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kaltxiHey, I was in here earlier today and I was asking to see if i could get Na'vi supported. They said due to the lack of a unique ISO code it couldn't be and I should try and get it accepted in glibc. I looked in glibc and found klingon wasn't there upstream so I then looked in ubuntu and it seems to have a patch applied to locales. I'm wondering if Na'vi could? Something maybe like na_GB00:33
Andre_Gondimkaltxi, could you send mail to mail list asking this?00:51
Andre_Gondimkaltxi, see more here https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-translators00:52
kaltxihttps://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+question/166319 would it be better putting it there?00:55
dpmmorning all07:25
kaltxidpm I made another post on that question by the way.12:47
dpmhi kaltxi, sorry, I saw it this morning but didn't have the chance to reply. I've done it now12:54
kelemengaborhi dpm, any news on the missing Natty langpacks? update-manages still doesn't find anything :(12:55
dpmhi kelemengabor, sorry, not yet. I was in London working on another project last week (developer.ubuntu.com), and I didn't have the chance to contact the archive admins.12:56
dpmLet me try to do it tomorrow first thing in the morning12:57
kaltxiAs for the ISO code could we just contrive one? nvi for example? I know nothing stops a language coming along and requesting that officially but how likely is that and even if that did happen we could change it?12:57
dpmkaltxi, yeah you could do that. We can help you, but you ultimately have to make the decision on which code to use and tell us. But before doing that, I'd recommend doing some research on whether 'nvi' is already in use, on whether someone has applied to add Na'vi to the ISO standard, and on whether someone has applied to the glibc developers13:00
kaltxiI think Dr. Frommer (the creator) made a request but failed to get his application in on time13:00
dpmkaltxi, then I'd suggest researching a bit on which code he was intending to use and on the status of the application13:01
kaltxihmm, I'll see if i can find it out.13:01
dpmkaltxi, no worries, happy to help. The more info we've got, the easier to find a solution13:02
kaltxiNvi is definitely not taken13:13
kaltxidpm looks like it was requested http://www.sil.org/iso639-3/cr_files/2011-035.pdf13:19
dpmkaltxi, if you could add this info on the support request, so that there is a record of it, that'd be really helpful13:21
kaltxiyep okay sure, is this enough or want me to keep researching?13:21
kaltxiokay well i replied :P13:26
dpmkaltxi, if you could add the link to the PDF, that'd be useful too14:06
kaltxio yeh sorry gah im loosing it today14:07
dpmno worries :)14:08
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