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ScottKTrue.  I suppose the semantics are slightly different.01:13
ScottKBut it's, as you say, not helpful to have it explicitly not a goal for the release.01:14
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RAOF@pilot in05:26
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didrocksgood morning05:26
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fhdI've asked this before, but: How do I keep the unity panel from restarting?06:53
fhdI've been told that the dbus daemon does that, but I wasn't able to figure out how to make it stop. Except stopping the dbus daemon, but I have learned that this is something I do not want to do again06:53
RAOFfhd: Why do you want to?  This might influence what I recommend.06:54
fhdRAOF: I'm working on Unity 2D, so I want to launch my own panel06:56
RAOFI'd generally drop the executable bit from the unity-panel binary you don't want running.06:57
fhdRAOF: So far, I've renamed /usr/bin/unity-2d-panel06:57
fhdRAOF: Oh, is there no nicer way?06:57
RAOFYou could *probably* drop a dbus service file somewhere to override the autospawner.06:57
RAOFI'm not sure if that would disrupt the panel that you want to run, though.06:58
fhdRAOF: brb06:58
broderunity-panel is session bus, right? does d-bus look at ~/.share/dbus-1 or something?07:15
RAOFI think it might look in ~/.local/share/dbus-1, yeah.07:16
RAOFThen again, it might not.  It's evil like that.07:16
broderugh, this code is illegible, but it does seem like it supports *something* like that07:18
broder~/.local/share/dbus-1/services would be my best guess - you could try dropping .service files in there07:20
* RAOF wonders why “apt-get install libwayland0:i386” fails because it can't find an install candidate for emacs23.07:24
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mvoRAOF: try -o Debug::pkgDepCache::AutoInstall=true and -o debug::pkgProblemResolver=true07:26
RAOFAh.  Ok.  At least part of the problem is libwayland isn't Multi-Arch: same.07:30
fhdRAOF: Okay, so it seems I better not mess with dbus, eh?07:32
RAOFMessing with dbus can lead to sorrow.  So much sorrow.07:32
fhdRAOF: Last time I seriously fiddled with Linux development, it wasn't there. I felt safer then.07:33
broderaww, i <3 dbus07:35
brodermostly because it's nice to have a typed, automatically marshalled ipc mechanism you don't have to think about07:36
RAOF*I* like dbus.  But lots of other people like dbus, too, so messing with it is likely to make all sorts of things unhappy.  Like init :).07:51
fhdI get the impression that dbus is pretty much anti unix philosophy07:54
fhdIt does many things (interprocess communication, autospawning and other stuff that seriously messes up my session if I stop the daemon) and does them in an (at least partly) undocumented way07:55
fhdNot inteded as a flame, I don't really know how dbus works and what it does.07:57
RAOFNah; it basically does only one thing: IPC, and it's generally not badly documented in my experience.08:05
RAOFBut stopping it will indeed make one's session blow up.  Lots of things expect IPC to work!08:05
RAOF@pilot out08:38
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AnAntwould someone sponsor: LP 81212010:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 812120 in debhelper (Ubuntu) "Please merge debhelper 8.9.3 from Debian unstable" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81212010:54
AnAntalso LP 81969210:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 819692 in texlive-bin (Ubuntu) "Sync texlive-bin 2009-10 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81969210:55
AnAntLP 81586110:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 815861 in language-support-fonts-ar (Ubuntu) "Please add fonts-hosny-amiri" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81586110:56
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* micahg wonders why AnAnt doesn't know the archive is frozen11:39
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dokoplease could an archive admin promote the eglibc and gcc-4.6 binaries seen in component mismatches (don't have my keys today)11:57
ogra_didrocks, argh ! .... since when does unity-2d depend on nux ?12:07
didrocksogra_: since this release, with unitycore dep12:08
ogra_also does anyone know if unity-greeter is supposed to work at all ?12:09
seb128it's working yes12:09
ogra_seems lightdm simply ignores it12:09
ogra_i only get lots of errors in the log that it cant find the gtk greeter12:10
seb128did you set it as to use in your config?12:10
ogra_i tried that too12:10
ogra_but it ignores the config completely12:10
ogra_no matter what i set12:10
seb128do you have an old conffile?12:10
seb128the format changed in 0.912:10
ogra_well, i touched it once12:10
seb128if you edited your config before that you might have an old format leftover12:11
seb128no editing in the old keys will work12:11
ogra_well, the file is mostly commented, there are about 5-10 lines that arent12:11
* ogra_ tries to remember the dpkg setting to force conffile overwriting12:12
ogra_heh, found it that second, thanks !12:12
* ogra_ diffs the file ...12:14
ogra_no differences it seems12:14
ogra_hmm, it didnt overwrite it12:14
seb128something like that should work12:15
ogra_ogra@horus:~/tmp$ dpkg -x /var/cache/apt/archives/lightdm_0.9.2-0ubuntu4_armel.deb .12:15
ogra_ogra@horus:~/tmp$ ls etc/lightdm/12:15
ogra_that doesnt seem right12:15
ogra_or is lightdm.conf obsolete ?12:16
seb128it's not, but it's not required by default I think12:16
ogra_hmm, let me delete it and restart lightdm12:17
seb128so maybe copy the source one over if you need a config12:17
seb128well, lightdm default to the gtk greeter12:17
ogra_but the .conf isnt shipped at all12:17
seb128well it's not needed12:17
seb128you only need to create one if you want to tweak12:17
ogra_then i shouldnt need it either12:18
seb128ogra_, what are you trying to do?12:18
seb128it default to gtk, not unity12:18
seb128didn't you say you want to try the unity greeter?12:19
ogra_but the gtk greeter was removed with my last update12:19
seb128the binary was renamed12:19
seb128you should have lightdm-gtk-greeter12:19
ogra_i'm just trying to get a running system after an upgrade12:19
seb128the -example in the name was dropped12:19
ogra_which removed the gtk greeter and left me stuck with a black screen after boot12:19
seb128dpkg -l |  lightdm-gtk-greeter12:19
seb128dpkg -l | grep lightdm-gtk-greeter12:20
ogra_yes, i installed that manually to actually get an x session up12:20
ogra_(since startx doesnt work anymore)12:20
seb128but lightdm doesn't start still?12:20
ogra_the upgrade installed unity-greeter and removed lightdm-gtk-example-greeter12:20
ogra_it starts now that i manually installed the gtk greeter12:21
ogra_i was just assuming that the removal means we default to the unity-greeter now12:21
seb128I think you had the unity-greeter installed manually before12:21
ogra_but never used it12:21
seb128no, lightdm depends on lightdm-gtk-greeter | lightdm-greeter12:21
seb128where lightdm-greeter is a virtual package provided by all greeters12:21
seb128so you didn't get lightdm-gtk-greeter because you had a greeter already installed, the unity one12:22
ogra_why wasnt the lightdm-gtk-greeter package pulled on my disk then ?12:22
seb128it's a bit of a corner case we didn't consider in upgrades12:22
ogra_now it starts to make sense12:22
seb128because unity-greeter that you install provide lightdm-greeter12:22
seb128you could have tweaked your config for it and wanted to use it instead of the gtk one12:22
seb128in which case you are allowed to uninstall the gtk one12:23
ogra_and for that i need to create a lightdm.conf ?12:23
seb128yours is a bit of a corner case due to the rename of the gtk greeter in oneiric12:23
seb128I though you wanted to use the unity greeter12:23
ogra_so i need to create a lightdm.conf12:24
ogra_yeah, with the values you gave above, i got that12:24
seb128it's "unity", not "unity-greeter"12:24
seb128before I gave you the wrong name12:24
ogra_ah, k12:25
ogra_will try it in a sec12:25
seb128in fact you might need12:26
* ogra_ crosses fingers12:28
ogra_seb128, thanks, works ... !!12:32
ogra_greeter-session=unity-greeter was the right setting btw12:33
seb128ogra_, great, yw ;-)12:33
ogra_just unity doesnt work12:33
ogra_now on to the rest of my broken desktop :/12:33
ogra_hmpf, overlay-toolbars are clearly completely broken12:34
ogra_if i hover over the scrollbar, the two arrows appear just fine, but moving the mouse to actually use them makes them disappear before i can reach them12:35
ogra_not so helpful12:35
ogra_didrocks, is there a chance that we make unity-2d (the metapackage) depend on nux too ?12:37
didrocksogra_: I don't think so12:37
ogra_didrocks, my desktop is totally screwed because half of the elements are missing, seems the launcher was upgraded but i still have the old panel12:37
ogra_which crashes immediately12:37
didrocksogra_: I'll try to separate nuxcore from nux12:38
didrocksogra_: hum?12:38
ogra_well, whatever gets me a proper upgrade on arm12:38
didrocksogra_: not sure that influence it TBH12:38
ogra_your upload of nux breaks the archive for two days12:38
ogra_for arm12:38
ogra_thats normal ...12:38
ogra_it didnt affect unity-2d until the nux dep was there12:38
didrocksogra_: how come for two days?12:39
didrocksdo you mix 2 discussions there?12:39
didrockscan we try to focus on one please:)12:39
ogra_well, until everything is build, published and all the packages are given back12:39
didrocksogra_: so, I pushed nux yesterday evening12:39
didrocksnot two days again12:39
ogra_its the same discussion12:39
didrocksI was still there around midnight12:39
didrocksand see that armel platform wasn't working12:39
ogra_right, tomorrow or later tonight unity will be installable again12:40
didrocksthe build FTBFS because of the buildd being screwed12:40
didrocksa give back was done few hours before12:40
ogra_well, that just adds up to the time12:40
didrocksit's now build12:40
didrocks14:38:38     ogra_ | your upload of nux breaks the archive for two days12:40
didrocksthe fact that:12:40
ogra_my prob is that unity-2d-launcher was upgraded, but not the other buts12:41
didrocksunity-2d deps on unity, which deps on nux12:41
didrocksI raised the issue with dx12:41
didrocksthey ignored it12:41
didrockssorry, please, talk to upstream about that12:41
didrocksI can't magically patch their software12:41
didrocksand remove that dep12:41
ogra_i just want it packaged in a way that everything gets updated at the same time12:41
didrocksogra_: it is?12:42
ogra_so i dont sit here with a non functional desktop if you upload a new nux12:42
didrocksunity-panel deps on latest libunitycore and latest libnux12:42
ogra_it isnt, i have the new launcher here and everything else crashes12:42
didrockswhat issue do you have? how did you end up with a semi working?12:42
ogra_i ran update-manager12:42
seb128seems like some upgrade should Breaks unity-2d <<12:42
ogra_thats what i mean12:43
didrocksogra_: ah, for that upgrade, yeah…12:43
ogra_i just want all components upgraded at the same time12:43
* didrocks thoughts about next one, as there is a nux (>= …, <<) and unity (>=, <<)12:43
ogra_so either everything is broken or everything works :)12:43
seb128if apt didn't block it then a breaks is required12:43
didrocksbut forgot about that transition12:43
seb128ok, let's move on then, this one is done and the next one will work12:44
seb128thanks didrocks ;-)12:44
ogra_thanks :)12:44
didrockssorry for that, just thought about the normal case, with new unity-2d with the dep12:44
didrocksdidn't thought about no dep -> dep12:44
didrocksI can still fix it in a future nux upload, not sure that worth it though12:44
seb128no worry, we can't think about everything ;-)12:44
ogra_nah, its fine12:45
didrocksok, sorry ogra_ ;)12:45
ogra_why ? i run the development version, i'm supposed to expect such issues ;)12:45
ogra_no need to feel sorry12:46
didrocksogra_: yeah, but we try to minmize them :)12:46
ogra_hmm, the unity-greeter is really slow12:51
ogra_takes about 20sec to scroll the users behind the login element if i switch12:52
ogra_(20sec to scroll from my account to the guest session or "other")12:52
seb128works fine here12:52
ogra_well, you dont use a framebuffer based xserver i would guess12:53
seb128indeed not12:53
ogra_which is the default on arm12:53
seb128note that the unity greeter is not default yet for a reason ;-)12:53
ogra_no accel, not even 2d12:53
ogra_yeah, i tought that, i'm just scared it will use clutter or other GL stuff12:53
seb128ogra_, that's not planned12:56
seb128ogra_, we would have to do a non-gl greeter and deal with fallback if we were to do that12:56
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infinitySo, uhm.  Is compiz meant to work right now? :P13:04
infinityI seem to be stuck at a console at this conference.13:04
seb128infinity, it should work yes13:06
dokoshould or does?13:07
seb128doko, well it's not know to be broken, i.e works for others and no bug report yet13:07
infinityseb128: Looks like I have #819739  Same trace.13:07
dokoseb128, on armel?13:08
seb128oh, that's unity, not compiz ;-)13:08
infinityThis is on 686.13:08
seb128doko, isn't armel using unity-2d?13:08
infinityseb128: armel can use 3d on some platforms, but usually 2d.13:08
seb128dunno about compiz on armel sorry13:09
seb128infinity, but yeah, unity seems to be broken on intel video cards today13:09
seb128dx is working on it13:09
infinityseb128: Special.  Oh well, good thing I travel with 3 laptops, and one of the three still works. ;)13:09
dokodidrocks, seb128: nux is still broken on powerpc13:12
didrocksdoko: yeah, I pinged a week ago dx about it13:13
dokoas long as build failures are seen as noise ...13:15
dokoseb128, could you promote the eglibc and gcc-4.6 binaries (http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt) don't have my keys today13:23
seb128doko, ok13:23
seb128doko, done13:27
persiainfinity, Just to keep track of it, I've filed bug #81980214:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 819802 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "Please refactor plymouth to remove the libdrm2 dependency when text themes are used" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81980214:08
infinitypersia: THanks.14:10
persiaWere there any others that were pointlessly obvious to you, except you didn't have time to look at them yet?14:11
infinitypersia: Not off the top of my head, but I'll go through the list again when I get some free time.14:12
persiainfinity, No special impetus: just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something you said before.14:12
* infinity nods.14:14
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micahgRiddell: since you're still listed as having an archive day today, can you do a sync for me?14:46
Riddellmicahg: I could if you ask nicely14:47
Riddellalthough I'm not doing regular archive admin for the moment14:47
micahgRiddell: could you please sync goffice 0.8.17-1 from sid?14:47
micahgRiddell: you might want to remove your name from here than: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArchiveAdministration#Archive_days14:47
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Riddellmicahg: synced14:50
micahgRiddell: thanks!14:50
dokoinfinity: compiz/nux crashes (on x86), but at least xubuntu does work14:52
micahgdoko: BTW, do you have any specific interest in the binutils in universe (z80, avr)?  can I update them?14:53
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ScottKmicahg: Why?15:03
ScottKThey are for archs we don't build.15:03
micahgScottK: I thought they were cross compilers15:04
micahgthey're built on arch: any15:04
ScottKPerhaps,  I thought not, but don't mind me.15:04
cyphermoxmdeslaur: back about g-k-d; setcap fails with operation not permitted on the livecd15:31
mdeslaurright...so file caps aren't supported on the livecd filesystem, and ubiquity just copies all the files directly to the hard disk when installing15:31
mdeslaurcyphermox: if we want filecaps, we need to ask ev about adding something to ubiquity to set it after copying the files15:32
cyphermoxmdeslaur: I can still try to apply the commits that will let it start for now, even if it's with insecure memory15:34
mdeslaurcyphermox: yes, please do...and I'll add ubiquity to the bug also15:34
stgrabermdeslaur: I remember a session about it back at UDS Brussels. Basically the situation back then was that squashfs doesn't support them and tar doesn't either unless it's patched. An idea would have been to make dpkg handle that and then have some way to re-run that part of the package installation (ubiquity would do that)15:35
mdeslaurstgraber: right...until proper filecaps are implemented all over, I think ubiquity needs to manually handle this case15:37
mdeslaurev: can I assign bug #813755 to you?15:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 813755 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu) "gnome-keyring-daemon fails to start as it can't get capabilities" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81375515:37
seb128mdeslaur, cyphermox: why is that issue only showing up in oneiric?15:39
evmdeslaur: why can't the package in question call setcap in the postinst?15:39
mdeslaurseb128: gnome-keyring never needed file caps before15:39
mdeslaurev: it does15:39
seb128ev: that's what it does15:39
evso then why does anything need to be done in ubiquity?15:39
mdeslaurev: oh, I think my knowledge of how ubiquity works is incomplete15:40
mdeslaurev: ubiquity will actually install the package? and not copy it over from the livecd?15:40
evmdeslaur: ubiquity is a fancy version of cp15:40
evit copies from the read-only copy of the squashfs15:41
evthe mounted squashfs*15:41
mdeslaurev: squashfs doesn't handle file capabilities15:41
seb128ev: <mdeslaur> right...so file caps aren't supported on the livecd filesystem, and ubiquity just copies all the files directly to the hard disk when installing15:41
mdeslaurev: ideally, we'd have a nice solution for file capabilities, but for now, it's a single file in a single package that needs it, AFAIK15:42
evso the package in question should carry a script in /usr/lib/ubiquity/target-config to set things up properly15:44
evsee jockey for an example15:44
cyphermoxoh, awesom15:44
mdeslauroh, cool15:44
cyphermoxthanks ev!15:44
evsure thing15:45
mdeslaurthanks ev15:45
evno problem15:45
seb128ev: do you plan an ubiquity upload?15:46
seb128ev: can you drop the libcheese-gtk-dev build-depends with the next upload? we demoted cheese to get the new version to build and ubiquity is bring a ton of clutter, mx, gstreamer, etc packages on component mismatch with that build-depends15:47
evseb128: soon. I'm trying to land the pygi branch, but I'm still sorting out libtimezonemap (libmap extracted from indicator-datetime)15:47
evseb128: so is there a version of cheese in main?15:48
seb128ev: no15:48
seb128ev: we can discuss bringing it back but somebody will need to open mirs for that stack of universe depends and make a case for the CD space use15:48
evseb128: I'm confused. We had a conversation a few weeks ago where I said I needed it for the installer.15:48
seb128ev: well, we had a depwaiting version of cheese not building for weeks so we couldn't keep it like that15:49
seb128ev: somebodyhas to do the mirs and do the case for the extra CD use I'm afraid15:50
evdepwaiting on mx, presumably?15:50
seb128clutter-gst, clutter, mx15:50
seb128we will likely need clutter and clutter-gst for other things15:50
seb128(empathy, totem)15:51
evI was just going to say :)15:51
evso it's just mx then15:51
evright, will sort15:51
seb128ev: another issue is that cheese use camerabin which is in one of the gstreamer universe sets15:51
seb128not sure which one now15:51
seb128so we will need to sort that in some way15:51
seb128kenvandine suggested to maybe distro patch camerabin to -good as we do for others15:51
seb128ev: sorry about the demotion but the undefined depwaiting status was benefiting to nobody, I prefer to have clearly showing on component mismatch and have the issue tracked15:53
seb128ev: we will try to get the clutter stack mir filed from the desktop side15:53
evit's okay, I entirely understand your action given the depwait15:54
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slughi, i cannot seem to be able to use ccache with pbuilder, any thoughts?15:58
ScottKslug: See debian bug 60668716:00
ubottuDebian bug 606687 in pbuilder "ccache support fails in the face of su PATH mangling" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/60668716:00
slugScottK: interesting. can't i just set DEBBUILDOPTS="--prepend-path=/usr/lib/ccache" ?16:05
cyphermoxev: for the target-config script, I should use in-target or something and consider we're outside the installed system right?16:08
evcyphermox: correct16:10
cyphermoxok, thanks16:10
slugScottK: dpkg-buildpackage: unknown option or argument --prepend-path=/usr/lib/ccache. I guess not :)16:15
slugScottK: thanks for the heads up!16:16
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EagleScreentake a look to this, please https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/user-setup/+bug/79379217:26
ubottuUbuntu bug 793792 in user-setup (Ubuntu) "New users in admin group cannot use policykit" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:26
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SpamapSslangasek: I see you have some minor changes staged for upstart.. I also have a few small changes. Alright to push them into the branch (and delay the upload until after A3 freeze?)17:54
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keesarchive admins around? who is publishing the maverick kernel update?19:15
jonowow, I am getting some serious screen tearing19:47
jonois this a known issue?19:47
jonoI notice it particularly when using Thunderbird19:47
jonothis is in 11.1019:47
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slangasekSpamapS: yes, those changes follow the rule "suitable for the archive but not worth an upload on their own"20:56
SpamapSslangasek: ok, I pushed them to the bzr tree after concluding just that. :)20:57
SpamapSslangasek: of course, now we've gotten the branch out of sync ... as jhunt uploaded a fix .. but I will fix that w/ import-dsc20:57
slangasekSpamapS: oh sigh :)21:00
SpamapSAttributeError: 'DistributionBranch' object has no attribute 'pristine_tar_source'21:03
SpamapSdouble sigh21:03
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RAOFSpamapS: Re: w-scan in the natty-proposed unapproved queue - when there's a second upload to -proposed superceding an existing upload in -proposed we want the changes file to contain the changelog for both, right? So, in this case, both -1ubuntu0.1 and -1ubuntu0.2?22:06
TheMusoRAOF: I think thats what has usually happened, but don't quote me on that. I have seen proposed uploads with more than one changelog entry.22:15
RAOFTheMuso: Yeah.  I know it would be correct to have both, but I don't know if our tools will break if we *don't* have both. :)22:16
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TheMusoCan anybody tell me where I can find the patch pilot calendar? I suspect I am on this week at some point, but don't know for sure. Daniel usually sends out invites, but since he is away, and I didn't receive one, I don't know where I stand for this month.22:51
ajmitchTheMuso: https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=6k1e5rq45m1bdqq0n1ge3oqaok@group.calendar.google.com&ctz=Europe/Berlin&gsessionid=OK22:53
ajmitchlinked from the PatchPilot page22:53
TheMusooh right, thanks22:55
DavieyTheMuso: You'll have a fun Friday, with everyone pushing their stuff post freeze :)22:58
TheMusoDaviey: Not exactly, bare in mind that my Friday is before most others, i.e since I am in Sydney, I will be dealing with the end of Thursday for those in Europe/US.22:59
DavieyTheMuso: bah.23:00
ajmitchwith feature freeze next week, I guess there'll be a bit to get in23:01
Davieyajmitch: please don't scare me, i know how much we still need to do :)23:01
ajmitchDaviey: I won't count down the seconds for you then :)23:02
micahgabout 160 requests for upgrades still along with the unmerged stuff (with some overlap)23:04
DavieyThe AA queue will unleash a world of changes :/23:05
Davieyugh, i've had a sync request waiting since 2011-07-20.23:06
micahgthere's that too :) I hope we get normal sync runs after alpha3 again23:06
ajmitchwe just have to find a friendly AA23:08
SpamapSRAOF: generally yes, though I prefer to avoid two uploads as it binds the two SRU's together23:10
micahgif it's in unapproved, the version can be reused23:11
RAOFSpamapS: In this case the second SRU is “fix the build”, so there's a certain amount of unavoidable tying :)23:11
SpamapSmicahg: there's one already in proposed, and this is a new one.23:12
SpamapSFor the record, I think its silly that our tools don't do this automatically every time. :-P23:12
SpamapSI know that some do23:12
SpamapSbut not all23:12
micahg-v?  supposedly bzr-builddeb has something to do it now23:12
SpamapSmerge-package does, I don't know about bzr bd.23:13
Davieymicahg: ah, interesting.. i can throw my crappy shell script away then!23:13
RAOFIt'd be pretty nice to have a wrapper that checks what the current version in the archive is and adds an appropriate -v, yeah.23:14
micahgidk, jelmer was using it23:15
DavieyRAOF: Ready to cry? http://pb.daviey.com/OR61/23:16
RAOFDaviey: Looks pretty sane to me.  You need to special case uploads to -proposed, though :)23:17
DavieyRAOF: patches^D rewrite welcome23:17
RAOFWell, and the -sa bit is moderately wrong :)23:17
SpamapSHrm.. upstart is missing upstream-1.323:18
SpamapSI wonder if we should back out the changes and re-run the import-dsc's to get the upstream versions sorted23:25
SpamapSotherwise I think the package import will be broken forever.23:26
micahgSpamapS: maybe talk to the importer folks23:31
SpamapSYeah I need to understand how it works23:36
DavieySpamapS: Unless it's borked, if a UDD commit differs from what is in the archive.. it should pop it off, and import the package from the archive.23:41
Davieyso i imagine it will do the right thing.23:41
DavieyBut i tend to have too much confidence in stuff working :)23:42
SpamapSDaviey: hrm23:42

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