jrwrenwhat is TDM?00:27
jrwrenhate bash???? *gasp*00:27
jrwrenI love bash00:27
rick_h_team death match?00:27
snap-lbrousch: Can you  write it in Python. Sheesh.00:42
snap-lAlso, we're not cool.00:42
snap-lhttp://hardocp.com/article/2011/07/26/thermalright_hr02_macho_cpu_air_cooler_review <- What the fuck?00:43
snap-lI'd be worried that the CPU fan would warp the mobo at that height.00:43
rick_h_love that00:47
snap-lThere's just no good way to read that00:48
snap-leither a) they weren't running with a slave, and don't know much about MySQL, or b) They have such a crappy server that it couldn't take the replication load, and nobody coded the site to be run in read-only mode.00:49
BlazeixI'm pretty ignorant of diaspora, but isn't it decentralized?00:49
Blazeixis this just the main node?00:49
snap-lMaybe there's a combo of things, but seriously, adding a slave should be transparent00:49
rick_h_wsan't there some thing that to get it to work you had to register your node with the main node?00:50
snap-lBlazeix: This is the main node, but I'm not sure what would cause the downtime.00:50
snap-lUnless they're doing an upgrade as well00:50
rick_h_come on, why isn't it put out over diaspora vs on twitter?00:50
rick_h_I mean, if you're using it, wouldn't you be likely following them there?00:50
rick_h_snap-l: heh, time to to 4 to 5 transition :P00:50
rick_h_and dammit, stop using mysql ugh00:51
snap-lApparently it's up00:51
snap-lMaybe someone got some sense.00:51
rick_h_you should volunteer, I hear htey have $$ to get some good sys admin help00:52
snap-lYeah, that would be a great gig00:53
snap-lI mean, if I fucked up, would both of their users notice?00:53
snap-l"Woah, need some overtime. Gotta put in a new 'MySQL Slave' server".00:54
snap-lI mean shit, we practically juggled some of our slave servers.00:55
brouschsnap-l: you see the sysadmin at gnu job opening?00:56
snap-lI'd have to move to take a paycut00:56
snap-lFascinated that they're using Apache, though00:57
brouschbut freedom!00:57
snap-lI would have thought that wouldn't jive with the FSF00:57
jjessewho needs money when you are living on freedom01:20
jrwrenis there a GNU web server?02:13
jrwrenthey should write one in lisp.02:13
TeamXlinkDoes anyone know why this isn't working:02:31
TeamXlinkthe second file is the index.php02:31
TeamXlinkthe first file is the index.html02:31
TeamXlinkIts supposed to log the visitors ip to the file called: myvisitors02:32
_stink_TeamXlink: a php file isn't included as a script in an HTML file like a javascript file is.02:35
_stink_what you need is to run this on an instance of a web server that can run php02:36
_stink_TeamXlink: this might say more about getting started: http://w3schools.com/php/default.asp02:37
_stink_but i'm afk for a bit.  if you don't get it, i'm sure i/someone can help tomorrow.02:37
Blazeix"@humble: All Humble Indie Bundle #3 customers get a free copy of Steel Storm: Burning Retribution!  http://t.co/NcNDZka "03:52
snap-lBlazeix: Yeah, that's awesome. :)11:41
jrwrenquick poll: do you look at the contents of files in /lost+found or do you just delete tehm all?13:00
snap-ljrwren: it depends13:01
snap-lam I missing something or aren't I13:01
jrwrensure, but that assumes you notice it missing. what if you delete adn notice it missing 5 yrs from now :)13:02
jrwreni ask because my cron.daily emails me and tells me to clean 'em up.13:03
snap-lThen you live and learn?13:03
snap-lI guess my question is why are you collecting so much in lost+found in the first place13:03
jrwrenha! or I learn the easy way and check first the first time.13:03
snap-land is it taking up so much space that it's becoming a problem?13:03
jrwrenthese are files from 2008-08-07 to 2009-02-03   :)13:04
jrwrenno, not taking any space.13:04
jrwrenI just want to limit the output of my cron.daily, to hopefully nothing so that I don't get email.13:04
jrwrenand I want to do it the right way :)13:04
snap-lFrankly, I'd leave them there, or do a quick file on them to see what they might be13:04
snap-land stop shutting down your filesystem uncleanly. ;)13:04
jrwrenI'm lessing each one, so far its been stuff I don't care about.13:04
jrwreni can't help it if there is a power outage.13:04
snap-lJournaled Filesystem13:05
jrwrenI'm too cheap for UPS13:05
jrwrenthis is ext3, sheesh, that doesn't mean things don't go to l+f13:05
jrwrenI had one of those seagate drives with teh bad firmware for a while. that lead to lots of instability13:06
snap-ljrwren: Which one? ;)13:06
snap-lSeagate made some real stinkers13:06
jrwrenit was a 750G IIRC but it was the one that was really noticed in their popular 1.5TB drives13:07
jrwrenat least it runs cool.13:07
jrwrenI have this 500GB Maxtor that runs hot as fire.13:07
snap-lAh, was thinking of the 1GB one that I had to RMA13:07
snap-lwhich was also being used on one of our servers at WSU13:08
snap-lsummarilly, each one of them went to hell13:08
jrwrenwas it that firmware issue?13:08
jrwrenoh wait... 1GB not 1TB :)13:08
jrwrenthat would have been a WHILE ago :)13:08
snap-lYeah, it was13:08
jrwrenonly 15 yrs or so13:08
jrwrenerr.. i guess not quite 15 yrs13:08
jrwrenanyone else here use testdrive ? or is it just me?13:09
snap-lWhat's testdrive?13:09
jrwrenzsync's an current ubundu-dev iso and boots it with KVM for you.13:10
jrwrenits very sweet, but the 11.10 installer stops recognizing KB input for me when it asks me to create the default user.13:10
snap-l"I like this Craig Maloney » Post Topic » A simple object lesson on what’s wrong with the music industry – dumping , enjoyed this one appreciate it for posting keep update Craig Maloney » Post Topic » A simple object lesson on what’s wrong with the music industry – dumping." - Spammers aren't even trying anymore. ;)13:11
_stink_i have bought all 3 humble bundles, and played about 15 minutes total of the games included.13:54
greg-gI played a bit of world of goo13:56
greg-g"and yet it moves" looks like it might be a contender13:56
snap-lHeh. :)13:58
snap-lIf anything it's giving people more games to play than just Frozen bubble13:58
Wolfgerworld of goo was entertaining for a day, then I kind of forgot it existed14:03
Wolfgerwhenever anybody mentions it, I remember it fondly...14:04
* Wolfger wonders if goo exists for Android phones14:04
Wolfgerdoesn't look like it14:06
brouschsnap-l: Whats the difference between a drummer and a drum machine?14:26
brouschYou only have to punch the information into a drum machine once.14:26
snap-lHar har14:42
snap-lbrousch: So, did you listen to Libre?14:42
brouschno, i have the page up though14:43
brouschi just got back from the dentist. will it be more pleasant than that?14:43
greg-gdepends on what happened at the dentist's14:45
brouschsnap-l:  sounds good14:46
brouschjust a cleaning. still no cavities14:46
snap-lThanks. :)14:49
brouschi'd like to hear crazy drumming when it thins out at about 49s14:50
snap-lI was trying to go for something like FLA's Millenium14:50
snap-lDidn't quite get there, though14:51
brouschthe end doesn't quite fit with the rest of it14:53
brouschso i love everything but the middle and the end14:53
snap-lThank you. ;)14:53
snap-lUnfortunately, I didn't know how to end it, so I decided to nuke it from orbit. ;)14:54
brouschendings are hard, let's go nuking14:56
brouschoh, that reminds me, pyohio is over, i wanted to check out scratch14:56
brouschI'm so proud of myself. I was wondering "where can I get free sound files?" i found it myself without having to ask greg-g15:18
jcastrothis is so rick: http://danielchoi.com/software/vitunes.html15:23
binbrainjcastro: how's FL?15:26
rick_h_jcastro: hah, saw that. But where will I run iTunse?15:27
rick_h_there's no place to run it on in my house15:27
jcastrobinbrain: pretty awesome I must say15:29
snap-lI'll go get the duck tape15:29
greg-gbrousch: you get the special cookie for today15:43
greg-gcool coo15:58
rick_h_ugh, I'm still pyohio dragging16:27
Wolfgerbinbrain: Ask jcastro again after the first hurricane hits his city :-D16:40
WolfgerSurprise, surprise. At the last minute, politicians vote to raise their own debt ceiling.16:41
WolfgerI think I called that a month ago.16:41
WolfgerShh. He's here now, quit talking about him.17:03
* Wolfger is glad nullspace doesn't read the archives...17:03
snap-lI know we've given up on meaningful names, but this is just ridiculous: http://oreilly.com/catalog/9781449306595/17:12
snap-lLearning SPARQL17:12
WolfgerIt's new and... you know... sparkly17:18
WolfgerI think it's a pretty nifty name, myself.17:18
Wolfgerfar better than MySQL or Postgres17:19
WolfgerDB2. MSSQL.17:20
WolfgerOracle is a decent name for a database.17:20
rick_h_and this is why we don't let Wolfger run our IT depts :P17:20
WolfgerI don't buy software based on the name.17:21
WolfgerBut I can appreciate good marketing when I see it.17:21
WolfgerCome on... if I made decisions base on names, do you think I ever would have tried Kubuntu (gesundheit)?17:22
rick_h_sure, I heard your favorite letter was K17:23
brouschyeah, right. you use kubuntu because you love choqok17:26
nullspacehmm, I really have no urge to go to ohio linux fest for the talks17:26
rick_h_nullspace: yea, been that way for years17:27
nullspacethe drive sucks, and the beer tickets are all gone by the time I get there17:28
nullspacerick_h_: how was pyohio?17:28
jrwrenbut you go to socialize, right?17:28
rick_h_very cool, http://blog.mitechie.com/2011/08/01/pyohio-2011-another-year-another-great-time/17:28
rick_h_jrwren: I skipped one year17:28
jrwreni haven't been in 4 yrs or so. i really want to go this year.17:28
Wolfgersocialize? Beer!17:28
rick_h_I'm going this year and I htink lococast is going to get an OSS table17:29
nullspacenah I'm going to derbyCon17:29
rick_h_setup some mics and try to hang out and such17:29
ptenhoopenLast year at Ohio Linux Fest, there was no shortage of drink tickets.17:38
ptenhoopenThey were handing them out 10-15 at a time towards the end.17:39
ptenhoopennagios flipped the bill17:39
ptenhoopenMaybe that should have been 'footed'.17:40
brouschsnap-l: jono just tweeted your remix17:52
snap-lYeah, I saw that17:59
brouschrick_h_: did i miss a vim open space at pyohio?18:15
rick_h_brousch: no, just a guy was looking for me and we ended up chatting vim18:17
brouschah, ok18:17
rick_h_I guess he was in one of the vim open spaces I did at OLF/PyOhio in years past and wanted to chat18:17
snap-lSo, 3pm18:58
snap-lTuesday afternoon18:58
snap-lBelieve the "make the world a better place" goal for today is coming just a tad shy of completion18:59
brouschbut you released some music. that makes the world better19:00
snap-lyeah, it does.19:00
snap-lJust getting ready for tomorrow's big meeting19:01
snap-lwell, tomorrow's "shouldn't be a big meeting, but thanks to my current boss who believes that the only way to show progress is to schedule a big meeting" meeting19:01
brouschyour big travelling meeting?19:01
snap-lThat I'm not traveling for, yes. ;)19:01
snap-ltomorrow will be interesting.19:02
brouschyou're so important they're setting you up with a virtual presence?19:02
snap-lyeah, Netmeeting19:02
snap-lIt's like almost being there19:02
snap-lAnd a conference call bridge19:03
brouschnot one of those segway-mounted monitors?19:03
snap-lIt'll be almost like you can hear me being sarcastic19:03
snap-lbrousch: No, we're the phone company, not fucking iRobot. ;)19:03
snap-lwell, sorry to disappoint19:05
snap-lhttp://ohiolinux.org/node/67 <- Oh God.19:29
brouschhe was keynote or closing at indiana linuxfest, maybe ptenhoopen has some insights into how awesome he was19:30
jrwrenfreetard keynote19:30
ptenhoopenHe was OK.  Seemed a bit self-centered.19:31
jrwrenImma make a cheerful that says "MIT > GNU" and wave it around during his keynote19:31
ptenhoopenSeemed to be very knowledgeable regarding licensing, patents, etc.19:32
waldo323_who is planning on going to OLF this year?19:32
snap-lOh, no doubt.19:32
jrwrenhitler was knowledgeable.19:33
jrwrenyes, i went there. :)19:33
ptenhoopenI know of 2 others besides myself who are planning on going.19:33
snap-lI just registered.19:34
rick_h_oh crap, now I'm not going19:36
jrwreni'm not either. because of the date :(19:38
snap-lhttp://www.defectivebydesign.org/nook <- sigh20:12
snap-l"Do you use Twitter? Let @nookBN know that you won't buy a Nook until they drop DRM. But please don't use Twitter on account of us."20:14
snap-l"Comment on news stories and reviews of the Nook to warn shoppers about its DRM."20:14
brouschso the nook is evil because it can read drm?20:14
brouschit can also read non-drm20:14
snap-l"Bring cans of spray-glue to your local B&N to and spray the devices down liberally. Then attach your cheek to them, symbolizing the stickiness of DRM"20:17
brousch3/4 of the books i read on my nook are sitting in my dropbox20:19
TeamXlinkTitle: "This whole discussion is amazing. Top comment: "Why are there moderators on an anarchism sub reddit?" "20:21
TeamXlinkhttp://www.reddit.com/r/bestof/commenThat guys a genius20:22
jrwrenis kindle ok?20:30
snap-ljrwren: No, any DRM is bad20:45
jrwrenis ITMS ok now, since they dont' DRM the mp3 anymore?20:49
snap-lI really hate corporate IT sites20:58
snap-l"Important: In order to get started with Live Meeting, you need to first Register for a Live Meeting Account.  Then, get assistance on how to properly setup your user preferences."20:58
snap-lOf course, the words "Register ... Account" are bolded20:58
snap-land don't link to a fucking thing.20:58
snap-lAll I want to do is schedule a meeting21:01
snap-lgod, what a pain in the ass21:16
snap-lreason I was having trouble was because of Firefox vs. IE21:17
snap-lbecause MS products don't crap out in explainable ways when they don't have IE21:17
snap-lHey, vimmers, how would I change a list of names (lastname, firstname mi) to (firstname mi lastname)?21:27
_stink_if i were doing that, i'd do it with macros, which may not be the smartest way.21:29
_stink_record a macro for one line, go to the next line, end recording21:29
_stink_record a second macro doing the first macro for like 10 lines21:30
_stink_the run the second macro repeatedly21:30
snap-lhmm, that' sone way21:30
_stink_it's an unsatisfying way. :)21:30
snap-llooking for a %s/ ... /.. /g rule, though21:30
snap-lI thought you could use $1, but that's not right.21:31
snap-lfound it21:47
snap-l%s/\(.*\), \(.*\)/\2 \1/g21:47
* _stink_ notes22:05
gamerchick02hey everyone! I have a job interview Thursday.22:43
* gamerchick02 does a happydance around her house22:43
brouschwhere at?22:44
gamerchick02MGA Testing.22:45
gamerchick02MGA Research. sorry22:46
brouschoooh, they have robots22:46
gamerchick02 hahaha!22:46
gamerchick02robots are awesome.22:46
gamerchick02it looks like sled testing and stuff22:46
brouschlike snow sleds?22:47
gamerchick02crash sleds22:47
gamerchick02where they put car bits on it, crash it, and see how the dummy deforms the parts22:48
gamerchick02usually for columns, i-shafts, wheels, etc22:48
gamerchick02i-shaft = intermediate shaft. please no shaft jokes22:49
greg-gnone here22:49
gamerchick02i did a test at delphi with grease... yeah... i was describing it to my family: "so i had to grease the shaft and test the sliding force."22:50
gamerchick02yeah. *hands head in shame*22:50
gamerchick02no puns from the peanut gallery?22:53
brouschnone necessary22:57
snap-lgamerchick02: Congratulations!23:56
snap-lSounds like the stuff that was at Ford23:57
gamerchick02thanks. it's a testing place, and i have no idea what it's about.23:57
snap-lMeans they'll do a lot of simulation23:57
gamerchick02i had a strange phone call, and it was like, boom, interview.23:57
snap-lPrograms like Madymo, etc23:57
snap-lThat's usually how that starts.23:57
gamerchick02no contact with them before the phone call "do you want an interview"23:57
gamerchick02uhm, YES!23:58

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