philipballewkdub_, yet music artists still are all about cd's00:09
rwwnegronjl: ah, never mind that ubottu PM, I didn't see you'd already been poked about it00:15
MarkDudePics from Open Source Convention >> https://picasaweb.google.com/tuxwingsgroup/OSCON201103:07
philipballewnice MarkDude !03:18
grantbowfire! quite an exhibit in a couple of those pics03:23
MarkDudeThat was the bigass party03:27
MarkDudethose peeps were there03:27
MarkDudeand amin Tobin03:28
bkerensa:D Hi all05:59
philipballewbkerensa, whats up?06:04
bkerensanothing much06:04
bkerensahow are you?06:04
philipballewi am great. fellow ubuntu user i see here?06:04
* philipballew hasnt had the pleasure of meeting this person06:05
bkerensaI live in Oregon but I'm California born06:24
philipballewoh nice, you part of the orgon loco? bkerensa06:32
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bkerensaTeam Lead06:52
* MarkDude is soo happy to hear that07:04
kdub_this wednesday is probably not enough notice to slap together an ubuntu hour, i'd guess...17:43
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MarkDudeJono >> http://www.meetup.com/Community-Manager-Breakfast/events/24906431/17:59
pleia2tsk, members only17:59
aaditya"This group's content is available only to members"18:00
aadityahey MarkDude, pleia2 o/18:00
MarkDudeHmm, meetup sorta sucks sometimes18:00
pleia2g'day aaditya :)18:00
aadityaMarkDude: how was your trip!?18:00
MarkDudeMy bad, you have to be approved to do it.18:00
aadityaYou back, right?18:01
MarkDudeSince late Saturday night18:01
MarkDudeThis event tonight is open to view- although it cost $10 to go18:02
pleia2aaditya: there was a comment at our meeting sunday night that registration for the linuxpicnic wasn't open yet (site says "Expect the RSVP database open in late Spring or early Summer."), any ETA on that?18:02
MarkDudeCommunity management: what is it, where it's been and where it's going?18:02
aadityapleia2: We're meeting this week to discuss that, so I should have some concrete info by the end of this week.18:03
* seidos is a ghost18:03
pleia2aaditya: ok, thanks :)18:03
aadityayou're welcome. :)18:03
aadityaMarkDude: so lots of fun was had at OSCON!18:03
* aaditya wishes he could attend.18:04
* MarkDude has a bit of SWAG from there. Mostly Fedora stuff tho ;)18:05
seidosi wasted 2.99 on some work from home scam, i got screenshots though18:07
seidoswanted to do some investigating...it's a pretty airtight scheme really18:07
seidosgoing to create a blog post18:08
seidosblah blah blah18:08
kdubairtight for them?18:58
nhainesakgraner: \o_21:15
akgranernhaines, \o22:13
nhainesakgraner: been keeping busy?  :)22:15
akgraneras busy as possible all things considered, but now I am getting back on track...:-)   How are things with you?22:16
nhainesakgraner: busy, busy.  But doing pretty good!  Even if oneiric did eat my laptop?22:19
nhainesAnd by ? I mean !22:21
akgranernhaines, well even ocelots need to eat...;-p22:21
akgranerjust kidding  - that stinks when stuff like that happens  - did you recover...22:22
nhainesakgraner: hehe, nah, that's what my laptop is for, mostly.  So between Ubuntu One and my flash drive I was well prepared.  :D22:25
nhainesI'm sticking with it until Alpha 3 but I might thunk back to natty.22:25

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