MarkDudePics from Open Source Convention >> https://picasaweb.google.com/tuxwingsgroup/OSCON201103:08
cjvalorie: I guess that makes us impotent!16:33
seattlegauchoMarkDude: I found a bunch of my old MySQL buddies in your photos ... besides Monty17:47
seattlegauchodidn't find myself17:48
* MarkDude plans on taking 500+ next year17:48
MarkDudeolder camera held me back a bit17:48
cjseattlegaucho: ooh!  was I included?  unlikely as I never got out to many conferences during my short tenure...18:02
cjwas this for OSCON 2011?18:02
cjoh, yeah... /me needs to read context18:02
seattlegauchoyep OSCON's last week18:02
cjwish I could have made it.18:02
seattlegauchoColin Charles is the one I remember the name18:02
cjyeah, I do remember quite a few emails from that guy18:03
cjdon't know that I met him in person, though18:03
seattlegauchowere you at any of the company meetings? Budapest? Cancún?18:03
cjnope.  I was flown to the mysql conf for my final interview with patrik, kaj and mårten18:06
cjmet most of the "important" folks there18:06
cjand communicated with peers via irc and email as I've always done before, during and since :)18:06
seattlegauchowhich year did were you hired?18:07
cjand made a point of resigning on 06/06/06 so I'd remember the date.18:07
cjdark humor.  ha ha.18:07
seattlegauchobudapest was '02, cancún was '03 ... 1st UC was '0318:08
seattlegauchoso you missed out on the company meetings18:08
cj*sniffle* I was there in spirit.18:08
* cj has been loving on mysql since '9618:09
cjat least I think that's the date 0.36 or whatever that was....18:09
cj3.23, I guess18:15
bkerensaWa & OR should do a GeekNic18:19
cjor maybe Wa & BC18:19
cjas I'm all of one short boat ride away18:20
cjbut with a dearth of tuits :(18:20
thefinn93WA, BC and OR - Ubuntu Cascadia18:21
* cj points at his twitter title18:29
MarkDudethefinn93, if we include Northern Cali- and souther Oregon- can we call it Ubuntu Siskyous?18:32
bkerensaAs in Canada?18:38
bkerensathats a bit far for me18:38
thefinn93:D im gonna be up there18:39
bkerensaI could do Seattle18:39
bkerensaor Redmond18:39
bkerensabut not BC18:39
cjI could do BC or Seattle19:42
cjbut not Redmond19:42
cjI'm in SEA on Thursday night19:43
cjbut asterisk users' group is scheduled for Thursday night, so you'd have to share the limelight19:43
cjcall me after 19:00 if you want to meet at or near f5 on elliot and harrison19:44
bkerensaWell I wanna get up to Seattle soon to have lunch with some people I know up there :) blogger types19:46
seattlegauchoOoh! Redmond right on MSFT's face20:02
cjI just scheduled a class for fall.  I will be teaching teh debians with a focus on preparing for operative personnel certification22:46

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