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rmg51morning JonathanD09:55
JonathanDtime to jog.10:24
rmg51breakfast time10:27
teddy-dbearis it nap time yet?12:45
waltmanIt's always nap o'clock somewhere.12:59
teddy-dbearcount me in13:14
ChinnoDogJonathanD: down side of trackpoint scrolling: now my desktop switching hotkeys take too long to press.13:21
ChinnoDogidk how you get used to clicking on things that are only a couple pixels wide with a trackpoint. What a pita.13:24
ChinnoDogI am hungry13:29
ChinnoDogI could eat a... idk. I wish I could spin the bacon wheel.13:30
JonathanDmake new ones!13:33
ChinnoDogidk. I might wait until lunch.13:47
ChinnoDogI usually only eat one meal at work. Even if I eat breakfast at 8am I am not usually hungry by lunch time.13:47
ChinnoDogThough, french toast sounds really good right now. I wish the places downstairs had brunch.13:48
JonathanDI eat 4 meals at lunch.13:50
JonathanDerm, at work.13:50
ChinnoDog4 meals is a lot13:53
* InHisName likes a big breakfast and dinner. No room for lunch so skips it.14:26
ChinnoDogMe too. Breakfast downstairs is good but not amazing though.14:27
JonathanDI eat many small meals.14:39
* teddy-dbear could eat all day long :-D14:40
ChinnoDogI generally don't eat more than two meals. I snack a little bit in between but not much.14:41
ChinnoDogI had 3 yesterday so I feel like a glutton now.14:43
waltmanPLUG Central needs lightning talks for tomorrow night. Any of you ubuntonians up for doing a short talk?15:28
ChinnoDogJonathanD: I think my pointer isn't strong enough to operate the nub. I find my middle finger is much better at it.15:42
ChinnoDogMaybe if I turn up the sensitivity on it then my pointer can do it15:42
ChinnoDogThere, that is a bit better.15:44
ChinnoDogexcept that my pointer goes flying now15:44
waltmanThere's a "urmom" joke in there somewhere, but I'm not going to touch it.15:44
JonathanDnot even with your pointer?15:45
JonathanDwaltman: probably a safe move ;)15:45
JonathanDwaltman: so I hear they're looking for someone to speak tomorrow, You should do it.15:46
waltmanya think?15:47
ChinnoDogpointer still not strong enough to press the nub, only to move it around.15:48
jthanAhhh found most of you on Google+ last night :-p16:15
* pleia2 has been circled16:15
jthanDarn straight.16:16
JonathanDChinnoDog: try using your feet, instead.16:21
ChinnoDogJonathanD: :-p16:25
ChinnoDogI still know nothing of this Google+. All anyone ever says about it is that it is like Facebook.16:25
jthanInHisName: Thought I missed someone...16:25
InHisNameYea, what names are others going by?  tried pliea2 and princess leia   doesn't seem to be her.16:26
jthanThey've all got real names.16:27
jthanI added jthan in my nicknames, so idk if it helps.16:27
jthanI made a circle for my irc friends16:27
pleia2InHisName: you have to spell pleia2 right :)16:27
jthanYou can go on my page and see who is in my circles and you'll find them16:27
ChinnoDogThere, now I am on Google+16:27
pleia2it's listed as a nickname, it should show up in search16:27
jthanOh dang it DOES show up!16:27
InHisNameStarting now16:28
jthanpleia2: you have that under "other names?"16:28
jthanbecause when I type jthan I don't find myself.16:28
pleia2yeah, in other names16:28
jthancan you find me by jthan?16:28
InHisName"drunken boat online magazine" ?16:28
pleia2jthan: doh, I guess not, their search thing sucks16:32
pleia2(funny that)16:32
jthanBut it's listed in my other names! what a let down16:33
InHisNamejthan: I found 2 for sure and a possible 3rd out of your 18 that are here in irc.   andrew and pleia2 for sure.16:33
jthanbts3685|vps, ChinnoDog16:34
jthanLet's see.. erstazi16:35
erstazijthan: yo16:35
jthanJust naming people on Google+16:35
jthansorry :-p16:35
erstaziChinnoDog: do you want an invite?16:36
jthanWe're all making IRC circles, haha16:36
InHisNamebrent is bts3685|vps?   ChinnoDog  - not find ing by picture16:36
jthanInHisName: he just joined like five minutes ago, so he may not have one yet.16:36
InHisNameDoes he have a plain name like michael adams ?   I guess I forgot his name when we met at Alt-OS meeting once.16:38
jthanLol. No.16:39
jthanThere should be sub-circles16:40
jthanandrew: You see my latest trip?16:42
JonathanDI should check google+17:15
erstazipleia2: mind if I ask you: what version of bitlbee are you using?17:57
pleia2erstazi: 3.0.3-117:58
erstazipleia2: thanks18:08
jedijfso my 1.2.3 is out-of-date?18:13
pleia2a bit :)18:13
pleia2I upgraded because twitter doesn't work in old versions18:14
waltmanI get the impression that twitter changes its API every few weeks whether they need to or not.18:18
JonathanDthats to get pleia2 off it.18:19
pleia2vive la resistance18:20
ChinnoDogpleia2 always wins18:46
ChinnoDogJonathanD: Been using my laptop kb all day. Starting to get used to touchpoint. Arms get tired of sitting in one place on the desk though.21:21
JonathanDheh :)21:23
JonathanDI have a notepad I rest my arm on.21:23
ChinnoDogThat is a funny arm rest21:32
JonathanDit's a padded thing21:33
JonathanDjedijf: are you involved in PACS/SFD?23:18
rmg51JonathanD: not much sfd this year23:23
JonathanDhow so?23:23
rmg51the idea so far is 3d printers23:24
JonathanDat giant?23:24
rmg51at least for the main meeting23:24
JonathanDIs there a need for other stuff?23:24
JonathanDI'm wondering really if I could be of help, maybe bringing in some fosscon speakers or something?23:25
rmg51we can always try other stuff23:25
rmg51other speakers won't work for the main meeting if the 3d printer idea goes through23:25
rmg51something in the lobby might work through out the day23:26
rmg51but that would be only if people want to stop by23:27
JonathanDJust a thought, anyway :p23:34
rmg51also, I'm not sure if the topics covered at fosscon would be of much interest to most PACS member23:36
JonathanDtoo high?23:37
JonathanDI could do my little "how to get help on irc" thingy.23:38
rmg51first you might have to explain what irc is23:39
JonathanDrmg51: the last people I gave it to didn't have a clue either :)23:40
rmg51we still have to wait and see if the 3d printer talk goes through23:41
JonathanDnot a sure thing yet?23:41
rmg51the PACS president is away and hasn't replied to jedijf email yet23:42
rmg51you will have to talk to jedijf for more details23:44
rmg51we didn't talk about the main meeting at all this year23:44
rmg51jedijf: came up with the 3d printer idea23:45
rmg51I threw your name out there before the end of the year23:46
rmg51but we never discussed it23:46

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