GirlyGirlSo what exactly goes on here compared to #ubuntu-woman and what are the goals achieved by this team, I read guidelines but would like past examples e.g XXX was done16:36
AlanBellthis channel is logged and meetings occur here, examples of things done may be found here http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/ReportingPage16:38
GirlyGirlThanks, why isn't the other one logged?16:38
AlanBellit was agreed not to do so, for roughly the same reasons as #ubuntu-offtopic not being logged16:39
GirlyGirlI see16:40
GirlyGirland one more thing what would be the difference between ubuntu-woman and -offtopic which one should I use16:43
IdleOne#ubuntu-woman is way less tolerant of trolls16:45
IdleOnewith good reason16:45
AlanBellit is #ubuntu-women to be pedantic16:46
IdleOnesorry, I just woke up and started typing16:46
AlanBellgood morning IdleOne  :)16:47
GirlyGirlhmm I guess ubuntu-women is for women who absolutely won't stand any obnoxious behaviour, so since I'm a rather young girl I wouldn't mind -offtopic16:48
macoi'm an op in -offtopic16:48
macoso is elky16:48
macoi applied for ops there so i could whack the sexist folks over the head though :)16:48
macobecause discussions like "why are all women so stupid? they're all crazy!" sometimes happen in there and thats Not OK16:49
GirlyGirlI've seen such things, I normally don't bother though thats probably because I know I'm not stupid16:50
macoi dont want to see people leaving because "apparently these people hate me" so i try to squash that kind of talk16:51
macopleia2: i have the list for the poll, but i'm going to be in the 16th century next week. who should i give the list to to set up the poll?16:54
AlanBellthe doctor?16:54
pleia2maco: yeah, Cc: me on the mail so I can nag jono to set it up next week in case he forgets or wahtever16:55
macojono didnt even do the list for me. he passed it on to dpm YESTERDAY (there goes the month cut-off!) who got me the list but said he doenst know how to setup a poll, and attemptng to explain it as two steps was going poorly, so i gave up and told him to give me the list and id find a way to get hte poll setup16:57
jonomaco, apologies I was traveling17:00
macooh. ok, sorry about being annoyed then17:01
akgranermaco I can set it up17:33
akgranerwhen does it need to be set up17:33
macoakgraner: monday17:33
macothanks :)17:33
akgranerok do you want the same info used as the last time but just use the new names17:34
macoguess so? i dont remember the last time one...its been a while ;)17:34
akgranermaco, ok I'll post it here before I make the poll live17:35
akgraneror run it past the leadership team17:35
macofrom this saturday to next, i'll be offline17:36
macothe only electronic device i intend to use for a week is my kindle...well, at least after i put the GPS away17:36
akgranergood for you!17:37
akgranerjono, you aren't allowed to travel :-P didn't you know that...17:37
pleia2thank you akgraner :)17:37
pleia2and maco!17:38
akgranerno worries - setting up the polls are fun for me - I guess I am weird that way17:38
pleia2I'm glad someone likes it17:38
akgraneroh just in case someone wants to read it - informit just published my article on Ubuntu Community: LoCo Communities Explained - thought I'd share it with the channel  - http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=173916317:42
GirlyGirl_pleia2: its really sad though crasheing such a new car see as I said in offtopic19:03
GirlyGirl_A bit near to tears right now. So I went to buy my first car today, a lovely purple 07 Toyota Yaris. As I pulled out of the ex owner's driveway onto the street my stiletto shoe got wedged in the carpet and I couldn't brake fast enough; I slammed into a van in front of me. My first accident ever. The car still runs and I'm fine but the front looks mushed up. I can't believe it I never had an accident in my parents co19:03
GirlyGirl_oh sorry resent that19:03
GirlyGirl_hmm I'm a careful driver , I guess replacing the matt and I should be fine19:06
GirlyGirl_pleia2: This never happened to me! Why did it have to happen with a new car in front of the owner, I'm sure he saw though I didn't look back. He must have thought I can't drive19:08
GirlyGirl_pleia2: What car do you drive?19:08
GirlyGirl_pleia2: ok19:09
GirlyGirl_I left one19:09
pleia2GirlyGirl_: you can stay there!19:09
pleia2just splitting the conversation is hard to follow19:09
GirlyGirl_here's fine19:10
pleia2and this is the project channel so talking about cars is very off-topic here19:10
pleia2we should talk in #ubuntu-women19:10
GirlyGirl_pleia2: Ah sorry19:10
pleia2no problem :)19:10
pleia2people read the logs here to keep up with the project, so we try to keep the chatter to a minimum19:10
pleia2AlanBell: thanks :)19:31
* AlanBell wonders what is going on19:48
pleia2we're being trolled19:50
AlanBellyeah I know19:50
pleia2I suspect someone mentioned us in an arch channel again19:55
MichelleQmakes me stabby.19:55
* AlanBell counts the pseudonyms and real names19:57
GirlyGirl_luigi seems fishy to me19:58
MichelleQif it quacks like a troll...19:59
* AlanBell thinks a duck would be more interesting than a troll20:49
AlanBellbut they do make a lot of mess and need water20:50

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