cyberangerwrst: wow, days01:11
cyberangeryou've settled in more than I'll likely ever do01:11
wrstha ha cyberanger being settled in is good01:16
wrstbut not is good also ;)01:16
cyberangerwrst: not saying I'd up & leave, but I do like the option of having good mobility01:24
wrsti've noticed with your mobile internet setup ;)01:25
cyberangerthat's only the tip of the iceburg, and more for the prepaid nature than mobility, however they do go hand & hand nicely01:31
wrstcyberanger: live cd's are so nice, my wife is changing schools and needed to get stuff off of her computer at the old school just put in a live cd hooked up an external and copied it over 10 minutes and done01:40
cyberangermore data can be more time01:45
cyberangerbut yeah, that's how I do it01:45
wrstoh yeah just but 20GB but about 15 minutes total time01:45
cyberangerlive disc plus two more packages, cryptsetup & lvm201:45
cyberanger(due to my FDE setup)01:46
cyberangerFull Disk Encryption (hence cryptsetup, and lvm2 deals with my partitioning under FDE)01:49
wrstyes, something I've just never seen the use in me fooling with01:49
wrstlvm has given me pains in the past when i had it and didn't need it :)01:50
cyberangeryeah, limited usefulness01:54
cyberangerI seem to maintain it enough01:54
cyberangerlearned to deal with it01:55
cyberangerbut it can be a mess01:55
vychunehey guys03:55
orangeninjahey vychune03:56
vychunewhats up dude03:57
vychuneam i the only one who didnt know empathy could do IRC lol03:57
cyberangervychune: the question is, can it do it well04:09
vychunedefine well lol04:09
cyberangerI never liked empathy & purple-irc just felt weak04:10
cyberangerso while I knew empathy could, It's on my software "hit list"04:10
vychunenever heard of pulpre irc04:10
vychunehit list really?04:10
cyberangerpurple is the plugin system for finch & pidgin04:10
vychuneoh ok04:11
cyberangersudo apt-get purge $(hitlist.txt)04:11
cyberangerquite literally the command I run04:11
cyberangersudo apt-get purge $(cat hitlist.txt)04:11
vychunewow \04:11
cyberangersorry, left out the important bit04:11
Unit193I may have to peak at that... And make my own04:12
vychunei need to make one04:12
cyberangerUnit193: it's gotten so long & a pain, it's easier to see my other list & method04:12
Unit193I was thinking about doing it round about and oddly, but that will work too :P04:12
cyberangercli install from the alternate cd, then run04:13
cyberangersudo apt-get install $(cat packages.txt)04:13
vychunewhats he installing on?04:13
cyberangerand a little config work04:13
cyberangerubuntu's alternate cd04:13
cyberangerselect your language, but don04:13
cyberanger't click on install, first hit f404:13
vychuneany exp with netbooks?04:13
cyberangerthen go to cli install, then continue as usual04:14
cyberangerboot into the system, and then do that bit04:14
cyberangervychune: I own an Asus EEEPC 2G Surf04:14
vychunei have a knock off04:15
cyberangerconverted it into my router & access point04:15
vychunei cant get android off mine lol04:15
vychuneandroid 1.504:15
cyberangeroh, an android knock off04:15
cyberangeroh, and an old version, wow04:15
cyberangerum, have any terminal software04:16
cyberangerconnectbot, terminal emulator?04:16
vychunenot yet why?04:16
vychuneon the netbook right?04:16
cyberangerif it was rooted, there might be some options04:16
cyberangeryeah, android netbook yes04:16
vychunerefuses to be rooted04:16
cyberangerwith what methods?04:17
vychuneapk packsa04:18
vychunetheres another way?04:18
cyberangerversion 1.5, hard to believe you couldn't04:18
cyberangeryeah, depending on the device, there are many04:19
cyberangergetting root is privalige esclation04:19
cyberangerso you gotta go for what's technically a privalige esclation exploit, and get it to stick04:20
cyberangerand 1.5 should have enough holes for that04:20
cyberangerI doubt it's using a signed bootloader, and if it were, that should stop getting root, just loading unsigned code like cyogenmod04:21
cyberangerforgive my spelling, getting a little groggy, probally heading to sleep soon, when this task finishes no doubt04:22
* cyberanger looks at the laptop behind him, realizing that the task is unlikely to finish for awhile04:24
cyberangershredding partitions and reinstalling04:24
vychunemaybe you should hit the hay04:24
vychunewhy are you reinstalling in the first place?04:32
cyberangervychune: soon enough04:32
Unit193You get... Sleep?04:33
vychunei do04:33
cyberangerbattries on charge, gotta either wait or pull them off & mark the remaining time04:33
cyberangerUnit193: necessary tonight04:33
cyberangertesting tommorow04:33
cyberangerTSA job hunting requirement I really should be able to pass04:34
cyberangersleep deprivation isn't something I want tommorow04:34
vychunelogging off04:52
vychunegot it rooted05:21
cyberangerwish me luck12:29
cyberangerchat later12:29
wrstgood luck cyberanger, let us know how it goes12:34
=== Xpistos1 is now known as Xpistos
Xpistosmornin' yo!12:57
wrsthey Xpistos you doing ok?12:57
Xpistosnot bad12:58
* pace_t_zulu is rebooting15:31
wrstwb pace_t_zulu looks like the reboot went well15:56
cyberangerwrst: thanks17:38
wrstgo ok cyberanger?17:38
cyberangerit went well, as I described before the NDA17:38
cyberangerdon't know how I did, I think I did well, but TSA will tell me later17:39
cyberangerNon Disclosure Agreement17:39
cyberangerover test materials17:39
cyberangerI don't think describing what I knew before the NDA would be an issue, but to play it safe, check the logs so I don't have to repeat17:40
cyberangeranyhow, gotta wait a week or so for results17:41
cyberangerwait, email time17:41
cyberangerTSA is in the inbox17:41
cyberangerdang, their ignoring my email prefrence again, sent as html17:44
cyberangerI much prefer text17:44
wrstahh cyberanger yes I should have known that17:45
wrstcyberanger: most of them probably don't use the terminal all the time17:45
cyberangerwrst: common IT term, much simpler than your avg IT NDA though17:46
cyberanger& the issue isn't terminal, it's who sends in html17:46
wrstahh ok17:46
cyberanger9 out of 10 times it marketing, spam17:46
cyberangerfamily email & such is dual or just txt17:47
cyberangerand so I use txt, see html code, check sender, and if it's worth checking, I may switch17:47
cyberangerhtml & remote images & such concern me, exploits17:47
cyberangerI passed, got a contigent offer, 14 days to review and accept (or decline I suppose)17:49
wrstcyberanger: that sounds good17:49
wrstor i think?17:49
cyberangerwrst: sorta, gotta see which post17:50
wrstok good, nothing is simple anymore it seems17:50
cyberangerthe subject line suggests one with slightly higer pay & expenses (adak, alaska)17:50
cyberanger(FAA Airport code ADK, hence my clue)17:51
cyberangeridk, even if it is, I have time to think & choose17:52
wrstalaska... wow17:53
wrstcyberanger: hate to see you leave but have to say if I were single and free to move about that would be pretty tempting :)17:53
cyberangerindeed, all the more reason to sit back a week and think17:55
cyberangerI have other offers out, including the TSA17:55
cyberangerHuntsville would barely mean a move17:55
cyberangerand I could sit on the state line17:55
cyberangerothers are closer to home17:55
cyberangeror family17:56
* cyberanger wonders if he actually applied for ADK, figures I did, merely to have a better chance at that time17:56
cyberanger(Decemer 2nd I think is when I applied to a quater of them, another quater the next day, the rest this month)17:57
cyberangerwrst: and besides, to really see me go, it'd take an op17:58
cyberanger(wait, my last act as trustee made you an op, D'Oh)17:59
wrstha ha ha :)17:59
wrstnah we aren't going to kick you, you would just over rule and come back anyway17:59
cyberangeryeah, and then pace_t_zulu would overrule me and strip my rights to op18:00
cyberangerbut you all love me, your kind dictator, right? ;-)18:00
cyberangerI'll be around on breaks and such, and still help chugalug & this loco progress18:01
cyberangerand the state loco for that matter18:01
* cyberanger didn18:01
cyberangert send a meeting reminder out on the 31st, drat18:01
cyberangerguess tonight's project is GNU Mailman18:02
cyberangerseems this offer is merely a step in the process, not a job offer or letter of acceptance18:05
cyberangerI can't use that site easily from a netbook18:05
cyberangerbut I did pass my test gonna head home, be back on in 30 minutes and read on the desktop18:09
cyberangeroh, and the contingent offer bit seems to be the status on all applications, so that's great news18:10
cyberangerI may even be able to pick between two or three18:10
cyberangerpay or location, that'd be the tradeoff18:10
cyberangeranyhow, see you all shortly18:10
wrst see you in a bit cyberanger18:12
cyberangerwrst: nice thing about exciting news, it travels23:17
cyberangerand it travels fast23:17
cyberanger(the unspoken part is it travels as fast as the kid in the 1988 Ford F150 can get it out)23:18
wrstha ha you have exciting news cyberanger?23:33
cyberangerI told you the second I got it, at my lunch23:40
cyberangerpassed the test, and got a contigent offer to review23:40
cyberangerand a job should follow that23:41
cyberanger(I know I've not landed the job, but it's likely, and the closest in awhile to a solid stable job)23:42

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