Unit193http://www.motifake.com/index.php?start=138092 Nice!07:32
thafreakpaultag: I just realized you're not in OH, so does that mean OLF will be tagless?13:44
paultagthafreak: there's a good potental :(14:18
paultagthafreak: I'm going to try to get there as hard as I can14:18
thafreakpaultag: if you do not show, I will replace you with a small shell script14:24
thafreakalready began planning it's implementation14:25
thafreakactually, it may be a webapp14:25
paultagthafreak: :)14:56
paultagthafreak: don't talk to me about webapps14:56
paultagthafreak: my job right now is converting PL/1 code to Java struts2 webapps14:56
paultagthafreak: kill me?14:56
_bbb_i left my tiny violin at home15:30
_bbb_id play a sad song in slow motion15:32
paultag_bbb_: I'm crying in the corner15:34
_bbb_fa fa fa fa fa fa fa15:36
_bbb_sad song15:36
_bbb_yeah its not looking like i'll be making it either15:37
* paultag criews15:39
paultagthat's an odd noise15:39
thafreakgeez...is anyone going?15:44
thafreakNow I got to replace two people with shell scripts15:44
_bbb_baby is due in october15:57
_bbb_so maybe one day15:58
thafreakjust tell your wife to hold it in :)17:41
_bbb_i felt the baby hiccupping yesterday17:51

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