eljakalienpulse, Armageddon , compengi, ghantoos, rapacity, youssefchaker guys i put osclb.org online with the new concept hope that this time it fits better what we are all looking, it is now a mediawiki site where everyone is invited to contribute with the content waiting for your suggestions08:26
youssefchakereljak: okay, will there be any content? :P08:28
Armageddonthe actual question is, why do all the links point somewhere else ? :p08:29
eljakyoussefchaker, yes the one we all put i am inviting you to contribute with content and ideas from the start so i doesn't end up with me inviting you to something i created according to my plans, so thought it should be a collective thing08:32
eljakArmageddon, it is a fresh install08:32
Armageddonok :p08:35
Armageddoneljak, I'm in08:35
Armageddonbut to what exactly ?08:35
eljakdon't worry i will be doing my part i will fill content too, Armageddon what do you mean?08:36
ArmageddonI mean I have no idea what to write about08:37
eljakif you have an opensource business add a page to promote your business, if you are a consultant same, if you are part of a linux group or some other group related top open source or knowledge sharing or cultural also, we don't  want to have duplicate information from the web, if you want to add some ideas about the Community in the About how you see it should work, if you have a project you are working on08:40
eljakbass enno preferably if activities related to lebanon08:41
youssefchakercan we put up a best practices guide?08:46
youssefchakerincluding suggested tools, apps, software to use08:46
eljakyoussefchaker, yes i thought of putting a directory of most common used software for newbies so go ahead08:50
eljakbut please things that are better fit for a blog, put them in your blog and  create a page to promote your blog instead08:51
youssefchakerwho said i have a blog :P08:52
eljakyes you don't or your ranking on google is very low :P08:55

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