SergioMeneseshi all02:08
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akgranerinformit just published my article on Ubuntu Community: LoCo Communities Explained - thought I'd share it with the channel  - http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=173916315:43
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mhall119akgraner: I shared it in #ubuntu-website too16:51
akgranermhall119, thanks17:15
bkerensapaultag: You around?20:34
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paultagkinouchou: hey sure20:54
paultagsorry kinouchou 20:55
paultagI guess bkerensa parted20:55
kinouchouno problem paultag20:55
paultagkinouchou: how are you, hope you're well :)20:56
paultagwhile i've got you :)20:56
kinouchouI'm fine paultag20:57
kinouchouand you?20:57
paultagkinouchou: well, thanks for asking :) -- How's things in France?20:57
kinouchoutoo warm for me but it's ok20:58
paultagI know the feeling :)20:58
chilicuilhi there, does anyone here is also joining the ubuntu global jam?, I'm currently trying to get into the action, and currently I've talked with my ubuntu local team (ubuntu-mx), we already have the place, and we'd like to make it as best as we can, we're planning translating, fixing bugs (basic bugs), triaging, as well as having tables for general support, I'd just like to ear advices, this will be our first ugj!, how many strings do u23:13

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