karniNight guys!00:01
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jonois anyone having issues getting their syncdaemon to auth and then sync?05:07
jonomine keeps getting stuck at the auth dance05:08
faganjono: there is an issue on oneiric that im looking into at the moment06:14
jonofagan, aha!06:14
jonoit was working fine a week ago06:14
faganjono: I havent confirmed it yet but there are a few people reporting06:14
jonothanks fagan06:18
faganoh jono just to confirm how you use u1 you set it up in 11.04 and then upgraded yeah?06:18
faganI just want to make sure im testing right (thats the way I presumed)06:18
fagan.Bug #81833906:20
ubot4Launchpad bug 818339 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) "UbuntuOne control panel can't retrieve credentials (affects: 3) (dups: 1) (heat: 20)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81833906:20
faganjono: is ^ the error your getting?06:21
jonofagan, no, U1 panel works fine, but u1sdtool -s never gets beyond the auth dance06:22
faganjono: oh could you come around in a few hours and get rye or duanedesign to diagnose that06:23
faganill keep an eye out to see if I get whats going on with you06:24
jonofagan, unlikely, it is 11.25pm here :-)06:25
faganjono: forgot your in usw06:25
faganjono: tomorrow morning would do06:26
JamesTaitMorning all!08:16
rogerk_Any known problems with UbuntuOne that are not on the status page? Sync is not working for me this morning, and just getting "Client mismatch while processing the request 'oauth_authenticate', client (<ubuntuone.syncdaemon.action_queue.ActionQueueProtocol instance at 0xad9b74c>) is not self.client (None)."08:20
rogerk_Anyone else seeing this?08:20
j0nrmorning... I just filed a bug, whereby when I select say a whole album's worth of tracks (select all button) then use the save on phone button...they do not all download. When I come back to the phone later, I find maybe three have actually downloaded... is this a known problem?08:26
tuomasrogerk_, I have the same problem08:29
rogerk_tuomas: Ah, glad I'm not alone.08:37
duanedesignrogerk_: im looking to see if i can determine what your issue is08:46
duanedesignj0nr: when karni gets in, should be soon, I think he can help you08:46
tuomasduanedesign, I have the same problem btw08:52
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tuomas(Client mismatch while processing...)08:52
duanedesigntuomas: thank you. We are looking into it now08:53
tuomasOK, great08:54
AlukarddHi all. I have a problem - my data don't syncing...08:54
AlukarddI use Ubuntu 10.04. My data is kept on ntfs partion, it's mount on /data. I use mount --bind and connect it to some folder in ~/Ubuntu One catalog.08:54
AlukarddAs result I see a structure of folders on ubuntu one web site. And on Android client I see all file names, but it size is zero...08:54
faganAlukardd: I dont know if that would work08:58
faganAlukardd: I know it hasnt been tested and if it doesnt work im 99% sure its not going to work in the future08:59
faganAlukardd: the easier way of doing it would be just opening the folder in nautilus and syncing the folder09:00
Alukarddfagan: The "Ubuntu One" older is syncing by default... And nautilus option there is only on home catalog, but I store my data on ntfs partion (it's big and must be available from windows)09:06
Alukarddolder* => folder09:07
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duanedesignAlukardd: their are some log folders in ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/   specifically i would start with syncdaemon-exceptions.log09:09
Alukarddduanedesign: oh, thanks for log dir :-) I have many files syncdaemon-exeption.log* and all of them contain a same error:09:19
Alukardd 2011-08-02 01:41:46,647 - dbus.proxies - ERROR - Introspect error on org.freedesktop.NetworkManager:/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager: dbus.exceptions.DBus    Exception: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.NetworkManager was not provided by any .service files09:19
Alukardd  2 2011-08-02 01:41:46,649 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.DBus - ERROR - Error while getting the NetworkManager state org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The     name org.freedesktop.NetworkManager was not provided by any .service files09:19
AlukarddI don't use NM, I configure network manual throw /etc/network/interfaces file...09:20
AlukarddI have long purge NM from my system...09:21
duanedesignif you do not use network manager and use something like wicd.....ok09:21
duanedesignthat is what i was going to say09:21
duanedesignmake sure you remove it09:22
duanedesignif Ubuntu One does not detect Network Manager it will just assume a connection09:22
duanedesignAlukardd: I need to step out for 45 minutes. If you are still here when I get back I can look at your syncdaemon.log09:26
duanedesignAlukardd: otherwise you can email it to me and i can look at it that way too. The easiest way to do that is just make an archive of ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/ and attach the tar.gz to the email09:28
duanedesignAlukardd: ill PM you my email09:28
duanedesignbrb, going to get coffee and breakfast. Ill bring back donuts for all09:28
faganduanedesign: I brought the donuts already09:33
faganmore for me I suppose /me eats donuts his tea :D09:35
Alukarddduanedesign: I sent you a mail...09:45
rogerk_duanedesign: Ah, thanks. Waiting in anticipation. :-)09:56
Alukardd> (13:26:45) duanedesign: Alukardd: I need to step out for 45 minutes.10:17
AlukarddFifty minutes passed... ;-)10:17
faganAlukardd: id presume that 45 minutes was give or take a few more :)10:29
Alukarddfagan: heh...10:31
faganHmmmm I cant get a working install of 11.1010:40
faganits hard to confirm and diagnose a bug when you cant even get up a proper install10:41
faganI tried on 2 computers and the font is really small and programs dont start up10:42
faganI dont have a clue whats going on10:42
kingmilohi gents.10:45
kingmiloIs there a support channel for Canonical Landscape, I would just like to make some suggestions regarding the Landscape application.10:46
duanedesignkingmilo: hello10:47
duanedesignkingmilo: it is not...i am not sure wherre that would be though10:48
kingmiloduanedesign, yea, when logged into the portal the only 'support' provided is via telephone and looking at their knowledgebase, so i am not certain where to post suggestions :)10:48
fagankingmilo: ill try track down the channel for you10:49
duanedesignkingmilo: i am trying too :)10:51
kingmilothanks fagan, much appreciated.10:51
kingmilothanks duanedesign , you guys are always super helpful!10:51
fagankingmilo: did you buy the ubuntu advantage package? or are you on a trial?10:53
kingmilofagan, nah we have purchased the advantage package, had it for a few months now and running 4 servers under the landscape portal :)10:55
kingmilofagan, ill be happy to supply you with my company name in prvt if needed.10:55
duanedesignkingmilo: is their a link at the bottom when logged in?10:55
fagankingmilo: no need but you can just contact support10:56
duanedesignAlukardd: i have not forgot about you :)10:56
fagan1kingmilo: there isnt an external IRC channel that I could find10:56
Alukarddduanedesign: it pleases10:56
* fagan1 is having connection issues 10:56
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kingmilofagan, hmm ok, so the only option is to mail them?10:56
fagankingmilo: I think so10:57
kingmilofagan, apologies 'call' them because i couldnt find a mail address.10:57
fagankingmilo: yeah thats all I can suggest10:57
fagankingmilo: sorry I couldnt be of more help10:57
kingmiloalright thanks gents.10:57
kingmilono worries :)10:57
fagankingmilo: I hope you get it sorted10:58
kingmilosure i will, ty.10:58
kingmiloi have more a suggestion than a support question for them anyways. i was going to suggest adding a recurring/scheduling to the activites model within landscape. we run a backup script through the activities model but have to remember to do it twice a week :)11:01
fagankingmilo: nice :)11:01
kingmiloadditionally, the landscape platform has a laert system for things like server not contacting landscape and security updates for servers, but it would be nice to include notification for say load average exceeding x and memory/disk space etc. I wrote a small python program for the load already.11:02
fagankingmilo: Ive wanted to try landscape for a while myself out of interest11:03
faganSounds like you guys are using it for really cool stuff11:03
fagan(we get it for free but I havent really gotten around to taking a look)11:04
* fagan break 11:04
kingmilofagan, it's great. Especially if you have a few servers running the same tasks and you can monitor their hardware and compare on the same graph, its very handy.11:05
fagankingmilo: nice11:06
kingmiloalright, coffee break :)11:06
duanedesignAlukardd: ok. looks like the problem was on our side. They are fixing it now. Was an issue where syncdaemon could not authenticate11:06
faganduanedesign: ooooh would that have any problems for SSO too?11:07
* fagan should really set up this IRC client for the internal server 11:07
faganduanedesign: there is a bug that ralsina asked me to look into where the SSO fails to get the credentials11:08
faganI can get the link if you want to check for me11:08
fagan#bug 81833911:09
ubot4Launchpad bug 818339 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) "UbuntuOne control panel can't retrieve credentials (affects: 3) (dups: 1) (heat: 20)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81833911:09
kingmiloduanedesign, Thanks to your python script to locate non utf-8 file names/folders my U1 is syncing like a dream, thanks again for your assistance with the the other day.11:09
duanedesignfagan: several users came in this morning with: "Client mismatch while  processing the request 'oauth_authenticate', client (<ubuntuone.syncdaemon.action_queue.ActionQueueProtocol instance at 0xad9b74c>) is not self.client  (None)."11:09
duanedesignkingmilo: that is good to hear!11:10
faganduanedesign: hmmmm ill probably still have to look into it but might be related :/11:10
* fagan still is trying to get a working version of 11.10 11:11
Alukarddduanedesign: Shit. Thanks. When I can try it again?11:12
duanedesignAlukardd: ok it looks like things are fixed11:22
duanedesignAlukardd: you can use these Terminal commands to keep track of progress.11:24
duanedesignu1sdtool --waiting-metadata | wc -l11:24
duanedesignu1sdtool --waiting-content | wc -l11:24
duanedesignUbuntu One will sync the metadata queue first, then the content. Those commands will return the number of items waiting to sync in each queue11:25
duanedesignSo as they get smaller in size you can be reassured the queue is not 'stuck'11:26
AlukarddI have a count... And now I run u1sync --diff ~/Ubuntu\ One11:30
nessitagood morning everyone!11:33
faganmorning nessita11:33
fagannessita: are you on 11.1011:33
* fagan still cant spell it 11:33
nessitahi fagan! no, no yet11:34
fagannessita: damn I wanted to know if its working for other people11:34
nessitafagan: if what is working where?11:34
Alukarddduanedesign: Hm... it seems that neither of which is not.11:34
fagannessita: if the actual desktop works11:35
fagannessita: I tried to install it on 2 computers and both are borked11:35
faganim trying to confirm a bug :/11:35
nessitafagan: which bug? can't authenticate?11:38
fagannessita: yeah11:39
nessitafagan: is known, gnome-keyring will fail to start11:40
nessitafagan: you can confirm by looking the SSO log file11:40
fagannessita: well I was going to take a look at it but I actually cant get a working desktop so it wasnt going to happen :/11:42
nessitafagan: what do you mean a working desktop?11:43
fagannessita: well it boots and I can get unity 2d working but the font comes up really small and every application just crashes when starting up11:43
fagannessita: its pretty weird and I got it on 2 different computers11:44
faganalthough they arent fresh installs I could try do a fresh install and see if that fixes it11:44
duanedesignAlukardd: can you run the following command   u1sdtool -s   in a Terminal and paste the output at http://pastebin.com/ then post the url it gives you here11:44
nessitafagan: you can look at the log file using the text terminal11:47
Alukarddduanedesign: listing is small, http://pastebin.com/cVYHsv1D11:47
fagannessita: is that the one thats ctrl+alt+f2 or something to that or something11:48
nessitafagan: yes11:48
faganah ok11:48
faganwell I wasnt getting the bug in 11.04 and since I couldnt get a working desktop I presume the logs are going to be useful11:49
faganIll give it a go and see what I can find11:49
duanedesignAlukardd: ok it looks like it is doing some rescan work. It should start syncing when it is done with that11:49
Alukarddduanedesign: I guessed already :-)11:51
Alukarddduanedesign: And why is_online is false?11:51
ChipacaAlukardd: connected --[ authentication ]--> online11:54
Chipacabah, online means "ready to process new commands"11:54
Chipacauntil then it's auth'ing and syncing up11:54
* Chipaca -> lunch11:55
Alukarddit still rescan... ;-(12:09
nessitaAlukardd: our servers are having some difficulties, so the process will be slower than usual12:11
Alukarddthats a pity12:14
Alukarddi thought that have time to copy the information befor leave...12:16
nessitaAlukardd: service is pretty much restored now12:23
ralsinagood morning!12:28
ralsinafagan: that bug has been marked as a duplicate of another (gnome-keyring fails on Oneiric). Aren't you subscribed to it?12:28
faganralsina: I probably am12:29
faganill go look for it12:29
Alukarddnessita: it's good... I have more 2days to leave.12:30
ralsinafagan: if you are you should have gotten an email telling you that12:31
ralsinanessita: when you switch contexts, please a re-review of https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/ui-come-back-to-installer/+merge/7001512:33
nessitaralsina: sure!12:34
nessitaralsina: when you have slot, shall we mumble?12:34
faganralsina: ah thats the same one I ran into before12:35
faganthat explains a lot12:35
faganso yeah I blocked by bugs :/12:35
* fagan has a great Entomophobia12:36
* fagan is subbed to way too many bugs 12:37
AlukarddAnd by the way, is u1 support a symlink now?12:45
nessitaAlukardd: nopes, and we have no plans of supporting that12:48
Alukardduse mount --bind as I do, it's not easy even with use fstab...12:50
DiegoSarmenteronessita, do we have the standup in 10min?12:52
nessitaDiegoSarmentero: yes!12:52
alecuralsina, nessita: I've been feeling like these past days, and my eyes are still itchy and sticky today, so I'm taking a sick day.12:57
alecuoh, no ralsina around.12:57
nessitaall: ralsina is having some IRC issues13:00
faganahhh ok13:01
faganSo I should go then13:01
fagan* install 11.1013:01
fagan* try to get a working 11.10 install to test on13:01
fagan* by bugs13:01
faganDiegoSarmentero: go13:01
DiegoSarmenteroBug #817144 Fixed. Waiting for review on: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/titles-on-pages/+merge/70156 and https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/titles-on-pages/+merge/7015713:01
DiegoSarmenteroStyle Local Folders. Update Control Panel QSS with the latest definitions.13:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 817144 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "Move all the Titles and Subtitles into the Wizard Pages (affects: 1) (heat: 28)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81714413:01
DiegoSarmenteronessita, go13:01
nessitaDONE: half day off, caught up with email, fixed more tests but branch is not ready yet13:02
nessitaTODO: half day off, reviews (ralsina and beuno's at least), finish the damn fixing test branch (is growing like a greemling)13:02
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes13:02
nessitaNEXT: alecu13:02
alecuDONE: windows sprint13:02
alecuTODO: head hurts: taking a sick day13:02
alecuBLOCKED and STICKY: my eyes13:02
alecuNEXT: dobey13:02
nessitaalecu: ralsina is having IRC issues, so I guess you can ask the sick day in the canonicaladmin and I let him know13:02
DiegoSarmenteroalecu, nessita can you take a look at this branches: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/titles-on-pages/+merge/70156 and https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/titles-on-pages/+merge/70157 or should I wait for ralsina?? (they are installer stuff)13:03
alecunessita, great, thanks.13:03
DiegoSarmenteroso..... not alecu :P13:03
alecuDiegoSarmentero, :-P13:03
alecuok, see you tomorrow guys and gal!13:03
DiegoSarmenteroalecu, bye!13:03
nessitaDiegoSarmentero: I'll review during the day, I'll be gone for half day since I need to run some errands at the Uni, but you'll get your reviews before the day ends13:04
DiegoSarmenteronessita, ok.... i'm going to start working inn the local folders page of the installer UI now... but that should be fast... do you want me to update the Control Panel UI after that?13:04
nessitaDiegoSarmentero: I think that ralsina have something for you regarding the installer, we still need to embed the cloud folder widget and to add the "bandwith" settings page (see frame 18 and 19 from the google doc page)13:06
DiegoSarmenteronessita, ok!13:06
dobeyλ DONE: more shim hackery13:09
dobeyλ TODO: finish initial shim13:09
dobeyλ BLCK: LP hates tarmac right now, GTK+ 2.x gir is crashy13:09
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ralsina_Hello again, sorry about missing standup but my IRC proxy is not acting well, so I am now on my backup IRC client :-(13:19
nessitaralsina_: I suggested to DiegoSarmentero that he can take care of the cloud folders embedding in the installer, plus the famous frame 18-19 (BW settings)13:23
ralsina_nessita: good idea13:24
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: I started that, let me give you a branch13:24
nessitaralsina_: so he may need some pointers in that13:24
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, ok13:24
ralsina_also, the network detection for the installer has to be done, and for that one I don't have anything ;-)13:24
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_,  ok :P13:25
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, also, i'm needing some reviews on this branchs: : https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/titles-on-pages/+merge/70156 and https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/titles-on-pages/+merge/7015713:25
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: lp:~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/embed-u1cp (needs lots of polish, tests, UI care, etc)13:25
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: but it's not doable before https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/ui-come-back-to-installer lands13:25
ralsina_So you have to work with that one merged in13:26
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, yes, that was what i was doing13:26
CardinalFangIs mandel away today?13:26
ralsina_CardinalFang: mandel is on a plane :-)13:26
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, my branch is already merged with yours13:26
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: cool13:26
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, i will start working in your branch then13:27
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: good, ask me about anything you find unusual13:27
ralsina_or usual and just wrong ;-)13:27
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, jeje ok13:28
CardinalFangralsina_, ah.  I'm pretty sure today's his birthday.13:29
ralsina_CardinalFang: yes it is, I think13:30
ralsina_CardinalFang: he should still have twitter for another 3 hours, I think13:30
dobeyugh, line painting on my street today it appears13:35
* nessita -> errands, will be back later.13:47
dobeyoh, looks like lp is unbroke now13:53
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: could I get a review for this? https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/start-dashboard/+merge/6814014:00
* ralsina_ wants to cleanup old stuff14:01
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, on it14:01
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, i set the PYTHONPATH, and tried to run the tests, but it tells me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/657210/14:07
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, are you having the same problem?14:07
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: it's been a while since I tested that one. Let me re-check...14:08
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, okas14:08
ralsina_Oh, the old xdg circular import crap14:08
dobeyDiegoSarmentero: looks like you have a missing ".exe" at the end of the path for pyflakes?14:08
dobeyand the circular import thing14:09
dobeyralsina_: has nothing to do with xdg. it's our own messy code :)14:09
DiegoSarmenterodobey, yes, i was talking about the circular import14:09
ralsina_dobey: I know, this one is easy to fix, I just have to import from somewhere else ;-)14:10
dobeyyeah, i saw it after i scrolled down :)14:10
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: you should not test the branches, you should branch trunk, merge the branch, then test that.14:14
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: I just pushed it again with trunk merged, so tests pass now :-)14:14
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, ahhhhh okok14:14
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, +114:17
ralsina_cool, let's merge it before natalia comes back! ;-)14:17
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, jejeje14:18
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: can I get a +1 on a trivial branch? https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/nicer_success_page/+merge/7007714:35
* DiegoSarmentero watching...14:35
ralsina_it has a 3:1 test/code lines ratio ;-)14:36
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, totally +114:36
ralsina_Diego, trying lp:~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/titles-on-pages I still get titles in the wizard in some pages14:46
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, which ones? :S14:46
ralsina_Current user signin14:47
ralsina_also, the title labels should word-wrap, or some titles get cutoff14:47
ralsina_OTOH, that means the titles are way too long or font way to large14:47
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, ok! fixing...14:48
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: when you start with the embedding u1cp branch, please link this bug I forgot: bug #80529615:13
ubot4Launchpad bug 805296 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "Missing bandwidth settings page (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80529615:13
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, ok15:14
dobeylunch time, bbiab15:26
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, are you there?15:52
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: yes!15:52
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, i've submitted the changes with wordWrap... but in Current User I'm seeing the correct title and subtitle :S15:53
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, maybe i'm confusing something.....15:53
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: weird!15:53
* ralsina_ re-checks15:53
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, when you start the installer..... you have the option to login as an existing user, create and account or leave15:54
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, are you referring to the option when you choose to login with an existing user?15:54
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, remember that you have to update windows-installer AND ubuntu-sso in ordeer to test this15:55
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, are you doing that?15:55
ralsina_ohhhhhh not sso15:55
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, fiuuuuu...... i thought i was loosing my mind :P15:55
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, please let me know if you find something else... wordWrap should be fine right now15:56
ralsina_I will recheck with that then. Can I get a review for this in the meantime? https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntu-sso-client/make-install-work/+merge/7018015:56
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: what's the sso branch?15:56
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/titles-on-pages/+merge/7015715:57
* DiegoSarmentero reviewing... :P15:57
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: to test in real life, do a "mkdir testinst" and "python setup.py install --prefix=testinst"15:58
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, ok....... question15:58
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, the print statement is correct or it is for debug purposes?15:59
ralsina_what print?15:59
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, in windows.py15:59
ralsina_it is *surely* for debugging15:59
DiegoSarmenteroline 44 of the diff15:59
ralsina_And actually is not for debugging this branch :-D16:00
DiegoSarmenteroso.... that should be removed?16:00
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: pushed without that16:00
ralsina_Cool, titles look great now!16:01
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, awesome!!16:01
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, and tests are passing! :P16:01
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: lines 488, 489 in https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/titles-on-pages/+merge/7015716:03
ralsina_I am not sure *at all* whether that takes unicode or bytes16:03
ralsina_Not saying it's bytes, and the way it was done was wrong because it had no encoding, but not sure unicode is correct16:04
ralsina_I will approve, but ask nessita about that16:04
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, but that fields come from ui16:05
DiegoSarmenterothey are qstrings16:05
ralsina_yes, it's unicode in the UI16:05
ralsina_but it's being passed to backend.login16:05
DiegoSarmenteroyou mean what should be sended to the backend16:05
ralsina_which takes... who knows what :-)16:05
DiegoSarmenterook, i will ask nessita16:05
DiegoSarmenteroi'm approving your branch16:06
ralsina_Also, instead of using self.view.ui.title_label.setText() why not reimplement setTitle in the base class?16:06
ralsina_the base class for view, which is defined somewhere in gui.py IIRC16:06
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, ....... i suggest that the last friday...... :S16:06
ralsina_and I said no? ;-)16:07
DiegoSarmenteroyep..... :(16:07
ralsina_whoa, must have been really tired :-D16:07
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, i can change it if you want! no problem!16:07
ralsina_I think so yes, please change it, and sorry16:07
ralsina_if I say stupid things like that, please tell me I am doing it ;-)16:08
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, no problem! i think using setTitle  is clearer! :D16:08
ralsina_it *may* break something on -installer where we *may* be inheriting qwizardpage directly16:08
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: if you are creating the bugs for lisette's feedback, I would like a quick mumble so we can split them between us17:49
DiegoSarmenteroLaunchpad is working correctly?? i'm trying to log some bugs and keeps returning Timeout error18:02
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: it was doing that earlier, but it worked 20 minutes ago18:02
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, weird..... :S i'll keep trying18:03
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
ralsina_ok, very late lunch for me!18:27
ralsina_And maybe when I come back this will be reviewed :-D18:27
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, on it18:28
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, please ping me when you return18:34
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: I kinda am here :-)18:34
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, i've log all the bugs, except the one about Settings... i'm not sure what is that about18:36
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, let me know when you would be able to review and split the bugs :P18:37
ralsina_what about settings?18:37
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, the e-mail says: Could we keep styling the same as in the Dashboard tab? So no rounded corner outlines. If we have space for a separator, can we use horizontal dotted lines instead?18:37
ralsina_ok, ask her, I have no idea :-)18:38
DiegoSarmenterook, i will send her an e-mail now :P18:38
ralsina_say, splitting talk in 30' ok?18:38
ralsina_because this chile needs eating! :-)18:39
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, ok, no problem! ping me when you are available18:39
dobeyhrmm, control-panel trunk is broken it seems :(18:50
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: ping18:54
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, pong18:56
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: skype?18:57
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, yep...18:57
nessitahello everyone!19:12
DiegoSarmenteronessita, hi19:14
dobeyhola nessita19:14
ralsina_hola nessita!19:14
ralsina_nessita: things are starting to pile in our queues, so if you could finish the re-review of https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/ui-come-back-to-installer/+merge/70015 it would be awesome19:15
nessitaralsina_: yes, I have 3 reviews in my queue :-)19:15
ralsina_nessita: hehe19:15
nessitaralsina_: I bet tomorrow we'll catch up, with alecu coming back as well. I'll continue the re-review now, and then I'll do DiegoSarmentero's19:16
ralsina_nessita: cool19:16
ralsina_I got alecu's sick leave request but never heard what happened.19:17
nessitaralsina_: ah! you were off IRC when he came in19:18
nessitaralsina_: he wasn't feeling good, sticky eyes he mentioned19:18
nessitaralsina_: is your IRC better now?19:18
ralsina_nessita: yes, I don't have my magic backlog anymore though :-(19:18
ralsina_sticky eyes? Hope h was sleepy, not  conjuntivvitis.19:19
nessitaralsina_: I think it was the second :-/19:19
ralsina_ugh. If it is, he will not be back tomorrow.19:19
dobeyugh. hope he feels better and it was just sinuses or something19:21
dobeywhy oh why does the control panel have a big "learn more" button with a big icon in it, and "Learn More" in subdued text?19:22
dobeythis window offends my design sense every time i look at it :-/19:23
nessitaralsina_: I'm glad I see more files with the unix EOL! :-)19:24
nessita(more files in the diff)19:24
ralsina_nessita: I have a SCRIPT ;-)19:24
nessitaralsina_: did you and DiegoSarmentero reach an agreement re: "default_folders" implementation?19:27
nessitaralsina_: I still see some window-specific stuff19:27
nessitaI mean, I still see the dll thingy instead of the get_special_folders call from u1client19:28
nessitanot sure what you both agreed on19:28
ralsina_nessita: I think I should expand the function we mentioned today to have these folders, and then I can use it here19:28
ralsina_but I don't want to delay this branch because it's blocking others19:28
ralsina_nessita: plus, we have bug #812590 open for that19:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 812590 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "local_folders.py:default_folders is not multiplatform (affects: 1) (heat: 11)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81259019:31
nessitaralsina_: makes ense19:31
ralsina_I will bump that bug to high and fix it today before EOD19:31
nessitaralsina_: is not that high, you can do it tomorrow :-)19:32
nessitaralsina_: ideally, we should provide a multiplatform implementation of that19:32
ralsina_nessita: I am running out of low-hanging fruit ;-)19:32
nessitaralsina_: you can do management stuff now! :-D19:33
nessitaralsina_: and heavy IRL testing ;-) (not today, tomorrow)19:33
ralsina_nessita: yeah, specially that19:33
nessitaralsina_: you can also make installer run in linux ;-), but yeah, the special folder stuff comes before the linux-thingy19:34
ralsina_One huge bug that breaks IRL for most attempts is that syncdaemon starts multiple times instead of failing19:34
ralsina_And I was looking at that without much success19:34
nessitaralsina_: there is a method that "calculates" that19:35
nessitaralsina_: did you look is_already-running inside ubuntuone/platform/?19:35
ralsina_nessita: yes, it's failing before that because some logging raises an exception (logfile is locked) and things explode19:36
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, really trivial review: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-control-panel/loading-overlay-text/+merge/7021219:36
nessitaralsina_: argh19:36
nessitaralsina_: can we move the loggin stuff after the is-already_running call?19:36
ralsina_nessita: as soon as I find out what is doing it, that was the plan :-)19:36
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: look at the diff for your branch and weep ;-)19:37
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, ohhhhh........19:38
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: yes, designer sucks sometimes19:38
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, let me fix that!19:38
nessitaralsina_: would you please help me understand why you removed the item.thread.join in the test?19:39
ralsina_nessita: sure19:39
ralsina_I am *adding* the join19:40
nessitaralsina_: you're right :-) that explains it :-P19:40
nessitaso, next question19:40
nessitaralsina_: why are you patching the CredentialsManagemetTool with a class that when asked find_credentials returns a deferred that never gets fired?19:41
nessitaralsina_: my question is, wouldn' that block some part of the code?19:41
ralsina_Well, it doesn't block, but I see your point19:43
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, done! i can always trust on gedit :P19:43
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: +1 and marked approved!19:43
nessitaralsina_: you can return a deferred fired with success with:19:44
ralsina_nessita: let me try that19:44
ralsina_nessita: that deferred is never meant to be fired, the test is about failure to get credentials19:46
ralsina_So, it calls get_credentials from the FakeFailureCredentialsManagementTool, and the success callback should not be triggered19:46
nessitaralsina_: you can return a fired deferred with error with:19:46
nessitaralsina_: but the error callback should be called?19:48
ralsina_no, I just want it not to call the callback19:48
ralsina_If get_credentials succeeds, it skips pages in the installer, if it fails, nothing happens19:48
nessitaralsina_: get_credentials will always succeed (except for unexpected errors), you will either get an empty dictionary or a non empty one19:51
nessitaralsina_: so you test should return a defer.succeeed({})19:51
nessitaand that should trigger the SSO pages to be shown to the end user19:51
ralsina_makes sense. Fixing it19:51
ralsina_I also will add a noop error handler, just in case (defer.fail made things crash)19:52
nessitaralsina_: yes please! :-)19:52
ralsina_nessita: pushed19:53
nessitaralsina_: I added some more minor needs fixing to the MP19:54
ralsina_nessita: ok, will check them and get back ASAP19:54
nessitaralsina_: as soon as those are fixed, I'll run tests and IRL test19:54
nessitaralsina_: also, I ran the test suite and I got this failure (adding it to the MP):19:55
nessita  File "E:\u1\windows-installer\review_ui-come-back-to-installer\ubuntuone_installer\gui\qt\tests\test_gui.py", line 464, in test_total_size19:56
nessitatwisted.trial.unittest.FailTest: not equal:19:56
nessitaa = u'Space (1.3 KiB)'19:56
nessitab = u'Space (1337)'19:56
nessitaDiegoSarmentero: you gave me 2 branches this morning for review, right?20:00
nessitaI'm finding only one20:00
DiegoSarmenteronessita, yes20:00
DiegoSarmenterolet me check20:00
nessitathis is one https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/titles-on-pages/+merge/7016920:00
nessitaand the other... I can't tell20:01
DiegoSarmenteronessita, https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/titles-on-pages/+merge/7015720:01
DiegoSarmenterothey are both related20:01
nessitaah! sso20:01
nessitaI was looking inside installer :-)20:01
nessitaDiegoSarmentero: on them now!20:01
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, should i make the changes of setTitle after this branches are approved in order to not delay them even more?20:02
ralsina_DiegoSarmentero: yes, I think so20:02
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, ok20:02
DiegoSarmenteroralsina_, nessita so both branches are ready for review20:03
DiegoSarmenteroinstaller and sso20:03
ralsina_nessita: pushed with all the suggested fixes. I don't know why that test passes for me and not for you20:08
nessitaralsina_: maybe a timing thingy?20:10
ralsina_nessita: could be.20:10
ralsina_nessita: I will take a better look20:10
nessitaralsina_: I will rebranch and do another run20:10
ralsina_nessita: another missed thread.join20:11
ralsina_nessita: should pass with revno 4620:13
nessitaralsina_: we should not pass the exception to logger.exception, but a message. The exception itself is added automatically20:13
nessitaso, instead of logger.exception(e)20:13
nessitaw eshould have somthing like logger.exception('Error while getting credentials:')20:13
ralsina_nessita: ugh, sorry about that one20:14
nessitaralsina_: also, I see that Diego is changing all str(<some text from a test entry) to unicode20:14
nessitaralsina_: that makes sense, shall we do the same in currentuser?20:14
ralsina_Actually, we need to talk about that :-)20:14
ralsina_the str() calls as they are now are probably wrong because they fail on non-unicode input20:15
nessitaralsina_: I think we should use unicode all around, and let syncdaemon transform to bytes in SYncdaemonTool20:15
ralsina_ok, unicode it is then20:15
nessitaralsina_: so later, when syncdaemon moves to unicode, we don't need to change any other project20:15
ralsina_but what is credentialsmanagementtool taking now? Is that defined?20:16
nessitaralsina_: it should be taking unicodes20:17
ralsina_ok then it's easier20:18
ralsina_since qstrings are unicode-ish20:18
ralsina_nessita: pushed then20:18
nessitaralsina_: would you agree to do at least some logging on error when getting the credentials?20:25
ralsina_you mean log when there is an error, or log when the credentials are valid?20:25
nessitad.addErrback(lambda _: None) -> d.addErrback(lambda exc: logger.error('Error while getting the credentials: %r', exc))20:25
ralsina_oh, ok, sure20:25
nessitaralsina_: log when there was an error20:25
ralsina_nessita: pushed20:28
nessitaralsina_: I'm still getting the test_total_size test failing20:32
nessitalet me check trunk20:32
ralsina_nessita: ok20:32
ralsina_nessita: I just made it fail, so I can fix it now, I thinl20:33
nessitaralsina_: seems like is failing in trunk as well :-/20:33
nessitaralsina_: is it easy?20:34
ralsina_nessita: two lines20:34
nessitaralsina_: and last but not least, there are some (valid) lint issues, that I will add to the MP20:35
ralsina_nessita: there are two tests (that one and the one where I added the join that fail with timing issues20:36
ralsina_I need to re-think them I suppose20:36
nessitaralsina_: what about faking thread?20:37
ralsina_nessita: yes, something like that. It's not related to this branch though20:40
nessitaralsina_: ok, makes sense. I added the lint issues in the MP.20:40
ralsina_ok, fixing the lints20:40
nessitaralsina_: unrelated to your branch question: did lisette see how the side panel gets "moved down" when moving to a SSO page, where the title and subtitle makes everything go down/20:46
ralsina_nessita: that is fixed by diego's branch20:46
nessitaah great20:46
nessitaralsina_: I'm reviewing that as well, but I would like Diego to create a new widget for the title and subtitle instead of duplciating the same code among all the screens20:47
ralsina_and about that: a custom widget is a bit overkill, and doesn't help with the styling, because we still would have to set font size/style/etc for the title and subtitle labels20:47
ralsina_plus you can't preview it right in designer20:48
nessitaralsina_: why we need to set font or everything?20:48
nessitaand not to a single widget?20:48
ralsina_nessita: because there is the title and the subtitle and they are not the same font size20:49
nessitaralsina_: right, I'm proposing a new widget with both title and subtitle20:49
nessitalike a "HeaderWidget" or similar20:49
ralsina_yes, and how do you style that widget? By setting the style for both labels in it :-)20:49
nessitaralsina_: yes, but you do it in a single place20:50
nessitaand not along all the code we have a lot of duplicated logic)20:50
ralsina_can be done in the qss, just have to name all widgets the same20:50
nessitaralsina_: yes to that, but no to the logix20:50
ralsina_Agreed about avoiding duplication20:50
ralsina_nessita: got a link to diego's branch?20:51
nessitaralsina_: in the mean time, your branch, approved! :-)20:53
nessitaI just approve dit globally20:53
ralsina_nessita: yay!20:53
ralsina_nessita: the point of specifying the title/subtitle font sizes on all pages in sso is so it works without a qss20:53
ralsina_and using labels means the pages look correct on designer20:54
nessitaralsina_: but we have a lot of duplicated logic that scares me20:54
ralsina_you mean the font sizes in the .ui files, or the setText() calls everywhere?20:55
nessitaralsina_: both, and also the hide/show of the labels according to whether there is a string or not20:55
ralsina_nessita: I talked about putting all or most of that in the base class of all pages20:55
ralsina_nessita: so, hold this branch until I talk to diego some more20:56
nessitaralsina_: that can work, but from a widget-oriented point of view, I would prefer to define a new widget20:56
nessitabut I can settle with a base class :-)20:56
ralsina_nessita: deal ;-)20:56
ralsina_We can also replace all the font sizes with a call to QApplication.setStylesheet() and a couple of constants20:57
nessitaralsina_: ok, I'll go back to the fixing tests nightmare, I've made some progress during lunch but still there are some more to do20:57
ralsina_nessita: cool20:58
ralsina_nessita: how's that going?20:58
nessitaralsina_: one thing to note: the changing permission on directories is not working on windows20:58
ralsina_as in "you can't change folder permissions"?20:58
nessitaralsina_: so, ubuntuone/platform/windows/os_helper.py:set_dir_readwrite does not work20:58
nessitasame for set_dir_readonly20:58
nessitaralsina_: as what mandel did mangling the folder perms is not working20:59
ralsina_got it20:59
nessitaralsina_: so, if we set a dir to be readonly, calling readwrite will not make it removable20:59
nessitaralsina_: so, not sure is readonly is buggy, or readwrite, or both20:59
nessitaralsina_: so in order to have test passing, I had to make set_dir_readonly to do nothing :-/20:59
nessitaI'll talk to mandel tomorrow21:00
nessitaugh, Thursday I guess21:00
ralsina_nessita: the correct way to do that seems to be using win32security and pywin3221:01
ralsina_but it's not trivial at all21:01
nessitaralsina_: I also noticed a very bad thing:21:01
nessitaralsina_: so, we know that if we pass bytes to listdir we get bytes, same for unicode21:01
nessitaand same for os.walk, righ21:01
ralsina_yes, we know that21:01
nessitaralsina_: the ugly thing is that:21:01
nessitaif you pass utf8 encoded bytes, you get mbcs encoded bytes21:02
nessitaralsina_: that consumed me hours of debugging21:02
ralsina_on retrospective, expecting it to know what encoding you were using is overly optimistic21:02
nessitaralsina_: so, what I'm doing is something like:21:02
nessitautf8 bytes -> unicode -> os.listdir / os.walk / whatever -> utf8 bytes21:03
nessitaralsina_: yes :-)21:03
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
ralsina_nessita: I sent a mail to you and diego with some ideas about how to simplify that branch21:06
nessitaralsina_: ack21:06
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
nhainesAny U1 devs around?  :)21:15
dobeysigh, and now more of this dead tree fell down in my yard21:16
dobeyluckily not on anythng/one21:16
dobeynhaines: hi21:16
nhainesdobey: hi.  :)  Sorry about the tree!21:17
dobeyeh. guess i should just get someone to cut it down. more $$$$ though :(21:18
dobeywhat's up?21:18
nhainesdobey: I just noticed that in natty/oneiric the U1 control panel splash says "Join now/2GB of free storage".21:18
ralsina_Ok, I am now taking a break. Like, maybe, until tomorrow21:18
nhainesAnd was wondering if that should be a bug.  :)21:18
nhaines(If so, I'll file one.)21:18
nhainesralsina_: are you working on the Windows client?21:18
ralsina_nhaines: yes21:18
ralsina_nhaines: reported today already21:19
dobeynhaines: yes, there is a bug for it already21:19
nhainesAha!  I was looking around and still haven't found that bug yet.  Great.  :)21:19
nhainesralsina_, dobey: do you know the bug number off the top of your head?21:21
nessitaugh, we need to fix that21:21
ralsina_nhaines: no, sorry21:21
ralsina_but it should be one of the newest in ubuntuone-control-panel21:21
dobeynhaines: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-control-panel/+bug/81995521:22
ubot4Launchpad bug 819955 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 3 other projects) "Join button says you only get 2GB of free storage (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Confirmed]21:22
nhainesralsina_, dobey: many thanks.  :D21:26
nhainesdobey: I know it's a tiny bug.  If, for fun, I wanted to try to submit a patch and a merge proposal, would that be worth it or is that more work on your part than it's worth?  :)21:30
dobeynhaines: well, it's trivial to 'fix' at least for trunk. not so much for what's in 11.04. and i think the proper fix is to not display that text at all21:37
nhainesSeems like a string change should be a fairly simple (if silly) SRU.21:38
dobeynot really21:41
dobeyall the translations have to be updated also21:41
nhainesAh, language packs.21:44
nhainesThat's too bad.  :(  I hadn't forgotten translations but I did forget language packs.21:44
dobeyTypeError: Don't know how which D-Bus type to use to encode type "NoneType"21:47
dobeybrilliant english that21:47
nessitaok, I'm gone21:47
nessitasee ya all tomorrow!21:47
senshikazecan we ask ubuntu pay questions here?22:23
beunosenshikaze, we do really know anything about ubuntu pay22:27
nhainessenshikaze: do you mean Ubuntu One billing questions?22:28
faganbeuno: did you mean dont or do22:28
senshikazenhaines, im not really sure22:28
senshikazeit is an application from the software center22:28
beunosorry, we don't22:28
faganbeuno: what department takes care of upay22:30
* fagan thought it was us22:30
beunofagan, ISD22:30
beunoand I don't know what their public channel is22:31
faganbeuno: ahh yeah that makes sense22:31
senshikazeso find isd? whats with the no "contact us" email address on the website?22:32
fagansenshikaze: what is the problem might I ask22:32
dobeylater all22:33
faganwe could probably direct you to someone22:33
senshikazei get a 404 error or a "no network" error when trying to install an app i purchased22:33
faganlater dobey22:33
fagansenshikaze: give me a sec ill get you the email of someone and you can tell them22:34
nhainesdobey: good night.  :)22:36
CardinalFangAnyone seen """Method "CreateItem" with signature .... on interface "...Secret.Collection" doesn't exist""" when trying to use the control panel to log in?  It's on, I assume, 11.04.23:05
faganCardinalFang: Ive seen it23:05
faganIts in 11.10 im 90% sure23:05
faganCardinalFang: I had a look but couldnt figure out what was going on23:07
nhainesCardinalFang: I've seen it today.  :)23:07
CardinalFangnhaines, on stable, 11.04?23:08
nhainesnhaines: oh!  I'm sorry, no, it was on oneiric.23:12
nhainesSo far 11.04 has been aces but I haven't joined a computer since the latest updates.23:12
CardinalFangfagan, nhaines, thank you.23:15

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