CIA-37casper: superm1 * r909 casper.oneiric/ (debian/changelog scripts/casper):00:08
CIA-37casper: scripts/casper: Add support for SAS controllers now that 575297 is fixed.00:08
CIA-37casper: (LP: #819564)00:08
evdear grub command line, go away.09:44
CIA-37wubi: evand * r239 diskimage/data/wubildr-disk.cfg: Actually boot the kernel in the diskimage code path.11:05
jrwrenHello, I'm trying 11.10 via KVM (using testdrive) and the KB stops responding in the installer when I get to the "Who Are You?/create a user" step. known problem? any workarounds?13:16
charlie-tcaDoes it continue if you bypass the KVM or still stop?13:32
jrwrenbypass teh KVM?   oh not a keybaord video mouse switch.  KVM - kernel virtual machine.13:33
charlie-tcaoh, my mistake. I apologize for the assumption13:34
charlie-tcaHaven't seen any fails for that yet using the image from 2011080213:35
charlie-tcabut we are just starting the testing, too. Might ask in #ubuntu-testing13:36
jrwrentestdrive pulled a 20110801 iso, so maybe its fixed :)13:37
jrwreni'm going to try allocating more memory. KVM only gives 384MB. I have lots free.13:39
jrwrenits difficult to diagnose in a VM because I'm connecting via VNC adn I don't know how to change vt to look at a log.13:40
kirklandjrwren: yeah, give it more memory13:42
kirklandjrwren: you can set that in /etc/testdriverc13:42
jrwrenthanks. excellent, now I can see where to add -vnc to KVM_ARGS too.13:44
jrwrenis the installer drasticly different, or have I just not installed in taht long? I love teh BG install while it asks me things and the scroll bars are awesome.13:46
jrwrenseems to work with more memory.  TY kirkland13:46
kirklandjrwren: how much mem do you have?13:46
kirklandjrwren: testdrive is supposed to automatically adjust the amount it allocates for the vm13:46
jrwrenI have 8GB.13:47
jrwrentestdrive defaulted to 384MB for the VM.13:47
jrwrenI just changed it to 1024.13:47
jrwrenI've been invoking KVM manually since testdrive didn't specificy -vnc and I didn't (until now) know how to tell testdrive to do it.13:48
kirklandjrwren: what version of testdrive are you running?13:57
kirklandjrwren: testdrive should have definitely been giving your VM 1G automatically13:57
kirklandjrwren: please file a bug against testdrive for that, if you don't mind ;-)13:57
jrwrenI did apt-get install testdrive in 11.0413:58
jrwrenok, I'll file a bug.13:58
CIA-37wubi: evand * r240 diskimage/tools/wine: Properly quote15:04
CIA-37wubi: evand * r224 trunk/ (15 files in 7 dirs):15:07
CIA-37wubi: Merge with the diskimage branch. Wubi now downloads and expands a15:07
CIA-37wubi: ext3 disk image by default, negating the need for a second stage.15:07
bdmurrayev: I've been looking at some ubiquity bugs and noticed a few where there is a traceback in the syslog attachment and I'm thinking about how to deal with these.  Tagging them crash(?) and extracing the traceback and adding it as a new attachment?15:22
bdmurrayev: and then looking at modifying the ubiquity package hook to do it when filing the bug15:23
evsounds good - though I'd rather just inline the traceback so it's searchable15:23
bdmurrayev: as a comment?15:23
bdmurraysure that's easy15:24
evthat or just don't compress it15:24
bdmurrayev: bug 811642 looks rather trivial16:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 811642 in ubiquity ""_Install Now" text shown" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81164216:38
CIA-37wubi: evand * r225 trunk/ (data/images/Wubi.ico debian/changelog):17:07
CIA-37wubi: Update Wubi icon. Still need to figure out why it's fuzzy in the17:07
CIA-37wubi: Windows 7 taskbar.17:07
bdmurrayev: I'm finding lost of "Failed to lock /target/var/cache/apt/archives/lock" in these installer-crash tagged bug reports22:22

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