scoundrel50aHi, I was just wondering, does anybody know if the backlight problem in 11.04 has been fixed? 10:46
tjaaltonwhat backlight problem?10:51
scoundrel50aah, you helped me with it a couple of weeks ago, you asked me to install Oneiric .deb kernel11:04
scoundrel50awhen 110.04 starts, it gets right to the log in box, and the backlight turns off, 11:04
scoundrel50aI have a problem now though, just had a phone call, I have to go out, you wold me to post a bug to somewhere, that wasnt launchpad, its on there, but I cant remember where it was I posted the bug11:05
scoundrel50aI have to go out, will be back in about an hour11:05
tjaaltonbugs.freedesktop.org probably11:06
scoundrel50atjaalton: I am back in, I have to a few things, will be back later, but here is the bug number #3798612:54
tjaaltonscoundrel50a: as you can see, nothing has changed12:58
tjaaltonscoundrel50a: try oneiric alpha3 livecd when it's released later this week..12:58
scoundrel50aDo you think anything will be changed in 11.05, or will it wait not for Oneiric..... 13:01
scoundrel50a11.04, sorry13:01
tjaaltondepends if it's fixed in oneiric, and if it can be identified13:04
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