leafcutter9000D3814N: Could be an issue with it starting, I suggest checking the logs00:00
th0rD3814N: start gnome-panel and when you log out make sure you save the session.00:00
D3814Nok thanks leafcutter9000 and th0r00:00
Latariamy ubuntu don't start properly I'm in other PC but i've managed to start command line whi net protocols00:00
Latariacan i connect to internet?00:00
Viking667meh. I'm not having much luck with IRC servers today.00:01
Tech-1Does this have to be added to apparmor ? --- processes are unconfined but have a profile defined.   /sbin/dhclient (1052)00:01
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gamingdroidwhat is the proper way to change the user/group of apache? when I look inside the conf file there is some kind of script...???00:04
leafcutter9000Tech-1: If you restart the process, it will be protected by apparmor00:04
Tech-1ah, ic , ok..thanks00:04
leafcutter9000Tech-1: The process was probably started before apparmor loaded00:04
Tech-1ya, it was00:05
Tech-1on boot00:05
Tech-1i see how it works now..thanks00:05
LatariaInfernet:  no encunetra la sap o no esta instalada es lo primero que sale00:05
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Latariadespués se apaga si quiero arrancar normal00:05
leafcutter9000gamingdroid: You want to change the user which starts the apache program? Or the user who owns the web files apache serves?00:07
gamingdroidI want to change the user that apache spawns as, currently it is www-data00:07
gamingdroidleafcutter9000: ^^^00:08
leafcutter9000gamingdroid: You can specify the user/group in your httpd.conf, and run apache as root. It will switch to the user you specify00:09
leafcutter9000Not sure why you'd need to run as a different user though00:09
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bizbyI need help with grub after installing windows. I ran grub-install from a livecd, but when I boot up it just gives me a grub command prompt... update-grub gives me an error00:09
gamingdroidleafcutter9000: There is a comment in the apache2.conf file suggesting thisL "# These need to be set in /etc/apache2/envvars" When I go into that file it is some kind of script?00:11
IbyssHow can I browse in another partition, via, terminal?00:12
dr_willisenv vars = bash enviroment variables.. im guessing00:12
leafcutter9000gamingdroid: I'd presume an additional config file. I've only setup apache on Red Hat00:12
IbyssI want to look in sda300:12
dr_willisIbyss:  cd to its mounted location00:12
edbianIbyss: Mount that partition (it may already be) than go to that folder.00:12
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount00:12
bizbysudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt00:13
Intel_iXhow do you share public keys with "passwords and encryption"?00:14
torsionvlc n00b here. How do I use the get_length command? I have an mp4 file here, what magic command do I type to get its length?00:15
Viking667why do you need that length?00:15
ratkinsonI have a small script i need to autostart when ubuntu 11.04 starts. where do i add it to make it start when ubuntu starts?00:16
ZeZuwhy does apt tell me packages are held back and i need to do a dist-upgrade to get them?   I thought dist-upgrade was meant to move to the next release?   ie:  when unstable is moved to stable ...00:16
ASKidwaihow do i make qBittorrent start on boot?00:16
edbianZeZu: do-release-upgrade is used to move from one release to the next.  Not sure what dist-upgrade is for anymore...00:16
ZeZuratkinson, you can add it to the startup scripts depending on how you would like it run ( IE: which runlevel, and if you need it restarted if its quit )00:16
zeppelin101how can i find out what's the max supported (custom resolution) for my graphics adapter? It's intel integrated gfx in my aspire 5741-576300:17
ZeZuedbian, ok thanks,  I am sane though,  thats what it used to be for?00:17
dr_willisedbian:  i finf dist-upgrade pulls in a 'more intensive' upgrade. often kernels and drivers00:17
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Viking667ZeZu: you did try :apt-get upgrade: first?00:17
ZeZuI was thinking that they were being held back because of incompatibilities w/ binary drivers,  but was surprised to see dist-upgrade lets me00:17
frozenpacketAnyone know anything about Roll back?00:17
ratkinsonZeZu: where are the startup scripts located?00:17
ZeZuViking667, of course, thats what said they were held bakc00:18
edbianZeZu: According to the man page it is a more intense upgrade (I just use sudo aptitude safe-upgrade)00:18
ZeZuratkinson,  look at docs for initd00:18
ASKidwaihow do i make qBittorrent start on boot?00:18
ratkinsonZeZu on the ubuntu forums?00:19
edbianASKidwai: add it to system -> preferences -> startup00:19
Jordan_UZeZu: dist-upgrade is used when to update certain packages other packages must be installed or removed (rather than just updated). This normall means that something is somewhat broken if you're not using a development release (also common if you use poorly managed ppas)00:19
ASKidwaiedbian, where is the executable binary?00:19
ZeZuJordan_U, thanks00:19
edbianASKidwai: what program is it?00:19
frozenpacketso does anybody know anything about Ubuntu or is everyone pretty much lurking just asking00:19
ParadigmUltraIs there a way to edit lyrics in Banshee?00:20
Viking667frozenpacket: I know some stuff but not a lot.00:20
ASKidwaiinstalled from Ubuntu software center00:20
ZeZuratkinson, i'm sure the ubuntu forums might find it too,  i just use google personally00:20
edbianASKidwai: somewhere in /usr/bin00:20
edbianASKidwai: assuming it was installed from the package manager00:20
ASKidwaiedbian, installed from Ubuntu software center00:20
mcurranAnyone know the fix when you cannot connect to unsecured wireless networks?00:20
th0rmcurran: install a wifi card?00:21
aeon-ltdParadigmUltra: depends how they handle them, if say they cache them they should have a dotfolder with all of the ones you have downloaded00:21
Artificial_24I keep getting a build error -> http://pastebin.com/xhWjbM0f00:21
Artificial_24Anyone know if the program was badly downloaded or am I missing something..00:21
mcurranI have an installed wireless card, works fine.  I use wicd and or dhclient, but I can only connect to encrypted networks.  If i try to connect to an unsecured AP, I cannot connect.00:22
edbianASKidwai: then it's in /usr/bin.  However ubuntu automatically looks in certain locations (including /usr/bin) when you give a command.  So likely you can just guess the name in the terminal and that will be enough to run the program.  /usr/bin has a LOT of stuff in it.00:22
ASKidwaiedbian, thank you :D00:22
edbianASKidwai: The ubuntu software center is a graphical front-end to the package manager apt00:22
edbianASKidwai: sure00:22
ParadigmUltraaeon-ltd: I used iTunes to write all my lyrics into the mp3 file, and they all display in Banshee, but I can't see how to add more manually00:23
Troy^ok so when i plug my headphones in i can still hear the sound over my laptop speakers. so how do i prevent the laptop speakers from staying on when headphones plugged in?00:23
Viking667Artificial_24: check lengths of the original tarball00:23
ParadigmUltraTroy^: I had that problem in 9.10, I fixed by upgrading to 11.400:23
frozenpacketedbian: Do you know anything about Graphics cards?00:23
ASKidwaiTroy^, did you plug it in the headphone port or mic port?00:24
Viking667the other thing to try would be extracting by using the shell, instead of a GUI. That'll sometimes turn up whether the package was broken.00:24
edbianfrozenpacket: yep.  ati or nvidia?00:24
ratkinsonZeZu, if i add my script to the end of /etc/init.d/x11-common will it screw anything up?00:24
Troy^no the speaker port00:24
edbianratkinson: The correct place would be /etc/rc.local00:24
frozenpacketedbian: i know what i have to do but i tried it and doesn't work00:24
ratkinsonoh ok00:24
frozenpacketedbian: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReinhardTartler/X/RevertingIntelDriverTo2.400:24
Drone4fourok, what does it say?00:24
Troy^well im using a self installed alsa driver due to laptop subwoofer not working with standard driver00:24
th0rmcurran: usually the other way around. What errors do you get when it fails. Have you checked dmesg after trying? Or better yet, start a 'tail -f /var/log/messages' before attempting so you can see errors in real time00:25
Drone4fourdamn, wrong channel00:25
Viking667Right. I'll go see if I can prod something into life. I'll disappea.00:25
frozenpacketroll back or something like that but i can't edit my /etc/apt/sources.list: file00:25
edbianfrozenpacket: what is your question?00:25
ParadigmUltraI'm so mad that I can't play my iTunes music that I bought!  Now I have to go aquire another copy without restrictions.00:25
edbianfrozenpacket: how are you trying to edit it? gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list  ?00:25
ParadigmUltraI'm buying from amazon from now on00:26
Troy^uh oh now i have no sound00:26
edbianParadigmUltra: DRM stinks00:26
frozenpacketedbian: what its not working when i do Sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.400:26
mcurranI get this, which is basically a non-authentication/timeout I believe:  No DHCPOFFERS received.00:26
mcurranNo working leases in persistent database - sleeping.00:26
ASKidwai /usr needs root but I write some stuff for a site that that requires me to download and upload stuff and the download manager needs access to /usr00:26
th0rmcurran: right, looks like a dhcp issue00:26
ASKidwaimy question is, is there anyway to give it access00:27
qinASKidwai: site? You mean www?00:27
ASKidwaiqin, yes00:27
edbianfrozenpacket: One thing at a time.  Were you able to edit /etc/apt/sources.list ?00:27
Artificial_24Can someone give me the link that was offered earlier regarding the realtek wifi drivers?00:27
ratkinsonedbian: when i edit rc.local it says by default this script does nothing. How would i go about enabling it?00:27
qinASKidwai: Anywhere you want.00:27
frozenpacketedbian: no i wasn't00:27
dewey42which loadkeys should I use for spanish keyboard?00:27
frozenpacketedbian: it won't let me edit anything in that file00:27
ZeZuratkinson, sorry bit busy here,  take a look in:  /etc/init.d/README00:28
ZeZuit gives a few notes and some links00:28
Artificial_24i believe it was spoken of earlier by Th0r, he pasted ubuntu forums url, if anyone can give it to me again I'd appricate it.00:28
ZeZubasically you don't need to edit any of htem00:28
edbianratkinson: It runs by default.  It just doesn't do anything.00:28
ZeZu you just add another script in the appropriate place that does nothing other than startup your app and tell what to do if it needs to be restart .... mostly for services00:28
FrankyoIm gonna give up00:28
edbianfrozenpacket: answer my question then.  How did you edit it?  gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list00:28
ASKidwaiqin, the download only does stuff in /usr00:29
ZeZuFrankyo, giving up is your own issue :)  .... what is your issue anyhow ?00:29
ASKidwaiqin, I can't control where it does that00:29
Frankyoi been trying for days to get Belkin f7d2101 to work with ubuntu 10.0400:29
frozenpacketedbain: i wasn't able to edit it...00:29
ZeZuFrankyo,  I don't have one of those, sorry .... what is it?  usb wifi ?00:29
frozenpacketedbain: i open the file i can read it in notepad but i can't edit it00:29
Frankyousb wifi00:29
mcurranNO th0r, It's not a dhcp issue, even though it looks like it.  I cannot connect to the unsecured AP's, while they connect fine in windows.  This is the same result for any unsecured network using either wicd-client, nm, or dhclient, and I'm not the only one.  Cannot find a solution yet online.00:30
edbianfrozenpacket: Are you using windows to edit this file?  How are you using notepad?00:30
Frankyoi did the procedures of this forum  --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=975901100:30
ZeZuFrankyo, you use iwconfig ?00:30
Frankyozezu: no i did not00:30
Frankyoi did lsusb00:30
robin0800Artificial_24, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160410100:31
frozenpacketedbian: sorry text editor00:31
ZeZuFrankyo,  ok lsusb just lists usb devices plugged in,  .... i mean if you got that firmware file in link you posted etc ...00:31
ZeZuthen is it being loaded and used ?00:31
Frankyowhen i do lsusb i see the device   bus 001 Device 004: ID 050D:2103 Belkin componets00:31
edbianfrozenpacket: Use this: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list   after you edit / save the file and sudo apt-get update the package will appear.00:31
ZeZuok so do a lsmod and see if your driver is loaded00:31
Frankyoi see the device but its not working, i can't connect to the internet and the light on the usb belkin does not turn on00:31
Artificial_24robin0800: thanks00:32
ZeZuok but is the driver loaded ?00:32
ASKidwaiqin, the download manager only uses stuff in /usr00:32
ZeZuif not, then thats not surprising00:32
ZeZulsmod should list r8192s_usb00:32
ZeZuif not then try:  sudo modprobe r8192s_usb00:32
mcurranfor using realtek 8192 usb, download the newest driver directly from realtek's website.  You will need to know the specific chip 8192CU, 8192SE, etc.00:34
ParadigmUltraSo there is no way to edit the Lyrics metadata of mp3s in banshee?00:34
mcurranthen modprobe -l <driver>00:34
Artificial_24Viking667: Its the exact same size as it is on the ftp.00:34
Viking667hm. is there any md5sum data?00:35
Viking667... though personally, from what you posted, I suspect a missing/changed header file.00:35
FrankyoZezu: http://pastebin.com/xRdauhcM00:35
Viking667Anyway, I'm heading off to do some testing.00:36
odie5533Where should I install programs I compile from source?00:37
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edbianodie5533: /usr/local/bin or ~/bi00:37
edbianodie5533: ~/bin if only your user is going to use it00:37
odie5533What is /usr/bin/ for?00:38
edbianodie5533: /usr/bin is for binaries installed by the package manager00:38
edbianodie5533: /usr/local/bin is for things you've manually installed that everybody can use.00:38
odie5533how does it differ from /bin?00:38
edbianodie5533: /bin is stuff that is core to the system and cannot / should not be removed.00:39
FrankyoZezu: Fatal: Module 8192s_usb not found00:39
edbianodie5533: Things like cd go in /bin00:39
odie5533oh. thank you.00:39
edbianodie5533: sure :)00:39
witesharkstill not able to boot 11.0400:39
Frankyocan i pm you please?00:40
witesharkthe repair MBR steps appeared to work but it still won't boot00:40
edbianwiteshark: What happens when you try to boot?00:40
Frankyomcurran and zezu  can i pm you please00:40
Cerrdorhow do I open a .jar file in Ubuntu?00:41
FrozenpacketOkay did that whats next?00:41
witesharkedbian: the error seen here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143248600:41
Cerrdordo I need to open it in terminal or browse to the file00:41
Cainushey all...  I'm currently piping a command to /bin/true to get it to give a 0 exit code everytime... is there a way to get it to give a 0 exit code if it's 0 or 2 (but not 1)?00:41
edbianwiteshark: reading...00:41
edbianwiteshark: you did what jeff anthony said in the second post?00:42
witesharkedbian: not yet - i did all this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub00:43
odie5533What does the 'source' program do? It has no man page.00:43
zeppelin101any here use a kvm switch (or output to monitor from laptop using a vga cable)? for some reason, the picture i get on the monitor is quite lacking in brightness/color, and this is something which does not match the laptop's or the monitor's settings00:43
edbianwiteshark: What happens right now when you boot?  (did any of these steps change anything?)00:44
unomiis it just me that finds it really annoying and silly that: Alt+rightdrag doesn't resize. When you get a 'New Mail notification', you can't actually click on the popup to read it ( and it has no info on the email ( title, sender *anything* ). When you are in the file navigator - you can't seem to choose to open a terminal window in a given folder?00:44
Cerrdorhow do I open a .jar file in Ubuntu?00:44
Zeldahello. is there an app that will help with the system management. LIke throttling down cpu and brightness etc?00:45
witesharkedbian: no change - get exactly what's seen in the first post from UBF00:45
edbianCerrdor: .jar files are compressed (zip I believe).  Open it with file-roller00:45
zeppelin101zelda: you can surely adjust brightness with 'monitor' applet. just search for it00:45
robin0800unomi, think theirs a nautilus add on for that00:45
edbianwiteshark: Then a mistake was made.  I can help walk you through it.  I have fixed this issue before.  Are you in Ubuntu right now??00:45
witesharki'm running off my live CD00:46
Cerrdoredbian, archiver?00:46
Loshkiodie5533: source is a shell builtin, search 'man bash00:46
Zelda@zeppelin I know that. Is there an app to throttle down the cpu mine is always running and the fans are getting to hot for the notebook to be sitting here.00:46
edbianCerrdor: sure00:46
edbianwiteshark: Did you mount the ubuntu partition in /mnt  ?00:46
Cerrdorjust says it not able to open it00:47
edbianCerrdor: Then I'm not sure00:47
PiciCainus: I'm sure you probably could do something fancy with || and && to do that, but I'd need to be more awake than I am right now to tell you how.  Have you tried asking in #bash ?00:47
edbianCerrdor: extract JAR files using the jar command that comes with a JDK00:48
witesharkedbian: i just followed the steps in the link i posted -- i did get the 'installation finished - no errors reported' message - but no reboot00:48
odie5533Loshki: Thanks. I did help source and that helped :)00:48
witesharkedbian:  should we pm?00:48
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edbianwiteshark: if you want to PM I am up for it00:48
odie5533Every program I look for wants me to build it from source and recommends that over using the repos. Isn't the whole point of having repos so I don't have to build everything from source?00:49
CainusPici: trying now :)00:49
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odie5533When should I ever build a program from source when it's available in a repo somewhere?00:49
edbianodie5533: yes, ignore that advice.  If it's in the repos use the repos unless YOU want some feature that is not in the version in the repos00:50
edbianodie5533: If the version in the repo has a bug or is missing a feature.00:50
edbianodie5533: ALWAYS install from the repos first.00:50
PiciAlso remember:00:50
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.00:50
Unbuntu_N0oBCan anyone tell me how to create a directory easily ? I mkdired but when I try to create a subdirectory in it ... I get a 'permission denied' error00:51
edbianUnbuntu_N0oB: If you want to create a dir not in your home folder use sudo mkdir00:52
odie5533Pici: oh, wow. I didn't realize they only update for security problems between releases.00:53
Unbuntu_N0oBedbian:  I did but .... lemme explain more in details: I am creating this dir so that I can install a virtualBox in it .... But when i run VirtualBox, I then get the permission error .... So basically, I want a directory that can be used by an application ..... and have the right permissions00:53
edbianUnbuntu_N0oB: put the directory in your home folder (don't use sudo)00:54
Unbuntu_N0oBI tried but VirtualBox crashed because my home is encrypted ...00:54
edbianUnbuntu_N0oB: Then sudo mkdir /some/where/else/  and then sudo chown you:you /some/where/else/00:55
zeppelin101is it dangerous to use xrandr to set a non-standard resolution for my laptop? (e.g. native is 1366x768 and i wanna set it to 1680x1050)?00:56
fluvvellzeppelin101, if your card and monitor support it, 1680x1050 is not a problem01:01
zeppelin101fluvvell: 1680x1050 is monitor's native, but i have no idea if my laptop's [intel] integrated graphics chipset supports it01:01
zeppelin101it's certainly not one of the resolutions listed for LVDS1 when i run 'xrandr'01:02
fluvvellzeppelin101, the laptop monitor might not support it, but when you plug in the monitor it may be available in xrandr01:03
fluvvellthats what happens on my HP laptop.01:04
zeppelin101fluvvell: it might or might not support it, but i'm not sure if i should just run 'xrandr --output LDVS1 --mode 1680x1050'. Is that dangerous (forcing a non-standard resolution on the intel adapter)?01:04
M4d3Lhi. anyone is using last version of cacti on ubuntu?01:05
tyler_dI have the nvidia drivers installed through the supported repositories; however I do not have 3d support. Hep me please?01:05
fluvvellzeppelin101, can you test it from the desktop with System->Preferences->Monitors?  That uses xrandr AFAIK01:05
ikoniaM4d3L: which version ?01:05
M4d3Likonia: 0.8.7g01:06
ikonia!info cacti01:06
ubottucacti (source: cacti): Frontend to rrdtool for monitoring systems and services. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.7g-1 (natty), package size 2038 kB, installed size 5520 kB01:06
ikoniaM4d3L: that's the one currently in the reop01:06
Cerrdoranyone familiar with curl?01:06
M4d3Lhum... it install the version 0.8.7e when I try to install it01:07
M4d3Lon 10.0401:07
Unbuntu_N0oBedbian:  thanks a lot man ! It works !!!01:07
ikoniaM4d3L: ahhh, that makes sense, 10.04 is older01:07
M4d3Lcan I upgrade to newer? on my server01:07
ratkinsonalright, ive been trying and trying to get this to work and i cant figure it out. All i want to id is launch chromium-browser -- kiosk 10 seconds after boot... how do i do that (dont need anything special, dont care if it reopens after its been closed just want it to launch after booting into ubuntu)01:07
ratkinsonid = do01:08
ikoniaM4d3L: not through the package manager01:08
ikoniaM4d3L: is there a problem with the version in 10.0401:08
dr_willisratkinson:  you could make a custome x session for that.01:08
bkerensaAnyone know why images uploaded by Shotwell are not editable on FB?01:09
dr_willisratkinson:  there may be some koisk howtos out for chromiom or some extenstions also01:09
edbianUnbuntu_N0oB: sure01:10
ratkinsondr_willis: i have penmount touchscreen drivers loading in my current (default) session will it effect that?01:10
unomiI swear that new mail popup is TAUNTING ME01:10
M4d3Likonia: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades is not good?01:10
ratkinsondr_willis: if i run chromium-browser --kiosk in a terminal it does exactly what i want it to do01:10
ikoniaM4d3L: that's an upgrade of the whole OS01:11
dr_willisratkinson:  depends on how they are getting loaded.  you can make a .xinitrc to run exactly what you tell it to01:11
M4d3Lyeah. it what I mean01:11
M4d3Lupgrade to 10.10?01:11
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ikoniaM4d3L: personally, I wouldn't as you'll lose LTS support01:11
dr_willisor copy and edit the gnome.desktop gdm file01:11
ikoniaM4d3L: is there a reason you want to upgrade cacti ?01:11
M4d3Lto use plugin in fact01:12
ratkinsondr_willis: all i want to run after ubuntu 11.04 loads is bash sleep 30; "chromium-browser --kiosk"01:12
ikoniaM4d3L: which plugin ?01:12
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M4d3LI have updated it. to last version manually. data is fetch but graph stay empty : http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/163/graphimagephp.png/01:12
dr_willisratkinson:  you mean after x starts.. you can make a custome x session to do that01:13
ikoniaM4d3L: what have you updated manually ?01:13
ratkinsondr_willis: i cnt just add it to a script that already runs in the current x?01:13
M4d3Lfrom 0.8.7e to g01:13
ikoniaM4d3L: that's a very bad idea, ubuntu's layout and plugin layout is custom, it's non-standard01:13
ikoniaM4d3L: why did you update it from e to g ?01:13
ratkinsoni guess i dont fully understand what a x session is tbh01:13
M4d3Lto have last version lol01:13
ikoniaM4d3L: then you have made a pointless mess of your system01:14
dr_willisratkinson:  you want just the browser? or a normal desktop.and the browser..01:14
ikoniaM4d3L: if there is no reason to update and you've done it blindly with no understanding of the changes ubuntu makes, you will have broke it01:14
ratkinsondr_willis: normal desktop and the browser01:14
M4d3LI just updated php file.01:15
M4d3Lits not supose to break. :(01:15
ikoniaM4d3L: it is01:15
M4d3LI have pay attention to config setup01:15
ikoniaM4d3L: as I said, ubuntu lays out a lot of things different,01:15
dr_willisratkinson:  so use the autorun dir. and make a simple 2 line script.01:15
ratkinsondr_willis: can i add a bash command to the end of and currently running scripts?01:15
M4d3Lso its better to install cacti wihout package?01:15
ikoniaM4d3L: no, it's better to use the package manager01:15
dr_willisratkinson: you are using gnome?01:16
=== ericmuyser|away is now known as ericmuyser
GTAXLAnyone know how I can log out of ubuntu when it only shows desktop background?01:16
M4d3Lbut we stay with bug more longer?01:16
ikoniaM4d3L: you have just told me there is no reason for you to upgrade, so why waste your time and break support01:16
ikoniaM4d3L: what bug ?01:16
ratkinsondr_willis: ok :) wheres the auto run dir? I'm using a fresh clean install of ubuntu 11.0401:16
M4d3Lall bug cacti have fix01:16
ikoniaM4d3L: do any of them effect you ?01:16
ratkinsondr_willis: so yes i am using gnome01:16
ikoniaM4d3L: and not all version updates are bug fixes, some change functionality01:16
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot01:16
dr_willis .config/atuorun i think01:17
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:17
dr_willisits not running at boot.. its at user login01:17
dr_willis  .config/autostart   not run01:19
ParadigmUltraWell, I found that i can edit the lyrics using Rhytmbox :-/01:20
ratkinsondr_willis: how would i get to the .config/autostart location from terminal01:20
ratkinsondr_willis: i tried cd /.config01:20
ratkinsonim sorry for being such a noob01:21
dr_willisratkinson:  via cd command.. you may want to spend an hr learning shell basics01:21
dr_williscd .config01:21
dr_willis  / means the root of the filesystem...01:22
dr_willisbash / filesystem basics01:22
ratkinsondr_willis: so once im in .config/autostart/ i can just create a .sh file in there and make it exe?01:23
dr_willis  /home/username/.vonfig/autostart01:23
dr_willisyes.. make a script file.01:24
dr_willis3 lines.. #!/bin/bash     sleep  20       yourcommand01:25
Troy^#!/usr/bin/env bash01:25
ratkinsonbash -c "sleep 30; chromium-browser --kiosk" wont work? that works from terminal as intended01:27
Troy^have you chmod u+rx your script that you created01:28
dr_williswhy so complex rat...01:28
ratkinsonI chmod +x chromium.sh01:29
dr_willisscript is allready running in bash.01:29
ratkinsonneed the u+rx as well01:29
dr_willistry it and see i guess. i dont see why you need the u rx01:30
Troy^no you dont01:30
Troy^but you dont need the bash command01:31
dr_willisthe 3 lines i gave are a rather standard template script for doing the stuff like this01:31
GTAXLAnyone know how I can log out of ubuntu when it only shows desktop background?01:33
coz_GTAXL,   ctrl+alt+F1  log in   sudo  restart gdm01:34
pooltablehow to i look at my print jobs?01:35
GTAXLkk. :)01:36
somsippooltable: http://localhost:631 if you use CUPS01:37
dr_willislpq command  - old school way pooltable01:38
pooltableok i want to reprint a page i print eary in the day ?01:39
GTAXLAnyway to get rid of the grey bar at the top and bottom and make it match the theme? but without using unity, which is disabled01:40
coz_GTAXL,  to get rid of the bottom panel ,, right click   "delete panel"01:40
WG1337Hi! Is it possible to update my autoconf version from 2.50 to 2.67 in Ubuntu Lucid?01:40
GTAXLNo, I wanna keep it. Just change it from grey to match the theme01:40
coz_GTAXL,  to get rid of the top panel,,well.. I have seen several   posts about this. but in all honestly I like my top panel so I never really tried any of them01:41
coz_GTAXL,  ah I see01:41
coz_GTAXL,   you mean to match the wallpaper?01:41
GTAXLno. The top and bottom bar are grey. Looks yuckie. And it doesn't match the theme set.01:42
coz_GTAXL, can you take a screenshot of the desktop and upload to picpaste.com   let me see what you mean01:42
GTAXLok. I'll try01:42
coz_GTAXL,  just hit the printscreen button for that01:42
chucklargehey guys, i just got a 3tb drive.  formatted it ext4 and it shows up as 2tb, any ideas?  http://pastebin.com/uEEd3Mxu01:44
chucklargeif i don't partition as sdd1 and sdd instead, i get the 3tb01:44
ikoniachucklarge: you put a dos based partition table on it01:44
chucklargeikonia: uhh really?01:44
preecherwhen installing another distro on a partition how do i do it so i get a choice of which one i boot into?-when i install kubuntu on my empty partition i get a choice of booting into kubuntu on the that partition or ubuntu on the partition its on--but if i install something else when i reboot i only get the newly installed distro & ubuntu isnt listed01:45
coz_GTAXL, oh ok ,, that looks like the default gnome theme01:45
ikoniachucklarge: they are limited to 2TB01:45
GTAXLI want it to look like the old Ubuntu01:45
coz_GTAXL,  go into system/preferences/appearance,,  hit the customize button and change the theme to see if it changes01:45
chucklargeikonia:  ok, thought i was doing ext401:45
frawstWhat is the best program to use to boot up a windows program through?01:45
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
ikoniachucklarge: ext4 is a file system, not a partition table01:45
GTAXLIt don't change01:45
ikoniachucklarge: ext4 is correct, but you have used an MS dos based partition table01:45
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest99533
ikoniachucklarge: you need to use a GPT partition table01:46
chucklargeikonia: ok, that makes sense, uh,01:46
chucklargeikonia: headless box01:46
coz_GTAXL,  let me check something,, I know this has happened to some hold on01:46
ikoniachucklarge: what has that got to do with it?01:46
chucklargeoh, i thought it was some gui, sorry01:46
frawstHelp Please : What program is the easiest to boot up a windows program through ubuntu? Is it possible to convert a desktop workspace into my Win7 enviro or something of the like?01:47
ikoniafrawst: no01:47
ikonia!wine > frawst01:47
ubottufrawst, please see my private message01:47
ikonia!appdb > frawst01:47
chucklargeikonia: thanks i'll check it out01:47
th0rfrawst: wine can run some windows programs, and I have windows7 installed in virtualbox but it does run rather slow01:47
frawstubottu : Thanks very much01:47
ubottufrawst: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:47
frawstth0r : Thanks for the asst.01:48
coz_GTAXL,  out of curiosity,, which video card do yo u have there?01:48
frawst<< Linux noob01:48
coz_GTAXL,   open a terminal      lspci | grep -i vga01:48
GTAXLIt's a Virtual Box machine01:48
coz_GTAXL, ah  ok thats  probably why  hold on01:48
GTAXLI have a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 365001:49
coz_GTAXL,   read through this,,,  maybe it may help http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4112701:50
Galindarhello all. I have been having the "out of range" monitor error since installing 11.04. I installed the startup-manager and the new driver from Aditional Drivers option. I then set the startup-manager to a setting that seems to be out of range for my monitor(1600x1200) although i was using 1920x1080. how do i change the settings in startup-manager so i can see my screen again?01:51
=== __mikem is now known as mmiller235
dr_willisGalindar:  just the bootmenu had the issue . desktop.works ?01:52
zeppelin101_is it possible to force a different aspect ratio onto your display adapter? (in my case it's intel integrated graphics)01:52
WG1337How to update autoconf to 2.67? ubuntu doesn't alow to go further then 2.6501:53
Galindardr_willis: previous to me changing the settings in startup-manager yes. now desktop will not work when i hit enter at the first "out of range" error. it goes into a second "out of range" error upon the desktop loading. and i can not get to the grub. it gives same error.01:54
dr_willisGalindar:  i dont trust startup manager.. ;)  for the grub part. edit the /etc/default/grub and set it up to use a low res text menu screen. ( uncomment 1 line i think)01:55
Galindari have been trying to burn a new ubuntu dvd but my InfraRecorder seems to act like it's burning but burn nothing to the dvd. I installed a brand new dvdrw i had laying around and same error still..01:55
dr_willisGalindar:  as for the x issue... not sure01:55
playerHi guys, I am having a ton of trouble installing ubuntu. For example, Ubuntu is not detecting the new partition I created. Also, it keeps giving me the error "No root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu."01:55
Galindarhow do i edit grub when i can not see anything at any point other than "out of range"? lol i feel like pulling my hair out..01:56
zeppelin101_galindar: i dont think you're meant to edit grub by hand nowadays. i suggest you use an app like 'startup manager'01:57
ratkinsondr_willis: got it! thanks a lot man!01:58
Galindarzeppelin101_: i used the startup-manager and set monitor to 1600x1200 but my monitor does not recognize it. when desktop loads i recieve the "out of range" error once again ;c(01:58
M4d3Likonia: I just installed cacti standalone last version and it work like a charm now :)01:59
zeppelin101_Galindar: i'm actually working on resolution problems myself :/01:59
ikoniaM4d3L: well done, it won't be supported here01:59
Galindaris there an option to set startup-manager to defaults?02:00
M4d3LI know. I was just asked if someone have updated it to last version using ubuntu package.02:00
witeshark11.04 grub problems... anyone know the answer?02:00
JosePwiteshark: 11.04 screwed up my server02:00
Galindari was using 1920x1080 in 10.10 with no problem. i just assumed my monitor recognized 1600x1200 but it doesnt and now im at a loss of what to do since i get no visuals of any kind. i can boot desktop from the first "out of range" error by hitting enter, but since monitor does not recognize 1600x1200 i get a second "out of range" when desktop loads.. ;c(02:00
dr_willisratkinson:  all this time for a  3 line script? ;)02:00
mcurranwhat tools should one use for messing with usb wireless cards in ubuntu?  should it show up under ifconfig if the module is loaded properly?02:01
edbianwireshark can't install grub to /dev/sda  He mounted his root in /mnt and we ran sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda  but dd if=/dev/sda of=/02:01
zeppelin101_Galindar: no idea how to force it default, but .. you should always make backups of files like that!02:01
mcurranI'm trying to designate wlan1 to my belkin f7d1101v1/8192su/8712u module.02:01
edbianwireshark can't install grub to /dev/sda  He mounted his root in /mnt and we ran sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda  but dd if=/dev/sda of=~/mbr   and then file ~/mbr does not show 'GRand Unified Bootloader' for some reason. Help?  Ideas?02:01
mcurrancan't get it to load up02:01
ratkinsondr_willis: i know wheres the start > programs > startup folder for ubuntu :)02:01
dr_willisGalindar:  live cd, and chroot in. edit grub configs first. then reboot to text mode and fix x02:01
mcurrandifferent for each desktop, gnome, kde, unity, etc02:02
mcurranusually, /home/<username>/.config/autostart02:02
pooltableis there a way to print a page i print about 5 hours a go?02:02
edbianwiteshark: you here?02:02
edbianwiteshark *** can't install grub to /dev/sda  He mounted his root in /mnt and we ran sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda  but dd if=/dev/sda of=~/mbr   and then file ~/mbr does not show 'GRand Unified Bootloader' for some reason. Help?  Ideas?02:02
witesharkedbian: yup02:02
dr_willisactually kde and gnome and lxde all use .confit/autostart now02:02
edbianwiteshark: :)02:02
mcurrananyone help with wireless?02:02
Galindardr_willis: any suggestions on a working iso burning software? InfraRecorder just seems to pretend it's burning something when in reality it's doing nothing..02:03
Galindarty for the help dr_willis. once i get a dvd burnt i'll try what you suggested.02:04
K-RichHey all02:05
edbianwiteshark: Strange problem btw.  I'm thinking perhaps the partitions on the drive are a bit confused.  CAn you open gparted?02:06
witesharkedbian: i can try02:07
witesharkrebooting live cd now02:08
firmevatolots of lucas's in here right now02:08
edbianwiteshark: k02:08
witesharkedbian: is it worth it to try to burn an 11.04 or 10.10 cd on the other computer?02:09
edbianwiteshark: I don't think that's the problem but if you wanna try it I'm up for it.  Did you run gparted?02:10
PolahDoes medibuntu contain Bluray codecs?02:10
witesharklive cd still booting02:10
edbianwiteshark: gparted is in system -> admin -> gparted02:11
syntaxxi have 4 monitor setup using ubuntu 10.04 but i am having problem it makes my system slow and sometimes hangs.. im running a nvidia quadro nvs 295 video card. any idea?02:11
Galindarwoot burnt dvd.. be back in a few02:12
zeppelin101_hey is it possible to 'reset' the wired network settings? i was messing with spoofing mac addresses and disabling network connections, and now, only the wifi works02:12
witesharkedbian: okay it's opne02:12
edbianwiteshark: What does it think about things?  Any immediate errors about the sectors / partitions / mbr being messed up?02:13
lucas_¿alguno que hable español?02:13
edbianwiteshark: Do any of the partitions in the list on the bottom half have warning !'s or orange triangles or red circles?02:13
rww!es | lucas_02:13
ubottulucas_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:13
lucas_ok gracias02:13
witesharkedbian: all looks good02:13
edbianwiteshark: mmm, strange02:14
K-Richfunny, after dealing with my computer getting sluggish with flash in firefox, i said screw it and tried chrome and their flash linked across the system, and nvidia 173 driver, smooth as silk now even full screen02:14
K-Richgeforce 7300 go02:14
syntaxxi have 4 monitor setup using ubuntu 10.04 but i am having problem it makes my system slow and sometimes hangs.. im running a nvidia quadro nvs 295 video card. any idea?02:14
lucas_help whit videos02:15
lucas_when i play video02:15
lucas_whit mplayer02:16
lucas_Ubuntu 11.10 restart02:16
edbianwiteshark *** can't install grub to /dev/sda  He mounted his root in /mnt and we ran sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda  but dd if=/dev/sda of=~/mbr   and then file ~/mbr does not show 'GRand Unified Bootloader' for some reason. Help?  Ideas?02:16
lucas_do you install grub4dos?02:17
nufcedis there a way to set defualt geometry and postion in terminal profiles?02:18
zeppelin101_nufced: you can set the default size of the terminal in the profile settings for terminal02:19
FishsceneGreetings. I'm trying to log into Ubuntu 11.04. When I log in, the screen drops to a terminal saying something with the lines "spurious respons..." and dumps me back to the login screen. What should I do to diagnose/resolve this?02:20
ikonialucas_: please don't02:20
zeppelin101_ikonia: what i was going to say..02:20
ikonia!topic > lucas_02:20
ubottulucas_, please see my private message02:20
zeppelin101_lucas_: tone it down...02:20
ikonia!guidelines > lucas_02:20
nufcedzepplin101: would that be in the custom command field?02:21
witesharkedbian: should we run update-grub after the install?02:21
Fishscenewait. nvm.02:21
zeppelin101_nufced: go to EDIT->Profile Preferences and check 'use custom default terminal size' box02:22
zeppelin101_(edit submenu when terminal is the active window)02:22
ikonialucas_: ?02:23
lucas_que pasa ikonia02:23
lucas_¿some problem?02:23
ikonialucas_: what language do you speak ?02:23
lucas_I can help02:23
lucas_i speack spanish02:23
ikonia!es | lucas_02:23
ubottulucas_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:23
Infernetlucas_: entra aca #ubuntu-es02:24
lucas_como andas?02:24
witesharkedbian: i think i'll try what's here http://aaron-kelley.net/blog/2011/04/grub-prompt-after-upgrade-to-ubuntu-11-04/02:26
nufcedzepplin101: im not seeing a option box relating to the terminal size02:27
=== matt_ is now known as Guest7613
zeppelin101_nufced: do you have ubuntu 11.04?02:28
singingBirdzeppelin101_, i have ubuntu 1102:28
nufcedzepplin101: using 10.04, sorry i shoulda mentioned that02:28
singingBirdis it your fresh install?02:29
nit-witwiteshark, did you guys run the bootscript/02:29
FishsceneDoes anyone know how to diagnose logon issues? AKA checking logs in realtime to see what is happening when a user logs in?02:29
zeppelin101_nufced: ok, so that's why its different for us. I'm guessing you can just right click on the top of the terminal window and maybe see what options are available02:29
witesharknit-wit: which one?02:29
nufcedwell i dont have any options in my preference screen, i figured maybe there was some sorta script i could run to alter it02:30
nit-witwiteshark, http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/  if you like run it with a live cd or from a linux setup, and pastebin it02:30
edbiannit-wit: we did not02:31
zeppelin101_nufced: I really don't know how it is in 10.04, but i'm sure it's easy to find (you're just overlooking it somehow)02:31
edbianwiteshark: update-grub only works from the actual system, not from a liveCD unless you chroot (and some other junk).02:31
nit-witedbian, I just logged on at the end of your guy's work so I was just checking. ;)02:31
edbianwiteshark: the problem is the install-grub isn't writing the MBR02:31
edbiannit-wit: sure :)02:31
zeppelin101_anyone know how to.. 'fix' eth0?02:31
edbiannit-wit: witeshark can't install grub to /dev/sda  He mounted his root in /mnt and we ran sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda  but dd if=/dev/sda of=~/mbr   and then file ~/mbr does not show 'GRand Unified Bootloader' for some reason. Help?  Ideas?02:32
nufcedi tried running a "--geomtery=" script, but i wasnt havin any luck02:32
zeppelin101_it stopped working for me.. as a consequence i can only use wifi at the moment. I just always get a disconnected message02:32
uRockanyone ever noticed how you can torrent at the speed of the ISP, but sharing files from one Ubuntu machine to another refuses go more than 1.5MB/s?02:32
nit-witedbian, could be a mixed grub=grub-legacy and grub2 hard to tell, the script will tell us a lot, so my default is to run the script.02:33
edbiannit-wit: sounds like you know more than I do :)02:33
lwpHello, I'm using wubi with win 7. It worked fine for a while but now it goes to the grub> command line when I try to start Ubuntu. If I choose Windows it starts just fine.02:33
edbianuRock: You're limited by the read / write of the hdd02:34
=== pedro is now known as pguerr
edbianuRock: among other things, torrent is reading from multiple hdds at the same time so it is faster02:34
nit-witedbian, I wouldn't say that per-say but I rather not guess, in boot problems. ;)02:34
edbiannit-wit: awesome02:34
nit-witwiteshark, if you lke run the script, and pastebin it.02:35
uRockedbian, I would think they could read faster, since the do both faster when copying to and from USBs02:35
FishsceneDoes anyone know how to diagnose logon issues? AKA checking logs in realtime to see what is happening when a user logs in?02:35
nit-witlwp, you need to reload the MS bootloader to the mbr do you have a recovery or installdisc?02:35
edbianuRock: hdds are much slower than usb drives.  usb drives are equivalent to solid state hdds.02:36
edbianuRock: especially for reading random files02:36
uRocknever noticed. I'll test the HDDs with Disk Utility when the current transfer is done. Thanks edbian02:37
nit-witlwp, actually your allright as far s the MS boot there is a wubi megathread at the Ubuntu forums are you familiar with it?02:38
edbianuRock: Sure, I think there are some other things to consider for bittorrent but indeed. bt is very very fast.02:38
dumbo88edbian usb3 stats seem impressive02:39
lwpnit-wit, no I'm not, just getting started with Ubuntu02:39
=== bitmonk_ is now known as bitmonk
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
witesharknit-wit: the linux comouter is not on line - running live cd02:39
edbiandumbo88: I haven't really look into that.  usb3 has been talked about for like 5 years now02:39
dumbo88gotta check support before getting a new laptop, huh? :-)02:40
nit-witwiteshark, can you get the script and transfer it to it run it and transfer it back to what your talking to us with and pastebin it. Otherwise we are flailing around basically, beyond a full purge and reinstall of grub.02:41
nit-witwiteshark, are you stillchrooted in?02:41
witesharki'm at the 11.04 failed boot prompt02:42
nit-witwiteshark, your choice really if you boot a live cd and chroot in we can purge all of grub, and reinstall it if you like, I'm not real familiar with chrooting I just load this with the live cd or use supergrub2 to get in myself.02:43
nit-witwiteshark, I didn't see all you have tried did you guys just try reloading grub without the chroot to begin with from a Natty live cd.02:45
witesharki don't have a natty live cd02:45
witesharki upgrade from update manager02:45
edbiannit-wit: we mounted his root partiton (with grub on it in /mnt)02:46
dumbo88Can a wubi install move NTFS "immoveable" sections?02:46
edbiannit-wit: then we installed grub (sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda)02:46
nit-witedbian, thaks. ;)02:46
edbianThen we used dd to check the mbr (dd if=/dev/sda of=~/mbr bs=512 count=1)02:46
edbiannit-wit: and file ~/mbr doesn't have 'GRand Unified Bootloader' in it, just some nonsense about sectors and stuff.  He can tell you in more detail.  The file ~/mbr is probably still there on his machine.02:47
nit-witedbian, thanks for that info. ;)02:47
edbiannit-wit: witeshark I'm not sure he remembers / understands completely ;)02:47
witesharkthis is my second MBR - Grub fix mission02:48
kholerabbidoes anyone know how I can get the Ubuntu Monospace font?02:48
witesharkedbian: why cant i get something going here? http://aaron-kelley.net/blog/2011/04/grub-prompt-after-upgrade-to-ubuntu-11-04/02:49
edbianwiteshark: I don't know exactly.02:49
nit-witwiteshark, so I have given you several options, the bootscript is best it will tell us exactly whats in the mbr and everywhere elae.02:49
lwpnit-wit: in the forums but can't find the wubi=specific megathread, can you give me a url?02:49
nit-witlwp, hold on02:50
witesharknit-wit: the affected computer has no internet02:50
nit-witlwp, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163919802:50
witesharkedbian: what values for x,y and z work in that link?02:50
edbianwiteshark: What link?02:51
nit-witwiteshark, right and I made a suggestion did you see it?02:51
witesharknit-wit: yes02:51
edbianwiteshark: oh, the one you just gave me!!  reading...02:51
witesharkedbian: ok02:51
nit-witwiteshark, can you get creative and get the script posted, really otherwise we are wasting our time here.02:51
edbianwiteshark: for you X = 0, Y = 2 and Z = 302:52
witesharkedbian: ok thanks02:52
nit-witwiteshark, you don't fix your car with a rag but a wrench the bootscipt is the wrench.02:52
edbianwiteshark: sure, are you at that prompt02:53
nit-witjust a analogy to get this across.02:53
nit-witedbian, get him in and purge grub grub-common grub-pc and reinstall the last twoo commands02:54
JoeR1I got an error on an autogen and it seems to indicate that I need to install GTK but I can't figure out the right file name for apt-get02:54
nit-witcommon and pc02:54
edbiannit-wit: he's using a live CD to install grub.  Do you mean grub on the target system?02:54
witesharkedbian: almost - error unknown filesystem02:54
edbianwiteshark: what gave that error?02:55
nit-witedbian, yes without the script i would purge it all and reinstall grub202:55
AHMEDELKINGI`m Using a NeW LoKaa sCrIpT02:55
witesharkthe grub prompt after those commands02:55
JoeR1Any suggestions?02:55
edbiannit-wit: How do you suggest we boot?02:56
edbianwiteshark: with my values for the variables?02:56
witesharkedbian: yes02:56
FishsceneWhen I log in, I'm immediately dumped back to the login screen. I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop edition. Does anyone know what to do?02:56
edbianwiteshark: Do you know if these are ext3 or ext4 partitions?02:56
nit-witedbian, here is a link that is more explanatory of the options. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158109902:56
edbiannit-wit: Besides, what difference does the packages make on the target system?  The live CD won't even write to /dev/sda  !!02:57
witesharkedbian: AFAIK ext302:57
lwpnit-wit: Thanks. I'm beginning to think it might be best to scrape wubi and do a true dual-boot install. To get my machine back to where it was, all I need to do is uninstall wubi, is that correct?02:57
edbianwiteshark: Agreed, this is what version?02:57
nit-witlwp, yes it is in add remone or uninstall in W7 in the admin account02:57
HHHI`m Using a NeW LoKaa sCrIpT02:57
witesharkedbian:  version?02:58
nit-witedbian, I think you are dealing with user error to be honest.02:58
edbianwiteshark: of ubuntu, what version of ubuntu is the install02:58
lwpnit-wit: thanks, I appreciate your help. Have a good evening.02:58
edbiannit-wit: perhaps...02:59
witesharknit-wit: all this started after 11.04 upgrade from update manager02:59
edbianwiteshark: a-ha!  very telling02:59
FloodBot1HHH: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:59
nit-witedbian, not yours, a cognizant person would figure out how to get that script posted.02:59
witesharknit-wit: all i did was wait and try to reboot after download02:59
edbiannit-wit: I'm starting to agree that this is a grub vs grub2 issue02:59
witesharknit-wit: the affected computer HAS no internet02:59
witesharki posted that already03:00
nit-witwiteshark, the script and generated file from it are like 5 MB03:00
nit-witwiteshark, use a thumb or cd to transfer them.03:00
edbianI have to go unfortunately03:01
witesharki'm typing here on a seperate computer03:01
nit-witedbian, se yah . ;)03:01
=== Squirrel is now known as Guest20385
edbiannit-wit: witeshark good luck!03:01
JoeR1what command should I use to install GTK 2.0? is it canonical?03:01
nit-witwiteshark, the other computer is with you there though correcty/03:01
DerpadongIve got a question. If youve got swap on another hard drive, could you switch out the hard drive and make a new swap?03:02
JoeR1what command should I use to install GTK 2.0? is it canonical?03:02
=== RudyValencia- is now known as RudyValencia
witesharknit-wit: well the linux with the issue doesnt have that app on it03:02
nit-witDerpadong, yes03:02
Derpadongnit-wit, its been awhile03:03
DerpadongSince we talked03:03
DerpadongI asked that question cause Im going to take my harddrive Im using atm for swap and put it back in its original area03:03
nit-witwiteshark, I have given you no app, but a script to download then a command in the terminal, you would take the generated text file from that and post it.03:03
nit-witDerpadong, no doubt you can have a swap anywhere just set the fstab03:04
Steve___Hi, I've a ubuntu where ssh is limited by IP addresses. Unfortunately sometimes I need to access it while I'm on some dynamic IP. Is there a way to remotely authorize/maintain my dynamic ip in IPTABLES?03:04
witesharknit-wit: so i download to a mac burn it to cd and it will work on the linux pc?03:04
DerpadongThanks for the help nit-wit03:04
DerpadongIll be back in a bit lol03:04
JoeR1what apt-get name should I use to install GTK 2.0?03:05
=== themill_ is now known as themill
JoeR1is anyone helpful out there right now?03:06
nit-witwiteshark, your asking to mucj=h here we can't completely hold your hand some things you have to figure out. At least I can't this has gone past my patience level, sorry. ;(03:07
fission6where should i install not package mainted installations too? is there a recommendation? i am going to install komodo IDE and not sure where is best03:07
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
mcurrananyone know the benefits of increasing txpower to your wireless card?03:07
Steve___Alternatively is there a way to limit SSH connections by IP for non public/private key connections and accept all IPs with keys?03:07
witesharknit-wit: you don't seem to get that i can't download sourceforge to the linux box - it's on live cd only03:08
fission6any folder recs?03:08
nit-witwiteshark, I get the hole scenario, don't worry, do this get a Natty cd and follow this link. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158109903:09
nit-witwiteshark, if you want to chroot in, you can use any ubuntu live cd.03:09
FishsceneDoes anyone know how to resolve a login issue? I type username/password, and I'm dumped back to the login screen. I can not log in. Using Ubuntu 11.0403:10
fission6i feel this is a simple question03:11
witesharknit-wit: i have 9.10 live cd03:11
seclm193hello everyone03:12
nit-witwiteshark, I will say this once not having a natty cd is bad protocol, if you did you would have been fixed ling ago., the9'10 may work but I will do no more than give that link.03:12
nit-witwiteshark, the 9.10 is only good for chrooting in.03:13
witesharknit-wit: should i burn an 11.04 to the mac and boot off that?03:13
fission6what path do you gusy tend to install downloaded installation too?03:13
ubuntunoobanyone here know anything about video4linux ?03:13
ubuntunoobI have a HP webcam 101 and nothing seems to get it to work03:13
ubuntunoobusing Ubuntu 10.04 lts03:14
mknarrdo u have the webcam drivers installed ?03:14
nit-witwiteshark, post a thre.ad at the ubuntu forums03:14
mknarrif they were not allready installed03:14
ubuntunoobmknarr, not sure which drivers are they ?03:14
witesharknit-wit: i have post in an existing thread03:14
faint545is there a way to restore a clonezilla backup image from inside ubuntu? without having to boot to clonezilla?03:14
ubuntunoobthere is nothing in my "hardware drivers" program.. mknarr03:15
seclm193if the wubi installation has an error, does that mean theres a problem with the cd burn/03:15
nit-witwiteshark, never do that start your own the people who help, don't like piggybacking .03:15
witesharknit-wit: okay03:15
todd_anyone know why navigation panel on top of screen is missing?03:15
mknarrubuntunoob,  look up the model of your laptop and try and find the driver from the manufactures suport site they should have linux versions03:16
nit-witseclm193, could mean anything when and where is the error?03:16
nit-witseclm193, and what is the error03:16
seclm193nit-wit, inside windows 7 64bit, tried to install and it said Permission access error03:16
ubuntunoobty mknarr03:16
LinuxMandoes anybody know of any good games you can get in ubuntu?03:16
mknarrubuntunoob,  np03:16
nit-witwiteshark, they will get you fixed I used to be on that forum specializing in this area.03:16
nit-witseclm193, have you checked the md5sum?03:17
witesharknit-wit: ima go ahead and burn a cd on the mac - i have so many03:17
seclm193nit-wit, i did.  it came out fine.  i'm having so much trouble with ubuntu and this laptop03:18
mknarrLinuxMan, you can get pretty much any game working in linux using WINE, the question is dose it workj well?03:18
nit-witwiteshark, cool burn the natty I will be here for awhile we can try a straight from the live cd reload of grub if you like.03:18
nit-witseclm193, have you tried to just boot the disc?03:18
jo-erlendit seems to me that the volume has been dramatically lowered lately. Even if I run the master volume up to 150% with all other volume controls to max, it's very low. Can this be software, or what?03:19
jo-erlendI've never experienced anything like this ever before.03:19
nit-witseclm193, are you doing this from the admin account?03:19
todd_can someone help me with problem?03:19
jo-erlendtodd_impossible to tell unless you ask a question.03:19
seclm193nit-wit, because after something, my ubuntu install just starts freezing while loading xorg, so i decided a wubi install so i can see whats going on better03:20
e-frameLinuxMan: angry birds & angry birds rio works with wine ^_^03:20
nit-wittodd_, are you in the unity or classic desktop?03:20
seclm193nit-wit, i only have one account03:20
todd_nit, don't know03:20
nit-witseclm193, so as I read you installed Ubuntu once but it froze at X basically is this correct?03:21
nit-witseclm193, a dual bot not wubi install.03:21
jo-erlendtodd_you you have a panel at the bottom of your screen?03:21
seclm193nit-wit, correct03:22
seclm193nit-wit, so i'm trying a wubi so i can try to find what is the problem.03:22
witesharknit-wit: okay the download is near done03:22
nit-witseclm193, do you know the graphic card on the computer?03:22
todd_nit, no bottom and no top03:22
seclm193nit-wit, radeon hd 625003:22
nit-wittodd_, did you undertand my question?03:22
jo-erlendtodd_, have you logged out and back in?03:22
todd_jo, yet multiple times03:23
nit-witseclm193, that is a older card did you try any low graphic boot ins, the key word here is nomodeset?03:23
jo-erlendtodd_, do you use normal Ubuntu?03:23
nit-wittodd_, you didn't tell me which dektop it is.03:23
todd_it used to work file until installed 1003:24
nit-wittodd_, ?03:24
seclm193nit-wit, brb03:24
nit-witwiteshark, cool boot up the natty I will give you some commands.03:25
todd_my keyboard has many blank keys03:25
theadminnit-wit: I suppose what todd_ means is that her/his Ubuntu setup used to work fine until an upgrade to 10.x03:25
nit-witwiteshark, when its downloaded and burned of course03:25
nit-wittheadmin, I think your right. ;)03:25
todd_theadmin, correct03:25
jo-erlendtodd_, installed ten what? If you're talking about a version of Ubuntu, there is always two versions a year, so ten doesn't mean much, except it was released in 2010.03:26
nit-wittodd_, can you tell us which dektop you not seeing, if you don't know it's not a big deal we afre just trying to communicate.03:26
nit-wittodd_, this was a upgrade .03:27
todd_I can Alt-F1 but only get a partial menu03:27
todd_yes, it was forced on me03:28
maheanuu__I just downloaded and installed 11.04 for my grandson...   How do you find anything there????  I cannot find anything like the old style..   dunno about the new stuff, don't really make sense so far03:28
jo-erlendtodd_, can you please press alt+f2. That will bring up a dialog. Enter "gnome-terminal". In the window that appears, enter "metacity --replace". See if that helps?03:28
nit-wittodd_, so you have upgraded, and never seen the regular desktop?03:28
theadmintodd_: If you want to log in to Gnome rather than Unity, select 'Ubuntu Classic' at the login screen in the session menu.03:29
jo-erlendmaheanuu, on the left side, you have a launcher. One of the tiles is called Applications. If you right-click it, then you get a category of programs. You can display that list of categories in the dash as well, if you click in the upper-left corner.03:29
FishsceneIf I log on to Ubuntu and it fails, where can I see the error logged?03:29
nit-witmaheanuu, the applications button is in the left panel litle box with the + in it.03:30
Fishsceneor where is the error logged to?03:30
LinuxManWhy isn't minecraft.jar opening?03:30
FishsceneLinuxMan: Make sure you are using the Sun Java interpreter.03:30
jo-erlendmaheanuu, you can press super (the one with windows icon) to bring it up and you can type a part of the name, if you want to.03:30
todd_after the upgrade, i lost my old desktop03:30
LinuxManim using java runtime03:30
maheanuu__Ok, so far the eye candy is superb, I just have been using 10.10 on my machine and didn't realize that they were like night and day03:31
FishsceneFrom Sun Microsystems?03:31
nit-wittodd_, can you hit crtl-alt-t and get a teraminal.03:31
FishsceneLinuxMan: Check out the Linux instructions here: http://www.minecraft.net/download.jsp03:31
jo-erlendmaheanuu, the new user interface is very much faster to work with. Try holding down super. The launcher appears and you see numbers over them. If you hold super and press one of those numbers, you will switch to that application if it's running or launch it if it isn't.03:32
maheanuu__Ok, and is there a noob manual for us handicapped old farts?03:33
todd_did metacity --replace. screen flashed a few time then nothing happened03:33
jo-erlendmaheanuu, also, it remembers which files and applications you use most frequently and makes them easier to find. That's going to improve radically in the near future.03:33
jo-erlendmaheanuu, yes, on http://help.ubuntu.com :)03:33
maheanuu__jo-erlend that wuz fer U03:33
prezidentcan any one tell me how to update my ubuntu kernel which is(2.6.35-28-generic-pae) every time i tried to upgrade it freezes my dell xps at start up is there a real fix for this problem?03:33
FishsceneDoes any one of the 1400 people here have any idea how to diagnose and possibly resolve a login problem?03:33
JoeR1what login problem?03:34
nit-witprezident, which ubuntu distro is that?03:34
BarzoghFishscene: a password problem?03:34
seclm193nit-wit, i'm back.  ubuntu will boot in failsafex, but it seems to me that it's a problem with the device drivers03:34
jo-erlendFishscene, can't you try to ask and see?03:34
FishsceneJoeR1: When I log in, it drops to a full-screen terminal saying something about "spurious error" and then drops me immediately back to the login screen.03:34
nit-witseclm193, failsafe is low graphics, I believe are you at the deaktop?03:35
Fishscenejo-erlend: I've been asking for the past 1.25 hours :P03:35
seclm193nit-wit, well. i had ubuntu as the dominent system, so i'm on a fesh windows install now03:35
nit-witseclm193, this is a wubi install right, and you got somewhere with thef ?ailsafe03:36
nit-wit*the failsafe?03:36
JoeR1So again I ask who feels like helping me with my configure issue?03:37
=== vene is now known as binarE
faint545does anyone know how to fix a partclone crc error?03:37
seclm193nit-wit, well, i got tired of having to go into the restore kernel and choose low-graphic mode.03:37
FishsceneJoeR1: What was the issue again?03:37
jo-erlendFishscene, try to provide a little more information? "Fails" is a very poor description.03:37
JoeR1No package 'alsa' found03:38
JoeR1which is odd since I have about a billion freaking asla packages installed03:38
jo-erlendFishscene, if it's because of invalid credentials or similar, then /var/log/auth.log might be helpful.03:38
FishsceneWhen I log in,the screen goes black to a full-screen terminal saying something about "spurious error" and then drops me immediately back to the login screen.03:38
FishsceneLet me grab that output03:38
nit-witseclm193, you have to until you get the driver for the graphic card installed, my question is can you or have you gotten to the desktop with the failsafe or the nomodeset in the kernel line at the grub menu?   please be careful not to go tanmgental here .03:39
prezidentdoes anyone know how to fix that problem ?03:39
Fishscenejo-erland: http://pastebin.com/7SLM0uAY03:39
jo-erlendFishscene, ok. Is this only for one user or does it happen with all users?03:39
FishsceneThe username/password are correct.03:39
nit-witprezident, I asked you a question did you miss it?03:40
seclm193nit-wit, nomodeset?03:40
Fishscenejo-erlend: all users. (there's only 2)03:40
prezidentno i answered you Ubuntu 11.0403:40
jo-erlendFishscene, are you using 11.04 and if so, have you tried using the classical ubuntu with no effects?03:40
nit-witseclm193, nomodeset is a lowgraphics command added to the kernel line at the grub menu.03:41
prezidentnit-wit ubuntu 11.0403:41
nit-witseclm193, can you get to the dektop at all ?03:41
faint545can someone help me? i need to recover a partclone back up really badly but it keeps giving me a crc error... no errors occured when i was doing the backup03:41
jo-erlendFishscene, it sounds like the login is fine but that there is something wrong with the window system.03:41
=== pothos_ is now known as pothos
Fishscenejo-erlend: I'm using Ubuntu 11.04. I have 2 session choices "Default" and "Failsafe xterm". Both yield the same result03:41
seclm193nit-wit, in failsafe mode i found that i cannot set the resolution to what the monitor can do03:41
ubottuUbuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) was the fifth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 25th, 2008. See !eol for more details.03:42
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:42
nit-witseclm193, that is because you need a driver for the card get to the desktop with the failsafe and run a update.03:42
nit-witprezident, was thos a upgrade?03:42
FishsceneI'm trying to find the logfile that is storing the logs I'm seeing on the screen when it drops me to a terminal window. Something about "spurious response". Is there a way to search ALL the log files for that phrase?03:43
jo-erlendFishscene, try asking on askubuntu.com. I haven't heard of anything like that before.03:43
Fishsceneok. Thanks03:43
nit-witprezident, that kernel is from like karmic and for more then 4 gigs ram.03:43
witesharknit-wit: cd burning now03:43
nit-witwiteshark, cool03:43
robin0800Fishscene, you should have unity and classic options as well03:43
prezidentand i have 4-gigs03:43
seclm193nit-wit, let me add this.  I found that i had trouble with this problem after installing virtualboxose.  can this be related?03:43
Fishscenerobin0800: I'm unsure as this is on a PXE client. So those might not be in the ltsp image.03:44
nit-witseclm193, well hard to say did yo9u install dkms?03:44
chocolates11.04 good yet??03:44
prezidentnit-wit i have 4 gigs i don't think i should be stuck on this kernel 2.6.35-28-generic-pae03:44
Fishscene11.04 = the best Ubuntu yet!03:44
=== andrew__ is now known as freezway
robin0800Fishscene, is this a new install?03:44
seclm193nit-wit, what is dkms?03:45
yokobr666hi guys03:45
nit-witprezident, did you upgrade to natty, when you do the pae kernels I doubt automatically upgrade to the next set.03:45
Fishscenerobin0800: Not really. Although I've tried uninstalling/re-installing ltsp as well as rebuilding the image several times.03:45
IbyssI did a fresh ubuntu (server) natty install remotely, how do I fix this? http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=HVxxnLt103:45
robin0800Fishscene, can you do ctl+alt+f103:46
todd_how to filter this list?03:46
nit-witseclm193, dkms is what allows kenerl updates that don't make you reinstall the guest extras for Vbox amongst a few other thngs03:46
prezidentnit-wit i have ubuntu 11.04(natty) and then i upgrade the kernel but when i log in it freezes..03:46
Fishscenerobin0800: Yes.03:46
IbyssLol @ nit-wit.03:46
FishsceneI'm seeing those Spurious responses...03:46
witesharknit-wit: i suppose i may as well install from the CD after  verifying by booting03:46
seclm193nit-wit, all i did was open the software center, search for virtualbox, and install03:47
FishsceneThere seems to be a new entry every few seconds03:47
robin0800Fishscene, can you log in and have internet connection03:47
prezident nit-wit i have ubuntu 11.04(natty) and when i upgraded the kernel and try to log in it freezes at start up03:47
nit-witseclm193, you always want to install dkms with Vbox.03:47
FishsceneI can not log in. It says login incorrect.. I'm perplexed03:47
Fishscenerobin0800: It seems I am unable to log in- despite the fact that I'm typing in my username/password correctly. It says the login is incorrect.03:48
seclm193nit-wit, so that could be the cause of why it kept freezing after i installed vbox?03:48
IbyssO_________________O Wow03:48
nit-witprezident, all I noticed is that the kernel is or seems to be an older on, but I'm  not familiar with the pae's.03:49
nit-witseclm193, doubt it.03:49
nit-witseclm193, I hate to just guess here.03:50
robin0800Fishscene, if you reboot and hold shift you should get the grub menu if you do choose recovery03:50
prezidentnit-wit i think generic-pae is kernels that work with 4gigs or more i just can't figure out why and update kernel can't boot03:50
seclm193nit-wit, man.  i really wish i could find the problem.  i love linux compared to windows03:50
todd_i guess my only solution is to reinstall03:50
Fishscenerobin0800: I'm going to try rebuilding my ltsp image. I'll try what you asked after it finishes building.03:50
witesharknit-wit: burn complete03:51
nit-witprezident, sometime they don't the one before does right?03:51
prezidentno the one i am running is a much older one03:51
nit-witwiteshark, you just going to install?03:51
appi_uppiHi, I'm getting "ssh: connect to host srinivasakp.dyndns-web.com port 22: Connection timed out"03:51
appi_uppihow could i fix that03:51
witesharknit-wit: after it boots okay, why mess around for days when i can just install?03:52
nit-witprezident, to be honest kernels and there problems are out of my pay range, I'm not much help there.03:52
nit-witwiteshark, thats my motto. ;)03:52
prezidentlol cool thanks nit-wit what do you work with in ubuntu ?03:53
nit-witwiteshark, I install and clone, that it is easy to just reload it if needed.03:53
IbyssDoes anyone get locale errors with ubuntu server, natty by any chance?03:53
witesharknit-wit: neat :)03:53
nit-witprezident, not sure I understand?03:53
prezidentnit-wit i was asking you what do you do?03:53
seclm193nit-wit, if i do a fresh ubuntu install, what would you suggest i do with the graphic driver?03:54
nit-witprezident, where?03:54
theadminprezident: Most people here are not a part of Ubuntu team, and are just volunteers.03:54
theadminnit-wit: she/he was wondering whether you work for Canonical afaiu03:54
nit-wittheadmin, I see I was invited to apply for membership but was  not really interested.03:55
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
theadminnit-wit: Neat.03:55
nit-witseclm193, it seems like a graphic card problem, just a guess on my part.03:55
nit-wittheadmin, I started on open source 4 years ago dapper was the name and never looked back I like it.03:56
todd_who is Ubuntu team?03:56
theadminnit-wit: Well, I'm not a fan of Ubuntu myself03:57
theadmintodd_: You can google "Canonical". They are never here, I think.03:57
nit-wittheadmin, it has its up and downs lately i was using W7, and a slew of other open source.03:57
Lasers!ubuntu | todd_03:57
ubottutodd_: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com03:57
seclm193nit-wit, i was thinking the same problem, just not sure if the new kernel has something to do with it.03:57
Laserstodd_: You see? We're the team! (large community) :)03:58
theadminnit-wit: Mind if I pm?03:58
nit-witseclm193, were you able to boot the live cd staraight to the desktop03:58
nit-wittheadmin, no problem03:58
robin0800seclm193, there is no options to install any extra drives during an install as far as I know03:59
shane2peru1ok, where does FF5 now put flash videos?  used to be in /tmp, now they aren't there03:59
todd_i have been trying to get my panels back with no luck03:59
Lasers!resetpanels | todd_04:00
ubottutodd_: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »04:00
seclm193nit-wit, i can.04:00
seclm193robin0800, yourcorrect.04:00
seclm193nit-wit, also note that when it freezes, i cannot do anything. i cannot even move the mouse04:01
nit-witseclm193, when you install sometimes the graphic drivers don't load, so you get in with a lowgrphic boot to get them.04:02
Phibsanyone know of an IpV6 enabled copy of ubuntu-security?04:02
robin0800seclm193, so in answer to your question is there is nothing you can do with the graphic driver04:02
seclm193nit-wit, but i can use the system for a couple of days before it starts freezing04:02
seclm193robin0800, it just happens suddenly.  i use the install for a couple of days, then freeze when xorg loads04:06
S4nD3rhow solve it ? Valid eCryptfs headers not found in file header region or xattr region04:06
witesharknit-wit: it offers to install alongside the corrupt 11.04 or over write - deleting nearly everything... what would you do? i have my home folder rsynced04:06
robin0800seclm193, thats from a fresh install?04:07
rabbit1no virtualbox for 9.10 ?04:08
nit-witwiteshark, if you have home backed up I would overwrite it and just put back your, docs, video,music,, but not resyncit back.04:09
rabbit1guys, help ... no virtualbox for 9.10 ?04:10
ubottuUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://goo.gl/UUTAB for details.04:10
JoeR1I need help with libgtkhtml2-dev04:10
witesharknit-wit: sounds like a plan much cleaner than picking around like last year's Thanksgiving dinner scraps over the next few months04:11
buzzomaticHi guys. I've just been handled a new Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS server which I'm supposed to setup as a web server, but for some reason I can't install any software. Whenever I use apt, I get errors like this: http://pastie.org/230726804:11
nit-witwiteshark, cool.04:12
buzzomaticCan anyone give me a clue as to what might be wrong?04:12
JoeR1I need help with a failed install of libgtkhtml2-dev04:12
seclm193robin0800, well, fresh install and updated.  i always try to keep everything updated.04:15
cordovalanyone is a master of xpath selectors here?04:16
seclm193robin0800, you think an update couldv'e broken something04:16
cordovalI need to find out if this https://github.com/Behat/Mink/blob/master/src/Behat/Mink/Selector/NamedSelector.php#L2504:16
cordovalwill match a field with disabled="disabled"04:16
cordovalor how to modify the line 25 above to make it match a disabled="disabled"?04:16
FloodBot1cordoval: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:16
robin0800seclm193, 2 days seems like a timer thing something that happens every 48hrs?04:17
rafaelpolancogood evening04:17
rafaelpolancosomebody try to use magicjack in ubunto without VB04:18
seclm193robin0800, like i told nit-wit, i did install virtualbox from ubuntu software center before it happened.04:18
Joeman1buzzomatic,  only reference I found to your error is in this forum post. Last post looks like a fix. Hope this helps! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=177450204:18
dr_willisrafaelpolanco:  it wont work in wine last i looked04:18
dr_willis!appdb | rafaelpolanco04:19
ubotturafaelpolanco: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help04:19
rafaelpolancono because that use some drivers04:19
JayProhow can you tell if you have hardware-based raid or firmware/driver-based raid??04:19
rafaelpolancook thanks04:19
JayPro...motherboard, that is04:19
buzzomaticJoeman1: thanks, will have a look04:19
robin0800seclm193, clearly updates and application additions can break the system but in a random way not on a regular basis04:20
seclm193 robin0800, it is sort of random.  it just takes a few days.  on one install it did it the same day i installed it04:21
Guest20971where should i go for general help with ubuntu, for relative noobs?04:21
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vuthhey sergio04:21
todd_had to reboot04:22
dr_willisGuest20971:  depends on the help you can allways start here04:22
todd_keyboard stopped working after the command type at terminal04:22
dibyamhello, i have unbuntu 10.10 installed on my lenovo z569 laptop..i am not able to hear any sound when i connect my headfones..can anybody ples help04:22
vuthsergio was i in the wrong room for help questions?04:22
rabbit1got installed 10.04, it created a ubuntu live CD on harddisk, how do i remove it from the boot ?04:23
dr_willis rabbit1  how did you install it?04:24
robin0800seclm193, virtualbox does steal some of the computer resources so if your computer only just runs ubuntu this addition could break it04:25
Guest20971dr_willis: ok, i'm trying to do this install thing from the guide here: http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2007/08/howto-completely-transparent-shell-on.html04:25
seclm193robin0800, so running virtualbox in ubuntu is not really the best way?04:26
todd_the command ubotto gave removed my title bars and killed my keyboard04:26
Guest20971dr_willis: i followed the directions until the end, when it directs you to open a new terminal under the new user04:26
rabbit1dr_willis: First install XP on 50 GB NTFS, then inserted a CD done from .iso, but it wasn't booting from CD, so it gave me an option to create a virtual disk (may be) then install, not i get 2 boot option and when i select Win XP i get 2 more boot option 1. XP and 2. ubuntu (live CD) one..... now how do i remove this?04:26
dibyamno sound being played when i connect headfones04:26
dr_willisGuest20971:  shall i point out that guide is 4 yrs old.  and may be really outdated04:26
robin0800seclm193, its ok as long as you have the resources to run it04:27
Guest20971it's mirrored on ubuntu's forums04:27
nigmatype /help04:27
dr_willisits still old...04:27
rabbit1dr_willis: First install XP on 50 GB NTFS, then inserted a CD done from .iso, but it wasn't booting from CD, so it gave me an option to create a virtual disk (may be) then install, now i get 2 boot option and when i select Win XP i get 2 more boot option 1. XP and 2. ubuntu (live CD) one..... now how do i remove this?04:27
seclm193robin0800, running laptop with AMD C-50 processor, 6 gigs ram, and a Radeon HD 625004:27
Guest20971dr_willis: ok, what do i do then?04:28
seclm193was running windows 7 32bit in virtualbox04:28
dr_willisGuest20971:  you never said what was not working that i saw..04:28
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kushman, harrison ford is losing it on conan04:28
Guest20971dr_willis: oh sorry. the problem is that when i started a new gnome-terminal under the new user, it opened a new window but it didn't have any of the characteristics from compiz04:29
yokobr666plz, guys, how do i redo apache configs?04:29
dr_willisGuest20971:  you may want to select a better nick also. /nick pickanick04:29
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dibyamhow to enable headfones i ubuntu 10.10?04:30
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seclm193robin0800, let me add that i had the same problem with linux mint 1104:30
vuthi am from mint 1104:30
fasttabdr_willis: it occurred to me that restarting compiz might be the answer, so i did 'compiz --replace' and that crashed my desktop04:31
fasttabdr_willis: i managed to log out and back in, and everything's back to default04:31
dr_willisfasttab:  so your end goal is á transparent terminal?04:31
fasttabdr_willis: oui04:31
vuthwhat are u guys using for managing your softwares on ubuntu 11?04:31
fasttabdr_willis: also general learning to navigate ubuntu...04:32
dr_willisfasttab:  compiz can set transparancy on a per window basis04:32
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz04:32
fasttabubottu: i have ccsm installed04:33
ubottufasttab: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:33
vuthbots dont have a soul04:33
dr_willis theres some plugin you set where you use the wheel to change s windows transparancy on the fly.04:33
fasttabdr_willis: ok, clarification. my end goal is not to have a transparent terminal, it's more to make my background an unkillable terminal04:35
dr_willisfasttab:  that guide seems straight forward. im nit sure what you meanby a new user04:35
rabbit1dr_willis: u there?04:35
cappicardjeez... freenode's ipv6 servers are flaky04:36
dr_willisrabbit1:  yes.04:36
fasttabdr_willis: a new terminal profile04:36
rabbit1dr_willis: read my previous msg?04:36
fasttabdr_willis: at the end of the guide it says open a new terminal window with the profile as the new terminal profile. i do that, but it doesn't open following the rules i've created with ccsm04:37
rabbit1dr_willis: you got a solution for this friend... ?04:38
dr_willisfasttab:  you make a new profile. then use it.. could be simthing has changed in gnome or compiz over the years theguide been out.04:38
dr_willisrabbit1:  ive never seen a feature on a ubuntu cd to do a livecd install to the hd. wubi can do an install inside windiws but its not a livecd setuo04:40
todd_holy crap, my panels just appeared!04:40
fasttabdr_willis: right, i have made a new profile and open a terminal window under the new profile. it has the settings i've set in the terminal profile, but not the settings i've set in ccs04:40
dr_willisfasttab:  i cant try the guide right now. so cant verify if it can work or not04:40
fasttabdr_willis: can you direct me to other help?04:41
dr_willisfasttab:  ive found the ccsm window rules plugin to be flakey in the past04:41
dr_willistheres #compiz04:41
fasttabdr_willis: ok, thanks. quick question, should i need to restart compiz for the changes to take effect? if i do have to restart, it requires a bunch more work because i have to figure out why it's crashing04:42
dr_willisno restart should be needed.04:43
dr_willisi bet thw title is wrong. ir getting changed somwhow04:43
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uRockDoes anyone have an example on how to use the split command how to break up an ISO into 2GB chunks?04:46
theadminuRock: split -b 2G file.iso04:50
dr_willisfasttab:  my terminals can change their titles depending o the app running in them. that would most likely break that trans setup.04:50
uRockthanks theadmin, will it ask what file name to create or do it automatically?04:51
dr_willisfasttab:  use some pulldown terminal app like guake. much easier then a root window terminal04:51
theadminuRock: It will create files automatically, will call them "xaa", "xab", etc.04:51
fasttabdr_willis: thanks, but there's an option under terminal profile that says keep the original title and i have that set04:52
fasttabdr_willis: i don't know what guake is?04:52
uRockcool thanx theadmin04:52
dr_willis!info guake04:57
ubottuguake (source: guake): A drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.2-4ubuntu1 (natty), package size 133 kB, installed size 1028 kB04:58
rabbit1dr_willis: yeah, right. it's not a livecd. wubi only, but now how can i remove that boot option ?04:58
dr_willisrabbit1:  uninstall the wubi installed  ubutu setup04:59
rabbit1dr_willis: ok, thank you04:59
dr_willisi dont use wubi at all. it should remove then entry when it gets uninstalled04:59
dr_williswubi is icky. ;)05:00
witesharkdr_willis: so you're back05:02
dr_willisim in and out all day.05:02
dr_willismay have to leave aat any time05:03
witesharkdr_willis: well i fixed with a new install by CD iso05:05
lapagait is not that important but thought I would ask...when watching an avi or such in parole or vlc the sound sort of disappears after a while unless I change it in the top panel thingy (xubuntu 11.04).05:05
dr_willis'sort of' as in mutes? chage what in what thinggie? ;)05:06
dr_willisvlc works for me with no issues in my huge video collection.05:07
Blade20i love descriptive questions05:07
lapagadr_willis: yes to mute and thinggie is the indicator  on the top panel05:07
dr_willisplay 20 questions to get to the real question05:08
Blade20thinggie is the technical term i see05:08
dr_willisso sound is auto muteing after some set time? always the same time?05:08
nit-witdr_willis, welcome to the matrix. ;)05:08
faint545is anyone familiar with clonezilla?05:09
PinguI need some quick help with Samba on Lucid05:09
nit-witfaint545, somewhat05:09
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:09
faint545nit-wit, would u happen to know if its possible to skip CRC errors ?05:10
Blade20Pingu, what do you need to do with samba05:10
dr_willismore playing 20 questions to get to the real question05:10
lapagadr_willis: no it is not a set time but it does always happen and by the way to others it was stated exactly as it happens ..just not positive what the sound indicator  icon to change the volume is called05:10
dr_willislapaga:  'volume applet' i guess. ;)05:11
Blade20lapaga, if you click on it ... that would open it ... then you could tell what it is... try to right click... it should have a name05:12
dr_willissound volume changine durig a movie. seems odd. also vlc would not chage the system volume. it has its own volume settings05:13
Blade20dr_willis, it could be a problem with the movie it's self...05:13
PinguOK: I have installed Samba on Lucid Desktop. I have a hard disk mounted as vfat set to 0777 and gid 46 (plugdev). no matter what I do, the share shows up as read-only at the WinXP client machines. I tried using the gnome-settings-samba and editing the samba.conf. The used to be on a Win2K domain and now I have moved the to a WorkGroup with the same name.05:14
lapagaBlade20: right click does not give me a name or I would have mentioned it...I am guessing that it is either alsa or pulseaudio settings05:14
dr_willisBlade20:  it was said it does not happen at the same place. and it affects all movies..05:14
nit-witfaint545, whats the actual error.05:15
lapagait is just going along with no problems and then all of a sudden there is no sound until I change the slider on the indicator and then it is back to being fine05:15
lion42I've been having issues with vlc audio as well, something which hasn't happened with earlier versions of ubuntu and persumably earlier versions of vlc05:16
lion42I just switched to a different player.05:16
Blade20Pingu, from the sounds of it you have made a few changes that may conflict ... if using the GUI delete all the settings you have ans start again ... work in small steps... using the GUI you really do not have many options ... just change one at a time to get the affect you are looking for05:16
faint545nit-wit, "read CRC error: No such file or directory, please check your image file."05:16
faint545nit-wit, that error was actually from PARTCLONE when I tried to restore the image05:17
faint545nit-wit, CloneZilla just gave me a CRC error.05:18
Blade20dr_willis, i understand that but i do not know of anything that could be doing that .... not software anyway... other than maybe a conflict of 2 programs running at the same time... controlling the same thing... not even sure if that could be it...05:18
lapagadr_willis: Blade20 : like I said it is no big deal just curious as to why it happens and if there was some simple way to correct it05:18
snarksterhow do you compile a kernel on a machine that wont run linux05:18
nit-witfaint545, are you sure the source is mounting?05:18
Blade20lapaga, are you running Jack.... and if you are have you made any changes to Jack...05:19
faint545nit-wit, what do u mean?05:19
PinguBlade20: can you please be more specific? I have no problem with the CLI. Can you tell me what to write in the file for the share?05:19
lapagaBlade20: no idea what jack is:)05:19
snarksterhi this may be OT. how do you compile a kernel on a machine when linux doesnt run on it?05:20
theadminsnarkster: Cygwin, maybe, but I don't suggest you.05:20
theadminsnarkster: Or maybe a virtual machine with Linux05:20
nit-witfaint545, when you use clonezilla you have it read the backup, it may be showing it, to choose it but not reading it, I have seen this when the partition I am installing back to is smaller then the origib=nal saved, for one example.05:21
wols_you will need a crosscompiler. cygwin isn't suitable for that (unless you create your toolchain for cygwin)05:21
snarksteri have a c3 processor.. linux fails to run05:21
wols_but a VM is easier05:21
Blade20Pingu, samba has a GUI that you can install that makes life easy ...05:21
lapagasnarkster: are you trying to get something to work so that is why you think you have to compile the kernel?05:21
snarksterubuntu locks up when i try to boot it05:21
snarksterit wont even boot from live cd05:21
wols_snarkster: certain distros will fail since they need a newer CPU. possibly ubuntu among them. compiling a new kernel won't help there05:21
Blade20lapaga, Jack audio... a fun mess to play with... and to tell the truth i dont mess with it... cuz i dont know Jack lol05:22
wols_snarkster: try debian05:22
wols_or a distro made for older PCs like DSL or puppy05:22
lapagaBlade20: :) well I would put myself in that catagory05:22
faint545nit-wit, the disk i am restoring to is the same size as i started out with.05:23
snarksterright well that wont help me very much since Im trying to make a machine to run hulu desktop for my back bedroom tv05:23
Blade20wols_, arch is a light weight distro also if i understand it correctly05:23
Blade20lapaga, that is about the only one that i can think of that would change volume like that... what file format are the movies you are finding this problem with... and is it only movies?05:24
nit-witfaint545, really you might try the #clonezilla channel for expert help I can only really guess.05:24
faint545nit-wit, that channel is like a desert..05:24
nit-witfaint545, 8 users I guess so.05:25
lapagaBlade20: they are avi...wmv...mpg...etc05:25
faint545nit-wit, yeah and no one will answer my question05:25
Blade20lapaga, and no matter the file format you are still having this problem?05:25
city2008hello every here05:26
dr_willissounds almost like a screensaver or aome tool kicking i05:26
Blade20lapaga, have you tried a different player such as Gnome Mplayer05:26
lapagaBlade20: yes...it is running fine...sound stops...I change the indicator volume all the way up and then back down and it works fine05:26
Blade20dr_willis, may have a good point there lapaga have you tried to change your screen saver settings ...05:27
Mintalso you have been able to trick 1 million users into using ubuntu ?05:27
lapagaBlade20: dr_willis : screensaver is turned off05:27
Blade20lapaga, how about power management ?05:28
lapagaBlade20: that is turned off too05:28
JoeR1is anyone awake to offer help?05:28
Blade20lapaga, have you tried out other players...05:28
Blade20JoeR1, no05:29
JoeR1haha, obviously05:29
nit-witfaint545, one of the things I do with clonezilla image is I make them on one HD then I have a backup of that HD and that has worked if the first clone balks the second works not sure why though.05:29
Blade20JoeR1, lol05:29
dr_willisor other window manager/desktops05:29
lapagaBlade20: no have only tried vlc and parole05:29
JoeR1I have been having trouble with installing libgtkhtml2-dev05:29
Blade20lapaga, give Gnome MPlayer a try...05:29
JoeR1I hate mplayer05:29
lapagaBlade20: is that a cli?05:29
faint545nit-wit, have u had any issues with using the default settings in clonezilla when backing up a NTFS partition?05:30
wols_lapaga: it has the word "gnome" in it...05:30
lapagawols_: true:)05:30
rorhi, since my last update, ubuntu has turned... ugly. It's hard to explain: borders are different mostly I think05:30
JoeR1I need with installing libgtkhtml2-dev05:30
wols_ror: no worries. we call that "Unity" ;)05:30
JoeR1I need help* with installing libgtkhtml2-dev05:31
rorwols_, no, I'm running classic05:31
rorthis is just since the last update in the last week or so, it's baffling really05:31
wols_JoeR1: you need more help with writing english and to ask properly for help on irc me thinks...05:31
lapagais it called mplayer or gnome-mplayer?05:31
wols_!info gnome-mplayer05:31
rorfonts seem different too; the fonts seem better but the borders and menus seem really ugly, and some icons have changed05:31
ubottugnome-mplayer (source: gnome-mplayer): A GTK+ interface for MPlayer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.2-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 374 kB, installed size 1728 kB05:31
wols_lapaga: alternatively: smplayer05:32
JoeR1oh yeah me be stupid wols, I'm sorry that it is 12:31 here and I am tired but please do feel free to denigrate people for typos in the future because that is an effective way to make them feel welcome.05:32
rorEverything looks more "linuxy" though, it's like I've been transported back to my slackware days :O05:32
Blade20JoeR1, relax he was just poking fun... hard to get that across in text ...05:33
wols_JoeR1: less whine, more constructive ask for help.... You _still_ haven't told us what your problem is, if you go on like this I doubt you ever get it solved. but feel free05:33
Blade20JoeR1, wols_  is really a great one to ask for help...05:34
wols_ror: anti aliasing maybe? borders are a windowmanager thing (or theme) only05:34
Blade20ror, do you have compiz installed ...05:34
TA5Kror:  how about a screenshot?05:34
rorBlade20, yes; I can't see anything obviously missing from ccsm though05:34
wols_Blade20: ubuntu classic should be metacity, no?05:35
JoeR1thats wonderful, I don't know how else to explain it - libgtkhtml2-dev will not install, it does not appear to be recognized by apt-get05:35
dr_willis!info libgtkhtml205:35
ubottuPackage libgtkhtml2 does not exist in natty05:35
Blade20wols_, yes but still falls under the compiz fusion as far as i know05:35
lapagawols_: Blade20 : dr_willis well will give it a try...think I am filling my Xubuntu install with a bunch of Ubuntu things but oh well05:35
TA5Kjoe75: maybe purge your last installed ppa?05:35
JoeR1can I get numbers instead of names, I don't follow the ignorant animal naming system05:36
wols_lapaga: use smplayer. that's very lightweight. no gnome, at most gtk05:36
dr_willis!find libgtkhtml05:36
ubottuFound: libgtkhtml-editor-common, libgtkhtml-editor-dev, libgtkhtml-editor0, libgtkhtml3.14-19, libgtkhtml3.14-dbg05:36
Blade20JoeR1, it is not an official pkg anymore05:36
dr_willisnumbers are just date of release i the version05:36
JoeR1and I take it libgtkhtml 3 and some change that I found in the package manager is not compatible?05:37
Blade20JoeR1, can you go into a bit more detail on what you need it for?05:37
TA5Kany UI designers here?05:37
bazhangTA5K, whats the question05:37
GirlyGirlTA5K: yes05:37
r3xnick gr33n_c0d305:37
=== r3x is now known as gr33n_c0d3
bazhangJoeR1, there are ppa for gyache05:37
Blade20Mintal, ... sigh05:37
TA5Kbazhang: I just want to know how easy it is to join the team and if there is any need?05:38
JoeR1bazhang, the ppa for gyachi did not work05:38
JoeR1Xubuntu rejected it05:38
Mintalwhy did you adress me?05:38
wols_JoeR1: rejected how?05:38
iszakI've got a server running 10.10 right, and for some reason I have high load averages, upon inspecting top only md0_resync and md0_raid1 have noticable CPU loads with ~10% for the first and ~4% for the later. Any suggestions?05:38
JoeR1it said it was invalid05:38
bazhangJoeR1, exact error messages please05:38
dr_willis!info gyachi05:39
ubottuPackage gyachi does not exist in natty05:39
TA5Kand btw is the UI in the next release also tested against dark skins and light fonts?05:39
JoeR1no, I'm am not using the ppa because i have spent two hours resolving dependencies and I intent to see it through05:39
wols_dr_willis: a 2007 yahoo client. very doubtful if it even works with yahoo.com05:39
Blade20JoeR1, the more detail you can give the more affective people can be in helping fix the problem05:39
JoeR1the ppa failed I moved on05:39
bazhangTA5K, next version discussing in #ubuntu+1 please05:39
wols_JoeR1: that gtkhtml lib does not exist anymore. it's an EX-lib. unless you want to manually downgrade your whole gnome installation, it's not gonna happen05:40
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TA5Kbazhang: oh we have a special channel for that? oki, I'll go there, thank ,)05:40
JoeR1and the version 3 in the repositories is not backwards compatible?05:40
dr_willissome apps can require specific versions yes.05:41
sw0rdfishhow to check what my friend is doing? I gave him ssh access to do something for me in my vps?05:42
HeraklesHello, how do i restore the default Desktop (or default theme) in Ubuntu 11.04 ?05:42
dr_willismajor version #'s changes are often incompat.05:42
Blade20JoeR1, is that the only program... why can you not use another that does the same thing....05:42
Heraklesa Command like #pkill gnome-panel would be nice... ( using Unity-Desktop)05:43
JoeR1gyachi is the only one I ave read about that supports yahoo voice05:43
Blade20Herakles, are you wanting to get away from unity?05:43
dr_willisHerakles:  unity --reset05:43
dr_willisHerakles:  unity --reset-icons05:43
Herakleshmm... sound good , Mr dr_willis.... moment please05:44
dr_williscompiz has its own reset command05:44
str8compiz sucks, fvwm-crystal all the way05:44
dr_willissee webupd8 blog site for where i got them from..05:44
Blade20i did not know compiz even worked with unity... lol05:44
dr_willisunity is the panel/shell... compiz is thw wm05:45
goodtimeyes it does05:45
Blade20i want to check out Gnome 3 but im a chicken05:45
MintalBlade20: ?05:46
Blade20Mintal, ??05:46
theadminBlade20: Gnome3 isn't worth a try, honestly, nonsensical and buggy05:47
rorhmm, updating again and restarting again seemed to fix my appearance issues05:48
rorthanks anyway guys :)05:48
Blade20theadmin, see i guess it's not such a bad thing to be a chicken then right? lol05:48
Blade20ror,  glad it worked out :)05:48
theadminBlade20: lol.05:48
theadminbazhang: Wow, taking much bans off today05:48
* goodtime is listening to KMFDM [ Adios ] - 10. Bereit [Audacious]05:49
rwwgoodtime: we don't care05:49
bazhanggoodtime, turn that off05:49
goodtimeim so high05:49
str8anyone ever get /dev/tcp working on ubuntu?05:49
iszakwhat does "pcnt" stand for in the "perf top" command?05:49
bazhang!ot > goodtime05:49
ubottugoodtime, please see my private message05:49
goodtimerww: ok05:49
* theadmin thinks that reading IRC guidelines is the first thing to do when you join here, no? goodtime 05:50
goodtimety ubottu05:50
str8is that a negatory05:50
goodtimepeace out05:50
Blade20str8, give it time... if anyone can answer they will...05:51
dr_willisHerakles:  tell the channel the whole issue.05:51
wols_dr_willis: easy: "Hera is mean to me!" :)05:51
wols_well, Juno, but that's the same thing/woman05:52
supercom32Is Ext4 safer to use overall than Ext3 for data loss now? Or is ext3 still better?05:52
theadminsupercom32: ext4 is safe.05:53
theadminbittin`: Wrong channel.05:53
HeraklesI changed background in nautilus and it came to happen that other Systemcomponents have been affected, such like the upper Panel (incl. the Indicater-applets)05:53
MrSaltI just changed my home partition to btrfs.  I'm hoping it's a stable as I think I've been reading.05:53
Heraklesbut i like the Unity-Desktop...05:54
supercom32theadmin: So there is absolutly no reason to use ext3 anymore for really any reason?05:54
theadminsupercom32: Old kernel/bootloader support.05:54
dr_willisi have a nas or 2 that cant do ext405:54
wols_supercom32: compatibility. ext3 exists longer and other products/OSes support it better05:54
wols_e.g stuff like partition imagers, resizers, MS windows, etc05:55
Heraklesthe upper Panel is now in a kind of old school-theme.. doesn´t looks nice ....05:55
supercom32But in terms of data loss due to unforseen hardware/software/power issues ext4 has more safe-guards than ext3 right?05:55
str8its harder to recover05:56
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
str8/dev/tcp anyone?05:56
wols_supercom32: only safeguard I can see is the Journal checksumming, while the delayed allocation seems to increase risk of data loss. see thw wikipedia page for ext405:57
sancaswhat can i use for record my screen?05:57
bazhang!screencast | sancas05:58
ubottusancas: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.05:58
supercom32wols_: Thats my worry. Is the risk of apps not using fsync worse or better than gaining journal checksumming? :P05:58
wols_supercom32: imho it's a wash. main reason for ext4 is improved performance which is negligible too actually. hardware has a much bigger impact on speeds05:59
Tom^and ext4 has discard for ssd's05:59
Tom^aka trim06:00
wols_Tom^: that's a very good reason for ext4, yes06:00
supercom32wols_: So for data reliability (Yes, I know have 2 backups), ext3 > ext4 since there is no question regarding poorly writen apps?06:00
=== optimus_ is now known as m1h0
Tom^tbh speaking about data loss with ext4 is a bit overkill06:01
wols_supercom32: the fact that all kinds of repair and imaging tools support ext3 a lot better is more important than any new features imho.the poorly written apps or the checksumming are bot irrelevant compared to that. if you want to be safe, you always got to be conservative06:01
Tom^you will rather see hard drive failure then data loss where a ext3 would have saved you06:02
MrSaltIsn't more redundency and checksumming to reason for btrfs?06:02
Tom^does btrfs have fsck yet?06:02
supercom32wols_: Thats a really good point.06:03
MrSaltA basic one, yes06:03
sancashow can i connect to wireless with wpa secure06:04
MrSaltTom^: Looking for the reference, but not finding it.  It's within the last month or so.06:05
supercom32Ok, thanks everyone! I think Ext3 is the way to go for me. I won't worry about fsync or checksuming since those seem to be rather neglegible.06:05
supercom32Software support seems to be the only big issue.06:05
Tom^MrSalt ok06:05
HeraklesHow do i disable the GUI by a Keyboard-Keybinding ?06:06
wols_sancas: usually via network-manager. but there are other ways too. first you have to make sure your wlan card actually works tho06:06
wols_!wifi | sancas06:06
ubottusancas: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:06
theadminHerakles: You can restart X with Alt+Prtsc+K, or go to a TTY with Ctrl+Alt+F2.06:06
MrSaltTom^: I've been reading other forums and they were big on btrfs for reliability.  I've got backups, but still.  It's a big addition to kernel 3.006:06
Blade20wols_, what is the wrapper that lets you use windows drivers for wireless?06:07
wols_MrSalt: Tom^ is right, before they have a more than just basic fsck and have some experience in the real world, their reliability is zero or even negative06:07
wols_Blade20: ndiswrapper. don't use it. the chances that you actually need it is very very very small06:07
wols_Blade20: wlan support has improved over the years06:08
Blade20wols_, ahh ok... thank you :)06:08
MrSaltwols_: Understood.  I'm giving it a spin anyway.  :)06:08
rabbit1unable to get full screen in virtualbox, any suggestion?06:09
wols_MrSalt: that's fine. trying it out is great, only way to get the real world experience, both for you and the FS programmers. but my point still stands :)06:09
kcm1700My wheel mouse is scrolling horizontally. Is it a feature ? how to use it?06:09
kcm1700I wanna switch between horizontal/vertical wheel scrolling06:10
kcm1700any help? what keyword should I google for?06:10
highlinehello ppl06:11
wols_kcm1700: do you have a mouse whiceh can do both or have a normal wheel mouse, with normal scroll wheel and what this single wheel to do both?06:11
kcm1700I think normal scroll wheel. single wheel between two buttons.06:12
wols_kcm1700: newer mice have a wheel you can press left or right and it works for scrolling vertically06:13
zykes-wols_: i can paste you that xorg.log file that you requested, sorry for the delay (regarding nvidia issues on a lenovo t510 with nvidia gm3100 card that's not working)06:14
wols_zykes-: you can, but right now I gotta go for a drive for and hour or two. and yout T510 should (usually) work fine. even with hybrid graphics06:15
kcm1700it's an old ordinary mouse. hmm that method doesn't seem to work well with my case. thx for your care.06:15
zykes-wols_: oh ?06:16
wols_zykes-: paste it. there are more people than me here who can help06:16
wols_if you still want it solved that is06:16
zykes-yeah i want06:17
kcm1700Actually the wheel was working as a vertical scroller at startup. After some time on linux, it works as a horizontal scroller.06:17
kcm1700I think I accidently turned on horizontal scrolling feature(?), is it nothing to do with linux? I didn't see this behaviour on windows.06:18
zykes-anyone able to take a look ?06:24
zykes-dunno why i get no screen found :/06:27
ck_has anyone used wordtracker, tried to take the data into openOffice?06:28
HeraklesI rebooted manually, and now the Display is completly restored..., thank you dr_willis....06:29
Blade20zykes-, looking now06:29
kcm1700ah... it wasn't linux thing.06:31
kcm1700it was virtualbox bug. sorry.06:31
Blade20zykes-, i use ATI so i do not know  for sure what the command is for nvidia ... for ati the command is sudo aticonfig --initial -f    for one monitor...06:32
zykes-i have done that Blade20, nvidia-settings06:32
zykes-should i post the config ?06:32
mark__I have a youtube video stuck on my screen, anyone know how to fix that?06:32
Blade20zykes-, how many monitors are you running?06:32
zykes-2 Blade20 that are connected06:33
zykes-but i've tried with just the laptop as well06:33
args[0]Hi, if i install vsftpd (ftp) on my ubuntu, will it automatically run always after i restart?06:34
Blade20zykes-,  again not sure what the settings are for nvidia but with my ati what i had to do was remove the xorg.conf file and start a new one with aticonfig --initial and use the command line to set up for dual monitors... once you find the right command it will work06:34
Blade20zykes-,  have you tried nvidia-settings --help in terminal06:35
zykes-Blade20: yes but says nothing about something like "dual monitors" or similar06:38
=== Player1 is now known as PlayerDisconnect
Tom^zykes- you shouldnt need to make any explicit nvidia-settings command06:38
Tom^just temporarly mv the old xorg.conf away launch nvidia-settings and it creates a new xorg.conf then setup dual monitors under "X Server Display Configuration"06:39
zykes-Tom^: sorry nvidia-xconfig06:39
zykes-Tom^: i can't get nvidia-settings either to budge, "The control display is undefined"06:40
shareif I hibernate computer Ubuntu will use swap partition right06:43
Shadow11question regarding running from usb stick06:44
Shadow11I started up successfully, close down and started up on anther computer..and it asked me for login....   dont know what is supposed to go in there. did not create new account first.06:45
Shadow11any ideas?06:45
^Pilgrim^i have a question06:46
Shadow11hello ^Pilgrim^06:46
mintuxhow to fix grub in new version of ubuntu06:46
shareShadow11: did u install persistent usb or live usb06:46
mintuxgrub command doesn't work for me06:46
bazhang!grub2 | mintux have a read06:46
ubottumintux have a read: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)06:46
Shadow11persistent I believe.   gave it 4gig space to save settings.06:46
DETERMINOLOGYBout to flash roms..Steel or viper?06:47
^Pilgrim^question: how can I network a number of linux machines so that all the users can login to a central user/pwd database with their home folders in the server?06:47
Shadow11used the linked program to install iso image onto 32gb flash drive.06:47
Shadow11gave it 4gb storage space to save settings06:48
Shadow11booted up twice on two seperate machines..when I shut down on second and started again..was asking for auto login or other.  tried auto but it rejected the option06:48
Shadow11Pilgrim I would guess an ldap server would do that..but have not setup on linux before..perhaps someone else on list can help there06:49
Shadow11all the machines would need to be configured for ldap server locaiton and login requiremetnts.06:50
Shadow11and be able to reach it on network of course06:50
Shadow11anyone had dealings with autologin/other showing up on usb boot stick?06:51
ubottuGnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.06:51
bsmith093how do i set a command to go off 15 secs from now06:51
Kartagisbsmith093: sleep 15;command06:52
bsmith093ah duh thanks06:52
Shadow11any comments on boot options showing up when there was none require before?06:53
wesideMan, I was just looking on http://gnome3.org/ and watching the videos, yeah I think I like Gnome 3 better then Unity, lol.06:53
rwwGNOME 3 is a desktop environment. Unity is a shell for GNOME 2 and 3. Perhaps you mean GNOME Shell, which is another (more official) shell.06:54
wesideYah you know what I mean.06:54
thauriswulfaHELP: Need help to install synaptics-dkms_1.1.0_all.deb in xubuntu to enable multitouch in touchpad.06:55
zykes-Tom^: any other hints?06:57
Tom^zykes- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo06:58
Tom^test follow that06:58
Tom^i dont have ubuntu myself but give it a shot06:59
thauriswulfacan anybody help me enabling touchpad scrollbars?07:02
shareis there any problem if I use a username with only letter07:05
shareim not running a server..07:05
kylemcgillFor Gnome three support, would here or #gnome be the right place, my issue is after a clean installation of Ubuntu 11.04 off a live cd, i add the repo, update, dist-upgrade, install gnome-shell my ubuntu installation wont boot ><07:05
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:05
cvloc13hey everyone, im having a bit of trouble with learning C that i believe has to do with my distro07:06
cvloc13im trying to compile some source using gc.h and have already apt-get libgc-dev but when i compile with gcc i get an error of file not found for gc.h07:07
kylemcgillhave you got build-essentials?07:07
kylemcgillcvloc13: ^^07:07
cvloc13i believe so07:07
rwwit's named build-essential07:07
cvloc13yup already have07:08
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GeorgeJcvloc13: What does `find /usr/include/ -name rdma` yield?07:10
GeorgeJah sorry07:13
GeorgeJfind /usr/include/ -name gc.h is what I ment, or dpkg -L libgc-dev as you were suggested07:13
GeorgeJIt should show you the path to gc.h(if installed)07:13
=== fairuz|away is now known as fairuz_
GeorgeJIt should be somewhere in /usr/include. If its in /usr/include/gc/gc.h you could simply #include <gc/gc.h>07:14
theadminOr to use the full path you do #include '/usr/include/gc/gc.h'07:15
cvloc13ok ill try the gc/gc.h07:15
cvloc13ah ok thanks that worked :P07:15
carl-erichi - my natty /boot partition is shot. How do I recreate a boot partition and install a grub with swap being on a random-key encrypted partition and / being on a password-encrypted partition?07:16
quiescensas in, you have the above setup. but you are now missing your /boot ?07:17
carl-ericquiescens, exactly07:18
researcher123where can I obtain software for morphing in ubuntu07:18
carl-ericquiescens, upon re-booting from a live CD, it would not recognize the partition that was supposed to be /boot07:18
quiescensyou would most likely want to find a way to mount your encrypted partition07:18
carl-ericquiescens, i managed to do that from the live cd07:19
researcher123is there a forum for Morphing?07:19
quiescenswhy doesn't it recognize /boot ?07:19
Hittwicei need help07:19
carl-ericquiescens, I have no idea07:19
quiescenserrors? or doesn't appear at all?07:19
quiescensis it on the same drive as the rest?07:19
quiescensit doesn't recognize the partition exists? or it simply can't mount it?07:20
carl-ericquiescens, all one drive in the laptop. all other partitions work fine, the formerly-/boot partition is there, but it doesn't recognize the filesystem07:20
HittwiceI need help07:20
HittwiceThe latest update remove GNOME!07:20
quiescenscarl-eric: so if you've tried to fix it and have had no success, and have no backup, you can probably format the partition and remake your /boot07:20
HittwiceNow Im running on unity07:20
Hittwicecan anyone tell me how to get back Gnome?!07:21
vuthhi hittwice07:21
iceroot!classic | Hittwice07:21
ubottuHittwice: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".07:21
Hittwicetried installing via apt-get, but couldnt07:21
carl-ericquiescens, that's what I'm thinking ;-) My problem is: How do I a) get the proper files back on /boot, and b) how do I get grub to work with the encrypted partitions07:21
Hittwicewhen i login theres no GNome classic07:21
vuthgo to that hittwice07:21
icerootHittwice: output of "dpkg -l | grep ubuntu-desktop" please07:22
HittwiceOnly Ubuntu and Recovery console07:22
TA5KHittwice: have you checked your update history in synaptics eg?07:22
icerootHittwice: you are on 11.04?07:22
TA5KHittwice: and selected the right one oin the login screen?07:23
Hittwiceno response from command "dpkg -l | grep ubuntu-desktop"07:23
Hittwicebalnk response07:23
vuthomg this kid just pissed on my lawn!!! got damn BUNGHOLE07:23
quiescenscarl-eric: if you have managed to boot a livecd, first step is mount your / somewhere07:23
theadminvuth: Wrong channel.07:23
kamidiHittwice: are you sure you didn't upgrade to 11.10 (oneiric)? i think gnome classic is already removed from it07:23
vuthopppz sorry wrong chat window07:23
carl-ericquiescens, got that07:23
Hittwiceno i didnt07:23
vuthsorry admin07:23
carl-eric / seems to be in order07:23
kamidiHittwice: ok just checking.. weird07:24
HittwiceUbuntu 11.0407:24
Hittwicei checked the synaptic, gnome packages are missing07:24
Hittwiceall of them!07:24
quiescenscarl-eric: where? anyway, you will want to bind your /dev /proc /sys into that tree so that you can use chroot07:25
icerootHittwice: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop07:25
Hittwicecould not be installed07:25
HittwiceSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of Incoming. The following information may help to resolve the situation:  The following packages have unmet dependencies:  ubuntu-desktop : Depends: evince but it is not going to be installed                   Recommen07:25
icerootHittwice: please paste the output of "cat /etc/issue" and "cat /etc/apt/sources.list"07:26
carl-ericquiescens, one moment, doing that07:26
iceroot!paste | Hittwice07:26
ubottuHittwice: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:26
brylieubottu, language07:26
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:26
icerootHittwice: also the output of "apt-cache policy ubuntu-desktop"07:26
Hittwicethe output07:27
carl-ericquiescens, got /dev /proc /sys bound in the mounted /07:28
Hittwiceanother one07:29
quiescenscarl-eric: so you need to do mount -o bind /dev /wherever/dev07:30
quiescenscarl-eric: and again for /proc and /sys07:30
carl-ericquiescens, I did that07:30
quiescensand then you should be able to chroot to your old /07:32
quiescensand from there, hopefully apt-get reinstall your kernel image, and then update-grub07:32
quiescenscarl-eric: mount your new /boot too of course07:33
carl-ericquiescens, do I mount /boot before the chroot into the to-be-chrooted tree, or do i mount it to /boot, once I'm in chroot?07:33
tsinfoHi, any squirrelmail chat plugin07:34
quiescenscarl-eric: probably easiest to mount it before you chroot07:34
shareNatty install detects Windows 7 as Vista07:35
Hittwicehello anyone that can help me?07:36
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.07:36
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
quiescenscarl-eric: you will probably need to grub-install (your new /boot device) too07:36
HittwiceApparently everyone is leaving my problems without any note07:36
nbest   Hi.  A software instalation instruction says to :"Then add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:"  Plz where can i find the sources list file?07:37
nbest i'm very new to ubuntu.07:37
Hittwicethey leave my problems unattended07:37
HittwiceI asked earlier and there is a response07:37
carl-ericquiescens, i'm installing the linux image now - what are the exact commands i need for grub?07:37
kamidiHittwice: I'm not expert about those kind of things but everything seems to be ok (i think), except that ubuntu-desktop package is not installed (and apparently cannot be installed due to broken dependancies)07:38
carl-ericquiescens, there is also a windows partition on that drive (which is the bootable one)07:38
Hittwicefinally some response07:38
ThinkT510nbest: what are you trying to install?07:38
ThinkT510!find tor07:38
ubottuFound: akregator, bacula-director-common, bacula-director-mysql, bacula-director-pgsql, bacula-director-sqlite3, bittornado, bittorrent, cantor, cantor-backend-kalgebra, computer-janitor (and 545 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=tor&searchon=names&suite=natty&section=all07:38
quiescenscarl-eric: (possibly sudo, depending on whether you are already root) grub-install (your new /boot device)07:38
theadmin!info tor | ThinkT51007:39
ubottuThinkT510: tor (source: tor): anonymizing overlay network for TCP. In component universe, is optional. Version (natty), package size 1016 kB, installed size 2104 kB07:39
Hittwicewell i assume ubuntu wont have that kind or problems07:39
quiescenscarl-eric: (possibly sudo, depending on whether you are already root) update-grub07:39
kamidiHittwice: No, i don't think so07:39
ThinkT510nbest: there you go, it is in the repo07:39
Hittwicesomething is not allowing me to install gnome07:39
ThinkT510nbest: sudo apt-get install tor07:39
carl-ericquiescens, so first grub-install, then update-grub07:39
quiescenscarl-eric: should be07:39
dr_willistor finally made it back into the repos eh.07:40
carl-ericquiescens, do I point it at the new /boot or the bootable windows partition?07:40
carl-ericquiescens, or at /dev/sda itself?07:40
nbest think they said not to use the ubuntu universe because they are less reliable then from the official site07:40
quiescenscarl-eric: actually, I don't know if your boot loader is intact, and is just missing the files in /boot07:40
HittwiceMust be Unity hating GNOME to the point it removes and doesn't allow me to install it back07:40
piercedwaterirc.what.cd 666707:40
quiescensone moment07:40
ThinkT510nbest: when installing software you should always look in the package manager first (don't just randomly download it off the internet)07:40
kamidiHittwice: have you tried 'sudo apt-get install -f' to fix dependencies?07:40
quiescenscarl-eric: you may be able to get away with just the update-grub07:41
carl-ericquiescens, i'm not sure about that either. I think the best bet would be to just reinstall grub too07:41
Hittwiceand they ask me to use apt-get remove07:41
Hittwicewhich i dont want to07:41
quiescenscarl-eric: okay, well where you do grub-install to depends on your setup07:41
starlite how can I display command line (shell) output as a popup or a webpage in ubuntu ?07:42
kamidiHittwice: What is it going to remove when you do it?07:42
quiescenscarl-eric: did you previously have the grub bootloader, give you an option of linux and windows07:42
carl-ericquiescens, yes i did07:42
quiescensor did you have the windows loader, giving you the option07:42
Hittwice!paste  gir1.2-json-1.0 libseed0 gir1.2-gstreamer-0.10 gir1.2-clutter-1.0   xulrunner-2.0-mozjs libclutter-1.0-0 gnome-js-common libclutter-1.0-common07:42
ubottuHittwice: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:42
carl-ericquiescens, i had grub coming up on boot07:42
quiescenscarl-eric: in that case, you probably want to grub-install to the drive (/dev/sda or /dev/hda or whichever)07:42
nbest  think .. sorry, maybe i misunderstood the instructions.  They said "Do not use the packages in Ubuntu's universe. In the past they have not reliably been updated. That means you could be missing stability and security fixes."07:43
carl-ericquiescens, thanks, I'm going to try and boot that machine now :)07:43
Hittwicethe packages that is going to remove07:44
ThinkT510nbest: if that is what it says on the tor site, feel free to do what you want (don't expect it to be easy to maintain though if you install it any other way)07:44
tsinfoHi, Has anyone installed a plugin for internet chat?07:45
nbest well i will try to follow their instructions exactly.  Could anyone tell me where to find the source list file so i can start?07:45
quiescenscarl-eric: so apt-get reinstall (linux-image-(version)) ; update-grub ; and grub-install /dev/sda (or /dev/hda or whichever)07:45
ThinkT510nbest: you just posted where it is07:45
ThinkT510nbest: "Then add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:"07:46
nbest right, i thought that's what you meant, i was just getting that to ask.. but i dont' understand what that line means07:47
carl-ericquiescens, we're half-way there :-) It booted grub, asked for the luks password, and managed to mount sda10_crypt07:47
kamidiHittwice: I'm sorry I can't help you :( I hope here are someone who can.07:47
nbest  oh wait i think i see07:47
carl-ericquiescens, now I'm at a busybox initramfs prompt though07:47
nbest it's a directory structure07:47
nbest  duh lol07:47
sunit how can I display command line (shell) output as a popup or a webpage07:47
ThinkT510nbest: you aren't familiar with the directory structure of linux?07:47
HittwiceWhat the.......07:47
nbest  nope, like 2nd day using linux here :P07:47
Hittwiceany other channels that i can get help?07:48
nbest  i'll do my best to muddle through though :)07:48
kamidiHittwice: And be patient ;-)07:48
ThinkT510nbest: wow, and you chose to install tor? bit ambiteous07:48
nbest  lol ikr07:48
kamidiHittwice: I don't know. I suppose this is the channel. You can also try ##club-ubuntu, there seems to be very competent people :)07:49
nbest but my windoz broke and i'm part of some tor communities that i just have to get back to :P07:49
quiescenscarl-eric: okay, get back to your livecd for now07:49
kyidamn it jim07:49
kyin e one use ubuntu on a ppc?07:50
theadminsunit: Weird question really, you can get it to a text file like this: command > file.txt07:51
nirvikarneed help with myth tv and usb capture device07:51
theadminsunit: There is no way for a command output to produce sensible HTML.07:51
carl-ericquiescens, ok, i'm there. mounting my / again07:51
theadminsunit: Well, unless it's some very specific command.07:51
quiescenscarl-eric: i would have gotten you to check the contents of your /boot and / for me before you rebooted really07:51
carl-ericquiescens, duh. my bad, sorry.07:51
carl-ericquiescens, ok, I'm there07:52
quiescenscarl-eric: so for your /boot, you should probably have a grub directory, plus files starting with: abi, initrd, vmlinuz07:52
nirvikarhey help with mythbuntu and usb capture device07:52
theadmin!repeat | nirvikar07:53
ubottunirvikar: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:53
sunittheadmin: ok. But is there any option to dispaly the shell output as a popup ?07:53
theadminsunit: Hm... Let me see07:53
theadminsunit: command | xmessage -file -07:53
nirvikarthx guys07:54
carl-ericquiescens, I have abi, config-, initrd.img-, System.map-, vmcoreinfo-, vmlinuz-, all ending with
nirvikarsearching at the same time07:54
quiescenscarl-eric: grub directory?07:54
carl-ericquiescens, and grub/ containing quite a lot07:54
quiescenscarl-eric: okay07:54
nirvikarso no way to im me here i will have to wait and watch the screen?07:54
ThinkT510nirvikar: it should highlight you if your nick is spoken07:55
quiescenscarl-eric: grub.cfg in the grub directory?07:55
kyilook at the mythtv docs. it's beens a while since I used mythtv but chances are some else has encountered your problem b407:55
sergei_hello guys, is there a bundle for popular firefox plugins ?07:55
Noor_egyhello i'm using usb mudem Huawei k3770 and my ubuntu11.04 dont see it and cant conect to internet , could anyone help me07:55
sunittheadmin: thanks07:56
carl-ericquiescens, yes07:56
theadminsergei_: Nope07:56
kyican you capture n e thing with that usb device?07:56
quiescenscarl-eric: do a (sudo) blkid07:56
quiescenscarl-eric: keep track of which is your /07:56
Noor_egyhello i'm using usb mudem Huawei k3770 and my ubuntu11.04 dont see it and cant conect to internet , could anyone help me07:57
kyisuce as 'cat  video? > test.mpg'07:57
carl-ericquiescens, got it - it's /dev/mapper/udisks-luks-<some-uuid>: UUID=<other!-uuid>07:57
Viking667really weird question...07:58
Viking667How would I go about reinstalling all (yes, that means ALL) my installed packages?07:58
irreverantSo as an old man I have a question, is it true that apple computers running a ssd boot up after 20 and 30 seconds? much faster supposedly than a ubuntu is this true?07:58
quiescenscarl-eric: now have a look at your grub.cfg and make sure that the UUID for your / is listed for the search (stuff) --set=root lines07:58
Viking667I seem to have some damage here.07:58
Viking667nothing's coming up as broken, but quite a few packages were showing a LOT of files not there...07:59
Viking667i.e. mplayer ended up with just the /etc files...07:59
theadminViking667: apt-get --reinstall install $(dpkg -l)07:59
Viking667yet when I reinstalled mplayer, they all come back.07:59
Noor_egyhello i'm using usb mudem Huawei k3770 and my ubuntu11.04 dont see it and cant conect to internet , could anyone help me07:59
Viking667theadmin: hm. Is that going to take out my existing running programs?07:59
irreverantthan a ubuntu or windows computer, basically the argument is that it's a better setup than any nix setup or windows setup anyone could have? can anyone comment on this?08:00
Viking667theadmin: and incidentally, dpkg -l  dumps status on ALL packages08:00
carl-ericquiescens, it appears that the UUID in the search line is the one for my /boot!08:00
ThinkT510irreverant: that isn't reallt a support question; perhaps you can ask in #ubuntu-offtopic08:00
kyidude ssd just read faster, plust that sounds like a troll ??08:00
quiescenscarl-eric: the search lines that have --set=root should have the uuid for your /08:01
theadminViking667: Oh yes08:01
HittwiceUNITY SUCKS!08:01
quiescenscarl-eric: annd, i have to get going, sorry, best of luck ):08:01
carl-ericquiescens, can I just edit that file?08:01
theadminViking667: This should work better: apt-get --reinstall install $(dpkg --get-selections)08:01
carl-ericquiescens, thanks a lot!08:01
Viking667yuh. Thought something looked fishy08:01
theadminViking667: I suggest you do this from single-user (recovery) mode08:01
ThinkT510Hittwice: feel free to use an alternative desktop environment08:01
quiescenscarl-eric: you can probably just edit it for now08:01
irreverantwell sort of it is; only because i'm trying to identify it it is true; how could i optimize my nix to load faster.08:01
quiescenscarl-eric: when you get your system running properly, you'll want to make sure that update-grub keeps the correct uuid08:02
ThinkT510irreverant: are you running ubuntu?08:02
quiescenscarl-eric: in all likelihood, update-grub is getting it wrong because you're booting from a livecd08:02
Viking667theadmin: yeah. and the output from dpkg looks like:  packagename    install     or  packagename  deinstall08:02
Hittwiceand it doesnt work cause unity kicked em!08:02
=== davidm_ is now known as Guest46973
Hittwicelike Gnome08:02
Viking667does apt have the capability to tell the difference?08:02
irreverantYes i'm running ubuntu.08:02
theadminViking667: Did you try it with --get-selections?08:02
Viking667that's what gave me that output08:03
=== sena is now known as senayar
Viking667i.e. sample line:    ant-optional-gcj                                deinstall08:03
theadminViking667: Oh... Damn, I really am not familiar with dpkg. Here's how I'd do it on my system: pacman -S $(pacman -Q)08:03
sunittheadmin:only pop up window is generated. How can I display the shell output in that pop up ?08:03
Viking667theadmin: ugh.08:03
theadminViking667: But that ain't gonna be helpful08:03
Viking667no. I don't think I've ever seen pacman outside of whatever distro that appears on.08:04
ThinkT510irreverant: you could run your own benchmarks to see if one runs faster than the other08:04
carl-ericquiescens, ok, I think I'll find my way from here. Thanks a lot!!08:04
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ThinkT510Viking667: pacman is on archlinux08:05
theadminViking667: Arch08:05
Viking667ahhh. Knew I'd seen it, knew I'd never used it.08:05
theadminAnyone, how to list ALL installed packages?08:07
theadminCome on, it can't be hard08:07
ThinkT510!clone | theadmin08:07
ubottutheadmin: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate08:07
Viking667theadmin: the line you gave was pretty close, but I'd need to filter some stuff out.08:07
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning08:07
theadminViking667: There, use that, just without the "!?automatic" bit08:08
Viking667why not the automatic?08:08
theadminViking667: I think ! means "not"08:08
theadminViking667: Not sure tho08:08
Viking667theadmin: and, what the heck are you doing in #Ubuntu if you don't use it?08:08
theadminViking667: I'm bored08:08
ThinkT510Viking667: you can still answer support questions if you are using different distros (knowledge can pass over, just need to be aware of the differences)08:10
NoReflexhello! I borked the permissions on my system. I was able to get most of them fixed but there are a few things that don't work. For example in xsession-errors I have (gnome-settings-daemon:2434): WARNING **: Connection failed, reconnecting; the shutdown / restart buttons won't work. If I click on them it just logs out. I'm using Lucid08:11
NoReflexapart from that it seems to work fine08:12
theadminNoReflex: Related to dbus no doubt08:13
theadminNoReflex: Can't help more than that08:13
NoReflexI could try an upgrade to the new version - but I don't know if that will fix permissions or just hang on installing08:13
theadminNoReflex: You should try reinstalling packages related to your problem.08:14
Viking667gawd. mention three letters, and I've inadvertedly started world war four...08:14
wmcinnisanyone have problems after they install the nvidia drivers then do the plymouth fix that the nivida drivers dont work anymore08:14
vuthis there a difference between using the terminal and update manager to update ur system?08:15
vuthlike in terminal using the sudo --apt update etc. commands08:15
ThinkT510vuth: the end result would be the same08:15
icerootvuth: yes but normally you dont see the difference08:16
KrisDouglasvuth, there are some subtle differences on how updates are handled, but for everyday use they are both the same08:16
icerootvuth: both are using dpkg08:16
icerootvuth: but they handle dependencies and the solution of conflicts different08:16
vuthokay but i just notice most of u guys use the commands in terminal08:16
KrisDouglasvuth, It can be faster or just a preferred choice some times. Easier to explain to a new user as well, I think.08:17
ThinkT510vuth: it is quicker than describing what to click08:17
vuththnx again08:17
=== phoque_uni is now known as phoque
sundar_hi all08:20
stephenhhi, is there a way to make logrotate and syslog-ng play nicely?  this is the output i'm getting daily: http://goo.gl/3wpVo08:20
vuthanyone have a windows phone?08:21
sundar_i am not sure if i am on the right channel to ask this question. I am on an embedded arm board running linux. I would like to open a virtual console on ctrl+alt+f1. any idea how i can achieve this?08:21
ThinkT510sundar_: what linux are you running?08:22
GSF1200S_stephenh, thats strange- im running Arch and using both syslog-ng and logrotate without issues08:22
sundar_its a custom compiled kernel with a filesystem from the vendor08:22
stephenhGSF1200S_: there's a few people posting about it but couldn't see a fix08:22
stephenhonly happening on our lucid servers08:23
sundar_ThinkT510: ^above08:23
ThinkT510sundar_: then we can't help you, maybe there is an arm-linux channel08:23
sundar_ThinkT510: Thanks I'll check out the right channel then08:23
ThinkT510!arm | sundar_08:24
ubottusundar_: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.08:24
stephenhmm :\08:24
Bootsso does anyone know how to get itunes working?08:24
sundar_ThinkT510: Ok I'll check out at ubuntu-arm then :)08:25
sunittheadmin: what shall i do ?08:25
ThinkT510Boots: maybe you could ask in #winehq08:25
GSF1200S_Boots: use virtualbox with a windows client and itunes- it doesnt work under wine and apple doesnt care if linux users can access there stuff08:25
ThinkT510!appdb | Boots08:25
ubottuBoots: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help08:25
GSF1200S_stephenh, odd.. I dont have a lucid setup so I cant help you their- I have Arch and Natty (11.04)08:26
vuthdoes anyone here sync their smartphone (android or windows) calendar, contacts, etc. over linux ?08:26
Bootsthanks sorry i was checking it out08:26
jussivuth: I just use the google sync via gmail.08:27
jussi!anyone | vuth08:27
ubottuvuth: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.08:27
stephenhhoped someone had encountered it and fixed it :)08:27
Bootsanother question, im in a different chat room using firefox and when i go to post something it takes forever to show up in the chat. Whats wrong?08:28
unfuquitableso this is ubuntu, not linux mint?08:29
ThinkT510thats right08:29
icerootunfuquitable: korrekt08:29
iceroot!mint | unfuquitable08:30
ubottuunfuquitable: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:30
unfuquitablewell guess i have both installed...08:30
unfuquitablei know. just checking my installations, sorry08:30
vuthjussi do u have an android phone?08:31
jussivuth: yes08:32
vuthoff topic but just cruiois08:32
vuthkewl thnx08:32
luiteI saw some instruction about ndiswrapper to get the wireless running on a sandy bridge macbook pro. is that still the best way, or is there a native driver now?08:32
jussivuth: you may want to join #ubuntu-offtopic :)08:32
vuthi shall08:32
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
* ThinkT510 thinks he heard a pin drop08:38
Viking667OUCH!!! That was my TOE you dropped that on!08:38
Viking667Next time you drop a marble rolling pin, try it on your head.08:38
anli_Did I just join this channel?08:39
ThinkT510yes, you are here now08:39
anli_I did not ask if I am here now08:39
ThinkT510ok, you joined about 5 mins ago08:40
anli_hm, interesting08:40
anli_I hibernated my ubuntu over the night08:40
anli_nickserv however does not require me to authenticate now in the morning08:40
nbest /join #tor08:44
Viking667nbest: no thanks.08:45
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
bullgard4_Banshee 2.0.0 > Track Editor > Sorting: What is the effect if I make an entry in the  "Sort Track Title:" field?08:49
=== Josh_ is now known as _josh
denihi guys....does anyone have a thinkpad and uses tp_smapi?08:59
denii'm having trouble with it for some weird reason09:00
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
ThinkT510deni: i have a thinkpad but can't say i've used that09:00
=== _josh is now known as _j3lly
deniThinkT510: i try to set the start_charge_thresh and stop_charge_thresh and i echo one value in the file but when i cat it i get another value09:02
denisomething very weird is going on09:02
clifftonany one availible to help a complete noob?09:02
ThinkT510cliffton: i'll give it a try09:03
clifftonI am on a netbook (eee pc 1005ha(b)09:03
ThinkT510deni: is that to do with the battery?09:03
clifftonand some windows and programs seem to trail off screen, i am currently at the highest resouloution09:03
ThinkT510cliffton: what is the resolution?09:04
clifftonthey fit right on the horizontal plane but verticly some windows go below the screen09:04
clifftonis what i have set at09:04
ThinkT510cliffton: ahh, that is problematic09:04
clifftonsorry 1024x60009:05
ThinkT510cliffton: which apps show below?09:05
deniThinkT510: yes09:05
llutz_cliffton: some apps are simply just broken, they cannot handle low resolutions (evolution etc.pp)09:05
clifftonif i click view terminal on a dialog window it goes below screen, also i have tried a couple games out that go off screen09:05
ThinkT510deni: guessed as much, sorry, i keep mine plugged in all the time09:05
ThinkT510cliffton: like llutz_ said, it is the app designers fault09:06
dheerajhas issues with compiz in Ubuntu 11.0409:06
dheerajcan somebody help09:06
ThinkT510cliffton: they just aren't suited to small screens09:07
clifftonoh gotcha, any tips for optimization using a netbook? I am running xbuntu 10.4 so far i have every thing stock09:07
decepticonhelp! i cant uninstall vidalia :(09:07
decepticonin ubuntu 11.0409:07
ThinkT510!info vidalia09:08
ubottuvidalia (source: vidalia): controller GUI for Tor. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.10-3 (natty), package size 2555 kB, installed size 5340 kB09:08
decepticon!info vidalia09:08
ThinkT510decepticon: what happens when you sudo apt-get remove vidalia?09:08
deniThinkT510: tnx, anyway09:08
ThinkT510deni: no worries :) (glad you came along, it was getting too quiet)09:09
denii also keep mine plugged in all the time...that's why i'm trying to preserve the battery09:09
denicause i don't wan't to plug it out all the time09:09
nbest hi, how could i change a file that's supposed to be read only?09:10
llutz_deni: but THAT really would preserve the batter09:10
nbest it's the source list file09:10
llutz_nbest: use sudo/gksu09:10
nbest  i need to change it as per instalation instructions... k, thanks09:10
ThinkT510nbest: gksudo gedit /path/to/file09:11
clifftonhey thanks guys!!!09:11
nbest  oh i see,  :)09:11
nbest i'll do that ty09:11
dheerajconfiguring wall in compiz has messed up the system.. even can't get to terminal ..any help is appreciatd09:12
bullgard4_Banshee 2.0.0 > Track Editor > Sorting: What is the effect if I make an entry in the  "Sort Track Title:" field?09:12
ThinkT510nbest: be careful when editing anything with sudo09:12
nbest i will think510, i understand that's like the administrator access09:12
ThinkT510nbest: you're doing good on your 2nd day09:13
ThinkT510nbest: keep it up :)09:13
nbest  lol, idk i was trying to figure that last question out since i asked u the previous one09:14
bullgard4_deni: Iam using two Thinkpads. I do not use tp_smapi. Another driver is fulfilling its functionality very well. In Ubuntu one does not need tp_smapi for all what I know.09:14
nbest seems like at each step i need to ask09:14
llutz_!manual | nbest maybe reading this will help09:15
ubottunbest maybe reading this will help: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:15
nbest  bookmarked llutz  :)09:15
nbest   i'm not going to read a whole manual before i try this but, yea i deff want to start learning09:16
nbest  i was going to look for tutoria on youtube maybe09:16
llutz_nbest: learning to use linux-systems means reading, reading, reading :)09:18
ThinkT510nbest: if you need to practice you could install in a vm and have some fun getting to grips with what does what09:19
flexibeastHi all. Just installed Natty, applied all system updates, but can't get the ssh server to start; getting something similar the respawn-and-terminate issue described at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/openssh/+bug/68753509:20
ubottuUbuntu bug 687535 in openssh (Ubuntu Maverick) "upstart loses track of ssh daemon after reload ssh" [High,Fix released]09:20
loxsfolks, I decided to try btrfs for my new installation of ubuntu. Now apt-get is something like 5 to 10 times slower. Wtf? Is this normal?09:20
nbest llutz , yes reading is good i try to do as much as i can with my limited ADD :P09:20
flexibeastloxs: It wouldn't surprise me, given that, to the best of my knowledge, btrfs is still under heavy development.09:21
ThinkT510loxs: btrfs isn't stable yet09:21
nbest  ThinkT510  that's an interesting idea, kind of catch 22 though heheh cuz  i don't have a windows machine working now,.. so i'd need to set up a ubuntu vm in ubuntu09:21
ThinkT510nbest: it is easy enough to install virtualbox via the package manager09:22
ThinkT510nbest: from there on it is pretty self explainitory09:22
lethalduckWe've been having a small issue with shutdown on our EeePC 1215b's (2 of them) running natty. The S/W appears to shutdown cleanly, but the hardware doesn't power off. http://paste.ubuntu.com/657025/09:23
nbest oh, i didn't think it would be as easy as that, but if it is that's something worth trying i guess09:23
ThinkT510!package | nbest09:24
ubottunbest: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!09:24
OmegaForteX is no longer saving window positions. Anyone got insight on this?09:25
nbest oh, i'll give that website a try then i couldn't find anything on the software centre09:25
ThinkT510nbest: i find it easier to use synaptic (i don't like the ubuntu software centre ui)09:25
ThinkT510!synaptic | nbest09:25
ubottunbest: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto09:25
OmegaForteOh you have got to be kidding me... Disreguard my previous question. Emerald incompatibility is causing it.09:26
OmegaForteThinkT510, Hey man, random. Do you know if anyone is maintaining emerald until Jockey comes out?09:26
vuthanyone have higher driver for nvideo graphics card other than 270.41.0609:27
nbest yea  i think i was in that one  system/administration/synaptic package manager09:27
ThinkT510OmegaForte: no idea sorry, i thought emerald has been dead for a while09:27
nbest  i tried both the software centre and that one09:27
nbest but let me try the website09:27
OmegaForteThinkT510, Any idea when Jockey will succeed it? I'm tired of patching bugs.09:27
vuthmy screen resolution just doesnt look as good as i think it should on the big screen09:28
OmegaFortevuth, GPU/Screen please.09:28
lethalduckAny ideas?09:28
vuthtried to update the driver but it keeps saying Downloading/Installing for lon glong09:28
ThinkT510OmegaForte: until now i've never heard of jockey; so you'd probably know more than me09:28
vuthhang on omega09:28
bullgard4_lethalduck: This is a common error. Look it up in Launchpad.09:28
vuth9600GT 1680x105009:29
OmegaFortevuth, you trying for Xinerama?09:29
lethalduckbullgard4: ah09:29
vuthxinerama = 2 same display?09:29
OmegaFortevuth, No, Xinerama is two displays that act physically like one.09:30
vuthwell right now i just have vga to my 42 inch09:30
vuthso no 2 displays09:30
Da^Ms7Experience, lcdproc Vs. LCD4linux? What should I choose?09:31
vuthlike when i had vista everything just look crsp and sharper09:31
vuthso is there a way for me to find out what latest driver for my video card is that is compatiable for linux09:31
OmegaFortevuth, Okay. that's because Microslaw's filtering isn't in place. I know of no way to emulate it; as I use monitors.09:31
Diavolettoxteciao a tutti09:32
ThinkT510!it | Diavolettoxte09:32
ubottuDiavolettoxte: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)09:32
vuthohhh i see09:32
vuthnp...not big problem just thought maybe i couldnt install the latest geforce video drivers09:33
OmegaFortevuth, But if you use emerald...Or are willing to compile emerald, I guess I'm the only one maintaining it.09:33
OmegaFortevuth, We're using the latest. 240.4109:33
=== Msh100 is now known as MSHughes
=== MSHughes is now known as Msh100
vuthim kind of a noob let me find out what emerald is09:35
bullgard4_Banshee 2.0.0 > Track Editor > Sorting: What is the effect if I make an entry in the  "Sort Track Title:" field?09:35
OmegaFortevuth, It's lime compiz, but a load prettier and easier to customize with little to no dependency on Metacity.09:36
nbestThinkT510,  hmmm, having searched http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/ , every possible sub category, i can't find it on there so..... back to messing with the source list file for me :P09:36
vuthits a theme?09:36
OmegaFortevuth, No, it's a bit more of that.09:36
OmegaFortevuth, It's a themer.09:37
=== vega is now known as Guest20271
vuthdo u have a website with direction for to install emerald..i might install it down the road09:38
OmegaFortevuth, Well it's abandoned. I think I'm the only one offering support for it. Jockey is coming soon.09:39
vuthwhy abandoned09:39
vuthnevermind u answered it09:39
Lasersvuth: That's because TVs shouldn't be treated as monitors. On your 42" TV, the resolution is probably stretched a bit so it's not crispy. Good for movies, sure.09:40
=== satellit_afk is now known as satellit_
zykes-wols_: you back ?09:41
ThinkT510nbest: http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/virtualbox-ose-dkms09:43
nbest oh, no i meant i couldn't find any tor packages on there09:44
ThinkT510nbest: and this one: http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/virtualbox-ose09:44
ThinkT510nbest: oh, tor isn't available for lucid09:45
nbest thanks, i'll make notes of those.   I think i'm gonna try on my real system though for now because, it's a fresh install, if worst comes to worst, i could just get it reinstalled09:45
OmegaFortenbest, What are you looking for? I missed some stuff.09:45
nbest  tor browswer bundle09:45
OmegaFortenbest, You got a source list? I could build it for you, if you want.09:46
nbest ThinkT510 , just said it's not available for lucid?? arghh O.o09:46
ThinkT510OmegaForte: he is running lucid09:46
OmegaForteThinkT510, Wow, Talk about way back to the past.09:46
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/100409:46
nbest umm source list? , like the source list file?09:46
OmegaFortenbest, Yeah.09:46
nbest i should upgrade my version maybe?09:47
nbest should i do that first?09:47
TrevGamingRIgGet paid via paypal or gift cards to watch videos, offers, surveys, submit emails ect. http://t.co/ivZVyhf , have any questions just ask me :)09:47
OmegaFortenbest, Yeah, because 11.04 isn't bad.09:47
OmegaForteCan we get a ban on this trevgaming adbot?09:47
ThinkT510nbest: what desktop environment do you use? gnome?09:47
vuthkewl TrevGamingrig09:47
theadmin!ops | trevgamingrig is spamming09:47
ubottutrevgamingrig is spamming: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!09:47
nbest k, then perhaps i should do that, especially if it's not available on lucid09:47
OmegaFortevuth, It's an adbot. Don't mess with it.09:48
nbest ThinkT510 , let me check , that should be on system ..09:48
vuththought he was just bragging09:48
nbest yea gnome 2.30.209:48
ThinkT510nbest: ok, 11.04 uses unity, if you don't like it you can switch to gnome again on 11.0409:49
DeezeNutsanyone else having a hard time getting gnome 3 working09:49
ThinkT510nbest: just thought i'd warn you09:49
OmegaForteDeezeNuts, While your name is inappropirate, I will help you.09:49
nbest oh, thanks, i dont' think it will matter since i'm new to this one too09:49
DeezeNutsthat's not my problem, I was just asking09:49
ThinkT510!gnome3 | DeezeNuts09:49
ubottuDeezeNuts: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.09:49
madbomber_i use ubuntu classic09:49
DeezeNutsreason i came here is because i made a live USB for natty09:50
DeezeNutsand its not installing09:50
DeezeNutsrunning a memtest atm09:50
asdradHey guy's! What's up?09:50
OmegaForteThinkT510, If that guy still needs help, let me know when he changes his name.09:50
DeezeNutsThanks for that info ThinkT51009:51
ThinkT510DeezeNuts: no worries, gnome 3 should be supported in the next release (11.10)09:51
vuthhow long did it take to learn all the commands in terminal..do u know them off by hear09:53
ThinkT510!terminal | vuth09:53
ubottuvuth: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal09:53
OmegaForteGod I wished grep worked in IRC.09:54
theadminvuth: People know most commands by heart, yes.09:55
theadminvuth: People like me, for instance, can't leave without the terminal.09:55
theadminvuth: live*09:55
vuthcan i mess up the os by typing in wrong commands...im getting differnt directions from differnet websites09:56
ThinkT510vuth: you need to know what you are doing, sudo is potentially dangerous09:56
vuthsh someFileYouWant.run  i never heard anyone use that one b409:58
vuthsh command09:58
ThinkT510vuth: in a terminal type man sh09:58
OmegaForteThinkT510, Ugh, that just gave me a flashback.09:59
ThinkT510vuth: man is your friend (press q to quit a manpage)10:00
AngabladeHey, I was wondering how I would go by running a copy of my favorate webbrowser; Internet Explorer; in Unubtu 11.04. Any Ideas?10:00
ThinkT510Angablade: run it in a windows vm10:01
Duckfdplayonlinux have ie 6  for u10:01
OmegaForteYou guys realize he was trolling right..10:01
OmegaForteIE is no one's favorite browser.10:01
AngabladeThanks for the information tho.10:02
DuckfdFixed his problem even when he did troll10:02
AngabladeThank you guys for all the help. I promise not to do that again. I was just having fun.10:03
vuthIE not that bad10:03
OmegaFortevuth, You are now trolling.10:03
OmegaFortevuth, IE is the worst everything that ever.10:03
AngabladeYou do realize that you could exploit ie in 3 seconds flat with basic javascript...10:04
Duckfdfools that don't use noscript is taking a risk10:05
sunitHow can we use shell (command ) output as input ?10:05
AngabladeInternet explorer does not have it.10:05
icerootsunit: #bash10:05
Duckfdlow iq and no protecton. bad mix : P10:05
suniticeroot: ok10:06
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
theadminsunit: Use the pipe.10:07
theadminsunit: |10:07
theadminsunit: Also, man mkfifo10:08
AngabladeYou know.. I dont even have ubuntu installed right now. For the longest time I did. Just formatted for windows 7 when it came out. Time to install it again I say. Dual boot from flash man..10:08
lethalduckbullgard4: Doesn't appear to be a definitive fix. The same symptoms have been ongoing for quite a few years, by the look of it.10:08
sunittheadmin: ok10:08
bullgard4_lethalduck: Are you sure that you mean me?10:08
=== gianni is now known as Guest70757
lethalduckYeah bullgard4_10:09
AngabladeWell actually it would be ' || ' to pipe. But I guess that might with I think..10:10
lethalduckAdding "rmmod snd_hda_intel" to the end of /etc/default/halt works for some.10:10
sunittheadmin: can you give me an example10:10
lethalduckI tried it twice and so far so good.10:10
ne2kon upgrading from maverick to natty, my four serial port card has gone from ttyS[0-3] to ttyS[4-7], which is strange, as ttyS[0-3] are now non-existent. or at least, they don't seem to correspond to anything!10:10
theadminsunit: ls | grep 'lol'10:11
lethalduckbullgard4_ re: the launchpad shutdown bug10:11
theadminsunit: Would send the output of ls to grep, which would then search for "lol" in it.10:11
ne2ktheadmin: more specifically, it will print out lines containing "lol"10:11
AngabladeI inspace. Night Guys10:12
theadminne2k: I know.10:12
sunittheadmin: I am trying10:12
theadminne2k: I'm explaining the basic concept10:12
gianyif I use apt-add-repository it adds two lines in the sources.list file ..one with deb and one with deb-src..what can I do to skip the deb-src line?10:16
ne2ktheadmin: I don't think "it prints out lines containing 'lol'" is any more basic than "it searches for 'lol'", but it is more accurate, and it is more helpful10:16
=== Ool_ is now known as Ool
stevecccwhy dont the latest updates to software reach older versions of ubuntu - ie why doesnt firefox 5 appear as an update in 10.04 - why do you have to add a mozilla repo and install from there10:17
rdistortedgiany: comment out in sources.list10:17
ThinkT510!backports | steveccc10:17
ubottusteveccc: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging10:17
gianyrdistorted: i have some automate tools that install some apps..i cannot manually edit that line :)10:17
ne2kgiany: do you mean how can you stop it being added in the first place, or how can you get rid of it later? why does it matter to you?10:17
theadminne2k: I'm showing how to use a pipe, not how to use grep.10:18
gianyne2k: stop being added in the first place10:18
ne2kgiany: what exact command did you run, and what did it add?10:18
=== SchneeSchwarz_ is now known as SchneeSchwarz
gianyne2k: add-apt-repository 'deb http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/ubuntu-upstart dist 10gen'10:19
gianyit adds two lines10:19
gianyand because of the deb-src when running apt-get update it fails10:19
ne2kgiany: that's very odd, seeing as it isn't even a source repo!10:19
dr_willisyou could just make a script thad adds the line you want10:21
gianydr_willis: well..seems thats what   i have to do.10:21
dr_willisthat site may not have the deb-src setup right10:21
FanfareQ:i added module atl1c to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ath-pci.conf but it still gets loaded after reboot? Kubuntu natty10:22
dr_willisor write a script to commet out all deb-src lines10:22
thrillERboyHi, I'm trying to Install ubuntu under Wubi, it stops loading ubuntu when rebooting into ubuntu for install, Error: saned disabled; edit etc/default/saned10:22
thrillERboyPlease Help :)10:23
ne2kgiany: it appears that apt-add-repository just blindly calls softwareproperties.add_source_from_line, so you'd have to look upstream at that10:23
ne2kgiany: either that or just do it yourself10:23
ne2kgiany: you can make it even easier by just creating files in sources.list.d, rather than editing an existing file10:24
dr_willisi agree with ne2k   dont touch sources.list10:25
FanfarethrillERboy: i don't know wubi, but saned is not systemcritical so just remove it... i don't think its the reason though...10:26
=== AndChat is now known as Guest24253
kerorohow can i install nvidia driver from livecd?10:27
dr_williskeroro:  and use on the live cd system?10:27
kerorobefore first run10:27
kerorojust before first run of ubuntu10:28
dr_willisyou eed to remaster your own live cd then10:28
ThinkT510keroro: can't you boot in and install the restricted driver then reboot?10:28
Guest24253Any news on power conservation on laptops.. kernel fixes.. heard some issues in kernel after 2.6.3810:28
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility10:28
keroroThinkT510, yes i can but i want to do in this way :S10:29
sunittheadmin: actually I am trying to store the  return value/output of a command in a variable. How can I do that ?10:29
thrillERboyThanks Fanfare10:30
Duckfdsunit, write to and from dev/null  ?10:30
dr_willisthe return value is set to some special bash var. just save it tome other varaible10:31
dr_willisi forget the var name. i dont bash much these days10:32
ranjanHi all, how to enable internet in android emulator when in a proxied environement?10:32
Guest24253sunit: var=`ls -la`; echo $var10:32
sunitDuckfd: I am trying to generate a pop up window containing ouput of the shell10:33
sunitGuest24253: ok10:33
theadminsunit: export var=$(COMMAND)10:34
theadminsunit: Then, you can access the variable contents by using $var10:34
dr_willisfoo=$(command)  is more readable.10:34
Morgzanyone got hint to perform a command via ssh on current user session for remote?10:35
theadmindr_willis: I think it's best to use export just to be safe10:35
dr_willisMorgz:  clarify what you need.10:35
Morgzsorry - I can ssh -X and have vlc play video on local/audio on remote, but i want to run video/audio on remote only.10:36
crshbndcthey every one10:36
head_victimcrshbndct: dd is a much lower level direct copy, rsync is an incremental backup solution10:36
dr_willisMorgz:  vlc has cli commands and telnet interface to allow remote contorll of it10:37
dr_willisMorgz:  and a web interface i think10:37
Morgzdr_willis - didn't have much luck guessing at the cli, I'll look up telnet/web int - cheers10:37
ne2kMorgz: to run video on remote, you need to have the X authority right. the vlc cli might be the best thing10:37
dr_willisvlc --help or its docs...10:37
crshbndctokay... my thing is that i am trying to use a dvd .iso image to boot from. (its actually a win7 iso but thats neither here nor there)10:37
head_victimcrshbndct: so it really depends on what you want to do. If I wanted to clone a disk for an upgrade I'd probably use dd. If I wanted to backup my home directory using a cron job regularly I'd use rsync.10:37
dr_willismy android had a ice vlc remote app10:38
dr_willisnice remote for vlc10:38
theadminHeh, does everyone here own an android or what? xD10:38
crshbndcti tried dd if=/path/to/win7.iso of=/dev/sdb1 and it sort of worked, but i cant boot from it10:38
nemon82hi... anyone knows how I can turn off keyboard backlights for permanent10:38
theadmincrshbndct: You need "... of=/dev/sdb"10:39
crshbndcttheadmin: i own an android10:39
theadmincrshbndct: You dd to a drive, not to a partition... Also I'm not sure Windows can boot from USB10:39
Incarus6nemon82, using MacBook?10:39
sunittheadmin: Can you please tell me the steps I should follow ?10:40
crshbndctokay... but i have two partitions on sdb.. sdb1 is the one i want to boot from, and sdb2 is where i eventually want to install to10:40
nemon82nope asus laptop... Superkey + f3 or f4 adjust the lights.. but i dont know how to close it permanent for every startup10:40
theadminsunit: To do what?10:40
theadmincrshbndct: Then you can't do this.10:40
theadmincrshbndct: GRUB2 can boot ISOs. Read up on that.10:40
crshbndcti mounted the iso image and just copied the files to the sdb1, and it booted from that but i got the 80070570 error so i thought maybe dd could do it for me10:41
Morgzdr_willis - if I ssh into remote machine and execute a process which uses X, it either ports through to the local (when using -X) or (in this case anyway) it has problems grabbing a display. Can I redirect output to a the currently logged in user?10:41
sunitto generate the pop up containing output of the shell /10:41
=== jutta is now known as Fanfare
theadminsunit: I told you before, it's as simple as "command | xmessage -file -"10:42
theadminsunit: And don't forget the - at the end.10:42
dr_willisMorgz: the x credentials need to be set right. nit x forwarding10:43
sunittheadmin: yes I know that. but how to use the output of shell as argument ?10:43
sunitthe steps10:43
theadminsunit: You make no sense. This should be enough.10:44
dr_willisMorgz:  xhost + localhost. and export display10:44
Morgzdr_willis - cheers, I'll look up x credentials.10:44
vuththeadmin why did u ask about android ?10:44
theadminvuth: lol nothing, it's just I own one, dr_willis seems to own one...10:44
dr_willisso does my wife..10:45
vuthoh ok...well it is very popular we had a discusion about this...symbian used to be number 1 but not anymore..android will be taking number 110:45
sunittheadmin: Probably I am unable to clear my problem10:45
theadminvuth: Yeah.10:45
sunitwhen i am giving  "command | xmessage -file -" it only generate a pop up. I am trying to use output of shell in this pop up as notice10:47
jribsunit: did you check the syntax for xmessage?10:47
sunitjrib: yes10:48
theadminjrib: That syntax appears to be correct10:48
jribsunit: what did it do that you didn't expect?10:48
theadmindr_willis: Nice... *sighs*10:48
jribsunit: for example "echo foo | xmessage -file -" works fine here10:49
s0mequestionshello! i've been looking for many hours on how to install the ubuntu server cd on an old pc without keyboard and display, but with network access/dhcp. what i want to achieve is simple: i want to use the normal installer via ssh from another computer. yet i have found no way on how to do it. how is it done, please?10:49
jrib!install | s0mequestions10:49
ubottus0mequestions: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate10:49
jribs0mequestions: check there though I don't know if it answers your question10:49
sunitjrib: no, its working fine10:50
jribsunit: so what is your question?10:50
sunitjrib: but i am trying to use output of shell in this message box as a notice. How can i do that ?10:50
jribsunit: what do you mean by "output of shell"?  Give an example.10:51
theadminsunit: Are you looking for "notify-send"?10:51
Dougie187Ok, so apparently there is some bug that makes gnome sessions load up slow. And panel applets are "not found" and docky's docklets don't load up properly. I was curious if anyone knows how to fix it?10:54
Kingsyhow can I install silverlight on ubuntu for FF 5 >10:54
sunitjrib: Am I clear to you ?10:54
jribKingsy: install moonlight10:54
Dougie187just to help, it's this bug10:55
sunitjrib: for example when I  give  identify -test.jpg , its gives information regarding an image . I am trying to use this output in a message box10:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 779752 in Docky "Randomly docklets do not load" [Low,Confirmed]10:55
jribsunit: no, I'm not sure what you want.  Is the issue with HOW the message is displayed or WHAT the message being displayed is?=10:55
Kingsyjrib: I tried on this site. http://go-mono.com/moonlight/ <-- but it says its cant install cos its not compatible with FF 510:55
=== jutta is now known as Fanfare
jribsunit: try this: xmessage $(identify test.jpg)10:56
vaevhello. how would I best approach installing a single package and its dependencies from oneiric (package that doesn't exist in natty, python3-gobject)?10:57
sunitjrib: ok , i am trying10:57
Kingsyjrib: any ideas?10:57
theadminjrib: "identify"?10:57
jribtheadmin: he gave that as an example10:57
ThinkT510vaev: thats not supported here10:57
theadminjrib: Ah, okay10:57
theadmin!oneric | vaev10:58
ubottuvaev: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:58
sunittheadmin: identify is the command use by imagemagick -10:58
vaevThinkT510, thank you for the info (I'm new to these channels here)10:58
theadminsunit: Ah, I see... To identify file formats tho you can very well use "file"10:58
ThinkT510vaev: no worries :)10:58
Morgzdr_willis - got xhost going. you also mention export display??10:59
sunitjrib: imagemagick is image conversion utility10:59
jribsunit: ok10:59
nbest  ThinkT510 , i've been thinking about switching to 11.04 but since there was no tor for lucid , and 11.04 is still quite new are you sure there is a tor for that version?11:00
=== brainbug is now known as BrainBug[BE]
jribKingsy: click on Download and try the nightly11:00
theadminnbest: Compile it from source.11:00
ThinkT510nbest: yes11:00
theadminnbest: That should never cause any problems ;)11:00
ThinkT510!info tor | nbest11:00
ubottunbest: tor (source: tor): anonymizing overlay network for TCP. In component universe, is optional. Version (natty), package size 1016 kB, installed size 2104 kB11:01
Kingsyjrib: nightly gives me a Server not found11:01
ThinkT510theadmin: he has been using linux for 2 days11:01
theadminThinkT510: Ah... Good point lol11:01
nbest hahah , right , but i see that it is there11:01
jribKingsy: contact the moonlight community11:01
nbest so yea might as well upgrade now i guess11:01
Fanfarei placed "rmmod atl1c" in /etc/rc.local couse "blacklist atl1c" in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf didn't prevent loading...11:02
Fanfareatl1c did freeze system when not connected or got disconnected...11:02
nbest and it should be easier to install if it's on official repository , so will do11:02
nbest i guess i'll see u guys after i upgrade11:03
abhishekbi dont have net at home is there any way i can install software in office n then install the iso at home11:03
nbest*crosses fingers*11:03
jribsunit: either syntax:  identify test.jpg | xmessage -file -    OR    xmessage $(identify test.jpg)      seems to work fine here.  Does that do what you want?11:03
ThinkT510nbest: it would probably be better to install afresh (especially if you got nothing to keep from your 2 day install)11:03
=== Mud is now known as Guest84316
nbest oh, where is a guide to do that?11:04
ThinkT510!install | nbest11:04
ubottunbest: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:04
nbest right yea, i'll see about that11:05
nbest thanks again, sorry for nooby questions11:05
ThinkT510nbest: download 11.04 and install like normal (formatting the old install)11:05
ThinkT510nbest: no worries :)11:05
Kingsyjrib: cant you install nightly with the repos?11:06
jribKingsy: apt-cache search moonlight11:06
rabbit1i am unable to find "Add Printer" in 10.10 ? how do i install in a network11:07
theadminAh she/he left11:09
rabbit1any help to install printer in 10.10 ? unable to find "Add Printer" in the Administrator tab11:12
theadminI think CUPS has a web interface, rabbit111:12
theadmin!cups | rabbit111:12
ubotturabbit1: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows11:12
rabbit1theadmin: i am installing CUPS, thank you11:15
szaltheadmin, rabbit1: http://localhost:631/11:15
=== root is now known as Guest29803
theadminszal: Thanks. Odd port, as usual.11:18
rabbit1szal: i got that in my laptop, but not in the server desktop, so printer will be connected to that desktop (server11:18
rabbit1szal: thank you, added on the desktop as well11:18
CedaraI have a question regarding Unity11:19
iceroot!ask | Cedara11:19
ubottuCedara: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:19
Incarus6For everyone interested in Nvidias proprietary driver 280.13 (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=2462436&postcount=5 returns 404), direct link is working: http://www.nvidia.com/content/DriverDownload-March2009/confirmation.php?url=/XFree86/Linux-x86/280.13/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-280.13.run&lang=us&type=Other11:19
theadminIncarus6: No need to spam the channel ; nobody asked for such a link.11:20
CedaraThe date and user id in the upper bar in unity is very dark, so that you can't see it when you are not clicking onto it, same goes for a few programmes where I end up not seeing the main menue bar. Is there any way to adjust the upper panel in transparency?11:21
gianyhow can i see the version of a packet that is available on a repo?11:21
=== wildbat is now known as semi_afk
icerootgiany: apt-cache policy packagename11:21
icerootgiany: but run sudo apt-get update  first11:21
creelsorry, you know where can i see the drivers i have already installed on my machine ?11:22
livingdaylightCan someone help me recover my home partition?11:25
semi_afk!info testdisk11:25
ubottutestdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.11-2 (natty), package size 1558 kB, installed size 4612 kB11:25
=== neozoon is now known as thetrue_neozoon
theadminlivingdaylight: testdisk may be able to, if you mean the partition got in some way damaged, or formatted.11:25
livingdaylightI am able to log into Ubuntu but screen is only the wallpaper without being able to access any files folders or applications. panel is gone, unity bar is gone11:25
vaevcreel: do you mean by drivers: 1) kernel modules in general 2) 3rd party things like nvidia or ati drivers ?11:26
livingdaylighttheadmin: i suppose that is what is looking likely to have happened and what I mean to do11:26
theadmincreel, ls -R /usr/lib/modules11:26
creelyeah sorry i need to know my wi-fi card driver11:26
Laserslivingdaylight: The good question? What were you doing when that happened?11:26
livingdaylighttheadmin: can you tell me more about testdisc?11:26
creelthx theadmin11:27
Incarus6creel, try lsmod11:27
theadminlivingdaylight: Well, you should look here: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk11:27
Incarus6livingdaylight, are you sure that issue is related with your partition?11:28
=== AndChat is now known as Guest90703
livingdaylightthank you theadmin . I am on laptop now running windows. If I burn windows version to disc it will work on Ubuntu Desktop?11:28
ThinkT510livingdaylight: it sounds like you need to reset the unity desktop11:29
theadminlivingdaylight: Obviously not, you should download the Linux version11:29
livingdaylightLasers: FireFox seems to have triggered it. Recently began using Gwibber as a twitter client, Hitting on links triggered launching FF which I don't otherwise usually use (chome user). System froze under FF11:29
ThinkT510livingdaylight: have you tried using a livecd to check if you can mount the partition first11:29
Incarus6livingdaylight, try to start Ubuntu Classic before playing around with testdisk11:29
Incarus6!classic | livingdaylight11:29
ubottulivingdaylight: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".11:29
Incarus6ThinkT510, obviously not a partition issue, GDM is working properly - just Unity isn't11:30
livingdaylightIncarus6: tried that already. Same issue, although less flickering of Desktop than Unity and icons on Desktop are stable, Otherwise all is the same in respect to being able to access files or applications11:30
vaevcreel: did you find what you were looking for?11:31
ThinkT510livingdaylight: then you don't need to use testdisk11:31
livingdaylightThinkT510: did not try that. Using live disc I can mount the partition and access folders?11:31
AdvoWorkany idea where name server information would be held on an ubuntu server?11:31
Incarus6livingdaylight, can you access files the non-graphical way (ctrl+alt+F1)?11:31
theadminAdvoWork: /etc/resolv.conf11:31
theadminAdvoWork: Just like usual.11:31
Laserslivingdaylight: Yeah. Use LiveDisc to access the partitions and make backups. That would be the best choice.11:32
ThinkT510livingdaylight: sure, but it sounds as if unity is just messed up (use a proper destop environment)11:32
creelmmm, i found a list of drivers but i can't recognize the one i need :/11:32
Incarus6creel, please paste "lsmod"11:32
creelIncarus6, http://pastebin.com/XsTtRyFD11:33
livingdaylightIncarus ctl+alt+F1 has truned my screen black. Command line and endelsss scrolling of numbers with e.d_request : I/0 error, dev sda, sector ******numbers****11:33
AdvoWorktheadmin, that shows nameserver IP  but i mean, what about ns1.domain.co.uk for example?11:33
Laserslivingdaylight: Your hard drive *could* be dying.11:34
_rubenlivingdaylight: better go out and buy a new hdd then11:34
penquiteHi all, I am interested to know whether most people using 11.04 use unity or have changed to an alternativ, is there some existing poll on this subject?11:34
theadminAdvoWork: Um, you probably need to look up the hostname for that ip...11:34
livingdaylightjust need to recover what was on that hard disc11:34
theadminpenquite: I use Xfce, it feels like Gnome2. Try it.11:34
ne2kpenquite: unity confused me massively, so I use "classic"11:34
Incarus6creel, its cfg80211, mac80211, ath9k, ath9k_hw snd ath9k_common . make sure you don't use the 80211 driver and the ath9k driver at the same time11:34
vaevcreel: most common modules for wifi that I've seen are rtl8192*, ath5k, ath9k .. if you find some of those in your lsmod it might be your wifi11:34
livingdaylighthow do I stop the screen, simply reboot?11:35
ThinkT510livingdaylight: ah, now you do need to backup your stuff and get a new drive11:35
creelok vaev Incarus6 , thx you very much11:35
ne2klivingdaylight: if you can boot from a live disk and plug in a second hard disk to copy stuff to, that would be a good idea11:35
ThinkT510penquite: xfce is my preferred desktop environment (i use xubuntu)11:36
Incarus6creel, use "lsmod | ath9k"11:36
Incarus6creel, sry, wrong syntax, use "lsmod | grep ath9k"11:36
theadminIncarus6: "wl" is also one of common wi-fi drivers.11:37
creelIncarus6, yep, thx :)11:37
penquiteThanks all, I might have a look at Xfce11:38
livingdaylighttheadmin: if hd is dying that disc won't fix the partitions now, will it11:39
waltMy xubuntu install seems to have broken over the night. I don't get it. The only thing I remember doing yesterday before shutting it off was to install macchanger. GDM is stuck in a loop of trying to log in, showing a black screen with some text for half a second, then back to GDM. Has anyone experienced this?11:39
waltXubuntu 10.1011:39
ThinkT510penquite: just so you know, gnome2 will be replaced with gnome3 in 11.10 (incase that influences your desktop environment choice)11:40
waltI read about some others having similar problems, and removing .ICEauthority and .Xauthority fixed it. But that did nothing for me11:40
theadminlivingdaylight: Obviously not.11:44
dantuI am new to this , where can I find android help??11:44
theadminwalt: Probably it just can't start Xfce... There can be a lot of reasons for that.11:44
theadmindantu: #android11:44
dr_willis irc basics. :) /join #channelname11:45
dantun command is the same ?? join #channelname11:45
dantujoin #android11:45
theadmindantu: Type this : /join #android11:45
dantu: /join #android11:46
walttheadmin: I have several window managers. None work11:46
walttheadmin: I usually run xubuntu. I can11:46
walttheadmin: sorry, Xmonad11:46
theadmindantu: Without a colon before it11:46
CedaraJust a heads-up: I solved my own question by accident - I had to change to ambiance theme to get what I wanted.11:46
dantuAm I on android now?11:46
walttheadmin: I can't even get into recovery console. Login in from another tty works though11:46
GirlyGirldantu: no11:47
livingdaylightguys, I've booted up live cd (ubuntu 10.10) but can't access my home folder as i dont' have permission. Can someone tell me how i get the permission so I can transfer files to safety?11:47
dr_williswalt,  get to console, login, do 'sudo service gdm stop'  then try 'startx' and look for error messages11:47
dr_willislivingdaylight,  use the root account to access them.11:47
dantuthen how? I typed /join #android11:47
theadminwalt: Okay, that's odd.11:47
theadminGirlyGirl: Welcome back!11:47
Slydder1hey all11:48
GirlyGirldantu: whic irc client are you using11:48
ThinkT510dantu: what irc client are you using?11:48
dr_willisdantu,  time to check the docs for your irc client.  /join #channelname  NO space befor the /11:48
dantuXChat 2.8.611:48
dantuA multiplatform IRC Client11:48
dantuLinux 2.6.32-32-generic [i686/1.60GHz/SMP]11:48
dantuCharset: UTF-8 Renderer: Pango11:48
dantuCompiled: Apr 24 201011:48
FloodBot1dantu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:48
livingdaylightdr_willis: root account? could you say more please?11:48
dr_willisdantu,  theres the menus server -> join channel11:48
ThinkT510dantu: there is a channel list to your left11:48
dr_willislivingdaylight,  from a terminal.  use sudo, and/or 'sudo -i' as needed to have full access to you rinstalled system11:49
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo11:49
livingdaylightdr_willis: using terminal how do I get to running Nautilus as root?11:49
theadmindr_willis: You should use "| nickname" with factoids to avoid general confusion as to where they are directed.11:50
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)11:50
ThinkT510livingdaylight: gksudo nautilus11:50
dr_willistheadmin,  im so used to using my phone where i dont even have a | character. :) at home now..11:50
livingdaylightThinkT510 | dr_willis thx11:50
theadmindr_willis: Can't be that you don't HAVE one... Android, right?11:50
dr_willisthe >< keys dont work on my android either..11:50
dr_willisthe key dosent work on my  bluetoth keyboard for some odd reason.  < > | { } and a few otehrs dont work. or dont exist.11:51
=== administrator is now known as Guest54409
theadmindr_willis: You should hit the "SYM" key on your Android phone to find |, < and >11:51
theadmindr_willis: As well as some others11:51
dr_willistheadmin,   its a bluetooth keyboard i am using. Not the onscreen keyboard.11:52
theadmindr_willis: That's if you use Swype... Oh.11:52
theadmindr_willis: Sorry, didn't notice11:52
dr_willisthe mousepad works on the BT keyboard also on the phone theadmin  which is sort of amuseing. :)11:52
livingdaylightThinkT510: gksudo nautilus doesn't work from live cd11:52
waltdr_willis: thanks. That helped me fix it. It was because my HDD was 100% full it seems. I must have had a download running yesterday11:52
dr_williswalt,  how big is the HD?11:53
waltdr_willis: 160gb11:53
theadmindr_willis: Well, Swype lets me type almost as fast as a regular QWERTY keyboard so why bother to get a bluetooth keyboard? Expensive, I bet.11:53
waltdr_willis: but it was at 90% yesterday morning.11:53
dr_willistheadmin,  $2011:53
waltdr_willis: and I was moving files around and copying and stuff yesterday11:53
waltit all wortks now though11:53
ThinkT510livingdaylight: sorry, never tried it from a livecd11:53
waltthanks for helping me debug11:53
dr_willistheadmin,  its the size of my phone. with a little touchpad. and a laser pointer built in.   Need to try it on ubuntu someday.11:54
theadmindr_willis: The size of your phone? Hm, smallish then...11:54
theadmindr_willis: Unless your phone is in some way similar to an iPad11:54
BluesKajhey folks11:55
livingdaylightdr_willis: regarding root. I'm accessing (read - recovering - ) my home partition from a live cd. Do you know how I get root permission from a live cd to access my hd?11:55
theadminlivingdaylight: su11:56
dr_willislivingdaylight,  gksudo nautilus should work..  i just use the sudo command as needed on the command line. I NEVER run nautilus as root.11:56
theadminlivingdaylight: Err, "sudo -i", whatever11:56
dr_willislivingdaylight,  this isent an encrypted home is it?11:56
livingdaylightdr_willis: no, it isn't. just a dying hd of which I'm attemtpting to recover precious files using live cd11:57
theadmindr_willis: Hint: "gksu" is shorter to type than "gksudo", yet on Ubuntu they do the same thing.11:57
dr_willislivingdaylight,  mount the filesystem, cd to the directory, sudo cp whatever /media/wherveryouarebackingupto11:57
dr_willistheadmin,  but then people get trained to think its 'su' they are using  not sudo. :) so i avoid gksu ussage.11:57
livingdaylightdr_willis: mounting the file system is what I'm trying to figure out how to do? how?11:58
dr_willislivingdaylight,  accessit from the file manager. and it should auto mount.11:58
stevethepirate12:26  stevethepirate: 09:16  stevethepirate: Hi, my AAC's (M4A's) are not working, I've grabbed the gstreamer plugins (bad/good/ugly) to no avail.11:58
stevethepirate12:26  stevethepirate: 09:18  stevethepirate: "Your GStreamer installation is missing a plugin".11:58
stevethepirate[in clementine ^^]11:58
dr_willislivingdaylight,  or use the mount command  'sudo mount /dev/sdXX  /mnt'  or whever you want to mount it to.11:58
livingdaylighttheadmin: when I sudo -i, Yes, I become root, but in Nautilus instead of my username after home I see UBUNTU and none of my files11:58
livingdaylightdr_willis: it is mounting from the file manager but not as root11:59
dr_willislivingdaylight,  you still need to go to the Mounted drive you want to access not your "home" which is the live-users home11:59
theadminlivingdaylight: That's not the right partiton, look for something like "500GB filesystem" in the left menu11:59
livingdaylightdr_willis: ah11:59
livingdaylighttheadmin: yes, that is what I did before running root, when it was inaccessible. Now as root I don't see my 500gb disc on the left12:00
ThinkT510livingdaylight: df -h12:01
ThinkT510livingdaylight: that will tell you what is mounted where12:01
theadminThinkT510: The better way is "mount"12:01
livingdaylightdr_willis: there is nothing in my mnt folder12:02
ThinkT510theadmin: df -h looks cleaner to me12:02
theadminThinkT510: df is for disk usage.12:03
dr_willislivingdaylight,  that was an example IF you used the mount command. the File manager will mount things to /media/ like it does on a normal install12:03
rabbit1installed CUPS, printed a document, but now http://localhost:631/admin says "Unable to Connect" all other localhost is working. help please12:03
connellyso I had some btrfs problems and had to upgrade the kernel to 3.0.0, then I had to reinstall the ATI drivers for my video card(s) and now I get a nasty kernel panic at boot: http://pastebin.com/UMg3jr8Z - anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this or who to talk to? thanks12:03
TITANOhi all. I am novice to ubuntu and dont understand why i need to install applications. when I build one, why i cannot simple run its main executable file? what does the installation process do exactly?12:03
ThinkT510theadmin: if the partition is already mounted it will appear there12:03
livingdaylightdr_willis: noting in media either. Are you saying I have to physically mount it to one of these folders before being able to read it?12:04
dr_willisTITANO,  if you compile them right.. you can just 'run' them.12:04
dr_willislivingdaylight,  when you click on the disk on the left side.. it mounts  to /media/SOMENAME12:04
dr_willislivingdaylight,  IF the disk is really dieing. it may showup/vanish/or just fail to mount.12:04
OmegaFortedr_willis, It mounts to it's volume name or UUID12:04
livingdaylightThinkT510: I can see my folders no problem when I am not root in my file manager, no need for df-h its when I am root that I cannto access my hd12:04
theadmin!packages | TITANO12:04
ubottuTITANO: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!12:04
dr_willisTITANO,  its worked for me. if you staticaly compile stuff. but theres always the extra libs that may be the issue.12:05
theadminOh by the way, someone update the !packages factoid to mention the Ubuntu Software Center.12:05
TITANOthanks for your explanations, but this doesnt answer my questions yet12:05
dr_willisbbl - gotta go to the garden.12:05
TITANOif i build a simple QT or GTK+ application, then I go into the folder that contains it, i cannot actually run it12:06
ThinkT510livingdaylight: df -h was just to show you where the partition is mounted so you know where to go when in the root terminal12:06
TITANOwhile it works from the 'debug' menu of ajunta or qtcreator12:06
rabbit1installed CUPS, printed a document, but now http://localhost:631/admin says "Unable to Connect" all other localhost is working. any help ?12:07
TITANOlet me try building and running a simple c file12:07
theadminTITANO: Make sure it's marked as executable.12:07
rabbit1theadmin: CUPS installed, now localhost:163 is not working :(12:07
rabbit1theadmin: sorry its "localhost:631" is not working12:08
theadminrabbit1: Try "sudo service cups start", I suppose.12:08
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rabbit1theadmin: the job is already running12:08
theadminrabbit1: Odd...12:08
rabbit1theadmin: yeap odd12:08
theadminrabbit1: Maybe try rebooting the system (if it's not some critically important server, like google.com)... idk12:09
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rabbit1theadmin: what next dude...? very confusing, restarted the system as well12:11
livingdaylightI don't understand why wen I launch Nautilus I can see my 500gb hd and two other hd's 160gb and 80gb respectively but when I go into Nautilus as root they disappear?12:11
theadminrabbit1: Well I'm out of ideas.12:11
theadminlivingdaylight: GVFS doesn't run as root.12:11
TITANOdoesnt work12:11
livingdaylightGVFS ?12:11
TITANOi have created a simple hello world program, built it with gcc12:12
ThinkT510livingdaylight: they are there, look under /media12:12
theadminlivingdaylight: The thing responsible for Nautilus disk management.12:12
TITANOand the checked that the file "test.o" were in the folder and executable12:12
jribTITANO: please use one line to describe your issue (don't use the enter key to break it up)12:13
rabbit1theadmin: what if i remove and install cups again ?12:13
Muellirabbit1: well. do smth like "ps aux | grep -i cups" to check whether CUPS is indeed running.12:13
livingdaylightThey are not under media ThinkT510, please...12:13
TITANOand when tried to run it, i got "test.o: command not found" - sorry for the multiline, wont do it again12:13
jribTITANO: ./test.o12:13
dasithhw do u update Nvidia drivers in ubuntu12:13
ThinkT510livingdaylight: what is the output of mount?12:13
livingdaylightThinkT510: mount what?12:14
ThinkT510livingdaylight: just: mount12:14
rabbit1Muelli: what should be output of it?12:14
vaevhow does the ubuntu package system work in this case: natty repository has package x version y but another source has package x version y+1.. how does ubuntu (apt) determine which one to use/install?12:14
rabbit1Muelli: its showing some numbers12:15
theadminTITANO, . is usually not in $PATH, so yes, you have to do ./test.o12:15
vaevhow about if it's a distribution default package that should not be overwritten by a newer version? (like gnome2 to gnome3 I assume)12:15
Muellirabbit1: you should see at least one line, identifying the process. Paste it somewhere.12:15
livingdaylightThinkT510: unfortunately, live cd doesn't have irc client, otherwise I could paste you the output. It looks like a lot of garbled information to me though,12:15
rabbit1Muelli: yes it is12:15
Muellirabbit1: next, I'd do a "sudo netstat -tulpen" and search for the CUPS process. It should have openend a listening TCP socket.12:16
ThinkT510livingdaylight: put it on pastebin and give the link here12:16
jribvaev: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-controlfields.html read about how version numbers are compared.  Unless you have some sort of apt rule setup, the greater version will be chose12:16
vaevjrib: thanks. will have a read12:16
rabbit1Muelli:  netstat-tulpen command not found ...12:16
bastidrazorrabbit1: you missed the space12:17
Muellirabbit1: just reread what I've written12:17
rabbit1Muelli: sorry, yeah right12:17
jribTITANO: when you type a COMMAND in your shell, it searches the contents of your $PATH (echo $PATH to check it out).  Since, as theadmin pointed out, '.' is not in the default $PATH, your shell can't find test.o12:18
rabbit1Muelli: no, its not12:18
livingdaylightThinkT510: http://pastebin.com/BSTOUp3B12:18
rabbit1Muelli: it's not listening....12:18
dr_willisTITANO,  http://www.linuxheadquarters.com/howto/basic/path.shtml12:18
Muellirabbit1: that's weird then. Paste the output somewhere.12:19
TITANOcan you see other's notice? i didnt know12:19
connellyso I had some btrfs problems and had to upgrade the kernel to 3.0.0, then I had to reinstall the ATI drivers for my video card(s) and now I get a nasty kernel panic at boot: http://pastebin.com/UMg3jr8Z - anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this or who to talk to? thanks12:19
ThinkT510livingdaylight: i can't see it, unknown paste id12:19
PiciTITANO: No, notices are private. Best to just tell the channel that you understand, that way we all know to stop helping.12:19
Muelliconnelly: I'd remove the module.12:19
rabbit1Muelli: ok, it usually should be in " " I don't find this at all in the list12:19
theadminTITANO: Notices are bad ideas, either /query or just tell inside the channel12:20
livingdaylightThinkT510 maybe it was a 'zero' instead of an 'O' ? http://pastebin.com/BST0Up3B12:21
ThinkT510connelly: that isn't really supported here12:21
Muellirabbit1: that's weird then. Paste the output somewhere.12:21
ThinkT510livingdaylight: thanks12:21
dr_willisconnelly,  if you really must have the 3.0 kernel - you may want to try the next release its in alpha testing right now.  so watch out.12:21
juliohmHi, can you here me?12:21
TITANOok, thanks - i misunderstood the colors of this chat client then. it must highlight the lines with my nick in it12:21
thrillERboyHi, I have installed ubuntu under wine, I get Error when booting into ubuntu, it fails saying "saned disabled: edit etc/default/saned" How do I clear that? I faced the same problem with install screen, but when I booted under ACPI workaround mode, it worked. How Do I fix this? Thanks.12:22
juliohmHi, can you hear* me?12:22
dr_willisTITANO,  yep. thats common feature for irc clients12:22
dr_willisjuliohm,  we see you. :)12:22
juliohmthank you dr_willis :)12:22
ThinkT510livingdaylight: /dev/sdc1 and /dev/sdd1 are both mounted under media12:22
rabbit1Muelli: http://pastebin.com/f142tE7w12:22
TITANOeh, the irc client i was using before, from the 80's, didnt :D12:22
rabbit1Muelli: printer_cups is the name12:22
juliohmSomeone could give me an advice about Gnome 3? I'm really divided in install Arch+Gnome3 or Ubuntu+Unity, what do you recommend and why?12:23
Muellirabbit1: and can you paste the ps aux?12:23
dr_willisI seem to recall ircII that i used in the 80's did.. but i also rember IRCing from a greenbar printing terminal.12:23
dr_willisor was it just 'IRC I' back then. :) heh.  been so long.12:23
Muellijuliohm: you can use GNOME3 on Ubuntu :-)12:23
dr_willisjuliohm,  next release of ubuntu will hve gnome3 as an option.12:23
rabbit1Muelli: "ligature 5003 0.0 0.0 8952 888 pts/0 S+ 17:44 0:00 grep --color=auto -i cups"12:24
rabbit1Muelli: "cups" is in red color12:24
OmegaFortedr_willis, God I hope not. I have enough issues with emerald now..12:24
livingdaylightThinkT510: I can access both my 80 and 160 gb partitions which are more like external hd's for backing up. What I can't access is my actual ubuntu install with my home12:24
Muellirabbit1: so it's not running.12:24
ThinkT510livingdaylight: do you know what disk it is on?12:24
Muellirabbit1: do smth like "sudo service cups restart" and pastebin us the output12:24
juliohmdr_willis, i know, but for now, do you recommend Gnome 3? It's a good experience?12:25
livingdaylightThinkT510: I think it would be /dev/sda ?12:25
tyler_d1how do you get 3d support to work with a dual intel/nvidia card (laptop). I have installed hte new drivers and tried "switchable and descrete" however no matter what setting the xorg.conf does not load properly with an error relating to not being able to find the screen?12:25
TITANOI'm happy, things seem more rational now12:25
rabbit1Muelli: i did that before, but had to ctrl C it cos taking lot of time with no output12:25
aetaslivingdaylight, whats the problem?12:25
G0Rjuliohm: I currently run Arch with Gnome 3 and I'm still undecided.  If Gnome improves I will stay with it, if not....12:25
ThinkT510livingdaylight: launch gparted to find out exactly which partition it is12:25
Muellirabbit1: yeah, that's not supposed to be. So do it but don't press Ctrl+C.12:26
nyankipzi need more space on my windows parition. How successful is taking space from an ubuntu parition and adding it to a windows one. IE what are the odds of dataloss?12:26
tyler_d1as well I note that nvidia-xconfig is not found :(12:26
rabbit1Muelli: I am still waiting ....... no result, since your last suggestion12:26
OmegaFortenyankipz, Extent is a fully journalized partition. It's fine. Just leave atleast 20% freespace.12:26
Muellirabbit1: so what does it read? Pastebin us the actual output that you've gotten so far.12:26
ThinkT510aetas: he is trying to backup his install from a livecd because his disk is dying12:26
juliohmG0R, good to hear from a user already. :)12:27
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ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:27
nyankipzawesome thanks Omega force12:27
livingdaylightThinkT510: Nautilus would identify my hd's by teh gb size, but as root in nautilus one is 60241F167ADECD08 and that is empty? the other one is A3EB-B775 and that I can see read and access in Nautilus without root priviledges12:27
aetasThinkT510, ah, ok12:27
juliohmG0R, could i talk in pvt with you?12:27
G0Rjuliohm: sure, not sure how much help i can be though12:28
livingdaylightThinkT510: it would  be nice if live cd's came with both gparted and an irc client, but they don't12:28
rabbit1Muelli: no luck still.....................12:28
Muellirabbit1: so what does it read? Pastebin us the actual output that you've gotten so far.12:28
ThinkT510livingdaylight: what livecd are you using?12:28
aetaslivingdaylight, so install one12:29
dr_willisHmm. theres an IRC client on the live cd.. and i thought gparted was on it.. or you can just apt-get install it..12:29
rabbit1Muelli: its says noting......12:29
theadmindr_willis: GParted is on the livecd12:29
livingdaylightThinkT510: 10.1012:29
=== |GuS| is now known as [GuS]
ThinkT510livingdaylight: xchat and gparted are both on them12:29
dr_willislivingdaylight,  you may want to check out the actual 'gparted' live cd also. It boots faster then the ubuntu live cd. smaller download also. and some extra tools for disk   manipulation12:29
rabbit1Muelli: gtg . thanks a lot for the help, let me check out tomorrow. got some work now. Also will try removing and getting it back and check. What you suggest?12:30
Muellisure rabbit1. It won't do any harm12:30
livingdaylightdr_willis: good, I will look at that. I am snookered for now. I can't figure out how to access my ubuntu install home files using ubuntu live cd12:30
livingdaylightThinkT510: where?12:31
ThinkT510dr_willis: i find partedmagic better12:31
ThinkT510livingdaylight: have you looked?12:31
MaximumResultsI'm trying to get my sound working. My microphone isn't working. When I run the "Sound Recorder"  Nothing records.12:31
livingdaylightThinkT510: yes12:32
thrillERboyHi, I have installed ubuntu under wine, I get Error when booting into ubuntu, it fails saying "saned disabled: edit etc/default/saned" How do I clear that? I faced the same problem with install screen, but when I booted under ACPI workaround mode, it worked. How Do I fix this? Thanks. I cannot login to ubuntu, but I have live cd with me. Please help.12:32
ThinkT510livingdaylight: type xchat from a terminal12:32
livingdaylightThinkT510: why do yoiu say xchat and gparted are on 10.10 live cd?12:32
ThinkT510livingdaylight: because they are12:32
ThinkT510livingdaylight: it might be the lighter xchat-gnome12:32
GirlyGirlthrillERboy: How can you install Ubuntu unser wine??12:33
dr_willislivingdaylight,  it may be time to learn some bash basics I guess..  its not really that complex.12:33
livingdaylightThinkT510: they are not on my version of Ubuntu 10.10 live cd12:33
aetasGirlyGirl, he can't, he probably means wubi12:33
thrillERboyGirlyGirl: Sorry, my bad, under wubi.12:33
ThinkT510livingdaylight: are you certain you are using the 10.10 cd?12:33
livingdaylightdr_willis: tell me.12:33
thrillERboyHi, I have installed ubuntu under wubi, I get Error when booting into ubuntu, it fails saying "saned disabled: edit etc/default/saned" How do I clear that? I faced the same problem with install screen, but when I booted under ACPI workaround mode, it worked. How Do I fix this? Thanks. I cannot login to ubuntu, but I have live cd with me. Please help.12:34
dr_willislivingdaylight,  wheres the home dir mounted to?12:34
thrillERboyhey aetas older wubi crash was permanenet, I lost those disk files.12:34
ThinkT510dr_willis: it isn't: here is his mount output: http://pastebin.com/BST0Up3B12:35
thrillERboyThis time, I've setup backup ;) aetas12:35
ThinkT510dr_willis: he says his install is on sda12:35
livingdaylightdr_willis: I've not mounted the home directory anywhere. It doesn't appear to show up when I do df- h as ThinkT510 has shown you12:35
rizzuhWhy do Synaptic and Software Center insist on me installing either Chormium or Firefox? I can't get rid of browsers I don't use.12:36
aetasthrillERboy, heh good :)12:36
livingdaylightdr_willis: actually that was the output for mount not df -h12:36
ThinkT510dr_willis: i'm trying to get him to launch gparted but he insists it doesn't exist on the 10.10 livecd (i know it does)12:37
aetasthrillERboy, what video card out of curiosity?12:37
thrillERboyaetas: ATI12:38
thrillERboyI have ATI on the one I'm chatting from as well, this works without any problem aetas12:38
livingdaylightdr_willis: when I do df- h I can see my 500 gb ubuntu insallation hd. It is mounted on /media/973d5869-cd6e-46c3-8cc6-84c05801b0a312:38
livingdaylightThinkT510: are you looking at ubuntu 10.10 live now as we speak?12:39
thrillERboyHow do I boot into Ubuntu with ACPI workaround mode12:39
dr_willislivingdaylight,  so it is at /media/973dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx then?12:39
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livingdaylightdr_willis: that is what df- h is saying12:40
aetasthrillERboy, so how'd you install it if you can't get it to boot?12:40
ThinkT510livingdaylight: no but i have used it myself and i know it has gparted12:40
dr_willislivingdaylight,  so if you 'cd /media/973<hit the tab key to fill in the name'  you should be in the directory12:40
livingdaylightdr_willis: http://pastebin.com/MnjkdGdp12:41
livingdaylightdr_willis: I'm doing this as root, right? and then?12:41
aetasthrillERboy, don't suppose its a laptop is it?12:42
livingdaylightThinkT510: I'd love it if you would check 10.10 live cd now. You'll find it is not there12:42
thrillERboyaetas: When I ran wubi and restarted and booted into ubuntu to complete the installation, it didn't work as well, but when loading there was an option to select different boot modes, which I activated by pressing Esc. Then under that Normal and Safe graphics mode did not work, but When I chose ACPI work around mode, it worked.12:42
dr_willislivingdaylight,  bash basics..  the 'ls' command lists files.. run ls.. do you see some dirs?12:43
thrillERboyits HP lapto aetas12:43
thrillERboyHP laptop12:43
livingdaylightdr_willis: yup, I see home in blue12:43
dr_willislivingdaylight,  so cd into that dir.... 'cd home'12:44
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rizzuhWhy do Synaptic and Software Center insist on me installing either Chormium or Firefox? I can't get rid of browsers I don't use.12:44
dr_willislivingdaylight,  then cd into your users named dir. whatever that is..12:44
thrillERboyI think, If I figureout a way to boot using ACPI work around mode, then I can login to UBUNTU without issues.12:44
dugarizzuh: try from command line: apt-get or dpkg12:44
livingdaylightdr_willis: yup I got the idea and did that already and I am now in my home/username/folders12:44
livingdaylightdr_willis: if i could just copy them somewhere safe now? :s12:45
aetasthrillERboy, have you tried booting with acpi=off?12:45
dr_willislivingdaylight,  now you use  the cp command to whaver you want..12:45
thrillERboyGoing to Recovery mode also makes it hang. same problem saned disabled.12:45
thrillERboyhow to do it aetas ? I haven't tried it? I think it will work, but how should I do it?12:45
* thrillERboy runs to google12:45
aetasthrillERboy, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Main%20Start%20Page%20Options12:46
livingdaylightdr_willis: if the other backup hd on my computer mounted as /media/A3EB-B775 would I then just for e.g. cp /Documents /media/A3EB-B775 ?12:47
dr_willislivingdaylight,  should i point out that UbuntuOne now gives you 5GB of storage :)12:47
dr_willislivingdaylight,  somthing like that.. but you will want to use the 'recursive' option for cp.12:47
dr_willis -R, -r, --recursive          copy directories recursively12:47
livingdaylightdr_willis: that's nice to know, although I'm dealing iin mega gb storage here :s. So, you're saving my bacon here12:48
rizzuhduga: that works, but it doesn12:48
rizzuhduga: doen't answer why those tools insist on install another browser.12:48
dr_willislivingdaylight,   you can buy more space. :) 5gb is big enough for my imporntant stuff.12:48
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Guest30065could someone explain how hibernation works?12:49
livingdaylightdr_willis: re recursive option is that in case there are other directories inside, for e.g. Documents folder that would otherwise not get copied over using the simple 'cp' command?12:49
Guest30065I noticd when I close my lit, it hibernates12:49
ThinkT510Guest30065: you can change that in the power settings12:50
jnsl_Could a broken battery with only 20% cause in overheating when the laptop is plugged in ?12:50
Guest30065but how does it work?12:50
livingdaylightdr_willis: so, cp -r Documents /media/A3EB-B775 ?12:50
ThinkT510Guest30065: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hibernation_(computing)12:51
vaevGuest30065: your computer state is stored in hard disk. to be read and resumed when you restart your computer12:51
livingdaylightnot sure what the 'recursive' option does ?12:52
Guest30065and where does this particular flavor of hibernation store the data?12:52
dr_willis -R, -r, --recursive          copy directories recursively   (and files of course)12:52
dr_willisie: copys everything12:52
livingdaylighteverything opposed to? only some of it?12:53
dr_willistry it and see...12:53
ThinkT510Guest30065: usually your swap partition (or a swap file)12:53
dr_willisif you got any sub dirs livingdaylight  normal cp wont get them12:53
Guest30065does that imply that swap needs to be at least ram size plus a little more?12:53
ThinkT510Guest30065: yes12:53
livingdaylightdr_willis try what? the example I showed you? : cp -r Documents /media/A3EB-B77512:54
TA5Kwow they sold more linux games than Mac?! http://www.humblebundle.com/12:54
livingdaylightdr_willis: what is teh difference between the small 'r' and the big 'R' that confuses me12:54
Pici!ot | TA5K12:54
ubottuTA5K: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:54
Guest30065ok, what part of the kernel tells the laptop to do the hibernation?12:55
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=== borisdd is now known as borisddd
GOMIi got this exclamation mark in my corner screen it says "update information is outdated"  but when i click on it and search he founds NOTHING ??12:55
Guest30065and, if userland is also involved, what userland programs12:55
GOMIits second time now i got that12:55
theadminlivingdaylight: No difference.12:55
livingdaylighttheadmin: cool12:56
theadminlivingdaylight: Well not in this command anyway12:56
theadminlivingdaylight: Sometimes there is.12:56
borisdddhi all :) i experience problems with evolution , from few days it's almost unusable , does anyone know how to fix12:56
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dr_willishttp://ubuntugeek.tradepub.com/free/w_mach02/       bash 'book' in pdf format livingdaylight12:57
livingdaylighttheadmin: doh ><12:57
* theadmin uses zsh instead of bash, and finds it fine.12:58
dr_willis'fish' an interesting shell to try out sometime also12:59
banishedHi, in Skype my webcam just shows a black image, but everywhere else (e.g. cheese) it works fine.12:59
theadminbanished: Blame Skype, this isn't an Ubuntu issue. We can't help you.12:59
ThinkT510banished: skype is closed source so we can't help12:59
rileyphow can I downgrade a repo13:00
banishedI thought this would be some known issue that could be fixed somehow…13:00
ThinkT510rileyp: sounds dangerous13:00
rileypI want to use the jya mythtv repo not the fixes repo13:00
Guest30065you'd need control over that repo13:00
rileypI have removed teh mythbuntu repo and mythfrontend and added teh jya repo13:01
Guest30065probably you edit your sources.list13:01
dr_willisrileyp,  you can change repos to whatver one you want.. but the term 'downgrade a repo' seems.. incorrect.13:01
dr_willisremove apps from the problem repo. add a new repo. install the apps.13:02
theadminbanished: We don't support Microsoft products at all... You know13:02
Guest30065yeah, I understood "downgrade a repo" to mean something you weren['t asking about13:02
greyfiendhey I'm having periodic mouse freezing on 11.04 studio, mouse doesn't move but I can still use the keyboard, freeze lasts about 5 secs and happens every few minutes, any suggestions? is there a log file i should look at?13:02
rileypwell i just want to use the jya mythtv repo and not fixes13:03
Picitheadmin: skype is in the partner repositories13:03
theadminPici: Oh... Sorry then13:03
dr_willisfor now. :)13:03
rileypI have added the jya repo and key and13:03
rileypremovedth other13:03
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:03
greyfiendanyone know where to find a log file that might show mouse errors?13:09
theadmingreyfiend: I think that'd be the Xorg log, after all that's pretty much the only thing using a mouse.13:10
theadmingreyfiend: I'm just shooting the sky here tho13:11
greyfiendtheadmin: thanks i'll check that out13:12
greyfienddmesg shows: 'TouchPad at isa0060/serio4/input0 lost sync at byte 1' could this be realated to mouse freezes?13:13
theadmingreyfiend: Common sense tells me that it could.13:14
JediMasterhi all, I've just installed natty on to my new netbook, samsung nc210, everything is working great apart from the display backlight dimming, if I use the keyboard shortcut to change the brightness the ubuntu onscreen bar comes up and it goes up and down but the screen itself doesn't change brightness, any ideas on a fix?13:14
greyfiendtheadmin: I came to the same conclusion13:15
thrillERboyHi, I've added flag noacpi noapic nolapic break=init flags to boot menu and pressed ctrl+x to boot, still I can't boot into Login screen or desktop. cc: aetas13:18
thrillERboyBoot flags can be added without hyphens right? I mean without "-" s13:19
theadminthrillERboy: They should be added without hyphens.13:20
theadminthrillERboy: You can try booting into a very recovery mode by adding "init=/bin/bash"13:20
vaevgreyfiend: do you by chance use a ps2 mouse in the computer in question and have do you by chance touch the touchpad while moving the mouse at the same time when the error occurs?13:22
greyfiendvaev: no, error occurs with and without an external mouse plugged in.13:23
thrillERboyI think, I'm doing something wrong, when boot selection menu appears, I press e and enter edit boot options mode, then I add those flags at the end, and then I press ctrl+x to boot, still it behaves same :(13:24
vaevgreyfiend: sounds like a misbehaving touchpad or a bug in the driver then.. you might want to check out http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/376 too if it's of help13:24
ioniteHi guys.  Would 10.4 be more stable than 11.04?13:24
thrillERboytheadmin: with init=/bin/bash also behaves same :(13:24
ThinkT510ionite: it is supported longer13:24
greyfiendvaev: thanks i'll do that13:24
dr_willisthrillERboy,  you are not putting options after the last -- (if it exists) are you?13:24
ioniteThinkT510: what do u mean?13:25
ThinkT510!lts | ionite13:25
ubottuionite: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)13:25
livingdaylightdr_willis: so far so good! a bit of Bash and bob's my uncle, lol13:25
ioniteThinkT510: what do u mean support 3 years?13:25
ThinkT510ionite: recieves updates13:26
ioniteThinkT510: i feel my current 11.04 is alittle laggy & slow andbuggy on my old system. is it my system or the OS itself?13:26
theadminthrillERboy: init=/bin/bash should give you a recovery shell.13:26
VustomCan someone help me out with a problem I'm having using a Proxy on my Ubuntu PC? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=181650913:26
theadminthrillERboy: Operate from it.13:26
b0otWhen you do a copy and it fails because you have a symbolic link... does the copy stop at that point or does it just not do the symbolic link and then continue copying files [used cp -r]13:26
ioniteThinkT510: overall i think 11.04 is gd but how why is it laggy & buggy?13:26
theadminthrillERboy: If you need read-write filesystem access, do "mount -o remount,rw /"13:26
ThinkT510ionite: unity is fairly new, i don't use it and stick with xfce13:27
ioniteThinkT510: banshee player is quite buggy. so 10.4 will be less buggy & faster?13:27
ThinkT510ionite: faster? i'm not sure about, but the lts releases are designed to be more stable13:28
dr_willis        linux   /vmlinuz-3.0.0-7-generic root=UUID=f9be3626-21a2-4f40-ab50-f133ee41d13c ro init=/bin/bash      would be close to what he neds theadmin ?13:28
ioniteThinkT510: so ure using 10.4?13:28
ThinkT510ionite: xubuntu 11.0413:29
ioniteThinkT510: after all the updates till now, when i switch from window to window or tab to tab there are seconds delay.13:29
ThinkT510ionite: i don't like unity or gnome13:29
dr_willisThinkT510,  if you want 'lighter/faster' but less features = try lubuntu./13:29
ionitewhat's xubuntu?13:29
dr_willisxubuntu = ubuntu + xfce13:29
ThinkT510!xubuntu | ionite13:29
ubottuionite: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels13:29
mnieper___Does anyone know by chance where gdm selects the "unity" profile of compiz when I ask for a unity session?13:30
ioniteThinkT510: it's for low specs comp. so hope it'll work out for my low specs comp.13:30
mnieper___Due to some error here, the Standard profile (which does not include the unity plugin) is always loaded regardless of session.13:30
ThinkT510dr_willis: i've tried lxde, its not half bad but just doesn't seem as uniform as xfce13:30
dr_willismnieper___,  gdm gets the desktop sessionf from various 'foo.desktop' files with the commands to run13:30
livingdaylightdr_willis: using -R option will the system skip over any pre-existing files or directories of the same name?13:30
dr_willis livingdaylight  never noticed.. try it and see.13:31
mnieper___@dr_willis: Thanks... can you point me at the directory of the .desktop files?13:31
dr_willismake a dir with 3 files. try it.13:31
dr_willismnieper___,  'locate gnome.desktop' finds them at -  /usr/share/xsessions/gnome.desktop13:31
dr_willismnieper___,  there may be other dirs it looks in13:32
ioniteThinkT510: xubuntu and ubuntu what's the diff?13:33
mina2my usb 3g modem doesnt work13:34
theadminmina2: You need usb_modeswitch for those to work.13:34
mina2it has macos drivers can i install them in ubuntu13:34
mnieper___Found "gnome.desktop" (and thanks for pointing out 'locate'!). There it simply says to start gnome-session with the session=ubuntu parameter. I guess this means /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/ubuntu.session.13:34
mnieper___In that file, however, no compiz profile is loaded.13:34
theadminmina2: No.13:35
ionitehey guys! what's the diff between Ubuntu & Xbuntu?13:35
theadminionite: Xubuntu uses XFCE.13:35
ThinkT510ionite: ubuntu uses unity xubuntu uses xfce13:35
theadminionite: Ubuntu uses Gnome/Unity.13:35
Luditewould this be the appropriate forum to post an rsync ssh question ??13:35
theadminLudite: Possibly, if it runs on Ubuntu.13:35
Luditeit does,13:36
theadminLudite: Then go ahead.13:36
ioniteThinkT510: so it's like just the appearance is different only?13:36
ionitetheadmin: gnome and xfce what's the diff?13:37
ThinkT510ionite: just the desktop environment is different13:37
theadminionite: ...13:37
LuditeI have an NSLU2 running lenny 5.0 i use rsync via ssh to backup my home directory to it.  I  have been using passwordless ssh successfully to backup to the server but i managed to break the process. now when the scripot executes its asking for a password and i'm not sure how to fixz this.13:37
bazhangLudite, #debian for that13:37
DarKModei have some problem setting /etc/network/interfaces13:37
livingdaylighthow do I copy a particular file over instead of an entire directory?13:38
ThinkT510ionite: you can install whatever you like in both (they use the same repos)13:38
DarKModeto auto connect13:38
ioniteThinkT510: i'm using ubuntu now. maybe it's my comp it's quite laggy. would XFCE change that?13:38
dr_willislivingdaylight,  check 'man cp' theres dozaens of options13:38
theadminlivingdaylight: Huh? cp /path/to/source /path/to/target13:38
mina2theadmin: usb_modeswitch? ty searching for it13:38
dr_willislivingdaylight,  overwrite may be the default.13:38
thrillERboythanks theadmin dr_willis I still have the prob, gotta run.. have to catch a train. Will come later, thanks a ton :)13:38
livingdaylightI'm getting error messages when I simply use 'cp' command13:38
dr_williscp -i foo bar   may ask..13:38
ThinkT510ionite: i can't say for sure, what i can say is that unitu is new (and likely more buggy) xfce has been stable for years13:39
livingdaylightcp: omitting directory 'Feldenkreis/'13:39
dr_willislivingdaylight,  you are using the -R option?13:39
theadminlivingdaylight: To copy directories, use cp -R13:39
ioniteThinkT510: alright. change! btw, how i can run EXE files in xfce? install wine?13:39
livingdaylightdr_willis: tried with and without 'R13:39
ThinkT510ionite: yes in wine or a windows vm13:39
ThinkT510ionite: but it is better to find linux alternatives13:40
ioniteThinkT510: what do u mean linux alternatives?13:40
ioniteThinkT510: so i d/l the 11.04 LTS?13:40
livingdaylightdr_willis: sorry, losing my mind.13:41
ThinkT510ionite: 10.04 is lts, 11.04 is not lts13:41
DarKModeauto lo13:41
DarKModeiface lo inet loopback13:41
DarKModeauto wlan013:41
DarKModeiface wlan0 inet dhcp13:41
DarKModewireless-essid "Corcoll"13:41
DarKModewireless-key s:CCARACAS201113:41
FloodBot1DarKMode: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:41
ioniteThinkT510: so 11.04 xfce is it buggy? does it uses banshee?13:41
* Guest30065 thinks floodbot1 has a loose clock hand13:42
ThinkT510ionite: you can install banshee if you want, but it isn't installed by default13:42
ThinkT510ionite: i've used xfce for years, its very stable for me13:42
ioniteThinkT510: what's the default player in xfce? would it have any probs with nomodeset in ubuntu?13:42
ThinkT510ionite: you can install things from the repo, i prefer vlc and audacious13:43
ThinkT510ionite: i think gmusicbrowser is the default (i've never used it though)13:44
ioniteThinkT510: alright i'm switching to XFCE. GNOME/UNITY is gd but too buggy or slow for my lousy comp.13:44
Guest30065oic, my client took away the nick on all but the first line13:44
dr_willis      ionite  nomdeset is at a lower level of the OS then Xfce, or lxde, or gnome.13:44
dr_willisionite,  lxde/lubuntu is the lightest, then xfce/xubuntu , then gnome/unity/kde are the big daddies.13:45
ionitedr_willis: so as long as it's ubuntu based i'll face nomodeset prob?13:45
=== skjoedt_ is now known as skjoedt
dr_willisionite,   i found in 11.10 i did not have to mess with nomodeset for my nvidia cards. :)13:45
ThinkT510ionite: depends on your graphics card13:45
dr_willisionite,  ive no idea what your nomodeset problem is.13:45
ionitedr_willis: it's solved finally. but i guess my p4 can't run unity properly. as it's quite laggy. i'm gonna switch. but i've got no idea which 1 should i swtich13:46
ThinkT510ionite: lxde is very light and snappy13:46
dr_willisionite,  you can install them all to a single machine and just pick what to use at the gdm login13:46
GirlyGirlionite: perhaps kde, it is developed to adapt as per system13:46
ionitedr_willis: really?13:47
ThinkT510GirlyGirl: kde4 wouldn't run smoothly on a system that struggles with unity13:47
dr_willisionite,  of course...13:47
schnuffleKDE is way to heavy for an old PC13:47
GirlyGirlionite: I would say LXDE is a bit too light for p4, more like for older celerons13:47
ioniteGirlyGirl: kde what's it?13:47
dr_willisI use lxde + awn or some other fancy docs13:47
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information.13:47
coz_ionite,   what ghz  is your P4?13:48
ionitedr_willis: so means i'll have several desktop environment but simply based on the same system files?13:48
dr_willisionite,  you got it. they are just a layer above the system.13:48
ionitecoz_: 3.013:48
coz_ionite,   ok that should be fine,, I am running a 2.8  on this system...13:48
ionitedr_willis: coz_ GirlyGirl ThinkT510 there are so many desktop environments. how do i know which one is the most suitable for me?13:49
schnuffleionite: The problem is not the CPU power it's more the graphics that pose a problem13:49
coz_ionite,   open a terminal and paste this command      lspci | grep -i vga13:49
ThinkT510ionite: i can only say try them and see13:49
schnuffleionite: best is to try them :)13:49
ThinkT510ionite: i ended up liking xfce best13:50
guesymy Ubuntu Machine has a tomcat server running. I am not able to access this tomcat server from an other machine on the network. can someone please help13:50
ionitecoz_: GirlyGirl : ThinkT510 : dr_willis : I just want something that's not buggy like my current GNOME/UNITY ubuntu, it's snappy and run a exe file.13:50
GirlyGirlionite: see my pm13:50
coz_ionite,   I am sure its been suggested that you could just log into the classic session13:51
schnuffleionite: I've a old P4 runing Unity without a problem. But I had to buy a 40 euro graphic card13:51
dr_willisionite,  start installing and try them out.13:51
ThinkT510ionite: runninng exe's has nothing to do with the desktop environment13:51
ThinkT510ionite: you can install wine on any desktop environment13:51
dr_willisionite,  we are not even mentioning the dozens+ of other window managers that exist out there.13:51
coz_ionite,  out of curiosity,, open a terminal     type or copy paste this command      lspci | grep -i vga13:52
dr_willisYou could roll your own 'desltop' if you wanted to.13:52
dr_willisdesktop :)13:52
ionitecoz_: 00:06.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5500] (rev a1) 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc. VT8375 [ProSavage8 KM266/KL266]13:52
schnuffleionite: If you want to check them out just get a 8GB usb stick and create a multi boot env with YUMI. So you can run all different Desktop Env without installing13:52
GirlyGirlionite: see my pm13:52
coz_ionite,  ok the fx5500  is most likely what is giving you issues13:52
ionitecoz_:  dr_willis GirlyGirl  ThinkT510 schnuffle: i've only got a 256MB graphics. so any recommendations?13:53
b0otCan I change from lxde to gnome with ubuntu 10.0413:53
ThinkT510!pm GirlyGirl13:53
dr_willisionite,  start installing.. try them...13:53
coz_ionite,    you could log into classic, or as already suggested ,  install xubuntu-desktop and log into that13:53
ThinkT510!pm | GirlyGirl13:53
ubottuGirlyGirl: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.13:53
dr_willisb0ot,  you can install lubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop both at the same time..13:53
ionitecoz_: yes u still rem the fx5500!!! amazing.13:53
schnuffleb0ot: Yes just install ubuntu-desktop13:53
coz_ionite,   I have one  sitting around here somewhere :)13:54
b0otschnuffle, after I install it how do I switch to it?13:54
dr_willisb0ot,  at the login screen. theres a menu13:54
livingdaylightmy keyboard doesn't have the backslash key!13:54
schnuffleb0ot: At the login screen you can choose which to run13:54
ionitecoz_:  i was so frustrated with my FX5500. anyways, now i'm frustrated with the buggy banshee in UNITY and the delay even browsing from tab to tab.13:54
coz_b0ot,    log off,,, clcik to enter your password,,,  just below on the panel is the sessions menu ,, c hoose from there then put in password and hit en ter13:55
DaghdhaHello. I run Vboxie on ubuntu. Are there any better virtual machines to run in ubuntu?13:55
bazhangDaghdha, vbox?13:55
DaghdhaI'mmoderately happy with vboxie. (The ubuntu machine is the HOST btw :)13:55
schnuffleDaghdha: Better for what purpose13:55
coz_ionite,  well yes an fx card may not be able to handle Unity's  interface well13:55
ThinkT510Daghdha: you could try qemu13:55
b0otcoz_ schnuffle ... how do I install ubuntu-desktop in lxde?13:56
coz_ionite,  since compiz is running that,, you may have to disable some of the plugins in compiz  to get to a "decent" working environment13:56
DaghdhaRunning window13:56
coz_b0ot,    open a terminal     sudo apt-get install ubunt-desktop13:56
Daghdhaqemu huh.. /me googles13:56
schnuffleb0ot: open terminal window and enter: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop13:56
geegeegeeAnyone know of a guide to upgrade to the newest Ubuntu from 10.04?13:56
ThinkT510!info qemu | Daghdha13:56
ubottuDaghdha: qemu (source: qemu-kvm): dummy transitional package from qemu to qemu-kvm. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.14.0+noroms-0ubuntu4.4 (natty), package size 4 kB, installed size 44 kB13:56
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade13:57
ionitedr_willis:  schnuffle  schnuffle  GirlyGirl ThinkT510 coz_ : but i only have a 512MB Ram, 256MB FX5500 graphics.  and i need something that doesn't lag like now in UNITY even browsing from window to window and a easy to use environment for a programming idoit like me! i know nuts about SUO apt-get etc etc, it's giving me headaches.  Sorry =X13:57
schnuffleDaghdha: For me better means OpenVZ or KVM13:57
b0otcoz_, schnuffle it doesn't appear that this system has apt-get... is that possible?13:57
schnuffleionite: The lag doesn't come from missing memory it comes from missing 3D support13:57
coz_ionite,   you could also install unity2d and switch to that,, it will look nearly the same13:57
coz_b0ot,  are you on ubuntu?13:58
Daghdhafrom a quick read i'll stick with VBoxie13:58
rlyCan someone recommend a good time zone display application which shows Europe and the USA?13:58
ThinkT510!xubuntu | ionite13:58
schnuffleb0ot: Hmm sure you 're running ubuntu?13:58
ubottuionite: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels13:58
coz_b0ot,     sudo  apt-get ubuntu-desktop13:58
b0otcoz_, yes... it actually worked... it just didn't tab complete which made me think it wasn't installed13:58
quemany gnome-phone-manager users? :)13:58
quemlove that convenient shit...13:58
b0otapt-get wouldn't tab complete13:58
coz_b0ot,  ah understood13:58
DaghdhaWas looking for something far superior to justtify the hassle of a switch over. Thanks guys!13:58
bullgard4_Banshee 2.0.0 > Track Editor > Sorting: What is the effect if I make an entry in the "Sort Track Title:" field?14:00
guesyThinkT510: my Ubuntu Machine has a tomcat server running. I am not able to access this tomcat server from an other machine on the network. can you please help me out14:00
ionitealrighty.  Thanks for all ur helpful inputs!14:00
ThinkT510guesy: sorry, i have no experience with tomcat; there is a #ubuntu-server channel too14:00
ionitealrighty.  Thanks for all ur helpful inputs!14:01
schnuffleguesy: paste following command output: sudo iptables -L      and netstat -tulpen14:01
guesyschnuffle:    please check your IM14:04
schnuffleon which port is tomcat runing 8005?14:05
guesyschnuffle: No.. Its on port 808014:07
schnuffleguesy: Hmm you have a lot of rules but the first one is Accepting everything. Is that just for debugging purposes?14:07
guesyschnuffle: this machine runnig tomcat is the development environment... so yeah.. Debugging also.14:08
livingdaylightI know how to cd forward in a directory; how to cd backwards without starting right at the beginning again?14:09
coz_livingdaylight,    cd ..14:09
=== matbee|cottage is now known as matbee
scirvirAny one know how to open a ole file. I accidently deleted a odt file and I recovered some ole files using foremost.14:09
livingdaylightcoz_: cd.. command not found14:09
coz_livingdaylight,  put 2  dots  after cd  ,,  so    cd  space  ..14:10
schnuffleguesy: Okay so apparenlty tomcat is listening on all ip's IPv6 is enabled and the firwall accepts everything, So it has to be something in the tomcat config that prevents you from connecting to tomcat from the network14:10
livingdaylightcoz_: ok, space before making two dots, thanks14:10
coz_livingdaylight,  yep14:10
m1d4si have no nm and bluetooth manager icon at default (the applet is working) how can i fix it (oneiric)?14:10
coz_livingdaylight,  that should take you back one directory14:10
m1d4sat ma panel *14:11
guesyPlease excuse me if I am asking dumb questions. But, do you have any idea, to what it is in tomcat ?14:11
ThinkT510!11.10 | m1d4s14:11
ubottum1d4s: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+114:11
schnuffleguesy: I'm just checking14:11
greyfiendvaev: thanks for your help, the random mouse freezes on 11.04 studio on a thinkpad l520 were solved using this line: echo "options psmouse proto=imps"|sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse.conf; sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sudo modprobe psmouse14:11
guesyschnuffle: Please excuse me if I am asking dumb questions. But, do you have any idea, to what it is in tomcat ?14:11
coz_livingdaylight,  also if you just type  cd  it should take you directoy to the home directory14:11
livingdaylightcoz_: cd takes me right to the beginning which in this live cd situation is root:ubuntu14:12
coz_livingdaylight,  ah ok14:12
vaevgreyfiend: awesome :)14:13
dr_williscommand line basics  livingdaylight   http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/cli.html14:13
livingdaylightdr_willis: thx14:13
ruby_on_tailshow do i turn on oobase ?14:15
ruby_on_tailsi want to import a ms access db14:15
loledHi all. Does anyone have the video card or ATI Radeon HD5xxx or HD6xxx?14:17
schnuffleguesy: tomcat has a server.xml. Open it and search for <Connector port="8080" and change it to <Connector address="" port="8080" restart tomcat and try it14:17
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ruby_on_tailsanyone knows how can i open an mls file in ubuntu ?14:19
kpettitwhat is a mls file?14:19
=== vdm is now known as _vdm_
=== CapTech is now known as Charybdis
wongpkAnyone with Acer Aspire 4930 model?14:22
gamingdroidDoes every user have to have a homde dir?14:22
=== mnieper___ is now known as mnieper
schnufflegamingdroid: no, nut without home no login is possible14:23
bullgard4_ruby_on_tails: To turn on means here that you first will have to install the associated DEB program package.14:23
AdvoWorki know my php files use sendmail. any ideas where my sendmail config is on ubuntu? on centos its /etc/mail/sendmail.mc but i cant find anything on my ubuntu server?14:23
ruby_on_tailsbullgard4_: how can i do that ?14:23
ruby_on_tailsi dont know whats the associated deb program package for jet db/mls dbs14:23
bullgard4_ruby_on_tails: You can use the Synaptic program for this purpose.14:23
scirvirgamingdroid, no they do not.14:24
schnuffleAdvoWork: Ubuntu uses Postfix which has a sendmail wrapper so config is under /etc/postfix14:24
schnuffleAdvoWork: Opps not sure about that maybe it's even still exim14:24
gamingdroidSo without a home dir, the user cannot login which is fine. Do I just leave it blank? I'm setting up a user for apache.14:24
bullgard4_ruby_on_tails: Please install openoffice.org-base.14:25
schnufflegamingdroid: here's the line for the normal apache user: apache:x:48:48:Apache:/var/www:/sbin/nologin14:25
ruby_on_tailsbullgard4i have oobase14:26
ruby_on_tailsi just installed mdb utility14:26
bullgard4_ruby_on_tails: So what problem is left?14:26
=== harry is now known as Guest11262
gamingdroidschnuffle: is it valid to leave the /var/www as blank in that line? like will anything get screwed up?14:26
scirvirgamingdroid, doesn't apache use the www-data user?14:26
helly^I'm using VNC to get a GUI on my ubuntu box. On the top bar at the right, I've got 3 red symbols. An arrow , 9 and an A14:27
helly^Never seen it before, what is it?14:27
schnufflegamingdroid: No, you can do it but why not set it?14:27
schnufflescirvir: the line was from a centos server, just an example14:27
gamingdroidschnuffle: for some other stuff I don't want a home dir, or I should set it to a invalid dir14:27
ThinkT510helly^: 9 is likely numlock and A is likely capslock14:27
ruby_on_tailsbullgard4_: i have oobase and just installed mdb utility14:28
ruby_on_tailsstill the mls file wont open14:28
ruby_on_tailsit says jet utility misisn14:28
Hrushikeshshort cuts are not working on ubuntu 10.1014:28
schnufflegamingdroid: that's okay14:28
ThinkT510helly^: the arrow might be scroll-lock14:28
bullgard4_ruby_on_tails: I do not know any mls file.14:28
ruby_on_tailsstandard jet db and then numerous pages with ###14:28
helly^Ok, thanks for explaining! :-)14:28
schnufflegamingdroid: but you have to take care that you don't use a login shell when you run scripts with that user14:29
schnufflegamingdroid: example for you : nobody:x:65534:65534:nobody:/nonexistent:/bin/sh14:30
loled>Does anyone have the video card or ATI Radeon HD5xxx or HD6xxx?14:30
loledProbably no.14:30
gamingdroidschnuffle: why is having a login shell bad?14:31
szal!anyone | loled14:31
ubottuloled: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:31
schnufflegamingdroid: because a login shell reads its configuration from ~/.profile, ~/.bashrc ..... and when it doesn't exist it fails14:32
gamingdroidschnuffle: good point! :D14:32
schnufflegamingdroid: so it's not bad but will fail :)14:32
schnuffleszymon_: !sp14:33
szymon_no PL14:33
szal!pl | szymon_14:33
ubottuszymon_: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.14:33
schnuffleszal: thanx14:34
szymon_ok I am from Poland14:34
guesyschnuffle: Sorry for the late reply. I did try adding the addres attribute, but it still behaves the same way !14:35
szymon_Have anybody speak in this forum?14:35
GirlyGirlszymon_: This is not a forrum its an irc channel14:35
GirlyGirlszymon_: Ubuntuforums.org for the forum14:36
szymon_what is the difrance?14:36
iridiumtime of response maybe?14:36
schnuffleguesy: Okay so what I would do is first flush you iptables to make sure that is not in your way, then check the configuration files in /etc/tomcat6, maybe /etc/default/tomcat6. I've no tomcat6 running on ubuntu so I'm not sure how the config is done there14:37
schnuffleguesy: Do you have selinux or appamor running? Turn it off or to permissive mode14:37
schnuffle!ask | szymon_14:38
ubottuszymon_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:38
abhishekbhi i installed ubuntu 11.04 on vm i don t see unity bar14:39
abhishekbwhat am i missing ?14:39
berkespreviously the (slow) ubuntu help -reader would allow me to read manpages. The 11.04 one does not seem to offer that. How can I read manpages in unity/11.04 other then "man foo in the terminal"?14:39
Piciabhishekb: 11.04 falls back to gnome 2.3 for non-accelerated desktops, you'll need to install unity2d for the unity experience on a vm.14:40
robertociao a tutti14:40
iamanenteWhat should the size of my /boot partition be on Xubuntu 11.04 x86_64?14:41
abhishekbso if have 1gb ram core2 duo i ll not be able to use unity :(14:41
=== aknm is now known as monk
schnuffleabhishekb: the graphics are the problem not the CPU powedr or RAM14:41
Piciabhishekb: Thats not what I said.  You said you were running it in a virtual machine, VMs don't ually provide accelerated (3d) graphics14:41
abhishekbok a gpu is a must14:42
ThinkT510iamanente: do you need a seperate /boot?14:42
szalPici, abhishekb: VirtualBox 4.1 does14:42
iamanenteThinkT510: Not really, no.14:42
ThinkT510iamanente: 100mb should be fine14:42
enriqueI hpw wic oubu14:42
abhishekbactually i was trying on vm then i m gonna replace my windows14:42
Piciabhishekb: Best thing to do would be to try the LiveCD.14:42
abhishekbhow to get one14:43
roberto_ciao a tutti14:43
Piciabhishekb: The desktop install CD is a live CD, just boot off of it and use the 'Try ubuntu' selection.14:43
ThinkT510abhishekb: download it14:43
Pici!it | roberto_14:43
ubotturoberto_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:43
xendrasinstalled a software gtick  http://www.antcom.de/gtick/  but whenever i execute it gives an error  http://paste.kde.org/105217/14:44
abhishekbcan i replace my window with ubuntu 11.0414:44
xendrasplease help me14:44
iamanenteAnother thing. When I set the size of a partition in the installer to e.g. 100 or 1000 it says that it's 98 or 998. If I set it to e.g. 107 or 1007 it says 107 or 1007. Why is that?14:44
Picixendras: Are you using the version of gtick that is in the repositories?14:45
roberto_come si fà a scaricare musica qualcuno può dirmelo14:45
ThinkT510!find gtick14:45
ubottuFound: gtick14:45
LloydUKHello one and all. Is anyone familiar with Ubuntu One? I have windows and the android app but photo's won't sync.14:45
xendrasPici: i installed it through ubuntu software centre14:45
ThinkT510!info gtick14:45
ubottugtick (source: gtick): Metronome application. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.4.2-2 (natty), package size 130 kB, installed size 720 kB14:45
Guest87735How do you make it so I can see all my files on my C: drive?14:47
ThinkT510!mount | Guest8773514:48
ubottuGuest87735: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount14:48
=== ffjj is now known as khamer
LloydUKHi - is anyone familiar with the Ubuntu One client for windows?14:51
LloydUKOr even the difference between "My Synced Folders" and "Folders" in the Ubuntu One web page?14:52
chocolatesI left ubuntu upgrading overnight.14:55
chocolatesWhen I wake up, my screen was locked.14:56
ThinkT510chocolates: you can change that in the power management settings14:56
fasttabhi, i'm running ubuntu 11.04 classic, and when i log in it doesn't show the top or bottom bars14:56
chocolatesAnd the packages are going to take "1 day 13 hours to install"14:56
ThinkT510!resetpanels | fasttab14:56
ubottufasttab: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »14:56
chocolatesIs there any way I can refresh?14:57
fasttabThinkT510: what?14:58
Incarus6chocolates, you could cancel the upgrade and finish the upgrade manually with "sudo dpkg --configure -a"14:58
schnufflefasttab: read the hint from ubottu14:58
fasttabschnuffle: i did, says gnome-panel no process found14:58
chocolatesfasttab: How do I cancel it?14:59
chocolatesThis is an upgrade to 11.04 from 10.1014:59
fasttabchocolates: haha sorry man i don't know14:59
tbeardenneed some assistance w/ upstart in single user mode if someone can help14:59
Incarus6chcolotes, you meant Incarus6. Upgrading from terminal?14:59
schnufflechocolates: How did you start the upgrade console or updatemanager?15:00
daftykinswith ubuntu 10.10, is there a way to enable auto login from an SSH session instead of graphically within gnome?15:00
schnufflechocolates: open a terminal get the PID from the updatemanager process and kill it15:00
fasttabThinkT510: "!resetpanels" gives "bash: !resetpanels: event not found"15:00
th0rdaftykins: auto login would kind of defeat the purpose of ssh15:01
ubottuTo reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »15:01
ThinkT510fasttab: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel15:01
tbeardenhelp, plz! adding script to '/etc/rc1.d', then when going to 'init 1' the script won't run15:01
daftykinsth0r: trust me there's a reason, just want to know whether it's possible :>15:01
schnufflefasttab: so you should do: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel15:01
chocolatesschnuffle: I have no idea how to do that. Also, what if something gets corrupted? :s15:01
edbiantbearden: is the script executable?15:01
fasttab'][oppp []15:01
fasttabThinkT510: I did that already, as per the bot. It gives "gnome-panel" no process found15:02
fasttabschnuffle: I did that already, as per the bot. It gives "gnome-panel" no process found15:02
tbearden@edbian, file permissions of script, 'lrwxrwxrwx'15:03
tbeardenso that should do it15:03
schnufflechocolates: as long as you don't reboot you can clean up, to get the PID: ps aux | grep update should show you the processes, to kill a process: kill -9 <PID>15:03
Incarus6chocolates, "sudo dpkg --configure -a" will install the remaining packages15:03
th0rdaftykins: it is possible using rsa keys15:03
edbiantbearden: What is the script called?15:03
szaltbearden: that's not the script, that's a link to the script15:03
edbiantbearden: is szal right? (same thought occured to me)15:04
schnufflefasttab: what hapens when you logout and login again?15:04
subz3r0Hi there, im trying to get a beamer of a friend to work. Used the Nvidia drivers and turned on twinview. Problem is that e.g Firefox wont run in fullscreen on the beamer. Firefox wont fit on the screen when we maximize it. Maybe anyone could have a look on his xorg.conf?  http://pastebin.com/pyFYKY0E15:04
fasttabschnuffle: hang on15:04
fasttabschnuffle: how do i do that from terminal15:04
chocolatesschnuffle: Is it ok to use system monitor?15:05
tbearden@szal: permissions of actual script in '/etc/init.d/'15:05
tbearden@szal: -rwxr-xr-x15:06
tbeardenset wrong one15:06
tbeardenlast time15:06
tbeardenbut -rwxr-xr-x is correct15:06
asher^hello. i was wondering if there was a way to specify certain external ips to use based on user/software15:06
edbiantbearden: What is the file in /etc/rc1.d called?15:06
Guest30065how did ubuntu get hbernation right out-of-the-box? my debian doesn't do that, what information do I need to duplicate it?15:06
tbearden@edbian:  file name is 'disk_sync_init1.sh', it's an 'rsync' script15:07
edbiantbearden: the file needs to be of the same form as the other files in /etc/rc1.d/  SXYscriptname15:07
schnufflefasttab: isn't there a logout command, otherwise do a sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart15:09
schnufflechocolates: System monitor for what?15:09
tbeardenedbian: the link name in '/etc/rc1.d' is 'S98disk_sync_init1.sh'15:09
jribGuest30065: i don't have a solid answer but my suggestion would be to 1) check for differences in pm-utils and 2) read the ubuntu wiki on hibernation as that may point you in the right direction to look15:09
=== dickey is now known as Sybregunne
NarcHello everyone. How do I unmount a partition mounted at boot via fstab as a user ? Thanks15:09
edbiantbearden: Does the script ask for passwords and stuff? (since it's rsync ?)15:10
schnuffleNarc: sudo umount /mountpoint15:10
jribNarc: can the user use sudo?15:10
fasttabschnuffle: ok, it looks like gnome-panel doesn't start automatically when i log in15:10
chocolatesschnuffle: To kill the processes?15:10
tbeardenedbian:  whenever i go to 'init 1', i get a prompt for the root password just to log back in under single user mod15:11
Narcschnuffle, jrib: Yes I can use sudo, but I was thinking about a more convenient way. I tried the "user" option in fstab to no avail.15:11
schnufflechocolates: Yes if it can do it of course. But you'll need root permissions to do it. Don't know if the System monitor will ask for it15:11
tbeardenedbian: but no prompt to run the script itself15:11
jribNarc: I'd try "users"15:11
WallyJHello all... I am trying to install Ubuntu from a USB stick. It freezes during installation on the colorful screen with the circular cursor. Ideas?15:11
edbiantbearden: Those scripts won't be able to ask for passwords and such.  So if your script needs to interact with the user in any way it isn't going to work as a startup script15:12
VustomI'm having trouble setting up a connection to my Proxy server, it's not the server as it works fine when I'm on Windows, if someone could help me fix this I would really appreciate it. Thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=181650915:12
Narcjrib:  I'll try that, thanks15:12
tbeardenedbian: it doesn't need to interact w/ any user15:12
edbiantbearden: You just admitted that it needs to ask for a password.15:13
Narcjrib:  It works, thanks again.15:13
jribNarc: no problem15:13
jribNarc: and your system boots very fast -_-15:13
drheadWill there be a dist upgrade tool that you don't have to babysit in the future, because I hate waking up to find the dist upgrade tool stopped halfway because of a dialog appearing.15:13
fasttabi'll start over. gnome-panel doesn't start automatically when i log in, does anyone know how to fix it? it should be easy, but i'm not experienced...15:13
Narcjrib:  Haha, no, I just modified fstab and ran mount -a15:14
jribNarc: ah :D15:14
tbeardenedbian:  the script doesn't need a password at all15:14
schnufflefasttab: have a look http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1604044.html15:14
tbeardenedbian: when i enter single user mode, i have to enter root password in order to get a command prompt again15:14
tbeardenedbian: but the script should be able to run whether i'm logged in with a command prompt or not15:15
edbiantbearden: sure, that's normal part of single user mode and does not have anything do to with the script.  Can you put something in the file like echo 'some test' >> /path/to/someFile.txt    so we can see that it's running very easily.15:15
edbiantbearden: It will run before you log in.15:15
=== matt_ is now known as Guest70144
tbeardenedbian: i have this at the very beginning of the script, 'touch /disksync-begin'15:16
tbeardenedbian: and it doesn't work15:16
tbeardenedbian: that's the first line of code and that file never gets 'touch'ed15:17
deinspanjerHey guys, I'm running 10.04.  I tried to change the display settings to rotate the screen and the monitor went into power save.  I expected that it would prompt me if I wanted to keep the change and automatically revert after a few seconds, but I guess Ubuntu doesn't do that.15:17
deinspanjerI would really appreciate some help reverting just that one change without doing a full reconfigure of xorg because I don't want to risk messing up the drivers and such.15:18
schnuffletbearden: take care that you env is set correctly and don't rely on having the same env as a normal user. F.e. set the PATH variable in your  script. As example look a the scripts in /etc/cron.d15:18
edbiantbearden: If the link is SXYscriptName and the script it points to is executable then the script should run.  I'm not sure what else might be causing the problem.  Can you run the script manually?  /etc/rc1.d/S99scriptName.sh    ?15:18
deinspanjerI can shift over to tty1 and log in via console mode without a probme.15:18
G0Rtbearden: you're trying to touch a directory15:18
fasttabschnuffle: thanks, that worked15:18
HalabundAfter my last hard drive crash I tried installing different versions of Ubuntu on my machine several times (about 3 times in a year), but every version that uses grub2 fails to boot with an "out of disk" (not disk space) error.  I get a grub recovery console, after which I keep rebooting from the CD (10 minutes) to google for solutions and rebooting again to find out that they don't work. ...15:18
schnufflefasttab: fine15:18
Halabund...Does anyone know this issue?  Is it fixed in 11.04?  Is it possible to install 11.04 with grub 1 (not grub 2)?  I need Linux for certain things in my work, but I don't want to waste 2 days again just to find out I simply can't get it installed.15:18
maalacmy network adapter is not working whenever i boot up on battery mode? any ideas how can fix this. Using Ubuntu 10.1015:19
edbianHalabund: Why do you need grub1 instead of grub2 ? (grub1 cannot boot ext4 partitions I think)15:19
Halabundedbian, as I said no version of ubuntu using grub2 has ever successfully booted on this computer.  I don't need grub1, just a system that boots.15:20
WallyJOk...So, if I choose to run Ubuntu from my USB stick, it shows the desktop for a brief second, then shows a black screen, then a login screen. If I use "ubuntu" for username and a blank pw, it shows the black screen again, then back to the login screen... looping login screen. Help please15:20
tbeardenedbian:  yes, i can run the file manually, i can either call it directly by it's file name in 'init.d' or by the link name under 'rc1.d'15:21
schnuffleVustom: HAve you tried FireFox and set the socks5 proxy?15:21
edbianHalabund: Well if you install ubuntu 11.04 it's going to put grub2 on there.  I'm sure of any way to get grub1 on an ubuntu 11.04 system.15:22
edbiantbearden: I'm not sure then :(  Try the env var path15:22
edbianHalabund: I'm not* sure...15:22
schnuffleVustom: And did you run the proy script as normal user?15:22
HalabundOK, so people don't read through long questions here.15:22
Vustomschnuffle: Nope, but I'd rather not use Firefox though, but I did use it yesterday for something else while being connected to the proxy and the improvement in speed went up and there was no connection drops.. so many it's the system's proxy that has the problem?15:23
HalabundShort question: has anyone ever successfully fixed an "out of disk" error on boot?15:23
Incarus6edbian, this seems to be a known bug to me, see bug 621434 and bug 4473015:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 621434 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub2 "out of disk error"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62143415:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 44730 in totem (Ubuntu) "xine plays videoCD, totem-xine not." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4473015:23
maalacmy network adapter is not working whenever i boot up on battery mode? any ideas how can fix this. Using Ubuntu 10.1015:23
Vustomschnuffle: Normal use, just double-clicked.15:23
edbianIncarus6: tell Halabund15:23
Incarus6edbian, nevermind, I mean 47743015:23
WallyJ@Halabund. I put up a short one, and that didn't get an answer either. So I thought maybe it needed more explanation15:23
tbeardenschnuffle:  what do u mean by 'env'?  i don't fully understand what u mean by the path variable15:23
Incarus6edbian, sry, I mean Halabund.15:23
edbiantbearden: echo $PATH       ;)15:23
Halabundsorry, didn't see that message!15:24
edbianIncarus6: no worries :)15:24
schnuffletbearden: type env and you will see what I mean15:24
Incarus6Halabund, it seems to be a known bug to me, see bug 621434 and bug 47743015:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 621434 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub2 "out of disk error"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62143415:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 477430 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub 2 error: out of disk. failed to boot default entries. press any key to continue..." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47743015:24
tbeardenG0R:  when i manually run the script, it does touch the file/directory, actually, i don't think it's a directory, under the permissions, shows this, '-rw-r--r--' .  there's no 'd' before the permissions.15:25
schnuffleVustom: chrome doesn't uses the global configuration. Make sure that you select manual proxy config and that you empty any fields but the Socks-Host15:25
stealzdoes anyone know if there is a way to make exceptions in trans-inactive?15:26
Vustomschnuffle: That's how I already have it.15:26
schnuffleVustom: Per default HTTP-Proxy is set with localhost for http15:26
Vustomschnuffle: Huh?15:26
Vustomschnuffle: You've lost me. :p15:26
ArabusHi all, I am running Ubuntu 10.04 and want to change the regional formats using the gnome-language-selector. When I do this and switch from english to german the menu goes graz for a millisecond then switches back to english. anyone have a guess or hint for me?15:27
G0Rtbearden: if you have it as /foo, it's going to think foo is a directory.  If you have it as /home/me/foo, it will think it is a file.  I just mention it as it seems you have an issue with it15:27
schnuffleVustom: Okay, when you go to the connection settings you can choose the manual proxy config option, Then you can set  proxy adresses for HTTP,SSL,FTP and SOCKS-Host. Make sure that the HTTP-Proxy field is empty15:28
FustigationHi. Can someone look at this please: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=181672515:28
jbwivguys, after adding my user to a new group, how can I get that group setting to take effect without logging out/back in from Unity?15:29
tbeardenedbian: at the beginning of the script, i have '#! /bin/sh'.  is that what u mean?15:29
Vustomschnuffle: All are empty besides Socks host: which has localhost then 42280 for the Port:15:29
kamidithat seems to be another ntfs partition, not partition where windows is installed15:29
FustigationI installed Ubuntu with the installer though?15:30
FustigationI've got both Windows and Ubuntu15:30
earthlingG0R: seriously what did u say  to tbearden ?15:30
schnuffleVustom: Hmm, can test it right now, I'm only sure it worked for me in Firefox15:31
G0Rearthling: he seemed to be confused between referencing a file and a directory - sorry to not be clear15:31
tbeardeni'm not a linux guru, i'm having a little trouble wrapping my head around the concept of 'PATH'15:31
earthlingG0R: were u talking about how touch command works ?15:31
edbiantbearden: That is correct, you  need that.  Open a shell, type echo $PATH    that is the path variable.15:31
G0Rearthling: no, i was not15:31
earthlingG0R: ohhh.. my mistake then.. sorry...15:32
Vustomschnuffle: I hope I can get this fixed, I dread using Ubuntu now because I can't use my Proxy. D:15:32
FustigationNobody can help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=181672515:32
schnuffletbearden: PATH gives the system all the pathes where to look for executables, so if you have PATH=/bin:/usr/bin and you call myprog it will look in those two locations for it15:32
cntbcan I recover MBR after windows xp install https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows with a pendrive install ?15:32
G0Rearthling: np :)15:32
tbeardenedbian: when i type '#PATH', i get 'PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/games'15:32
cntbpici ?15:33
dr_williscntb,  you shoudl be able to15:33
schnuffleFustigation: what means same drive? same harddisk but different partition?15:33
tbeardenschnuffle: ty, i'll keep that in mind15:33
Picicntb: sorry, I'm busy.15:33
FustigationYeah it's on same HD.15:33
edbiantbearden: Yes, someone suggested you make sure it's correct.  Perhaps you should read about what the $PATH variable does.   http://www.codecoffee.com/tipsforlinux/articles/030.html15:33
schnuffleFustigation: but on a different partition?15:33
FustigationI believe so15:34
schnuffleFustigation: and I can't see your picture as I don't have a login to the forum15:34
FustigationGive me a second I'll upload it.15:34
qbert_how can I bind "Windows-Left" , to move my current window to my left monitor ?  Readme's ?15:36
schnuffleFustigation: Open a terminal and paste the outpput of  sudo fdisk -l and mount15:36
=== JodaZ_ is now known as JodaZ
cntbdr_willis, which download from http://releases.ubuntu.com/natty/ should I forcefully use alternate or desktop install can help me15:36
tbeardenedbian: i'm not understanding why the script will run when i manually execute it but not automatically via 'rc1.d' when in single user mode15:37
dr_williscntb,  in theory either one can. since both can get to the console/command line. BUt you prob. want the Desktop version so you can use the GUI and follow the guides based on you having the gui version15:37
Fustigationschnuffle: So type in sudo fdisk -l? It won't let me type "and mount" after it.15:37
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.15:38
schnuffletbearden: have you tried to use all commands with the full path, e.g. /sur/bin/ls instead of ls?15:38
BrentonatorI'm not sure where to start this discussion, but what OS would I want to run a red5 media server with ffmpeg and apache?15:38
schnuffleFustigation: first just type fdisk -l15:38
dr_willistbearden,  you could try making it a upstart script in /etc/init and forget about the rc1.d type dirs/scripts15:38
schnuffleFustigation: then type mount15:38
earthlingFustigation : Please first refer some tutorial about installing linux alongside windows and try understanding what a drive and a partition mean. your current status ? your windows has gone for a toss i think15:38
FustigationschnuffleDisk /dev/sda: 250.1 GB, 250059350016 bytes15:38
Fustigation240 heads, 63 sectors/track, 32301 cylinders15:38
FustigationUnits = cylinders of 15120 * 512 = 7741440 bytes15:38
FustigationSector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes15:38
FustigationI/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes15:38
FloodBot1Fustigation: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:38
FustigationDisk identifier: 0x8310831015:38
Fustigation   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System15:38
schnuffle!pastebin | Fustigation15:39
ubottuFustigation: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:39
jereanonAfter doing the most recent upgrade to 11.04, my laptop doesn't complete booting to gnome anymore. I can switch to a different TTY and run startx to run gnome fine, but I would like it to complete booting. Any insight on what to look at to fix this?15:39
tbeardeni also tried adding it directly to upstart, via '/etc/event.d' but that didn't work15:39
terryjoin france24-rfi boA25frun15:39
Rigorm0rtisHello guys. When I archive a sparse file with tar (using the S option), tar seems to archive the sparse file as I would expect. However,  when I extract the tar archive the sparse file is 0 bytes.  This happens with both tar x and tar xS. Am I doing something wrong here?15:40
tbeardendr_willis:  i also tried adding it directly to upstart, via '/etc/event.d' but that didn't work15:40
frank_hi all15:40
dr_willistbearden,  ive never used event.d  i just make simple things in /etc/init/15:40
cntbdr_willis, trying to ask ubottu for preparing pendrive  usbdrive what keyword for this_15:40
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:40
frank_i was trying Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libgtk2.0-cil (>= 2.12.10)install inssider in ubuntu but i have this error :15:41
dr_williscntb,  use a tool from the pendrivelinux site. or the usb-creator tool from the ubuntu site.15:41
frank_any idea15:41
cntbty dr_willis15:41
tbeardenschnuffle:  i never use the full path of a command, only the command itself, such as 'ls -lh /' or 'uptime' or 'df -h', etc...15:41
schnuffletbearden:  So you never nearly lost your head twiggling cron jobs :). Try it15:42
dr_willistbearden,  for init and cron jobs you often need to use the full path to the command.15:42
K4kHow can I find the /dev/[something] device for my audio input device? I know the device works but I kdenlive is requesting the /dev/[something] name which I don't know.15:44
tbeardendr_willis: the commands in the script are, touch, echo, mount, rsync, umount, shutdown15:44
tbeardendr_willis: so i should include the full path for these?15:44
dr_willistbearden,  or make sure the script sets a good sane PATH at the start.. that would be the best way.15:44
schnuffletbearden: so get the path with which touch, which echo, ..... and set the full path in your script15:45
dr_willistbearden,  then have the init/cron job call the FULL path to the script.15:45
schnuffletbearden: look, dr_willis and me give you an advice. Why not just try it?15:45
HeraklesIs it okay if i am a single user; and uptime shows 3 users ? (1 bash terminal is open )15:46
tbeardenschnuffle: working on it now, will update shortly, ty!15:46
hroiI just installed vnc4server package on my ubuntu server.15:46
jribhroi: yeah, try 'w' instead of 'users'15:46
jribHerakles: yeah, try 'w' instead of 'users'15:46
edbianHerakles: They are probably just your terminal windows.  Take a look with who15:46
hroifor some reason this vncserver doesnt run as it should, out of the box.15:47
Heraklesjrib, w shows also 3 users....15:47
jribHerakles: yes, but see the WHAT column15:47
Heraklesjrib, ?15:48
jribHerakles: in 'w', you will see a WHAT column15:48
YankDownUnderGhosts on the computer, OH MY! ;)15:48
hroiint the .vnc folder in xstartup file... it concludes by runnig x-window-manager &15:48
hroithis should allow me to have floating windows.15:48
hroibut I get no window controls, and no window decorations.15:49
Heraklesjrib, WHAT is showing "gnome-session" and "w"15:49
jribhroi: what does x-window-manager point to?15:49
hroiI think im missing the basic X11 window managers.15:49
hroijrib: checking15:49
ArabusHi all, I am running Ubuntu 10.04 and want to change the regional formats using the gnome-language-selector. When I do this and switch from english to german the menu goes gray for a millisecond then switches back to english. Anyone have a guess or hint for me?15:50
jribHerakles: well presumably there are 3 things?  But anyway taht's why multiple users show up.  It's normal15:50
dr_willishroi,  that 'x-window-manager' is normally set by the 'alternatives' system. You could set it to whtever you want like 'openbox' or fluxbox15:50
exxtreme hroi, i just installed the lxde application suite for my vnc server.  Works fine.15:50
hroijrib: it points to nothing... ubuntu tells me it is contained in this and that such and such packages.15:50
jribhroi: install a window manager :D15:50
dr_willishroi,  in xstartup for gnome, you would want 'gnome-session' , not sure what it would be for lxde.15:50
tbeardendr_willis: one last question, is there a standard way of finding path of an executable?15:51
dlitbearden, which which15:51
dr_willistbearden,  the which command.15:51
hroijrib: dr_willis: thanks... so I just need to install some window manager package15:51
dr_willishroi,  odd that x-window-manager is not set to somthing.. but some vnc setups are a little weird15:51
hroijrib: dr_willis:  I kinda like those old ones... really basic and lightweight right?15:52
jribhroi: yeah, it will probably become what x-window-manager points to automatically, but if not, use update-alternatives (in my case x-window-manager points to xmonad and I never set that)15:52
tbeardenk, just found it, ty!15:52
hroidr_willis: well... i didnt install a desktop15:52
gulzarI want xcompmgr,conky,docky to autostart when logged in. How to do it?15:52
jribhroi: try fluxbox15:52
hroidr_willis: this vnc4server assumes I have a desktop or some window manager15:52
tbeardeni kno i prolly sound like an idiot for not understanding PATH... but this just helped me a lot i think!15:52
dr_willishroi,  thats would  be a issue then. :)15:53
iLogicsuspend and hibernate crashes ubuntu 11.04 (blinking caps) all the time.. any clues on what might be happening?15:53
jonesyhow do I do the equivalent of 'chkconfig <svcname> off' in ubuntu 11.04?15:53
th0rgulzar: start those programs and when you log out remember to save the session15:53
hroijrib: ok fluxbox why not.15:53
dr_willisx-window-mnager is a link to -->   /usr/bin/x-window-manager -> /etc/alternatives/x-window-manager15:53
hroijrib: just want something ultralight and stable15:53
dr_willishroi,  thhen that is a link to my actual 'default' window manager.15:53
gulzarth0r: no not like this. I want it the proper way...like adding some kind of entry etc.15:54
jribhroi: fluxbox is pretty light while still being pretty straightforward imo.  But there are tons of light window managers in the repositories15:54
dr_willishroi,  lightest full desktop is lxde/lubuntu - if you want to roll your own. you can use any of a dozen+ window managers15:54
hwildemy sound has broken again why do you people keep mesesing with it15:54
hroidr_willis:  checked /usr/bin and /etc/alternatives... not window manager.15:55
gulzarI want xcompmgr,conky,docky to autostart when logged in. And they should start in same order. How to do it?15:55
hwildemakes me want to never update again15:55
th0rhwilde: I didn't do anything to it15:55
dlihwilde, pulseaudio?15:55
hwildeI can see it playing on the other thing in pavucontrol15:55
dr_willisgulzar,  make a script that runs them exactly how you want. put it in .config/autostart15:55
hwildebut it is no longer coming out of my headphones15:55
hwildeI didn't reboot, I didn't plug or unplug anything, must be updates changing stuff15:55
jribhwilde: does pavucontrol show "dummy output"?15:55
hroiflwm that rings a bell... isnt that this old solaris looking window manager.15:56
dr_willis!info flvwm15:56
ubottuPackage flvwm does not exist in natty15:56
hwildepavucontrol shows two outputs,  HDMI and Analog15:56
jrib-l maybe15:56
dr_willishroi,  thats an old one. :)15:56
hwildeI can see the volume bar on the HDMI thing bouncing around corresponding with the audio I am playing15:56
hroi!info flwm15:56
ubottuflwm (source: flwm): Fast Light Window Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.02+cvs20080422-6 (natty), package size 43 kB, installed size 164 kB15:56
gulzardr_willis: script??? Sorry, I can't. I don't know15:56
jribnever heard of that :P15:56
dlihroi, icewm ?15:56
iridiumhwilde, my psychic powers broke it15:56
dr_willisgulzar,  time tolearn then i guess.. just the commands you want to run, in order. with & at the end of each command..15:57
jribhroi: just install half a dozen and try them all imo15:57
NilzieCould anyone explain to a noob what the major differences between Unity and Gnome 3 is?15:57
hroi!info fluxbox15:57
ubottufluxbox (source: fluxbox): Highly configurable and low resource X11 Window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.1~dfsg1-1 (natty), package size 1193 kB, installed size 4728 kB15:57
sidaohi all,15:57
gulzardr_willis: I think I saw something like this.....I will try15:57
dr_willisgulzar,  ie; (3 line example) -->   #!/bin/bash   command1 &     sleep 10             *3 seperate lines)15:57
hroijrib: fluxbox 4.7 MB.... but flwm is 165 kB.15:57
hroithats what I call lightweight :)15:58
dr_willishroi,  flwm is also  the kind of thing you recompile to change settings.. :)15:58
dr_willis!info jwm15:58
ubottujwm (source: jwm): Very small lightweight pure X11 window manager with tray and menus. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.1-3 (natty), package size 95 kB, installed size 296 kB15:58
dr_willisjwm at least has a tray  and a few other basics.15:58
Offlein1Is it possible to copy an installed package from one Ubuntu system to run "portably" on another, if it has the required libraries?15:58
dliOfflein1, you mean configure files?15:59
gulzardr_willis: I think I can do this....I saw some examples.. OK time to learn something new. Thank You!15:59
bipolarI'm trying to install virtualbox packages (from virtualbox.org) as part of a preseeded install. The only thing I can't figure out is how to get the kernel modules built for the installed kernel rather then the installer's kernel. Right now after the install is done, and the pc reboots, I still need to run /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup. This is because the installed kernel is newer then the installers kernel. Has anyone run into anything similar to this?15:59
hwildeah I clicked enough drop downs eventually it switched devices.  it would be nice if this would stop changing now.15:59
jereanonAfter doing the most recent upgrade to 11.04, my laptop doesn't complete booting to gnome anymore. I can switch to a different TTY and run startx to run gnome fine, but I would like it to complete booting. Any insight on what to look at to fix this?15:59
Offlein1dli: I'm not 100% sure -- but I have the PDFTK package on my local machine, and my web server host cannot install it (as I need them to) so they have suggested I try moving the package from my local machine into a directory on the server.16:00
Offlein1The guy's English was totally unclear in the email he sent, however.16:00
ThinkT510Nilzie: the quickest way to find out is try them and see16:00
jpdsbipolar: Use DKMS?16:00
jpds!info virtualbox-ose-dkms | bipolar16:01
ubottubipolar: virtualbox-ose-dkms (source: virtualbox-ose): x86 virtualization solution - kernel module sources for dkms. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0.4-dfsg-1ubuntu4.1 (natty), package size 571 kB, installed size 3780 kB (Only available for amd64 i386 all)16:01
Pirx-Danfordcheers I have a symbios logic 53c1030 raid controller and am looking if there is some out of the box ubuntu solution to check the raid status, anyone able to give me a hint? so far it seems I have to get the raidman thing from ibm running, which I would rather like not to do16:01
hroidr_willis: jrib:  what will be my default windowman?  the last one I installed perhaps?16:01
jribhroi: probably, but use update-alternatives to change16:02
dr_willishroi,  thats how it would work from the 'alternatives' systems point of view16:02
schnuffleOfflein1: it's possible but chances are hich that you mess up, if you don't know really good what you're doing16:03
hroi!info wm216:04
ubottuwm2 (source: wm2): small, unconfigurable window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 4+svn20090216-2 (natty), package size 35 kB, installed size 140 kB16:04
schnuffleOfflein1: what system is your web server running under. Maybe there's a repository that gives you the functionality from PDFTK16:04
Offlein1schnuffle: Thanks for reply - I don't have sudo so I can't do too much damage, I assume. Any idea where I can find the actual files I'd need to copy? I know where the binary is (/usr/bin/pdftk) but that's not super useful.16:04
hroi!info twm16:04
ubottutwm (source: twm): Tab window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.0.6-1 (natty), package size 106 kB, installed size 360 kB16:04
tim167hi, i want gnome, and ditch Unity, it sucks, help!16:05
dr_willis!classic | tim16716:05
Offlein1schnuffle: It's Ubuntu Hardy -- but that's not the issue sadly. It's hosted as part of a cloud image by our high-performance webhost that they are not able  to just install things to. I guess.16:05
ubottutim167: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".16:05
ikoniatim167: tht's not really possible as a long term solution16:06
schnuffleOfflein1: To see what libs the binary is linked against use: ldd /usr/bin/pdftk. So you don't have any opportunity to gain root rights on the web server?16:06
dr_willistim167,  classic gnome will be gone in the 11.10 release.16:06
tim167dr_willis: there is NO such thing as a selection box at the bottom of my login screen!16:06
dr_willistim167,  gdm has one. kdm has one. lightdm has one.. what are you using?16:06
tim167where is the "session box"?16:07
tim167dr_willis: ubuntu 11.0416:07
arooni-mobilei'd like to index files in a few different folders so i can quickly find them ... i.e. typing a few characters of the filenames and it will autocomplete and find it.  i'm running 11.0416:07
Offlein1schnuffle I can't gain it, but if something needs to be done to like.. configure something root-needed, I can possibly get them to do that. But installing/removing packages is out.16:07
schnuffleOfflein1: if all the libs are on the web server you can try to copy it somewhere to the webserver16:07
tbeardendr_willis: just added this line to the top of my script 'PATH=/user/bin:/sbin:/bin'16:07
dr_willisenter yoru users name. then a box/menu appears somewhere near the bottom i belive. AFTER you enter the users name16:07
tim167dr_willis: Unity, by default I suppose16:07
tbeardendr_willis:  script still not working when executed by 'rc1.d'16:07
Offlein1schnuffle: I'll try the ldd thing, and could I presumably put them in the same directory as the binary and it may find them?16:07
dr_willistim167,  Unity is the 'desktop session' Your Login manager is GDM/KDM/LXDM/LightDM or somting similer...16:07
tim167dr_willis: no it doesn't, i tried 10 times16:07
schnuffletbearden: should be PATH=/usr/bin:/bin not users16:08
Pirx-Danfordtim167, are you looking at the bottom of the login window or the bottom of the screen? its all down at the bottom of the screen16:08
schnuffleOfflein1: the system knows where to find the libs16:08
tim167dr_willis: i don't know which login manager, the default one, i just installed an hour ago16:08
tbeardenguess i'm so frustrated i'm missing really stupid stuff now16:08
tim167Pirx-Danford: at the bottom of the LOGIN window16:09
schnuffleOfflein1: otherwise LD_LIBRARY_PATH can be set to hint where to find the libs16:09
dr_willistim167,  if you are using ubuntu, then youa re using GDM, and there is some sort of session menu on the gdm screen after you enter/select the users name.16:09
tim167dr_willis: third time: no there is NOT, no way to select session!16:09
Ryan__tim167, The default display manager in Ubuntu is GDM, unless you mean the desktop to load.16:10
ThinkT510tim167: there is, log out, select your username then pick the session at the bottom16:10
Ryan__Kubuntu's default DM is KDM16:10
tim167Ryan__: it's Unity here, ubuntu 11.0416:10
Pirx-Danfordtim167, look at the bottom of the screen - down down down! ;)16:10
drheadHelp me, I did a distribution upgrade and it failed near the end of installing and now in he update manager I can't attempt to upgrade again16:10
ejoIn order to get the choice of window managers to show up at the bottom of the login screen (on 11.04) you have to RIGHT CLICK your login name16:10
tim167ThinkT510: no there is not, shal i take a picture to proove?16:10
ejoIt won't be there unless you right clicked16:10
schnuffletbearden: I guess everybody has already had such situations. So don't bother. The more you're frustrated the more the satifaction will be when you made it :)16:10
ejotim167 ^16:10
edbiandrhead: sudo do-release-upgrade16:10
ThinkT510tim167: yes please16:11
Offlein1schnuffle: So I copied the binary, ran it, and the first error says it can't find libgcj. But I believe the server has libgcj, so if I set the environment variable "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" to the directory that libgcj is in, it should potentially work?16:11
tim167ok I log out once again, damn this is frustrating, i hate Unity, BAD decision Canonical!16:11
hroi!info lxde16:11
ubottulxde (source: lxde-common): Meta-package for the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.0-4ubuntu3 (natty), package size 5 kB, installed size 36 kB16:11
Ryan__edbian, if you want to upgrade the release of Ubuntu, the command line is: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:11
drheadedbian: No new release found.  Should16:11
edbianRyan__: There is a tool do-release-upgrade    that upgrades from one version to the next16:12
wang__Is somebody in?16:12
edbiandrhead: Then I think you're fine :)16:12
faint545does anyone know how to mount a raw disk image?16:12
drheadI try turning it off and on again?16:12
schnuffleRyan__: only if you have changed the sources.list already16:12
tim167oh by the way, this is also gone: power icon > System Settings > login screen, where is it!?16:12
hroi!info xfce16:12
ubottuPackage xfce does not exist in natty16:12
tim167mystery meat navigation16:12
Dori922!info mom16:12
ubottuPackage mom does not exist in natty16:12
netking!info wget16:12
ubottuwget (source: wget): retrieves files from the web. In component main, is standard. Version 1.12-2.1ubuntu2 (natty), package size 251 kB, installed size 552 kB16:12
Pici!msgthebot | hroi everyone16:13
ubottuhroi everyone: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".16:13
ThinkT510!info xfce4 | hroi16:13
ubottuhroi: xfce4 (source: xfce4): Meta-package for the Xfce Lightweight Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.8.0~ubuntu1 (natty), package size 4 kB, installed size 40 kB16:13
juliohmThere is some problem in burn the iso image into a DVD instead of a CD?16:13
Pirx-Danfordwhat is a factoid? oO16:13
Picijuliohm: none16:13
netking!info scrot16:13
ubottuscrot (source: scrot): command line screen capture utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-13 (natty), package size 15 kB, installed size 72 kB16:13
juliohmthank you Pici ;-)16:13
dr_willisjuli0w,  ive heard it works.. ive heard it dont work... :)16:13
Picinetking: stop playing with the bot.16:13
dr_willisjuliohm, ,  ive heard it works.. ive heard it dont work... :)  so try and see - i always use flash drives these days16:14
ejotim167: if you can't find any other way to log out, close all programs then press Ctrl-Alt-T to get a terminal window; then at the prompt give the command: sudo restart gdm16:14
Ryan__edbian, there is an easy way to find if you are using the current release and if not, upgrade. Here's how: First, open up a run dialog, and type in it: update-manager -d   Then, you will see the "Upgrade" button next to "New Ubuntu release is available!16:14
schnufflePirx-Danford: a macro that helps to display info like !anyone or !info .....16:14
Ryan__I am not sure how to use do-release-upgrade16:15
wang__It likes some robots in16:15
felix_klowhi, does ubuntu 11.04 support intels turbo cpu?16:16
earthlingone question to the mods .. ;-) . Is there any update on what ubuntu is doing about the power regression problem in linux kernel .. any patches or do we need to wait for patches from linus ?16:16
szalfelix_klow: define 'intels turbo cpu'16:16
edbiandrhead: cat /etc/issue/16:17
edbiandrhead: cat /etc/issue16:17
felix_klowok, i mean intel i7 cpu's16:17
ThinkT510felix_klow: yes i7 is supported16:18
felix_klowThinkT510, ok, tnx16:18
BuenGeniowhy do I keep seeing this line in my dmesg? [ 8995.255240] EXT4-fs (sda5): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro,commit=0  (sometimes commit is 600)16:18
BuenGeniosda5 is /16:18
Myrttiearthling: the 'mods' here are only to make the channel run smoothly, don't necessarily know about kernel plans16:18
szalnetking: please don't post arbitrary links in here16:18
dr_willisBuenGenio,  i notice that every so often also.16:18
dr_willisearthling,  kernel 3.x is in the works. :) ive heard it helps a lot of those issues.. but if the fix's get ported back. will take time to tell..16:19
BuenGenioany major changes we'll be able to notice in userland with 3.0 ?16:20
BuenGenioI believe it's in going to be in 11.10 also16:20
earthlingMyrtti, dr_willis , ohh.. patience is the mantra then .... :-)16:21
drheadOk, it worked. I noticed compositing is off and I can't find how to turn it back on.  Where did that get moved to ._.16:23
drheadThis is awfully quiet for a room of over 1500 people16:27
iridiumthey are all beholders16:28
iridiumwatching you16:28
schnuffledrhead: I'm watching you16:28
chaddyI'm most likely detached16:28
quiescensThey are all figments of your imagination, don't listen to them16:29
bombshellzHello, I'm currently on Ubuntu 11.04 and I'm not sure why it's giving me so much pain... I downloaded VirtualBox from the website and attempting to configure a second Host-only adapter16:30
bombshellzUnfortunately I ran into a problem where there're no other options to select under Attached To, Name16:31
ThinkT510bombshellz: why didn't you install virtualbox from the repo?16:31
=== dlcn is now known as Dulcin
bombshellzI'm always accustom to installing VirtualBox from the site.... Usually installing repo sometimes is too old or it doesn't work properly16:32
betasofttry to use qemu16:33
Pirx-Danfordbombshellz: sometimes setting up the extensions for virtualbox helps with certain features16:33
drheadOkay, tried compiz --replace to get compositing, and now I have unity's dock with over 9000 items on it, and it froze up in a way that I can still use my mouse.  What now?16:34
drheadCtrl alt backspace time?16:34
Pirx-Danfordbombshellz: at http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads there is also a download for the extensions, try to set them up properly16:35
bombshellzPirx-Danford: This is prior to launching a VM... I need a second adapter created otherwise the Guest OS won't detect it ... Even if the Extensions work properly16:36
drheadCtrl alt backspace isn't working...16:36
buckillerway to resize windows by dragging them with middle mouse button, snap to predefined grid16:36
drheadPlease tell me we still have some way of resetting the x server16:37
pea_brainHi all16:37
dlidrhead, to kill X?16:37
drheadYes, like ctrl alt backspace does16:37
Toph2i have lost the  'min', 'max' and 'x' on the upper right corner of all my applications,, Any ideas on how to restore those?16:37
dlidrhead, sudo pkill -9 Xorg16:38
drheadRestarting it, taking you back to the login screen16:38
ThinkT510bombshellz: extensions are different to guest additions16:38
drheadOne problem, it is frozen16:38
dlidrhead, if you are running gdm, etc., try: screen sudo service gdm restart16:38
neurochromehey folks, is it perfectly normal to see failed ssh login attempts on a regular basis?16:38
bombshellzThinkT510: Ok16:38
neurochrome*in my logs16:38
dlidrhead, ctl-atl-f1 ?16:38
dlidrhead, or ssh login16:39
=== Guest8383 is now known as Cain
drheadOk, it says I am currently logged in16:40
drheadI didn't just start two xservers did I?16:40
tbeardendr_willis:  I updated the script for my script, first line of code is 'PATH=/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin'16:40
tbeardendr_willis: script will run manually, but not from '/etc/rc1.d' when in single user mode16:41
drheadOkay, I am back in. How do I use compiz without Unity?16:42
Gunz4MiPPleis there a limit on # of indicator applets that will autostart16:42
dlidrhead, shutdown gdm, kill leftover X16:42
Gunz4MiPPlei seem to recall the number 716:42
schnuffletbearden: first line should be #! /bin/sh16:42
drheaddli: I actually just checked, there appears to be only one X16:43
neurochromeschnuffle, can you have a space? #!/bin/bash16:43
tbeardenschnuffle:  still having trouble w/ my script when in 'single user mode'.  script will run manually, but won't run automatically from '/etc/rc1.d'16:43
schnuffleneurochrome: yes16:43
neurochromeschnuffle, YLSNED16:43
tbeardenschnuffle; yes, that is the first line16:43
tbeardenschnuffle; then i have several comments indicated by '#', then the first uncommented line is 'PATH=/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin'16:44
schnuffletbearden: is your script placed in /etc/init.d and has a symlink to /etc/rc1.d?16:45
schnuffletbearden: the script should be called  (S|K)[0-9][0-9].*16:46
schnuffletbearden: I mean the symlink in /etc/rc1.d S for start K for kill16:46
tbeardenschnuffle: yes, '/etc/init.d/disk_sync_init1.sh' & '/etc/rc1.d/S98disk_sync_init1.sh -> ../init.d/disk_sync_init1.sh'16:47
h4lfl1nghello all, im having trouble exporting an env. var for my root account..16:48
drheadOkay, clearly compiz is broken.16:49
drheadCould it be my video drivers?16:49
drheadSays it is activated but not in use.16:49
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
h4lfl1ngWhen i do export, and then check with env..it's been changed. But as soon as i change user and do sudo env..it's gone16:50
schnuffletbearden: You should place it before S90single and S30killprocs, so call it S10disksync16:50
tbeardenschnuffle:  really?  how come?  just curious16:51
PolahIf I do mtime +1 that should remove files two days old? 0 would be today, 1 would be yesterday so +1 is files created before yesterday, correct?16:52
schnuffletbearden: If I look into S30killprocs, it kills all processes and S90single already switches to single user moe. I guess you want to sync some disks before that happens16:52
drheadHow can I test my video drivers?16:52
savidIs there a way to tell how long my computer has been "awake"?  Not uptime, but time since it came out of suspended mode.16:53
schnufflePolah: +1 means 2 days and older16:53
hroihow do I change the name of my ubuntu installation?... in the terminal there appears my username @ some name I didnt decide16:53
Polahschnuffle: So if I ran it now it would remove files created before this time on the 31st?16:53
drheadI hope the channel operators know that there is a channel mode that will get rid of all the join/part spam16:54
schnufflePolah: -mtime n, File's  data was last modified n*24 hours ago16:55
Polahschnuffle: Ah, okay thanks16:55
schnufflePolah: see man find, you get al the options and their meaning16:56
rdesfodoes ubuntu have anything like SUSE Studio?16:56
shellbeginnerHi everybody16:56
geegeegeeWhat is the newest version? 11.04?16:56
schnufflehroi: that's your hostname that comes from DHCP or that is set in /etc/hosts16:56
sidneyHi! Has anyone solved a BusyBox error "(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system" during installation of natty narwhal?16:57
ThinkT510!11.04 | geegeegee16:57
ubottugeegeegee: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/110416:57
shellbeginnerThere is a shell script I want to launch every time ubuntu starts. Problem: It never returns and run permanently the whole session. How do I do?16:57
szalgeegeegee: yes16:57
szalrdesfo: not that I know of16:58
hwildeshellbeginner,   put an & sign at the end and it will go into the background16:58
schnuffleshellbeginner: use /etc/rc.local to launch it an d see hwildes comment16:58
rdesfoszal: that's to bad... thanks for the reply :)16:58
shellbeginnerisn't there any alternative other that using that stupid '&' character?16:59
schnuffleshellbeginner: maybe you should reroute stdout and stderr like: yourscript.sh  1> /var/log/myscript.log 2> /var/log/myscript.err &17:00
thejam_Anyone else having a few problems with dual monitors and weird window behaviour in 11.04?17:01
schnuffleshellbeginner: you can use screen but I don't know what's the problem with &. Scripts are made to do jobs not to look nice17:01
shellbeginnerschnuffle: what about the prompt?17:02
schnuffleshellbeginner: you can use daemontools, but I guess it you will call it stupid as well :)17:02
schnuffleshellbeginner: which prompt?17:02
shellbeginnerI wrote a shell script that does nothing but "read -p "press any key" and launched it with the &17:03
shellbeginnerand it didn't go to background17:03
shellbeginnerit asked for the prompt inside the current shell17:03
ciaranmi've got a cd-drive-less netbook with an existing windows install. there's 100G of unpartitioned space. can wubi install onto that with a proper ext3 filesystem, or do i need to go the livecd route?17:04
tbeardenschnuffle: i don't fully understand 'upstart' and those other processes, 'S30killprocs', and 'S90single', but moving my process to 'S10disksync' worked17:04
schnuffleshellbeginner: did you added a exit 0 after launching your background script?17:04
tbeardenschnuffle: it worked, but i don't understand why17:05
yellowheadanyone with an idea of where i can find the network programmers irc on freenode, or can i simply ask here?17:06
_ProGammermy keyboard numlock is working like mouse ?!!17:06
_ProGammerhow can i cancel this ?17:06
Pici_ProGammer: shift or alt numlock, I forget.  Its some modifier key combination.17:06
Piciyellowhead: ##networking or perhaps the channel for whatever language you're programming in.17:07
Pici!alis | yellowhead17:07
ubottuyellowhead: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*17:07
_ProGammerPici: it works thanks17:07
yellowheadPici thanks17:08
schnuffletbearden: Okay, so I try a small explanation. The scripts in /etc/init.d are sysv init scripts so nothing to with upstart. Upstart reads them for compability reasons. The number gives the oder in which the scripts are executed. All the K scripts are launched in order before moving to the next level and all S script are executed in order to start something. So you want to sync disks maybe even over network so you 17:09
anli_Its time to check why this computer hangs all the time17:10
anli_The graphics freezes17:10
schnuffletbearden: As I don't know your script I can only guess what was the problem17:10
drheadHow do I get unity to work without instacrashing?17:12
Polahdrhead: By asking questions that aren't vague and providing details on why it is crashing, i.e. error messages or things that display faultily17:13
=== Rim is now known as Ezel43
tbeardenschnuffle:  thank u for ur help!17:14
anli_if the graphics freezes on this computer, will the output from dmesg change?17:14
anli_Isnt dmesg only startup messages?17:14
drheadPolah: I don't get any error message17:14
Polahdrhead: Can you successfully get into GNOME?17:14
drheadI type compiz --replace, I see a dock that obviously has a million things in it, and it freezes17:14
drheadYes, I can login to metacity17:15
dlidrhead, can you try gnome3?17:16
drheadWhat is hat17:16
Polahdrhead: That's not GNOME. On the login screen select "Ubuntu Classic" and try that, and try "Ubuntu Classic (No Effects)" if that fails17:16
Polahdli: GNOME3 is unsupported.17:16
dlidrhead, of all compiz, I only need the scale plugin to switch window, and scale is in gnome317:16
darkc0de #ubuntu17:16
Picidarkc0de: Thats here.17:16
faint545i have this disk image -- http://pastebin.com/Fd4dT2TR17:16
faint545how would i mount this?17:17
faint545i need to access data on this image.17:17
gulzarI took configuration files of CONKY from net. http://pastebin.com/gF8NHrki. It works fine except that the network area is not working. It shows two boxes with labels but no bar and no info. All other things like CPU usage,RAM usage etc. works fine. I am connected with my cellphone (2G). What change is required?17:17
drheadYes, ubuntu (classic mode) works17:17
ChessTeachi just got a new laptop and I am trying to get it up and running. I installed awesome, and now for some reason the terminal is unable to connect to the internet, firefox can fine, but not the terminal17:17
anli_If I switch from compiz to metacity, is it less probable that my computer will freeze?17:17
ChessTeachi get this error 'ping: unknown host www.google.com'17:18
dliChessTeach, have a look at /etc/resolv.conf17:18
gulzardrhead: seems like unity crash is universal. I shifted to LXDE with Docky.17:18
shellbeginnerOk I think I will use the '&' since there is nothin better17:18
gulzardrhead: can try ubuntu classic.17:18
gulzardrhead: wait for 11.10 for gnome317:18
shellbeginnerbut if a script was to ask for prompt it would fail17:18
ChessTeachdli: its empty, just one commented line17:18
drheadSo for now compiz is unusable?17:18
=== pr0ton_ is now known as pr0ton
PolahChessTeach: Try ping
stealzcan anyone tell me how to minimize a window using xdotool or wmctrl or any other method?17:19
ChessTeachPolah: network is unreachable17:19
stealzexcept clicking the minimize icon =)17:19
ChessTeachoh wait, maybe i don't have internet at all, i just noticed that firefox was loading a cached page17:20
hroischnuffle: I changed the name in /etc/host   and restarted... I still get that old name, probably originally assigned by dhcp during install.17:20
gulzardrhead: not exactly. The bug is in Unity so you cannot use compiz.... in other way yes it is17:20
stealzLol Chess, you are on IRC Arent you? I doubt I speak from your cache ;)17:20
PolahChessTeach: That would explain why it can't reach IPs which needn't be resolved17:20
drheadgulzar: And what is this lxde?17:21
gulzarI took configuration files of CONKY from net. http://pastebin.com/gF8NHrki. It works fine except that the network area is not working. It shows two boxes with labels but no bar and no info. All other things like CPU usage,RAM usage etc. works fine. I am connected with my cellphone (2G). What change is required?17:21
stealzoh sorry just saw its on your laptop17:21
ChessTeachPolah: yeah that is definatly the problem. let me play with this for a second, thanks alot17:21
Polahstealz, ChessTeach: That's a good point actually. IRC typically continues to work when DNS servers go down but if you can't even ping via ICMP then that's very strange.17:22
gulzardrhead: just like you have gnome similarly LXDE is another environment but very light on resources. You have other desktops also like KDE17:22
hroianyone know where to set the name of my ubuntu machine?   somebody suggested /etc/hosts... but this did nothing.17:22
ChessTeachPolah: cool everything is working now, stupid cache17:22
drheadI'll stick with what I have17:22
hroiim annoyed with my shell prompt being titled  username @ some rubbish name.17:22
chocolatesHow do I add sources to ubuntu 11.04 using the software center?17:22
drheadWait a second, is there a way that I can uninstall unity so I can use compiz?17:23
deven_my minimize, maximize, close button gone... how to restore them?17:23
gulzardrhead: can install from USC. search for LXDE. It will show metapackage(12mb). Install and use. It looks very dull as compared to gnome but it hardly takes 5 min to configure it to make it much better than Unity.17:23
thejam_chocolates: Edit > software sources?17:23
macodeven_: are you using 11.04? they might be in the top bar if you move your mouse up there (they should appear)17:23
stealzcan anyone tell me how to minimize a window using xdotool or wmctrl or any other method in a sh script? The window title is 'Quake Terminal'17:23
chocolatesthejam_: Where does it say edit?17:24
drheadHas anyone had success getting compiz to work by uninstalling unity?17:24
deven_yes i m using 11.04 , they were on top of every window, but now its not having minimize, maximise close button? how to resotore it.17:24
gulzardrhead: there?17:25
thejam_Isn't there an option in compiz/ubuntu-tweak that allows you to move/edit them?17:25
Picidrhead: you can use compiz just fine by selecting an alternate desktop environment at login time.17:25
Pici!classic | drhead17:25
ubottudrhead: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".17:25
ubottuStarting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more informationand workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263317:25
edbianthejam_: ^^^17:25
gulzarchocolates: use synaptic17:25
drheadSo in classic mode compiz WILL run?17:25
Picidrhead: Yes.17:26
bombshellzIt appears in my case regarding VirtualBox, vboxnet0 is not created for Host-Only Adapter to work17:26
Picidrhead: or at least it should.17:26
Polahhroi: You set the name during installation. Open a terminal and do: sudo hostname "<hostname you want>"17:26
deven_help me plz, i m using 11.04 , they were on top of every window, but now its not having minimize, maximise close button? how to resotore it.17:27
thejam_I didn't even realise compiz didn't run in Unity?17:27
edbianthejam_: unity requires compiz to run17:27
gulzardrhead: i tried various combinations like - XFCE+compiz, Unity+compiz, gnomeclassic+compiz, LXDE+compiz but all of them failed17:27
thejam_Is it obvious that I've not been using linux for long?17:27
DeezeNutsMy right click button isnt working in ubuntu :)17:28
gulzardeven_: you started compiz???17:28
justynthejam: I have been on it for literally 4 hours only xD17:28
deven_after that it made my top bar go close minimize maxmise gone gulzar yes i messed something there it seems17:29
thejam_I've been experimenting and reading as much as possible for the last few weeks, but there's still the 'out of my league' barrier every so often haha. I've completely switched from windows though <317:29
gulzardrhead: unity cannot run without compiz....but enabling more effects makes it crash17:29
drheadPici: It did not work.17:29
gulzardeven_: then don't use it....by the way what exactly you did?17:30
justynthejam_: Nice, I am planning on picking up a lappy and stripping it naked and putting linux onto it and using as my dedicated linux system. But I also want a macbook for school and a bamboo wacom tablet, n2m I have no money ahaha17:30
gulzardrhead: then it will not17:30
Picidrhead: I haven't read the entire backlog, but perhaps if you explained exactly how its not working we could be of help.17:31
thejam_Well this is my laptop running Ubuntu 11.04, I did mess with a few others but I've confined them to virtualbox for testing. I have a partition for windows...I just haven't needed to install windows yet, haha. I'm rebuilding my desktop to try and run as a a server, it's just deciding which distro to use. Sell kidneys? I reckon you could get a fair bit for the pair...17:32
drheadPici: I run compiz --replace and it crashes17:32
Picidrhead: Do you get an error?17:32
sundarhi all.17:32
gulzardrhead: try unity --reset17:32
drheadIf it'll help I can try to run it in a terminal17:33
sundari have problems installing ubuntu natty narwhal on my mac book pro17:33
drheadOh, and it is more of a freeze than a crash17:33
gulzardrhead: try it. It will reset unity to default.17:33
sundarcould someone please help17:33
gulzardrhead: unity cannot run without compiz. So if unity is running then compiz is also. Install ccsm then configure settings. no need of compiz --replace17:33
drheadgulzar: Same, froze17:34
gulzardrhead: it should not. How much video memory you have?17:34
drheadShould i try the last command in a terminal?17:35
antlonganyone know the name of the sort that is applied with ls -v17:35
wink_if i have 2 versions of the same package installed, how do i switch between the active one?  i have the postgresql-client installed (8.4 and 9.0) and all the /usr/bin symlinks point to the 8.4 version, i'd like them to point to 9.0.  is this something i have to do by hand?17:35
drheadgulzar: I really don't know. If it helps, I have a geforce go 7300 and I have run compiz before17:35
gulzardrhead: try unity --reset in terminal17:36
sundarhi. help installing natty on mac book pro!17:36
anli_Which graphics card is the least problematic card to run linux on?17:36
Piciantlong: The manpage says: -v     natural sort of (version) numbers within text17:36
anli_I want to find out that17:36
antlongPici theres a real name for it17:36
justynthejam_: ahahaha nooo I have a job xD, getting paid thursday enough to either get a laptop or a bamboo tablet, MAYBE both, but also have to consider a mac book is over 1.4K when I throw on all the accessories and taxes that I want and need. IDK I may settle with Ubuntu for school use for a couple months, it isn't that bad.17:36
dlianli_, not so new intel/radeon17:36
drheadI tried unity in a terminal, I got a lot of gdk-warning17:37
antlongPici ls -v does a numerical sort though, 1, 2, 3, 100 instead of 1, 100, 2, 317:37
justynthejam_: Rather I should say it works just fine, but I really want better battery life17:37
drheadI also got a critical17:37
gulzardrhead: if this is the matter then 11.04 is the main prob17:37
thejam_Oh, one of the sexy top-end tablets? I have a £50 basic tablet that I never use. +1 for impulse buying.17:37
faint545can someone help me out? i cant get this image to mount -- http://pastebin.com/UuVeqnaJ17:37
drheadI will try typing it if autocorrect doesn't mangle it.17:37
sundaranyone could help installing natty on macbook pro?17:37
gulzardrhead: I am also unable to use it in this release. In previous releases and other distros compiz works fine17:38
thejam_And that's a big payday if you are going to get all of that, what the hell do you do?! Bloody students eh..17:38
antlongsundar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1VezJENet817:38
shellbeginnerOk then here is a new problem: I launch this command in an other script shell: "./myscript.sh  1> /var/log/myscript.log 2> /var/log/myscript.err &" and it works well, but prints "[: 26: Illegal number: Stopping in Background[fail]" every time17:38
wink_if i have 2 versions of the same package installed, how do i switch between the active one?  i have the postgresql-client installed (8.4 and 9.0) and all the /usr/bin symlinks point to the 8.4 version, i'd like them to point to 9.0.  is this something i have to do by hand?17:38
shellbeginnerI think this is because the '&' doesnt return 017:39
drheadbamf_application_get_desktop_file: assertion '?MF_IS_APPLICATION (application)' failed17:39
shellbeginnerbut that is annoying, what should I do to hide this?17:39
sundarantlong, thanks for the response. I am on a weak internet connection right now. my broadband is out of service. ill have a look at it later. do you have a link?17:40
drheadThe ? is a character that was hidden behind the dock17:40
antlongsundar i just sent you a link17:40
BlueteguHi there. My t420 doesn't come back from sleep. It doesn't always happen, seems to happen only when I leave it sleeping for a long while. Any way to fix this? Thanks.17:40
sundarantlong, youtube could choke my connection :)17:41
sundarantlong, i have cd image for 64bit for mac17:41
gulzarI took configuration files of CONKY from net. http://pastebin.com/gF8NHrki. It works fine except that the network area is not working. It shows two boxes with labels but no bar and no info. All other things like CPU usage,RAM usage etc. works fine. I am connected with my cellphone (2G). What change is required?17:42
preecherif i have my harddrive divided into 2 partitions & wish to install another distro on my empty partition what do i do to keep the other distro from being my only choice at boot17:42
glisstechmy natty system running in ubuntu classic is having some weird issue running built in utilities like users-admin and the Ubuntu Software Center17:42
sundarantlong, when i boot it, seems to load the kernel but it displays a message it couldnt load the live image17:42
drheadAh, here is a possible problem!17:42
glebihanshellbeginner, do you get the same error if you run the command without the & ?17:42
shellbeginnergood grief17:42
shellbeginnerthat s not the & then17:43
blackcatnekonegrwhat is the command you use to reinstall ubuntu from terminal mode using the online packages?17:43
glebihanshellbeginner, it must be an error inside the script you're trying to run17:43
glebihanshellbeginner, could you pastebin that file ?17:43
glisstechI found this error in the auth.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/657362/17:43
vuthis this the help channel17:44
drheadA tually17:44
glebihanvuth, yes it is17:44
drheadI will take a picture of my screen (doubt screenshot will work) and link to it17:45
wink_if i have 2 versions of the same package installed, how do i switch between the active one?  i have the postgresql-client installed (8.4 and 9.0) and all the /usr/bin symlinks point to the 8.4 version, i'd like them to point to 9.0.  is this something i have to do by hand?17:45
sundarsomeone please help installing natty on macbook pro17:45
shellbeginnerglebihan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/657364/17:45
shellbeginnerthis is a home made script17:46
vuthbaisic questions...all software for linux mint and ubuntu is compatible correct?17:46
blackcatnekonegrwhat is the command you use to reinstall ubuntu from terminal mode using the online packages? Cause my dvd drive breaks cds after a few uses, so is that or to try to make a usb installer, something I have no clue of how to do in linux17:46
vuthunbuntu, mint, kubutnu, etc..all can work on all OS?17:46
edbianvuth: I think so.  What are you getting at?17:46
Myrttivuth: huh?17:46
shellbeginnervuth: except for the licences, since mint doesn't really care about theses17:46
vuthwell im on sypnatic17:47
vuthpackage manager and for example to install xchat17:47
Myrttivuth: installing stuff from other distros isnt supported, for a start.17:47
drheadIs 'drawable is not a native x11 window' enough to cause problems?17:47
preetamunable to install any package after upgrading to ubuntu 11.04. system gives error message like "dpkg: error processing openchangeproxy (--configure):17:48
sundaris there a channel for ubuntu mac?17:48
preetam dependency problems - leaving unconfigured".17:48
vuthi typed in xchat and like 6 came up. and17:48
glebihanshellbeginner, I think the error is in the RUN_Server2Stop.sh file17:48
vuthso u recommend using ubuntu software manager only17:49
vuthfirst of all ididnt see that..since im used to mint.. and ubuntu software looks much much easier to use  :D17:49
steelboxà tout hasard, y a-t-il des experts cuda ici ?17:50
glebihan!fr | steelbox17:50
ubottusteelbox: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:50
steelboxcuda experts here?17:50
since96hello to you guys17:50
Myrttivuth: if you are using ubuntu, you shouldnt have any mint specific tools in the first place17:50
vuthsypnatics came with ubuntu17:51
since96i'm installing xubuntu, cool os !17:51
vuthso i might as well uninstall it?17:51
steelboxCUDA experts here plz?17:51
since96previousely, i was under Windows ME x)17:52
Myrttivuth: then what are you talking about mint? you dont need to uninstall synaptic17:52
bluezonesince96, what an upgrade! lol17:52
since96joint #ubuntu-fr17:52
since96join #ubuntu-fr17:52
shellbeginnerThank you but I have errors for both17:53
drheadSomeone look at this: pastebin.com/8WxRBzD517:53
th0rsince96: /join17:53
BuenGeniois Enlightenment's Entrance available as a DM in 11.04?17:53
since96thank you =)17:53
drheadLast two lines are me killing Xorg17:53
glebihanshellbeginner, could you pastebin the RUN_Server2Stop.sh file ? (and the other one if you want to)17:53
dr-willisBuenGenio:  may be ppas for it17:53
stealzcan anyone reccomend a mouse gesture software for ubuntu 10.0417:53
vuthmyrtti nevermind17:54
=== Nik is now known as Guest80803
stealzdr-willis: you're refering to me?17:54
shellbeginnerthose two scripts are scripts from the software17:55
shellbeginnerI didn't make them17:55
shellbeginnerThey call java commands on a JBoss server17:55
dr-willisstealz:  huh? dont think so17:55
since96what is "grub" ?17:55
shellbeginnerI can pastebin them, but don't really know how this might help$17:55
thaniusHi there, I recently got a 16 gb micro SDHC card which I'm trying to repartitionate for Android. The thing is, after repartitioning and formatting, the second (and swap) partitions appear as unknown filesystems after removing/inserting card. Is there something to SDHC cards or is mine just dodgy? How come only the second++ partitions gets lost?17:55
stealzok, nevermind =)17:56
drheadCould not stat() file ~/.compiz-1/plugins/lib<insertcompizpluginnamehere>.so17:56
glebihanshellbeginner, well since the error occurs in those scripts, it might help17:56
drheadAre .so files important?17:56
stealzsince96: grub is the boot manager that comes with ubuntu. actually  - grub-2 is17:56
glebihandrhead, yes17:56
edbiandrhead: extremely17:56
since96ok, thanks stealz17:56
drheadthen there's my damn problem17:57
stealzsince96: it is the menu that lets you select which system to boot into, and maybe select windows if you are running dualboot17:57
dr-willisthanius:  id say ask in #android17:57
stealzor whatever other OS you're running with17:57
drheadHow do I get em back?17:57
thaniusWell, the problem is in ubuntu17:57
thaniusand windows17:57
Guest80803using IRC for the first time17:57
thaniusI'm not partitioning in Android17:57
Nilziethanius: put the card into your android phone and you can format it from there17:57
glisstechMy administration tools...specifically the gui Users and Groups, and Ubuntu Software Center are not working properly17:57
thaniusNilzie: I could try, I guess I'll have to install ext2 driver...17:57
kitchedrhead: depends on what you deleted but they are hard to get back if you deleted something very important like libc.so.*17:58
glisstechthey open and run, but I can't make any changes, install software, manage user accounts, etc...17:58
drheadI did not delete them17:58
mneptokthanius: just use FAT3217:58
edbianglisstech: How are you opening them??17:58
glebihanglisstech, how are you launching them ?17:58
drheadI think they are somewhere like in /usr17:58
edbianglebihan: I beat you! :P17:58
shellbeginnerok the start script is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/657370/ and the stop script is there: http://paste.ubuntu.com/657369/ But when I launch them by myself there are no errors, except that they are suspensive. start never returns and stop takes a moment17:58
glebihanglebihan, yep :)17:58
Guest80803edbian:I open it through eclipse17:58
thaniusmneptok: It doesn't format the second partition with FAT32, it uses ext.17:59
glisstechi have tried from the gui, and using sudo users-admin, and gksudo users-admin17:59
picassohello. i'm looking to set up a second sshd process on my ubuntu server that listens on a specific IP and port. how can i achieve this?17:59
picassocopy sshd config and copy the init script?17:59
blackcatnekonegrany linux tool to create usb flash installer from an iso image?17:59
kitchedrhead: well .so files are all over the place /lib /usr/lib you pretty much need to know where the .so files belong to know where to move them if you moved them to a different folder17:59
edbianGuest80803: I wasn't talking to you?17:59
edbianglisstech: mmm, strange.17:59
Guest80803Hello. I am trying to combine my unused hard drive space with already existing C drive17:59
Guest80803how can I do it18:00
edbianglisstech: Can you be more specific?  What are you trying to change that won't change?18:00
drheadDidn't move em either18:00
glisstechblackcatnekonegr: yes, follow the instructions here http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download18:00
ThinkT510!unetbootin | blackcatnekonegr18:00
ubottublackcatnekonegr: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent18:00
edbianGuest80803: boot a liveCD and use gparted18:00
drheadI doubt they were in the right place to begin with18:00
glisstechI am trying to give a second user administrative permissions18:00
Guest80803edbian: is gparted available in the software center?18:00
mneptokthanius: "it?"18:01
edbianGuest80803: Yes, it's installed on a liveCD by default18:01
since96is there google chrome under xubuntu ?18:01
kitchedrhead: well then you need to figure out what you did since the .so files are placed exactly where they are suppose to be18:01
ThinkT510since96: yes, xubuntu shares the same repos as ubuntu18:01
ThinkT510since96: sorry, there is chromium-browser but not chrome18:02
me-1hi...its me or ubuntu with unity is looking very similar to Mac OS X18:02
Guest80803why is my name shown as guest  and not the one I have kept18:02
stealzsince96: you can probably install it18:02
drheadkitche: I found them where they should be, I'll copy em all to .compiz-118:02
ThinkT510!info chromium-browser | since9618:02
bluezoneme-1, yes, that's why it sucks :)18:02
ubottusince96: chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 12.0.742.112~r90304-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 (natty), package size 16095 kB, installed size 55952 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all)18:02
glisstechedbian: I originally had some issues with wine and somehow messed up my wife's user profile in trying to fix it18:02
stealzsince96: with sudo apt-get install chrome18:02
me2reshbluezone lol18:02
since96ok thakyou18:03
edbianglisstech: Did you edit the sudoer's file?18:03
faint545when i run "gedit somefile" in terminal, how do i get it so that it runs in the background so the terminal isnt occupied after i run the command?18:03
stealzbut I dont know what the default is, its probably firefox18:03
fission6i changed my host name but now i keep getting issues trying to resolve it, any idea? i do sudo hostname mybrandnewname and get can not resolve hostname18:03
petsoundsdrhead: Just wondering, what video card u have?18:03
stealzI am running ubuntu myself18:03
edbianglisstech: That is, do these guis work if you log in as yourself and run them??18:03
glisstechedbian: no sir18:03
picassoanyone? trying to create a second sshd with different config. where do i do this?18:03
dr-willisfaint545:   gedit &18:03
glebihanshellbeginner, I think the problem might come from redirecting the standard output18:03
edbianfission6: Fix it in /etc/resolv.conf18:03
Guest80803Why is my name shown as Guest?18:03
DeezeNutsbecause you didnt set a nickname18:03
fission6ed1703, how?18:04
stealzGuest80803: are you using a web client?18:04
glisstechedbian: They run, but I can't make any changes18:04
kitcheGuest80803: because you didn't identify most likely18:04
PiciGuest80803: Because someone else owns the nick you wanted.18:04
edbianfission6: sorry, I meant, fix it in /etc/hosts18:04
stealzGuest80803: type /nick yourname18:04
glebihanshellbeginner, could you try removing the "1> /var/log/adempiere_start.log"18:04
fission6what do you mean by fix it?18:04
dr-willisfaint545:  see bash job controll guides for details :(18:04
glisstechedbian: i see a failed authentication message when I try to change anything18:04
edbianglisstech: You have two users.  If you log in as your user do they work?  If you log in as your wife do they work?18:04
PiciGuest80803: If you need help with IRC stuff, please ask in #freenode18:04
edbianglisstech: I think one or both of you is not a sudoer18:04
exxtremeGuest80803...set up an account in your messenger's preferences and save it. Then you can login with that nic automatically each time.18:04
vf-1jGreetings all, my seamonkey application keeps crashing. Here is the terminal output when it occurs: http://pastebin.com/8C6Bv1xL18:04
glisstechedbian: but dont get prompted for my password18:04
edbianfission6: take a look at the file, it will be obvious.  If not ask me again :)18:04
edbianglisstech: are you going to answer my question or not18:05
shellbeginnerI can do that, but that script logs a lot of stuff and my shell will nearly explode18:05
Picipicasso: That sounds good to me.  Make sure that the init script uses the right arguments to use a custom conf file.18:05
fission6edbian,  i see this line       localhost.localdomain   localhost18:05
glisstechedbian: I am running this under my account, hers is not administrative account, I was trying to change her account type to admin when I discovered this18:05
edbianfission6: that is fine, do you see your old hostname in there at all?18:05
edbianglisstech: Did you edit the sudoers file by hand?18:05
fission6no but i dont know what my oldhostname would be?18:06
edbianglisstech: are you online?  Can you pastebin /etc/sudoers for me?  (paste.ubuntu.com)18:06
glisstechedbian: no sir18:06
fission6i never set it, its a new linode instance18:06
edbianfission6: You said you changed your hostname right?  Do you not remember it?18:06
glebihanshellbeginner, it's just a test to know whether the problem comes from there18:06
glisstechedbian: yes...just a sec18:06
edbianglisstech: waiting... :)18:06
fission6well i did, but i dont think it "stuck", either way i dont see it in the /hosts file18:06
edbianfission6: can you pastebin your /etc/hosts file for me to see?  paste.ubuntu.com18:07
glisstechedbian: I dont see any information in the file18:07
glisstechedbian: what should I use to open it? I tried kate18:08
n1k_h0lm3swhats the shortcut for refresh in ubuntu18:08
edbianglisstech: you made a typo then     /etc/sudoers18:08
edbianglisstech: If it truely is empty you have big problem.18:08
kissimaIs someone speak French here???18:08
kitche!fr > kissima18:08
bluezonekissima, #ubuntu-fr18:08
ubottukissima, please see my private message18:08
bluezoneso close to beating you xD18:09
glisstechedbian: I am able to use sudo from terminal with my account18:09
vf-1jGreetings all, my seamonkey application keeps crashing. Here is the terminal output when it occurs: http://pastebin.com/8C6Bv1xL18:09
GirlyGirl_genii-around: Maybe it was stupid on a carpet18:09
glisstechedbian: any idea how to fix it?18:09
ubottuLa comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe18:09
PiciGirlyGirl_: psst, wrong channel.18:09
GirlyGirl_Sorry that was meant for #ubuntu-offtopic18:09
edbianglisstech: Is it working correctly?  what is in the file?18:09
edbianglisstech: gksudo gedit /etc/sudoers18:10
n1k_h0lm3sWhat is the short cut for refresh in ubuntu?18:10
edbianglisstech: If you can sudo the file is likely not blank18:10
glisstechedbian: here ya go...http://paste.ubuntu.com/657378/18:11
=== KM0201 is now known as LostMyNas
edbianglisstech: run groups  at the cli  are you in the admin group  ?18:12
shellbeginnerit still fails18:12
shellbeginnerwithout the redirection18:12
glisstechedbian: yes, and i used sudo usermod -G admin username to add hers to the admin group, but cannot sudo as her user18:13
shellbeginnerit immediately prints the error, and then the lot of stuff it usually logs18:13
glebihanshellbeginner, ok I might have an idea, let me run a few tests