AfCtotem is segfaulting, weird01:24
RAOFThat's a new one on me “cc1: error: .: Stale NFS file handle”.  I wonder if it's transitory?01:42
RAOFHuh.  Looks like i386 built fine.  Modulo my symbols snafu.01:50
didrocksgood morning05:26
TheMusoHey didrocks.05:27
RAOFHey didrocks05:27
didrockshey TheMuso, RAOF05:28
rickspencer3good morning didrocks, TheMuso, RAOF, jasoncwarner_05:29
jasoncwarner_morning rickspencer305:29
rickspencer3how is everyone today?05:29
didrocksbonjour rickspencer3 :)05:29
didrockshey jasoncwarner_05:29
rickspencer3bonjour didrocks05:29
rickspencer3hey jasoncwarner_ TheMuso ... I saw a review of new software center look and feel yesterday05:30
rickspencer3I saw that part of it was webkit (at least according to omg)05:30
TheMusorickspencer3: Cool.05:30
didrocksgot afraid seeing compiz segfaulting and fought for 30 minutes this morning at start before realizing the issue was that I was using the version I pushed in ubuntu-desktop ppa whiwh is incompatible :)05:30
rickspencer3that made me think "I wonder if it's accessible)05:30
rickspencer3that made me think "I wonder how accessibility in Unity is going"05:30
rickspencer3so, TheMuso, jasoncwarner_ is oneiric Unity currently/going to be accessible?05:31
TheMusorickspencer3: 2D is looking likely to be the most accessible this time around. Not sure exactly how everything is looking atm due a panel bug in shared code between 2d and 3d, bug being accessibility related.05:31
rickspencer3TheMuso, wasn't that true (2d was accessible 3d wasn't quite) last time?05:32
jasoncwarner_rickspencer3: 2d was QML...we had to get all those patches for Qt, which TheMuso and didrocks did ...05:32
TheMusorickspencer3: Yes, but from what didrocks/florian tells me, more a11y issues have been addressed in 2d.05:32
jasoncwarner_sorry, not QML, qt05:33
TheMusoUnity 2d does use qml though.05:33
rickspencer3I would think at least one of them would have to be fully accessible, no?05:33
jasoncwarner_rickspencer3, TheMuso can confirm, but I think we have all patches we need for Qt now (didrocks can confirm as well). I'm pretty sure we are _this close_ on 2d. 3d, last I checked (about 2 weeks) was further off as was CJK (which was coming next release as per david b)05:35
didrocksyeah, Qt is ready now05:35
rickspencer3jasoncwarner_, when is that next release?05:35
didrocksTheMuso has just to activate the variable for it05:35
TheMusoRight, afaik the rest of the 2d a11y is just fixing 2d itself. I hope to at least try 2d and see if I can work around the panel issue to do other testing.05:35
didrocksunity-2d is ready a11y-wise, there is just some known and identified bugs05:36
didrocks(will be post feature freeze)05:36
rickspencer3hmmm, tbh, I would think we would want both of them to be fully accessible05:36
didrocksso, 100% of unity-2d accessible can be done05:36
didrocksnot for unity-3d though05:36
rickspencer3but, so long as one is, I guess that's ok05:36
didrocksI don't see a lot of progress there05:36
didrocksrickspencer3: well, at least it's the one which can run everywhere05:36
didrocksI prefer that than the other way around :)05:36
TheMusodidrocks: Seconded.05:37
TheMusoAnd we c an default to 2d for accessibility profiles.05:37
didrocksTheMuso: btw, not sure that you noted, but I opened the bug reports + WI for that05:37
TheMusodidrocks: I didn't notice, what is the bug filed against?05:37
didrocksTheMuso: will get it to you, I have it on my email05:38
didrocks(just finishing some catching up first)05:38
TheMusoNo problem.05:39
AfCtotem is crashing (seg fault) if totem-plugins is installed.07:37
huatsseb128, salut!07:44
seb128lut huats07:44
seb128la forme ?07:44
huatsyep !07:44
huatsje garde un oeil sur rickspencer3 donc ça va ;)07:44
didrockshey seb128, huats :)07:44
huatset toi seb128 ?07:45
seb128lut didrocks07:45
seb128huats, ca va merci07:45
huats(sorry for non french speackers :))07:45
huatshello didrocks07:45
seb128huats, is rickspencer3 at your office?07:45
huatsseb128, not in the morning but in the afternoon :)07:45
seb128did he give you desktop work to do? ;-)07:45
rickspencer3hi seb128` huats07:45
rickspencer3seb128, that is07:45
seb128hey rickspencer3!07:46
rickspencer3huats, are you in the office atm?07:46
seb128rickspencer3, how is life in the south-west? ;-)07:46
rickspencer3seb128, Southern France quite suits us, I think07:46
seb128great to hear07:46
rickspencer3people seem causal about the right things, and serious about the right things07:46
huatsseb128, well yesterday was he first day, so I think he didn't dare ... but I am sure that this afternoon he'l give me some work :)07:46
AfCah, good. Removing totem-plugins allows totem to run again.07:46
huatsrickspencer3, yes I am07:46
rickspencer3now, if I could just convince them to all speak English as well as huats, I'd be in great shape!07:46
huats(at the office)07:46
rickspencer3huats, cool, I had this nagging feeling that I didn't lock up properly ;)07:47
huatsrickspencer3, it was the firt day : today will be all in French07:47
rickspencer3huats, sounds good07:47
huatsrickspencer3, it was well locked from what I have heard :)07:47
rickspencer3or "c'est bon"07:47
huatsexactly !07:47
rickspencer3huats, I was a bit shocked to find that the gates int he front of the building were closed!07:48
rickspencer3I did find the back exit to my great relief07:48
huatsrickspencer3, oh I forgot that point :)07:48
huatssorry :(07:48
didrockshuats: trying to lock down rickspencer3?!? ;)07:48
rickspencer3no "sorry" needed, all was fine07:48
rickspencer3didrocks, you wouldn't believe how nice the people in huats office have been to me07:48
huatsdidrocks,  I was hoping it would help to fix some more bugs :)07:49
rickspencer3only teasing my French a tiny bit07:49
didrocksrickspencer3: heh, nice :)07:49
huatsrickspencer3, well you can tease us for our english (especially sylvain one :))07:49
rickspencer3nah, you all have very good English07:49
rickspencer3French people always say "I only speak a little English" but it is always very good07:50
huatsrickspencer3, you know you don't have to say nice things you are already welcome here :)07:50
didrocksseb128: reminder about the meeting reminder! :)07:54
seb128didrocks, thanks07:55
didrocksyw :)07:55
seb128mvo, hey08:06
seb128mvo, we should rather discuss desktop things there ;-)08:06
seb128mvo, yeah, I'm not sure how optional synaptic is for update-notifier08:06
seb128it's not needed for the spawning other things use we have in the default install08:06
mvoseb128: right08:11
Amaranthgood morning08:28
didrockschrisccoulson: oh btw, the new thunderbird fixed the cache issue I was stucked with, thanks :à08:37
chrisccoulsondidrocks, excellent, that's good :)08:38
ricotzgood morning08:42
seb128hey chrisccoulson, how are you?08:44
seb128hey ricotz08:44
chrisccoulsonhi seb128. i'm good thanks, how are you?08:45
seb128I'm fine thanks08:45
ricotzseb128, perhaps you could think about reverting libpeas 1.1.1 to 1.1.0 which would make totem work again08:46
ricotzonly totem git might work with peas 1.1.108:46
seb128ricotz, or perhaps we could fix libpeas or totem to work with the current version?08:47
seb128ricotz, downgrading is often not the way to go08:47
seb128the new libpeas will be a requirement for some things during the cycle08:47
seb128so going backward to going forward again and have to address the same issue later is a no win situation08:47
seb128we should rather address the issue08:48
ricotzyou are right08:50
ricotzi just looked into patching totem 3.0.1 which didnt work out so well08:50
ricotzbut perhaps patching totem 3.1.0 works08:51
seb128RAOF, mterry: none of you reviwed gedit-plugins in the sponsoring queue, dissapointing :p08:59
AfCricotz: (I saw peas & gir related calls in the gdb backtraces I did when Totem was crashing. Not sure if that's relevant)09:08
rickspencer3seb128, should I gather that I need to rewrite my gedit plugin for new gedit?09:14
seb128rickspencer3, define new gedit09:14
seb128rickspencer3, but yeah, since GNOME3 they use gobject introspection and libpeas09:15
seb128rickspencer3, that's already in oneiric, not pending on that upload though09:15
* rickspencer3 knew this day would come09:15
tjaaltonany idea why my oneiric desktop shows "Augustta" as the month, while my laptop has "elokuuta" which is correct (August = elokuu in finnish)09:23
tjaaltonboth have finnish as the desktop language09:24
seb128tjaalton, both have langpacks installed and the same session environment?09:48
seb128including LANGUAGE and LANG09:48
tjaaltonseb128: the desktop doesn't have LANGUAGE set, it was a fresh install of natty upgraded to oneiric though :)09:51
tjaaltonseb128: huh, so it was LANGUAGE that made it. now the question is why doesn't a fresh install add it09:54
tjaaltonto /etc/default/locale09:55
seb128not sure if that's a language-selector thing09:55
tjaaltonboth have the same settings in "region and language"09:59
tjaaltonoh well09:59
seb128chrisccoulson, do you time for some desktop bugs or is the gnome-keyring enough desktop work for you?10:18
chrisccoulsonseb128, what sort of desktop bugs?10:23
chrisccoulsoni can probably handle some ;)10:23
micahgseb128: I can review gedit-plugins when I pilot tomorrow10:24
seb128micahg, thanks10:24
seb128chrisccoulson, bug #62069310:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 620693 in gnome-power-manager "Screen not locked when turned off" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62069310:24
seb128chrisccoulson, there is also "make the g-s-d power notification use notify-osd"10:25
seb128chrisccoulson, it might be easier to use the same code that for the sound ones now that it's in g-s-d10:25
chrisccoulsonseb128, oh, that one should be easy. when i updated that patch in g-s-d, i did it in such a way to make it easily shareable ;)10:26
chrisccoulsoni predicted the future :P10:26
seb128chrisccoulson, does it mean you want to do it? ;-)10:26
seb128you know the code so that would appreciated10:26
ricotzSweetshark, hello, could you take a look at this libreoffice build and if possible move/upload it to the libreoffice ppa? https://edge.launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/unstable/+sourcepub/1842431/+listing-archive-extra10:30
=== Sweetshark is now known as Sweetshark_vacat
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i should write a gnome-online-accounts addon for thunderbird11:14
Sweetshark_vacatricotz: I will, when I return from my vacation.11:27
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
ricotzSweetshark_vacat, oh, sorry, looked like you are available, have some nice holidays11:56
seb128chrisccoulson, could you update the email client workitems?12:29
seb128chrisccoulson, you still have 9 opens for a3, time to close or descope some12:29
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, sure12:29
seb128thanks ;-)12:29
seb128didrocks, what is blocking the oneconf mir?12:30
seb128s-c work?12:30
didrocksseb128: a release, which was fixed yesterday :)12:30
seb128ok, great ;-)12:31
didrocksmaybe another pass is neeed?12:31
didrocksthe MIR was acked for the previous version12:31
didrocksand the code changed a lot12:31
didrocksas well, I wanted to discuss about it during the meeting, as the server side will enter some beta staging next week12:31
didrocksshould we push it by default before? (it basically won't sync)12:32
seb128didrocks, wait after the meeting12:36
didrockssure, that was my plan, but as you discussed it12:36
didrocksseb128: I'll review my WI after finishing catching up (hopefully) on MIRs12:36
seb128didrocks, I'm doing a review to clean a bit the list to have less to discuss during the meeting ;-)12:36
seb128didrocks, ok, thanks12:36
didrocksseb128: do you want me to do the other way around? looking at the list first?12:36
didrockscan do quickly12:37
seb128didrocks, no hurry, just update your list for the meeting that's fine12:40
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
didrocksjbicha: hey, I'm looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnuchess/+bug/814025. We don't install glchess by default, do we?13:12
ubot2Ubuntu bug 814025 in gnuchess "[mir] gnuchess and gnuchess-book" [Undecided,New]13:12
didrocksmaybe I missed the discussion about having the chess game installed by default13:13
seb128is that a build-depends or depends?13:13
seb128didrocks, btw I can confirm the unity breakage on intel13:13
didrocksseb128: not surprized about it though, seems to be 945GMA is touched…13:14
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
seb128didrocks, well i tried on the 10v, I sort of need my laptop to get work done and run the meeting etc today13:15
seb12810v is out of order after the upgrade13:15
didrocksseb128: the MIR doesn't tell so and looking at configure.in, it doesn't seem to be a build-dep, that's why I'm waiting on jbicha13:17
seb128ok, sorry it was maybe my fault13:17
didrocksif I don't get any info, I'll look at debian's gnome-games13:17
didrocksno worry, let's wait for jbicha :)13:17
seb128he did an update which switched to external gnuchess and I commented on saying "it will probably need a promotion"13:17
seb128but I didn't think it would be a runtime option only for a binary in universe13:17
seb128gnome-chess is not on the DVD?13:18
didrocksoh, *that* is possible13:18
seb128no, seems not13:19
didrocksno, it's in universe13:19
didrockslet's wait for him :)13:19
didrocksjbicha: as well, do you need some help on bug #813318?13:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 813318 in libnatpmp "[mir] libnatpmp" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81331813:22
didrocksok, just one mon MIR on my plate \o/13:25
didrocks(wayland though)13:25
jbichadidrocks: yes, I need help with that bug13:26
didrocksjbicha: so, they broke the ABI and change the soname, right?13:27
jbichaI don't have any experience with packaging library soname changes so I need to learn13:27
seb128didrocks, did you do the gwibber ones?13:27
didrocksseb128: yeah, two small things to fix and then, ready to go13:27
seb128those are a3 wis ;-)13:27
jbichadidrocks: I believe so13:28
didrocksseb128: well, those is me being nitpicky, I can accept without those, but as it's a question of a 5 minutes work to fix both13:28
seb128didrocks, yeah no hurry, thanks ;-)13:28
jbichayes, glchess is not installed by default but it's in main of course because gnome-games is13:29
didrocksjbicha: is it?13:29
didrocks   glchess | 1:3.1.4-0ubuntu1 | oneiric/universe | amd64, i38613:29
didrockshow did you check?13:29
jbichaoh, how do you check?13:30
seb128jbicha, sorry I overlooked that one I think, if it's not a build-depends but only a depends of a binary in universe no need of a mir13:30
didrocksjbicha: you can check with apt/aptitude, I usually use rmadison :)13:30
didrocksand it doesn't seem a build-dep (which will be needed even if glchess is in universe)13:30
didrocksto be*13:30
jbichahmm, ok, I didn't know that a source package could be part main/part universe like that13:31
didrocksjbicha: sure, we can mix whatever we want :)13:31
didrocksthe only tricky part would be if it was a build-dep13:31
didrocksto build the package, even if the binary package is in universe, we need all build-dep of a main source package to be in main13:31
didrocksbut it doesn't seem to be the case there (but you are welcome to check)13:32
didrocksjbicha: closing that one for now so :)13:32
jbichano, it's just a run-time optional dependency13:32
jbichadidrocks: good!13:32
didrocksyeah ;) thanks for confirming!13:32
didrocksdoing that, and then back to the other one :)13:32
jbichawe were waiting on deciding what to do about valac to update the gnome-games packaging13:33
jbichaI could just continue using the valac-0.12 patch13:33
didrocksjbicha: so, how did you check that the soname changed?13:34
didrocks(http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/column/libpkg-guide/libpkg-guide.html for a reference guide)13:35
didrocksSweetshark_vacat: when you are back from holidays, can you have a look at bug #774020? it seems there is a typo for traditional chinese13:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 774020 in libreoffice "Menu of Draw in zh_TW translation is not included in Natty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77402013:37
jbichadidrocks: thanks, I needed a checklist :-)13:38
seb128jbicha, yeah, let's delay the vala version change to after a313:38
didrocksjbicha: so basically, you will see a magical regexp in http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/column/libpkg-guide/libpkg-guide.html#naminglibpkg13:39
didrocksthat will tell you if the package name needs to be changed (if the soname really changed or if it was just a minor/update version)13:39
jbichayes, I found that when I saw the lintian warning, and it confirmed that the soname changed from 0 to 113:39
didrocksjbicha: ok, so, basically, in that case, you need to change the package name, all the 0 to 1 in debian/control, and update, the symbols file, install files and such13:40
didrocksthen, you need check the reverse dependency13:40
didrocksto see what's need to be rebuilt13:40
didrocksapt-cache rdepends libnatpmp013:41
didrocks-> only libnatpmp-dev for now (I guess until transmission is using it) good!13:41
didrocksthen, ensure that transmission is building with this one :)13:41
didrocksbut confirm with the regexp as well that the name should be changed (I guess lintian is using the same one) :-)13:42
jbichaok, we could also build vino with libnatpmp so I'll check that too13:42
didrockssure :)13:43
didrockskeep me posted!13:43
didrocksand thanks again for working on that :)13:43
didrocks(I don't know that protocol, seems interesting)13:43
didrockseven if upnp has stil good days I guess :)13:44
dobeyi missed the a3 freeze right?14:18
jbichadidrocks: I don't need to change libnatpmp-dev to libnatpmp1-dev, right?14:20
didrocksjbicha: no, as long as we don't want multiple version to be installable in //14:21
seb128dobey, you did, it's a soft freeze though so you can upload if you fix issues only14:22
seb128dobey, ie don't upload transitions or packages renames14:23
Hrushikeshshort cuts are not working on ubuntu 10.1014:31
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=== RoAkSoAx_ is now known as RoAkSoAx
jbichadidrocks: I'm a bit confused about how .symbols is supposed to work, here's my buildlog http://fpaste.org/J8NP/14:53
didrocksjbicha: see the first line?14:53
didrockslibnatpmp.so.0 libnatpmp0 #MINVER#14:53
didrocksyou should first rename to .114:53
didrocksthen run it, and see what changed (it should fail if the soname has been bumped for ABI/API issue)14:54
didrocksit sems it still export the same symbols though, which is weird14:55
didrocks(looking at the diff)14:55
didrocksjbicha: you can ask upstream if there was a reason they bump the soname without symbols changes (no removal).  Maybe they change a return type, or break a dbus protocol…14:55
jbichadidrocks: ok, I did that and now it doesn't look like anything changed (like you said) http://fpaste.org/bVUm/14:57
didrocksjbicha: indeed, that's kind of weird, can you try asking that upstream?14:58
jbichadidrocks: you're French, right? you can talk with upstream, lol14:58
didrocksjbicha: sure, but it's a good practice the one doing the work do it entirely :)14:58
didrocksjbicha: if you don't have the time I'll do it14:58
jbichaok, I just always see the Debian packager talking to him in French, but maybe that's just a convenience thing15:00
didrocksjbicha: I guess so, if he really doesn't, forward him to me ;)15:00
seb128jbicha, didrocks:15:01
seb128-LIBSPEC int initnatpmp(natpmp_t * p);15:01
seb128+LIBSPEC int initnatpmp(natpmp_t * p, int forcegw, in_addr_t forcedgw);15:01
seb128that's the ABI break15:01
seb128in natpmp.h15:01
seb128+  Added an argument to initnatpmp() in order to force the gateway to be used15:01
didrocksthanks seb128 :)15:01
seb128in the ChangeLog15:01
didrocksjbicha: so, you have your answer :)15:01
jbichabut the symbols don't change for that (besides line 1), then?15:02
seb128.symbols are not smart enough to track argument changes15:02
seb128they just track symbols list in C15:02
=== tremolux_ is now known as tremolux
seb128the C symbol don't include informations about the types used15:02
seb128where cpp does15:02
seb128jbicha, so yeah, there is no change in the list of symbols exported by the lib15:03
seb128just one function prototype which changed15:03
didrocksjbicha: so basically, now that you have a package, I would say try building transmission and vino with it15:04
seb128why is evolution such a piece of crap?15:05
seb128the rendering job get stucked when trying to render merge requests half of the time it seems15:05
seb128and by "stuck" I mean it's not going to work until you close and restart evolution avoiding that email15:06
* didrocks sees chrisccoulson still sending a thunderbird to seb128 :)15:06
kenvandineseb128, yeah... i am so close to switching to tb15:06
chrisccoulsonit's a conspiracy15:07
didrockschrisccoulson: just make a tiny break and you will get kenvandine and seb128 !=15:07
seb128in fact I wonder why I didn't switch yet15:09
jbichadidrocks: I need a conflicts/replaces, right? on the lib or on the -dev15:09
seb128I had to create a launcher yesterday than does gdb --ex 'run' evolution15:09
seb128just so it doesn't segfault on start15:09
didrocksjbicha: not really, the -dev doesn't have a binary name change15:09
kenvandinehumm... fresh install of oneiric... can't connect to wifi15:10
didrocksjbicha: for the lib, you changed the name, and the file which are shipped are renamed as well, right?15:10
kenvandinecyphermox, ^^15:10
kenvandineknown problem?15:10
didrocksjbicha: there are no common files, normally?15:10
didrocksjbicha: normally, we include so soname in the package name to have both parallelly installable15:10
kenvandineoh... keyring daemon not starting :(15:10
cyphermoxkenvandine: wpa wifi?15:11
jbichadidrocks: http://fpaste.org/OMk5/15:11
didrocksjbicha: so that, we don't have to rebuild all reverse dependency in a row, but can transition slowly from old library to the new one15:11
cyphermoxyes, known issue related to gnome-keyring15:11
cyphermoxyou can fix it, hold on15:11
didrocksjbicha: like foo app deps on libbar0 and dummy deps on libbar115:11
didrocksjbicha: oh, so you have a binary, /usr/bin/natpmpc which is common15:12
didrocksjbicha: normally, this should be in a separate package, not the library one to enable parallel installation of them15:12
didrocksbut it seems the debian packager didn't do that15:12
didrocksso, no need to diverge, especially as we don't have reverse dependency yet15:13
didrocksso yes, please, replaces:15:13
didrockslibnatpmp1 C/R libnatpmp015:13
cyphermoxkenvandine: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-keyring/+bug/813755; run sudo setcap CAP_IPC_LOCK=ep /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon15:14
ubot2Ubuntu bug 813755 in gnome-keyring "gnome-keyring-daemon fails to start as it can't get capabilities" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:14
didrocksjbicha: does it makes sense?15:14
cyphermoxperhaps this would benefit in being fixed now somehow, though... it's pretty limiting for testing alpha315:14
kenvandinecyphermox, indeed15:15
jbichadidrocks: yes, thank you15:15
didrocksyw :)15:15
micahgActually, breaks/replaces is standard now for files moving: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html#s-replaces15:15
jbichaseb128: https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/gnome-games/gnome-games-3.1.4/+merge/7017915:15
seb128jbicha, thanks15:15
seb128cyphermox, patches are welcome ;-)15:16
cyphermoxyes yes :)15:16
cyphermoxworking on it *nao*15:16
seb128cyphermox, chrisccoulson has been working on the gnome-keyring update but it's working as it should and upstream is not around this week it seems15:16
cyphermoxchrisccoulson: ^^ heads up, I'll try to workaround this until the update is ready15:16
seb128not to mention it has a new depends that will need to be promoted etc15:16
seb128so not for a315:16
cyphermoxseb128: please, let me type :D15:16
seb128sorry ;-)15:17
seb128you could start by trying those commits15:17
cyphermoxyeh, I discussed those with mdeslaur last week, but I thought g-k would have been ready before15:18
seb128that will make it work with insecure memory use though15:18
jbichainstalling libnatpmp1 would break libnatpmp0, and deconfiguration is not permitted (--auto-deconfigure might help)15:18
didrocksmicahg: not really a breaks for that one, as we don't expect the lib<>0 to be compatible again with the moved binary between soname15:18
cyphermoxthere's something else though:15:18
seb128better would be to figure why the postinst setcap call doesn't work15:18
cyphermox.deb doesn't carry these types of permissions?15:19
seb128if [ "$1" = configure ]; then15:19
seb128    if which setcap > /dev/null && [ -e $PROGRAM ]; then15:19
seb128        if ! setcap CAP_IPC_LOCK=ep $PROGRAM >/dev/null 2>&1; then15:19
seb128            echo "Setting capabilities for gnome-keyring-daemon using Linux Capabilities failed."15:19
seb128in the postinst15:19
cyphermoxI mean, could the package itself carry them?15:19
mdeslaurcyphermox: no, unfortunately15:19
davmor2kenvandine: looks like you're temporary fix to get gwibber installed hasn't gone down well with the Xubuntu devs who now suddenly have gwibber installed :D15:19
seb128did anyone try to drop the null redirection?15:19
cyphermoxoh well, this is probably not much15:19
kenvandinedavmor2, it wasn't really any different than before15:20
cyphermoxI will15:20
kenvandinejust a different package recommending it15:20
seb128kenvandine, out of the fact that they use indicator-session and not indicator-me it seems15:20
charlie-tcaIt just never caused Xubuntu and mythbuntu to have gwibber and gwibber-service installed by default15:21
kenvandinei added it to indicator-messages, but i guess they just didn't include indicator-me before15:21
kenvandineseb128, can you seed gwibber?15:21
seb128kenvandine, can't you?15:21
kenvandinei don't know how :)15:21
kenvandinei can... if you tell me how :)15:21
mdeslaurcyphermox, seb128: please add the necessary depends, and the two patches, as some filesystems and/or backup/restore operations don't preserve file caps15:21
seb128kenvandine, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeedManagement15:21
seb128kenvandine, basically bzr checkout lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.oneiric15:22
cyphermoxmdeslaur: yeah15:22
seb128kenvandine, and add gwibber to the desktop file15:22
cyphermoxmdeslaur: note, the depends is there for libcap2-bin which does carry setcap15:22
jbichaand I get this if I try it with C/R instead of B/R: http://fpaste.org/g6Kf/15:22
jbichadoes -dev need a conflicts too?15:23
seb128jbicha, did it change name?15:23
mdeslaurcyphermox: oh, hrm...so could it be the livecd filesystem that doesn't support fscaps, and hence doesn't preserve it when copying to the disk?15:23
seb128jbicha, seems like you forgot to rename the control depends of the dev on the lib15:23
seb128jbicha, do you still have a Depends: lib...0?15:23
cyphermoxmdeslaur: dunno, I need to test with a live CD now, so I'll check that too15:24
ogra_hmm, am i not supposed to have a battery icon in unity-2d since it was switched to the new indicators ?15:24
mdeslaurcyphermox: maybe this needs a quirk added to ubiquity as a task to be done manually15:24
seb128ogra_, is indicator-power installed?15:24
ogra_as well as gnome-power-manager15:25
ogra_grepping for power in .xsession-errors gives me15:25
ogra_(gnome-settings-daemon:1178): power-plugin-WARNING **: not connected15:25
jbichaseb128: no -dev depends on libnatpmp1 but I already had the old -dev installed which depended on libnatpmp015:25
ogra_and another warning about keyboard brightness15:26
seb128ogra_, that seems "normal"15:26
ogra_i guessed so15:26
ogra_just wanted to mention it15:26
kenvandineseb128, after that, do i need to do anything to ubuntu-meta?15:26
seb128jbicha, weird, if you dpkg -i *.deb that should work, try to run it twice?15:26
seb128kenvandine, well you need an upload if you want to change to be used yes15:27
jbichaseb128: yes, the second time worked, would an apt-get upgrade automatically try the second time?15:27
ogra_depends what seed file you changed ;)15:27
seb128kenvandine, check with #ubuntu-release before doing an update for it though15:27
ogra_changes to "ship" are picked up automatically with a publisher run15:27
seb128ogra_, well in that case it's to seed gwibber on the desktop CD15:27
ogra_seb128, yeah, i thought so, given the channel i'm in15:28
kenvandineseb128, or i could just wait for someone else to touch it... likely to happen this week right?15:29
seb128didrocks, chrisccoulson, tremolux, kenvandine, didrocks, mterry, cyphermox, tkamppeter: desktop team meeting coming15:29
seb128kenvandine, check with skaet, freeze started yesterday so it's not sure15:29
seb128didrocks, chrisccoulson, tremolux, kenvandine, didrocks, mterry, cyphermox, tkamppeter: hey15:30
seb128it's meeting time ;-)15:30
seb128let's get started15:31
seb128kenvandine, partners update?15:31
seb128the wiki seems empty this week15:31
kenvandineshould be a quiet week for DX15:31
seb128no partner update, no unity update15:31
kenvandineuntil after a315:31
kenvandineseb128, refresh :)15:31
seb128only tkamppeter and tremolux did work it seems ;-)15:31
seb128kenvandine, better ;-)15:32
kenvandineit sounds like u1 is going to drop the store for rb15:32
kenvandinethey don't want to maintain gtk2 and gtk3 builds of libu115:32
chrisccoulsonreally? how come?15:32
seb128no way15:32
chrisccoulsonthat sucks15:32
kenvandinedobey, ^^15:32
kenvandinesee people want it :)15:32
chrisccoulsoni like rb :(15:32
seb128kenvandine, we might still discuss making rb the default if we don't find CD space15:32
seb128there is still the option we might want to drop mono from the CD15:33
kenvandineoh... so that isn't off the table?15:33
kenvandinedobey, ^^15:33
seb128there is also the option that banshee goes to gtk315:33
seb128kenvandine, no it's not, we still have over 10mb to win15:33
kenvandinei even offered to take the first swing at porting libu115:33
seb128why is it hard to build a lib for 2 gtk versions?15:33
kenvandinedobey, want to reconsider that?15:33
seb128we do it for ton of other things15:33
kenvandineseb128, i'll talk to them outside of the meeting15:34
kenvandinetry to convince them15:34
kenvandineit shouldn't be hard...15:34
seb128ok, thanks15:34
kenvandinethat is all i have15:35
seb128what is "shim"?15:35
kenvandinethe shim for choosing where to install from15:35
seb128thanks kenvandine15:36
ricotzseb128, should g-c-c 3 conflict with gnome-system-tools?15:36
seb128is there any questions about dx or u1?15:36
seb128ricotz, sorry we are in a meeting, and not likely if they don't actually have file conflicts on disk15:36
seb128or on the bus or something15:36
ricotzoh, sorry15:36
seb128thanks kenvandine15:36
seb128great, a refresh worked for unity as well15:37
didrocksit's a kind of magic :)15:37
seb128didrocks, unity update for you then ;-)15:37
didrockseverything is on the wiki, as usual15:37
didrocksand on time, *cough cough*15:37
didrocksso everything should be in shape right now15:37
didrocksif you have an intel hardware, wait for the latest nux15:38
didrocksiso respin will come shortly for alpha315:38
didrocksstill some known bugs like mouse and keyboard events15:38
didrockshoping for a compiz release to be tested by upstream soon15:38
didrocksjust wanted to make people aware of unity-2d now sharing more code with unity15:38
didrockswhich makes it depends on unity15:38
didrocksso, for every major nux or unity release15:39
didrocksyou will need to rebuild unity-2d15:39
didrocksand ensure the API is synced, which can be out of sync sometimes :)15:39
didrocks(so basically, nux should be published, which then will trigger the unity build, which then trigger the unity-2d build)15:39
seb128was there some discussion about moving 2d in the unity source?15:40
didrocksyeah, the thing is that unity-2d have daily build15:40
didrocksand unity doesn't15:40
seb128well, that doesn't seem like a reason to not to do15:40
seb128it just seems like we need to push dx to get there ;-)15:40
didrocksso the -2d guys are ok to merged only if the unity guys figure out to have daily build again15:40
didrocksagreed, as we had before15:40
didrocksthey just need to be pushed to do that, what we are working on with some desktop team members :)15:41
seb128thanks didrocks15:41
didrocksall of that will obviously raise quality and tackle issues :)15:41
seb128seems like after the next publisher run we should be on shape for a3 testing15:42
seb128don't be too hard on bug filing seems like lot of the obvious bugs are "known issues that should be fixed before ff" so maybe wait for feature freeze to file non blocker bugs15:42
seb128didrocks, ^ makes sense?15:42
didrocksseb128: totally agree on that15:43
didrocksI guess the obvious will be fixed just post ff15:43
seb128other questions for didrocks?15:43
didrocks(crashers are still interesting though)15:43
seb128yeah, just click on the apport file a bug for those :p15:44
seb128thanks didrocks15:44
seb128tremolux, hey15:44
seb128tremolux, I see the s-c update is on the wiki as well, great ;-)15:44
seb128tremolux, didrocks: can we have an update on oneconf status?15:45
seb128since we are getting close for ff15:45
seb128it's on the wiki15:45
seb128it's "not"15:45
tremoluxah, true15:45
tremoluxdidrocks: mind telling that latest?15:45
didrockssure, so OneConf 0.2 is now in Oneiric15:45
didrocksthis version is compatible with the gtk2 software-center15:46
didrocksthe backend and everything is ready15:46
didrockshowever, the ubuntu-webcatalog, with which it is compatible with, will enter a staging beta stage next week15:46
didrockswe can add interested people in being guinea pig there :)15:46
didrocksnow, the question is:15:46
didrocks- do we want the MIR to be proceed before the server is ready?15:47
didrocks(we can still run a local server for testing purpose and there is a mock one included as well that tremolux tried)15:47
didrocks- do we want it to be installed by default, even if it won't "sync" for now?15:47
seb128we can mir review it already15:48
seb128but let's seed it only once it's actually working15:48
didrocksyeah, it was fix committed, but it was on the natty version, a new check can be good :)15:48
didrocksseb128: working, like staging version or opened server?15:48
didrocks(because I guess they will open the server at the beta time)15:48
seb128staging at least ;-)15:50
didrocksok, do we have guinea pig candidates? :-)15:50
didrocksas well, this really depends on now the gtk2 version15:50
didrockstremolux: how much are we sure it will be the oneiric one?15:50
tremoluxdidrocks: hmm, not 100% certain15:51
tremoluxdidrocks: but there's a lot still to go for gtk3, so I expect it's likely15:52
didrocksok, let's stick with that plan :)15:52
seb128seems it's getting late to change now yes15:52
didrocksI'll refresh the MIR15:52
didrocksmterry: mind looking at it again then?15:52
tremoluxseb128: indeed  :)15:52
seb128tremolux, do you take any holidays?15:52
seb128(sorry i didn't track if you did already this summer)15:52
tremoluxseb128: yes, last two weeks in August15:53
jbichaperhaps the gtk3 software center could be in a blessed PPA when it's ready15:53
tremoluxjbicha: indeed, we are thinking about alternatives like this  :)15:53
tremoluxjbicha: it would be great to have people using it, sending feedback and bug reports etc15:54
seb128tremolux, ok, so between you being 2 weeks off and mvo who still has to take his holidays it's getting really too short for this cycle I think15:54
seb128thanks tremolux15:54
seb128other questions for tremolux?15:54
didrocks(oh and thanks for tremolux to have been the first one to test and contribute to oneconf 0.2!)15:54
tremoluxseb128: yep, agreed15:54
seb128didrocks, ;-)15:55
seb128ok, moving on15:55
tremoluxdidrocks: \o/ welcome!15:55
mterrydidrocks, sure15:55
seb128that's still not an happy chart!15:55
seb128so let's do a round of review and try to not keep you for hours on those ;-)15:56
tremoluxseb128: I updated my items, but it's not yet reflected in the chart looks like15:56
seb128chrisccoulson, you're first15:56
seb128desktop-o-default-email-client still has 4 todos15:57
seb128[andreasn] Review styling improvements with John Lea: TODO15:57
seb128[mconley] Final work on contacts integration, ability to read/add/edit contacts in existing address book: TODO15:57
seb128[jasoncwarner] Final evaluation, will Thunderbird be default email client: TODO15:57
seb128[johnlea] Review progress in styling improvements, provide guidance on further improvements needed: TODO15:57
seb128 15:57
seb128chrisccoulson, do you know what's the status of those?15:57
chrisccoulsonah, none of those are mine :)15:57
seb128chrisccoulson, well, it's somewhat your spec :p15:57
chrisccoulsonwe can probably discuss those in the meeting tomorrow15:57
seb128moving on then15:58
andreasnI talked to chrisccoulson earlier and the styling bugs are still in progress, and since what's landing in trunk won't make the oneric release, I'm preparing a theme15:58
seb128chrisccoulson, great work on tb btw ;-)15:58
seb128andreasn, hey, nice, looking forward to see that theme ;-)15:58
chrisccoulsonseb128, are you going to switch? ;)15:58
chrisccoulsonandreasn, thanks :)15:59
seb128chrisccoulson, I think so, not an hard decision, evolution doesn't run out of gdb15:59
seb128doesn't display gpg signed email content15:59
seb128block on merge request emails15:59
seb128didrocks, seems like your oneconf mir and the 2 gwibber mir reviews are on shape, so you are off the hook ;-)15:59
* didrocks is running away, kthxbye :)16:00
seb128kenvandine, hey16:00
seb128kenvandine, you still have 2 items on desktop-o-telepathy-indicator16:00
seb128how are those going?16:01
kenvandineone is blocked on indicate-gtk316:01
kenvandineand is trivial16:01
seb128can you move it to beta1?16:01
kenvandinethe other i just need to do16:01
kenvandineit isn't targetted for a3 is it?16:01
seb128the spec is targetted for a316:01
seb128so by default wi are16:01
kenvandineoh... :)16:01
kenvandinewill do16:01
seb128what about the gwibber unity count one?16:02
kenvandinethat is trivial, going to do that the same time i try to fix the counts16:02
kenvandinethey are all over the place... like you pointed out :)16:02
seb128move it to beta1 as well maybe?16:02
seb128indeed ;-)16:02
seb128(our cycle trend is ok, http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/canonical-desktop-team.html)16:03
seb128so we can delay things and keep them still, we don't need to drop a lot yet16:03
seb128seems in fact we will be mostly good after the updates from today16:04
seb128does anyone has questions, comments, ...?16:04
seb128extra topics16:04
seb128ok, seems not16:05
seb128short mention, next week is desktop summit16:05
chrisccoulsonhang on :)16:06
seb128well it start this w.e in fact16:06
seb128so it's likely some of us are going to be less online16:06
seb128including didrocks pitti robert_ancell me16:06
seb128jasoncwarner_ as well16:06
seb128I'm not sure yet if we will have a meeting next week but we will keep you updated16:06
seb128 16:06
seb128chrisccoulson, yes?16:06
chrisccoulsoni'm quite interested in getting a list of papercut-type bugs, related to thunderbird and desktop integration (eg, little things like bug 757976)16:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 757976 in nautilus-sendto "Thunderbird attachment name changes cause send error" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75797616:07
chrisccoulsonso, if anyone can think of small things like that, then let me know :)16:07
chrisccoulsonperhaps we can get some contributors fixing small bugs like that ;)16:07
seb128chrisccoulson, does calendar integration count? ;-)16:07
chrisccoulsonseb128, not really ;)16:07
chrisccoulsonyou can try though!16:07
seb128dammit ;-)16:07
seb128but yeah, seems like a good idea16:08
seb128ok, that's a wrap up then16:08
seb128thanks everybody16:08
seb128(going to be a busy end of cycle between GNOME3 integration issues, unity changes still to land, lightdm, new gwibber, bug fixing)16:09
chrisccoulsonare we still expecting unity changes?16:09
seb128well, they are least rolled compiz tarballs and a gsettings backend16:10
seb128which didn't get tested or uploaded yet16:10
seb128they rolled those for yesterday16:11
didrockschrisccoulson: I noted the changes on the report, did you read it? :)16:11
seb128and they still have some refactoring and cleaning work they plan to land for feature freeze16:11
seb128including fixing key events :p16:11
didrocksand mouse ones! :)16:11
didrocksthanks seb128 for handling the meeting :)16:12
kenvandinechrisccoulson, i switched to tb... wow the message count is too big for the counter on the launcher :)16:13
kenvandinechrisccoulson, is there a way to make it only show unread counts for the inbox?16:13
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, oh, that should fix itself once you perform some action in your mailbox16:13
chrisccoulsonthat count displayed "new" messages rather than "unread"16:14
kenvandineit isn't going away...16:14
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, do you have new messages spread across mailboxes?16:14
kenvandineand the messaging menu is showing counts for a bunch of folders16:15
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, you'll probably need to read at least one mail in each folder ;)16:15
chrisccoulsonwe keep a new count for each folder16:15
chrisccoulsonand just add them up for the launcher16:15
kenvandinewhew... so i have to click on every folder that has new mail in it?16:15
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, if you click on each entry in the messaging menu, it should clear all the counts16:16
chrisccoulsoni guess it would be nice to have a button which did that for all folders16:16
huatsif I want to give a try working on a pending update (eog-plugins) do I need to update the etherpad page + opening a bug16:16
seb128chrisccoulson, shouldn't picking the "email client" line do that?16:17
kenvandinethis will take all day... i have hundreds of folders :/16:17
chrisccoulsonseb128, it doesn't do it atm. all that does is focus the window16:17
chrisccoulsonshould it do that?16:17
chrisccoulson(ie, is that expected behaviour)?16:17
seb128huats, etherpad and bug or etherpad and summit a merge request when you are done16:17
kenvandinechrisccoulson, yes16:17
huatsseb128, thanks16:18
seb128chrisccoulson, dunno, that was just a suggestion ;-)16:18
kenvandinechrisccoulson, most other apps do that16:18
seb128huats, i.e etherpad is enough to say that you are working on it, then we need a bug or merge request for review and comments16:18
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, if you have lots of folders, then it might be quicker to just close and reopen tbird ;)16:18
chrisccoulsoni assume this is because you've just set up an account?16:18
huatsseb128, ok that is clear :)16:18
kenvandinechrisccoulson, yeah... ok.. i'll try that16:18
chrisccoulsonthat should work16:18
kenvandinechrisccoulson, yup... that did it16:20
kenvandinethx :)16:20
chrisccoulsonexcellent :)16:20
kenvandinealthough this is going to be painful with the way i use mail16:20
seb128kenvandine, btw other do that (clearing the count) but gwibber doesn't :-(16:21
kenvandineseb128, gwibber used to :)16:21
kenvandinethat is a regression16:21
kenvandinei'll fix it16:21
chrisccoulsoni thought the messaging menu was going to have a menuitem to clear all indicators?16:21
chrisccoulsoni'm reluctant to do that in thunderbird when focusing the window, as that's quite a destructive action :)16:21
kenvandineoh... tb is still syncing mail16:22
chrisccoulson(if you have more than 1 mailbox with new messages in)16:22
kenvandinethe number is **** again16:22
chrisccoulsonyour mailbox is too big ;)16:22
kenvandineit is all the folders16:22
kenvandinemy gmail is like 8G or so16:22
dobeyyou should read your mail sometime16:22
kenvandinedobey, email is lame :)16:23
dobeyi know, that's why i don't read it :)16:23
kenvandinehehe :)16:23
chrisccoulsoni don't read mine either16:23
chrisccoulsonbut i do mark it as read ;)16:23
jbichatoo much hate mail, not enough fan mail?16:23
kenvandinejbicha, never enough fan mail :)16:24
chrisccoulsonjbicha - yeah, most of my mail is spam16:24
chrisccoulsonlike, mail from ubuntuforums16:24
seb128or bug emails? ;-)16:24
chrisccoulsonor people bickering on bug reports16:24
kenvandinechrisccoulson, so no way to make it only show inboxes ? instead of all folders?16:24
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, not yet ;)16:24
chrisccoulsonthat was deliberate though, i hated the evolution behaviour of ignoring everything i moved in to other folders ;)16:25
dobeykenvandine: actually, i have to say, i do get too much fan mail via launchpad bugs16:25
dobeykenvandine: people like to keep commenting on how fixed bugs are fixed. "Thanks! THis fixes my problem!"16:25
seb128dobey, they will also thank you for not breaking the rb music store :p16:27
chrisccoulsonw00t, thunderbird shortly will not need libesd to play event sounds16:28
kenvandineif i stick with tb... i am really going to have to unsubscribe to mailing lists...16:28
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, mailing list messages won't cause the icon to turn blue btw16:29
chrisccoulson(although they are listed in the menu. we just don't request attention for them)16:29
kenvandinethat is good16:30
dobeyseb128: i would love to not break it. can we make it the default for oneiric? :)16:30
kenvandinedobey, want me to propose a branch for libu1 gtk3?16:30
kenvandinedobey, did you read back to the comments during the meeting?16:30
seb128chrisccoulson, the spec says that you should have the "only inbox" option no?16:31
seb128how hard would it be to have a config flag for this?16:31
chrisccoulsonseb128, i'm not sure. i'll have to read it again16:31
chrisccoulsonit wouldn't be hard16:31
kenvandinethat would make this much easier for me to use it16:32
chrisccoulsoni guess the difficult bit is finding a suitable place in the UI to expose the pref16:32
didrocksseb128: see, 4th person with the same workflow ^ :-)16:32
chrisccoulsonwithout adding too many options for edge cases ;)16:32
mterrydidrocks, gtk2 for oneconf?  tsk tsk16:32
cyphermoxseb128: mdeslaur: gnome-keyring fix is done; just testing it on a live session now16:32
didrocksmterry: indeed, depends on software-center!16:32
seb128cyphermox, excellent, thanks16:32
mterryfair  :)16:32
didrocksmterry: what, the MIR review isn't finised? what about all those MIR review team being so slow :-)16:33
mterrydidrocks, we'd be faster if members didn't futz around all day writing package sync software16:33
chrisccoulsonseb128, also, we'd want to present the labels differently in the menu. currently, we display "Folder name" if there is one account, or "Folder name (account name)" if there is more than one account16:34
seb128oh, somebody fixed the deja-dup control-center geometry, great ;-)16:34
didrocksmterry: ahah, you mean using them? :-)16:34
dobeykenvandine: i read the chrisccoulson and seb128 want the rbox u1ms to stay, and that mono/banshee ahve not bee decided for definite yet16:34
chrisccoulsonif we have an inbox only option, i guess we'd want to just use "Account name"?16:34
seb128dobey, what is the rational to not dual build your lib?16:34
seb128dobey, it seems not hard to do and worth it16:34
dobeyseb128: it's too much work, and not really worth it.16:34
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, does that make sense? (my last 2 comments)16:35
seb128chrisccoulson, the wiki has16:35
seb128"name should be set to to the name of the mailbox. If (and only if) there is more than one mailbox with the same name, the mail program should disambiguate them using the account name if possible, e.g. “Inbox (Home)” vs. “Inbox (Yoyodyne)”. "16:35
jbichadidrocks: transmission needs a 1-line change for the ABI change, which I added to my merge at16:36
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, we do that based on whether there is more than one account, rather than comparing folder names16:36
jbichait looks like mvo pushed the package but didn't update the oneiric branch16:36
seb128chrisccoulson, well I think you still one to display the inbox for each active account16:36
seb128chrisccoulson, well I think you still want to display the inbox for each active account16:36
didrocksjbicha: yeah, it's an API change!16:36
kenvandinechrisccoulson, what seb128 said16:37
seb128jbicha: that version was uploaded by mvo early this week, you probably want to rebase on the current archive version to have a small diff in the merge request16:37
seb128didrocks, ^16:38
jbichaexcept that he didn't update the oneiric branch16:38
kenvandinechrisccoulson, but i think just displaying account name for the inbox is good16:38
didrocksseb128: jbicha: indeed16:38
seb128jbicha, he should have to, the autoimporter should do that16:38
seb128if it doesn't that's an udd bug16:38
didrocksjbicha: are you sure about the 0, 0 value for the API change?16:38
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, ok, i can probably implement that quite quickly16:39
jbichadidrocks: no, this is what the header diff looks like: http://fpaste.org/zjPW/16:39
kenvandinechrisccoulson, cool!16:40
didrocksjbicha: should be fine then16:40
jbichaseb128: I don't know how pushing works since I don't have commit privileges, but is it possible that mvo used a different method?16:41
seb128jbicha, yes, uploaded a done with dput like for ppas16:42
seb128jbicha, lp:ubuntu/source vcs don't need manual commit, there is an import job which is supposed to take the upload diff and commit it16:42
seb128you can manually push to those if you awnt16:42
seb128but you don't have to16:42
seb128jbicha, can you open a bug on https://bugs.launchpad.net/udd/+filebug to say that the vcs is outdated?16:43
seb128jbicha, in fact http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/16:43
seb128it's listed there16:43
seb128lazr.restfulclient.errors.HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found16:44
seb128james_w, ^ do you know if those are known issues?16:44
seb128"9 packages failed with key lazr.restfulclient.errors.HTTPError:<module>:main:push_branches_back:file_mp:lp_call:load:get:_request "16:44
mdeslaurcyphermox: cool16:45
didrocksmterry: I subscribed to it and "thanks"16:46
* didrocks put the OneConf MIR to "DONE"16:47
mvojbicha: hello, sorry i can push that now16:48
mvojbicha: what puzzles me is that I think that the UDD stuff should automatically commit the upload16:48
mvojbicha: as this is a lp:ubuntu branch16:49
mvoits commited now16:49
jbichamvo: thanks16:51
seb128mvo, cf what I pointed to16:51
mterryseb128, ah, should have looked for bugs about that printer issue  :)16:52
seb128mvo, the autoimporter has been running into a 404 error16:52
seb128mterry, ;-)16:52
mvoseb128: urgh, what does that mean?16:52
mvoI mena16:52
seb128mvo, it means james_w's bog16:52
mvodid it not manage to get the source package?16:53
mvoaha :)16:53
jbichaok filed as bug 81991016:53
seb128mvo: no, I mean the package is listed on failed imports on http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/16:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 819910 in udd "VCS for ubuntu:transmission failed to import" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81991016:53
seb128jbicha, thanks16:53
seb128mvo, which means the job doing the import is buggy16:53
jbichadidrocks: https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/ubuntu/oneiric/libnatpmp/libnatpmp-20110730/+merge/7019216:55
didrocksjbicha: nice! :) did you checkc the licensing? as it changed (Copyright (c) 2007-2011, Thomas BERNARD), maybe the debian/copyright needs some refresh or is it all good?16:57
didrocksjbicha: you can use 'licencecheck -r *' as a quick way to scan all files (if the header is nicely formatted) FYI16:57
jbichadidrocks: yes I did licensecheck, there was a Debian bug because the license headers didn't match debian/copyright but they do now16:58
didrocksjbicha: excellent, thanks! I'll have a quiet check tomorrow morning if you don't mind to review that + the MIR at the same time16:58
dobeyunity/compiz just segfaults for me on current oneiric :(16:59
seb128dobey, intel?17:00
seb128dobey, update to the new nux uploaded this afternoon17:00
kenvandineseb128, i am uploading a tiny fix to gwibber, so it prompts you to create a new account on first run17:08
* kenvandine hugs iso testing :)17:08
seb128kenvandine, great17:09
seb128didrocks, kenvandine: is there any reason we don't recommend appmenu-gtk from indicator-appmenu?17:09
seb128we only recommend appmenu-gtk317:09
seb128which means gtk2 application on the CD don't have appmenu integration17:10
seb128i.e shotwell17:10
seb128om26er just pointed it on #ubuntu-bugs17:10
didrocksI see no reason, let me check though17:10
kenvandineyeah, i don't think there was a specific reason not to17:10
seb128just asking you because you are the one who did the recent changes17:10
seb128it might just be that somebody went "ok, the indicator use gtk3, let's rename the recommends"17:11
didrocksyeah, it just came from the renaming IMHO17:11
hallynoh hey, i just noticed,i don't seem to have a working window decorator :)17:15
ricotzcould someone sponsor rhythmbox, please? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rhythmbox/+bug/78074717:21
ubot2Ubuntu bug 780747 in rhythmbox "Window does not always close when running gnome-shell" [Undecided,New]17:21
cyphermoxgah, gnome-keyring is such a PITA... keeps not building for various reasons, including .install files that mention directories that don't exist.17:23
micahg is there a reason why lightdm doesn't recommend accountsservice?17:29
micahgor maybe the greeter should recommend it?17:29
didrockshave a good night everyone!17:31
seb128micahg, is it using it?17:32
micahgwell, either the greeter or lightdm is using it to display a user list17:33
micahgI guess I"ll save it for when robert_ancell returns17:33
micahgI'm seeding it for xubuntu in the meantime, so we'll be good for the moment17:34
seb128is it?17:34
micahgthat's what superm1 told me17:34
seb128I though robert_ancell still used consolekit because it didn't know if accountsservice was fine for !GNOME17:34
seb128hum you are right17:35
seb128the gobject user.c uses it17:35
seb128so yeah, it should be a Recommends at least17:35
seb128do you need that fixed for a3?17:35
micahgnah, I'm seeding it for a3, we can clean it up after17:36
seb128I will check with robert_ancell at the end of the week when I see him17:36
micahgk, thanks17:36
seb128ricotz, do you have a packaging vcs that can be merged as well?17:38
ricotzseb128, sorry, no17:40
seb128hum, ok17:41
seb128cyphermox, do you have any opinion on bug #60870117:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 608701 in vino "vino establishes a HTTP connection to check connectivity" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60870117:46
seb128cyphermox, do you think you could add to your todolist to investigate if we could use nm or a canonical website for that check?17:46
cyphermoxwell, NM only says "there's connectivity", it doesn't actually test by pinging something or whatever17:49
cyphermoxand frankly, that's because it's broken to assume *anything* to be reachable meaning you have access to the net17:50
cyphermox(except maybe the default gateway)...17:50
mdeslaurcyphermox: that's not what it does17:50
cyphermoxI'd be tempted to just make it listen to NM if it doesn't already do that17:50
mdeslaurcyphermox: it connects to a web service that actually tries a vnc connection to see if your firewall is open17:50
seb128cyphermox, right, not sure what check it does but the reporter has a point, would be better to ping a canonical server than a random internet one17:50
cyphermoxoh I see17:51
cyphermoxyeah then that STUN stuff is a whole other matter, and pretty complicated :/17:51
cyphermoxbut yes, I can certainly investigate17:51
seb128it's likely it will go down to "we should open a rt to have i.s providing a service we can ping"17:52
GunnarHjseb128: Hello Sebastien!17:52
GunnarHjseb128: Since we talked about https://code.launchpad.net/~gunnarhj/gnome-control-center/langfix/+merge/68997 and related MPs last week, I have created a separate l-s binary and split the g-c-c MP into two patches: One 'upstreamable' and one Ubuntu specific, temporary patch.17:52
GunnarHjseb128: Can you think of anything else that may be done as preparations before Martin is back next week? Btw, do you know if Rodrigo is on vacation this week?17:52
cyphermoxseb128: yup17:52
jbichaseb128: perhaps it's been fixed upstream https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=596190#c417:52
ubot2Gnome bug 596190 in Preferences Dialog "Misleading message about reachability from public network" [Critical,New]17:52
mdeslaurseb128: I'm not sure we should be port scanning our users :P17:52
seb128GunnarHj, hey, sorry I was on my way to dinner17:52
GunnarHjseb128: Ok, it's no hurry. Maybe we can exchange a few words tomorrow?17:53
seb128GunnarHj, rodrigo is on holiday this week and main is soft frozen for a317:53
jbichanope, still broken17:53
seb128GunnarHj, yeah sure, but seems like that will wait for end of the week or next week17:53
seb128cyphermox, thanks17:54
jbichawell the code is still there, but perhaps it's not being used17:54
seb128jbicha, the file is still there, I didn't check if it's used17:54
seb128ok, dinner time17:54
cyphermoxmdeslaur: not really a port scan, but nevertheless, kinda scary since now you could possibly just go to this website and do stuff to make it test the vnc port somewhere17:55
mdeslaurcyphermox: yes, and I suspect having the source address be canonical.com will get us in trouble :P17:55
mdeslaurcyphermox: a lot more than having it be the upstream vino dude17:55
mdeslaurcyphermox: it's apparently disabled now anyway: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=596190#c417:56
ubot2Gnome bug 596190 in Preferences Dialog "Misleading message about reachability from public network" [Critical,New]17:56
mdeslaurisn't vino completely broken with compiz anyway?17:56
broderi think it has problems with binary drivers17:57
mdeslaurbroder: it's broken with -intel17:58
broderbad xdamage support or something like that17:58
broderoh really? huh17:58
mdeslauryeah, bad xdamage support17:58
mdeslaurironically, i think it does work with nvidia now :P17:58
seb128mdeslaur, you think users trust random internet sites over their os distributors?18:48
mdeslaurseb128: no, but they will complain less about it :)18:48
cyphermoxseb128: I can drop it like it is in oneiric.18:48
cyphermoxif it's really that big a deal18:49
mdeslaurcyphermox: drop what, in natty?18:51
seb128is it dropped in oneiric?18:51
seb128no, I don't think it's an important issue18:51
cyphermoxyes, the message isn't there in oneiric18:51
cyphermoxI didn't think it was important enough to drop for natty or others18:52
seb128still seems better if we didn't give info to random internet websites by checking boxes on our default installation18:52
seb128yeah, agreed, no need to backport fixes, the behaviour is there for years and not really an issue18:52
seb128but upstream changed and who knows who might own the domain and websites in a few years so better to not keep using it18:53
mdeslaurwe keep getting people in #ubuntu-hardened and in forums who have checked the upnp box in vino without knowing what it means, and have had malicious people connect to their computers18:55
mdeslaurhaving the message removed will make things worse IMHO18:56
seb128'yeah, I clicked on the format button in gnome-disk-utility and now my disk is empty for some reason'18:56
mdeslaurbut, meh18:56
cyphermoxmdeslaur: ah, but that checkbox still is there, that's a different issue18:56
mdeslaurseb128: at least the format button gives you a warning dialog :P18:56
cyphermoxexcept now it reads "automatically configure upnp router"18:56
mdeslaurcyphermox: oh, that's a lot better than it was18:57
seb128we got some users asking for vino to be dropped from the default installation because it's too easy to click on it without knowing what you are doing18:57
mdeslaurwell, then if you drop it, how do you support users? :P18:57
seb128who wants to support users anyway? ;-)18:58
seb128(hum, it's not friday yet? not trolling day?)18:58
dobeymdeslaur: go to a special web site, and install the plug-in? :)18:58
mdeslaurdobey: special web site?18:58
* mdeslaur doesn't care either way18:59
dobeymdeslaur: if you get support from linksys for example, they want you to run a plug-in on their web page, that gives the operator vnc-ish access to your computer19:00
mdeslaurdobey: oh, yeah, the plugins that never work on linux...yeah, I know about them :)19:00
* mdeslaur goes back into hiding19:01
dobeyyes, those :)19:01
dupondjeGot a small bug in gnome-control-center, Seems like text of the items is limited. This causes to only show 'Systeeminforati' instead of 'Systeeminformatie'. Do I make a bug of this, or will somebody take this in his TODO ? :)19:26
seb128dupondje, better to open a bug if there is not one already19:27
ubot2Ubuntu bug 819994 in gnome-control-center "String length of items seems limited" [Undecided,New]19:30
dupondjethere it is19:30
cyphermoxchrisccoulson: ping19:57
cyphermoxchrisccoulson: I pushed an update to gnome-keyring, updated the branch with my stuff and reverted the patch I added (since it's included in 3.1.4), so you should be able to pick up the team branch and not have to worry about my upload19:58
dupondjedoesn't this need to be required by some packages?20:29
dupondjebecause without this it looks ugly ^^20:29
jbichadupondje: what looks ugly?20:30
dupondjefirefox for example20:30
dupondjeits without theme :)20:30
jbichawhich desktop do you use?20:30
jbichaGnome Shell you mean?20:31
jbichathere's your problem, Gnome Shell needs gnome-themes-standard20:31
jbichaI think we should make that a depends or something20:32
dupondjeits needed indeed :) but its not a depend20:32
jbicharight, because our packaging is from Debian and Debian users don't need that dependency I think20:32
dupondjewhy they don't need that ?20:33
dupondjeanyway it needs to be a depend20:36
dupondjecause it doesn't work fine without it :)20:36
jbichadupondje: yes, I'll follow up on that this week20:37
dupondjeThanks! :)20:37
dupondjeanother step forward to a bug-free release ;)20:38
desrtchrisccoulson: hey20:51
desrtchrisccoulson: do you know if mike is working on adding gvfs support to thunderbird?20:51
desrti have a couple of people on my case about how infuriating it is that it doesn't work...20:51
chrisccoulsondesrt, i think there's already a patch in bugzilla somewhere20:51
desrtcan you tuck landing of that patch into the conditions for ubuntu shipping thunderbird? :)20:52
chrisccoulsondesrt, i'll try and find out why it's not landed yet ;)20:52
desrtchrisccoulson: cheers20:52
desrtchrisccoulson: got a ref?20:53
chrisccoulsondesrt, i'm just looking for it20:54
chrisccoulsondesrt, oh, it already landed: http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/7c42f37e028420:55
desrtand this is for attachments?20:55
chrisccoulsonit should work for attachments20:55
desrtthanks a bunch20:56
desrtmake sure you ship that :)20:56
chrisccoulsondesrt, hmmm, it doesn't work ;)20:57
chrisccoulsoni guess i'll need to figure out why20:57
desrtchrisccoulson: please let me know what you discover :)20:57
chrisccoulsonoh, i need --enable-extensions=gio,default20:58
chrisccoulsonb'ah, that sucks. it should just work seeing as we turn on gio support everywhere else ;)20:58
desrtso just a matter of a rebuild?20:59
chrisccoulsonyeah, that's easy to fix20:59
desrtstable release update maybe? ;)20:59
chrisccoulsonassuming it works ;)20:59
chrisccoulsondesrt, for thunderbird? we can turn it on in oneiric, but turning it on in any current stable release is a bit difficult (tbird 3.1 doesn't have any gio support at all)21:01
desrtahh.  gotcha.21:01
desrti don't suppose there's any chance of running the oneiric package on natty21:02
desrt(for those so inclined)21:02
chrisccoulsondesrt, almost - https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/thunderbird-next21:04
desrtoh.  nice!21:05
chrisccoulsonthose are what we'll eventually push out as a security update21:05
desrtthose install into natty?21:05
desrtso basically, wait until you do your tweak21:05
chrisccoulsondesrt, yeah, i maintain builds for lucid, maverick and natty21:05
desrtthen add the PPA21:05
desrtthen everyone is happy21:05
chrisccoulsonif you're feeling brave, there's also https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/thunderbird-aurora and https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa/ ;)21:06
chrisccoulson(for all releases)21:06
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
chrisccoulsonbut those are less stable ;)21:06
desrti'm not that brave, and i doubt these people are either :p21:06
desrtbut your PPA will be working properly in the next few days, i guess?21:06
chrisccoulsondesrt, yeah, when i upload another beta21:07
desrtperfect.  thanks :)21:07
desrtyou have thanks from dan and ian21:08
desrtthey say you're a great great man21:08
desrtyou at desktop summit?21:09
chrisccoulsondesrt, i'm not at the desktop summit :(21:11
desrtk.  you get two beers in orlando then21:12
desrtone from each :))21:12
chrisccoulsonheh, thanks :)21:12
cyphermoxricotz: you there?21:33
cyphermoxricotz: gnome-keyring in the gnome3 PPA would benefit an update to apply the two 99git patches from 3.1.1-0ubuntu3.21:34
chrisccoulsonhmmm, trying to support runtime fallbacks when libraries aren't present is a PITA21:49
RoAkSoAx/reconnect/win 1621:50
ricotzcyphermox, thanks, i will look at it22:05
cyphermoxricotz: np22:06
cyphermoxI hope they apply nicely to 3.0.1 or whatever; but heh22:06
cyphermoxit's pretty simple changes anyway22:06
ricotzi see22:08
ricotzwhile going through this trouble perhaps i will add the last gnome-3-0 branch commits22:08
chrisccoulsonwoohoo, goodbye libesd22:12
RAOFThat took a while!22:21
ricotzcyphermox, the touched code-parts are quite diverged :\22:25
cyphermoxricotz: d'oh :/22:26
TheMusochrisccoulson: Good work. Thats a ood enough reason to drop the pulseaudio-esound-compat package from the CD too I dare say.22:27
TheMusoa god enough reason even.22:27
ricotzcyphermox, why are these commits not included?22:28
chrisccoulsonTheMuso, oh, what's using that? i've just fixed bug 732572, which didn't work because it still requires esound22:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 732572 in thunderbird "New Mail Notification Sound does not play in Natty" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73257222:29
chrisccoulson(but it uses pulseaudio directly now)22:29
ricotzcyphermox, i see them listed before 3.0.222:30
TheMusochrisccoulson: Pulseaudio-esound-compat has been shipped to allow people still using apps that can only work with esd to work, however I think by now, all the major important apps should be ported now, and if they are not, then people need to find alternatives.22:30
TheMusoI also believve Debian has removd te esound daemon, and I dare say are trying to remove libesd as well.22:30
cyphermoxricotz: it was mistagged as 3.0.2, afaict that should be 3.1.2 if you look at history22:32
ricotzcyphermox, ah :\ that is really messed up, right22:33
RAOFBah!  Waking up early messes with my expectations of time.  8:30 isn't when the Eastern edition starts!22:43
cyphermoxricotz: ok22:45
TheMusoRAOF: Start at a consistant time every day and your expectations of time should become more consistant. :)22:45
RAOFI'm just settling in to a new consistent time, since Sam has 8am lectures :)22:46
ricotzcyphermox, ok, one addition commit solves the problem22:47
ricotzcyphermox, switching to libcap-ng22:47
cyphermoxcool, sorry to drop this on you but I'm doing tons of things at once ;)22:48
cyphermoxtrying to update connman now22:48
ricotzcyphermox, but the packaging seems to have some problem here, gnome-keyring still depends on libcap2-bin while building against libcapng22:48
cyphermoxyes, and it should22:49
ricotzi dont think so22:49
cyphermoxlibcap2-bin provides setcap; which should set the ipc_lock capability if possible22:49
cyphermoxunless you can conclusively say that this is not feasible on natty?22:49
ricotzthis probably should be libcap-ng-utils or something22:49
cyphermoxwhy does it matter?22:49
TheMusoRAOF: ah ok.22:50
ricotzcyphermox, i thought libcap-ng and libcap2 are different and independent libraries22:50
cyphermoxwell that's fine, but we're not talking libraries here22:50
cyphermoxregardless that they are separate code, the goal is to provide a way to set the capability in the postinst script22:51
cyphermoxso sure you can change it, but depending on libcap2-bin shouldn't be an issue at all22:51
cyphermox(unless somehow it won't cohabit with libcapng, which is another issue)22:51
cyphermoxricotz: I think either way will work, with the possible, very minor exception that libcap-ng-utils is in universe, not main22:53
ricotzright, still be worth a note somewhere22:54
jasoncwarner_RAOF TheMuso Another quick AU desktop meeting ;)22:58
RAOFX update!  Last week's boredom will shortly evaporate, once A3 is out.  Mesa 7.11 has been released, and the package is ready in git (bar some bug-closing changelog fu) ready to be uploaded once A3 is out.23:00
jasoncwarner_RAOF: anything we should watch out for with this? is there any chance we'll have a bad few days or so with this release?23:01
RAOFIt should be purely bugfix.  It's not, of course, but it should be ;)23:01
RAOFIt will transition the EGL stack to an alternatives system to accomodate proprietary EGL/GLES drivers, like we currently do for desktop GL.23:02
RAOFSo, if you're playing with EGL that could hit you.23:02
jasoncwarner_ok, thanks RAOF23:03
RAOFApart from that I think everything else is pretty stable.  I don't expect problems.  Particularly, there's no extra changes in the desktop GL handling, so there's no reason to expect the nvidia drivers to break.23:03
jasoncwarner_RAOF: is the nvidia driver finally built agains the latest kernel?23:04
RAOFjasoncwarner_: Oh!  I tracked that down to a dkms bug that had already been fixed in git, is awaiting a dkms release, and is assigned to Alberto.23:05
jasoncwarner_oh, great...thanks!23:05
jasoncwarner_RAOF: anything else?23:05
RAOFI've discussed the intel UXA/SNA concerns we had with upstream; Keith has reassured me that UXA's not going away, or that if it is it's going away in a gradual, relaxing way rather than a terrifying flag day.23:05
RAOFAs such, I no longer see a need to futz with having a separate SNA build of the intel DDX.  Yay!23:06
jasoncwarner_ok, thanks RAOF23:07
jasoncwarner_how goes things?23:07
jasoncwarner_Accessibility in 2d?23:07
TheMusoA11y wise, my ubiquity a11y profile work is done, just got to wait till post alpha 3 to merge the code, got some small bugs related to setting profiles at the end of the install, but that can wait till post feature freeze.23:07
jasoncwarner_lightdm and ubiquity?23:07
jasoncwarner_oh, awesome23:07
TheMusoLightdm I haven't even got to yet unfortunately, I hope to make time for that in the coming week.23:07
TheMusoUnity 2d I intend to look at today, and see how things are progressing.23:07
TheMusoOh, and there is also a possibility we will be switching to pulseaudio git master/0.99 in the next week, depending on testing from OEM/others who wish to help.23:08
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: ok, thanks. could you let me know waht you find on 2d soon? Want to know if we need to put some pressure somewhere23:09
TheMusojasoncwarner_: Will do.23:09
RAOFOh?  What's new in pulseaudio?23:09
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: have you tested accessibility in 3d?23:09
TheMusojasoncwarner_: Not really, because so much keyboard stuff is is still being worked on from what I read. I will take another look of course, but from the changelogs, nothing has really changed a11y wise.23:10
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: ok...give 2d a thorough run through and then can you check on 3d? just want to make sure 1 is accessibile all the way through23:11
TheMusoRAOF: a few new modules, a lot of internal bug fixing, support for passthrough, and much more.23:11
TheMusojasoncwarner_: Certainly will.23:11
jasoncwarner_alright, thanks RAOF and TheMuso23:12
jasoncwarner_anything else?23:12
TheMusoNot from me.23:12
RAOFI need to hunt down a sponsor for colord - either in Debian, or Ubuntu.  While I can technically upload it to Ubuntu, policy is that it needs a second pair of eyes first.23:13
jasoncwarner_RAOF, ok, that would be great.23:13
micahgRAOF: #debian-ubuntu on OFTC for Debian sponsors, otherwise I can have a look during piloting tomorrow23:14
jasoncwarner_Alright, thanks TheMuso and RAOF . Until next time! [END MEETING]23:14

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