neotenyhow do you download 64bit from the site?  i change it under advanced but the button doesn't change from 32 to 64 bit.02:18
superm1neoteny, do you have some sort of ad blocker, or script blocker extension?03:12
superm1haven't heard of anyone raising something wrong with it yet, but those would be the first things i would check03:12
neotenysuperm1, i'll check.03:13
neotenysuperm1, nope03:13
superm1neoteny, i think there is something wrong then in the script that's refreshing the dialog, does the check box still function to switch the target (just not the text)?03:14
superm1that's what it's looking like for me in chrome at least03:14
superm1rhpot1991, ^03:14
neotenysuperm1, you're right03:15
neotenyit's does switch just doesn't change the button03:15
superm1rhpot1991, should be able to fix whatever broke03:16
rhpot1991superm1: I'll poke at it tomorrow and see whats up03:16
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new_tolinuxhi, I'm trying to get mythbuntu 10.04LTS working with my analog pinnacle card.... tvtime works without problems, but mythbuntu says it can't get any channel locked14:51
new_tolinuxafaik I setup all correctly: using PAL-BG, europe-west and V4L, but still no show14:55
new_tolinuxbrb through an IRC-client instead of webchat15:01
new_tolinuxI once had it working, about 2 years ago, but that was in 9.04.... I did already try 9.04 again, but I seem to have the same problem there15:11
new_tolinuxI just don't know anymore what I did back then to get it all up and running15:11
new_tolinuxand besides, 9.04 isn't supported anymore, so I can't get any upgrades at all which could fix the problem.... so 9.04 is more or less out of the question I guess15:12
gregLnew_tolinux, I am not 100% sure,but I think you should be using mpeg-2 not V4L..16:14
new_tolinuxjust tried that (IVTV MPEG-2 encoder card) and that doesn't work either16:18
new_tolinuxMJPEG doesn't work either: failed to open card16:18
gregLnew_tolinux, Try #mythtv-users perhaps someone there can point you in the right direction..16:25
new_tolinuxok, I'll join there too, thanks so far :-)16:26
tim_Hello! I am having a bit of trouble with mythgame. I am trying to get my ubuntu diskless images to get the rom directory on my backend any idea on how to do that?16:31
tim_er mythbuntu diskless rather*16:32

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