daxrocMorning all08:26
tdr112morning all08:51
ebelhello all08:51
ebelhow's tdr11208:51
tdr112feel a bit sick08:58
slashtomyou should be at home instead of infecting co-workers09:01
tdr112slashtom: its not that sort of sickness , it just a sore tummy , and i wont have coworkers today , no one around09:32
slashtompop down the pharmacy, they have miracle cures for that sort of thing09:46
czajkowskimotoillium is your best friend tdr11210:24
slashtomaye, that's the stuff10:28
slashtomhey cztab, how's the form?10:28
czajkowskiphone interview in 15 mins10:29
czajkowskinot sure what role I applied for either :s10:29
slashtomgood luck10:29
Wonderwoman319Hi All - Sorry to bother you but I have a quick question. I need to upgrade by current ubuntu software and I am totally lost. Sorry about this, but should I just back up by data and then download the new software?16:48
czajkowskiWonderwoman319: what version are you on16:49
czajkowskiWonderwoman319: it's not going to delete your data, just upgrade the OS part16:49
czajkowskiebel: ping16:49
Wonderwoman319If I upgrade the software there appears to be an error message and to be honest I dont have a clue how to sort it out.16:50
ebelczajkowski: pong16:50
czajkowskiwhats the error message16:50
ebelello Wonderwoman31916:50
czajkowskiebel: are we good to go re website ?16:50
ebelczajkowski: ah, haven't done anything with that yet, sorry16:50
Wonderwoman319Its version...gosh...its ages since I upgraded.16:50
Wonderwoman319Maybe 10.04?16:50
Wonderwoman319I have my netbook at home.16:52
ebelWonderwoman319: do you know the error message? if you're unsure you can take a screen shot of the screen and put a link in here16:52
Wonderwoman319that would be great.16:52
Wonderwoman319The only thing is that I will have to go home and switch on my laptop. if I log on later will someone be around to assist me.16:52
Wonderwoman319sorry I'm useless when it comes to these things.16:53
ebelthere's frequently some people here.16:53
Wonderwoman319great stuff. thanks16:53
ebelif not, do you know about the ubunut-ie mailing list>16:53
ebelyou can post a link there. might help if there's no-one around here16:53
Wonderwoman319Ok will try that.16:54
Wonderwoman319But when they write all these formulas in the frequently asked questions its a bit of a mystery to me16:54
Wonderwoman319but I will give it a try.16:54
Wonderwoman319thanks a mull for your assistance.16:54

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