rwwikonia: I don't agree with us having one, but we have had one pretty much continuously since before the Shells Policy was created.00:02
* rww removes it occasionally when he's curious about the consequences00:03
rww(a ban on bshellz, that is)00:03
rwwemma: #ubuntu-ops doesn't deal with LoCo channels, probably best to continue hanging out in #ubuntu-irc and see if someone turns up when it's not UK sleeptime.00:10
emmawhat happened here?00:53
rwwlooks like you got removed, per the idling policy mentioned in /topic00:54
elkyoops, i did it again.01:02
elky"This add-on requires Firefox 7.*. You are currently using Firefox 3.6.18."01:20
* elky headdesks01:20
elkyThis will be fun.01:20
ikoniagame over firefox01:20
ikoniaenjoy people giving up on you01:20
jribdoes firefox get a new version like every month now?01:26
elkyI wish I were joking.01:26
jribwhat exactly do they change...01:27
ikoniawelcome to IE being the browser of choice01:27
charlie-tcainstead of .? releases, they go a whole number now01:27
elkywhich means we'll be at version 50 by the end of next year at this rate.01:28
jribI want to sleep but I am not sleepy :/01:28
ikoniame too01:28
emmaHi hows it going.01:50
ikoniaemma: why do you keep joining this channel ?01:51
emmaikonia: Im not.01:51
ikoniathen how do you keep ending up in this channel01:51
emmaikonia: im not sure. I think it's because in irssi I swich windows by typing /join #channelname01:52
ikoniaemma: so why do you keep typing /join #ubuntu-ops01:52
emmaikonia: for example I am currently in #freenode but I would switch to that window by typing /join #freenode01:53
ikoniaemma: so why do you keep typing /join #ubuntu-ops01:53
emmaNot really going there but switching to that window.01:53
ikoniaemma: so why do you keep typing /join #ubuntu-ops01:53
emmaikonia: because I keep waiting to see if anyone answered my question. Then I go back to my other windows in the meantime.01:53
ikoniaemma: you've had your question answered in here 3 times and been asked not to idle01:53
emmaikonia: please don't flood #ubuntu-ops01:54
ikoniaemma: the channel is #ubuntu-irc01:54
ikoniaemma: don't get smart with me01:54
emmaikonia: No I haven't.01:54
ikoniaemma: you have no reason to be here - if you do, state it01:54
ikoniathen leave, now01:54
emmaWell this introduces a new problem, "Don't get smart with me" is a horribly impolite and confrontational thing to say to someone who's being civil with you.01:55
emmaAnd this is not #ubutu-irc, this is #ubuntu-ops.01:55
ikoniaemma: you have been told the correct channel, you have been asked not to idle01:55
ikoniayou keep joining and keep idling01:55
ikoniastop it01:55
ikonialeave now if you have no business01:55
emmaikonia: can you think of a good reason why I have not seen any replies to my question?01:55
ikoniabecause you don't watch the channel01:55
ikoniaI have no idea,01:55
ikoniahowever, I am telling you now, the correct channel is #ubuntu-irc01:56
emmaikonia: what would happen to a person using irssi if, before they saw the answer to their question they were kicked from it?01:56
ikoniaemma: rww told you the channel01:56
ikoniayou where kicked over 30 minutes after01:56
ikoniarww: told you in this channel01:56
emmaOkay in this channel. Good to know.01:56
ikoniaand to be honest, you know the channel you should ask in01:56
emmaikonia: But are you familiar with irssi?01:57
ikoniayes, I use it on a day to day basis01:57
emmaOh good.01:57
ikoniahence why I know when you are kicked the window stays on screen01:57
ikoniabut I think we are done here, no please leave the hcannel01:57
ikonianot no01:57
emmaThen you know that if a person using irssi is kicked from this channel before they see the reply then they will never see the reply.01:57
ikoniathey will01:57
ikoniathe text stays on screen until you close the windows01:58
ikoniapluse you know how to read the logs01:58
ikoniayou know very well, so you I know you're more than capable01:58
ikoniaso lets stop messing around, and how about you ask / wait in #ubuntu-irc01:58
emmaThen you are doing something different other than kicking. Because each time I have typed /join #ubuntu-ops to switch to the window and see if there is any reply to my question, I just see the room list and nothing else.01:58
rwwemma: /set autoclose_windows no01:59
ikoniaplease leave the channel now, or join #irssi and ask for help how to set it up01:59
emmaikonia: I would like to stay and chat with you but you know full well there are more appropriate channels for that.01:59
ikoniathis is not a chat channel01:59
rwwalthough I admit I haven't tested that, just turned it on the other day and haven't been /removed from anywhere yet01:59
emmaikonia: I'm going to have to ask you to excuse me, since there are certain channels that I don't allow to idle in my client.02:00
ikoniaemma: you know the correct channel to wait - lets stop all further discussion please.02:00
ikoniaemma: get out02:00
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!02:00
ubottuikonia called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()02:00
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops emma trolling as normal02:00
ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:00
rwwApparently we disagree on the concept of "channel emergency"02:00
ikoniaI don't care02:01
ikoniayou try to help here, she tries to make an issue02:01
ikoniaI've had enough of these silly games02:01
ikoniaenough now02:01
rwwPersonally, I liked it better when nobody was talking and she was idling. Less obnoxious behavior.02:01
ikoniaI liked it better when she just wanted an issue resolved and could ask the correct people02:02
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (nb0qlk appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)03:34
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (oihjem appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)03:35
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (43))03:35
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ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (18))03:47
AnastasiusHi gang.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I'm banned in any namespace channels I don't know about.04:01
rwwAnastasius: no idea about the namespace in general, but as far as ubottu-tracked channels go...04:12
rww@bansearch Anastasius04:12
rww(this usually takes a bit)04:12
Anastasiush00k: Congrats on the wedding, btw.04:13
ubottuMatch: *!*@unaffiliated/anastasius by Flannel in #ubuntu-offtopic on Jul 10 2011 23:55:54 (ID: 41672)04:13
ubottuMatch: Anastasius!*@* by maco in #ubuntu-women on Sep 27 2010 00:32:05 (ID: 28821)04:13
ubottuMatch: *!*@unaffiliated/anastasius by tonyyarusso in #ubuntu-release-party on Oct 10 2010 21:07:57 (ID: 29404)04:13
rww(last one is wrong, ubottu left the channel before the banlist was cleared)04:13
AnastasiusOkay, cool.  Thanks.04:13
AnastasiusI don't suppose that -offtopc one can be lifted.04:14
rwwI'm not lifting it. I can try to poke you when Flannel's around if you want to talk about it with him.04:15
AnastasiusI'll keep that in mind.04:15
AnastasiusAnyway, have a pleasant evening, friends.  (and... um... others)04:16
Myrtti[12:47] < TrevGamingRIg> Get paid via paypal or gift cards to watch videos, offers, surveys, submit emails ect. http://t.co/ivZVyhf , have any questions just ask me :)09:47
ubottutheadmin called the ops in #ubuntu (trevgamingrig is spamming)09:47
MyrttiI wish ops stuff were easier to do on my mobile09:48
Tm_Tno such nick online anymore09:49
Tm_TI wonder if it got shot down09:49
Myrtti[12:47] ~~~TrevGamingRIg [~kvirc@]09:49
jpdsMyrtti: There's an app for that.09:51
jpdsTm_T: No, it just left.09:51
Myrttijpds: magic android keyboard for irssi usage? lolwhatwhere09:51
jpdsMyrtti: Swype?09:52
Tm_Tjpds: left the channel, but network?09:54
Myrttidoesnt autofill hostmasks for me09:54
Myrttiswype, that is09:54
jpdsTm_T: Channel.09:58
Tm_Tye, I was talking about the network (:09:59
bazhangweird. got one of those PM's from the bot, even though I had already removed the +q12:02
bazhang<theadmin> banished: We don't support Microsoft products at all... You know13:02
bazhangthought skype was in partner repos13:02
PiciIt is.13:02
Pici!info skype partner13:02
ubottuskype (source: skype): VOIP and instant messaging client. In component main, is extra. Version (partner), package size 23029 kB, installed size 29200 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)13:02
bazhangtheadmin offering some weird advice of late13:03
popeywhat about microsoft mice and keyboards?13:03
bazhangdon't they mostly work out of the box?13:04
popeythe extra buttons usually dont13:04
bazhangmy insane Acer kb made for MS everything little key and button works13:04
bazhangthough many I have no idea what they do, until after I have pressed them13:04
PiciMy microsoft wireless keyboard is very annoying.  The F keys are very short and theres not enough space between esc and f113:06
ikoniahow annoying is that13:38
ikonia"are you running Ubuntu?" "yes", then the question starts "I am running Debian SID"13:38
ikoniaor lenny13:38
topyliwhile i was checking out gnome 3, i learned something about new debian users. they install stable, then swiftly upgrade all the way to sid, then start pinning stuff from experimental because of their higher version numbers13:45
topylior just downloading packages and dpkg'ing them in13:45
topylithen they're afraid of joining #debian-next because people might expect them to know stuff. instead, they join #debian and try hard to pretend they're running stable. in order to do that, they have to pretend to be even more ignorant than they are13:46
topyliend result: not a single problem is solved, and they reinstall, or come (back) to ubuntu13:47
bazhangrecommending kde4 to be used on a slow system?13:47
topyli(me, stereotyping? moi? never!)13:47
bazhangsome odd advice from him/her13:48
topylidepends on how slow, but it does work ok13:52
bazhangrecommending kde4 over lxde/openbox seems odd though13:53
topylioh absolutely13:53
bazhang<b0ot> coz_, schnuffle it doesn't appear that this system has apt-get... is that possible?13:58
bazhangI've heard of removing python, but this?13:58
ikoniait's possible to remove it, but not not have it13:59
bazhangah tab complete, it's there13:59
PiciI've seen a few people with VPSes say that they don't have apt-get, although their providers claim that Ubuntu is installed.14:06
popeyI was thinking about VPSs myself14:09
ikoniabe tough to not have apt on it14:11
popeysome omit it if they do deployment via a panel14:16
PiciSounds painful.14:17
ikoniathey should be punished14:22
jpdsikonia: Real people use dselect.14:22
rwwtopyli: just because /you/ do that, doesn't mean we all do. some of us like squeeze thankyouverymuch.14:41
rwwjpds: you are a bad person who says bad things :(14:41
jpdsrww: No.14:41
rwwjpds: dselect is indwelt by demons :(14:42
Picidemon select14:42
rwwrepent of your sins and profess faith in aptitude, the one true package management interface14:43
jribfinally a voice of reason14:43
Myrttiaptitude ♥15:07
mneptokrww: <whisper>i enabled squeeze backports</whisper>16:04
Myrttioh good grief17:48
genii-aroundIt's not the stiletto heels, really, it's the new carpet.17:49
Myrttiubuntu and mint are compatible, right.17:51
oCeanslack-m: hi18:03
slack-mi know why im banned18:10
slack-mim sorry, you can leave me banned18:10
slack-mit really was an accident18:10
slack-mbut until i make a new script it might happen again18:10
slack-mif you have like some kinda notes/file just leave me banned, and ill come back when i fix it18:11
Picislack-m: We prefer not to leave stale bans active, perhaps if you could share what you're doing we could understand better.18:11
Picislack-m: Perhaps if you didn't join #ubuntu until you fix your script it would be better.18:18
slack-mPici, yea, the problem is, what happens is i keep forgetting to remove ubuntu and freenode from my normal irc client and then i spam to the gaming networks(its not for making money or anything like that, they all play the game im talking about and its to organize games) and it comes here accidently18:49
topylislack-m: um, if you remove those channels from your autojoin list, they shouldn't magically come back. which client are you using?19:04
slack-mtopyli, hahahahahhaha, i know, lol. I just hate editing the list.19:06
topyliwell you should edit it. it's not fair to use us to babysit your irc client19:07
slack-mtopyli, I'm not laughing at you, I'm just laughing at the thought 'omg my irc client is possesed!'19:07
slack-mtopyli, ok, ill go do it now19:07
topyliso who banned you? i'm not a operator in #ubuntu :)19:09
PiciI think it was rww19:13
topylialright. when he regains consciousness, he can lift the ban. or any #ubuntu op can try if the reason is this clear19:21
* Pici thinks it is19:21
topylislack-m: anyway, if there is nothing else, you can /part this channel, we'll handle the ban, and you can join #ubuntu when you're certain that your bot won't make any noise in there19:23
slack-mi wont anymore19:23
slack-mi removed these channels19:24
slack-mfrom autojoin19:24
topylioh so we should actually get on with removing the ban then and let *you* in :)19:25
Picitopyli: I removed the bam.19:26
Picibam! no more ban19:26
topyliyay! go Pici!19:27
Myrttislack-m: hello?19:53
Myrttiwas there anything else?19:54
slack-mJust chillin19:55
Myrttiplease note the no-idling policy on the channel :-) we try to keep the channel clear for one case at a time19:57
slack-mahh, ok, ttyl19:57
slack-mty again <319:57

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