sent re: people around London wanting to do some user testing for developer.ubuntu.com? Do you know anyone who'd be interested in that?09:19
popeyah, yes, sorry09:19
popeyis there any reason you've not blogged this?09:20
popeyor made a public announcement some other way?09:20
dpmpopey, no, it's nothing confidential, I simply thought I'd get in touch with you guys first in case you know someone, and I can perhaps blog about it later if the design team are happy about it09:22
AlanBellI was trying to think of someone, nothing sprung to mind09:22
AlanBelldpm: come to oggcamp and do a talk about devloper.ubuntu.com and how you need feedback from app developers09:22
dpmAlanBell, unfortunately, oggcamp is 2 days after the dates we set for user testing :)09:27
AlanBellso it is09:28
AlanBellmaybe send the mail to ubuntu-uk@lists.ubuntu.com09:29
popeyyeah, i was thinking that too09:38
dpmAlanBell, popey. Ok, will do that then. Thanks!09:47
popeythen we can both link to it in social stuff ☺09:48
dpmAlanBell, popey, done09:54
dpmexcellent, thanks ;)09:55
=== daker_ is now known as daker
AlanBellwhy has https://launchpad.net/~package-import been made an Ubuntu Member??11:43
nigelbAlanBell: may be its an indrect membership11:44
nigelbAlanBell: yeah, its given core-dev rights which filtered down.11:45
AlanBellyeah, it is indirect, probably through multiple routes11:45
nigelbAlanBell: package importer was using james_w's name. This is part of the move to make that a robot instead.11:47
AlanBellso is it male or female?11:47
nigelbI'll just reduce the total by 111:47
macodpm: im around now13:56
dpmhi maco, I read jono's e-mail and wasn't sure what you needed. Just the list of e-mails from the uw team in LP?13:58
macodpm: either a list of the emails or a condorcet poll. but it was supposed to be done a few weeks ago :-/13:59
maco(because the people eligible to vote isnt supposed to be "members of the team on the day of the election" --its supposed to be a few weeks earlier, so no ballot stuffing goes on)13:59
dpmmaco, I can give you a list of the e-mails, but can you be more specific on what you need for a condorcet poll?14:00
macodpm: if you give me the email list then i guess i can figure out how to setup the poll. if you want to do the poll, it's to elect the next group of 3 leaders for Ubuntu Women, and the 4 nominees were in the emails jono forwarded14:01
* maco looks up election day14:02
dpmmaco, I've never set up a poll before, so I'm just trying to figure out in terms of infrastructure.14:02
dpmwhat you need14:03
macojust the list of email addresses, now that i think about it. because the poll's not supposed to be up til the 9th, but the email addresses are supposed to cut off in advance of that date14:03
macoakgraner: can i tell dpm to send the email addresses to YOU instead? i'm going to be in the 16th century on the 9th14:04
dpmmaco, ok, sounds good, give me a few mins and I can give you the addresses. There is a caveat, though: we won't get the e-mails from people with hidden e-mail in LP14:05
macothat was the point of asking a canonical employee, though14:05
macolast time amber used up her daily allowance of "contact this member" clicks every day for a week and a bit to send voting links to hidden email people, and jono said this time he could help us avoid that by getting the list of addresses, since he's a canonical person14:06
dpmmaco, as a canonical employee I don't have access to people's addresses in LP, the only thing I would do is to use the LP api to get the list. If everyone is happy with it, what I could do is to ask a Launchpad admin to provide a list of the addresses, including hidden ones14:08
macoyeah, sounds like that's what we need. don't want people to be excluded from voting because they like privacy14:09
dpmmaco, actually, I've just produced the list, and it seems everyone has visible e-mail address (or that my recent addition to the registry team in LP gave me access to them). I'll send you that14:10
nigelbha, didn't know dpm was all-powerful on LP :P14:12
dpmmaco, sent14:18
macodpm: thanks14:24
jonodpm sorry, I have this Ensemble call15:07
jonodpm we need to reschedule our 1:1 calls15:07
dpmjono, no worries, let's reschedule this one and then talk about the next ones. Would you have time tomorrow after the team call?15:08
jonodpm I have time in 50m if that works15:09
dpmjono, yeah, let's do that, sounds good to me15:09
jonothanks dpm for your patience15:10
duanedesignjono: their was a server side issue that resulted in some users not being able to authenticate Ubuntu One. Should now be fixed. If not let me know15:10
jonoI hate my calendar15:10
* dpm hugs jono15:11
* jono hugs dpm15:17
czajkowskijono: no you just hate the items in there that aren't marked holidays :)15:20
jonoczajkowski, indeed15:21
jonothere arn't many items marked HOLIDAYS :-/15:21
czajkowskijono: we missed our LD chin wag last week I assume back to normal next week15:21
paultagjeez what happened to LC chit-chat15:21
jonoczajkowski, yup, apologies, I was on the road at OSCON15:21
czajkowskipaultag: we got merged into LD :)15:22
paultagthat'll be the day :)15:22
czajkowskipaultag: some days I do wonder tbh :s15:22
czajkowskiright off to shops to buy food to cook dinner15:22
=== daker is now known as daker_
jcastrojono: I found a pic of your calendar in my old photos when I was organizing them15:25
jonojcastro, oh?15:25
jonojcastro, how did it look?15:25
jcastroyeah, let's just say you have more colors than most rainbows15:26
jcastroit was pretty epic, which is probably why I took the picture15:26
jcastroiirc someone at UDS was asking how available you are and you just put this up and then we all laughed15:29
jcastrohah, in hindsight you can post a pic like that and add the title "Gee, do you think Burnout might happen here?" and then wham, awesome slide.15:30
akgranerinformit just published my article on Ubuntu Community: LoCo Communities Explained - thought I'd share it with the channel  - http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=173916315:44
jonodpm call wrapped early, ready now?15:46
jonojcastro, lol15:47
dpmjono, sure, hangout?15:47
jonoakgraner, nice!15:47
jonodpm yep,15:47
akgranerjono, thanks15:47
jcastrothat informit page doesn't work for me15:47
jonodpm invite sent15:48
akgranerjcastro hmmm... dunno why...15:50
akgranerit didn't work for me until about an hour ago...15:50
jcastroloco article hosted on asp.net15:52
jcastrogod was watching15:52
akgranerI just write the articles I don't control where the publishers host them at...15:55
macojcastro: ping17:30
macojcastro: do you know Matthias's SCAdian name?17:32
jcastrono clue17:37
macoi'm leaving for Pennsic on saturday, but he's already there, so i cant find out his name to find him17:39
jcastrooh hey cool18:05
macojcastro: thats why i keep saying im going to be in the 16th c. next week ;)18:05
jcastroany jousting?18:05
macoi dont know. ive never been there yet18:06
macoid like to learn archery so i can take part in a woods battle18:06
macobut with this being the year i buy oodles of fabric to make garb, budgeting for a bow wasnt in the cards18:07
macojcastro: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/282595_1890677666781_1236666104_31557808_7517636_n.jpg dress!18:07
macoi made it on saturday. it took about 6 hours. including "squeeee! im making my first dress! and its working!"18:07
pleia2nice :)18:08
czajkowskireminds me of my pinaform I used to wear in primary school in wine18:08
macowill see if i can pull off another in 4 hours tonight?18:08
macoits off of this lady's pattern http://festiveattyre.com/gallery/florentine/earlyflor.html18:08
czajkowskifrom grade1 to prep 6 pinaform, until we had our confirmation, then we could wear a long skirt18:08
macoi dug into joann's remnants pile yesterday to get fabric for sleeves18:09
macogot a red diamondy one with little gold patterns at the corners of the diamonds and a brown one with a print that makes it look like a brocade18:10
macoczajkowski: at uds barcelona i told james_w why i did a double-take when he went to get a jumper.  in the US we say jumper when you'd say pinafore :P18:11
martynHey all ..19:54
martynPenelope (Penny) is out of surgery today19:54
paultagmartyn: How's she doing?19:54
martynthe surgery went well, she's recovering in her room (parents are there)19:54
paultagawesome. I'm glad it went well19:54
paultagI was worried :)19:54
martynIf you would like her number to talk to her, PM me and I'll give it to you19:54
martynshe would love to hear from people19:54
martynShe will be in the Hospital until Friday afternoon19:55
martynShe is in "Doctors Community Hospital" in Lanham Maryland19:55
martynRoom 246a19:55
paultagmartyn: :)19:55
paultagmartyn: thank you for the update, that rocks :)19:55
martynThey fused c1-c2 to her skull, using a piece of her rib.  This will keep her safe from hurting her newly-repaired spinal cord./19:56
paultagwow, that's a lot more risky then I thought it would have been19:57
martynBut it also means she will have less side-to-side motion in her head movement.19:57
AlanBello/ martyn19:58
AlanBellI think I will try and call her tomorrow19:58
martynokay, heading out...20:04
martynshe posted info on her facebook page as well20:04
* nigelb contemplates calling20:15
nigelbah, tomorrow20:15
czajkowskijcastro: can you have a look at pm please20:34
macoi should visit her after work tomorrow21:01
macooh, just south of greenbelt! thats really close21:02
czajkowskimother of god I have a headache from that meeting tonight21:03
pleia2anyone else about for CC meeting?21:03
pleia2we don't have anything on the agenda21:03
paultagpleia2: we love you?21:07
paultagpleia2: pass that along if you don't mind :)21:08
pleia2paultag: apparently we decided to argue about membership qualifications with only one CC member around instead :)21:18
paultagpleia2: hahaha21:19
pleia2feeling more than a little blindsided21:19
* czajkowski hugs pleia2 21:19
* pleia2 hugs21:19
czajkowskipleia2: swap for being in a meeting and getting shite from some folks over comments21:20
czajkowskiam really getting sick of shit over membership21:20
czajkowskimother of dear lord you'd swear you were winning a car with all the fuss people create21:20
pleia2yeah, I'm not impressed with how canonical employees keep attacking the membership boards21:20
paultagfor sure21:21
czajkowskipleia2: +121:21
czajkowskiI totally feel attacked tonight tbh21:21
czajkowskionly waiting for the tweets to start over staff not getting membership now21:21
pleia2if policies need to be more strict, then we should go that route, not being ganged up on in -meeting (or twitter)21:21
czajkowskipleia2: you could just op up in channel and mute it21:22
czajkowskiand point out you're the only CC person around....21:22
czajkowskiand tell them to add it to the agenda21:22
paultagpleia2: :(21:25
* paultag hugs pleia2 21:25
* czajkowski wishes she was 23 all over again 21:26
AlanBellbut you don't look a day over 2121:26
czajkowskiI wish!21:27
czajkowski31.5 :o21:27
jcastropleia2: I didn't mean to gang up on anyone21:28
jcastroit's just frustrating when you get told one thing and the actual policy is something else21:28
czajkowskijcastro: that's fine and all, but what's happening is people are doing it to us in the middle of meetings21:29
czajkowskiwhich isn't helpful21:29
pleia2yeah I understand, I think this means that the policy needs to get sorted and properly explained to everyone21:29
jcastrowell, I tried to find out on -devel21:30
pleia2this isn't the first time a canonical employee has gotten annoyed at a membership board, and it's really killing the morale of the boads21:30
jcastrobut that turned into mush21:30
paultagpleia2: man, we have to put up with a lot21:30
jcastroI'm not talking about an employee, I'm talking about a community member!21:30
pleia2yeah, probably should have included the CC on the devel thread21:30
paultagnot just RMBs21:30
paultagbut all delegation boards21:30
paultagpeople love making our lives hard21:30
czajkowskijcastro: that thread on -devel turned into waffles21:31
jcastropaultag: that's made up21:31
czajkowskijcastro: tonights issue is over a canonical employee and a unity person21:32
jcastroI don't try to make people's life harder21:32
paultagunity is upstream, it's not hard21:32
pleia2the launchpad and unity examples truly are difficult to reconcile21:32
czajkowskiso we have a lp employee who feels he is part of Ubuntu21:32
paultagjust because someone does unity work does not mean they do Ubuntu work inherently21:32
pleia2I see them as upstream too, but I do see the other isde21:32
jcastropaultag: right, other than you know, the default desktop21:33
pleia2anyway, my lunch break is over, back to work21:33
czajkowskipleia2: the guy didnt even get LP testimonals21:33
paultagpleia2: yeah, but then they have to work in the mindset that no one else could use it21:33
paultagjcastro: so?21:33
jcastrowhat do you mean so?21:33
jcastrofixing unity is a ubuntu contribution21:33
paultagjcastro: someone doing work on GNOME two years ago for Red Hat does not get them Ubuntu membership21:33
jcastrouh, no.21:33
paultagjcastro: even though they were fixing stuff in Ubuntu21:33
jcastrognome is a separate project21:33
jcastrounity is ... unity.UBUNTU.com.21:33
paultagjcastro: so you don't see it as upstream21:34
jcastrosure, it is21:34
paultagyou can't have it both ways21:34
jcastrobut it's also part of ubuntu21:34
jcastrosure you can21:34
paultagGNOME was part of Ubuntu21:34
paultagand our default21:34
paultagbut it's an upstream project21:34
paultagas is Unity21:34
* AlanBell thinks both candidates could have sold themselves better and got through tonight21:34
czajkowskihad their wiki pages being more detailed very possibly21:35
jcastroso by that definition I would never be contributing to ubuntu21:35
jcastroas I do unity and ensemble21:35
jcastrowhich are "upstream" projects, that don't count as working on ubuntu21:35
jcastrothat sounds a little pedantic to me21:35
paultagjcastro: but where do you draw the line?21:35
AlanBelljcastro: you have a significant and sustained impact on the Ubuntu community21:35
jcastroGNOME, the kernel, X, etc. are separate projects, they have their own identities21:36
paultagAlanBell: exactly21:36
paultagjcastro: sure, but who's to say I was not fixing Ubuntu bugs21:36
paultagjcastro: but never actually contributed in Ubuntu anything else21:36
paultagI don't think that's enough21:36
paultagotherwise all software included in Ubuntu would grant membership21:36
czajkowskijcastro: you work with the Ubuntu community so eh that counts21:37
czajkowskithat;s what we look for21:37
paultagif there's a unity dev that just does unity, that's not enough21:37
jcastronope, not really.21:37
AlanBellyou can get membership with zero software contributions21:37
paultagif they interact with Ubuntu and work with the community, it's a different story21:37
paultagAlanBell: I know, I'm using an example21:37
jcastropaultag: uh, they do, every single day21:37
czajkowskijcastro: but really this nit picking on decsions is gonna end up in board members dropping out, and like we have in some cases not able to fill board seats if our votes keep getting pulled apart like this21:37
czajkowskitrust me it's having a massive negative impact on boards21:37
czajkowskipleia2: am I wrong?21:37
jcastrowell how do you think andy80 feels!21:38
AlanBelljcastro: they do indeed, but they have not convinced the board that they do21:38
pleia2it is, we need to get a formal decision on expectations21:38
czajkowskijcastro: he got 3 votes, out of a possible 5 tonight21:38
czajkowskiit's not my fault we cannot get all 7 members to turn up21:38
czajkowskihad we had 7 he may have gotten another vote21:38
jcastroI'm not saying it's your fault21:38
czajkowskiyes you are21:38
jcastroI''m just saying that what we have now is not ideal21:39
czajkowskiI cant force members to show up, we had an apology from popey and no idea where ogra is21:39
jcastroI mean, look at this guy: https://twitter.com/#!/andreagrandi/status/9849974861660979321:39
jcastrohe's been busting his ass for 1.5 cycles on this stuff21:39
jcastroand a few people don't show up and it's basically horrible21:39
AlanBellwhy wasn't that one taken to the mailing list?21:40
czajkowskijcastro: and you think people bitching on twitter is the way to get people on your side ?21:40
czajkowskiAlanBell: because we have quorm for the meeting21:40
pleia2jcastro: I think this is just the wrong way to go about it, the boards have been dealing with this casual criticism for months, it heeds to be dealt with formally21:40
czajkowskishould we take every vote to the list21:40
jcastrono, I am just saying, that person's not having a very good interaction with the process21:40
AlanBellczajkowski: ok, thanks21:40
jcastronow of course, I've been encouraging unity contributors to apply for membership21:40
jcastrobecause I was under the impression that contributing to unity is contributing to unity.21:41
jcastrosorry, I mean contributing to unity is contributing to ubuntu21:41
jcastroI don't mean to upset anyone21:42
jcastroI'm just trying to do the best we can with the cards we've been dealt21:42
czajkowskipopey: that's one word21:52
* popey has read -meeting and this place21:58
popeySorry I wasn't around for todays meeting21:58
popeyfwiw I would have +1'ed both of them21:58
czajkowskipopey: no worries you sent you apoligies21:58
czajkowskiwell that may make https://twitter.com/#!/andreagrandi/status/98499748616609793 happy as I tried to explain to him why he got 3/5 but there were 7 of us21:59
jonojcastro, ping?21:59
jcastrojono: pong21:59
jonojcastro, you are hitting up the San Jose cloud camp?22:00
jcastrowhich one?22:00
jonoit is while the NOSQL conf is on22:00
jonoI am sending the mail now22:00
jcastroit's scale out camp22:00
jcastrorun by the cloud camp people22:00
jcastrobut yeah22:00
jcastro"Scale Out Camp"22:00
czajkowskisoc :)22:00
jcastrojono: ok I'm going to go ahead and mail David and ask for a slot22:05
jcastroall cool?22:05
jonojcastro, totally22:05
jcastrojono: is that guy's fulltime job cloudcamps? I can't imagine planning all those is a part time affair22:11
jonojcastro, I think so22:18
jcastrojono: got your # of forumalae as well22:20
jcastrothis "principia-tools" package is ftw.22:20
jonojcastro, sweet!22:42
czajkowskipaultag: darling are you about ?22:43
jcastroDaviey: hey23:23
jcastroyour alice package23:23
jcastrothe guy told me that you want to pull from github, not CPAN23:23
jcastroI am updating my formula now23:23
jcastrohe says it's broken and out of date23:26
Davieyjcastro: Then tell him to update cpan :)23:26
DavieyI really don't want to maintain a snapshot in Debian.23:26

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