nfirvineWhere's the best place to get advice on packaging software?00:02
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persianfirvine: New software?  Probably #ubuntu-packaging or #debian-mentors@OFTC.  We can sometimes help, for some software, if you're specifically targetting Ubuntu, but since we typically recommend against targetting Ubuntu (better to submit to Debian), you'd need some reason why it's Ubuntu-local software.03:14
stlsaintwould someone mind taking alook at some piuparts results from a package: http://paste.debian.net/124824/03:27
stlsaintcan someone please take a look at pbuilder error log: http://pastebin.com/VH1MJc9c05:56
geserstlsaint: you need to either find a backport of debhelper and javahelper for lucid or backport it yourself06:37
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directhex... did one of my PPA builds just get killed?15:08
* zooko looks at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule and thinks about Tahoe-LAFS v1.9...15:57
tgm4883If a MOTU has a moment, could someone look at mythbuntu-bare for a second ack http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/mythbuntu-bare16:00
* tumbleweed waves from the croatian coast (probably going to be offline for a few days again)16:06
tumbleweedbdrung: before I forget, we got to the bottom of the lintian issue, and it'll be fixedin teh next upstream release, due RSN (if not already)16:07
jtaylorzooko: I would not try to get 1.9 into oneiric, instead do a backport when the release is ready16:11
jtaylorare 1.8 and 1.9 compitable?16:11
micahgtgm4883: if there's a needs-packaging bug, you could subscribe ubuntu-sponsors to it16:12
tgm4883micahg, is it considered needs-packaging? It's packaged, it just needs revu'd to get into the archive16:17
micahgtgm4883: new packages should have a needs-packaging bug associated with them (like a Debian ITP)16:18
tgm4883micahg, ah I see what you mean, yea it does have a needs-packaging bug. So just subscibe ubuntu-sponsors to the bug?16:19
micahgtgm4883: yep, then it'll show up in the sponsorship queue16:19
tgm4883micahg, awesome, will do. Thanks16:19
micahgtgm4883: just make sure there's a link to the revu page in the bug so sponsors don't have to hunt16:20
jtaylorhow does one remove a pkg<-> upstream link in LP? see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt-offline/+bug/819514/comments/216:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 819514 in apt-offline (Ubuntu) "Sync apt-offline 1.1.1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:22
micahgjtaylor: I can do that now apparently (LP used to be broken)16:27
micahgjtaylor: done16:30
zookojtaylor: Tahoe-LAFS has a strong policy of backward-compatibility. Unless there's a major mistake, nobody will have any compatibility issues in upgrading from 1.8 to 1.9.17:02
zookoI would be sad for Oneiric to be the first Ubuntu that *didn't* come with a new version of Tahoe-LAFS, but I guess the next one after Oneiric will be an LTS, so I can console myself with the thought of having an even better Tahoe-LAFS in that.17:03
zookoOh, no it won't. Oh well.17:04
zookoIt won't be an LTS that is.17:04
zookoOh wait, yes it will! Yay!17:04
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c_kornif the source directory contains a file named "clean" debuild clean does not clean the debian directory19:27
jtaylorthen your rules is buggy19:30
jtaylorclean must be a phony target19:30
jtaylorc_korn: ^19:31
c_kornif use the tiny rules19:31
c_kornthe file is already in the upstream tarball19:31
paultagI'm sure you can .PHONY: clean above the tiny rules19:32
paultagI'm not sure, though, but it should be fine19:32
c_kornhm, let's try19:38
c_kornodd, I deleted the file but it is still in the orig tarball but debuild does not create a patch in debian/patches to delete it19:40
paultagc_korn: you shouldn't be futzing with upstream, there's a clean solution here19:40
c_kornhm, so .PHONY: clean did not do it19:43
c_korn fakeroot debian/rules clean19:43
c_kornmake: Nothing to be done for `clean'.19:43
c_kornany other ideas?19:50
paultagc_korn: could add a .PHONY: clean\nclean:\n\tdh clean19:53
paultagc_korn: or similar. that should work, I think19:54
c_kornok, that did it. thank you paultag19:55
paultagc_korn: sure thing19:56
paultagjeez, and I'm not even MOTU. I should try for MOTU at some point.19:56
paultagMeh, I guess that's time and energy and all that.19:56
c_kornok, another question. can symbol files be arch dependent ? so I have for i386 another one than for amd64?19:59
c_kornperfect, thanks jtaylor20:01
jtaylordo you really need that? should be quite rare20:02
c_kornwell, I created the file under amd64 now the build on i386 failed because of a too large diff20:03
c_kornthis is the diff, jtaylor: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=AbSjmbL020:05
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jtaylorah no makes sense, pointer ahs a different size for the two archs20:11
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bdrungtumbleweed: great. to get all those annoying thing fixed before 2.5.2 was my reason to upload a git snapshot21:50
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bdrungtumbleweed: do you have a link to the fix commit?22:20
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